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Godzilla: Equestria's King of Monsters - Microsoft_2016

A collection of chapters of the King Of The Monsters defeating fellow villains within the MLP series.

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Chapter 11: The Two-Sided War Front

It was another beautiful day and- OH WHO AM I KIDDING?! Why am I doing this? This is so cliché. Everyone says this and it's not funny anymore. I'll just stop. Anyway, it was a sunny day in city of Canterlot and the Mane Six were out in the castle courtyard. Twilight was practicing flight lessons since she was recently ascended to alicorn status and it was critical for her to be able to know flight. The Summer Sun Celebration was coming up and the role that Twilight would be playing in it required her to be able to fly flawlessly, so this was really important for her to get this right. Rainbow told her to really flap her wings hard, but Twilight did it a little too much and landed on a tree branch. Rainbow said that maybe she shouldn't have done it that hard and Twilight tried again. She tried staying in the air, but she descended and then crashed to the ground. Applejack told her that she was looking good up there, and Twilight told Applejack that she didn't have to call her by her royal title.

Rarity asked Twilight why she protested that so much and mentioned that she already gave up wearing her crown all the time, the least she could do was embrace the new title. Twilight told Rarity that if other ponies wanted to address her that way, that was fine, but if it came from her friends, she wanted nothing to do with it. It didn't feel right to her and neither did the flying business. She told the group that she was never gonna be able to perform her part in two days and Rainbow told her that wouldn't be the case if she spent all of her time down here in Canterlot. Rainbow then encouraged Twilight to show everypony the big finish and Twilight willingly agreed to it. Twilight flew up in the air and she was able to keep going for a little bit, but then she saw some clouds and tried to stop. Of course, if you know anything about flight patterns, you know that is incredibly difficult to achieve.

After Twilight coughed out the clouds, she stopped and didn't move at all. For those of you that know the laws of physics, you know what happens next when you aren't flapping your wings and are hanging in mid air. She started falling to the ground and tried flapping her wings to get back up, but that failed miserably. She turned upside down for a few seconds before crashing into the ground, causing a small crater to form. Pinkie said that was a big finish and Twilight just groaned in frustration as her muzzle was in the dirt. All of them went inside the castle, and looked at the stained glass window that had Twilight in the window. It's basically something that is done every time a new princess was introduced to Equestria. This happened to be in the same hallway where there were stained glass windows of Godzilla defeating all of the show's villains so far.

Rarity commented on how beautiful Twilight's regality looked on the window, but Twilight didn't really think the same. She didn't feel worthy of having her own window right next to Godzilla. He was the King Of The Monsters and was the true savior of Equestria. She was just an ordinary pony who happened to ascend to alicornhood simply by completing an old spell. She hardly did nothing. Godzilla did all the dirty work, not her. So, if anything, she shouldn't even have one in the same hallway as him, let alone at all. But she had no say in the matter, so she had to deal with it. Rarity told her not to be so modest and said that it was everypony's dream to have a coronation preserved in stained glass for all to see. Rainbow didn't agree and Pinkie said that her dreams were mostly about frosting, which caused her to start drooling for some odd reason.

Fluttershy spoke up and told everypony that they should probably get going so that they don't miss the train. Applejack agreed and said that she had bushels to clear out. She mentioned that while the official celebration was here in Canterlot, the mayor put them in charge of one heck of a party back home. That made Twilight sad because she had to stay in Canterlot while the rest of her friends could return to Ponyville to get ready for the celebration. Twilight wore a sad expression and Applejack told her that she had the opportunity to be right next to the other princesses when Celestia raises the Sun. Twilight told the farm pony that she did feel honored, but it was this holiday that brought them all together in the first place. She commented that it didn't feel right to her not being able to celebrate this special day with her friends and Rarity agreed.

She told Twilight that if the mayor wasn't so demanding of them back in Ponyville, they would definitely stay in Canterlot, but obviously, Twilight's royal duties must come first. Applejack told Twilight that even though the holiday brought them all together, it was something much bigger that would keep them connected. She attempted to point at one of the windows, but she just pointed at Godzilla defeating Nightmare Moon, so she had to rework her argument a bit. She said that the point was that they were all united by the Elements of Harmony and no amount of royal duties was ever going to change that. She asked if everypony agreed and they said yes, but she got no response from Pinkie. So Fluttershy said that they should just take it as a yes. All of them headed out to the train station and Pinkie said that they were going to write so many letters to Twilight that it will feel like she's there with them.

She asked them if she was right and all of them did the Pinkie Promise as a group. Rarity told Twilight that they would all be together after the celebration and there was already an appointment in the books to discuss the royal upgrades to her loft décor. The train whistle blew and the conductor announced the train was leaving for Ponyville. The group hugged and Twilight's friends got on the train. They waved her goodbye, but Twilight had a look of guilt on her face and sighed. She told Spike that even though her friends were gone for only a minute, she still felt like she was missing something. Spike went to comfort Twilight, but then a mailpony stopped by and delivered a letter addressed to Twilight. Spike was confused and read the letter which basically said Twilight wasn't missing anything. Both of them heard Pinkie's voice and launch out confetti, but Twilight was insistent that she was missing something. She didn't know what, but she knew she was missing something.

Meanwhile, in some remote location in Eastern Equestria, a helicopter flew down to see construction going on. A pony with the name of Saratoga walked over to one of the ponies managing the site. He asked how things are going and the manager told him that it was a mess down here. Saratoga looked for himself and he saw a giant sinkhole formed in the middle of the Earth. The manager told him that it was a valley, but it turned into a cavern down below and 40 miners fell into it as a result. Saratoga asked how long it had been like this, and the manager told him it had been like this for 15 years. Saratoga went down in there along with some others in protective suits to see if they could find anything that may explain what caused this mess to begin with. The manager told him that this cavern had been at half strength with the radiation levels, but once it was exposed to the open air, it caused it to strengthen.

Saratoga took a deeper look and saw a giant fossil sitting right there in front of him. He knew at that point that something was up. His personal assistant, Ink, asked him if this could be it, but he told her this is much older than 15 years ago. To him, it looked like this was thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of years ago. He noticed an entire formation in this cavern and that told him that he was dealing with something much bigger than he originally thought. He looked outside and saw that wherever this was, it had escaped and had gone somewhere else. Elsewhere, a pony by the name of Massimo was about to get off a military plane since he was part of the Equestrian Navy. He had witnessed an entire nuclear energy plant collapse in Vanhoover 15 years ago, and the sad part is that he knew that his mother was in there and had died because of the reactor going off.

He was returning home to Baltimare so he could meet up with his wife and son once again after being gone for 14 months. One of the other soldiers asked him if he had family waiting for him, and Massimo said he did, but asked why it was important. The soldier asked him how long he was away for, and Massimo told him that he was gone for 14 months. The soldier told him him to take it slow since it was the one thing they don't teach you and left the plane with his things. He returned to his house in Baltimare and his son said he couldn't say anything. He asked if he could see it and his wife told his son not to let him see. He turned around and saw a giant cake placed down on the table that basically had a message welcoming him home. His son told him that the sign on the top of the sliding glass door was Massimo and his son.

Massimo then basically assumed that every time he came home, that meant he could get free cake. His wife asked her son how he got chocolate cake in his eyeball and he replied with saying his father did it. After a little bit, Massimo played around with his son before tucking him in for bed. He kissed him on the forehead and attempted to head out. His son asked him if he was going to still be here tomorrow and Massimo told his son that he needed to get some sleep. He turned off the lights and closed the door. He was talking with his wife and they were both laughing about something, but of course, they were having wine, so it made sense. Massimo told his wife that he missed her laugh and she told him that she missed him. He put the glass of wine down and they proceeded to have a bit of a makeout session. However, the phone rang and stopped them from continuing. He told his wife to leave it, but she said it could be work, so she went over and picked up the phone.

She asked who it was and when the pony on the other line got suspicious, she said that was just her husband. He was all loopy and everything already, so he dismissed it as nothing. His wife told the pony on the other line to hold on for one moment, and she informed her husband that his father had been arrested in Vanhoover. Massimo couldn't believe it and he went to go pack his things for this small few day trip. He told his wife that he couldn't find his shirt and asked her where it was. She told him it was in the other drawer and then asked him why his father was trespassing in the quarantine zone. Massimo just scoffed at that and proceeded to go off on a tangent about how his father was always trying to grab him into these conspiracy theories about what happened to the nuclear plant and how he was probably on drugs.

His wife told him that his father was a good pony and he simply needed help from his son. She also reminded him that his father had lost everything and Massimo said that he did as well. He said that he was able to get over it and move on. His wife told him that his father was his family and he apologized for acting that way. He said that it was just because his father would always try to drag him back in and he didn't want to put his family through that. His wife reminded him that he would only be gone for a few days and then he'll return to her. They shared another kiss together and she said that it is not the end of the world. Back in Canterlot, Spike checked off a few things on the list and told Twilight that they were way ahead of schedule. He said because of that, they could potentially fit in a quick trip to Ponyville and return in time to finish off these last few things.

Twilight said that would be nice, but then she went off on the worst possible scenarios that could happen and while she did that, she was flying in the air and eventually crashed into the ceiling before falling down to the ground. Spike asked if that meant a no and Twilight told him that these were the first royal duties that had been assigned to her. She also said she didn't want to risk letting Celestia down and after she said that, Celestia arrived in the room. Spike bowed in front of her and Twilight did the same thing. Celestia told Twilight she didn't have to do that anymore and Twilight apologized. Celestia told her there was no need to apologize and Twilight said it again. Celestia told her former student that she was actually looking forward to the Summer Sun Celebration. Twilight was confused about that and asked her what she meant.

Celestia informed her that for her subjects, it had always been a celebration of her defeating Nightmare Moon, but for her, it was just a terrible reminder that she had to banish her own sister. Twilight felt sad for Celestia and said that she never really thought about it that way. Celestia looked back at her with a smile and said that she no longer had to feel that way. She said it was a happy reminder of her transformation back into Princess Luna and their happy reunion. Celestia told Twilight that she was happy that Twilight would play a role in the festivities, but she also understood how hard it was for her to be without her friends. Twilight felt the pain and told her former teacher that it did sting a little. Celestia informed her that she might no longer be her student, but she will always be there if she needed her. She told her that she also hoped that Twilight would be there when Celestia needed her.

They had a brief bonding moment before Spike poked Twilight's shoulder. Spike cleared his throat and told Twilight that he thinks the mailpony has something to tell her. The mailpony spoke up and said the letter was for Princess Twilight. Twilight was a little confused and opened the letter. She got some confetti popping out of it and she was quite happy at that. Most ponies would probably get annoyed at that, but for Twilight, it was a happy reminder that she was not forgotten back in Ponyville. Celestia asked her if it was a letter from Ponyville, and Twilight told her it wasn't important. She turned to Spike and asked where they were. Spike asked if they were gonna call it a night, but Twilight told him that they should probably go over the checklist one more time. Spike was disappointed and said that he knew Twilight would say something like that. Celestia said that she'll leave the two of them to it and she walked out.

Celestia just walked down the hallway peacefully, but then something cracked in the floor and a black vine appeared. It went for Celestia and grabbed her. She gasped in shock and tried to get out of it, but it moved too quickly and she was contained very quickly. In Vanhoover, Massimo had successfully arrived to the jail and waited for his father to come out. Once he got out, they headed back to the place that his father was staying at and he noticed a lot of photos on the wall. Maps, newspapers, pictures, you name it. Everything you could think of, he had hanging on the wall. His father noticed this and explained to his son that he doesn't get many visitors. Obviously, Massimo could tell by all the stuff hanging on the walls and he began looking more closely at it.

He then looked at one of the books and his father told him that he didn't want anything disorganized. Massimo then asked his father why he was trespassing and his father told him that was just a bunch of bs. He said that he was only trying to get back to his old house, but his son reminded him that it was in a quarantine zone. He told him that the new readings tell him exactly what happened that day and he could prove it. For Massimo, he didn't really want to hear it. His father was wrapped up in this for the last 15 years and he never bothered to move on from it because he felt like the world lied about what really happened on that day 15 years ago. Massimo told his dad to stop this, but his father told him that if he could get into the old house, he could prove to him and the rest of the world that this was not just a natural disaster. He went over to turn the pot off and he told his son that he believes that his mother is still out there somewhere.

He said that they evacuated everypony so quickly, he didn't even have a picture of his wife. Massimo told his father that this had to stop and his father asked him if he knew that he did everything he could. Massimo told his father to come home with him to Baltimare and he had a son waiting to hang out with his grandpa. The next morning, Massimo woke up to radio chatter and his father speaking in another language. Massimo went over to his father and asked what he was doing. His father said that he was headed back out there for it and Massimo told him he was not going to do that. But his father said that he had to go. He said that he stared at that barbed wire for six years thinking it was a military mistake or some sort of horrible design flaw being covered up, but he said that he met a guy who goes offshore a lot and he goes past the reactor site a lot.

He said that this guy placed down some bowies for him, and it caught a bunch of frequencies, meaning that he had found whatever it was that was in there. Something that they were obviously trying to protect and cover up. He believed that whatever it was, it started talking again and he meant like talking, talking. He said that he had to go back to the old house to see if his old discs were still there and he could use it as data so he could prove this wasn't just some fantasy or that he's crazy like his son seems to believe. He said that he was going to find the truth and this thing, whatever it takes. Massimo asked his father why he won't let this rest, and his father said that he sent his wife down there. He said that this just wasn't a nuclear meltdown and Massimo told his father that he didn't want to hear this. His father said he knew that, but he told him that he couldn't keep running away and trying to bury it in the past.

At that point, Massimo gave up trying and went to his father to the quarantine zone. They were able to sneak in by small boat and both of them had hazmat suits on along with oxygen to keep them breathing. They watched dogs go by and Massimo told his father that the house was only another two blocks. His father pulled out his radiation detection meter and saw that there was no radiation in the immediate area. Massimo asked if he was coming or not, and his father just pulled off the gas mask. Massimo was alarmed by that, but his father told him that the area was clean and this proved to him that there was no nuclear meltdown. They made it to the old house and Massimo's father found his old discs sitting on the desk. He also found a photo of him, his wife, and his son right underneath it. Massimo was able to find his old soldier action figure and it brought back memories for him.

Both of them suddenly heard helicopters and went outside to see where they were headed. They saw they were headed for downtown Vanhoover and it looked like they were rebuilding the plant. Massimo asked his father if they were rebuilding the plant over there and before his father could give him a full answer, a van pulled up and a bunch of SWAT members came out to take them out of there. All they could do was comply and the van drove off on the highway towards downtown Vanhoover where they were attempting to rebuild the nuclear plant. The van stopped in front of the gate and Massimo's father could see something glowing out the back window of the van. Everypony was moving quickly on this and the lab ponies were measuring the amount of nuclear radiation per second and it came it at a whopping 7.2 seconds and it was climbing by the minute. Saratoga looked carefully at this thing and somepony called his name. They said that two ponies were arrested in the quarantine zone.

Somepony else said that there were bigger problems here, but the pony delivering the message said to Saratoga that one of the ponies arrested claims that they used to work here. That got Saratoga's attention and he went to investigate. His personal assistant, Ink was right there to tell him that she found disks in the pony's bag. Speaking of which, Massimo's father was currently getting interrogated and he said that this wasn't a typhoon. He said that he didn't want to talk to these ponies anymore and demanded that he would be allowed to see his son so that he knows that he's alright. He looked at the SWAT pony and basically yelled at him in another language. He then turned back to the interrogator and said that he wanted to see his son, he wants his bag back, and he wants to talk to someone in charge that was not the interrogator. The guy tried reasoning with him, but Silvio, Massimo's father, was having none of it.

He said that he was done talking to this guy and he basically went after everypony. He went on an angry rant saying that he knows what happened here and that he constantly kept getting told that it was a death zone, but he knew it wasn't. He told them that they were lying and said that they were hiding something out there. He yelled to everypony that his wife died here and that something killed her. He said that he had a right to know and he wants answers. After that outburst, Saratoga went back to the disks and Ink told him that these disks were from 15 years ago. Saratoga told her that he thought that the data from that day was lost, but Ink said that it wasn't true. The lights suddenly started flickering and Silvio knew what this meant. He said that this was not a transformer malfunction, it was an electromagnetic pulse. He explained that it affects everything electrical for miles on end and this was the reason everything went wrong in the first place. He also said that this happening again would send everypony back to the Stone Age and informed them they had no idea what was coming.

Back up in the command center, the lab pony informed everypony else that the pulses were getting stronger and it was affecting the power grid. The boss asked if there was any radiation leakage, and one of the lab ponies said there was none since the thing inside sucked all three reactors dry. Some of the cocoon fell and ponies were getting back. Saratoga said that the organism was done feeding and the boss asked for the papers. He saw that the pattern was the same as 15 years ago and Saratoga explained that it caused that nuclear meltdown. Ink also mentioned that it was an electromagnetic pulse and that's what it's building up right now. Saratoga requested that everything gets shut down and the boss went into action. Everypony went into evacuation protocol and Massimo asked where everypony was going. Saratoga stared at the organism and then ordered for the thing to be killed. The lab pony nodded and pressed the button which sent out lightning to the organism. They were waiting for the thing to die, but it caused more of the cocoon to fall off and after the lightning disappeared, the lab pony reported that all readings were flatlined.

The boss asked for a visual and one of the security personnel went to go take a look at the thing. He heard noises and saw something moving, but then a bunch of debris came flying out and the MUTO was finally free. It roared with anger and it sent out an electromagnetic pulse which sent out a shockwave and killed all of the electricity. Massimo and Silvio noticed something going on and the boss in the command center ordered for the generators to be turned on. One of the lab ponies said they were working on it, but the MUTO had basically fried every circuit, so it made it really difficult trying to accomplish that. They were able to get power back on for a bit, but they heard the roar of the MUTO. It went by destroying things in its path as it tried to get out of there and the boss told everypony to get the heck out of there. Everypony fled and Silvio noticed the mass exodus that was going on. Massimo yelled for someone to get him out, but no one was listening to him.

The MUTO destroyed the giant cranes that were there and it caused a domino effect. It cut off Silvio from everypony else trying to escape, and it unintentionally set Massimo free from the van. He saw somepony fall into the abyss and then he saw his father right behind him. Suddenly, the platform broke and Silvio was sent down with it. Massimo tried running to his father, but then he saw the MUTO standing right there. The MUTO roared at him and it tried to get out. Everypony was running away and Massimo put his gas mask on. He was breathing very heavily and saw that the MUTO spread out his wings and took off. In Baltimare, it was already breaking news that Vanhoover supposedly got hit by a 6.3 Earthquake even though it was a MUTO attack, and Sienna, Massimo's wife, was already on the phone trying to see if her husband was okay, but that went as well as you expected.

She asked how much it would be from Vanhoover to Baltimare and asked if she could leave her cell phone number, but the pony on the other line hung up on her. She threw the phone down and cursed in anger. She sat down on the chair and she was very worried for her husband. She saw her son, Giorgio, standing right there and apologized for cursing in front of him. She reminded him that things were gonna be okay and that his father will be okay as well. Back in Canterlot, Twilight had fallen asleep at her desk, and when she opened her eyes, she gasped in shock at what she saw. Twilight went over to Spike and the dragon just mumbled the word check over again in sleep, so Twilight tried again and that got him to wake up. He stretched his body and asked what time it was.

Twilight said it was the middle of the night, but it could have also been morning as well. She just couldn't tell. Spike looked outside and couldn't believe what he saw. Up in the sky, it was split between night and day and both the Sun and Moon were up there at the same time which was really strange. Twilight told Spike that they needed to find out what was going on and they went off. Down below, ponies were expressing panic. They already heard on the news that Vanhoover experienced a strong Earthquake, and now they're dealing with this. One of them yelled out that Twilight would know and they all began asking her questions at once. Twilight tried to come up with an explanation, but she couldn't really handle all the questions all at the same time. One of the guards came over to her and told her that she must come with him. Twilight and Spike walked inside and the guards shut the doors.

The guards informed them that both Celestia and Luna were gone. Both of them gasped in shock and they couldn't believe what they were hearing. Back in Vanhoover, Saratoga was trying to assess the damage left behind by the MUTO and saw the dead bodies being taken away. Ink came running up to him and informed him that somepony wanted to talk to him. A pony by the name of Captain Giacomo Escopios told Saratoga that he was briefed on his work with Monarch and asked him if the organization knows about this unidentified creature. Saratoga simply nodded and Captain Giacomo told him that the Equestrian Navy would be taking over operations for Monarch. He told Saratoga that he needs to come with him and asked if there was any other personnel that he needed. Saratoga looked around and saw Silvio and Massimo off in the distance. He told the captain that he needed them and they all went aboard the helicopter.

The helicopter flew out of the damaged downtown area and headed towards the North Luna Ocean. Massimo tended to his dad and tried to encourage him, but that ultimately did nothing. Eventually, they lost him and both Saratoga and Ink knew they were in trouble if Silvio died. The helicopter finally landed on ENS Luna and Admiral Zaccaria Beneddeto informed everypony on board that this was a needle in a haystack. He said that this creature was known as a MUTO which stood for Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organism and this creature was now airborne. He said that the world still continues to believe that this was an Earthquake and he believed it would be best if they kept it that way. He said that before they lost sight of it, it was headed east across the North Luna Ocean and had enough EMP disruption to knock out all satellite feed and reduce them to strictly a visual pursuit.

He went on to say this has the utmost importance and it is key that they find this thing before it can cause any more damage to Equestria or the other surrounding nations. He looked at Captain Giacomo and ordered him to get all search options running ASAP. The Captain complied and went off to get those up and running. The Admiral went over to Saratoga and introduced himself to the doctor. Saratoga told the Admiral that it was nice to meet him and the Admiral told him he was glad to have Saratoga on board. Ink told him that she needed him and Saratoga told Admiral Beneddeto that he would be right back. Both of them went down a hallway and shut the door. Massimo watched as his father was put in a body bag and one of the soldiers came knocking on the door. He addressed Massimo as Lieutenant and asked for him to come with him. Massimo followed the soldier down to another room and they walked in where Saratoga and Ink were.

Saratoga gave Massimo his condolences and Ink said that she was deeply sorry for his loss, but right now, they needed help from him. The projector turned on and showed a film in black and white. Saratoga said that in 1954, the first time that a nuclear submarine had ever reached the ocean depths, it awakened something. Ink said that the Equestrians thought it was the Griffons, and the Griffons thought it was them. She said that there were a lot of nuclear bomb tests in the 50's, but they were not tests. Saratoga said that they were trying to kill it and pointed to the creature on screen. He explained that this was an ancient alpha predator and Ink said that this creature was millions of years older than ponykind, which he lived during a time when the Earth was 10 times more radioactive than it is today. Ink went on to explain that this animal and others like it consumed radiation as a food source, but as the levels on the surface naturally subsided, these creatures adapted to live deeper in the oceans, further underground where it could absorb radiation from the planet's core.

She also explained that Monarch, the organization they worked for, was established after the wake of this discovery and was formed in secrecy to find this ancient creature and study him in every way they could. Saratoga looked back at Massimo and said that they called this creature Godzilla. Ink explained that this creature was at the top of a primordial ecosystem and was a god for all intents and purposes. Massimo stared at the creature and saw him as nothing more than a monster. Saratoga told Massimo that back 15 years ago in 1999, they found the fossil of another giant animal in the Undiscovered West, one that was in the same class as Gojira, but this creature died a long time ago. He pointed to the screen and said that it was killed by these things. Ink explained to Massimo that these were parasitic spores, one of them was dormant while the other hatched, and it became catalyzed when a mining company unknowingly drilled into its tomb. She also explained that the hatchling burrowed straight for the nearest source of radiation, which happened to be Massimo's father's power plant in Vanhoover, 50 miles north of the Undiscovered West.

She said this hatching cocooned at that power plant for 15 years and absorbed its radioactive fuel so that it could grow. Saratoga finished off by saying that it when it finally hatched, it came out like a butterfly into the creature that Massimo had saw today. At this point, Massimo seemed confused. He asked them both if they had known about this for all this time and asked them why they didn't just kill the thing when they had the chance. Ink told him that this creature was absorbing radiation from the reactors and they were worried that if they killed it, it might release that radiation and endanger millions. Saratoga further explained that was why their mission was to contain it. So they could study its biology and understand it. Ink said that the organization knew that the creature was having an electrical effect on everything within a close proximity, but what they didn't know is that it could harness that power in an EMP attack, which was something Massimo's father had predicted.

Saratoga asked Massimo if he knew anything else his father might have said and Ink pleaded with him to see if he could remember anything. Massimo told them that he didn't listen because he thought his father was crazy. He said that his father was obsessed with something about an animal call, something talking. They were a little confused by that, so Massimo further explained that his father was studying something, something about echolocation. Saratoga then speculated that if the MUTO was talking, then Silvio must have discovered something talking back. He turned to his personal assistant and told her to check the records again and search for a response call. Massimo said this was a parasite and asked where this creature was headed off to. Saratoga said that the MUTO was growing and it would be looking for food.

Ink said that the radiation will increase as well and they're monitoring all known sites, but if they couldn't find it soon, then things could go south. Massimo then asked what they would do next and Saratoga told him that nature has an order. He explained that it was a power to restore balance and he believed that power was Godzilla. Outside, on the aircraft carrier, Massimo was being escorted to the helicopter and one of the soldiers told him that they were 50 miles from Rainbow Falls. He said that this transport will take him there and he will catch a commercial flight back to Baltimare. Saratoga watched the helicopter take off and he noticed how strange the sky looked with the Sun and Moon being next to each other. But he didn't worry about it, he had bigger things to worry about than strange things in the sky right now. Back in Canterlot, Twilight and Spike were still trying to grasp the concept of both rulers of Equestria being gone.

Twilight told the guards she didn't understand and asked them where they were. The guards said they had no idea and it appeared that both Celestia and Luna simply vanished. Spike lost his mind and fainted to the ground. The guards said that's why they came to her and they told her that they await her command. Twilight seemed confused about that and they guards explained that they are officers of the Royal Guard and they take their orders from royalty. Since Celestia and Luna were gone, and Cadence overseeing the Crystal Empire now, that only left Twilight as royalty and they had to take orders from her. Spike lost his mind again and fainted to the floor for a second time. The guards told her that there was no time to waste and they wanted to know what she wanted them to do. Twilight tried to figure out what to say, but she was struggling. Finally, she came up with an answer and said that she wanted them to continue the search for the rulers of Equestria.

She told them that they had to find the princesses before ponies started to panic and if they found anything, they are to let her know immediately. Twilight sighed with relief and Spike told her that it was amazing how she took charge in that situation. However, it was short-lived as the doors flew wide open and a guard came running in with news. He said that he had news from Ponyville and it appeared that the Everfree Forest was invading. Twilight gasped with shock and Spike fainted for a third time. In Ponyville, Fluttershy was trying to get to the door of her home, but there were a bunch of animals inside because they were clearly distressed about what was happening in the forest. She went to go take a look for herself, and then she saw the vines moving towards Ponyville. She screamed with horror and closed the door, telling the animals that they should be very worried. In Sweet Apple Acres, these vines were tearing through the fields and causing a bunch of disruption to all of the crops.

Apple Bloom just pulled the vines out, but more kept coming, while Big Mac just chopped it off with his teeth. One eventually came up behind him and slapped him in the behind. Applejack told herself that she had never seen these kinds of weeds before, but after taking a closer look at it, she realized she's never seen them at all. She asked where the heck these things were coming from and then asked what was going on with the sky. Near Town Hall, Ponyville was already starting to get covered in vines and there were a bunch of black clouds with thorns moving in the town. Rainbow Dash was having none of it and told the clouds that they aren't supposed to be getting rain until after the Summer Sun Celebration. She charged at it, but then she got stuck and it sent her falling. She flew back up towards it and told it that she was gonna have to do things the hard way. But the clouds came to play as it shot out lightning in zig zag formation and more clouds came by doing the exact same thing.

At Rarity's place, she opened up the curtains and noticed the strange things in the sky, but she just shrugged it off. The vines came up to her window and then released some sort of magic that was supposed to make everything all loopy and everything. Rarity attempted to pour the tea into her cup, but then it went flying around and the pot went it as well. It then went into another room and poured hot tea onto one of the hats. It then sprayed her cat's hair and then it ran away from the tea pot. Rarity apologized for doing that and she put some of her saliva on her horn to get it stop. The magic disappeared and the pot fell on the floor. Rarity told her cat that it wasn't her, but the cat just growled and walked away. Rarity then seemed to have thought that Sweetie Belle and her crusader friends did this, but that wasn't the case. Sweetie Belle came tumbling down the stairs and it levitated her in the air. She was upside down and then fell to the ground.

Suddenly, the curtain came flying out and it chased Sweetie Belle across the room. Rarity was speechless and both of them went out the door in worry. Back in Canterlot, Twilight rushed down the stairs and Spike asked where they were going. Twilight said that the Everfree Forest was invading for some reason, but whatever it was, she knew that she needed her friends and the Elements of Harmony to stop it. Twilight also said that she hoped she didn't miss the train and Spike said there was another way to get there. Twilight was confused, but when she stopped, Spike crashed into her and fell towards the pond. She caught him with her wing and pulled him back up onto the bridge. Spike told her that she could fly and Twilight then remembered that she could do that now. She took off to the air and after struggling a little bit, she was able to get moving smoothly.

Back in Ponyville, it was complete chaos in the town. In the air, Rainbow was chasing a single cloud, but then she fled when it received backup and shot lightning bolts right at her. On the ground, ponies were running away in fear. They had already heard about the supposed Earthquake that hit Vanhoover and now they were dealing with an invasion of black plundervines. Rarity talked to herself about how strange things were and after she saw a giant plundervine grow in front of her, she gasped in horror and ran to the front of the town hall. She demanded an explanation for all of this and Rainbow told her that all she knew was that the sky was split in two and these clouds weren't from around here. Applejack mentioned that these crazy plants weren't from around here as well and explained that no matter how hard Earth ponies tried, they couldn't seem to get rid of these plants.

She asked Rarity if she knew any magic that would stop them from spreading and Rarity told her that this whole thing prevented her from using her magic at all. Fluttershy said that they had to figure out something since she had no idea how much more of this Ponyville could take. A vine caught onto her back hoof and she screamed in horror. Rainbow snapped it and Fluttershy said she didn't know how much more of this she could take. Applejack told the group that the forest is expanding and by how quickly it was moving, it probably wouldn't stop in Ponyville. Before long, it might cover half of Equestria. As if the MUTO crisis isn't enough, now, you have a raging forest invasion and an unknown disappearance of Equestria's rulers. Twilight was almost to Ponyville, but she had to dodge all the clouds and it was difficult staying on course. Spike was about to barf and put on his seatbelt so he wouldn't fall from the sky.

He said that he started to wish that they had taken the train and Twilight told him that they were almost there. Twilight flew down as fast as she could, but then she realized she couldn't slow down in time, so she teleported inside and crashed on the pile of books. Spike hit the window and fell down slowly. Rarity said that she was happy to see her and Fluttershy said that she hoped it was okay to go through Twilight's books without her permission. Spike came in and started kissing the ground, which basically sent the message to Twilight that her flying sucked and she needed to work on it. Pinkie came up to Twilight and told that in case she hadn't noticed, but the Everfree Forest appeared to be out of control. Rarity didn't like how close Pinkie was to her, but after Pinkie's tail twitched, she grew a worried expression as something was about to happen. Pinkie ducked and in came this giant plundervine, causing Rarity to suffer a blindside hit by this thing. Applejack said that Twilight was probably right about missing something in Ponyville and she shut the window.

Rarity shook it off and asked Twilight if she had already been sent by Celestia to dispel of this forest invasion. Twilight told her that wasn't exactly the case, and tried to explain what was going on. Finally, Spike couldn't take it anymore and yelled out that Celestia and Luna were missing. The rest of the group gasped in horror and Twilight told them that she had no idea who was taken them, but she does know that she'll need her friends and the Elements of Harmony to get them back. She put the necklaces on all of them and Applejack was ready to get down to business. She said that now they needed to know who to aim these bad boys at so they could Celestia and Luna back and prevent the rest of Equestria from becoming plant food. She asked Twilight if she had any ideas and Twilight began thinking. Pinkie randomly mentioned that she couldn't find anything in the books she read, but she had a coloring book out, so of course it wouldn't tell her anything.

She looked outside and examined it. Half day, half night. Strange weather patterns. Out of control plants. Twilight formulated this in her mind and she now had a pretty good idea who was doing this. There was only one creature that could achieve this kind of thing and all it took to get him was a little summoning spell. On the helicopter, Massimo tried contacting his wife, but she was busy with her son getting him ready for bed that she didn't hear it buzzing. After it went to voicemail, Massimo left a message saying that he didn't know what they were saying on the news and there was an accident in Vanhoover. He also mentioned that his father was gone and he will explain when he sees her. He said that he was headed to Rainbow Falls and he would catch a flight from there. Back on ENS Luna, Saratoga was looking through the signals so he could figure out if the records on the paper matched the ones on the computer screen.

He kept pressing the spacebar until he saw what he was looking for. He told his assistant that something did respond. Massimo was able to get on the train in Rainbow Falls and it was gonna take him to the airport so he could get a flight back home to Baltimare. He took out his little toy soldier and played around with it for a little bit. Suddenly, the train doors closed and some poor kid got separated from his parents. Massimo ran over and tried to pry open the door, but that thing was slammed shut. The train started moving and Massimo told the boy's parents that he would bring their son back to them. The kid was screaming for his parents, but Massimo told him to calm down and set him down. He told him that he would bring him back to his parents and gave him the little toy soldier. Back on the aircraft carrier, Captain Giacomo told Admiral Zaccaria that he just received an intel report. The report said that they lost track of a nuclear akula fifty nautical miles southeast of Rainbow Falls. He said it could be the MUTO and Saratoga stopped writing as soon as he heard this.

He looked at the Admiral and the Admiral informed him that he just got word of a missing Griffon submarine in the Northwestern part of the Celestial Sea. The Admiral asked of his personnel for information and the pony told him that the Special Forces Team Sparta One was picking up a distress signal, southwest of Trottingham on the island of the Grittish Isles. They were on the ground and headed towards the beacon. It was considered a quiet night on the Grittish Isles and one of the soldiers was wondering why they had to go look for an akula out in the middle of a jungle and another one told him that it was probably a glitch and the Griffons said they got a ping from this location. Another soldier said they had a reading and it's just up ahead. Up above, there were helicopters flying searching for this thing and the pilot told them that they were getting the same reading and they were getting warmer. They stopped and saw the nuke sitting right there, but there was a bunch of gooey stuff that was on it.

They looked above them and they found the missing submarine hanging from the trees, but this was covered in all sorts of crap. The soldiers informed the pilot that they found the missing sub, but they wouldn't believe what else they found. The copilot looked down and saw the MUTO feasting on this submarine down below. The Admiral looked at Saratoga and told him the cat was out of the bag which meant no more secrets. He said that our highest priority now was safety. There was close to a million ponies on that island. plus another two million over at Rainbow Falls. The Admiral looked at the Captain and told him to get eyes in the air. Somepony else said that they were picking up something else that was approaching from the Celestial Sea. Saratoga knew at that point that something was coming and that could be nature's balance. So, he rushed out the door and headed for the flight deck outside. He told his personal assistant that he believes that Godzilla is on his way and he had to see this.

Fighter Jets took off to the skies and it was a peaceful night in Rainbow Falls. However, a bunch of ponies were confused when they saw a bunch of helicopters come flying by and they went to investigate. A bunch of military soldiers started dropping from the helicopters and landed on top of the high rise hotels in the area. They pulled out their snipers and they waited for the thing to arrive. At this point, Godzilla had already awoken and he was on his way to fight the MUTO. He thought this species was long gone and never had to fight them again, but it turns out he was wrong. He already dealt with this before in Hawaii off of the Pacific, and now he has to deal with it again. The train was moving along through the city and the little kid who got separated from his parents saw fighter jets flying past them outside. These pilots were moving very fast and they raced over to the Grittish Isles, 40 miles east of Manehattan.

The MUTO didn't appreciate all these loud noises and bright lights, so it roared in anger. The soldiers were prepared to engage, but in retaliation, the MUTO raised up one of its claws and slammed it to the ground, causing another EMP to go off. This sent out a shockwave and everything electrically powered, was shut off. Even the fighter jets had no power and it crashed to the ground, causing an explosion and sending the soldiers flying. All of the power in Rainbow Falls had stopped as well and the train stopped moving. Massimo asked if the kid was alright and told him that in about ten seconds, the lights will come back on. On the beachfront, everypony saw what was happening on the Grittish Isles and they expressed concern. One of the small ponies noticed the water started moving very rapidly and they let their father know. When he saw it, he knew something was up.

The evacuation alarms went off and he told everypony to start running because a tsunami was coming. Back on ENS Luna, Saratoga was standing on the flight deck and he looked closely out into the ocean. He took out his binoculars and saw large scales heading towards him. He braced for impact, but Godzilla simply went under the ship and headed straight for Rainbow Falls to battle the MUTO. A bunch of helicopters kept following him and there was loud barking on the beach. The dog saw the water rushing in and it sprinted as fast it could away from that. Ponies were still screaming in fear and they tried running away from that as much as possible. That water came rushing in and it swallowed up everything. Even ponies who were high above this tsunami watched what was going on. It even took out all the electricity. Suddenly, red embers went off and it revealed a giant creature walking through the area. Suddenly, ponies started screaming as the military soldiers shot at Godzilla and they got down so they wouldn't get hit.

Godzilla went through the area and that called the MUTO's attention. It roared with anger and flew off to Rainbow Falls to find the Alpha predator. Because Godzilla was walking through Rainbow Falls, it had restored power and the train was able to be operational again. The train tracks lit up, but it revealed the MUTO right there. Then, the train started to move which was in the direction of where the MUTO was. There was more gunfire and everypony got down. The MUTO opened its mouth and bit right into the train. That cause the train to fall and ponies started falling out. Massimo grabbed onto the seat and as the kid started falling, he caught him and secured him in his arms. The ponies at the airport terminal got down below the planes and they felt the water rushing past them. The aircraft continued to shoot at the MUTO, but it was hard getting around Godzilla since he was so massive. Finally, the MUTO had enough and slapped the helicopter away. It caught on fire and crashed to the ground, causing another explosion to go off. Ponies inside the airport were screaming in fear, but went silent when they saw Godzilla walking past them.

The MUTO looked at Godzilla and roared at it with anger. Godzilla growled at the MUTO and then let out an ear shattering roar. Back in Baltimare, Massimo's son was sleeping on the couch and had the news on saying that Rainbow Falls was devastated and showed video footage of Godzilla and the MUTO fighting each other. Sienna told his son to turn off the TV, but her son said nothing. He saw what was on TV and looked at it more closely. His mother said it again, but he didn't respond. His mother told him that it was bedtime and then he told his mother that there were dinosaurs on TV. Sienna looked at the TV and then she was horrified at what she saw. Her husband was in Rainbow Falls right now and if it was being destroyed by these two monsters, then that means he could be in serious trouble. He could be seriously injured or even dead at this point. This was not good news for her.

Back in Ponyville, the Mane Six went to a clear area and stood in a circle. Twilight lit up her horn and the Element of Magic began to light up. They were all lifted up in the air and a rainbow connected between all of the Elements. After a few seconds, it brought out a bathtub with a shower head and in it, was Discord. He was singing Winter Wrap-Up when he noticed the changes in his surroundings. He quickly put on the towel and told Twilight that she was only supposed to use that spell after she gave him a heads up. He said that he was in the middle of a shower, but Twilight was having none of it. She demanded that Discord would release Celestia and Luna and stop the Everfree Forest from invading. A plundervine wrapped around Twilight and then it changed into Discord. He told Twilight that he had no idea what she was talking about and Applejack told him not to play dumb with them.

Discord slithered away and said that he absolutely loved what they did to the place, but it couldn't have been him since he was already reformed. Rainbow wasn't buying that and told him this had his cloven hoofprints all over it. Discord got annoyed at that and reminded Rainbow that he only had one cloven hoofprint. It came up to her and kicked her in the behind. He told them that he couldn't believe the accusations made against him and he thought that they were friends. Pinkie was having none of it either and told him that they were on to him. He put his paws over Pinkie's mouth and told the group that he was innocent. He asked them if he would lie to them and all of them said yes, except for Fluttershy, who said maybe. Discord knew he was gonna have to take things up a notch and hatched the next part of his plan.

He told the group that they seemed to have reached an impasse. He believes that he is telling the truth while they think he's lying. He taunted Twilight a bit and asked what good friends would do in situation like this. He congratulated her on the promotion recently and told her that she totally deserves it. Rainbow had enough and said that they should blast Discord back to stone. Both Applejack and Rarity concurred and the three of them attempted to turn him back to stone. Fluttershy stepped in the way and told them that they couldn't do that. She raised the question about if he was really telling the truth and Discord knew he struck gold on this. He expressed how somepony was finally able to give him the benefit of the doubt and gloated to the rest of them that they could learn a lot about friendship from his dear friend Fluttershy. He did pronounce her name wrong and grabbed Rainbow instead. So, when Fluttershy corrected him, he threw Rainbow away and brought Fluttershy next to him.

Twilight then glared at Discord and said that he wasn't the one responsible for this, then help them find out who it was. Discord turned away and said that he could, but after all the hoof pointing and smearing of his good name, he didn't know if he was up to it. Twilight growled in frustration and Discord suggested that maybe all of them should ask Zecora about this. He was knitting and it came out as a giant sign pointing right at the zebra. The Mane Six were happy to see Zecora and they helped her with her stuff. She literally had to carry everything with her and it was quite heavy. Zecora explained to the Mane Six that she had to flee from her home because the forest had grown too wild even for her. Applejack asked Zecora if she knew why this was happening and Zecora told her that it was a mystery to her as well. But she did say that she had something if it was combined with a spell, it might do something. She looked for it and put it on the ground.

She said that she wouldn't dare touching it because the results would be tragic and it only responds to Alicorn Magic. Twilight saw that she had the horn and the wings and that meant Zecora was talking to her specifically. Zecora told Twilight that she could turn the potion from purple to white and after taking a sip, she may discover why the sky is day and night. Twilight charged up her magic and blasted dark magic at it which caused the purple potion to turn white. Twilight wasn't sure about this, but Zecora encouraged her to go on and Twilight drank it. After a few seconds, she said nothing seemed to happen, but then, everything stopped and her eyes turned white. Twilight shook it off and seemed to find herself in the Castle of the Two Sisters, only it looked a lot cleaner in here. Twilight asked herself where she was and Luna told her not to take another step.

Twilight went up to her and asked where they were and why both her and Celestia disappeared. But then Luna went on with this rant about how she was expected to sit idly by while all the ponies basked in the precious light. Twilight was confused about that, but we all know what Luna was talking about. In fact, this was just an illusion of a historical event that took place a thousand years ago. But Twilight doesn't know that yet. Luna went up to the platform and declared that there could only be one princess in Equestria and that one princess would be her. She slammed her hooves down and destroyed the platform. Her crown formed a shadow which caused cracks to form and it shattered the window behind her. Twilight covered her eyes and was horrified at what she saw. Luna then used her magic to bring up the Moon and it blocked the Sun, creating a solar eclipse. It engulfed Luna and Twilight was scared to see what was gonna happen next. Finally, the circle broke and her transformation was complete.

She had turned into Nightmare Moon once again! Twilight's jaw dropped and she thought that Nightmare Moon had returned to wreak havoc on Equestria. After a few seconds, Nightmare Moon stopped laughing and she had an evil glare on her face. Twilight thought she was out to get her, but it just turns out that Nightmare Moon wanted to destroy everything related to Celestia. Nightmare Moon lit up her magic and blasted it from the right side of the hallway to the top of the ceiling. Twilight ducked for cover and got out of the way before the rocks could crush her. She landed right in front of Celestia and saw her former teacher have a glare on her face. Celestia went to take a closer look at her corrupted sister, and Nightmare Moon glared at her. She lit up her magic and blasted it at Celestia. Celestia moved out of the way and the beam destroyed part of the ceiling which made the Moon appear.

Twilight slid in front of Celestia and told Nightmare Moon to think about how long she was on the Moon. She also said that she would have no choice but to send her back there if she didn't stop. Celestia spoke up and told Nightmare Moon to lower the Moon since it was her duty to do so. Nightmare Moon didn't like that and told Celestia that she was now Nightmare Moon and not Luna. She told Celestia that she only had one royal duty now and that was to destroy Celestia. Nightmare Moon reared back and blasted magic at Celestia, but her target went up in the air and flew out of the castle. Nightmare Moon won't allow Celestia to get away that easily, so she asked where she thought she was going and chased after Celestia. Twilight knew she had to chase after Nightmare Moon, so she flew up and chased after her. Nightmare Moon continued to blast magic at Celestia, but Celestia kept running away and dodging it. However, it was destroying the castle in the process and Twilight simply couldn't believe it.

Finally, Nightmare Moon blasted her magic one last time and struck Celestia on the chest, which caused the white alicorn to tumble back to the ground. Twilight screamed Celestia's name and flew down to the castle. Nightmare Moon watched for a second before she laughed evilly. Twilight flew down and saw Celestia lying on the ground. She asked herself why Luna did this and she began to cry to herself. Eventually, Celestia moved around and got back up just fine. Twilight was overjoyed and expressed how happy she was to see Celestia alive and breathing. However, Celestia didn't respond to her, so it made Twilight confused. For Celestia, she didn't want to have to do this, but Luna left her no choice. She apologized in advance and said that she would have to use the Elements of Harmony. Twilight asked if those were the Elements of Harmony and then it finally clicked for her.

This was in the past and she was being shown the night Celestia banished Luna to the Moon. Celestia flew up and got all the Elements of Harmony which formed a large circle and it glowed very brightly. Twilight shielded her eyes for a second, but then she watched as Celestia flew up in the sky. Nightmare Moon came over and she saw this challenge from Celestia. She wasn't gonna let her own sister dethrone her. Not today. So, she lit up her magic and was ready to attack. Celestia had tears in her eyes, but she lit up her magic as well and was ready to put her sister on the Moon. Nightmare Moon blasted her magic right at Celestia, but Celestia had the Elements connect to one another and it fired off its magic. Of course, the Elements of Harmony's magic was much more powerful than Nightmare Moon's magic and it pushed it back fairly easily. Nightmare Moon tried to push it in the other direction, but then she saw how close it was and she panicked.

Finally, it engulfed her and the blast sent her straight to the Moon which left an imprint there. Twilight returned to her current surroundings in Ponyville and looked around to see her friends staring weirdly at her. She asked why everyone was looking at her like that, and Applejack said that Twilight was mumbling to herself. Pinkie also mentioned that there was the uncontrollable sobbing and Fluttershy said they were really worried for Twilight. Discord said he found it all delightful and told her that she should really consider taking it on the road. Rainbow asked Twilight if she knew who's rope to kick and where to find them, but Twilight told her that she saw a historical event from a long time ago and it didn't explain what was happening now. Zecora said that Twilight should try going further back and drinking the potion again would maybe give her that answer.

Spike asked if Twilight was sure about this, and she went ahead and drank the potion after she received no answer from her friends. Discord appeared in a movie outfit and had a film camera going to see if she would break out into a song. Unfortunately for him though, Twilight would go back to see Discord get turned to stone for the first time, so it was kind of ironic. Twilight appeared in a different setting, but this one was all too familiar for her. Except instead of stampedes of bunnies and chocolate rain falling from cotton candy clouds, it was fish flying around and a bunch of hanging houses in the air. Twilight turned around and saw Celestia and Luna walk up to a giant hill where Discord's throne was. Discord turned around and said how much fun this was. He suggested that they all play pin the tail on the pony and held Celestia's tail in his hands.

Celestia looked behind her and saw that her tail was missing, which made her gasp in horror. She went up to Discord and told him that playtime was over. Discord didn't think so and ate a bunch of seeds. He offered some to Celestia and Luna, but they wore glares on their faces, so that told him they didn't care and they meant business. He gave up and continued to eat them. Celestia and Luna pulled out the Elements of Harmony from their bags and Discord was interested. He asked them what they had and Celestia told him that it was the Elements of Harmony. Luna said that with these, they shall defeat him and Twilight told herself this was probably the time they turned him to stone. Discord thought that was the stupidest thing he ever heard and started to laugh. He mocked them for being so serious and so sure of themselves, but neither of them cared. They put their horns together and out came the rainbow. It went high up in the air before coming back down on Discord and blasting him to stone.

The scenery changed once again and Twilight noticed a large tree in what appeared to be a cave. She noticed Celestia and Luna walking to it and she followed them up to it. Luna expressed the Tree of Harmony and Twilight was confused about that. She saw Celestia and Luna's cutie marks on the tree, but then she noticed her own at the center of it. Luna asked if Celestia was sure this was the place and Celestia said that they found the only means to defeat Discord and free their citizens from his tyranny. Celestia mentioned that even without these Elements, it will possess a powerful magic and as long as that remains, it will continue to contain and control all that grows here. Twilight returned to her surroundings and Spike asked her if she found anything. She told the group that she still has no idea what happened to Celestia and Luna, but she might have an idea on why the Everfree Forest was invading.

She told them that something happened to the Tree of Harmony and all of them seemed confused on that. Twilight then explained that was where Celestia and Luna found the Elements of Harmony and believed that it was in danger. Applejack then rallied them together and asked Twilight where it was. Twilight said she thinks it's in the Everfree Forest and all of them were nervous at going in there. Discord got excited and said he was gonna have to need more popcorn. The next morning, ponies were trying to take in the damage that both the MUTO and Godzilla had caused overnight. Massimo took the kid separated from his parents and went over to one of the tents set up in the city. He told the ponies standing there that the boy had been separated from his parents and they told him to fill out the form and they'll get to him in a minute. The boy wandered off and when Massimo was attempting to fill out this paperwork, he noticed the boy disappear and began looking for him.

He put the clipboard back down and looked around to find him. He then saw the boy get reunited with his parents and Massimo had a small smile on his face. He saw military soldiers moving past him and he went over to one of them. He told the Sergeant that he was Lieutenant Massimo Incontro from the Equestrian Navy and said that he needed help getting to the mainland. The Sergeant told him that it was his lucky day and that everyone that wasn't tied down was moving east. Massimo was confused and asked if that was where they were headed. The Sergeant told him that was the case and he guessed that they were monster hunters now. Out in southwestern Equestria, where the South Luna Ocean was, a bunch of aircraft carriers and helicopters were following Godzilla through the ocean and moving along with him. On ENS Luna, one the tech ponies on board told Admiral Zaccaria that the satellite transfer was complete, the simulations were uploaded, and the satellite tracking continues.

They also said that the last satellite tracks predicted the MUTO continuing southwest and all of the models have the targets converging on the Lunar Coast. They said that as of now, Godzilla is still following the MUTO. Saratoga came in and told them that Godzilla is hunting right now. The Admiral ordered to have all vessels maintain current distance from the target and plot the speed and heading of these things. He said that he wanted to know when and where they're gonna make landfall and the Captain did as he was told. The Admiral asked Saratoga what he meant by hunting and asked if he thought Godzilla was chasing the MUTO. Ink asked if the MUTO was Godzilla's prey, it somehow showed a call and it made no sense if it called up a predator. Saratoga said that he didn't think so and that Godzilla was only listening to the call. He believed the MUTO was calling something else and then he realized what was going on. He connected the pieces and he knew that it would explain the pattern.

He said to focus the search on southwestern Equestria and Captain Giacomo asked why he wanted this creature would want to go to southwestern Equestria. Ink said that couldn't be the case and it was impossible. The Admiral asked what was impossible and Ink said there was another spore in tact. She said it was found in the Undiscovered West mine, but she told Saratoga that they vivisected it and ran every test on it for years. She said that Saratoga even confirmed it himself that this thing was dormant, but Saratoga said he doesn't think so anymore. The Captain asked where the spore was and Ink said it was highly radioactive and it was disposed of and the Equestrians took it. The Admiral then asked Saratoga where this spore was and Saratoga told him where you put all your nuclear waste. In the San Palomino Desert, a bunch of trucks with military personnel raced towards the area where all Equestrian nuclear waste was kept.

They arrived at the base and the guards opened the gates so the vehicles could get inside. The trucks came to a stop and all the military personnel got out. They all went to check every vault and none of them saw anything. One of them went to a vault and saw a bright light through it. He told the other soldiers that he found something and they opened the vault door. They looked outside and noticed a giant hole that tore right through the mountain. One of them got out their binoculars and saw the MUTO headed right for Las Pegasus. Life was pretty well in Las Pegasus and ponies were enjoying themselves in the casinos. Yet, they failed to notice that there was breaking news of the MUTO rampaging through the city. Suddenly, the power went out and everypony groaned. But that soon turned into screaming as part of the building collapsed and the MUTO was walking right past them. A bunch of firefighters knocked on the door and asked if anyone was in there. After receiving no answer, they opened the door and went through the hallway.

Then, they saw a giant hole to the right of them and they saw the amount of damage done by this much larger MUTO in Las Pegasus. In the North Celestial Sea, one of the soldiers on ENS Luna told Admiral Zaccaria that the UAVS have footage of this new MUTO. The Admiral gave the approval to show it and Saratoga turned around to see this thing. The tech pony said this was from five minutes ago and everypony on board was in shock. Ink said that this thing is almost three hundred feet and it's far bigger than the other one. The Admiral said this one doesn't have any wings and Ink suggested it might have been a different sex. Saratoga looked at it and said it was a female. Ink said that must have been who he's been talking to and Saratoga said that it must have been a mating call.

He explained that the female remained dormant until the male matured and Ink said they are now seeking radiation so they can reproduce. They all met in a meeting room and one of the soldiers said that the current tracking models indicate all three targets are headed for the same place: Horseshoe Bay which was the water source separating Baltimare and Hayseed Swamp. It was basically right next to the city of Baltimare. He then said that if they rig a nuclear warhead with a shielded timer, put it on a boat and send it twenty miles out, the radiation would lure the MUTOs and the MUTO's would lure Godzilla. The Captain said that they would detonate with minimal fallout risk to the city. Ink told him that these things feed off of radiation, but the Captain said that's why they would use the bomb as bait. Then it was declared that after that, they will kill them with the sheer force of the blast.

Ink couldn't believe what she was hearing and told them they were all nuts. She did have a point though. You can't kill these creatures with radiation. They feed off of it. If you blast them with it, it's only going to strengthen them, not kill them. They all have the survival skills of a cockroach when it comes to nuclear blasts. The Admiral told Saratoga that if he had any other ideas, he was all ears. Saratoga addressed the Admiral and told him that Gojira may be the answer. He said that he believed that Godzilla was here to restore balance and can defeat them, but the Admiral disagreed with that. He said he simply couldn't take that risk and ordered the soldiers to prepare the warheads and get them moving to the coast. All of them left and Ink just scoffed at him in disbelief. The Admiral told Saratoga that he did know that he disagreed with them, but his first priority was to safeguard the citizens of Equestria.

Saratoga presented a watch to the Admiral and he took a look at it. The Admiral said that the watch stopped and Saratoga told him that was the case. He said that it stopped at 8:15 in the morning, August 6th, 1945. The Admiral recognized that as Gorge and Saratoga said that it was his father's. He took the watch back and walked out of the room. Up in the skies, a giant military plane was flying and the Sergeant told everypony on board that they were going to a new destination from new orders given to him and ordered them all to gear up. Missimo asked the Sergeant what the word was and the Sergeant told him another one of those MUTOs popped up in Las Pegasus. In Appleloosa, there were a bunch of military personnel all over the place and trucks were driving in and out of the city. One of the trucks came to a stop and a whole bunch of military soldiers got out. They were told that they were well in range of this EMP attack, so from now on, it's on the ground or not at all.

Massimo hopped out of the truck and saw how heavily guarded this area was. He even saw a cargo train going by with a bunch of soldiers standing on the train cars. He then heard somepony yell that the train and all of the weapons were headed right for Baltimare and that anypony who was not part of this mission had to disembark now. Massimo knew he had to get on that train and he had to do so quickly. So, he went inside and tried talking the Sergeant into letting him go, but the Sergeant refused to do so. He told him that this was a high risk mission and that train out there is a national asset, not the Friendship Express. He then went over to some of his guys and made sure things were good to go. However, Massimo wouldn't give up that easily. He told the Sergeant that from the look of the casings on the minuteman ICBMs, he guessed that the digital module has been bypassed and it's being prepped for full analog retrofit.

The Sergeant asked rhetorically if his jaw was supposed to drop and told Massimo that he gets it. He was EOD, but he already had his crew and they knew what they were doing. Massimo looked right at the Sergeant and asked him when was the last time of his guys put their hooves in a live bomb. He then said that this is what he does and this was his job. The Sergeant began to walk away, but Massimo pleaded with him that his family was in the city and he needed to get on that train. In Baltimare, his son was sitting in the hospital lobby watching the news that said that Equestria was under attack. The pony who worked at the front desk told him that his mother would be right back. She picked up the phone and asked who this was. After hearing who it was, she told them to hold on for one second and informed Sienna that it was for her. Sienna told her to wait a minute, but the desk pony informed her that it was her husband on the phone. Sienna went over to the phone and picked it up.

When she heard his voice, she was overjoyed to hear it. Massimo asked how if she and their son was okay and Sienna told him that she's been trying to contact him forever and she had their son here with her at the hospital. Massimo attempted to tell his wife that he was going to get them both, but his wife interrupted him and asked if he was alright. He told his wife not to worry and that he was going to be at the hospital by sunrise to get them both of Baltimare. He said that the military has a plan and told her that he was coming to get them both. His wife asked him to hurry and he said that he will. He then told his wife that he loves her and she told him that she loves him and asked him to stay safe. He said that he'll see her soon and he hung up the phone. He ran outside and hopped on the train before it left. In rural Equestria, the MUTO's were leaving a bunch of destruction in their paths and there was a lot of chaos going on.

Back on ENS Luna, the Admiral was on the phone and told the pony on the other line that the warheads were on the way. He gave the nod of approval to the Captain and the Captain ordered that he wanted an exact location of where these creatures were at. One of the tech ponies informed him that they are updating the models with the current tracking data right now. Saratoga stepped out and called the Admiral's name. Admiral Zaccaria looked at him and asked what Saratoga wanted. Saratoga pleaded with him not to do this, but the Admiral was insistent on this. He said that while he does understand his concerns, he is sacrificing lives every minute just trying to steer one of these things clear of population centers and now there are two more of them on the way. He said that there are millions of lives at risk and the only thing he wanted to know from Saratoga is will this plan work and can the creatures be killed.

Saratoga told them that they already tried this before, but the Captain told him this was megatons, not kilotons. He said that nothing can withstand that blast and it makes the bomb they tried to kill it with in 1954 look like a firecracker. Out near Foal Mountain, it was pitch black outside and a steam powered train was going over the bridge. Destruction was already made here and Massimo told the Sergeant to give him a hoof here. The Sergeant told Massimo that he thought all of these detoniate with remote control and Massimo explained that the MUTO's knock out everything electric, which included detonators. He said that the thing was that you couldn't even get in range without these things going haywire., but this thing was old school, clockwork. Both of them saw an explosion at the top of the mountain and the train suddenly came to a halt on the tracks.

One of the soldiers told the Sergeant to get the radio out and they all hopped off towards the tunnel. The Sargeant tried communicating on the radio to see if the bridge was clear, but he got was a bunch of quiet shouting on the other end. All of them then heard a loud noise and began to worry when they heard that. Some of them went searching through the tunnel to see if there was anything, but there wasn't really anything in there. Two soldiers down below looked around and then had to duck when a large tank that was on fire appeared in front of them. Massimo didn't see anything on the bridge and told the Sergeant that things looked fine. The Sergeant got on the radio and said that the tracks were clear and they were all good to go. Everypony hopped back on the cargo train and it began to move once again. Both the Sergeant and Massimo saw one of the MUTOs right there and they laid down down the tracks so they couldn't be seen.

The MUTO got closer to the bridge, but it then went underneath it to see if there was anyone around. Both of them were trying to stay quiet, but it was very hard to since there was a giant MUTO right underneath them. Anyway, the MUTO went up to the tracks and examined it to see if anything was there. After a few seconds, the MUTO came out on the other side and made a bunch of loud noises. The MUTO was about to eat them, but after hearing the train horn, it roared in anger and headed towards the direction of the train. As it was moving, both of them saw the amount of eggs it was carrying, which suggested that they ran into the female. They watched it disappear, but after a few seconds, they saw a burning train headed right for them. They began to run away, but with a bunch of heavy equipment on, it slowed them down. Eventually, the female MUTO came back and destroyed the bridge just by walking through it. Both of them fell and Massimo landed in the water.

All of the train cars headed into the water as well and the female MUTO was feasting on it. On the oceanfront, one of the soldiers ordered for the collision alarm since Godzilla was going underwater. He was back on the move. Admiral Zaccaria was looking at the map when he saw pencils move to the other side of the table very quickly. One of the tech ponies informed him that they were losing visuals on Godzilla and that he was diving. They explained that he was changing course and moving quickly at 33 knots and climbing which meant Godzilla would outrun them all. Back in Ponyville, the Mane Six went to the entrance of the Everfree Forest and stared at it. Rarity said that it seemed like it was only yesterday that they were heading into the woods to find the Elements of Harmony and Twilight said that it seemed like only yesterday that she was foolish enough to think she should go after it on her own. She told the group that she had no idea what they were going to face in there, but whatever it was, they would face it together. The rest of them agreed and headed further into the forest.

They came up to a swamp and Twilight told the group that they could use those stepping stones to cross. Only, she didn't know it was the scales to a gator. She hopped on there, but was struggling to maintain her balance. Eventually, the gator woke up and flung Twilight across the swamp. The Cragadile roared at them all and proceeded to move in on them. Rarity told the group to run for their lives and they spread out. Twilight was cornered and couldn't get out. The Cragadile moved in on her and she tried flying out of there, but had no success. The gator opened his mouth to devour Twilight, but before he could do so, he got dragged to the ground and pulled away from Twilight. She saw her friends trying to pull the gator away and she went to help them. All of them used more ropes to contain the gator and after a few seconds, the gator couldn't move anymore. Twilight said that was close and Applejack told her that was a little too close. Applejack asked her if she was alright and Twilight said she was fine, but she couldn't get these wings to work when she wanted them to.

Rainbow told her that she'll figure it out eventually, but Twilight said that eventually wasn't soon enough. Applejack said that she did have a lot of trouble with those things and they had no idea what else they may encounter. Then, she suggested the crazy idea of where they would look for the Elements of Harmony and send Twilight back to Ponyville. Twilight thought that was absolutely ridiculous and demanded an explanation. Applejack said that for starters, Twilight was almost eaten by a Cragadile. Twilight argued that it went after all of them, not just her. Applejack countered that by saying that the rest of them weren't princesses. Twilight had no idea what Applejack was getting at and asked her what point she was trying to make. Applejack said that both Princess Celestia and Luna are gone and if something were to happen to Twilight, she didn't think Equestria could risk losing another princess.

Even though it sounded completely out there in left field, she did have a good point. Equestria was already missing both of its rulers and there are currently princesses left, one of which is ruling the Crystal Empire now. Plus, there are two MUTOs out on the loose attacking the country and making the Equestrian military look like an embarrassment while also trying to figure out where Godzilla's point of direction is. So, there is a lot going on, and from Applejack's perspective, something happening to Twilight would ultimately cause the country to collapse which would not be good. Rarity said that Applejack did have a valid point because even if they did manage to save the Tree of Harmony, it doesn't mean that both rulers would be able to return, so that meant that Twilight would have to lead the country in their absence. Twilight said that she was the only one that has seen the Tree of Harmony and knows what it looks like, but Rainbow described it perfectly and told her that they should be able to find it.

Twilight now had tears in her eyes and asked if all of them felt like she shouldn't be here. Fluttershy said that it was probably for the best and Twilight just took off in sadness. Back in Ponyville, Discord was sitting on a vine, using Gummy as a nail scraper and basically held two ponies captive in the vines. Twilight told him to knock it off and he made the vines disappear out of fear of embarrassment. Both of them ran off and Discord had to say your welcome because he didn't get a thank you from them. He turned to Twilight and asked rhetorically if Twilight had no luck finding her tree. Twilight said that they ran into some trouble and her friends decided that it would be a good idea for her to return to Ponyville while they continued the search. She said that Equestria will need her if Celestia and Luna don't return. Discord smiled at this revelation and he decided to mess with Twilight's emotions a little bit.

He said that he couldn't believe that she agreed to their plan and never thought that she thought she was better than everypony else. Twilight argued that she didn't, but Discord disagreed with that. Discord played the victim and apologized for assuming that she would think that. He said that all she did was keep her "precious princess-self" out of harm's way while her friends thrusted themselves right into it. He said that he was sure that all of them would be the best of pals again when they return from their terrifying and deeply bonding experience that they were having without her. Obviously, Discord was saying this with sarcasm, so it was quite clear he didn't seem to care and was just trying to get under Twilight's skin by playing with her emotions. At that point, Twilight realized what was going on and ran back to the Everfree Forest. She didn't care if Celestia or Luna were gone. She didn't care if the country was in crisis right now. She didn't care that there were two large MUTO's attacking the country or Godzilla swimming through oceans to chase his prey. What mattered to her right now was her friends and finding the Tree of Harmony so that the country can be turned around.

She told herself that she never should have agreed to come back here, but Spike told her that Discord might be reformed, but not that reformed. He said that Discord was only trying to get under her skin and Twilight said that it was working somehow. Both of them went into the Everfree Forest and Discord just waved them goodbye with a grin on his face. Back near Foal Mountain, all was quiet and there was quite a bit of destruction out near the river. Massimo was covered in dirt and coughed some of it out. He saw a helicopter coming over to where he was and turned around to see where it was going. He saw a bunch of military ponies get out and walked over to them. They all noticed him walking and they brought him along with them. In the hospital in Baltimare, patients were already getting taken out of the building and Sienna was confused on that. She asked one of the soldiers where they were taking them all and the soldier told her that they were being taken across the bridge.

The desk pony, who also happened to be her work friend, told her that the shelters were gonna fill up fast and that they were gonna be much safer outside of the city. She offered to take Sienna's son with her, but Sienna refused. She said that her husband was on his way, but her friend told her to change her mind because the bus leaves in ten minutes. Sienna started to get worried and told herself silently for her husband to hurry. Outside, the evacuation efforts had already begun, but everypony looked up in the sky when they saw a bunch of helicopters carrying a giant nuclear bomb. Massimo asked one of the soldiers where they were taking the bomb and they informed him they were taking it 20 miles offshore. He explained that they would use that to lure the MUTOs which in turn would lure Godzilla as well. It would effectively kill two birds with one stone.

The helicopter lowered the bomb onto the aircraft carrier and they placed it down securely on the ship. Inside the city, ponies were already beginning to head out. Trucks and buses were moving, and the Baltimare police cars were leading the evacuation efforts. Sienna held her son close to her and then she decided last minute to have her son go off with her work friend. She told her son that he would go off with her work friend and that his father will be here soon and she'll come pick him up later on. She kissed him on the forehead one last time and he went up to the front seat. Her friend told her that she would take good care of her son and told him to say bye to his mother. He did so and the bus began moving once again. On the other side of the Bay, they already had a military operation set up just outside of Hayseed Swamp. Massimo was tended to and the EMT asked him if he lost consciousness. Massimo said he was fine and the EMT did his work. Admiral Zaccaria went inside the base set up there and asked for the location of the targets.

One of the tech ponies said that the male MUTO was spotted 30 miles off of the Faraton Islands and another one said that they're showing seismic activity to the east near Livermare and the female should be closing in. The Admiral asked where Godzilla was and one of them told him that the last contact was five hours ago. Gojira was maintaining a bearing of 0.53 degrees and descending below a depth of 10,000 feet which meant he would be here within the hour. The Admiral looked at the news on the TV and saw that the ponies were still on that bridge trying to get out of there. On the Golden Horseshoe Bridge, traffic was at a complete stop and the police officers yelled through the rain to get these buses through here. One of the police officers told the bus in front of him to move, but the driver couldn't hear him because the kids were so loud. He told them to be quiet and they all turned their attention to the window when they saw a giant tank go through.

The tanks moved over to the right side of the bridge and waited for the command to take action. On the bus, the kids were making a bunch of noises before they heard a really loud noise from the ocean. Everything went silent and even the bus driver took a look outside to see what was going on. Giorgio, Massimo and Sienna's son, looked outside the window and waited for something to happen. A bird suddenly hit the bus and smashed part of the window which caused the children to scream in shock. They calmed down and saw an entire flock of birds migrating away from the water and headed west towards the inland part of the country. Somepony yelled to look on the portside because something was approaching in two hundred meters and they went to take a look. They saw giant scales moving towards them and somepony yelled to brace for impact. It suddenly stopped and they were confused.

Then, they saw Godzilla's tail being raised in the air and they were scared to death. The creature went through the ships and started tilting them which caused them to be even more scared. So, they decided to fire at him, but the sparks went in the wrong direction and flew over the bridge. Everypony ducked for cover and the bus driver slammed on the gas pedal and started moving. He had to weave in between police officers and military soldiers just so he could get out of there, but one of the sparks hit the bridge and caused part of it to fall down right on the road. So, the bus driver slammed on the brakes and stopped the vehicle. One of the soldiers told the ones down below on the radio that there were civilians on the bridge and they needed to hold their fire, but a large set of scales stopped that from happening. Godzilla rose up on the bridge and the kids watched in confusion. The Kaiju was ticked off and he was about to show these ponies who the real King was. He roared at them and proceeded to pick apart the bridge with relative ease.

They continued to shoot at him and he roared in pain. The children on the bus were terrified of him and the bus driver decided to make a run for it. So he slammed down on the gas pedal and took off. The children continued to scream as it looked like a giant alien monster was attacking this world and wanted to destroy it, even though Godzilla was only here to protect it. But, of course, they are children, so they wouldn't understand that right now. Anyway, Godzilla continued to roar in pain with the bullets getting shot at him and that's when he decided that was enough. He went through the bridge and tore it in half by his sheer body mass and weight. The bus made it to the other side and the military continued to fire at Godzilla. A bunch of Equestrian warships were surrounding Godzilla and he roared at them to let them know how he felt about this. On one of the ships, the military personnel went over to activate the bomb and they turned the keys which started the timer.

They all heard a loud noise and then saw a shockwave go off. The driver noticed that the boat wouldn't move anymore and told the crew that they lost power since the engine stopped working. Inside the city, all of the lights went off and every single piece of equipment was rendered useless. Sienna saw a pilot coming down on a parachute, but then she heard a loud explosion from behind her. It was a fighter jet that crashed into one of the skyscrapers in the city. Everypony screamed in terror and backed away from the falling debris. Out in the bay, more of them kept crashing in the ocean since the engines weren't running due to the lack of power. One of them crashed right in front of the bomb ship and the soldiers had to duck for cover. They all asked if they were okay and they heard a loud roar from above. The male MUTO was flying down towards the water as fast as possible and they all shot at it. It disappeared in the water and the ponies on land were confused for a second.

But then, they screamed in terror as they saw the male MUTO reemerge from the water and cross over onto land. It had the ship in its mouth and it dropped it so it could get the bomb. It grabbed it with its mouth and flew off to find the female one. It flew down in front of the female and they did their mating calls. The male handed the bomb off to the female and took off to the skies to find Godzilla. Back on the base outside Hayseed Swamp, Massimo asked one of the FEMA ponies if his wife and son made it out okay. They told him that his son made it out safely, but they had no record of his wife leaving the city. Massimo told them to check again and said that he told his wife to wait for him, but he didn't make it. They told him that they are trying to get everyone downtown in subway shelters and assured him that his wife was probably fine. One of the soldiers called out for Lieutenant Incontro and asked Massimo if that was him. Massimo said that he was the lieutenant and he followed the soldier to the military base.

Captain Giacomo informed the group that the male MUTO delivered the warhead to the female in the center of downtown which would put 100,000 civilians in the blast radius and they couldn't stop it remotely. The other captain at the table said that there has been an analog timer installed on the warhead and with the MUTO's frying electronics within a five mile radius, it meant that approaching from the ground was not an option. That was why they'll be conducting a halo insertion which was where they would jump from 30,000 feet and then skate to the top and drop. He informed them that if they didn't hit a skyscraper on the way in, then they should meet at Rally Point Saddle. One of them asked Saratoga if he had any idea on where to look and Saratoga told him to look underground. He said that if the MUTOs have spawned, then they would be building a nest there.

Admiral Zaccaria asked the captain at the end of the table how long it would take to disarm the warhead once they found it. The captain said that without seeing the analog mod, he couldn't guess. Massimo said that he only needed sixty seconds if he could access it because he retrofitted the device himself. Captain Giacomo informed the group that Lieutenant Massimo was the only EOD tech to survive the train attack and the captain at the end of the table said that they could use someone like him. One of them asked if that didn't work, what would plan B be and the captain said that the waterfront is located one klick downhill, which meant they had to get the bomb to the pier, put it on a boat, and send it as far away from the city before it detonates. Captain Giacomo asked the group if there was any questions and when there was silence, he dismissed them all. He told Massimo to hold on for a second and told him that the group has already been briefed. There was no extraction plan and he said that if he didn't walk out, then he didn't come back at all.

Massimo told the captain that he'll do whatever it takes and he walked out. The Admiral went outside and asked Saratoga if he believed that Godzilla had a chance to defeat the MUTOs. Saratoga told the admiral that the arrogance of ponykind thinks that nature is in their control and not the other way around. Then he said to him: Let them fight. Inside of the office buildings, a pony saw something strange in the sky and they took a look to see what it was. They heard a loud roar and ducked for cover when the male MUTO came flying past them. It landed on one of the skyscrapers and roared with anger. The ponies down below started running away, but then they stopped when they saw Godzilla emerge from the water. With nowhere else to go, they ran into the subway shelters and closed the doors just in time as Godzilla collided with the male MUTO.

Back in the Everfree Forest, the rest of the Mane Six were trying to figure out where this Tree of Harmony was, but they were having no luck. Rainbow asked the group if they thought this was maybe a lost cause and mentioned that they were almost at Celestia and Luna's old castle. She said that whatever Twilight saw in that vision wasn't real and that there was no Tree of Harmony, but Applejack suggested it could have been down below in the abyss. Rainbow told herself that couldn't be it and Rarity asked how the heck they were supposed to get down there. Pinkie tumbled down there and told them all to just take the stairs. Spike asked Twilight if they were there yet, and Twilight said that she had no idea and that they were lost. Now she felt guilty and said that she never should have left her friends. Spike told her they couldn't just give up and suggested that if he could get up to the top of that tree, he could spot her friends. He went to the end of the tree branch and pulled the leaves back.

He saw them heading down towards the cave and went over to tell Twilight what he found. However, he noticed that she got surrounded by plundervines and it sprayed chemicals on her to make her fall asleep. Spike gasped and ran to get help. Down in the cave, they saw the Tree of Harmony, but it was in a coma like state. It dripped out chemicals and it was covered in plundervines. Fluttershy said that she believed it was dying and Applejack told them to save it already. She tried pulling one of them off, but it wouldn't budge and she fell backwards onto the ground. Rainbow went in to kick it, but the plundervine slapped her and sent her tumbling to the ground. Rarity said that they both gave valiant efforts, but the tree remained in jeopardy. Applejack was annoyed at that and asked Rarity if she had any better ideas. After she got no response, she said that was what she thought. Fluttershy said she had an idea, but they all sent her home.

Applejack and Rainbow started arguing with each other and pointed the finger at the other. Rainbow told Applejack that it was the farm pony's idea and Applejack fired back with saying that all of them agreed to it because they were trying to protect her. They heard Spike tumble down the stairs and they rushed over to him. He only said three words: Twilight, trouble, help and then passed out. At this point, Twilight was barely breathing and the plundervines were closing in on her. They hissed at her, but then got wrapped up by a rope. Applejack sat it out and told them all that if they messed with one of them, they messed with all of them. They hissed at them again and Rainbow taunted them before tying them together with her speed. Pinkie had the plundervines chase her and Rarity did the same while Fluttershy flew around one of the trees and Applejack ducked under all of them. Eventually, they all got stuck in a knot and couldn't get out.

Pinkie threw some confetti and one of the vines hissed at her. But before it could do anything, Twilight zapped it with her magic and the head got destroyed as a result of it. Twilight got up and Applejack said that she was glad Twilight came looking for them. Twilight said that she was more glad about them finding her and Rarity told her that they were simply lost without her. Rainbow said that Equestria may need its princess, but Fluttershy said they needed her as their friend. Back in Baltimare, a large military plane was flying 30,000 feet in the sky and all of the soldiers were waiting to be deployed from the sky. One of them said a prayer and Massimo pulled out a photo of him, his wife, and his son. He knew what he had to do and he would do whatever it takes to get them back. The alarm went off and all of them put their gas mask on as the cargo door opened.

They all walked to the door and put on their protective eyewear. After a few seconds, all of them ran out and jumped down from the sky. Massimo looked around him as he was descending from the sky and saw that a storm was moving on the city of Baltimare. As he approached the ground, he saw Godzilla still fighting the male MUTO and narrowly dodged the attacks made by the two creatures. He heard the other voices and ran over to meet his group. One of them said that he saw team one move towards the east and that two of their team members didn't make it. He heard bits and pieces on the radio and the snipers on the rooftop are moving into their positions. Another one pulled out the radar and said they were picking up the location of the nuke. One of them asked where it was and he said it was one klick up the hill. The leader of the group announced that they found the nuke and told them to move up the hill.

They made it up to the top of the hill and hid behind of the abandoned vehicles left on the road. They peeked through the broken window and saw the female MUTO standing right there. Then, they heard another noise and turned around to see Godzilla. Godzilla didn't see the male flying around, so he proceeded to go after the female since its the one that reproduces. He bent his head down and let out an ear shattering roar. It was so loud that it caused the Earth to shake a little bit and had an entire line of red spheres break in half. The female MUTO roared at Godzilla in anger and proceeded to run towards him. The soldiers were on the move again and Massimo noticed the two creatures go at it with one another. The group was able to find the nuke and moved in to grab it. Massimo instantly recognized this as a nest and became worried. This was the exact same formation as that photo Saratoga showed him back on ENS Luna. The group found they only had twenty seven mikes left and they said they had to get this thing out of here.

Outside, Godzilla was pushing the female MUTO away from the nest and the female tried to fight back. It used its claws to stop getting dragged in the backwards direction, but Godzilla was so heavy, he was able to push the MUTO with relative ease. Godzilla pushed it down and stepped on it with his massive foot. The MUTO cried for help and before Godzilla could destroy it, the male MUTO came flying in and dragged Godzilla out of the way so the female could escape. Godzilla tried fighting off the male, but when the female came over to attack him as well, it became very difficult for him to fend them off. Every time he tried to attack one of them, the other one would deliver blows to his scales and he roared in pain. The military group was able to get the warhead out and set it on the ground to disarm it. Unfortunately, they couldn't get it open and they all decided they didn't have enough time and agreed to send it off on a boat. They all picked it up and carried it out.

Massimo was about to leave, but he had an idea. Even if they could get the missile away from destroying a city, that didn't mean that the nest would go away. So, if they were all gonna die, he was gonna take the nest out with him. The soldiers saw the MUTOs delivering blow after blow to Godzilla and simply watched the Kaiju groan in pain as these invasive species tried to kill him. So. Massimo burst open one of the pipes and it sent out sewage water. He got out of there and ran as fast as he could. There was suddenly a loud explosion and that alerted the female MUTO. It roared in horror and raced over to see what has become of its nest. Concerned for its mate, the male flew off and went to see what happened. The female arrived to its nest and saw all of the eggs destroyed. It groaned in mourning and Massimo tried to get away. The female saw Massimo sitting right there and that sorrow turned into anger.

The female was now furious as it knew who had destroyed its eggs and it wanted vengeance. Before it could do anything, there was a bright blue light and the female turned to look at it. Godzilla lit up his scales and turned to face the female MUTO. After a few seconds, he blasted his atomic breath at the female and it backed away from Godzilla's atomic breath. Godzilla tried destroying the female, but it appeared to have a very strong exoskeleton, so all it did was just push the female back a bit. The soldiers were amazed at what they saw and Massimo ran away. Before Godzilla could deal any more blows to the female MUTO, the male came flying in and attacked Godzilla once more. Godzilla roared at the male and proceeded to fight him again. The military soldiers ran towards the boat deck and got on the boat to try and start it. One of them used a lighter for the main power circuit, and after a few seconds, the lights turned on and the engine fired right up.

The female MUTO heard the noise and realized that they were the ones who took the nuclear warhead. It roared at them and ran towards the pier to try and stop them from getting away. The rest of them ran towards the boat and told them to get this bomb on here since the female MUTO was coming after it. They were able to secure the nuke, but the female closed in on them and they braced for impact. On the other side of the city, the male continued to attack Godzilla and spun him around. Godzilla roared in pain and spun it around in a circle before releasing it. Godzilla watched carefully as the male came circling back around and he had an idea. It was time for the kill shot. As the male closed in on him, Godzilla turned around and used his tail to slam the creature into the tall building. The male made a weak moan before it eventually died. Godzilla simply snorted and turned around to collect his breath.

He had one MUTO down, now he had to find the other one. He heard debris falling and he turned around to see what it was. One of the skyscrapers was collapsing and it fell on Godzilla which made him fall to the ground. He groaned in pain and Sienna was scared for her life when she saw him hit the ground. Massimo was running as fast as he could, but he had to stop to catch his breath. He saw Godzilla fall and the Kaiju simply stared at him as if he was making a final farewell before he died. He simply disappeared into the dust and Massimo sighed to himself. He heard gunfire from nearby and he saw that his fellow comrades were shooting at the female MUTO so it wouldn't steal the nuke from them. The female broke part of the boat, but it diverted its attention away from it when it received bullet shots to the face. It roared at the soldiers and it lowered its head on the pier to create a cutoff point so that no one could leave this port at all.

Massimo was trying to run as fast as he could, but he was struggling just trying to walk. He was able to get on one of the boats and saw the bomb right there. He tried to open the thing, but it was stuck. So, he ran over to the control center and powered up the GPS which in turn gave it power and the engine roared to life. The boat started to move a little bit and Massimo pushed the boat away from the dock. However, he couldn't get very far as the boat shut off and he was stuck. The female MUTO had taken notice that he was trying to escape and sent out an EMP attack so he couldn't get away. It looked at him as if it had finally circled him and devour its prey. It lowered its head at him and let out a low growl. He thought he was gonna die, so he pulled out his gun and aimed it at the creature. However, the creature stopped moving and let out a painful moan. It turns out, Godzilla had bitten into the MUTO's skin and it caused it to moan in pain.

The female tried to attack it, but Godzilla grabbed it with his hands and built up his atomic breath. The female tried scratching him, but he simply moved it out of the way and blasted his atomic breath right down the female's throat. It decapitated its head from the rest of the body and it was considered dead. Godzilla roared in victory and chucked the head into the ocean before heading back to the city. The boat had powered back up and it was on the move again. In fact, the entire city had the electricity back up and running. Now for Godzilla, he had to set Celestia and Luna free. He had heard about what happened to them, but before he could attend to that, he heard the call of the male MUTO, so he had to go after that first before taking care of the prior problem. The only problem was that Godzilla felt so weak, he couldn't really move anymore and he collapsed to the ground. Massimo also fell to the ground and slowly lost consciousness as he watched the King Of The Monsters do the same thing.

He went under the bridge and then saw a bright light. A helicopter had come down and had to air lift him out of the boat ASAP. Eventually, he lost all consciousness and passed out on the helicopter as the bomb exploded in a mushroom cloud. Back underneath the Castle of the Two Sisters, the Mane Six walked up to the dying Tree of Harmony and Twilight examined it. One of the plundervines grabbed her, and she blasted it away with her magic. She took a closer look at it and then remembered Celestia's words. At that moment, she knew what she had to do and she flew down to tell the group how to fix it. She told them that she believed they had to give the Tree the Elements of Harmony, but that wasn't received very well. Rainbow asked how they were supposed to protect Equestria and Rarity asked how they were supposed to rein Discord in if they couldn't use the Elements to turn him back to stone. Applejack told Twilight that the Elements of Harmony are what kept them connected no matter what.

Twilight looked at her and said that Applejack was right about one thing. The Elements of Harmony did bring them all together, but it wasn't what would keep them connected. It was their friendship and it was more important and more powerful than any magic. Twilight said that her new role in Equestria may bring some new responsibilities and their friendship may be tested, but it will never be broken. She asked them all if they were ready, and all of them said that they were. Twilight grabbed the artifacts with her magic and brought over to her. They circled around her and this alerted the plundervines. They charged at her and strangled her to death. Twilight was struggling, but she used her magic to put the artifacts back on the Tree. They all went back on the Tree and got there just in time before Twilight was completely covered in the vines. After a few seconds, it broke free of the vines and destroyed the rest of them from here to Ponyville. It also reset the time in the sky and fixed the placement of them. Discord was unhappy with that and expressed his disdain.

Twilight flew down and looked closely at the Tree. The final thing it did was set Celestia and Luna free. The both of them got out and walked towards the Mane Six. They were happy to see them and Twilight ran to hug both of them. Celestia said it must have been really hard to give up the Elements, but it took great courage to relinquish them. Twilight smiled and then saw something coming from the Tree. She went over to investigate and a bunch of colors went to the bottom of the Tree and sprouted a flower. Twilight touched it and it revealed a hexagon shaped chest. Twilight asked both of the princesses what was inside and how she was supposed to open it. Luna said there was six locks and six keys. Twilight looked at Celestia, and her former teacher told her that she doesn't know the answer to this, but she does know she won't be solving it alone. As all of them began to walk out, a helicopter landed right in front of them and one of the soldiers came out.

He addressed the rulers of Equestria and Celestia asked what was going on. He then informed them that Equestria has been under attack for the last few days by two large creatures called MUTOs and the entire navy had to track where they were headed and follow around Godzilla. He also mentioned that the Navy had to plan an entire military operation in order to get these things away from population centers and had to evacuate entire cities which the MUTOs had destroyed. He said that all of them had to come with him right now because Godzilla had finally killed these creatures in Baltimare and they were assessing the damage done during the fight. He mentioned that they had to get a nuclear bomb away from there and it exploded out in the middle of Horseshoe Bay. All of them got onto the helicopters and they were taken to Baltimare. They finally arrived and they were horrified at what they saw. This had been happening for all of this time and none of them had noticed.

Twilight looked around a bit and then she saw Godzilla lying on the ground. She got worried and flew over to him. She took a look at him and saw that his eyes were closed. She thought the worst had happened and she started crying on his head. All of this time, he was fighting these two large creatures without her and he appeared to be dead. The worst part about it is that she never got to say goodbye. She told him to open his eyes so that she could see them, but he did not respond. So, she just buried her head into Godzilla's once more and continued crying. She told him that he will always be the true King and she'll make sure Equestria will always remember his legacy. Saratoga saw her and he felt her grief for the supposed death of the King Of The Monsters. Meanwhile, Massimo had his son with him, but he couldn't seem to find his wife. They went into the stadium, but after Massimo thought he saw his wife, he got distressed. Back on the ground, firefighters were trying to get ponies out of there and getting them medical help.

Suddenly, Godzilla snorted out some smoke and opened his eyes. Twilight stopped crying for a moment and saw his amber eyes staring right back at her. She felt so happy and hugged him on the head. Godzilla felt satisfied and gave a small grin. Inside the stadium, Massimo was still waiting for his wife to arrive, but things were looking doubtful here. His son ran from him and watched him run towards his mother. They both hugged as they were reunited and Massimo smiled. When Sienna saw her husband standing right there, she broke the hug with her son and her husband came to kiss her. All of them were finally reunited as a family again and they turned towards the large screen TV to see Godzilla start walking again. Twilight got off of him and watched him move out of the city. In fact, all of Baltimare watched the King Of The Monsters as he headed for the bay and take off. Saratoga felt relieved and amazed that Godzilla was alive once again. Godzilla roared as fighter jets flew by and he went back into the water.

For the King of The Monsters, he slowly went back into the ocean and eventually disappeared from sight. The ponies of Baltimare were eventually able to rebuild the city and everything went back to normal. This was one heck of a ride for everypony and if you told someone all of this stuff would happen a week ago, they'd think you were nuts. But clearly, there are just some things that you just can't predict. Of course, if you were Massimo's father, then you could have predicted this ages ago. But for your average pony, they had no idea this was coming. Fortunately, they had a large Kaiju on their side and he set out to restore the balance. Even though he did leave a lot of destruction, it wasn't exactly on purpose. He was simply trying to get rid of these things, but they continued to resist, so it made it harder for him. Thankfully, he was able to defeat them and restore the balance in the world. The King Of The Monsters lives on!

Author's Note:

AN: I sincerely apologize for this chapter being so late, but there was so much to write in here. After having to go back and forward between the Season 4 premiere and Godzilla 2014, it took up a lot of time. You would think that a 2 hour movie wouldn't take this long, but when you have stop every two seconds to write things down, it takes way longer than the actual length of the movie. I know there is a lot of jumping around and tons of information thrown at you, but I went all out on this and put in a lot of effort. Hope you enjoyed the chapter!

Next Chapter: Power Suction! When the Mane Six travel to the Crystal Empire, Twilight feels like she has no proper role in Equestria. However, she'll have to face bigger problems than that. An ancient villain known as Lord Tirek has returned and has the power to drain Equestria's magic from its citizens. Godzilla gets alerted with this threat and immediately goes to find this creature. Will Godzilla be able to get Tirek to submit to the King Of The Monsters by force, or will he have to kill him if he refuses?

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