• Published 24th Jan 2022
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Godzilla: Equestria's King of Monsters - Microsoft_2016

A collection of chapters of the King Of The Monsters defeating fellow villains within the MLP series.

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Chapter 6: Order vs. Chaos

It was a partly sunny day in the land of Equestria and... never mind. I'm not doing this. Miss Cheerilee was out taking her students on a field trip to the statue gardens in Canterlot. The students looked at the different statues and Cheerilee explained what each of them meant. However, the Cutie Mark Crusaders were at each other's throats and fought amongst one another. Cheerilee told them to get over here and they quickly met up with her. Cheerilee presented the statue to the class and she asked them what exactly they noticed about it. The CMC's just blurted out different answers and Cheerilee told everypony that the creature was a Draconequus. The head of a pony and the body of various different creatures.

She then asked the class what they thought this creature represented and the CMC's just blurted out more answers while pushing and shoving each other. They argued amongst themselves and then fought one another by throwing hooves around. What they didn't know is that their fighting actually caused a circle to from. Cheerilee looked at the CMC's and told them they were all right in a way. They stopped and Cheerilee told her students that this creature was in fact Discord, which represented a lack of harmony between ponies. She mentioned to the CMC's that they demonstrated Discord so well that each of them had to write an essay explaining what it meant.

The rest of the class laughed at them and they held their heads in shame. Cheerilee told the class to move along and told the CMC's she didn't want to see anymore fighting. They still disagreed amongst one another, but there was something much bigger that they would have to deal with. Because of the fighting they did to one another, it caused the statue to crack and Discord gave an evil laugh as he was finally free once again. For far too long, he had been stuck in a stone prison for 2,000 years and now he has his chance to seek vengeance on those who've wronged him. It was time to rule Equestria once again in a state of eternal chaos.

Meanwhile, in Ponyville, Rainbow was flying around town when something zipped by her and made her spin around in dizziness. After a few seconds, Rainbow glared at the object and chased after it. She tried tackling it, but she got stuck in it and she was grossed out by it. It turns out that she got caught in a cotton candy cloud. She shook it off and took a taste test of it. She was confused at how it tasted like cotton candy and then a bunch of the clouds started flying all over the place. There was thunder that went off and Rainbow looked up to see a cloud right above her head. It let out a raindrop and Rainbow complained that it wasn't supposed to rain until tomorrow. However, the cloud didn't care and dumped chocolate milk rain on her anyway.

In Sweet Apple Acres, Applejack was harvesting corn and she saw Rainbow go by chasing that cotton candy cloud. It brought the entire storm with her and Applejack saw the rain coming down. She asked Rainbow why there was so much chocolate rain coming down from the sky and Rainbow told her that it was like this all over Equestria. She mentioned that Cloudsdale was having a Cola-Cola storm right now, but she wasn't going anywhere until she fixed up the mess in Ponyville first. She flew off and Applejack started getting pelleted by popcorn. All the rain caused the corn to turn into Popcorn and because there was an entire field of it, it spread like wildfire. Pinkie was jumping around and asked why anyone would want to get rid of this.

Rarity came over and told Applejack how she heard about the situation. She asked if there was anything she could do to help without getting wet, muddy, or having to leave the umbrella. Applejack didn't take her seriously and then, all the apples turned very large in size. Because they now had so much weight, it brought down the trees near the ground which almost caused it to snap. Then, a bunch of squirrels started eating the apples and Applejack yelled at Fluttershy for her to do something. Fluttershy tried to tell Angel that he knew better, but she got cut off as she watched Angel's legs get so long. She thought she was seeing things, but she watched as all these bunnies had really long legs and were running around like a human stampede through Walmart on Black Friday.

Twilight showed up with a book in her possession and she took a look around, She told everyone that she had learned a new spell and that it would fix everything. She lit up her horn and blasted magic in a forward direction. After a few seconds, nothing changed. She forgot the fact that she was dealing with Discord's magic which is very powerful. Regular Unicorn magic will not beat chaos magic in any way. It's simply too strong to take out. She was surprised that her "failsafe spell" failed. She asked Spike what they were supposed to do now and the best answer he would give was to give up. Twilight glared at him and Rarity came over to say that Twilight would come up with something.

Twilight tried thinking of something and she thought it would be a good idea to activate plan B. She looked at Rainbow and asked her if she could round up the clouds in the sky. Rainbow shook off the cotton candy and took off to the sky. She then looked at Applejack and told her to bring those clouds down to Earth with her rope. Applejack threw it up in the air and Rainbow backed away to allow Applejack to corral them. The rain suddenly stopped and Pinkie was very unhappy as she wanted to keep drinking that chocolate milk. Applejack brought the clouds down and Twilight whispered something to Fluttershy. Fluttershy's face lit up and she said something about how she hoped none of the animals see the clouds and they don't try to eat it.

That got the animals' attention and they rushed over to the clouds. Pinkie thought she was being serious, but she was just being sarcastic the entire time. Pinkie was still enjoying the clouds, but soon got shoved away by the animals and she let them know how she felt. Applejack mentioned after they were done with that, they can have popcorn for dessert. Twilight looked at Spike and told him that there was nothing that the group couldn't overcome as long as they did it together. Spike suddenly burped out a letter and it landed on the ground. The group looked confused for a second and then, Twilight picked up the letter to read it.

She gasped in shock and told everyone to head to Canterlot as Princess Celestia requested an audience from them. In Canterlot, Celestia was tracing back and forth. She couldn't believe what she was witnessing. She thought that Discord would have been sealed forever and would never wreck havoc on Equestria again. She saw how miserable ponies were under Discord's tyranny 2,000 years ago. She witnessed the torture and suffering from her subjects as Discord was on the throne letting chaos roam free. She could not let that happen again. Not this time. She had confidence that the Mane Six would be able to defeat Discord just like they defeated Nightmare Moon the year prior.

She knew that because of the banishment of Nightmare Moon, the stone spell cast on Discord would break and allow him to go free. But she also knew that once he did get out, his reign would not last very long as the group of six ponies would turn him back to stone. The castle doors suddenly opened and Celestia looked to see who it was. Lucky for her, it was the Mane Six answering her call for an emergency summons to the castle. She thanked the group for getting here so quickly and Twilight began asking a bunch of questions. Celestia held out a hoof to stop her and told them to follow her. They all went down a hallway and Celestia explained to the group that she called them here for a matter of importance.

She told them that someone she thought she defeated long ago had returned and stated that his name is Discord. Fluttershy stared at the stained glass window of him and she was instantly terrified of him. Celestia ignored that and told the group that Discord was the mischievous spirit of disharmony. She explained that before her and Luna stood up to him, he ruled with an iron fist over Equestria and demanded payments to him from ponies. She told them how miserable ponies were suffering under Discord's tyranny and that after she and Luna discovered the Elements of Harmony, the both of them confronted Discord and turned him to stone using their combined powers.

Rainbow was amazed at that, but Celestia wasn't done yet. She told the group that she thought the spell cast on him would last forever, but since both her and Luna are no longer connected to the Elements because of Nightmare Moon's banishment, it let Discord go free. Twilight was confused about that, but Celestia told them that this was Canterlot Tower where the Elements are kept because the Mane Six recovered them. She told them that they needed to use the Elements once again and stop Discord before he rules Equestria once more in a state of eternal chaos. Twilight asked why Celestia wanted them to do it, but Pinkie yelled out how they were famous.

Celestia told the group that they demonstrated the full power of the Elements of Harmony and used the magic of friendship to defeat Nightmare Moon. She said that even though her and Luna are no longer connected to the Elements, it is the Mane Six that now control their power and they must be the ones who defeat Discord. Twilight thought about it for a second and then told Celestia that they could count on them until Pinkie interrupted and said that eternal chaos meant chocolate rain. The rest of the group knew that small benefit wasn't worth the larger risks that come with the tyranny of Discord. Twilight went over to Celestia and told her not to listen to Pinkie. She told her teacher that they would be honored to use the Elements once more.

Celestia put her horn through the key hole and the door lit up. After a few seconds, it opened and everyone except Celestia had to shield their eyes because of how bright the blue light was. Rarity was amazed by how the case looked and told the group they could keep the Elements while she took possession of the case. Celestia told the group that they had no reason to worry and that she was confident that the group would be able to defeat Discord with the Elements. She opened the case, but they all saw that it was empty and Celestia dropped the box to the ground in shock. Everypony's jaws dropped in shock and Pinkie left, telling the group she was going to go drink chocolate milk with a very large straw.

Twilight exclaimed that the Elements were gone and Celestia paced back and forth. Something didn't add up. That chamber was heavily protected and can only be unlocked by a spell only she had knew. She said it made no sense and Discord gave an evil laugh. He said what fun there was in making sense and Celestia demanded that he showed himself. Discord laughed that off and asked her if she missed him. He said that he missed her and how lonely it was being in stone for 2,000 years. He told her that she wouldn't really know that since he doesn't turn ponies to stone. Celestia was having none of it and demanded that Discord tell her what he had done with the Elements.

Discord told her that he just borrowed them for a little while and he snapped his talons to make the Elements on the window disappear. Celestia told Discord that he would never get away with this and Discord retorted with how he had forgotten how grim she could be and how boring that was. Rainbow didn't like that and yelled at him that no one insults the princess. She charged right at the window, but Discord disappeared and Rainbow smacked right into it. Discord reappeared a few seconds later and told her that she must be Rainbow Dash and that she is famous for the Element of Loyalty. Rainbow reaffirmed that belief and told him that she would always be loyal to Celestia. Discord disappeared from the window and told her that we'll see about that.

Rarity commented how she couldn't believe that they were wasting their time talking to a moving object in a stained glass window. Discord appeared to her in the window she was standing next to and told her that she must have been Rarity, the pony who represents the Element of Generosity, Applejack came over and told Discord that he knows who they all are as if that's a big deal. Discord increased himself in size and told her that he knows much more than just who they are. Twilight told Discord that he seemed to know what their strengths were as well. Discord grinned and told her that she was Twilight Sparkle who possessed the most powerful Element of them all, magic. He also said that Fluttershy's was kindness and that Pinkie's was a personal favorite of his, laughter.

Twilight looked at Pinkie and saw her snickering. She called Pinkie out for it and laughed even harder. She thought it was funny how Discord was dancing on Twilight's head and even he had a grin on his face. Celestia told Discord to stop stalling and tell her what he had done with the Elements. Discord groaned and told Celestia how boring she was, but he said he would do it his way. He disappeared and moved around through various windows giving out a riddle talking about twists and turns that will lead you back to where you began. He returned to his spot on the stained glass window and it became solid once again. He gave out one last laugh before disappearing for good. Fluttershy asked if they could go home now and Applejack asked Twilight what Discord meant by twists and turns.

Twilight thought about it and then she saw the castle labyrinth outside. She figured that was where the Elements were hidden and Celestia wished them good luck and that the fate of Equestria lies in their hooves. They all took off running and Celestia heard Discord laughing in the background. They all made it to the castle labyrinth and Fluttershy asked if they had to go in there. Rainbow told her no and that Discord forgot that they had wings. She flew up to try and see a better view of the labyrinth, but her wings suddenly disappeared and she fell to the ground. She was horrified that they disappeared and Fluttershy's wings disappeared as well. Then, both Twilight and Rarity lost their horns as well. They freaked out in horror and they saw a light.

They watched the light expand and it revealed Discord in all of his glory. He gave an evil laugh and there was lightning and thunder that went off in the background. All of them were terrified and Discord poked fun at them. He told them that they should have seen the looks on their faces since it was priceless. Twilight told Discord to give them their wings and horns back, and Discord told her that they'll get them back in good time. He explained that he took them away to ensure there was no cheating in this game and that the first rule was no flying and no magic. Rainbow was confused by that and Discord said the second rule was that everypony had to play the game or it was over and he would win. He told them good luck and laughed before disappearing.

Twilight told the group that they had nothing to fear and that they had each other. Rainbow agreed and said that as long as they all stick together, there was nothing they couldn't overcome. The group all stood at the entrance and said the word together at the same time, but they suddenly had hedges separate them so they couldn't work together or try to leave. Twilight told the group to stay calm and meet in the center so they could regroup there. For some reason, Fluttershy didn't hear that and screamed in horror when they all took off. Applejack was running as fast as she could to get to the center, but something caught her attention.

There were three apples that were laying on the ground and after a few seconds, they started rolling away. Applejack was quite confused on that and chased after the apples. It eventually led her to some sort of orchard and she asked herself where the heck she was. She then felt an apple hit her head and looked up. Suddenly, a whole bunch of apples started falling from the trees and three different colors circled around her. She heard them laughing and asked them who they were. They told her that they were the keepers of the grove of truth and that she may ask them one question, in the past, present or future, and be warned that the result might not always be pleasant.

Applejack seemed skeptical and told them she didn't trust this place at all. She mentioned that she had a bad feeling about Discord and asked what would become of this mission. The apples led her to the pond and they told her to take a look. She looked inside the pond and saw her friends standing there. All of them threw insults at each other and then after Twilight said it was settled, all of them took off. Applejack was horrified at what she saw and Discord was chuckling to himself as Applejack had no idea that he was the one that was controlling them. Applejack denied that was the truth and apples told her that the truth can make your heart ache and that a lie can be easier to take. Discord used his hypnotizing spell on Applejack and she became corrupted because of it.

She turned gray and part of the labyrinth disappeared. Twilight appeared and saw Applejack standing there. She told her how happy she was to see her and how she thought she heard voices over here. She then asked Applejack who she was talking to, and Applejack said she was talking to nopony. But every time she would say something, she would dart her eyes around to make sure she wouldn't get into trouble with anyone. Twilight thought that was weird and Applejack told her to move along. Twilight thought to herself if Applejack had lied just now, but she scolded herself for even thinking that. She told herself that Applejack wouldn't lie at all.

On the other side of the labyrinth, Pinkie was bouncing up and down, but she noticed a bunch of balloons everywhere that was making laughter and had very creepy smiles on their faces. Pinkie ignored that and commented how nice it looked. She didn't pay attention and she fell to the ground, getting covered in mud. The balloons laughed at her and she asked them why they were doing that. Discord suddenly appeared and told Pinkie that he thought Pinkie appreciated a good laugh. Pinkie told Discord that this was different and that they were laughed at her. Discord mentioned how hard it must have been to be different and told her that her friends laugh at her all the time. Pinkie disagreed and said her friends laugh with her, not at her.

In the form of a balloon, Discord doubted that and began circling Pinkie as fast as he could while also laughing at her. Pinkie said to stop it and the balloons kept laughing at her. Some of the balloons changed into her friends and they laughed at her. Pinkie buried her head into the ground and told them to stop laughing at her. Discord came to Pinkie and mentioned in a taunting voice how he thought laughter made her happy. He used the same hypnotizing spell on her just like Applejack and then she turned gray and corrupted. Then, all the balloons popped and Twilight ran over to tell Pinkie how happy she was to see her. Pinkie got mad at that and asked in an angry voice if it was because Twilight needed a good laugh. Twilight was confused at that and asked Applejack what the heck was wrong with her. Applejack said she didn't notice anything strange about Pinkie and darted her eyes around before leaving.

Twilight thought that it was really weird and told herself to pick up the pace before the stress got to all of them. On another side of the labyrinth, Rarity was venting to herself how she was expecting an audience with Celestia, not doing outdoor sports. She smacked up against a wall and she found three small diamonds that matched her cutie mark. She stared into it and Discord laughed evilly as he showed his face inside the three small diamonds. Discord told Rarity that it was her lucky day and that she found the one thing that rivaled his face in sheer beauty. The diamonds shined again and Discord used his hypnotizing spell on her. Rarity shook her head and told herself to resist it. She tried moving away from it so that she could meet with the others, but after she took another peek at it, she simply couldn't resist the temptation and ran right back at it.

She was corrupted as well and turned gray. She began digging to get it and after a while, she got it. She told herself it might have taken forever, but it was definitely worth it and she was amazed how three small gemstones turned out to a large diamond. She fawned over it and said to herself to it was time to get her home. She lifted it up in the air and she struggled carrying it on her back. The rest of the rocks collapsed and Twilight, Applejack, and Pinkie were standing right there. Twilight was mentioning how she was glad to see Rarity, but stopped herself as soon as she saw what Rarity was carrying on her back. She asked why she was carrying a large boulder and Rarity scolded her for saying it. She told the rest of them that it was a diamond, despite the fact Discord turned it into a boulder when the wall collapsed.

She told Twilight to keep her envious eyes off of it and that she found it fair and square. She continued carrying it, but made a bunch of grunting noises since it was so heavy. Twilight watched as the rest of them left and knew something was wrong. They were clearly not acting like themselves and whenever Twilight tried talking to them, they would either giver her nasty remarks or deny they knew or saw anything. It was so strange and Twilight just couldn't figure it out. On the far end of the labyrinth, Fluttershy jumped out a bush and trembled nervously. She told herself that she could do this, but as soon as something flew in her face, she shrieked in fear and hid in the bushes.

She stuck her head out and noticed they were butterflies. She chased after them and she told them to not leave her here since it was so "terrifying." She kept following them, and then stopped in a certain section. She looked everywhere for them, but couldn't see them anywhere. The butterflies appeared behind her and Discord told her in a high pitched voice that she was probably left behind by her "so-called" friends. Fluttershy told him that she was confident that her friends were doing the best they could to find her. Discord said to her that it must be frustrating knowing her friends must think she was weak and helpless. Fluttershy took that with pride and told Discord that she was weak and helpless.

Discord was getting irritated and said to her that it must be annoying how they are always pointing out her flaws. Fluttershy told him calmly that it didn't really bother her and how grateful she felt that her friends would want her to be the best she could be. Discord finally had enough and revealed himself to her. He tried every tactic and she always had an answer to those remarks. So, he used his talon to change her into a gray color and corrupted and told her that she was kind for far too long. It was time for her to be cruel. This was the only time where Discord had to step in himself and use his spell by force instead of going at it naturally. He disappeared and the rest of them showed up.

Twilight came to her and told her how glad she felt to see a friendly face. She mentioned how crazy everypony had gotten and then Fluttershy finally spoke up. She mocked Twilight and told her that maybe she should use her magic to fix everything. Twilight was confused and then Fluttershy said that she didn't have one. She turned away and swatted Twilight with her tail. Twilight felt hurt by that and she was wondering what was happening to her friends. Fluttershy kicked Pinkie into the wall and Applejack laughed at her. Pinkie glared at Applejack and asked her what she was laughing at and Applejack said that it was because of chocolate rain even though that wasn't true.

Rarity was struggling to carry that boulder and told Twilight to give her some help. Twilight put part of the rock on her back and Rarity thanked her for it. Twilight was about to thank her, but Rarity told her not to get any ideas about stealing the rock and told her she knows where Twilight lives. In the western side of the labyrinth, Rainbow looked around and ran through the maze. She saw a moving cloud that represented her cutie mark and Rainbow thought she struck gold. She chased after it and saw Discord sitting on a hammock made of clouds with sunglasses on. Discord stretched his body a little bit and mentioned how he could see why she rests on clouds so much. However, Rainbow wasn't having any of it and challenged him to a fight.

Discord sat up and said calmly that he was here to deliver a message. Rainbow wasn't fooling around and told him she had a message for him as well. Discord looked at her and said in a stern voice that she must pay attention because it was important. Discord told her another riddle and showed her what he meant. Basically, the translation was that if she didn't make the right choice, she would have to watch Cloudsdale crumble without her. Rainbow was terrified at that thought and Discord used his hypnotizing spell on her once again. A box suddenly appeared and Discord told her that inside the box was her wings. He told her that she could take them and leave the game or continue to wander aimlessly through the maze. In the middle of the maze, the rest of the group was walking quite slowly and Twilight had to carry the boulder herself.

It was heavy and she said that she had to find Rainbow because as a team, they're unstoppable. Applejack called out how Rainbow was flying away and that she was abandoning the group. Twilight obviously knew that was a lie and told Applejack that she was bluffing. But she looked up and saw Rainbow take off. She couldn't believe it. Suddenly, a bunch of storm clouds appeared and the entire labyrinth collapsed, causing a giant crater to form in the ground. Discord appeared once more and told the group that somepony broke the no wings, no magic rule even though he was the one that made Rainbow break it in the first place. He gave everypony else their wings and horns back and told the group that the game was over. He got into Twilight's face and told her that none of them found the Elements at all. He pulled out an umbrella and said that Equestria was due for a big storm of chaos. He laughed evilly and Twilight only watched in horror.

Meanwhile, deep in the North Celestial Ocean, Godzilla was taking a nap. It had been six months since he last fought another creature and he had been sleeping for most of that time. However, his scales lit up and he awoke from his nap. Something was threatening the balance of this world and he had to go stop it. He swam up to the surface and looked at Manehattan. It seemed fine as of right now, but he noticed all the pink cotton candy clouds and the chocolate milk raining down on them. He grunted in anger and let out a mighty roar. The ponies in the city heard it and were relieved to see him on the surface again. However, he started walking through the city as usual and headed west towards Ponyville as that was where the threat was. It was time to defend the world once again and restore law and order in this country.

Back in Ponyville, Discord was laughing like crazy and continued doing so on the ground as if he just won. Pinkie glared at him and yelled about what he was laughing at. Discord wiped a tear from his eye and told the group that this was the most fun group of ponies he's had in eons. Pinkie got in his face and told him to quit it. She said that he better think before he laughed at the one and only Pinkie Pie. However, Discord didn't take her seriously and simply grinned at her. Fluttershy got involved and taunted Pinkie by saying ha ha. Pinkie told her to quit it, but Fluttershy refused and continued doing it. Pinkie yelled even louder. but Fluttershy still refused and kept doing it.

Applejack came over to Rarity and said that Twilight told her that they should split the rock six ways since they all found it together. It was clearly a ruse and Rarity fell for it. She kicked Applejack away like a ninja and was basically ready to fight to the death for this boulder. Applejack backed away while Rarity kept trying to fight her and Twilight told all of them to knock it off, even though they were all corrupted. Discord simply laughed at this sight and was sitting on a couch with a bag of popcorn. Twilight told him to stop it and he wasn't playing fair. Discord was confused by that and said that maybe they haven't met. He mentioned that he was Discord, the Spirit of Chaos and Disharmony. Twilight got angry at him and demanded why he would take away the labyrinth before the group reached the end.

Discord was confused for a second and then laughed that off as if that was the stupidest thing he ever heard. He showed her a flashback of the riddle back in the castle and Twilight only stood there in shock. After about 15 seconds, he returned the both of them back to the present. He looked at Twilight and said that he never once mentioned that they were in the labyrinth. Twilight tried to reason with him, but Discord walked away and told her to keep trying because maybe the magic of friendship would help her or something. He mentioned that while she was doing that, he had some chaos to go attend to. He disappeared and the chocolate storm came rolling in. After a few seconds, it started raining chocolate milk. Pinkie expressed her thoughts and said how she hated chocolate milk.

Twilight tried thinking about the words "back where you began," but her friends antics were driving her nuts. She mentioned how she just wanted to go home, and then it clicked for her. She just had to go back to the library. She told the group that she was certain that the Elements were back at the library and that she had a book that would give them a clue on how to figure out this riddle. Unfortunately, she didn't watch where she was going and she basically got trampled on by the rabbit stampede raging through town. Fluttershy was quite pleased with Angel and she let him know. Then, it suddenly got dark. Now, no one could see a gosh darn thing. Applejack said sarcastically how much easier it was to see things, but the dirt roads suddenly turned into soap and she slipped fell, knocking down the others.

She told Twilight that she meant to do that and Twilight tried getting across, but had no success either. The sky suddenly changed to daytime again and Twilight commented that Discord turned all the dirt roads into soap. He was skating past them as if it were an ice skating rink and told her how beautiful it was. He looked at his changes and explained to the group that these are only his first changes as ruler of Equestria. Pinkie was skating across the soap roads, but she told Twilight that while it might look like fun, it wasn't. Twilight groaned and Discord grabbed her. He picked her up and told her to picture Ponyville as the Chaos Capital of the World. Since it was dark, she couldn't see anything and she told Discord that. He dropped her and said just wait a few minutes for the Sun to come up or not.

Twilight couldn't fathom her hometown as the capital of chaos running freely and she said that wasn't going to happen. Fluttershy went by and said that she wouldn't before laughing with cruelty in her voice. Twilight groaned and all of them walked to the library. When they finally arrived, Twilight was exhausted and begged everypony to just go inside. They all made a fuss about it, but went inside anyway while turning even more gray. She wanted Rarity to get inside, but Rarity absolutely refused to. She explained that as soon as she went inside, Twilight would send out Spike to steal "Tom." Twilight thought that was absolutely ridiculous and Rarity turned even more gray. Twilight gave up and asked if Rarity was not going to go inside without it. Rarity reaffirmed that and Twilight picked it up.

She moved the boulder towards the library and Spike was taking a nap. Fluttershy thought it would be a good idea to steal the bucket and she dumped the water on Spike. That obviously woke him up and he shook off the water. He asked Fluttershy what the meaning of that was and her answer was that he looked so peaceful. Spike was confused by that and looked at the door when he heard a loud crash. Rarity told Twilight to be careful with the rock because it would ruin his "beautiful finish" and Twilight thought it was so ridiculous how she was acting. Spike asked Twilight why everypony looked so gray, and Twilight told him not to ask and help her look for a book. Fluttershy thought it would be a good idea to bully Twilight and she asked her what was soaking wet and clueless.

Twilight told Fluttershy she had just about enough, but Fluttershy didn't care and dumped the water on her anyway. She told her answer was your face and slammed the bucket on her head. Spike asked what happened to everypony and Applejack said that he must have brought out the worse in everypony. Twilight told Spike that there was no time to explain and that she needed to find the reference guide to the Elements of Harmony before somepony does something they'll regret. Spike was confused for a second before he remembered where that book was. He showed Twilight the book and Fluttershy threw a scroll at him. He dropped the book and it landed in Fluttershy's hooves. Spike was annoyed at that and Twilight demanded that Fluttershy give her that book right now.

Fluttershy didn't want to do that and yelled out keep away. She threw the book to Applejack and the farm pony balanced the book on her muzzle. Twilight told Applejack to give her the book, but Applejack lied and said she didn't have the book before throwing it into the air for Pinkie to retrieve. Pinkie threw it up in the air giving it right back to Fluttershy. They kept the cycle going and Twilight tried to grab it, but they all moved too quickly for her. When Fluttershy got the book on the third go round, Spike tackled Fluttershy and the book fell to the ground. But before Twilight could get it, Rarity picked it up with her magic and ran with it. Twilight demanded that Rarity give her that book back, but Rarity said that anything Twilight wanted, she wanted as well.

Twilight finally had enough and yelled at Rarity to give her the book back. Rarity refused to do so and ran away. She kicked the wooden horse as an obstacle for Twilight, Twilight simply jumped over it. Fluttershy picked up Rarity and Twilight slammed into the rock. She wanted to know where Rarity was and when she asked Applejack, she got another lie out of the farm pony. Twilight wasn't playing around anymore and started beating up everypony just so she could get the book. She finally managed to get the book, but she told everypony to get back as they still wanted to steal it from her. She told them that this was her book and she was going to read it. Spike stood as a guard with the scroll in his hands and made sure no one stepped near Twilight.

Twilight opened the book and saw the Elements sitting right there. It was in the book the entire time. All this time, it was just sitting here. Why wasn't this the first thing she thought of? This could have saved her a lot of trouble. But it doesn't matter now. She found them and now she could use them to defeat Discord once and for all. Except all of her friends were gray and one of them went AWAL. They all told her that they didn't care and Twilight sighed in sadness. She thought it would never happen. Her friends turning into complete jerks. She had enough and forcefully put on all the necklaces before putting on her crown. Spike asked Twilight if she was missing somepony and Twilight didn't seem to think so. There was the liar, the grump, the hoarder, and the brute. Spike then asked about Rainbow and Twilight had an idea. She told him that he was the new Rainbow Dash and told everypony to get moving.

Spike didn't exactly like that idea and knew it wouldn't end well for him if Rainbow found out he was impersonating her. Twilight didn't care and told the group to go defeat Discord so that they never have to talk to each other again. The rest of them liked the idea of that and stampeded out like a bunch of buffalo. Rarity was still pushing Tom and Twilight wasn't gonna have any of it. She told Rarity to move and then yelled out to watch out for Tom. Pinkie was horrified at the loud sound and moved away from the giant boulder. Discord appeared once again and said that they all found the Elements of Harmony. He was downplaying it and Twilight was having none of that. She told that she figured out his lame riddle and he was in for it now.

Discord didn't really take that seriously and pretended to act as if he were defeated now and surrender willingly. Twilight told the group to do the formation and they all just made made shrugging noises as if they didn't want to be here. She noticed that Spike wasn't in the formation and told him to get over here. Spike gulped nervously and walked over. Twilight looked at Discord and said it was time to get this over with. She lit up her crown and it began the spell. She was lifted into the air and her eyes turned white as the crown began circulating its magic through the object. The rest of them lit up too, but they didn't seem to care too much. Discord pulled his sunglasses down for a second as he thought something was about to happen, but then, it all stopped.

They fell to the ground and Twilight was confused. Applejack said hers was working and that there was probably something wrong with Twilight's. Pinkie yelled out that she hated the Elements of Harmony and Fluttershy threw her necklace away. It hit the ground and Rarity took it away. Spike set Rainbow's on the ground and told Twilight that he needed to get back upstairs. He wished them luck, but Fluttershy stuck out her tail and Spike fell down because of it. Fluttershy looked at him and said that she was "sorry" and called him Rainbow Crash. Discord was quite happy with the display and clapped in victory. He looked at the group and told them that harmony in Equestria is officially dead.

He bent down to Twilight and told her that Discord rules, Celestia drools. Twilight didn't like that and growled at him. But he didn't care and he skated away from them on the soapy roads. Pinkie said it was everypony's fault that it didn't work. Twilight asked who she was talking to and Pinkie said it was to all of them. She took her leave and the rest of them did the same. Twilight yelled out to them that they can go ahead and see if she cares. She bent her head down and asked with friends like you, who needs enemies? She finally turned gray and a single tear fell from her face. It was a heart spilt in two and she began walking through Ponyville with her head down.

As Godzilla was walking through Equestria, he could see all the crazy things that were happening around him. It didn't phase him, but it just left him very confused. He never seen anything like it before and clearly whoever this threat was, they had an interesting way of ruling the world. But that wasn't important right now. He needs to go find this threat, take it out, and restore world balance. It was very obvious to him that this kind of stuff he was seeing around him would definitely disturb the balance in the world and would leave things in a boat load of unrest and unhappiness. Back in Ponyville, Twilight was walking through town as numerous things go by and she had a cotton candy cloud pouring chocolate milk rain on her. She didn't care. She was too depressed right now to even think about it.

Discord suddenly appeared and was laughing really hard. He disappeared again and flew beside Twilight. He told her to look at what he just did and it was a giant pepper shaker being poured onto a pony. It made the pony sneeze and all of the buildings fell down. But they were changed to cardboard so it looked like the pony demolished the entire town. Discord thought it was pretty funny, but he frowned when he saw Twilight's expression. He stood in front of her and told her to cheer up since this was her new home. Twilight looked around and believed that this wasn't her home anymore. She told Discord that and walked away. After a few seconds, Discord said yes in victory as he took out the one thing that could threaten his rule.

He could finally rule with an iron fist once again and no one would be able to stop him this time. He finally did it. Now, he could restore things back to the way they were 2,000 years ago when he was sitting on the throne. Making ponies work excessively, have them pay tributes to him in order to be spared by him, and making it rain hot tea whenever they broke his rules. Twilight walked home to the library and shut the door. She told Spike to pack his things and that they were leaving. Spike only groaned in response and Twilight told him not to ask her where they were going because she had no clue. She knew it at least wouldn't be here in Ponyville.

Spike mentioned how hard it was to move since Celestia kept sending these letters when he went back upstairs and he begged Twilight to make it stop. Twilight looked at the pile building up and read the letters. She read to herself what it said and because she did that, it brought the color back to her body. She told Spike how clear everything was and how Discord was trying to distract her and her friends from what's important because he knows how powerful that friendship is. Spike felt very sick and was about ready to throw up, but Twilight stopped spinning him after a few seconds. Twilight told Spike that one year prior, she said that the fate of Equestria didn't lie on her making friends, but this time, the opposite was true. That same power that defeated Nightmare Moon is the exact same one that can defeat Discord.

She set him down in his bed and she did the whole motivation thing in fighting for her friendships. She then saw how sick Spike felt and she told him that he should rest while she told care of saving the world part herself. Spike just groaned some more before burping out another letter. In Sweet Apple Acres, there was a lot going on. Big Mac was basically a dog digging through the crops, Granny Smith was doing tap dancing, and Applejack was sitting up against the barn eating apples. She told Granny about how she supposedly tried to defeat Discord, but none of her so-called friends tried to help her. Twilight showed up and told Applejack that she was going to fight for their friendship. Big Mac suddenly appeared and licked Twilight like a dog would and that left her confused.

Applejack said that now she wanted to fight and asked Twilight where she was when the farm pony was battling Discord. Twilight wasn't having any of it and tackled Applejack to the ground. Applejack tried to get up, but Twilight held her grip. She told Applejack to snap out of it and that she was not a liar. She lit up her horn and Applejack's head and the farm pony saw the memories over the last year between her and her friends. Eventually, after a few seconds, she regained her color and shook her head. She asked what happened and then saw Twilight. She told her that she saw a vision of all of them fighting and she couldn't face the truth, so she started telling lies. She asked Twilight for forgiveness and Twilight told her that she already has.

They went to Fluttershy's place and tied her up so Twilight could perform the spell. After a few seconds, Fluttershy regained her color back and told the both of them that she had an awful dream. They were confused and then moved on to Rarity. Rarity got defensive and asked them what they were doing, but it didn't last long as Twilight cast the spell and Rarity got her color back. Rarity saw the giant boulder in her house and kicked the thing out the door. She told the group to never speak of this again and they moved on to Pinkie. She was in a cart, laughing about how she turned gray and the rest of them were smiling. They went looking for Rainbow, but she wasn't in her house. Twilight said that without her, they couldn't defeat Discord.

Applejack said that Rainbow could be anywhere by now and that they were never going to find her. Pinkie said they didn't have to since she was right there on a cloud above them. Twilight called out to Rainbow Dash and told her that Discord was still on the loose and they needed her in order to defeat him. She didn't care and told them that things are much better in Cloudsdale than in Ponyville. Rarity asked how Rainbow could possibly think that small cloud was Cloudsdale and Applejack responded by telling her it was the same way Discord got Rarity to think that huge rock was a diamond. Rarity squinted her eyes in annoyance and told Applejack that she thought she made it quite clear that they were to never speak of it again.

Twilight had a confident grin on her face and told the group it was time for plan B. All of them went up in a balloon and made sure they didn't wake up Rainbow. Twilight told Fluttershy to hold Rainbow down and she'll be lowered down from the rope Applejack had so she could cast the memory spell on Rainbow. Fluttershy saluted to Twilight and flew down as fast as she could. She was about to hold her down really strong, but Fluttershy tapped Rainbow instead. Rainbow woke up and Fluttershy asked if it would be okay if she held her against her will for a little bit. Twilight groaned in frustration and Rainbow laughed it off. She told Fluttershy that Ponyville was her problem, not Rainbow's and then she took off on her cloud.

Twilight lowered down the rope and told Fluttershy to chase after her. Fluttershy grabbed the rope with her mouth and took off flying. Rainbow was going at Mclaren Speedtail speeds, while the balloon was going at your typical full size pickup truck highway speeds. Rainbow flew all over the place and Twilight threw up one of the ropes to Applejack. Applejack grabbed it with her mouth and threw the rope at Rainbow. It latched onto Rainbow's midsection and she just kept flying faster. Unfortunately, the rope didn't get secured and it sent Pinkie and Rarity flying out of the balloon. Rarity scolded Pinkie for not securing the rope and Pinkie just said oops.

Fortunately, the extra weight slowed Rainbow down and she fell from the cloud. Applejack told them both to hold on and that they were slowing Rainbow down. Rarity told Fluttershy to fly faster, but Fluttershy had tears in her eyes and said she couldn't. Twilight told Fluttershy that she couldn't catch Rainbow, then Discord wins. That knocked some sense into Fluttershy and she was not going to let that evil Draconequus continue his tyranny on Equestria. Not this time. She flew as fast as she could and sped up to Rainbow very quickly. Twilight threw the last rope to Applejack and the farm pony threw it at Rainbow. It got her and she stopped suddenly. The group took her down with the balloon, but she tried flying away and was unsuccessful at doing so.

The rest of the group had to hold her down and she fought it like crazy. Twilight came over to Rainbow and she cast the memory spell on Rainbow. The pegasus finally got her color back and she was brought back to Earth. She asked a bunch of questions and the group went in for a hug as they finally got their friend back. But then, they all saw dancing buffalos on their hind legs in tutus and realized that they still needed to save the world first. Twilight mentioned to the group that maybe it was just a little too early to have a group hug and the rest of them agreed.

In the center of town, Discord watched as things were roaming around and he laughed evilly as he sat on his throne. Suddenly, he heard a roar in the distance and saw Godzilla. Discord smiled and said "Bring it, you dinosaur." Godzilla took that as a challenge and let out another loud roar. He smashed his tail in the ground to let Discord know he meant business and he charged right at him. Discord blasted his magic right at Godzilla and knocked the Kaiju right through one of the houses. Discord grinned and put himself on top of a flying military pig while he was in a military outfit himself and charged Godzilla with a spear. He said "That's what happens when you mess with the Lord of Chaos." Godzilla was having none of it and he got up and blasted the items away with his atomic breath. Discord almost fell into a ditch and he just waved nervously at Godzilla.

Godzilla lifted his head up as he built up his atomic breath and then, he blasted it straight into the ground causing Discord to get flown hundreds of feet away. Discord snapped his talons and sent another flying military pig after Godzilla. Godzilla simply blasted the thing away and Discord tried sending something else after him, but nothing happened. He smiled nervously at the Kaiju, but Godzilla wasn't playing around. He tried stepping on the Draconequus, but Discord simply fell to the ground so he wouldn't get stepped on. Godzilla launched his atomic breath at Discord again and the Draconequus simply skated away on the soapy roads in a complete circle. Discord taunted Godzilla and said "You're going to have to do better than that." Godzilla blasted Discord again and Discord stuck out a gem in front of him, sending the blast in every direction.

Godzilla growled at him with a mischievous grin and blasted him again. However, Discord stood up and blocked Godzilla's attacks. Discord looked at Godzilla and said "I mean, you are strong, but you are just a stupid pathetic lizard against me. But if you join me, we can rule Equestria together. So, what do you say?" Godzilla looked at the Draconequus and roared as loud as he could at him, telling him that he'd rather die than serve him. Discord sat back down on his throne and simply sighed. Discord yawned while Godzilla was doing his roar and told him "Fine. Go ahead and join your stupid Equestrian friends. But you can never stop me." Godzilla finally had enough and it was time to put this creature back where he belonged. It was time for nuclear Godzilla. Godzilla began marching down the town in burning red and orange and Discord threw the chocolate milk behind him, knowing that this was going to be interesting.

Godzilla let out another massive roar and Discord smiled mischievously at him. Godzilla bent his head down and sent out the first wave of fire which stripped Discord of his powers. It wouldn't allow him to simply disappear within the snap of a talon. Discord tried teleporting away, but he noticed nothing happened when he tried snapping his talons. He looked at Godzilla and had genuine fear on his face. Never before had he seen a creature that could simply take away his powers just by releasing a wave of fire. Godzilla growled again and released the second wave of fire which eventually turned into a rainbow turning Discord back to stone. He tried stopping it and yelled out "NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!" but that did him no good.

The Mane Six finally appeared and noticed Godzilla walking up to them. They were confused on why everything was turned back to normal and they asked each other what happened here. Then Twilight looked at Godzilla and her jaw dropped. She told the group that he must have defeated Discord and restored balance to the world with minimal effort. The rest of the group were amazed at that and Godzilla looked at them curiously. He bent his head down to look at them all and Twilight petted him on the snout. She thanked him for stopping Discord and he simply grunted out some smoke. He retracted his head back up and let out a massive victory roar. He turned around and headed back east towards Manehattan. They all watched him leave and were quite pleased that this was over. It would be interesting explaining this to Celestia.

Once again, Godzilla defeated another monster and just like the last battle, it was relatively easy. He could tell that Discord was very arrogant and overconfident that nothing could stop him. Clearly, he was proven wrong. Only the King Of The Monsters could rule the world, not anyone else. He had a feeling that maybe Discord would return one day, but that was probably way off in the future and not anytime soon. For now, he could enjoy the world being at peace again and he could return to his slumber in the North Celestial Ocean outside of Manehattan. The King Of The Monsters prevails once more.

Author's Note:

AN: I apologize for this chapter being so late. I have been busy with schoolwork here and now I've been dealing with a cold here over the last week. It's been very hectic. On top of that, I lost my voice, so I can't really speak at all right now which sucks because I am one of those people that talk a lot, so it's not great, but I'll learn to deal with it for now. This has never happened before and it's been quite unpleasant. So, please pray for me that I would get better and I can get my voice back because I'm not sure how long I can go without talking. Anyways, hope you guys enjoyed the chapter!

Next Chapter: The Queen of the Changelings! When Twilight receives a letter that her brother, Shining Armor, is getting married to her old foalsitter, she is quite skeptical about it. But, she gets excited when she finds out who it is. However, the pony she knew long ago was acting very strange. It was because she was Queen Chrysalis in disguise. Godzilla feels this threat and takes off to Canterlot. Will the King Of The Monsters be able to defeat Chrysalis, or will the Queen of the Changelings find some way to beat Godzilla?

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