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Godzilla: Equestria's King of Monsters - Microsoft_2016

A collection of chapters of the King Of The Monsters defeating fellow villains within the MLP series.

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Chapter 16: Alliances vs. Domination

A lot of movement was happening in the Castle of Friendship. Twilight and Starlight were carrying boxes down the stairs with Spike not too far behind. He lost his balance after a few seconds and dropped the books. However, Twilight caught him and brought him down to the ground. He said to them that not all of Equestria has magical horns and the two mares smiled at him. Twilight said that she has been meaning to move these older books to the reference section so that she could keep the new books front and center and thanked both Spike and Starlight for their help. Starlight said with everything Twilight has done for, this was the least she could do. Twilight downplayed it and Starlight said with sarcasm that teaching the value of friendship wasn't that important. Twilight said that she did offer guidance to her student, but Starlight has become her own mare and the alicorn said that she was proud to call Starlight her student and friend. She said that they now had to move these boxes and noticed Spike over at the window. He asked what that was and Twilight guessed it was a bird while Starlight guessed it was a Parasprite. Spike went into panic mode and told them to brace for impact. They all ducked for cover and the object crashed inside the building. It turns out, it was just Derpy in her mail outfit.

Anyway, after a few seconds, Derpy reached in her bag and pulled out the letter. Twilight said that it was strange for her to get mail this way since she usually gets dragon mail and Spike said it was the fastest way to get mail. Twilight tried to grab the piece of mail, but Derpy refused to let it go. She turned over to Starlight and handed it to her. Starlight was a little confused and asked herself who could be sending her a letter. She opened it up and read it. She was horrified at what she saw. She said that it was the ponies from her old village and Twilight asked if they were in danger while Spike asked if they were upset with her. Starlight said it was worse because she was invited to the annual Sunset Festival that happens once a year. The rest of them were confused about that and Starlight headed towards the town. She smiled nervously and stepped into town. She greeted them all and Party Favor asked suspiciously what she was doing here. Starlight said she was invited and presented them the invitation that she received. Double Diamond said that he didn't think that she would actually show up and Party Favor asked with accusation if Starlight really thought she was wanted here. Double Diamond ripped up the invitation and Starlight said that she apologized and thought everything was fine.

Suddenly, they all started laughing and Starlight backed away. She told them all to stop, but they kept going. After a few seconds, the laughing faded and it was suddenly night time. She asked if anyone was there and she saw Luna walking out of the fog. She asked the princess what she was doing here and Luna said that dreams were her domain and she was here because Starlight needed her to be. Starlight let out a sigh of relief and said to herself that it was only a dream. Luna told her that while it may only be a dream, the feelings are very much real and Starlight sighed. She confessed that maybe she was more afraid of going back to the village than she thought and asked Luna what she should do. Luna told her that she had been helped by the Mane Six many times in her past and helped her overcome it. She said that Starlight was fortunate to have them as friends and suggested to the unicorn that she should share her concerns with them as well. Luna said that she saw much of herself in Starlight and promised to her that things will eventually get better. Starlight smiled at that and Luna disappeared through the Moon. Starlight awoke from her sleep and stared at the Moon. She knew what she had to do.

The next day, she got the Mane Six all together and explained to them about what she had been feeling just like Princess Luna told her. Rarity asked her why she felt that way, considering she had already apologized to them and accepted it, so she should just move on like the rest of them. Starlight asked if that was really the case since they had no idea how much she had changed and then suggested that she hadn't changed as much as she thought she did. Rainbow said she was definitely a way better pony now because she was pretty awful before. Applejack didn't like that and Rainbow defended her statement by saying it was just a compliment. Fluttershy said that the villagers probably didn't send the invitation if they didn't want Starlight to come and they would probably be happy to see her. Pinkie said that receiving an invitation and not attending was like something, but she couldn't think of it. So, she just said it was really bad and Applejack told Starlight to just be honest with the ponies in the village. Twilight suggested that maybe if she went with a friend, it would be easier on her. Of course, Twilight was suggesting herself, but Trixie beat her to the punch. Twilight wasn't too thrilled about that and smiled nervously, not trying to be rude here.

Starlight thanked Trixie for doing this with her and said that when Twilight suggested to bring a friend, Trixie was the first pony she thought of. Trixie got cocky and pretty much rubbed it in Twilight's face which the alicorn did not appreciate whatsoever. She thanked Trixie in a fake happy voice and whispered to Spike that the suggestion was herself, not Trixie. Spike just smiled and Twilight glared slightly at the blue unicorn. She still had some beef with this pony, and with the unicorn rubbing it in her face did not help things whatsoever. Starlight said that the festival lasted for a week, but she was sure that they wouldn't stay that long. Trixie said that time could really fly by when they were spending time together and shot Twilight one last evil grin. Twilight twitched her eye a little bit and was about to break. The group waved them both goodbye and they headed off. They eventually made it to the town and Trixie announced they were here. Starlight opened her mouth and said this was the village where stole all of the cutie marks, replaced them with equal signs, and forced them to hide their natural talents. Trixie said she was just gonna say that was where Starlight came from, but Starlight's was a more traumatic answer. Starlight sighed and said that she just wanted to be another pony, blending in with the crowd and enjoying the Sunset Festival with her friend.

Trixie told her that sounded good and said that if she got in trouble, she had her flank. Starlight asked if that was a promise and Trixie said it was a "great and powerful" promise. Starlight said that was all she could ask and if they were gonna do this, they would go do it. They walked down towards the village and made it towards the entrance. Starlight was still nervous, but Trixie nodded for her to continue. Double Diamond saw her step in the village and acknowledged her. Starlight just waved nervously and Party Favor said that the town was worried she wouldn't make it. He asked her if she was staying the whole week and said that there were events for each day. Sugar Belle asked how it was living in a castle and Double Diamond said that it was so good to see Starlight. Trixie got an idea and taunted Starlight a bit by saying with sarcasm that these ponies were terrifying. Starlight didn't find that very funny and Trixie laughed a bit. Starlight told them all that it was good to see them and Party Favor said that she had gotten here just in time. He said that they were having a debate about these banners and asked Starlight for her opinion. Starlight got nervous and told them that whatever they thought was best.

Double Diamond asked if she could take a look at the routes of the relay races tomorrow and Starlight told them to go on ahead without her since she wanted to just enjoy the festival. Sugar Belle asked if Starlight would be a judge for the baking competition and Double Diamond said they had a few questions about the acts for the Talent Show. Night Glider said that the unicorns had a firework show ready to go and said that they could really use Starlight's help. All of the ponies started chattering various things and Starlight was getting overwhelmed. She thought the village ponies would just let her enjoy the festival, but they were so quick to put her back in that leadership role which confused Starlight. After everything she did to them, they wanted her to be in charge of something? It baffled Starlight and it came to the point where Starlight couldn't handle it anymore and blasted them all away a little bit like she did in the Season 5 premiere almost two years ago. The town was confused and Trixie knew it was time to bail out Starlight. So, she gave some goodbye speech and used a smoke bomb to disappear. All of them coughed a bit and were confused on where she went after it settled. It turns out, Starlight was just hiding under Trixie's cloak and that smoke bomb was just used as stall time for them to get away from there. They eventually made it out of there and Starlight felt like crap.

She said that she was horrible when she led that town and she expected them not to be ready for her to be in a leadership role again. She said that because of her past, she should not be in charge of anything and Trixie said it was a "big deal" that she messed up. She looked around for a second to make sure no one was listening and said to never say this to another pony, but even she has made mistakes in the past. She told Starlight that the best thing to do is to move on and pretend like it never happened. Starlight said that was almost good advice and they continued their journey back to Ponyville. They made it back and Starlight called out to Pinkie. Pinkie stopped and acknowledged her slightly. Starlight said that she probably assumed that Pinkie would want to know why she was back so early and Pinkie asked where she went. Starlight got confused by that and said that she went to her old village for the Sunset Festival. Pinkie said that sounded like fun and asked how it went. Starlight said it went horrible and she left early because she freaked out. Pinkie said that was sad and just took off. Starlight was confused by that and told Trixie that was really strange. Trixie said that Pinkie usually acts strange, but Starlight said that the party pony wouldn't act that strange.

She saw Applejack and Rarity walking by and acknowledged both of them. Rarity said welcome back and Starlight asked if the two of them had noticed Pinkie acting strange. Applejack said that Pinkie always acts strange and Trixie gave Starlight the "I told you so" look. Starlight ignored that and said that she wanted to talk with the Mane Six because things didn't go as well as she wanted to at the Sunset Festival. Rarity asked with concern about what happened and Starlight said that she freaked out and ran out of the village. Both Applejack and Rarity just started laughing really hard and Starlight was confused. Applejack said that was the funniest thing she has heard all day and Rarity suggested that the decorations must have been terrifying. Starli8ght looked at Trixie and the show pony just drew a shrug in confusion. Rainbow and Fluttershy quickly arrived and the latter whispered something in Rarity's ears about friendship business. Rainbow glared at the two ponies in front of her and said that they needed to borrow Applejack and Rarity for some "very important" friendship business. Rainbow walked away and swatted her tail at Starlight. Trixie said that she really wasn't impressed with Starlight's friends like the rest of Equestria was and Starlight said she needed to talk to Twilight.

Clearly, something was wrong and she had to talk to Twilight about it as well. She ran to the castle as fast as she could and tried to open the door, but it wouldn't budge. So, she knocked on the door and asked if Twilight was in there. A mail slot popped out and Spike asked what Starlight wanted since Twilight was very busy. Starlight said that she needed to speak to Twilight, but Spike told her to make an appointment since Twilight was a princess and slammed the mail slot shut. She knocked on the door again and asked what was wrong with Spike. Twilight opened the door and said that she believed a certain dragon didn't get his nap today. Spike got off the chair and just walked off. Twilight apologized for the behavior and said that Spike probably skipped a meal today which was why he was so grumpy. Starlight said that he wasn't the only one and mentioned that everypony had seemed to be acting strange today. Twilight said it was definitely one of those days and asked Starlight how she was. Starlight said it wasn't great and said that Twilight was probably thinking why she was back so early. Twilight said she didn't want to bring it up, but it did seem strange to her and asked if things didn't go well.

Starlight said that the townsponies kept asking her things like they wanted her to be in charge again, but being a leader was the last thing she wanted to do which was why they left very suddenly in a puff of smoke. Twilight said that she should never go back to that village and Starlight was perplexed at that answer. Twilight explained that if Starlight was worried about what the townsponies thought of her before, it was probably way worse now and the alicorn suggested to Starlight to just cut her losses. Starlight said that was surprising advice coming from Twilight and the alicorn said to trust her because she was the Princess of Friendship and told her she could always make more friends. Rainbow came out and told Twilight to get in the room. Twilight saw that and said that if Starlight excused her, she had friendship business to attend to. Spike gave Starlight the "I'm watching you" look and ran inside with Twilight. Later that night, Starlight went into bed and told herself that cutting her losses made no sense whatsoever. She turned off the light and went to sleep. In the dream, she was in her village again, but it was basically a ghost town out here. Suddenly, the doors opened and the townsponies were walking through different doors as if this was Scooby Doo or something.

Starlight tried talking to them, but they did not acknowledge her at all. She then heard a voice that said she wasn't supposed to be here and saw the Mane Six standing there with glares on their faces. Starlight asked what they were doing here and Twilight said that they were here to make sure that Starlight did what she said because she was her teacher. She asked with anger if she said to never come back to this place, but Starlight told them all that they were not acting like themselves and something was wrong. Starlight heard Luna's voice at the same time and saw the Mane Six disappear into dust. She said this was another dream and Luna was calling out to her. Starlight asked where she was and saw Luna appear from the Moon. Luna said that there was no time and Starlight had to get help. Starlight asked what she was talking about since this was a dream, but Luna was talking about in the real world. She said that they have taken herself and her sister and it was worse than last time. She said that Starlight's dream called to her and she was able to break through. She told her to get help quickly and Starlight asked who has taken her. Luna said that Starlight must be careful who she trusted and find all the help they could get because the Changelings had returned. She said that Twilight already sent out a signal for help to the King Of The Monsters and told Starlight to find Godzilla and bring him to the Changeling Kingdom to stop them and set Equestria's most prominent ponies free.

After she said that, the Changelings pulled her away and Starlight was horrified. She tried running out of the dream, but she got sucked into the black hole and woke up with a sweat. She said that they were back and levitated herself down to Trixie's wagon. She knocked on the door and asked if Trixie was awake. Trixie muttered some thing about performing with Princess Celestia using peanut butter crackers and Starlight banged harder on the door. A bunch of fireworks went off and Starlight looked around nervously to make sure no one heard that. The window opened and Trixie coughed out some smoke that had built up in the wagon. She asked Starlight what time it was and Starlight said that it was late. She said that she figured out what was wrong with her friends and Trixie said that they could go over that in the morning. Starlight didn't like that and told Trixie that they were in danger. She brought Trixie outside and the show pony asked how they were in danger besides a lack of sleep. Starlight was about to say something, but then she remembered Luna's warning and asked Trixie what she said to her that was never to be told to another pony. Trixie got annoyed at that and said that if Starlight woke her up to play guessing games, but Starlight cut her off and asked it again. Trixie sighed a bit and mumbled it out with anger.

Starlight was having none of it and demanded Trixie to tell her what she had said. Trixie finally said it and asked if Starlight was happy. Starlight said that she was and said she only had to do it to make sure Trixie wasn't one of them. Trixie asked who Starlight was referring to and Starlight said it was Changelings. She said that she believed they took Celestia and Luna and Trixie asked if she was sure. She said that they would have to tell Twilight, but Starlight said that if she was correct, then it would be too late for that as well. They went inside the castle and closed the door slowly. They heard voices in the throne room and followed it up to the room. They peeked inside and they were all just chilling in there like they owned the place. They were also being mean to each other and Twilight asked if it was ready. Applejack said there was just one more and she put it down. All four of them connected and it showed up with a green screen, revealing Queen Chrysalis, Queen of the Changelings. Twilight had told her about this villain before and she learned that this bug Queen got her butt whooped by the King Of The Monsters himself, Godzilla in Canterlot the last time she invaded.

Chrysalis looked around at the ponies and scoffed in disgust. She said that she couldn't take any of them seriously when they looked like that and they transformed back to their original Changeling forms. Chrysalis was much more satisfied this time and told them to report. The Changeling that was disguised as Twilight said that they had successfully replaced the six ponies and their dragon and have taken control of the castle. Chrysalis congratulated them and said that she had just received word that the Princesses in Canterlot were successfully replaced as well. They all cheered in victory and Starlight and Trixie expressed serious worry outside. Chrysalis said that they thought too small last time and that one ponynapped princess was not enough. She said that now with the most beloved figures of Equestria taken care of, no pony could stop them. She laughed evilly a bit and the Changelings went with it as well. She stopped and said that she only hoped that Godzilla wouldn't find her anywhere or her minions since they got whooped last time by the King Of The Monsters in Canterlot. She told them that if she saw him at all, take him out as quickly as possible before he stops them in their tracks. The screen disappeared and the door made a creaking noise.

The Changelings hissed in anger at the door and changed back into the Mane Six and Spike. They burst out the door and began looking for Starlight and Trixie. They were hiding the whole time and they were invisible. However, Twilight stopped and started sniffing something. She saw nothing and moved along. Both of them panicked and teleported out of there as quickly as they could. Trixie said that she was just a performer and what they were dealing with was Princess level stuff. But they had captured all of the Princesses, so they were doomed. Starlight said that maybe they were not and said that Chrysalis only mentioned Canterlot, but not the Crystal Empire, so maybe Cadence was still safe. She said that their best bet was to get to the Crystal Empire before the Changelings did, but before she could finish her sentence, a voice told them that they were not gonna get help from there. They looked around to see who it was and saw a Changeling come out of the bushes. Trixie started screaming in horror, and since Starlight didn't want anyone else to hear her, she put Trixie in a magic bubble and deafened the sound. Starlight commented that Thorax's wings looked different and the Changeling said that he guessed it was that way. Starlight was happy for a second before turning angry. She asked Thorax how she knew he wasn't some other Changeling pretending to be him and Thorax told her that she was there when Spike defended him in the Crystal Empire.

He even replayed the speech that Twilight gave and Starlight bought the story. She said she didn't need the whole story and Thorax changed back into his Changeling form. Starlight turned back to Trixie and told her that Thorax was a "reformed" Changeling which meant he was on their side. She asked if Trixie understood and she nodded. Starlight released the bubble and Thorax went to introduce himself to Trixie. However, she was shaking in fear and told him that if Starlight really said that, she believed her, but for now, she just wanted him to stay over there. Starlight asked him what he meant by no help and if that meant the Changelings got to Cadence as well. Thorax said that they took Cadence, Shining Armor, and Flurry Heart and that Sunburst sent him here to find help, but from how things were looking right now, it might have been too late for that as well. He asked her what she should do and Trixie also asked the same question. Starlight said she had no idea and that there had to have been somepony else to handle this. Trixie said that there was no pony else because everypony with powerful magic was gone and even if Godzilla could handle this threat, they would have no idea where to find him since his whereabouts are hardly well known in Equestria.

Discord levitated down and said that whenever ponies talk about powerful magic, they always left him out. He said that if he wasn't so evolved, he might take that personally and that this was quite the combination of secondary characters. He looked at them and asked where the Mane Six were at. Starlight asked him how they were sure it was really him, and Discord took as an offense. He glared at them and started making a bunch of random things appear. He asked if he shall continue and Starlight explained that Queen Chrysalis and the Changelings were back which meant all of the important ponies in all of Equestria were captured. The Lord of Chaos just yawned at the various different names, but when he heard the Mane Six, he grew angry. He asked if they took Fluttershy and Starlight said yes. Now Discord was furious. He asked where it was and when he said that, his red eyes glowed to signify his anger. Starlight said it was the Changeling Kingdom and said that with him by their side, it would be easier, but he teleported them away before she could finish. They all appeared in some forest and Discord was confused a bit. He said he was trying to take them right to Fluttershy, but there was no Fluttershy to be found anywhere. Trixie was shivering in fear and said she might have an idea where Fluttershy could be. They all stared in front of them and saw the Changeling Kingdom buzzing with Changelings around it. Thorax said that he wished to never see that place again and asked what they would do now. They all looked at Starlight and she stared nervously.

Meanwhile, in Manehattan, Godzilla had arose from his deep slumber in the North Celestial Ocean and began his march. He heard Twilight's call which sounded a lot like Mothra and he knew that Twilight was in trouble somehow. He growled with a deep anger and took off to the south where the Changeling Kingdom was. Chrysalis was back for another attempt at taking over Equestria and clearly she forgot what happened last time these two faced off. She might have fooled everyone, but she paid the penalty when he arrived on the scene. She thought she could beat him with size, but considering he's defeated foes bigger than an Ursa Major, that did not intimidate him whatsoever. This creature needed to be taught a lesson not to mess with the King Of The Monsters more than once because the more he has to face a creature, the less forgiving he becomes and eventually destroys them if they still refuse. Hopefully, it won't come to that as he would be taking a Queen away from her kingdom, but if that what it takes in order to restore balance, then it must be done regardless of how he or others feel about it. Balance in the world was essential to Godzilla and he would do anything to keep it in place, no matter what the cost.

Back in the Changeling Forest, Discord commented on how strange it was that they were out here and the Hive was over there when he was trying to get there the entire time and not outside in the forest. Thorax said that he could explain that, but Discord ignored him and went to snap his talons. Starlight stopped him and asked if they should come up with a plan first. Discord was confused by that and Trixie explained to him what a plan was. Discord laughed at that like it was the stupidest thing he ever heard and gloated that he could do anything unlike the rest of them. Thorax tried speaking up again, but Discord still ignored him and put a finger to his mouth. He said that they all had him and asked what else they could possibly need. Trixie said they would need a Draconequus with magic and half of a brain. Discord extended his body out towards her and asked with annoyance why she was here. He said that it wasn't like Trixie was gonna stop the Changelings by pulling a rabbit out of the hat and said that at least his magic could do something. Thorax tried speaking up for a third time, but Discord didn't listen and snapped his talons. He looked like a soldier ready for battle and charged towards the hive with a spear while sitting on a flying pig. Literally. I'm not joking.

It all disappeared and Discord almost fell into the ditch. He got up and summoned another pig and told it to go. That one disappeared as well and Thorax finally got Discord's attention. He said that nothing other than Changeling Magic works here and explained that Chrysalis's throne was carved from an ancient dark stone that soaks up outside magic the same way Changelings soak up outside love. That was how she kept the hive safe. Starlight went to test this theory for herself and saw that Thorax was right. It didn't matter what it was. Unicorn magic, chaos magic, or dark magic. They would all get soaked up because they were not Changeling magic at all. Trixie asked what kind of plan Starlight was thinking, but Starlight said that she had no idea not that magic was rendered useless in this place. She said that nopony else was coming and somepony had to come up with something. She asked them if they had any ideas, but they all stayed silent the whole time. Starlight sighed and asked Thorax if they would get their magic back if they destroyed the throne. Thorax nodded and Discord said that was a terrible plan. He asked how they were supposed to get to the hive and Trixie told him that they would do so by walking.

Discord didn't like that idea at all and complained by saying that he hadn't walked that far in over a millennia. The rest of them groaned in annoyance and they began walking towards the structure. Discord asked how they were all able to tolerate not having the ability to disappear and reappear whenever they wanted and Trixie said that she missed him being able to disappear. Starlight told her to give Discord a break because none of them knew this was gonna happen and Thorax said that he knew about it. Starlight said that if they all got separated, it would make more sense for them to have a way of being able to say who they really are and Discord said that Starlight was suggested a secret code word. He came up with various different code words, but he eventually fell and Trixie suggested Clusty Draconequus as the code word. The rest of the group settled on that and Discord wasn't very happy about it. They made it to the hive and Thorax showed them the entrance to the hive. He flew inside and Discord used himself as a bridge for Starlight and Trixie to get inside before he went in himself. Trixie said that she was definitely glad Thorax came along with them because they would probably have no idea how to get through this place without him and Thorax said that they might not. The door suddenly closed and Trixie asked with worry about where the exit was.

Thorax explained that because it is a Changeling Hive, it shifts and changes like they do and they were the only ones to navigate it. Otherwise, it would be total chaos to any other creature. Discord moved his tail out of the way and said he would only call this decent chaos and not total chaos. They moved through the Hive and Discord asked if he would really get his magic back when they destroyed the throne. Starlight told him that if Thorax was right, then it would be the case and Discord said with sarcasm that was reassuring. Trixie asked how they were supposed to destroy the throne once they got to it and Starlight said she had no idea. Trixie frowned at that and said with sarcasm that was reassuring. Discord started going through Trixie's bag and said that she probably didn't have any throne destroying tools along with these "useless" side show props. Trixie was offended and retorted that it was rich coming from the Lord of Chaos who can't go for a walk without complaining nonstop. Discord said that was true, but once they destroy the throne, he will have his powers back to save their friends while Trixie would still be a below average, self-absorbed, illusionist. Trixie didn't take too kindly to that and was about to rip Discord to shreds, but Starlight intervened and told them to knock it off.

She said that she was barely keeping it together and she would appreciate it in actually helping instead of the two of them bickering like foals. Both of them ceased their arguing and Trixie asked how they could help. Starlight said to not ask her because she couldn't handle giving advice at the Sunset Festival and she had magic then. She said that the three of them were practically useless and at least Thorax knew where they were going, but she spoke too soon. He said to them that they were probably lost and Trixie gave up as if she was awaiting her fate. She said that they might as well sit here and wait for the Changelings to suck up all of their love. She asked Thorax how often they get hungry and Thorax said that he actually hasn't been hungry since he met Spike. He said that Changelings were always hungry which meant they could never get enough love and Trixie was annoyed at that. Starlight put a hoof to her mouth and asked Thorax if he was saying he was not hungry at all anymore. Thorax seemed amazed with himself and said that once he started making a few friends, he sort of forgot about the feeding. Starlight asked if that was around the same time his wings changed and Thorax said that he believed it did.

Discord yawned in boredom and said that while all of this was very nice, he had Fluttershy to save. Of course, he said those last three words very loud and a bunch of Changelings hissed in anger as they heard a voice coming from nearby. Trixie asked him with anger to lower his voice and said that they were all gonna get captured. Discord downplayed it and said that he has not seen one Changeling since they got into this Hive. However, he seemed to have spoken the magic words and a bunch of buzzing sounds started reaching their ears. Trixie asked what that was and Thorax said that it was a Changeling Patrol. They all looked behind them and they were worried as the sounds got louder. Thorax was hyperventilating and Discord said that it seemed like this was the time where they needed a plan. Trixie got offended by that and asked him what kind of plan he was talking about. She said that they had no magic and it wasn't like her illusions were gonna save them. Starlight got an idea and asked Trixie if she had the smoke bombs. Trixie knew that she did and they proceeded towards their plan. The Changeling Patrol moved closer and Trixie asked with confidence if they were looking for somepony. She disappeared and the Changelings were confused. Trixie asked if that was the best they had and did an evil laugh. That angered the Changelings and they charged after her.

But she kept disappearing time and time again and the Changelings kept chasing her. Up above, Discord said that plan wasn't great and powerful, but it was effective. Trixie said that she'll take it and they all tensed up when they saw a replica of the show pony. They asked for the code word and Thorax nailed it. Discord didn't like that and said that they really needed a new code word. Thorax said that was a pretty good plan, but Trixie said that they still had no idea where they were going. Starlight noticed something and said that two of the Changelings didn't go with the rest. It hit Thorax like a load of bricks and he said that with an intruder in the hive, they went to go protect the Queen. He said to her that was good thinking and she just laughed nervously. They continued moving through the hive and stopped right at the entrance of the Queen's chambers. Trixie asked what they would do now and Starlight said with bravery that they would go in. Thorax said that even if he wanted to, there was no way past the guards and they would definitely be spotted for sure. Starlight said that they needed some sort of distraction and Trixie said that she was fresh out of smoke bombs. Discord said that he was normally the most distracting thing, but without magic, that made things much harder.

Starlight said that he shouldn't underestimate himself and he drew a confused brow. Eventually, he stepped up to the guards and addressed them as if he was a comedian or something. He tried telling jokes, but they either got angry or confused. Eventually, they had enough of his stalling and Discord said that if they had any better ideas, then be his guest. They chased him around and Trixie said that she couldn't believe that actually worked. Discord hid behind one of the pillars and the guards just flew right by him. Once he saw the coast was clear, he said that it was nice to have dedicated fans and he would have to come up with some new material after he rescued Fluttershy. As if he was being watched, he heard crying in the distance and went to investigate for himself. He saw that it was Fluttershy or what appeared to be Fluttershy and the pony said that she was stuck. Discord decided to entertain it for a second, but then he realized that this was clearly a trap and pointed it out. Fluttershy said that she shouldn't be trusted and continued to cry. Discord was annoyed at that and expressed disdain for this setup. Then, he saw a bunch of crying Fluttershys which definitely threw him off. The one behind him said that all of them were probably Changelings and none of them should be rescued at all unless if he thought that one of them was the real one. She said that would be a nasty Changeling trick and gave a mischievous grin.

All of them said that they were the real one and Discord had no idea how to handle this. Thorax said that they couldn't wait for Discord because the castle would be crawling for guards soon after seeing both him and Trixie. Starlight said that if they do manage to destroy the throne, they would need him and said that he could take on the entire army just by sneezing. Trixie said that he has probably already been captured and Discord asked where they were at. The rest of them came out and Thorax said that they could not stay here and must find the throne. Discord said that he had heard some of the Changelings who were chasing him say that they knew where it was and the rest of them were suspicious about his behavior. Trixie asked the code word and Discord was confused by that, which showed that he was a fake pretending to be him. He told them to follow him and Starlight asked the rest of them if they knew that wasn't Discord. Trixie said it clearly was and Thorax nodded. The fake Discord went down the left path and said that they were almost there. Thorax said that he knew this trick and if the fake Discord said to go left, they should go right because he was leading them right to a swarm waiting to attack. Trixie sighed and told the other two that she'll handle this while they run into the other tunnel.

Starlight was not sure about that and told her that she couldn't do that. She said that she had no idea what to do and they had already lost Discord, so she couldn't lose her best friend too. She attempted to say that she would be unable to do anything without magic, but Trixie told her that they were able to get this far just by her illusions and Discord's annoying personality. She said that Starlight didn't need magic to figure out what to do next and also said that she knew that she was scared to be charge, but she was really good at it. She told her to listen to her best friend and the two of them hugged. Trixie called out to the fake Discord and asked if he wanted to see a new magic trick she was working on. She said that she called it the Changeling capture and he growled with anger. She told the two of them outside to run and they hightailed it out of there. The fake Discord turned into a Changeling and it tried to get away from her. It called out to the other Changelings and there was an entire swarm waiting right there to devour her. She said ta-da very nervously and they all attacked her. Starlight and Thorax were running as fast as they could and they told each other to head in separate directions so they could confuse the swarm. Starlight walked in very nervously and felt something sticky hit her head.

She looked up and saw Discord and Trixie up there along with the Mane Six, Celestia, Luna, Cadence, Shining Armor, Flurry Heart, and Spike. She tried moving forward with a glare, but evil laughter made her move back. Chrysalis smiled and said that there was one little pony all by herself and asked rhetorically how she would prevent this daring rescue. She turned her head around and the Changelings came out to prevent her from getting away. They trapped her in some sticky substance and she tried getting free, but it was useless. Chrysalis flew down to her throne and addressed Starlight as being the sole pupil of the Princess of Friendship. She said that Starlight wasn't worth trying to replace with one of her drones and Starlight glared at her. She said that Chrysalis would not get away with this and Godzilla would come to rescue everyone and defeat Chrysalis. Chrysalis just laughed at that and said that would not happen. She said that nothing has happened at all and clearly, he hasn't shown his face at all. So, after all this time, why would he show up now? Little did she know that Godzilla was on his way right now and was using the Hollow Earth's tunnel systems to get here as quickly as possible. She would find out sooner or later. She said that on a different note, no one was coming to save Starlight, including Godzilla. and her little squad was it and now there was just her. Starlight gulped and said that Thorax was still out there.

Chrysalis got angry and yelled at Starlight to never mention that traitor's name in her kingdom. She said that he was a fool to leave and even more of a fool to return. She said once she found him, he'll learn just what happens to those who betray the hive and Starlight whimpered in worry. Chrysalis saw those Changeling eyes swirl by and Chrysalis gave an evil grin. She said that she didn't really have far to look and she blasted her magic right at Starlight. It revealed Thorax and all of the Changelings hissed at him in anger. Chrysalis was about to punish him, but she stopped when she heard banging sounds. She turned around to see Starlight using a rock as an attempt to destroy the throne, but even Starlight stopped to realize that she was doomed now. Chrysalis knew this was just some decoy so that Starlight could destroy the throne and set everything free and she just couldn't have that. She blasted her magic at Starlight and the unicorn ducked underneath the throne to prevent herself from getting hit. Chrysalis told Starlight that her plan was very clever and it was clear to her that Thorax revealed to Starlight the secret of her throne. She said that she couldn't have powerful ponies using their abilities against her and Starlight ran away from her in absolute terror.

She said that even with her embarrassing rescue attempt, everything has gone according to her plan and Starlight asked why she was doing this. Chrysalis popped her head inside and said that she was doing it so she could feed. She explained that by replacing the most beloved figures in Equestria, her drones would be able to store all of the love meant for them and return it here to her. She said that everypony will do as she commanded and her subjects and herself will feed on their love for generations. She laughed evilly and the Changelings hissed in victory when they heard that. Starlight poked her head out and saw Thorax's wings grow a bit. She knew what she had to do. She suggested to Chrysalis that maybe they didn't have to do that and the Queen called that blasphemy. She threw Starlight across the room and the guards secured her underneath their weight. She said to Starlight that the hunger of Changelings could never be satisfied and Starlight concurred with her argument. She said that Thorax had left the hive and made a friend, which meant he shared love and didn't need to feed. She told the rest of the kingdom that they did not need to live their lives starving all of the time and they all started to cast doubt within themselves about their way of living. Chrysalis was having none of it and levitated Starlight right up to her face.

She said that Starlight knew nothing of the Changelings or what it takes to be their Queen and slammed her against the wall. She said that she decides what was best for her subjects, not some mewling grub, but Starlight was undeterred. She said that she knew what it was like to lead by fear and intimidation and she knew what it was like to want everypony to do what you say, but she said that she was wrong about that. She said a real leader doesn't force her subjects to deny who they are, but rather celebrates what makes them unique and listens to them when one of them finds a better way. The Changelings took that to heart and started to soften their hearts when she spoke to them. Chrysalis doubled down on her way of ruling and said that the only thing that Thorax had found was what happened to those who turned their back on the Hive. She blasted Thorax with her magic and lifted him up in the air. Starlight attempted to stop her, but the guards restrained her from going any further. Chrysalis said that just as soon as she drained every last ounce of love from Thorax, she would show her subjects what a real leader was. She started draining his love from him and he said that he could feel it slipping away. He said that he couldn't hold onto it much longer and Starlight told him not to. She said that sharing love was what made him different in the first place, so he should share his with Chrysalis and told him to give the Queen all of it.

Thorax forced it all out and it sent a shockwave out, which sent Chrysalis crashing back into her throne and the Queen looked at him with worry. A cocoon formed and Starlight went to examine it. She touched it and everypony shielded their eyes when a bright white light appeared. After a few seconds, Thorax had completely transformed and Starlight was shocked. She turned to the other Changelings and said that this was what happened when they gave love freely instead of taking it. At that point, the Changelings knew that Starlight was right and they all began to transform. As a result, the throne started to crack and the top of the castle shattered. Starlight had put up a shield to protect them and let it down when the damage subsided. All of the Changelings had new looks and everyone was set free. Discord saw Fluttershy and hugged her. She said it was good to see him as well and Starlight helped up Twilight. Twilight seemed confused for a second and asked her student what had happened. Starlight said that they defeated the Changelings with no magic at all, they found a new leader, and they were all kinda good now. Thorax nodded and Twilight was completely shocked. Luna came over and congratulated Starlight for completing this task since they last spoke. However, they were not done yet as they heard movement and turned around to see what it was. Chrysalis had gotten out of the rubble and hissed at all of them with her horn lit up.

However, she was terrified when she saw all of the most powerful ponies in Equestria ready to defend against her, plus the entire Changeling Kingdom as well. But she would express more worry as she heard a loud ear shattering roar very close by. Everyone had turned to see Godzilla standing right there with a glare on his face and he snorted in anger. Chrysalis growled in anger and flew up to attack him. Godzilla took that as a challenge and ran towards her. They collided with one another and it sent out a shockwave as a result. Godzilla slammed Chrysalis's head into the ground and roared at the Queen. Chrysalis blasted him to get free and flew away. She blasted magic beams at Godzilla, but the Kaiju simply swatted them away. He built up his atomic breath and blasted it right at Chrysalis, sending her flying. Chrysalis raged at Godzilla and came charging towards him, but that's when Twilight decided to step in and use the abilities she was granted from Mothra after the Titan's death. She flew over towards Chrysalis and spat out webs at chrysalis, which sent the Queen flying towards the ground. Twilight growled at her and Chrysalis was shocked. Not one, but two Titans had seemed to have emerged, ready to fight to the very death in order to get her out of here. Chrysalis glared at Twilight and said that because her kingdom was destroyed, she shall destroy her and flew right towards Twilight.

But Godzilla saw it coming and tackled Chrysalis from the side, similar to how he tackled Ghidorah in 2019. Chrysalis growled in anger and blasted Twilight away from her. She teleported away from Godzilla and asked where the princess could be. Twilight had flown down from above and slammed Chrysalis into the wall while giving out a cry. Chrysalis looked around and saw Twilight's large wings which now had Godzilla's eyes on it. Speaking of which, she saw Godzilla's reflection and hissed at him. However, he roared right back at her and pushed her through the castle, effectively destroying it. Chrysalis avoided Twilight for now and decided to focus in on Godzilla. She transformed into something else and Starlight asked herself if she transformed into a giant monkey. It turns out she had transformed into Kong and she roared at Godzilla. Godzilla was furious now and roared even louder than before at Chrysalis. Chrysalis charged at him and bounced off one of the walls to slam him into the ground. She tried to suppress Godzilla's atomic breath, but Godzilla kept shooting atomic breath everywhere. She slammed him towards the ground and used her body weight to kick him into one of the pieces of the castle. Twilight saw that and started flying towards Chrysalis.

However, Chrysalis had a trick up her sleeve and transformed back to her original form. She teleported away and Twilight got confused. However, she would quickly find her answer as she got blindsided by Rodan. Well, Chrysalis in disguise as Rodan. Twilight roared in horror and the two of them duked it out in the skies. They eventually crashed onto the ground and got back up again. Chrysalis threw Twilight onto one of the walls and trapped the alicorn from moving. Twilight scratched Chrysalis and she roared in pain. She flew back around and Twilight climbed up the wall slowly. Chrysalis came flying back down and collided with Twilight again. As Rodan, she tried using her beak to decapitate Twilight's head, but as she went in for the final blow, Twilight stuck her stinger in Rodan's skin and Chrysalis made a dying groan as the stinger pierced through her skin. Twilight dropped Chrysalis to the ground and the Changeling roared in pain once more. Godzilla had gotten up and saw Chrysalis lying on the ground. He built up his atomic breath again and blasted it right at her, stripping her as Rodan and returning her to her original form. Starlight asked how Twilight was able to gain Mothra's abilities, and Twilight said that was after Mothra died in the Crystal Empire because of Ghidorah's gravity beams.

Everyone was amazed at that and they complimented Twilight for how awesome that was. However, they ceased their activity when they saw Chrysalis stirring. Starlight stepped in front of her and Chrysalis could only stare in worry. Starlight said that when the Mane Six defeated her, she chose to run away and seek revenge. She told Chrysalis that the Queen didn't have to follow the same fate she did and told her that she could be the leader her subjects deserved. Starlight extended out a hoof in friendship, and Chrysalis moved slowly towards it, but she backed out at the last second and glared at her. She said that there was no kind of revenge that Starlight could ever conceive of that would come close to what she would enact upon her, Twilight, and Godzilla one day. She flew away and they all watched her disappear. Starlight felt terrible about it, but Twilight comforted her a bit. Celestia came over to Thorax and said that since he was the new leader of the Changelings, she would be looking forward to discussing their relationship in the future. But for the moment, they should all leave the Changeling Kingdom to the Changelings. Godzilla took that as a sign to move along a let out a loud roar in victory. He looked at Twilight and bent his head down to meet with her. He snorted out some smoke and she petted him on the snout. He looked at the rest of them for a second before turning around and heading back north towards Manehattan.

They all watched him go and waved goodbye to their King. Godzilla was marching along and began thinking to himself. This was definitely an interesting experience. He wondered how the heck Chrysalis was able to figure out that Kong was his hated rival and be able to change into Rodan to attack Twilight. Clearly, her intelligence has slightly improved, but her battle experience was still lacking. She should have thought twice before trying to take over Equestria once again and engaging in battle with him. She definitely forgot what happened four years ago and that arrogance seemed to have carried over into this fight. But this was no challenge for him whatsoever. He beat her easily the first time and he did it again the second time. She swore revenge on him, but that wasn't gonna get anywhere. Even if she did try to take him down again, it is clearly gonna be some weak attempt to dethrone him and he'll win easily. As for now, he can go back to his home in the ocean and return to his slumber until he called upon once again. Another battle, another monster defeated. The King Of The Monsters prevails once again!

Author's Note:

AN: Sorry this is a little late. I've been lazy lately and haven't been doing much. The end of the school year is around the corner and I've got to get in some important assignments before I'm done for the year. So, things might slow down a little bit, but I won't abandon this. On a different note, who thought it was cool seeing Twilight in action next to Godzilla as Mothra? I thought it was cool, but that was just me. The entire battle scene was cool in my opinion, but you can let me know in the comments. Anyway, Season 6 is over and we can move on to Season 7. Hope you enjoyed the chapter!

Next Chapter: The Pony of Shadows! After Sunburst stumbles upon Starswirl's journal in his blind buy crate, he races to Canterlot along with the Mane Six to share his findings with the Princesses. They ask him to see if something can be done about what happened to their old teacher and they come to find out that the Pillars had been trapped in Limbo for 10,000 years. Twilight releases them, but brings the Pony of Shadows back as well. Godzilla senses this threat and moves in to defeat him. Will he able to defeat this ancient foe, or will the Pony of Shadows find a way around the King Of The Monsters?

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