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Retirement · 5:35am Nov 16th, 2013

I've decided to stop writing. It's not like anything of mine was worth paying attention to anyways. If anyone wants to continue the stories go right on ahead, and if you want I'll say what I had planned.



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Rise and shine · 10:07am Jul 21st, 2013

I've been gone for quite a while, haven't I?

Well, as terrible as they seem, I do have my reasons.

1. Burning and/or exploding the enemy team of Team Fortress 2

2. Life in general

3. Video games

and # 4. Writers block.

Don't worry, i'll make a legitimate update for something eventually but for now, go find someone else's stories to read.

Mine are god awful in need of improvement anyway.

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News for Raptor · 12:48am Apr 11th, 2013

well, it's been a while.

now, lets get down to business.

firstly, I am happy to announce that the next chapter for Raptor is in the works and coming along nicely.

second, I felt like I should the height of the raptors, so I will.

here are the heights of Frost, Pounce and White tip respectively.

keep an eye open for the next chapter in the coming weeks,


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The Twilight Princess · 7:37am Feb 15th, 2013

Well, the day is upon us.

Myself in paticular don't paticularly care for this move, but i assume some people do.

All of you should know what i'm talking about.

So, as a little way of 'honoring' this move, here's a song with an oddly similar name from a game with an oddly similar title.

P.S. Midna is the true Twilight Princess.

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lack of... updates · 4:29am Jan 26th, 2013

alright, as you might have noticed (i certianly have) i seem to not be updating anything at all.

my reason? writing four (five) stories is hard along with two on hold until insparation strikes.

bear with me here when i say that i am going to update everything ASAP. starting with Live and let die, then Raptor, then four man cheeseburger apocalypce or the nightmare without. either way, updates will happing over the next 3 weeks.

so just be patient.

thanks for waiting,


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what will i have done? · 5:41am Jan 15th, 2013

there will be a chapter, in the swamp.

i have an idea for it.

but jesus it's dark.

just... damn. i feel bad thinking about it.

i wont say what, but here's the song that i will put in durring the part.

i just hope that i don't f*ck up on it.

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takin' too long · 10:47am Dec 31st, 2012

sorry about the 4man cheeseburger apocolypce's lack of updates.

i do intend to have it finished with the possibility of bonus chapters on 'what if?'

anyway, on the second passing chapter (Pray for the Passing) i can't seem to get past the pool hall. damn writers block, messing with my head and whatnot.

sorry for my rambling here, i hope to have it done around the time of the great one's return (sat 5) and hopefuly it will explain stuff about Bill and other things.

thanks again,

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ideas and the future · 2:12am Dec 16th, 2012

ok, this will not come intto effect until the cheeseburger apocalypce and a mask named majora are finished. i just want to give a heads up on the things to come.

#1. prequel to the cheeseburger apocalypce explaning what Bill was doing in the castle and other things said in Dead Light District. (also what happened to the missing Witch and Smoker)

#2. some guy who got caught in an avalance on a mountian that is slowly turning into a monster in both mind and body.

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Prequel · 9:41am Dec 11th, 2012

now, as you might be thinking, what the hell as Bill's ghost doinng in equestria durring the fight inn the castle and following Rainbow dash?

well, i have something in mind.

and that something is called,


leave coments on thoughts on the prequel idea

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THE FUTURE · 4:54am Dec 4th, 2012

ok, the cheeseburger apocolypce is going well, finally got out of the dislike rut and i see a clear path for it. now, a mask named majora is another story (sorry?) i do plan on finishing it but the cheeseburger apocolypce just seems to be my main focus for now. but don't worry, i will update it every 1-2 weeks depending on if i'm inspired, what with the supposed 'end of the world' on the twenty first i should get a few ideas. now, speacking of which, a have an idea for when this is all said and

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