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Note: This pic is not mine. I found a couple on the Internet and combined them. I only take credit where credit is due.

Raiden has just killed Senator Armstrong, and has managed to save his K-9000. They were just about to leave, when there was an explosion. Twilight was walking home from Zecora's, when she saw a blast of fire coming from in the forest. Being herself and very curious, she went to see what had happened. What she saw terrified her...but also made her even more curious.

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Jonathon has been living peacefully in Equestria for a few years now. But then the man who cursed him returns. Will Jonathon fight him, or will he release his curse and live a normal life.

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My life was never good. In fact, the only good thing in my life is my curse. But I'll explain that in the story. I was walking down an ally when I stumbled over a box. I look at the box, and decide that my curiosity got the best of me. So I opened the box, And my heart nearly stopped at what was inside.

Disclaimer: This story is somewhat based off of Rob's My little dashie, but I added many different things, so no this is NOT copyright. I own the human in this story and that is it. MLP:FiM is own by Hasbro. My little Dashie is owned by ROBCakeran53.

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Starkiller has just defeated Darth Vader and was making his way to the hidden rebel base. Suddenly, his ship is hit and he is blown off course. Soon, he finds himself in Equestria. Will he be able to figure out where he is? Will the Princesses help him? Why am i asking you these questions when you dont know the answer?

On hiatus: I've decided to take a break from this story for a while. If you have any suggestions on what should happen next, please leave them either on my user page, or in the comment section. I'm looking forward to reading your suggestions!

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