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Its odd.  I chose my name because of its similarity to the old word for 'Story teller', yet several years down the line and I've only ever uploaded a few sketchy concepts at best.  Every time the inspiration strikes I start writing it down, usually resulting in a few chapters or a catalogue of unfinished scenes.  Yet some how I always get side tracked or loose interest.  Huh, anyway here's the updated items to add to the previous blog.  As per usual, they're open for the taking if anyone wants to do something with the concepts.  Just let me know on here or via pm.


With so much spare time on her hooves, Twilight Sparkle (newest and most bored of Equestria's princesses) takes up the quill and attempts to pen her very own fantasy novel.   The results are underwhelming verging on a crime against literature.

After an unfortunate turn of events involving her mother's ill-fated ventures into spell artificing, the unfinished opus has been quite literally unleashed upon Equestria, its disturbingly detailed narrative possessing entire towns across the land like a well read poltergeist.  Just another day at the office for the 'Elements of Harmony'... or at least it would be, if it weren't for the dangerously efficient Villain bent on bringing about the end times.  

Twilight will need all her literally cunning if she is to tame her own living imagination, fix her poorly characterised Alicorn OC, and maybe (just maybe) find out how the story ends.

After reading some really bad self insertion fics, I started to muse over whether the dreaded 'alicorn oc' concept could actually work if flipped on its head. Four chapters of mucking about later I eventually realised I was drifting further and further from the light hearted comedic adventure I was aiming for.  Thus this was left by the wayside, though I really do still believe there's some mileage to the idea.  Someone with a lighter writing style would probably be best however, given my tendency to head into darker territories.

"Ello, Ello"

Though the overworked cafe owner, Missure Carrot Cake, would like nothing more than to quietly run his humble business while the war between the Equestrian Empire and the Luna Republic passes by, outwards forces have other ideas.   Finding himself dragged into a three way conspiracy involving stolen artifacts, Estarpo officers and smuggled Luna Thestrals, Carrot Cake will need all the wits a coward can muster to keep himself from the firing squad.  And all this whilst hiding his affair with his waitress from his overbearing wife.

A crossover story between the BBC sitcom ‘Allo Allo’ and Hasbo’s ‘My Little Pony; Friendship is Magic’.  This all came from a core question whilst watching an episode of said comedy; "What would happen if you put Pinkamenia in the place of Herr Flick of the Gestapo?".  Things spiralled from there, with most of the background cast of ponyville being dragged into respective roles.  Abandoned long ago due to time constraints, but was hilarious to conceptualise.

Lucia in the sky with Diamond

Lucia Dreams has never really seen the point in putting effort into life.  A perpetual student at Trottingham University, she spends her days sleeping through lectures and her nights partying on the tail of 'the green dragon'.  But after one bad trip and a subsequent fall, the stoner unicorn finds herself awakening to a whole new existence as an Earthpony mare.  

Missing many years of her life, not to mention her horn, Lucia must seek a way to reverse her abhorrent fate... preferably before she strangles the stuck up brat that claims to be her daughter.

By far my most promising project; a 'what if' story about the most irresponsible of equestrian society suddenly thrown into a position of a trust in the Ponyville community, husband to Filthy Rich and mother to Diamond Tiara.  There's a lot of this story planned out and I would have loved to at least get a decent chunk of finished chapters, as there were many ideas and concepts I wanted to explore.  But after being unable to capture the quintessence of the protagonist in the first few chapters, I eventually lost motivation and have been struggling to regain any ever since.  A shame, but maybe someone will put it to good use.

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