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Just your typical American Brony who believes in our Big God Given Rights, defends our freedoms and the Constitution, and leads The American Resistance against the corrupt radical left in Washington.

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Godzilla was always known as the King Of The Monsters. He kept balance in the world and destroyed any monsters that would threaten Earth. For years, he protected the human race, but one day, they deemed him too dangerous and sent him very far away. Stuck in a new land inhabited by ponies, Godzilla now has to eliminate the threats that vow to destroy Equestria. Will he be able to defeat these creatures, or will they have the brains to outsmart the King Of The Monsters?

Disclaimer: This is just a collection of chapters where Godzilla defeats the villains that were introduced in the show plus some bonus creatures. Prepare yourself for a lot of intense scenes, violence, destruction, and loads of heartwarming moments.

You can read this story on Fanfiction here: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/14096872/1/Godzilla-Equestria-s-King-of-Monsters

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