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Who or what exactly am I? Well, for starters, I am nothing but a dream. Nothing but a nightmare.

Your worst nightmare

Hope you're not afraid of the dark.

Chapters (3)

Life can be cruel. These nine have been through hell. Their bodies deformed and broken, the only thing that kept them going was this: survival. But, is there light at the bottom of the pit they've fallen into? Or is it a whole new meaning of torture?

Chapters (18)

Sixty five million years ago was the end of the Dinosaurs. but, by the slimest of events occur, five predatory birds find themselves where the land where predators are scarce and prey is rampant.

will they prove themselves worthy of this second chance? or will they blow it like their ancestors?

Chapters (8)

The end has come for Equestria. The moon is falling from the sky and nopony knows why.

Exept for a young colt and filly.

They are the only thing that stands in the way of life and a brutal death.

inspiered by Nintendo's Legend of Zelda: Majora's mask and all the depressing 'apocolyptic' stories recently.

for info concerning updates, check my blog thing.

Chapters (7)

... lets try this again shall we? (edited) ((the reason for all the dislikes is because the first verson sucked. it's better now.))

The four survivors, Coach, Ellis, Rochelle and Nick, were going to retrive some fuel for their friend, Virgil's boat to take them to the city of New Orleans. Unfortunetly, the 'Infected' have other plans. After a large hurricane, the four survivors end up in a bright and cheerful place that seems like they have no zombies...

Chapters (18)

The Toa of ice, Matoro has just died to save the universe. Unfortunetly, what he thought would be a peaceful death turns into a visit to a strange new world inhabited by small, organic, talking rahi. After some complications involving Brutaka, the other Toa Mahri end up here on a 'rescue mission'. They have to adapt until Brutaka can open up another portal.

Until something goes wrong...

Now the Toa and ponies have to find the ones who dissapeared all the while the Makuta are hunting them.

But what if there is more that one Makuta in the land of Equestria?

Chapters (13)
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