• Published 24th Jan 2022
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Godzilla: Equestria's King of Monsters - Microsoft_2016

A collection of chapters of the King Of The Monsters defeating fellow villains within the MLP series.

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Chapter 21: From Water to War

It was sunny in Canterlot and a unicorn in a baker's outfit was on his way to the city as we speak. Some other pony called his attention and the pony asked if he heard what was going on. The baker assumed that she was talking about Twilight's coronation and went on about what he had to do. The pony, who goes by Crackle Cosette, said that it was about the Earth Ponies and the baker seemed slightly confused. He said that he knew that their crops were underperforming as of recently, but he assumed that they must have been having issues. Crackle said that was not the case and it was fact that the Earth Ponies were hoarding the food for themselves. She said that she heard the Mayor of Appaloosa say that if Unicorns and Pegasi wanted to eat, they could use their own hooves to dig. The baker bought this complete bs story and mentioned how awful that sounded. Crackle asked him if the Unicorns had to stay together on this issue and the baker agreed. Mrs. Cake welcomed him through the gates, but the Unicorn refused to look at her. Crackle just laughed evilly and walked away. She returned to Grogar's lair and changed back into Queen Chrysalis. Tirek asked if she had another successful field trip and Chrysalis said that spreading distrust amongst the Unicorns and Earth Ponies was almost too easy. She mentioned that they could defeat the Mane Six a hundred times, but as long as they had the love of Equestria and Godzilla behind them, they crawl back to defeat them all.

She said that was not gonna happen anymore and Cozy Glow said that if there was no friendship, there would be no magic. She said it was really obvious if they thought about it, and she said that she did her part in freaking out the Pegasi. Tirek said that Grogar's long absence has given him time for the next part of their plan and he blew out the candle. He pulled out part of the wall and revealed to them Grogar's bell that they had stole almost a year ago at this point and then lied to Grogar about not retrieving it. He said that this artifact can steal any creature's magic, hold it inside, and then release it with a spell. He said that meant that all of the power was theirs for the taking and began kissing on the bell like it was the greatest thing on Earth. Cozy took it away from him and said that he was drooling on the bell and Chrysalis said that they should try this spell before Grogar gets back. She said she was sick and tired of waiting for that old goat's master plan and Tirek told them to take his hands. They looked at him confused and he explained to them that he said it so they could all be part of the spell. He asked if they preferred he take all of the magic himself and that got them to agree. Chrysalis said that their pact stands which meant what they do, they do together and once they defeat the protectors of Equestria, they could claim this land and rule their kingdoms alone once more. Tirek activated the bell and and it rose up into the air. The bell opened a portal and they all had evil grins on their faces.

The bell blasted them all with magic and they suddenly grew in size. They all laughed evilly together and they stared at their new looks. Grogar said that he had returned and announced that Twilight's coronation was today. He said that they were going to ruin it with this artifact, but he told them in order to achieve that, they must work together. He looked around for them and Chrysalis said that they were way ahead of him. She hung on the ceiling like a cocooned butterfly and spat out a green web like a spider would whenever it felt threatened. Grogar tried to get out, but he suddenly heard rumbling, so he turned to his left and saw Tirek appear in a very large size. Cozy came out as well and blasted the artifact away. She presented the bell to Grogar and he was surprised. He asked them if they really had it all of this time and why they didn't tell him. Cozy said they didn't because they were villains and the newly formed Legion of Doom blasted the bell to activate it. The bell rung and it began to suck out Grogar's magic. It suddenly revealed Discord and he just waved nervously. Tirek said that was unexpected and they stared at him. Discord tried to snap his talons so he could disappear, but because his magic just got drained, he couldn't do so and he smiled nervously. He ran away and disappeared from the lair. Cozy was surprised at the idea that Grogar was Discord this entire time and asked Chrysalis if they should follow the Draconequus. Chrysalis said that without magic, Discord was no threat and mentioned that they had plans to attend to.

Back in Canterlot, major preparations were underway because it was Twilight's coronation today and a lot of ponies were coming to this event. Celestia asked her sister if Twilight looked so adorably regal up there on the throne and Luna said that their little Twilight was all grown up. She asked Celestia if they should inform them that they cleared out their royal suite so Twilight and Spike could move in and Celestia said that could wait until later. She said that Twilight doesn't need anything else to worry about today and the two of them walked out of the throne room. Spike asked Twilight if she was freaking out yet and Twilight asked what that was. Spike said that it was not everyday that the princesses who have ruled Equestria for thousands of years retire and hand their responsibilities down to her and their friends. Twilight said that she was feeling pretty good and she mentioned that they have all faced so much, but they have come out okay. She said that she knew that they were up to the task of keeping Equestria safe and happy and if there was any sort of trouble, Godzilla would be there to stop it, so there was nothing to worry about. It reminded her of something and she gave Spike a box. He opened it and asked what the term 'Royal Advisor' meant. Twilight said that it was a new position she created for him and mentioned that he had been on her side for every step of this journey.

She said that knowing she had Spike to count on, she had the strength to grow and succeed and she wouldn't be here without him. Spike started to have tears in his eyes and he hugged Twilight. He thanked her and said that she knew he would always be her right hoof dragon. Twilight said that she was hoping Spike would say that and mentioned that since her crown was now fitted, they had some royal errands to run. It was virtually a ghost town in the city and Rarity asked Fluttershy if she was sure this was the location Pinkie had told them in order to get the blackberries for her special coronation dessert. Fluttershy suggested that maybe they keep the produce in the back and the salespony said that this was all they had got. They said that they had a special on the tators and showed the two of them something that looked like rat vomit. Rarity gagged in disgust and Fluttershy said that they'll keep looking. Rarity stuck her tongue out in disgust and she saw Twilight and Spike fly down. Rarity said to Twilight that they only had one more stop left to go and they were preparing the orderve gown. Twilight asked if that was before or after the royal marshmallow eating contest gown and Rarity started to freak out. She said that she hadn't made one of those and told Twilight that the alicorn must tell her about these things. Twilight had a smile on her face and said to Rarity that she was just joking.

Rarity fainted and Spike said to Twilight that she had come a long way for her to be joking on her coronation day. They went over to the thread shop to pick up some thread, but when Rarity tried to open the door, it was completely locked. Rarity was confused and knocked on the door. A pony peeked through the top of the door and asked in an annoyed voice what Rarity wanted. Rarity said that since this was a thread shop, she was looking to buy some and the pony told her to put the bits in the mail slot. Rarity did so and a piece of golden thread got thrown out of the mail slot. Twilight asked what the deal was on that and Rarity said that designers don't like to be interrupted whenever they were on a creative roll. She asked herself that with a thread this nice, how could you blame them and Rainbow said that the weather for the coronation was sunny skies. Rainbow said that it was strange though because not a lot of Pegasi wanted to help her out clearing away the clouds and it seemed like they were on edge. Case in point, some Unicorn stepped to his house very nervously, but then he went inside ninja style so no one could see him. Spike said that they weren't the only ones and Rarity said that it was the first shift in royal power in almost 9,000 years, so naturally, ponies would be a bit jumpy because change does that. Twilight had a downcast expression at that and Fluttershy said that it wasn't because they were worried about her.

Rainbow asked how they could be and reminded Twilight that they have saved everypony's flanks by now. Twilight said that was technically Godzilla that did that, but she got the idea. She said that she'll let everypony know that while Celestia and Luna were gone, things would be the same. They went over to the castle lawn and Applejack was glad that they were here. She asked Twilight if she could tell the guard that she didn't need him around wherever she went, especially since he wasn't going to help carry Apples, and Twilight told the guard that she appreciated him taking good care of her friends, but they were fine now. The guard nodded in understanding and took off. As he walked up the stairs, he kept glaring at Applejack and watching her to see if she would try anything funny. Applejack said that it was the strangest thing since the guard kept calling her "Earth Pony" as if she didn't have a name and watched her like she would steal the silver. The doors suddenly burst open and out came a bunch of cupcakes with Pinkie buried underneath. She told them to not go in that kitchen and Rainbow said that she looked like she was in a sugar war. To be more specific, it looked like World War III broke out in there. Pinkie said that for some reason, the bakers were super grouchy with each other and mentioned that one of the Unicorn chefs starting throwing dessert at Mrs. Cake. Pinkie said that she tried to help, but she got caught in the crossfire. She said it was tasty and ate one of the cupcakes.

Twilight asked if they were all sure this was just pre-coronation nerves and they all heard a loud grunt. They turned around to find Discord rubbing his mega tarsals and looking like he had done a cross country roadtrip through every single kind of environment that you could think of. He said that you can forget sometimes how convenient snap travel was and Spike asked if he walked all the way here on foot. Discord said he did and mentioned that he had a confession to make. He explained that he might have made the tiniest boo-boo and said that it was well intentioned and noble on his part. Applejack told him to get to the point and Discord asked them if they remembered the entire situation with King Sombra almost a year ago. He said that was slightly his fault and what he meant by that was he brought Sombra back. Rarity expressed horror and asked why he would do that. Discord said that it seemed like a good idea at the time which was why he also brought back three other villains who were now on the loose and were not really big fans of them, so his bad. All of them gasped in horror and they stared at him in shock. They couldn't believe what they were hearing. This entire time, Discord had brought back four sworn enemies of Equestria and had them thrusted upon the Mane Six to deal with. Sombra was able to be defeated, but that was with the help of themselves, Godzilla, and Kong to bring him down. Now, with three other villains on the loose, they could be much harder to defeat and they don't know if Godzilla could defeat them all at once. They know he's best at 1v1 combat, but when it comes to multiple creatures at one time, that's where he struggles.

Anyway, they got Discord cleaned up and brought him to the throne room. He explained his plan with the princesses and just like the Mane Six, they were horrified at this as well. Luna asked Discord if he seriously wanted to boost Twilight's confidence by bringing back Chrysalis, Cozy Glow, and Tirek to attack her and the Draconequus added Sombra in there as well. Celestia asked Discord that while he united these three villains, he pretended to be Grogar and he hung his head down in shame. Fluttershy asked him how he could do this to Twilight and the rest of them and Discord told her to look at how they defeated Sombra. All the confidence they had gained and he asked if they remembered the cheering and the hoof bumps. Twilight said that was all a lie and Discord said it was a well intentioned lie. Applejack said to Discord that in all of the time he had spent with them, he didn't really seem to pick up too much in friendship lessons and Twilight asked Discord if he had been setting up challenges for them the entire time. She said that none of their successes were actually real and Discord said that they were real, but they had an extremely good looking safety net. Spike asked how that was supposed to help and Discord said that he planned to prepare Twilight for anything.

He said he would do so by orchestrating an epic attack at her coronation and Rarity called him a beast for that. She asked him with anger if he knew how much this day meant to Twilight and her, because she made Twilight's dress, and asked Discord why he would wait until now for such a horrible plan. Discord said that you don't take a final exam on your first day of class and said to just imagine that after defeating three baddies, Twilight would have to believe that she was the leader they all knew she was. Celestia told him with sternness that he had made a grave misjudgment and asked him if he had anything else he would like to tell them. Discord asked if they wanted the good news or the bad news and Luna yelled in confusion that what they just heard was not the bad news. Discord said that all of his chaos magic was gone and trapped in Grogar's bell. Spike facepalmed in frustration and asked him what the good news was. Discord said that Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy Glow all had the real Grogar's magic and Rainbow asked him with anger in which world it would be to consider that good news. Discord said that compared to losing his powers, anything else was good news and Celestia flew back up to the throne. She said to Luna and Twilight that they needed to come up with a plan and maybe they could stop this disaster from happening. They looked at Twilight and Twilight said that she needed some time to think first. Discord said that there wasn't any time and told her to look at what the Legion of Doom had said.

He tried snapping his talons, but nothing happened when he did, so he groaned in frustration and told them to listen to the sound of his voice and just use their imagination. Chrysalis said to let the fool go and without magic, he was no threat. Besides, they had plans. Cozy Glow had said that the "Lame" Six had been so busy being perfect and they hadn't noticed what they had been up to. She also asked if she already mentioned how great revenge was and Tirek had said that he hoped she had a name picked out for her future kingdom because it was time to destroy Equestria. All of them let out evil laughter and Discord watched very nervously while being tucked away in the corner. Discord said that they were probably on their way to Canterlot right now, and Pinkie said that they'll stop them. Twilight asked how they were gonna do that and said that stopping Sombra by himself was already hard enough, even with the help of Godzilla and Kong and that was all done with Lord of Chaos training wheels. Celestia told her that it didn't matter if Discord set up her successes or not, they believed in her and always have. Luna told her to lean on her strengths to counter her weaknesses and Twilight seemed confused for a second. But after she had one quick glance at her friends, she got the idea and she went over to Spike. She told him to write a letter to Starswirl, telling him and the Pillars to guard the borders of Canterlot. If the Legion of Doom wanted a fight, they would have one waiting for them.

She said that with Chrysalis on the loose, she'll go after Starlight and Twilight told to Spike to warn Cadence and Shining Armor because they were the last line of defense if they failed. She flew up into the air and declared that the ultimate battle for the fate of Equestria was coming. Back at Grogar's Lair, Cozy Glow told the group that they were not going anywhere until Chrysalis and Tirek stopped arguing with each other. She told Chrysalis to say something nice about Tirek and Chrysalis groaned in frustration. She said that Tirek was red and Cozy looked at Tirek. Tirek said that Chrysalis was not as annoying as he expected and Cozy was satisfied. She said that they were talking about Grogar's bell and Chrysalis said that they should take the magic inside of it. She said that they all knew how powerful Discord was, and if they had that much chaos magic in their veins. Tirek disagreed and said that taking it all would be madness because it was impossible for any other creature to control. Cozy said that if they needed a guinea pig to find out if anypony could use chaos magic, she'll volunteer and she had a huge grin on her face. Tirek and Chrysalis blasted their magic at the bell and it flew up into the air. It made a ringing noise and magic blasted right at Cozy. It made her increase massively in size and both Chrysalis and Tirek were in complete shock at this.

Cozy laughed evilly and called the other two fools. She said that she was more powerful than all of them and ordered them to kneel before her might. She blasted chaos magic in the air, but all that came out was a bunch of rubber chickens. Chrysalis and Tirek gave evil grins and Cozy kept trying so hard. But she kept summoning pineapples and they began to chomp at her skin. She told them to take it back and they did so. The bell shrunk her down back to normal size and Cozy panted with exhaustion. Tirek asked if she still thought chaos magic was a good idea and Chrysalis said to leave it in the bell because they had a kingdom to conquer. Cozy asked where they should strike first and Chrysalis said to go everywhere. They went in their separate directions and took off to do their tasks. Back in Canterlot, Twilight told everyone there that they had faced enemies of Equestria before and they have always succeeded. She said that wouldn't be possible without all of them and Discord said you're welcome. Spike told him to read the room and he noticed all the glares he got from saying that. Twilight said that she asked for their help again today in what was their biggest battle yet and all of Equestria was at stake. She said she couldn't do this alone, but she was not afraid because with friendship as their armor and teamwork as their power, nopony could ever bring them down.

The doors suddenly burst open and Cozy just complained about that. She dropped the stack of guards onto the ground and asked if Twilight got it from a daily affirmations calendar. Twilight was about to express her shock at Cozy's return, but the filly said that she was going to wipe the floor with her. So, she opened her mouth and blasted a gravity beam right at Twilight. Twilight smacked up against the throne and landed right on the ground. She made some groaning noises and the group was shocked at what they just saw. Cozy was amazed at this new power and said that alicorns really do have more power. She blasted magic at all of them from her horn and blasted another gravity beam straight out of her mouth to do the double combo kill. Outside of Canterlot, Starswirl told his fellow friends to spread out and stay ready. He said that Canterlot depended on them and they all got into their positions. There was loud stomping going on and Starswirl looked through his telescope. He saw Tirek giving an evil grin at them and the Centaur landed on the ground. He stared at all of them and Starswirl blasted him with magic. Tirek looked confused for a second, but when he saw nothing happened, he simply laughed and he marched forward towards Starswirl. Rockhoof charged at Tirek, but the Centaur stomped on the ground and a bunch of rocks came out, which stopped Rockhoof in his tracks. He banged up against them and fell unconscious.

The other ones went over to Tirek and they launched their attacks against him. Of course, they were not very effective against Tirek and he laughed evilly. He grabbed Flash Magnus and threw him against the other pillars. Tirek opened his mouth and launched a gravity beam at them to create a circle of fire around them. He smacked Somnambula away from him and marched up to the Pillars that were on the ground. He drained their magic and they all groaned in pain. He said that it was magic seasoned with age and it was delicious. Rockhoof yelled out his battle cry and charged towards Tirek once again. He attempted to hit Tirek with his shovel, but the shovel broke instead and Tirek picked him up with his magic. He drained Rockhoof's magic as well and the Earth Pony fell to the ground. Tirek told him to run along because the big stallions were playing and Rockhoof told Somnambula to warn the princesses as soon as she could. She saw Tirek behind her and she attempted to fly to Canterlot. Tirek grew angry and jumped right in front of her. She hit his chest and fell to the ground. He picked her up and drained her magic as well. He threw her to the ground and he said that was the perfect dessert to a legendary meal. At the School of Friendship, everyone had to be sent underground because Chrysalis was currently on the loose and she might destroy everything in her path in order to find Starlight.

Speaking of which, Starlight told the students to stay with their buddy, no running around in the catacombs, and just follow Counselor Trixie. Chrysalis suddenly called out Starlight's name and asked where she was that the Changeling wanted to fight. Starlight told Trixie that she had to go and asked her if she got this. Trixie said that nopony does a great powerful escape like she did and Starlight gave her one last hug. Trixie disappeared under the vent and Starlight teleported outside. Chrysalis saw her come out and said that she was just the Headmare she was looking to see. Starlight said that she didn't make an appointment and charged at Chrysalis. She teleported them somewhere else and landed in some sort of snowy environment that looked like something you would find in Eastern Siberia. Chrysalis asked what this place was and Starlight said that it was somewhere where Chrysalis couldn't hurt anypony. Chrysalis disagreed and said that she could hurt Starlight. She blasted Starlight with a beam, but Starlight teleported away before it hit her. It was back and forth for a little while and Chrysalis was starting to get furious. She told Starlight to stay still so she could blast her and Starlight said tauntingly that she was real motivated. Chrysalis blasted a gravity beam out of her mouth and caused Starlight to fall to the ground. Starlight saw the snow falling and teleported somewhere else. She saw Chrysalis appear and was about to inject her with poisonous venom, but she blasted her in the chest and she recoiled a little bit.

Chrysalis said that Starlight will pay for that and Starlight told her to put it on her tab. She teleported again and blasted the top of the mountain with her magic as she was falling. Chrysalis saw the incoming avalanche and tried to fly away, but she got trapped inside. Starlight teleported down to the ground and walked away. But, Chrysalis was not done quite yet. A large gravity beam came out of the snow and blasted it all away, causing Starlight to get thrown into the air and land hard on the ground. Chrysalis cocooned her and told Starlight that she now had all eternity to take her revenge on the unicorn. Starlight looked nervous and Chrysalis carried her away in the snow. Back in the throne room, the guards were busy trying to shoot magic at Cozy Glow, but she just had a shield up blocking the attacks. She thought it was quite funny that the guards were failing and she grinned with glee. The guards charged at her, but she opened a portal and the guards fell through to the bottom of the river that surrounds the gates of Canterlot. Cozy just laughed evilly and Celestia told her to stand down. Cozy said that she could do that, but she was having too much fun. She blasted a large beam at all of them and added another gravity beam straight out of her mouth on top of that to get that double combo kill. The Royal Sisters gasped in horror, but Twilight put up a shield to block the attacks coming from Cozy.

Celestia asked her sister if she was ready and they both flew up. Twilight put down the shield and asked what they were doing. They got into position and blasted their magic to create a joint beam, aimed right at Cozy. But the filly came prepared, as she pulled out the bell and activated it. It drained their magic and they both screamed in horror. The bell took all of the magic and they both slammed onto the ground. Twilight yelled in horror and ran over to them. Cozy said that was the problem with the magic types which was they were so reliant on their special powers, they forget to use their brain. Twilight told her to keep telling herself that and ordered for the attack to begin. Rainbow flew up and spun Cozy around in order to make her dizzy. Pinkie launched a party cannon right at Cozy and she smiled at Rarity who was carrying her in the air. Cozy coughed that out and Fluttershy told the Geese to start flying. Cozy screamed in horror and she had to dodge that. Then, she had to dodge Spike's fire breath to make sure she didn't get burned and she had to deal with multiple attacks at the same time. When she would avoid one, another one would happen right after, giving her no time to recover. Applejack pulled her down the ground with the rope and the bell dropped as well. Cozy seized it in her hooves and glared at all of the Mane Six.

Twilight was about to blast Cozy with her magic, but she saw the window sill begin to glow. The rest of them stared in shock and Cozy took the opportunity with them all distracted to fly away so she wouldn't get yeeted across the throne room. The glass shattered and it tossed everyone across the throne room. Chrysalis flew right in with Tirek jumping in right behind her. He pushed away the throne and Discord fell behind in order to get missed. But Cozy saw him and threw him over to the rest of the group. Twilight put up her shield and Chrysalis asked if they thought her pathetic shield could stop them. She said that the Pillars have been defeated and the School of Friendship had been abandoned. She told Twilight that she lost, but Twilight was having none of it at all. She said that the Legion of Doom could attack them and they may fall, but Equestria will still stand, united in friendship and they won't stop until they defeated them, no matter how many ponies they took down. She added that even if things fail, Godzilla will still come and stop them from destroying the world. The Legion just laughed at that and Tirek asked if they have been noticing something was wrong in Equestria. He said that they were busy and Chrysalis said that there was a whisper here, a rumor there. Tirek said that they destroyed some crops and caused some damage.

Cozy said that they had pony turn against pony and Chrysalis said to the point until their whole kingdom was on edge, waiting for just one tiny thing to push them over the brink. Tirek said that there was no beck of friends, rainbow magic, or massive Titans to save them now and Cozy said that it was time for some redecorating. They all blasted beams of magic at the ceiling combined with gravity beams shooting out of their mouths to add a deadlier combination. Most of the castle got destroyed in the process and rocks were now falling to the ground. Chrysalis asked Twilight what was stronger than friendship and said that the answer was fear. She put her hooves on the shield and caused it to crack, which made Twilight slightly scared. Tirek said that when you have to protect yourself, you don't have time for anypony else. He grabbed Twilight with his magic and pulled her over to him. The rest of them watched in complete horror and they couldn't believe their eyes. Tirek hung her by the wings and Cozy said it was too bad Twilight didn't teach that in school. The three of them charged up their magic and built up the gravity beams to blast right at Twilight and she covered her eyes in fear. A rock suddenly got thrown at the Legion and Twilight fell down. Twilight was confused for a second, but then she saw Rarity panting a bit.

The rest of the group watched in shock and she just smiled nervously at Twilight. The alicorn did the same, but started running when she saw the Legion dust themselves off. They charged up their magic and blasted a combined beam together along with gravity beams shooting out of their mouths. They were furious and now they were going to destroy everyone in their sight once and for all. They all braced for impact, but Twilight put up a rock to block the magic and she held it in place as hard as she could. Rarity told her to go get help and Applejack said that they'll hold off the Legion until Twilight got back. Twilight didn't like the sound of that and said that she couldn't just leave them here. Fluttershy said that it was their only chance and Rainbow said that Twilight will come up with something to save the day. Pinkie said that she always did and Spike said that they believed in her. Discord grabbed her and told her to fly already. The Legion was inching closer and Twilight teleported away with tears in her eyes. There was a large explosion and everything went white. Twilight had to get help somehow and she had to get away before the Legion destroyed her. She only hoped that her friends were safe and that they were unharmed from the blast, but for now, she had to go help very quickly. It was time to call in for the big guns now.

Meanwhile, deep within the North Celestial Ocean, Godzilla was busy resting on the ocean floor and taking a nap. It had been almost a year since the King Sombra and MechaGodzilla attack and things have been relatively quiet since then. He finally made peace with Kong and he hasn't seen him since he went back into the ocean from Manehattan. He was now ruling the Hollow Earth and Godzilla was keeping watch on the Earth's surface. His scales started to glow and Godzilla growled with anger. He swam up to the surface and took a look around the city of Manehattan. It had recovered nicely since the MechaGodzilla attack and everypony seemed to be living their normal lives as if nothing happened. He blasted his atomic breath into the sky and roared very loudly to let Equestria know that the King Of The Monsters was back once again. He instantly felt this threat and all of them he had faced before. It seemed like they were working together and were causing mass destruction and panic at the same time. He growled with fury and began swimming south. He then heard Twilight's call and started to swim faster. She was in trouble and he needed to help her out. Whoever this threat may be, they will learn to bow before the King Of The Monsters before they desire to take over Equestria and if they refuse, they shall perish with his atomic breath.

There was still mass destruction going on with the castle and most of it still had smoke floating in the air because of the sheer level of MLG power. OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Heh heh. Just kidding. Moving on. Cozy Glow told the Mane Six, not including Twilight, that it was time for their complete destruction and asked them if that was considered fun. Chrysalis told her to have patience and explained that destruction was so permanent. She said that they needed to show the rest of Equestria that they have broken their heroes first and besides, they should have fun with their guests. Tirek disagreed and said that they should hunt down Twilight because as long as she was out there, she was dangerous. Chrysalis asked tauntingly if that big strong Centaur afraid of one little pony and told him to relax because it was not like her friends were going anywhere. They were in there, along with Starlight, the Princesses, the Pillars, and Discord. Chrysalis explained that the group that they had just imprisoned were foolish enough to bring the remains of her throne to Canterlot to protect themselves. She said that those shards block their magic and gave an evil grin through the reflection. Cozy tried doing something, but Chrysalis snatched her away at the last second before she could do anything.

She said that if they got too close, the shards would cancel even their new powers and she glared at Twilight's friends inside the cell. She drew a line in the sand and said that on this side of the cavern, they were the most powerful beings in Equestria all thanks to Grogar's bell. She asked Discord if that was right and pulled on the chain to send him tumbling to the ground. Her and Tirek went over to him and Cozy had an idea. She attempted to get the magic from inside the bell, but Tirek noticed what was happening and asked with anger what she thought she was doing. He said that Cozy saw what happened when she tried to take Discord's chaos magic and Cozy said that there was now alicorn princess magic in there as well. She attempted to say that she could be so much more powerful, but Chrysalis asked what she meant by that. Cozy said that she was obviously the best one of all three of them, but no one could see that. It launched into a full scale argument and they were all yelling at each other. Fluttershy said that this was really bad and Applejack said that they had to find Twilight pronto because she probably already found a way to defeat those monsters. Rainbow asked her if she had any idea on how to get out and Spike tried something. He said that this stuff was too sticky and there was no way that they could get through this. Rainbow said that they didn't know if Godzilla was aware of what was going on and woke up to deal with this issue. They had no idea where he was at right now and they simply couldn't rely on him at the moment.

Discord started to apologize for his behavior and said that it made so much sense in his head. Twilight defeating her worst enemies and is filled with confidence. He said that he truly had the best intentioned and he vowed to make it up to them. None of them were happy at what he had to say and Rainbow said that it had to be a pretty epic makeup. They suddenly heard Tirek yell to Cozy Glow to stay away from the bell and they turned around to see what was happening. Tirek blasted Cozy with a beam as a warning and he said that none of them could use the alicorn's magic until they figure out how to use that Draconequus's ridiculous chaos magic. Discord said that he could always tell them how and they all charged up their magic in retaliation. Discord said that it would give them power over all reality, but they would have to ask nicely and they had to spare his friends. Spike told him that was not the way to help, but Discord was insistent on this because he had an idea in mind that might free his friends from captivity. Cozy Glow attempted to ask Discord nicely, but Chrysalis pulled her away and said that threats were more her speed. She ordered him to speak and Tirek said that Discord was lying. He said that the Draconequus won't tell them and Discord said that he wouldn't tell him after the way the Centaur lied to him the last time they teamed up.

He called Tirek a muscle bound Cretin and Tirek warned him that this "Cretin" could destroy him before he blinks, so he had to choose his words carefully. Discord said Tirek was right and that cretin was too polite. He then suggested that maybe Tirek was a pathetic Centaur who used magic to compensate for the fact that deep down, he would never be enough to please dear old dad, King Vorak, and at that point, Tirek snapped. He blasted a gravity beam out from his mouth in retaliation at Discord and the Draconequus used the crystal he held in his hand as a shield. It bounced all over the place and it finally settled after destroying some stuff. Cozy told him that he missed and Starlight asked if he truly did. It turns out that paid off because one of the crystal shards had shattered and Starlight used her magic to be set free of the cage she was in. It dropped to the ground and Chrysalis ordered the Legion to get Starlight. They all used their magic to attack Starlight, but she kept teleporting all over the place in order to get away from them. She reappeared somewhere else and Applejack told Starlight to get Twilight. Starlight said that she wouldn't do that and said that Twilight always relied on her friends since the very beginning. She charged up some magic and freed everyone that was trapped inside. Chrysalis shot her with a beam on top of a gravity beam coming from her mouth right onto her back and Starlight groaned in pain.

Celestia told Twilight's friends to find the alicorn and while they might not have their magic, they weren't completely outless. They would hold the Legion off as long as they could and they began charging at them. The group stepped back and Rainbow said to Discord that was a pretty epic makeup. Discord told them to just save Equestria and yelled to them to keep Fluttershy safe. He picked up a rock and started throwing it at Chrysalis. Applejack busted the bricked open and they all stepped outside. One of the unicorns asked them why they were out the open and told them all to hide. Rarity asked where everypony was at and the Unicorn said that the Unicorns had been gathering in Celestia's School of Magic ever since the attack. He said that was where he was headed when he saw them and Rainbow asked about the Earth Ponies and Pegasi. The Unicorn said that it was everypony for themselves and Applejack said that wasn't right. The Unicorn said that they could stand out here and debate while he was going where he was safe. Spike saw him run inside the school and he said that Chrysalis was telling the truth the entire time. Ponies have turned against each other and are now fending for themselves. Applejack said that everypony was just scared and mentioned that they had to get to Ponyville to find Twilight. She said that the alicorn will know how to set things right and they all ran off towards Ponyville.

Back in Ponyville, ponies had begun to gather at City Hall and Mayor Mare told them all to stay calm. She said that she knows things look bad right now but there was no need to panic. One of the ponies yelled to give them all one good reason not to and they all started shouting in protest. Mayor Mare looked around desperately for a way out of this and she sighed in relief. She declared that it was because Ponyville's own heroes of Equestria are here to save them and they all turned around. They just walked in quietly and Applejack asked her family where all these ponies came from. Granny Smith said that the Earth Ponies were pouring in looking for somewhere safe and Applejack adjusted her hat. One of the ponies said that they didn't have Unicorn magic to protect them or a city to hide in like those "cowardly" Pegasi. Rainbow did not appreciate the insult and growled in anger. They saw the sky moving and the pony said that the Pegasi were blocking Cloudsdale because they didn't want any ground ponies in their business. Rainbow was about to give it to her, but Fluttershy got in between them and told them to stop because this was what the Legion of Doom wanted which was more fighting. She told the crowd that they know they were scared, but they were here to help. One of the ponies yelled that they better fix this and the ponies began shouting in agreement.

Applejack said that Twilight was probably just as worried as everypony else and looking for somewhere safe. She said that was why she thought Twilight would be waiting for them in Ponyville and asked where else she could be at. Spike thought about it and then said he knew where Twilight was. They made it to the Crystal Empire and Cadence said that it was wonderful to hear that they were all alright. She said that Twilight was upstairs and it wasn't good. They opened the door and saw Twilight looking through papers. She noticed as well and asked if they were here. They all went in for a hug and Twilight said that she was so worried. She asked where the Princesses were and Pinkie basically did a recap of the last five minutes of the episode in literally 20 seconds. She said that it was time to save Equestria and Twilight said that they all made a big mistake. She said that from the second she got away, she had searched through every book, scroll, and spell to rescue them and stop Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy Glow, but she hadn't found anything. She said that she sent out a help signal out to Godzilla, but she didn't know if he responded to it. She could only hope that he did, but she couldn't rely on that right now. She said that she failed and threw the book down to the ground. Spike said that she'll come up with something and they couldn't save Equestria without her. Twilight said that they all escaped without her help and they didn't need her then, so why would anypony need her now?

Rainbow attempted to say that they knew things look bad right now, but Twilight cut her off and told her to look around because nothing they had ever done mattered. She said that Sombra returned and destroyed the Tree of Harmony. She said that Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy Glow returned more powerful than ever and the School of Friendship was shut down. She said that everypony in Equestria was so blinded by fear that they couldn't remember what friendship was and nothing they did would make any difference. Pinkie said that they were still free and together and Rainbow said that it wasn't like things could get any worse. Suddenly, there was a loud whinny noise outside and Twilight opened the window to see what was happening. Clouds started forming in the sky and three horses known as the Windigos started circling around them. Spike asked if they had learned to never to say that by now and they stared in fear. They could only hope that Godzilla was around the corner so that they could defeat the Legion of Doom and now, the Windigos in order to set Equestria free. Back in Ponyville, one of the ponies started to freak out at the sight of the Windigos and another one said that was just a Hearth's Warming Eve story.

The pony that pointed it out asked in fear if they were the creatures made of wind that spread cold and misery across the land to punish ponies and said that it seemed pretty real to her. She said that they needed to let the Pegasi deal with this because there was nothing they could do except hide. They all ran away in fear and Sandbar had something brewing in his mind. Up in Cloudsdale, one of the ponies said that was enchanted wind and they couldn't control it. She said that they couldn't rely on those "snooty" Unicorns for any help and ordered them to build up the cloud bank to try to block it. One of the small foals asked about what they were gonna do with everypony down below and the pony told him that they were on their own along with them. He turned around and began thinking as well. Chancellor Neighsay saw the Windigos circling outside and nodded in approval. The same pony from earlier told the group to fortify the shields around the School of Magic. They needed to protect themselves and that was all they could do. The ponies started walking away and one of the small fillies looked back in worry like she wanted to do something about it. Back in the Crystal Empire, the Mane Six kept staring at the Windigos and Rainbow said that they had to do something. Twilight turned away and said that she already done enough.

Rarity closed the window and Applejack asked Twilight if she really wanted the truth. She said that bad things happen and there was never going to be a time where everything was perfect, but that doesn't mean she should give up trying. Twilight asked what would happen if she made things worse and she said that ever since Celestia told her that she would be taking over, she had been gaining confidence. She said then she found out it was all a lie and Equestria has been falling apart around them without her noticing. She asked what kind of princess that made her and she said she was scared. She had tears in her eyes and the rest of them watched in sadness. Fluttershy walked up to her and said that she knew more about being scared than anypony, but thanks to all of them, she was less scared when she was with her friends. Rainbow added that when they were facing impossible odds, they were facing them together and Rarity said that was always did. Twilight said that they were on their own and they had no idea what to do. Pinkie slid in front of her and said that was true pretty much every time something terrible is about to happen. Twilight said that they don't have the Elements of Harmony anymore and asked them how they could be so calm about this. Spike said that even if Twilight didn't believe she could do this, the rest of them could and they believed in her, in them.

Applejack said that all of their lives wouldn't have been the same if they hadn't met and they were better off because of their friendship with Twilight. She said that when Twilight says that she hadn't made a difference, that just wasn't true. She made a big difference to them and Twilight shed happy tears. She thanked them for the encouragement and said that sometimes, even the Princess of Friendship needed a reminder that there was more to the Magic of Friendship than just rainbow lasers. Spike said that part was pretty cool and Twilight hugged him. The rest of the group went in for a hug and Twilight said that they still needed a plan. The door suddenly opened and Cadence said that sounded more like the pony she used to foalsit for. She said to them to count her family in, but Twilight told them not to because they needed to protect Flurry Heart. She said that if things don't work out and Godzilla doesn't arrive on time, Flurry was Equestria's last hope. She said that three of their worst villains have taken over, powered up by ancient magic and also from a certain three headed dragon that caused destruction to this very city almost four years ago. Everypony in Equestria was so scared and divided that the Windigos are circling and it was up to them to fix it all. Pinkie asked her what they were going to do and Twilight said that they would do the same thing that they've always done which was trying to save the world.

Back in Canterlot, Tirek said that every prisoner was safely in their cells and now they could hunt down the rest. He saw the Windigos above him and expressed confusion. Cozy said that she wasn't hunting anypony down in this weather and asked if they could magically get rid of them so they could warm things up. Chrysalis said that they shouldn't because this could work out quite well for her and Tirek corrected her by saying that she meant them. Chrysalis said that the harsh weather will be the final blow to break the ponies spirits and once Equestria is a frozen wasteland, they'll use their magic to destroy those windy beasts. She said at that point, ponies would be so grateful that they'll do whatever she wanted and Tirek reminded her that the Windigos were considered ancient magic. He said that it would be unwise to leave them unchecked and it was best that they deal with those creatures now. They both growled at each other and Cozy said that they should probably deal with the Mane Six first before anypony else. Tirek said that he thought it was too cold for Cozy to hunt anypony down and Cozy said that they didn't need to because they were right over there in the fields. She pointed to them and glared at them. Spike asked Twilight if the Legion of Doom knows that they were here, but he soon got his answer. The portal opened right up and the Legion of Doom came stepping out with the bell right behind them. Applejack said that they probably had a good idea and they prepared themselves for battle.

The Legion began marching closer and Twilight said that bell had Discord and the Princesses' magic inside. She said that if they used it against them, then that could spill disaster and Fluttershy explained that Discord's magic was so chaotic that he was the only one that could use it and properly control it. Chrysalis said that they couldn't accept the fact that they were beaten before there was even a fight and Twilight said that they couldn't beat her or her friends if they never gave up. She attempted to finish her speech, but Cozy got annoyed and asked if they could get on with this. She charged up her magic and blasted a large red beam along with a gravity beam shooting out her mouth right at the Mane Six. Twilight teleported away and the Legion of Doom kept moving forward. Twilight said that that they needed to get that bell and give Discord and the Princesses their magic back. She told Pinkie and Rainbow that they were with her and Rainbow liked the sound of that. She attempted to say that she'll grab that bell in ten seconds flat, but Twilight said that they were the distraction and the rest of them were going to get the bell. Chrysalis blasted the tree and told the Mane Six to come out wherever they were. Cozy pointed them out and they saw Twilight, Rainbow, and Pinkie charge right at them. Cozy blasted their magic at them, but Rainbow dodged it and spun her around.

Tirek attempted to go after Rainbow, but Twilight teleported in front of him and charged up her magic like she was ready for round two with this dude. Tirek cracked his neck a little bit and threw rocks at Twilight. Twilight simply used it as jumping stones and blasted a beam right at him. Tirek fell to the ground and glared at Twilight. He got up and charged after her. Pinkie wore a carnival costume and told Chrysalis to try a lap. She got on the wheel to dodge attacks, but Chrysalis was having none of it and started to blast her with her magic. This went on for several times and Pinkie thanked Chrysalis for playing. Chrysalis disintegrated the doll and charged after Pinkie which left the bell open to be taken. Cozy asked in frustration if the Mane Six had to be so annoying and Chrysalis caught on to what was happening. She said it was distracting and called them out for it. The Legion of Doom blasted magic at them and they started running. Chrysalis hit Spike in the back with a gravity beam and Rarity attempted to block the attack with some sort of shield in the shape of a diamond. But since she wasn't as magically strong as Twilight, it broke very easily and Chrysalis advanced further. She was about to blast Rarity to pieces with a gravity beam, but Spike intercepted that with his fire breath. Rarity pitched in as well and it pushed back Chrysalis's gravity beam. She flew up in the air and blasted the two of them with more magic. They dodged it and it created a hole in the ground.

Tirek was busy chasing Applejack and he shot gravity beam after gravity beam at her along with blasting magic from his horns to hit the farm pony. Applejack tried to pull the bell towards her, but it was so heavy that she couldn't get it to move. Tirek got to her and snapped it in half. He saw Fluttershy flying towards it and Cozy flew right beside her. She said that they all knew Fluttershy was not the fast one and she blasted Fluttershy with her magic along with the gravity beam that came out of her mouth. Rainbow picked her up and Chrysalis said that enough was enough or else Spike's wings get plucked. She started pulling at them and he screamed in pain. Twilight told Chrysalis to not hurt him, but when Spike said for them to keep fighting, Chrysalis tugged even harder to the point where Spike couldn't get out a sentence and screamed in pain. The Mane Six all held downcast looks on their faces and Chrysalis threw Spike right back at them. Twilight caught him in her magic and held him closely. Tirek said that it turned out that the Magic of Friendship was their biggest weakness and it was a fitting end to their "pathetic" story. The Legion of Doom charged up their magic and built up the gravity beams in their throats. Rainbow said that no matter what, they'll face it together and they got together in a group hug. The Legion was about to blast them to pieces, but everything stopped when splashing was heard. They all turned to the right and saw dorsal plates poking out of the water.

The Mane Six were relieved that he was here, but the Legion of Doom started to worry as they did not think he would arrive. Godzilla poked his head out of the water and roared with anger before he went back down. He appeared on the surface and they all began shooting projectiles at him. Godzilla swatted them away and Tirek blasted a beam of magic right at him. Godzilla responded in kind with his atomic breath and it caused a magical explosion to occur. Cozy Glow blasted him straight to the ground and she gave out evil laughter. Godzilla got back up and growled in anger. All of them just laughed at him and he roared very loudly in anger. Cozy asked him with anger if he could just shut up with the roar already and blasted a beam of magic right at Godzilla. Godzilla saw that coming and blasted his atomic breath right at her, which made her hit the ground really hard. She got up and all of them charged up their magic along with building up the gravity beams. They blasted it at Godzilla and he responded in kind. However, the Legion ducked and aimed lower which caused Godzilla to start falling towards the ground. His atomic breath destroyed some parts of the mountain and the fields. He fell back into the water and he roared in pain. They all laughed in victory, but Godzilla came back up and blasted them with his atomic breath across their chests. They all screamed in pain and then growled at him with anger. Tirek attempted to jump on Godzilla from the air, but Godzilla moved out of the way and Tirek landed on the mountain.

Godzilla approached him, but Tirek threw a punch at Godzilla and pushed him right through the mountain, which caused Godzilla to fall to the ground. Godzilla got back up and he swung his arms right at Tirek, which caused him to fall to the ground and he lost a few teeth in the process. He growled with anger and got back up. Godzilla blasted him with his atomic breath, but Tirek jumped in the air to avoid it, however, Godzilla was smart and he simply aimed higher. He stomped his feet on the ground and that caused the atomic breath to smack Tirek down hard on the ground. Applejack told the group that they should probably help Godzilla out and they all started to attack the Legion of Doom. Tirek finally had enough and created a shockwave that threw all of the Mane Six onto the ground. Godzilla turned around and he stared at Tirek in anger. This creature looked like he wanted a real round two after what happened last time. Tirek grinned at Godzilla and walked towards him. Godzilla roared with anger and Tirek did the same. He tried to bring down Godzilla from the air, but Godzilla moved out of the way and let Tirek hit the side of the mountain. Godzilla charged at him, but Tirek simply smacked him to the side with his hands and then dragged him through the mountain once again. Godzilla smacked him down to the ground and then blasted him with his atomic breath.

They were all glaring at him and Godzilla roared at them as an order to submit to his authority. The Legion told him to shut up with the roar and they blasted him with their magic and gravity beams. He fell to the ground and Twilight expressed worry. She decided to fly up into the air and blind them with the God Rays that she inherited from Mothra. The Legion of Doom hissed in pain and shielded their eyes because of how bright it was. That allowed Twilight to move closer to them and she stuck her stinger in each one of their skins one by one. They all screamed in pain and growled with anger. Suddenly, the rest of Equestria along with the other kingdoms showed up and they started charging towards the Legion of Doom. The Mane Six were able to be taken away and Tirek yelled to not let them escape. Cozy asked which ones and the creatures began their attacks. Chrysalis fell to the ground while the dragons and griffons took care of Tirek and Cozy Glow. Thorax said that the Changelings won't fool the Legion forever and he had no idea how long the Unicorn shield will hold. Twilight said that she didn't understand and asked how they could all be here. Gallus said that it was kind of their fault and Smolder asked Twilight if she remembered those long lectures that she gave them all in school. Each of them told their story about the importance of friendship and they got to unite all the creatures against a common enemy.

After that, Applejack said that it was just like the day when Twilight opened that school and Spike said that was the more creatures who knew about friendship, the safer they would all be. Pinkie said that she told Twilight that they had it all figured out and Twilight smiled with joy. Creatures started banging up against the shield and after a few seconds, it suddenly broke and they were all now out in the open. The Legion of Doom blasted them all away and they all growled with anger. Before they could run very far, they started to sense a burning smell. The other creatures could as well and then they started hearing things falling. They felt the Earth shake and they turned around to find Burning Godzilla marching right towards the Legion of Doom. He roared very loudly and the Legion of Doom let out a Ghidorah roar in response. Godzilla built up his atomic breath and he sent out the first nuclear pulse, which stripped them of their abilities obtained by Ghidorah. They blasted him with their magic, but Godzilla kept moving forward towards them. He built up his atomic breath again and sent out the second nuclear pulse, which cleared the Windigos out of the sky and sent a rainbow down on the Legion of Doom, taking away their powers completely. It put it back in the bell and it fell to the ground. Cozy was saddened by her alicorn powers being taken away, Tirek was freezing cold in his weakest form, and Chrysalis was trying to take in being back to a normal Changeling.

The three groups of past, present, and future came down to the bottom of the mountain and glared at the Legion of Doom. Cozy and Tirek backed away in fear, but Chrysalis glared at them and growled with anger. She asked if Twilight seriously thought that friendship and Godzilla will save her and declared that they will always return. Before she could continue her sentence, a giant cupcake fell on them and it started to rain chocolate milk. Spike was confused by that and the group smiled. The princesses flew down and Starlight teleported Discord over as well. He told them to not look at him and Twilight saw Pinkie with the bell in her hooves. She asked her how she felt and Pinkie described it like how you would think before massively increasing in size. She started to go crazy a bit and Discord suggested that maybe he should do something. He took the magic away from Pinkie and she fell towards the ground. Twilight caught her and Pinkie asked if there was some chaos in her soup. Discord pointed the bell at himself and got his magic back. He gave the princesses their magic back as well and their manes started flowing again. The Legion of Doom got out of the cupcake and Celestia slammed her hoof down on the ground. She said that there wasn't a punishment worthy of everything they done and Discord suggested something between her and Luna.

Speaking of which, Luna said that it did seem fitting and Discord asked if he could help. The three of them charged up their magic and blasted it towards the Legion of Doom. It destroyed the cupcake and they started to turn to stone. Cozy started to panic, Tirek looked away in fear, and Chrysalis gave an intimidating look at her enemies to look more tough. Discord said that they would be together forever and he doubted that they would want anything less. The crowds cheered in victory and Celestia and Luna just smiled at each other with Discord's antics. Celestia went over to Twilight and the rest of the group backed away in respect. Celestia told Twilight that when she sent her to Ponyville almost ten years ago, she had high hopes and when Twilight became the Princess of Friendship, she knew she made the right choice. She said that nothing could prepare her for how proud she was of Twilight right now and Equestria was definitely in the right hooves. She said that Twilight was ready and her and her sister plus Discord bowed before her. She attempted to bow before Godzilla, but Godzilla stuck a finger out to stop her and he bowed slightly as well. Twilight smiled and said that she believed she was ready now. Applejack said that it was about time and asked what they were going to do with all of these creatures. Pinkie said that they were gonna need a lot more chairs for the coronation and Twilight looked up on the mountain.

Twilight said that as ruler of Equestria, she would like to postpone the coronation for a while, at least until the castle was rebuilt. Godzilla decided that now was the time to leave and he roared in victory. He bent his head down to meet Twilight at ground level and he stared at her a bit. She gave him a hug on the head and he smiled a little bit. She let go and went back to the ground. She petted him on the snout and he huffed out some smoke as she got to see those amber eyes one last time before he left. He put his head back up and he started walking towards the Saddle River. He had traveled all the way up the body of water from the South Luna Ocean outside of Las Pegasus in order to get here and now he was going back in the other direction. He roared in victory one more time and he descended towards the water. The other creatures watched in amazement as they watched their king leave and felt glad that he was around. Godzilla splashed down into the water and his dorsal plates were the only thing left that they saw before he finally disappeared entirely underneath the river. Once again, Godzilla had to stop another threat, but it was three creatures that he had already faced before and he whooped them all when he fought them. This was definitely his biggest challenge yet as he was better at fighting in 1v1 combat and struggled with multiple creatures at once. But, he prevailed once again and now Equestria was safe once more. He can return to the Celestial Ocean and enjoy his slumber until he was called upon again for another threat. He went from water to war.

Author's Note:

AN: Whew! Finally done with that chapter! This chapter wasn't as long as the last one, but it still took a few days to write this. Something to mention is that when the Legion of Doom was powered up, they had most of Ghidorah's powers. This was highly requested and I decided to follow through on that because I care about your guys' opinion. They had the gravity beams and the regenerative ability. So, when they shot Gravity Beams, they would make the same noise that Ghidorah did whenever he did it in Godzilla: KOTM. I think it's pretty cool and we have just one more chapter left in this story before it's complete. I know Season 9 is over, but this was something that I feel is missing. So stay tuned for that. Hope you enjoyed the chapter!

Next Chapter: The Return of the REAL Grogar! After adjusting to the life of ruling Equestria, Twilight is feeling confident about her new position. However, she starts to feel that something feels off. Little does she know that the Real Grogar was set free and now wants revenge on all of Ponykind for being sealed away for so long. Godzilla senses the threat and responds to it accordingly. Will the King Of The Monsters be able to take down the Father of Monsters, or will Grogar use his cunning and clever nature to outsmart Godzilla?

Until then, my fellow readers