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Not Today, Try Tomorrow


The forest was his new home.

From what he saw, he didn't belong in the town outside of his forest, but he also knew he didn't belong inside of it. His new hole filled legs and black body seemed to make sure he didn't fit in anywhere.

He had planned on trying to figure out what had happened to him without drawing attention, but when he saves three fillies from danger, he knew that his time to think about it was almost up.

The ponies would want answers.

He had none.


Cover art done by the incredibly talented Mix-up! His DA is here.

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When a filly version of herself appears in the middle of the library, Twilight must figure out what happened. She must figure out what it means. But most importantly? She has to comfort the last person she thought she would ever have to.


All while dealing with her own shattering reality.

Credit to Kaitou for the coverart!
Thank you Blankscape for massive amounts of help writing it.

And, of course, the person who has been waiting a long time for this story.
Happy birthday Foals! Thanks for sticking with me for so long!

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Discord is balance between good and bad. Light and Dark. So whenever there's an imbalance, he must counteract that imbalance. What happens when the imbalance is a pony? And... he gives them a choice. Either he stays, to wreck havoc. Or they both go to stone.

Only, it's not her choice.

It's Celestia's.

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Discord's memories. From the time he is locked in stone, his mind wanders.

He remembers. He remembers why, and how.

But his story isn't finished. He is in stone, but the story continues.

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Tenna is a changeling. Tenna wants to fit in. But most of all, Tenna wants to be herself. Can the timid changeling overcome her fear and show her real self?
Awesome cover art by Candle_Jack

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While on the moon, Luna and Nightmare Moon had time to think, time to argue, and most importantly, time to reflect.

What had they done? Was it worth it?
And who was she?
Was she Luna? Was she Nightmare Moon?
Or was she something else?

And if she was, could she live with herself knowing that?

One Shot.
A sequel to Luna's Reflection. Reading that is not necassary to understand this.

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When Luna was banished to the moon, what exactly happened up there? A lot can change in a millenia. A lot can happen. We know what happened down here, but what happened up there, where nopony could see. What happened in the last few decades before her return, when she was just an old mare's tale?

Was she Luna? Was she Nightmare Moon? Or was she something in between?

Could she live with herself if she was?


Okay. Random? Yes. Premeditated Random? Sorta.
Enjoy. Not my usual writing style, so tear this one apart.

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Years have past since the changelings were driven away from Equestria, giving room for peace and love. Suddenly, Twilight is captured in the middle of the night, and is brought to the hooves of Queen Chrysalis. Seeing that she has captured the element of magic, she is determined to gain her revenge against both Twilight and anyone that has ever wronged her.

Using her dark magic, the queen transforms the unicorn into a horrifying creature. Will Twilight hold on to her sanity, and more importantly, her devotion to friends?

Or will she slip into the darkness, and lose all hope.

Props to chaos2012 for bringing me this idea. The story is mine though

Evilpresident is also onboard as a Pre-reader.

Okay, new cover art! This time it was actually made for the fic, so credit goes to BronyInvestigator
I cannot thank him enough.

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