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Godzilla: Equestria's King of Monsters - Microsoft_2016

A collection of chapters of the King Of The Monsters defeating fellow villains within the MLP series.

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Chapter 13: Harmony vs. Division

It was a quiet night in the town of Canterlot City and not much was happening. However, things were turning heated in one of the local restaurants in the city. People were arguing and a bunch of green dust was being made. That dust headed towards the back of the restaurant where three teenage girls with their hoods up were singing a tune of some sort. They also had these jewel necklaces wrapped around their necks and that green dust disappeared right into it. After a few seconds, they all put their hoods down and Aria told Adagio that was barely worth the effort. She said that she was sick and tired of fast food and wanted a real meal. Adagio stated that the energy in this world wasn't the same as it was back in Equestria and they could only gain so much power here. Aria groaned in frustration and said that she wished they were never banished to this place. Adagio looked at her with a smile and said sarcastically that she loved it here before giving her a glare. Sonata thought Adagio was being genuine and said that this place was the worst.

Aria looked at Sonata and told her that she was the worst. Sonata took offense to that and attempted to say that she was the worst as well, but Adagio was having none of it. She growled in irritation and said that being stuck here with the two of them didn't make this world any more bearable. Suddenly, a large blue beam shot up into the sky and Adagio looked to see what was happening. She seemed confused for a second before getting intrigued about it. She went outside and examined it further. However, she then heard a loud ear shattering roar in the distance and she saw a giant reptile that appeared to be burning red and orange. She saw an orange shockwave be sent out and then a second one which brought out the rainbow. She watched it go up in the air and go back down before going back up again. Her necklace shined a little bit and Adagio was in a state of shock. She literally just witnessed the defeat of Sunset Shimmer at the hands of Godzilla and now she felt something. She asked the other two if they felt it and gave an evil grin.

They were complaining earlier about how much this world sucked and now, they've found Equestrian magic at play here. She then asked them what they thought that was and both of them gave no answer. Adagio grabbed Aria and told her that it was Equestrian magic. Aria found that strange and told Adagio that this world doesn't have Equestrian magic. Adagio simply smiled and said it did now. She said that they were going to use that magic to make everyone in that world adore them. Just over a year later, student life at Canterlot High School was going pretty well. Students were gathering in the gym because it was the time of year for the musical showcase to be put on. Students were painting things on posters and socializing with one another. Over where the human versions of the CMC's were, Sweetie Belle noticed her paint brush get taken and turned around to see Sunset standing right there. For the last year or so, Sunset has been trying to recover and redeem herself for what she pulled at the Fall Formal, but it hasn't been easy.

Most of the school still remembers what she did and pretty much excluded her from anything. They were always sending glares to her in the hallway and they expressed their hatred towards her in various different ways. Fortunately, when Princess Twilight left to return to Equestria, she left Sunset with the group of friends she made and they've been helping Sunset trying to adjust to the reformed student lifestyle. Anyway, Sunset asked the three girls if they wanted some help, but Apple Bloom told her that they were fine. Sunset felt a little hurt by that, but she understood. Pinkie yelled out her name and that made her happier. Sadly, as she was walking over there, the students started whispering to themselves and said negative things about Sunset. This was the typical day life for Sunset at CHS for the last year. Even though she had five friends who hung out with her, the rest of the school still was skeptical about her and had severe disdain for her.

Sunset sighed and told the group that she had no idea that the whole school would be here. Rarity picked up the poster and said that it was quite eye catching according to herself. Pinkie had picked it up as well and said that it smelled like cake. Fluttershy got interested and asked if it did. She attempted to smell it, but Pinkie just shoved the whole poster in Fluttershy's face and some of it got on her face. Pinkie explained that she used frosting instead of paste and Applejack pointed out that Fluttershy had something on her face. Fluttershy wiped her face a bit and asked if she got it. She didn't get all of it and only got a little bit of it. Applejack told her that she didn't get it all and Sunset just wiped off the rest of it with a cloth. Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna walked in and the former expressed how proud she was that so many of them would be participating in the school's first ever musical showcase. The students cheered with joy and Celestia said that this would be a great opportunity to raise money for the after school programs at CHS.

She told them to keep working on those posters and said that she believed that this would be one of the most exciting events that the school had since the Fall Formal. That instantly struck a chord with Sunset and next thing she knew, she had a bunch of glares being sent her way. Sunset felt embarrassed about it and simply slid to the ground and buried her head in shame. Later on that day, the group were inside one of the music rooms and Sunset began to express about how she wouldn't get past this. She said that she would never live that event down and Fluttershy told her that she was pretty bad at the Fall Formal. Sunset said bluntly that she turned into a raging she-demon and Pinkie told her that she also turned everyone into teenage zombies for her own personal army and got handed a massive defeat at the hands of Godzilla. Sunset felt worried about it for a second and then sighed. She looked out the window and said that she hoped Godzilla had forgiven her for going haywire like that and he didn't hold any grudges against her.

Rarity told her that he probably wouldn't and she has them, who have forgiven her for her past mistakes. Applejack said that in her opinion, that whole event brought CHS closer together than ever before. They just sung a song about how much better student life was at the school and how much better they were all together. Of course, they did the pony transformations during the entire song and when it was over, it disappeared. Rarity commented on how she still couldn't believe that they could do that and proceeded to go off about how she could make herself look better whenever those transformations happen. Applejack then asked about why it could happen since Twilight took her crown back to Equestria, so obviously that meant the rest of the magic went with her, right? Not exactly. It's a bit more complicated than that, but we don't have time to explain it, so we'll move on.

Rainbow told them who cares about that and said that it makes her band totally awesome. Rarity gasped with shock and asked her what she meant by "her" band. Rainbow said that it was her idea to start the Rainbooms so that they could compete in the showcase and she was also lead singer and guitarist. The door suddenly knocked and it opened to reveal Flash. He told them that he heard them outside, and from what he believed, he thought that they sounded pretty good. Rainbow said they were getting there, but she decided to throw Rarity and Applejack under the bus and criticize them in a way that was really unnecessary. Both of them glared at her and Flash asked with discrepancy if there was a certain friend that would show up for the showcase. It was basically a long way of asking if Twilight was gonna be there for the event. He still remembered having a good time with the princess at the Fall Formal a year ago, so he still sorta had feelings for her. If you are a guy, you know what I mean by this.

Applejack caught his drift and said that she doesn't believe Twilight will be back at Canterlot High any time soon. Flash just laughed nervously and told them he thought he would ask. He told them to keep on rocking it and tried to head out the door, but he hit the wall instead. He moved away and then took off. Rarity commented about how much Flash liked Twilight, but she saw Sunset standing right there. She then apologized for her behavior and said she forgot that Sunset and Flash used to be an item. Sunset said it was fine and explained to her that she never really liked him, but was just using him to get more popular. She then felt guilty and asked the question if the old self was really bad. All of them nodded and Applejack told her that the important thing was that she turned herself around. Sunset thanked Applejack for the encouragement, but she said that she doesn't believe that the whole school agrees with that philosophy.

The loudspeaker suddenly came on and Vice Principal Luna announced for Sunset to come to the main foyer of the school. Sunset told the group that she had to run because she was volunteering to show some new students around the school and she figured it would be a good opportunity for them to get to know the new her first before they learn about the old her. After Sunset left, Rainbow told the group they had a few minutes left before lunch starts and then suggested that they play "Awesome As I Want To Be." Fluttershy spoke up and suggested that they play the song that she wrote instead, but Rainbow ignored that request and said that they'll get to it at some point. Fluttershy simply sighed and went along with it. Sunset introduced herself to the new students standing at the door and asked if they were the ones she was supposed to show around. It turns out, those students were the same three girls that were set on dominating this world from Equestrian magic.

Adagio told Sunset that this was them and the three of them gave an evil grin. Sunset didn't seem to pick that up and told them that CHS was a great school and they were gonna love it here. Adagio gave a devilish grin and stated that they really did sense something magical about this place. Sunset pointed towards the science lab and the computer lab, but then she stopped and told them about the musical showcase. That gave Adagio ideas and she began scheming in her head about the possibilities that could come with this. Sunset told them that since they were "new" here, she was sure that Principal Celestia would let them sign up. Aria said that it has been known for them to sing from time to time, but Sonata said that they sing all the time which is how they get people to do what they want. Adagio motioned for her to shut up and Sonata had no clue what she did wrong. Adagio had to plan this very carefully and the last thing she wanted for Sonata to blow their cover. You are supposed to confuse the enemy, not tell them your plans.

Adagio spoke up and told Sunset that what Sonata meant to say was that it was considered a great way to meet other students. Sonata caught on and said that's what she meant to say. Aria blasted Sonata by saying that she wouldn't have said the wrong thing if she wasn't the worst. Sonata fired back like a five year old and Adagio told Sunset that she had to excuse them because they were idiots. She was trying to have a diplomatic conversation over here and those two keep bickering like a bunch of toddlers fighting over a toy. At first, Sunset didn't know what to say, but then she noticed the three of them messing around with those necklaces. She got interested and tried to ask where they got them from. But before she could examine it further, Adagio grabbed her hand and held it, stopping any further investigation from Sunset. Adagio laughed nervously and explained to her that these pendants are very valuable to them and they would hate for something to happen to them. She was right in some way, because that was how they gained power. You take that away from them, their power is no more and they're just three normal teenage girls.

She and Aria walked away, and Sonata just stood there smiling. After a few seconds, Adagio grabbed her and took her away. Sunset watched them leave and was quite confused. Something felt off about those girls and whatever those pendants were, they obviously held a lot of value. They were hiding something from her and she was going to find out. In the lunchroom, the students were all talking and Sunset sat down next to Applejack. Applejack asked Sunset how the tour went and Sunset told her that she really didn't know and that something was off about them. Pinkie began giving suggestions like crazy, but Rainbow told her that they should just listen to what Sunset had to say. Sunset said that was the case and she couldn't put her finger on it because they were acting strange around her. She then speculated that someone probably already told them what she did and shamed for herself for not making a good first impression. Fluttershy said that was the case, but then she realized what she said and attempted to correct herself, but she got some stares from her friends.

Outside, Adagio told Aria and Sonata that this was the moment they've been waiting for. Sonata asked if it was lunch, but Adagio told her with annoyance that it was get their Equestrian magic back. She explained that their voices were just strong enough to make the students want something so badly, that they'll fight to the death to get it. Aria then asked the question if the plan was just doing was they always do. Stir up some trouble and then feed off of the negative energy that comes from it. She said with sarcasm that it was a great plan, but Adagio told her that this time would be different. She believed that there was Equestrian magic here and the negative energy will be powerful enough to get them back to full strength and force the world to do their bidding. Sonata asked if they could have lunch after, since it was Taco Tuesday, but Adagio told her to follow her lead. Aria suggested her lead, but Adagio got aggressive and said only HER lead, not anyone else's. Sonata snickered a little bit, and Aria just gave a disgruntled face from the confrontation. All three of them burst open the doors and walked inside to sing a certain song.

The Mane Five, plus Sunset, were confused as to why they were doing this, but they would get their answer very soon. To give you an executive summary, the Dazzlings sowed the seeds of doubt and told the students that it was fair game and it was perfectly fine to get angry at one another in order to be better than the rest. They heavily encouraged having a Battle of the Bands and they cast their spell on the students which made their eyes turn green for a second. As a result, a bunch of green dust came reeking out of the students and the Dazzlings just picked it all up as a food source. Pinkie finally understood what Sunset meant by off and expressed that to her. In the hallway, Sunset said that those three were definitely in possession of dark magic and asked Applejack what other explanation there could be for what just occurred inside the lunchroom. Applejack told the group not to worry, because Principal Celestia will be informed and those girls will be kicked to the curb. She mentioned that the last thing they needed was another CHS event almost ruined by some power hungry lunatic.

Applejack realized what she said and told Sunset that she meant no offense by what she said. Sunset said that none were taken and just kept walking. To say that Principal Celestia would kick the Dazzlings to the curb after hearing about dark magic, it was easier said than done. Principal Celestia said that the concept of dark magic was very hard to believe and when those girls came into her office earlier, they were delightful. Vice Principal Luna suggested that maybe Sunset was eager to make someone else into a bad element so that her actions at the Fall Formal would become old news and forgotten. Sunset said that she could see why they thought that way, but before she could finish, Rainbow cut in and said that all of them saw this go down in the cafeteria as well. Principal Celestia then raised the question if their band was part of the musical showcase and Rainbow didn't really want to answer that, but she said yes anyway. Then Vice Principal Luna suggested that all of them were just worried that the Dazzlings might steal their spotlight.

Applejack asked what the Dazzlings was, and Principal Celestia told them that was the name of their musical group and that's why they came by her office earlier so that they could sign up for it. She even mentioned that they sung her and Luna a little song as well. Applejack questioned if that was true or not, and Principal Celestia said that it was. She said that the both of them believed that a battle of the bands was a better idea and their eyes flashed green for a few seconds which meant they were under the spell as well. The group went outside and began to collect their thoughts. Fluttershy said she couldn't believe that the Dazzlings got to Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna as well and Rainbow said that they pretty much got to everyone. Pinkie said that they didn't get everyone and Applejack told them that Pinkie was right. They were all there when the Dazzlings were singing their song, but none of them got affected somehow which meant they were protected in some way.

Rainbow said that they should ahead and do it and mentioned that it wasn't like they haven't tackled dark magic before and whooped its sorry butt. Rainbow realized what she said and told Sunset that she meant no offense. Sunset scoffed at that and said that none were taken... again. Fluttershy brought up that it only happened when Twilight was with them and there could have been some magic inside of them, but only when they play music. She said that she had no idea how to use it to whoop someone's butt and Rarity mentioned that if they could get a message to Twilight, she would know what to do and tell them how to set everyone free from the control of the Dazzlings' dark magic. Rainbow said that wasn't going to happen because the portal was closed and threw the soccer ball right at the statue. Rarity was busy doing her nails and when Rainbow threw the ball, she had to duck so she couldn't get hit, but she saw the nail polish get all over her arm. She looked at it and yelled a bit in anger and horror.

Rainbow also mentioned that where Twilight was from, they probably didn't have any cell phones around and then Sunset had an idea. She told the group that she had an idea on a form of contact and they all went to her locker. She opened it and searched for a book. She got it out and presented it to the group. She explained that when she was Princess Celestia's student back in Equestria, her teacher gave her this and even after she abandoned her studies, she still kept it around because she felt deep down, she may have been making a big mistake and she still wanted that form of contact. She told herself that maybe it still works and Rarity asked what she meant by that since it was a book. Sunset explained that any time she wrote in this book, the text would show up in a book somewhere in Celestia's library somewhere and if she could get a message to Celestia, then Celestia could get a message to Twilight. Rainbow asked Sunset what she was waiting for and offered Sunset a pen.

Sunset took the pen and told herself that it's been a long time since she's written these words. She began writing and hoped that it would go somewhere. Meanwhile, in Equestria, life was going great for the ponies of Ponyville. They were still recovering from the events of Tirek and in the back of the town, was the Friendship Castle in all of its glory. Because the Golden Oaks Library was destroyed, most of the books that were kept in there had been disintegrated as well. So, Celestia decided to send a ton of books to the new library in Twilight's castle so it will appear as if the original books didn't disappear. A pony came in with a cart load of books and the Mane Six were all doing something. Rarity was flattening out a towel, Spike was reading a comic book, Fluttershy, Rainbow, and Applejack were pushing crates around, Pinkie was blowing up balloons for some random reason, and Twilight was reading books. The cart pony came up to her and asked where she wanted all of the books from Princess Celestia. Twilight said she wanted them in the library and it was the third door to his left.

He asked if that included the one that was glowing and vibrating, and Twilight stopped what she was doing. She saw it up there and brought it down with her magic. She opened the book and it went right to the page where Sunset had been writing to her former teacher. The rest of her friends took notice as well and Fluttershy asked what it was. Twilight said it appeared to be a message to Celestia from her friends at Canterlot High and Rarity asked how that was possible. Twilight said she had no idea, but what she did know is that they needed her help. All of them gathered in one of study rooms and Twilight pulled out one of the history books. She told the group that from how Sunset described the new girls at CHS, they sounded an awful lot like the Sirens. Pinkie yelled "NOT THE SIRENS," but then she whispered to Fluttershy that she had no idea what that actually was. Twilight opened the book and explained that the Sirens were three majestic but dangerous creatures who had the power to charm ponies by the sound of their music.

But in order to maintain that, they had to feed on the opposition and distrust of others and the more energy they consumed, the stronger their voices became and they could use it to spread their dark magic, Fluttershy said she didn't like this story very much and Twilight said that if the Sirens had their way, they would have divided and conquered all of Equestria pretty easily, but Starswirl the Bearded put a stop to that. She said that rumor has it where he was able to find a way to banish them to another world, one where he believed they would be unable to use their dark powers. Twilight said that it must have been the world where her Canterlot High friends live and Applejack said that Starswirl must have banished them thousands of years ago, so she asked why they are surfacing now. Twilight said she didn't know, but if her predictions were correct and it is the Sirens that have come to Canterlot High, then the spell they cast was just the beginning.

Twilight told them that her friends there needed her and she had to get back to them. Rainbow told her that she hated to burst her bubble, but the connection between that world and Equestria will still be cut off for another 29 years. Pinkie showed up and said that the first thing was if there was bubble blowing going on, why wasn't she informed about it, and the second thing was that if the connection was totally cut off, then how come Sunset could send a message to Twilight? Twilight thought about it for a second and came up with an idea. She said that Pinkie was a genius and went off to get supplies. Pinkie said that she gets that a lot, and then grabbed Rainbow to ask about those bubbles. But all of them quickly stopped what they were doing to observe Twilight. They saw her carrying supplies with a grin on her face and she proceeded to put them all together into a giant machine with the portal there. After she was finished, she mentioned some super complicated scientific and calculus level math and the rest of the group was very confused.

Spike asked Twilight to clarify and Pinkie said that Twilight would take the magic from the book and put it into the mirror. It will make the portal open up so that whenever she wants to, she could go back and forth. Pinkie did it one too many times and finally, Applejack told her that they all got the idea. Pinkie stopped and then walked away. Twilight told the group that it was time to see if it actually works and she used her magic to put the book on the platform above the mirror. It began to circulate magic through various different circuits and wires and eventually, a bright pink light flashed through. After a second or two, the portal was open and Twilight was happy to see it work. The rest of them were amazed and Applejack suggested if they could come with Twilight this time around. Twilight said that probably wasn't a good idea and it would make it confusing if Canterlot High suddenly had two of everyone. The group understood that and Spike asked if he could still go. Twilight nodded and he gave out his victory speech. Twilight hugged her friends and told them that she wouldn't be long.

She asked Spike if he was ready and he adjusted himself a little bit. After that, he told her that he was ready and both of them disappeared through the mirror. On the other side, everyone was doing something different. Rarity was painting Fluttershy's nails, Applejack and Pinkie were playing solitaire, and Rainbow and Sunset were just sitting, waiting for Twilight to arrive. Rainbow said that she is starting to believe that Twilight isn't coming, but as if it was on command, Twilight and Spike got yeeted to the other side and landed on the ground. The group was excited to see Twilight and Twilight said awkwardly that she was back. Sunset offered to help her up, but she was a little hesitant to do so. After a few seconds, Twilight gave in and she let Sunset help her up. The group went in for a hug and Twilight informed them that she had bad news about those new girls. All of them went over to the local bakery shop and Rarity apologized for having Twilight come on such short notice and they had so much catching up to do.

Applejack said that for starters, Flash had asked about Twilight. Twilight got excited about that, but then calmed down a little bit when some of them gave her encouraging looks. Rarity suggested that she could be let in on some gossip from her world and Spike told her that Twilight had an official title now which was the Princess of Friendship. Sunset commented on how nice that was and it proved to her that Twilight really was Celestia's prized pupil. Spike then mentioned that Twilight had her own castle and Rarity went nuts. She got quite excited, but then calmed down a bit when she did some of her antics. Twilight asked what was new here besides the high school being controlled by dark magic from three ancient villains that were from another world. Rainbow told her that wasn't the only strange thing that has happened here since she left and she showed her the pony transformations on her phone. Twilight seemed surprised by that and Rainbow said that happens to all of them when they play their music.

Twilight speculated on it for a second and then said when her crown returned to Equestria, some of that magic must have remained here and now that they were all back together, they could use it on the Sirens just like they did from Sunset when she turned into that raging she-demon. Realizing that she was right there and was very blunt about it, Twilight told Sunset that she meant no offense and Sunset said that none were taken. She chuckled to herself and said that she's gotten used to it. Rarity asked Twilight "Wasn't it Godzilla that ultimately defeated Sunset? We haven't heard from him in a while and we would like to know what he is up to." Twilight told her that was the case, but she believed they would all be just fine without him. As for Godzilla himself, she told them briefly that he took down these two creatures called MUTOs and then Tirek about a year later. She said that he doesn't really come out all that much except to take down dangerous threats and then just go back to sleep in the North Celestial Ocean.

Rarity said that sounded pretty boring, but Twilight told her that's just what he does. He is a guardian of the Equestrian planet and he makes sure that everything remains in perfect balance. Whenever he is not needed somewhere, he goes back to sleep so that the natural balance can remain at reasonable levels. He only comes up to the surface to take down a creature that is destroying the balance, which in turn, threatens Godzilla's authority. Most of them were confused by that logic, so Twilight explained that since he was the King Of The Monsters, he rules over all of the other titans, and they must obey him. Whenever one of them steps out of line, Godzilla beats them down to submission or they get destroyed if they refuse to comply. Also, his role is to maintain balance in the world, so any time a creature goes out and causes havoc, it destroys that balance and that is considered a direct challenge to Godzilla's authority. Basically, he rules over nature as well as the titans, so whenever nature is getting destroyed, it sends the message that Godzilla isn't a good enough ruler for them and believes they can do it better themselves.

The group understood what Twilight was saying and Rainbow told the group when they use that power from the crown, the Sirens will never know what hit them. She did a bunch of punches and kicks to the air, but Applejack stopped her and informed the group that they had nothing to worry about now that Twilight was here. Fluttershy said she could probably think of something to worry about, but it won't be the Sirens. Twilight asked if any of them had any idea where they might be at, and Pinkie told her that there was a big party tonight for all the bands that signed up for the event which would probably include them as well. Twilight told her that they had a party to crash and they all headed to the gym at the high school. All of the students in there were growing very distant and cold with each other and they made sure they let them know how they felt. Flash almost got into it with Snips, but he walked away and told him he was gonna get more punch. He bumped into Twilight and he was surprised to see her there.

Twilight tried speaking to him, but had some trouble saying a full sentence. Flash asked if she came back for the big competition and Twilight said it was something like that. Flash got cocky and said that no one wants this more than his band. Rainbow saw the Sirens come in and she needed to alert Twilight. So, she took one of the chocolate chips from the cookie Pinkie was eating and threw it at Twilight's hair. Twilight felt it and turned around with a confused look. Rainbow motioned her head to look at the entrance and Twilight looked to see the Sirens standing over there watching this entire operation going underway as if they were in charge. Twilight told Flash that she would be right back and the group went over to confront them. Pinkie noticed them all leaving, so she stuffed as many cookies as she could into her hair and took off. Adagio smiled as she saw that her plan was working and things were moving along quite nicely. Adagio said sarcastically that no one was mingling and it seemed like there was underlying tension that could bubble up to the surface at any minute.

Sonata asked if it was the fruit punch and told herself that she used too much grape juice. Adagio got annoyed at Sonata's failure to detect sarcasm and said with frustration in her voice that it wasn't the fruit punch, it was all of them. Aria jumped in and said that the punch was awful too, but Sonata didn't take too kindly to that. She asked Aria what she thought good fruit punch was like, and Aria responded by saying that she knew about it more than her. Then, both of them bickered for like two seconds before Adagio reined them back in. She said that this was just the kickoff party and told them to imagine what it would be like once the Battle of the Bands started. Suddenly, Twilight spoke up and told them that wasn't going to happen. The Sirens stopped their conversation and saw the six girls standing in front of them in a defensive stance, ready to defend the world once more. Sunset nodded in agreement and Twilight asked her friends to connect hands with her. Twilight then said the famous saying "Friendship is Magic," but nothing happened. It was quite awkward and Sonata shrugged in confusion at Adagio.

Sunset got a little nervous at the sheer amount of awkwardness and cringe that reeked from this and Rainbow opened an eye to see nothing was happening. She asked Twilight if there were rainbows and lasers last time, and Twilight asked herself why this was happening. All of them were together again, so something should happen, right? Well, it turns out, because Sunset is reformed, she is now part of the equation and none of the cool lasers and stuff can happen without her. Of course, Twilight simply assumes it's because Godzilla could only do it here in this world, but in reality, it's because they left Sunset out of the equation. The Sirens grinned with confidence and Spike told Twilight that she really needs to go ahead and do the whole magic of friendship thing now. Twilight told him that she was trying and she thought that the six of them standing together would bring out the magic inside of them to defeat the Sirens, but it wasn't working. Spike told her that it was technically Godzilla would defeated Sunset, but Twilight told him it doesn't matter. It worked back then, and it should be working now.

Adagio finally took this as an opportunity to speak up and she roasted the Rainbooms for trying to end this. She added gasoline to the fire by mentioning that it appeared like the Rainbooms don't want anyone else winning and the whole attempt was to gaslight them and have the entire school turn against them. The students started fighting again and the green dust came back out. It went over to the Sirens and they all sucked up that energy like it was their food source. Adagio said that the three of them may have found what they were looking for, or rather, it found them. Aria knew what Adagio was talking about, but Adagio looked at Sonata, she got a shrug from her. Aria facepalmed and Adagio yelled at Sonata that it was magic. She mentioned that everyone else had fallen under the curse, but not the Rainbooms. Something was special about them and something was different about them. The Rainbooms went outside and Twilight told the group that this didn't make any sense.

She said she should have been able to create the spark that could break the spell and that was how it worked before. Sunset said that last time, she was able to stop the magic of friendship from the rest of them, but couldn't stop Godzilla when he sent out that large orange shockwave. She also said that if she could do that, then couldn't the Sirens do the same? She suggested that because the Sirens get their magic from their music, so they would have to create music in order to defeat them. Sunset then had seconds thoughts about it, but Twilight told her that she was on to something. Sunset asked if that was true and Twilight asked the group if they transform when they play music. Applejack confirmed that and Twilight suggested that maybe they could use that magic to defeat the Sirens by playing a musical counterspell. Fluttershy asked if she meant a song and Twilight said in order to free everyone from the dark magic that was placed on them by the Sirens, they needed everyone to hear it. The group began to speculate about how that could happen and then Rarity said it would be at the Band competition.

She explained to them that was the next time they could be certain everyone will be at the same place at the same time and Applejack said that she guessed the Rainbooms are the band to beat. Rarity mentioned that Twilight became the newest member and they all rushed over to her. Sunset felt terrible about that and Pinkie then asked Twilight what she was gonna play. Twilight said that she might take too long to figure out how to play an instrument with hands, so she'll just sing. However, Rainbow didn't like that too much and asked if Twilight meant lead singer, since that was Rainbow's role because it was "her" band. Applejack corrected her and said that Twilight is the one with the magical knowledge in order to pull this off. Rainbow reluctantly agreed and said it would allow her to hone her "amazingly awesome" guitar skills. Twilight said it will only be temporary and they don't have to win the Battle of the Bands, but just have them perform during the first round of the competition.

Rainbow said that now was the time to learn that counterspell, but Twilight told her that the problem was that she didn't know any songs. The group looked disappointed by that, but Twilight told them that she was sure she could write one. Spike said that Twilight could write a spell like it's nobody's business and that was pretty much how she became a princess in Equestria. Twilight said that she only finished a spell and it was a lot more complicated than just that. Spike brushed it off and Twilight began walking away with Spike. Applejack asked Twilight where she was going and Twilight explained that the last time she was here, her and Spike spent the night in the library upstairs. Pinkie said that was nonsense and they were besties now, so that meant it was slumber party time at her house. At Pinkie's house, various different things were happening. Pinkie was updating her status on her laptop, Rarity, Fluttershy, and Sunset were taking a selfie with Spike doing a photobomb of it, Applejack and Rainbow were playing video games, and Twilight was busy writing this counterspell.

It was a really intense video game and Rainbow thought she was gonna lose, so she decided to play dirty and eject the video disk from the console. Applejack said she was about to win, but Rainbow told her that she doubted that. She asked Twilight how things were going and Twilight said they were going good. She thanked Fluttershy for allowing her to borrow her notebook and even praised her for writing a really good song in this notebook. Fluttershy thanked her for the compliment and told herself that she wished that they would get to play it one day. Rainbow played keep away with the controller and Applejack tried to get it back. Rarity sat next to Twilight and told her that she speaks for all of them when she says this, but they don't know what they would have done if she hadn't come back and the rest of them agreed. She said that it would have been nice to have Godzilla around as well, but they had to make do with they got. The doorbell rang and Pinkie told the group that pizza was here.

All of them disappeared and Twilight just watched in silence. She felt sad and she looked at the book. It honestly didn't look that great and she had no idea how they were gonna be able to get this down. She wished Godzilla was here right now to help her, but he was probably busy doing other things. He told her that she could always come to him whenever she had an issue, but she didn't want to bother him constantly with these problems that she's encountered. He had his own life to deal with and she didn't want to have Godzilla help her solve what she considered to be insignificant problems. So, she should let him be and she should move on with her life. Whenever he wants to solve a problem, he will come at the right time. Right now, that's just not it. She would have to wait longer. Pinkie asked Twilight if she wanted any pizza and Twilight nodded her head. Twilight closed the book and put it in the drawer.

Later that night, Twilight woke up and moved around. The rest of them were sleeping, so she tried being very careful, but she almost lost her balance. She went over to the drawer and pulled out the notebook. She went out into the kitchen and tried writing the counterspell some more. She spat out the pen and told herself that wasn't going to work. She rubbed her eyes a bit and then she heard Sunset acknowledge her. Sunset said that Twilight was up late and Twilight explained that she was just looking over the counterspell. They had one chance at this and it had to be perfect. Sunset said that they were really lucky Twilight was here, and the princess said that's what everyone keeps saying. Sunset looked in the fridge and asked herself who could possibly need this much whipped cream. Sunset said that it must have been pretty nice to have everyone going to Twilight for their problems instead of waiting for her to cause a problem. Twilight said that just because they expect something from you, that doesn't guarantee it will happen.

Sunset said that doesn't stop them from expecting it and Twilight said that only makes things worse because then, the last thing you want to do is let everyone down. Both of them said that at the same time and smiled nervously. Sunset closed the fridge and then shrieked in horror when she saw Maud standing right there, staring at her. Maud said that Boulder was hungry and got out cheezits. Sunset backed away and Maud walked out of the kitchen. Sunset whispered to Twilight that she still couldn't believe that Maud was related to Pinkie, and Twilight told her that she thought the same way. Both of them smiled some more and Sunset said she was gonna head back to bed and wished her luck on the counterspell. She said this was probably nothing compared to the stuff Twilight had to deal with as a princess in Equestria and Twilight could feel that guilt. Twilight called Sunset's name to say something, but after a few seconds, she said it was nothing and it wasn't important. Twilight told herself that she had to do this and she would do it no matter what it took or what the cost was.

The next day, they all went out to the farm and attempted to sing this song. To say it was cringey would be an understatement. It was horrible. From the amp being too loud, to the horrible singing, right down to people being lazy. It was so bad that Granny Smith had to use apple cores to plug her ears because the music was that bad. After the song was over, Spike tried to be encouraging and said it sounded better than the last five times they did it, but Big Mac said nope. Rainbow said that it was pretty obvious about what was going wrong with this counterspell, and Applejack suggested that the chorus was being replaced with a five minute guitar solo. Rainbow got angry and said that she had to pick up the slack and asked if they were even trying. Fluttershy said she was trying and Twilight said it would be fine and ordered it to do it again from the top. Rarity then suggested they could take a small break and try on some of the wardrobe choices for this event. Applejack told her that they were trying to save their school and there wasn't enough time for costumes, but Rarity told her that you could never have enough costumes.

Pinkie said that Rarity was only trying to have fun and asked if that was what a band was supposed to be. Sunset told them all that they didn't have time for any of this because they had to check in at band competition in 15 minutes and they were all shell shocked. Twilight said that it wasn't ready and if they went out there to play it in the first round and it doesn't work, the Sirens will know what's going on and ensure that they don't get the chance again. All of them stopped and Applejack said that they needed to buy time then. Rarity asked how they would do that and Rainbow said that they compete in the band competition for real. She would take over lead vocals again and stay alive until the finals, which will be the time that they'll unleash it. Rainbow asked if Twilight would have figured it out by the finals, and Spike said that Twilight has never faced a challenge that she couldn't solve. He asked if that was right and Twilight said that was correct. Rainbow then said it was time to go win the battle of the bands and all of them rushed out.

Inside the gym, the students all sat down so that they could hear their principal talk. Principal Celestia welcomed everyone to the school's first ever Battle of the Bands and said that she would speak for everyone on this, this was by far the greatest thing in the school's history. The students cheered with excitement and Principal Celestia gave thanks to the three "newest" students who encouraged them to do this. She was talking about the Sirens of course and all of three of them were grinning like crazy as their plan was succeeding so far. Vice Principal Luna took the microphone and said that because it was now a competition, there could only be one winner. That sparked heated arguments from the students and they began to insult each other. The Sirens absorbed the energy once more as their food source and they just smiled. Adagio asked the other two if they felt it and said that their true power was finally returning to them after losing it over 10,000 years ago. They were all laughing a little bit and they stopped once they saw the Rainbooms come through the doors.

Adagio said that was before they would tap into the strongest magic here and Aria asked how they were supposed to get to their magic since they weren't under the spell. Adagio said that the Rainbooms are just as capable of falling apart as anyone else and all they needed was a little push in the wrong direction. She guessed that everyone here in this school will be lining up to give them a shove and they simply watched the Rainbooms walk towards the side of the stage. The first band went and it was Snips and Snails. Let's just say it was really awful. I have no idea if they were trying to rap or do beat boxing, but it sucked. You could easily tell that it was bad and it didn't even sound like real rap. Even the Sirens were snickering at how terrible these two were on stage. After they finished, they dropped the microphones for effect and it created a loud noise. Principal Celestia told them not to drop the microphones and the both of them clapped hands in victory. They insulted the Rainbooms, but none of them were intimidated by that at all.

Applejack told the group that they at least know one group that won't stand in the way of them getting to the finals and Rainbow said that it was time to get rocking. Pinkie asked where Rarity was and the fashionista showed up in some sort of outfit which drew blanks from the rest of them. She was highly offended by that and said that they were performing in front of an audience, so therefore, she could wear something nice. Applejack facepalmed in frustration and they went up onto the stage. Most of the crowd was already distrustful and they were coming up with plans to mess with them in some sort of way. Twilight told the group that they had to be good enough to get to the next round, but not so good that they show off the ears and tails transformations to the Sirens. Basically, be good enough to stay alive, but not so much to where you show your secret power to the enemy. Rainbow got the 411 and told them to basically be less cool by about 20%.

Up above, some of the students sent down magnets and they caught Rarity in its grasp. Then, the human version of Photo Finish decided to use the wooden sticks and pretty much controlled Rarity like a puppet. Applejack noticed what was going on and simply gave a glare at her. To sum it all up, other students were messing with the Rainbooms and the ones out in the audience were just simply walking away due to a lack of interest. After the song was over, pretty much all of them were in disarray, but both principals clapped in joy and wrote down their notes. They walked off stage and Sunset watched Rarity complain about her torn outfit in tears. Applejack was upset and asked Rarity if she was purposefully trying to make them all lose. Rarity got offended by the accusation and she told Applejack that it wasn't her fault and was an act of sabotage. Applejack fired back that no one would have ever done it if Rarity didn't have to dress up like the way she did. She said that they needed to sound good and asked Rarity if there was a reason why that concept seemed to escape her. Sunset and Twilight exchanged worried looks and knew that things could turn ugly real soon.

Rainbow demanded that Pinkie tell her about the usage of confetti and went off saying how she was supposed to shred if there was paper stuck in her frets. Fluttershy mentioned that it was pretty distracting, but Pinkie fired back by saying that Fluttershy was one to talk since she ran away from a light the entire time. Sunset said that they still sounded much better than most of the other bands and she was confident that they would move on to the next round, but it wouldn't matter if the counterspell wasn't ready. She told them to find some place where the Sirens couldn't hear them while she stayed back and kept an eye on things. The next group went up and it pretty much sounded like a horror film. The group went out to find somewhere to practice and Twilight told them that she didn't believe they should use a classroom. However, she bumped right into Flash before she could finish her thought. She chuckled nervously while he just gave her an annoyed look. Twilight said that they had to stop bumping into each other like this, but he didn't acknowledge her. Instead, he asked his buddies if they heard anything and both of them said nope.

Twilight tried again, but Flash shut that down real quick. Twilight was confused by Flash's behavior and asked him why he was acting like that since she thought they were friends. Flash simply inhaled and told her that they were, but then decided to come back here just so that she could beat him in the Battle of the Bands. He wanted this and she was trying to take it from him. Twilight tried to tell him that wasn't true, but Applejack told her to come along since they had work to do. Flash continued to slander her and that brought Twilight to tears. Maybe Godzilla was right about his distrust towards Flash. Perhaps it wasn't a good idea to pursue that route in the first place. She wiped away the tears and the Sirens were standing in the corner watching the whole thing go down. Adagio taunted Twilight and that this was only the first round to which the other two laughed at. The loudspeaker came on and Principal Celestia said that the next band to perform was Trixie's band. Adagio took that as a signal to head back and told the other two they had to get moving since they were performing after Trixie.

They turned the corner and stopped when they saw Sunset leaning against the wall. Sunset told them that they would never get away with this and Adagio asked if it was because she never got away with this. They began circling her and Adagio said they knew everything about her. She told her that all of them were there to witness Sunset's bitter defeat at the hands of Godzilla a year ago and had quite the reputation at Canterlot High. Sunset defended herself by saying that she was in a much better place now than she was then, but Aria disagreed. She asked if that meant Sunset being in the corner while the rest of her friends were having all the fun. Adagio said that all of them were so tight, but yet they didn't ask Sunset to be in the band. Aria said it was probably because no one would want to see the band play if Sunset was in the group and Sonata just said "Too bad, so sad!" Adagio said that if it was any consolation, no one was gonna remember Sunset at all by the time the Sirens were done doing what they needed to do. They pushed her a bit and left, leaving Sunset in her own guilt.

Adagio told her group behind the stage that they wanted to save the good stuff for when they get their full power back and all of them grinned when their necklaces shined in the dark. They sang their song which was basically them getting the school to fall further to the music. While that was happening, different bands were moved around in the seeding and the Rainbooms were disagreeing with each other while Sunset looked on with sadness and Twilight trying to write the counterspell. The students kept fighting amongst one another and the Sirens just came in to pick up that negative energy like it was no one's business. The song finally ended and Adagio gave evil laughter as a result. Vice Principal Luna crossed off the rock band and moved the Dazzlings over to the next section. Flash was furious that he lost to the Dazzlings and he stormed off in anger. Backstage, Sunset said that this was it because it would be the last one before the finals and played the counterspell unless it could be played now. She looked at Twilight for that one and the princess just casted doubt.

Applejack told her not to worry because the finals weren't until tonight, so they'll practice some more before they hit the stage and they wouldn't let her down. Twilight still felt guilty and Fluttershy suggested that maybe they should play the song she wrote for this round. Rainbow told her that this was the semifinal so that meant they had to play Awesome As I Want to Be. Fluttershy told herself why she even bothered asking and Trixie finished up her song. Both principals clapped with joy and Trixie gave a smug grin at the Rainbooms. She particularly looked at Rainbow and told them that they were never gonna top that performance. She said they shouldn't even be allowed to since they have a massive advantage over the rest of the school. Rainbow asked if it was her superior guitar skills and her off the charts singing voice, but Trixie said it was because of Twilight. Twilight just looked away in embarrassment and Trixie told her that if Rainbow was really that good, none of them needed to bring in an alicorn princess from another world who has magical smarts in order to have half a chance.

She said that everyone was talking about it and Rainbow told her that she could even win this thing as a solo act. The rest of them glared at her and Trixie didn't believe that. She disappeared in some smoke and everyone coughed. After a few seconds, Pinkie yelled that she was gone, but then she saw the magician hide behind the drums. So Trixie got up and ran away. Principal Celestia announced that the Rainbooms were the next ones up and they went up to the stage. Spike offered some encouragement while Sunset said that she'll just stay here and watch. She felt guilty and wondered if the Sirens were right all along. The song began and Rainbow was jamming it out. The rest of them were very annoyed and Sunset began to panic because she saw the ears about to appear. If those came out, the Sirens would see that and use that to their advantage. With no other choice, she tackled Rainbow to the ground and everything stopped suddenly. The pony ears disappeared and Rainbow glared at Sunset. It basically looked pretty bad from Sunset's perspective. She looked at Principal Celestia and the principal wrote down what appeared to be very angry notes.

Flash spoke up and said that Sunset had become the bad girl they had come to hate. The rest of them all cheered in victory and the human version of Octavia said that she knew that Sunset was still trouble. Someone else yelled that the real Sunset was back and Sunset said to herself that it wasn't like that. She walked off stage and the Sirens grinned mischievously. Rainbow was angry and asked Sunset what the heck that was. Sunset told her that she was showing off her magic and she had no idea what else to do. All of them except Twilight and Fluttershy had angry glares on their faces. Rarity spoke up and said that Sunset could have just closed the curtains or unplugged the amp, or even give them the chance to deal with the situation. Sunset felt horrible about it and apologized to them saying that she was only trying to help. Rainbow said that she didn't and Applejack said that none of this would have happened if Rainbow wasn't trying to show off like she usually does. Trixie walked up to them and said that it was a good show.

She said she liked the part was when Sunset was in a fit of jealous rage and knocked out Rainbow mid guitar solo. Sunset got angry and said that it wasn't a fit of jealous rage. She looked at the rest of her friends and they pretty much suggested that wasn't the case. Trixie gave a smug grin and told her she could let herself to continue to believe that. She saw the two principals over there and said that they were getting ready to decide who will be moving on to the finals which she believed it would be her. She also said that it wasn't too difficult of a decision and the doors opened. The Sirens began singing to them and Sunset tried to figure out what they were trying to do. Rarity asked what they were gonna do since they were not gonna get another opportunity to play and she complained that she had the perfect outfit to wear. Applejack was having none of it and said sarcastically that was the real tragedy, not being able to play dress up. Rarity took that with offense and yelled at Applejack that was not what she meant. Rainbow separated the two and asked them if they could keep it down because the winner was about to be announced. Fluttershy said it was pointless and it obviously wasn't going to be them.

Principal Celestia went up on stage and announced that the band moving on to the finals was the Rainbooms. That was met with mixed reactions. Trixie couldn't believe what she was hearing and the Rainbooms were all confused at that announcement. Pinkie asked if they said the Rainbooms and Trixie stormed off in rage. She said that this wasn't over and the rest of them walked up to the stage. Principal Celestia congratulated them and told them that they deserved this. Pinkie didn't believe so and said that they didn't even finish their song, but Rainbow jabbed her to make her shut up. The Dazzlings came over and said that they would see them tonight at the big show. They said that they were looking forward to it and they walked away. Rainbow wanted to have the last word, but it wasn't met with a good reaction. People started booing at them and they all walked out of the gym in shame because of all the booing going on.

Trixie said this was a travesty and Adagio agreed with her. She said that the Rainbooms don't deserve to in the finals and that Trixie's band was much better during the semis. Aria added that Trixie wanted this more and Adagio said that the reality was gonna be the Dazzlings versus the Rainbooms. Sonata suggested that was gonna be like that unless the Rainbooms don't make it to their set or get caught up somehow. Trixie thought about it for a moment and then came up with an idea. Out at the Amphitheater, the Rainbooms began setting up and Rainbow was testing the microphone to make sure it worked. Sunset decided to put it at full volume and when Rainbow ran a test, it shook the entire theater and it hurt everyone's ears. Sunset pulled the volume all the way back down and smiled nervously. Fluttershy said that it didn't make any sense why they were here. They were awful, so they should have no reason to be here and yet, they are. She asked the group if it felt strange that they were the ones that made it to the finals and Trixie answered that question with pride.

Rainbow asked what Trixie was doing here and told her that was she was pretty sure the losers were supposed to be up in the cheap seats. Trixie claimed that she was the most talented girl at CHS and she should be the one in the finals, so therefore, she shouldn't be denied that chance. She snapped her fingers and one of her goons pulled the lever, which sent the entire Rainbooms group under the stage. All of them crashed to the ground and Spike came out to play with the chew toy. However, his jaw dropped after a few seconds and he saw Trixie laughing evilly. He took off and Trixie said that they'll never be seen again. The trapdoor closed and the Sirens walked up to see the action. Adagio laughed evilly and told the group that she knew someone would be willing to give the Rainbooms a shove. Sonata said that Trixie didn't shove them but just pulled a lever. Aria told her to go back to sleep and Adagio facepalmed in frustration. She was really getting sick and tired of Sonata's failure to understand metaphors and sarcasm and she was about ready to blow. But, they had more important things to attend to now.

Meanwhile in Equestria, deep in the North Celestial Ocean, Godzilla was sleeping on the ocean floor and resting on it. It had been a few months since he defeated Tirek and nothing much has happened since then. His scales lit up and he opened his eyes. He growled with anger and swam up to the surface. He looked around and saw nothing. So, he went towards Manehattan and began walking around to see where this threat might be at. Someone was challenging his authority once again and he was gonna make sure he would put a stop to it. No one challenges his authority and gets away with it. He will hunt them down, beat them into submission, and destroy them if they refuse to do so. He knew that whatever this threat was, they were gonna pay for messing with the King Of The Monsters. Now, he just needed to look for it somehow.

Back in the human world, it was night time and Trixie was performing on stage since the Rainbooms were no where to be found. Speaking of which, they were still down there and were just sitting there. Rainbow tried to slam the door open with her body, but it didn't budge and she groaned a bit in pain. Applejack told her to give it up and even though she had been trying for hours, the reality of it was that the door was not gonna open. Twilight said that maybe it didn't matter if they were trapped down here because the counterspell wouldn't have worked anyway. Applejack told her that it would have and slammed Rainbow for hogging the spotlight every time they were trying to play it. Rainbow got defensive and said that maybe if Twilight wasn't so busy trying to be the new leader of the band, Applejack didn't need to be cryptic about it. Twilight backed away in fear and Rarity said that Applejack was talking about Rainbow. Rainbow didn't like that and said that she was trying to make sure "her" band was rocking as hard as possible. The rest of them corrected her by shouting it out and Rainbow glared at them. Twilight asked herself why it wasn't working and she told herself that she should be the one who had all the answers. She put her head down in shame and Sunset started to get really worried.

Applejack said that it might have been Rainbow's idea to start a band, but it wasn't just her band. Rainbow fired back by saying she was the one who writes all of the songs and Fluttershy said that she writes songs as well, but Rainbow never lets her play any of them. Rarity said that she had the most perfect costumes for them to wear and Applejack told her that no one cares what they were wearing. Rarity said that she cared and fake apologized for wanting to add a creative contribution to the band. Pinkie interjected and said that the point of a band was to have fun, but right now, it looked like the absolute opposite of that. Rainbow yelled that she wished that she never let any of them join her band and Rarity yelled that she wished she never agreed to it. Fluttershy and Applejack concurred and they all began arguing amongst themselves. Suddenly, a bunch of green dust started coming out of them and rose to the top of the stage. Sunset wished it rise and Trixie wrapped up the song. After it was over, fireworks went off and they headed off the stage. Trixie told the Sirens if they could top that and Adagio said with sarcasm that she couldn't believe if they could or not.

The other two laughed and all of them stopped when they saw the dust coming out of the stage. They grinned evilly and they began their song. They picked up the energy and absorbed it through their necklaces while singing a tune. Back in Manehattan, Godzilla's scales lit up again and he growled in anger. He knew where it was coming from and he had to get back there before it was too late. He built up his atomic breath and then blasted a hole in the ground which went all the way to the human world. He looked down and roared with anger before crawling down there. Once he made it to the other side, he looked around for a few seconds for any clues. He saw the fireworks go off and headed in that direction where they were coming from. Down below the stage, Sunset was absolutely terrified and she had to say something now before it was too late. She told the group to stop arguing and told them that this was what the Sirens were after all of this time. They were simply feeding off of the magic inside of them. Applejack was confused by that and asked how that was possible since it was the magic of friendship.

Sunset looked at Twilight for a moment and then told the group that they have been letting little things get to them ever since they started the band. She said that she didn't say anything because she felt like it wasn't her place and she was new to this whole friendship thing to begin with. She also said that what she did know is if you don't resolve them right at the start, the magic of friendship could be turned into something else and be used as fuel for dark magic. Twilight said that she couldn't believe that all of this tension happened right under her nose and couldn't even realize it. She said that she was supposed to be the one with all of the answers and all she did since she got here was let them down. Sunset said that she believed that no one was supposed to have all of the answers, but she could rely on her friends to help her find them. Twilight said that she might have already have and told everyone that they had to get out of there. They all tried pushing the door using their body weight, but that did no good at all. Spike opened the door and Twilight was happy to see him. Spike apologized for taking so long and explained that he had to find someone who wasn't under the Sirens' spell.

All of them saw Vinyl or DJ-Pon-3 and Twilight asked why she wasn't under the spell. Spike said that she never takes off her headphones and she gave them a thumbs up. Applejack told the group that it was time to prove that they still had the magic of friendship and Twilight said that there was only one way to do it. Pinkie asked if they were getting the band back together and Rainbow was gonna get their band back together. Rarity asked which version of the counterspell they were gonna play and Twilight said that it didn't matter which song they played as long as they played it together as friends. Rainbow said she had an idea and mentioned that Fluttershy wrote a really great one. Applejack said that they were about to save the world, so they should do it in style and asked Rarity if she had anything. She presented them to the group and they all headed outside. On stage, the Sirens were continuing their song and the Rainbooms went up to the top of the mountain. They had confidence for a second before having doubt the next. Rainbow asked how they were gonna play over them from up here and they were shown a solution.

Vinyl showed up in a car and then pressed a button which changed into some sort of machine thing that could provide acoustics so the crowd down below could hear them. The Sirens released red waves into the air before sending it back down with their hands and it effectively controlled the crowds. They all got lifted into the air and they did their transformations. They said that nothing could stop them now, but something interrupted them. They heard a loud noise off in the distance and Adagio growled with anger. Aria pointed towards the mountain and Adagio looked closely to see a giant creature walking towards them. Godzilla came up to as close to them as he could and then he let out a loud ear shattering roar that shook the Earth and let everyone know he was here. The Rainbooms took this as their opportunity to sing their song and all of the students turned their heads towards them. After a bit, they did their pony transformations and the students were loving it. Adagio asked rhetorically if the Rainbooms wanted to turn this into a real Battle of the Bands and then said it was time to battle.

They began singing again and the crowd was drawn back to them under their spell. They said that it was time to finish them and then their eyes turned solid red. A bright light came through and then all of a sudden, three dragon like serpents came out of the necklaces and they had glares on their faces. The serpents surrounded them, but Godzilla was having none of it. He built up his atomic breath and blasted it at the Serpents. Twilight saw them coming, so the Rainbooms turned up the power and slowed down the serpents. Twilight tried to finish them off, but Adagio growled with anger and the serpent silenced her. Twilight glared at them, but that did nothing. The human girls were raising their voices which controlled the power of the serpents and eventually, the shockwaves were so powerful, it sent the Rainbooms tumbling to the ground. It also sent Godzilla to the ground as well. But he quickly got up and snorted out some smoke. Sunset picked up the microphone and the Sirens grinned at her. Nothing more had to be said. It was time to put these girls to an end. Godzilla marched forward a little bit and got ready to attack.

They finally did it. The Sirens practically had everyone under their control and they took down their worst enemies like it was nothing. Now they just needed to take out this giant lizard that was standing in the way. As they approached to kill their prey, they heard some noises and looked to see where it was coming from. They noticed Godzilla building up his atomic breath and then all of a sudden, he blasted them with all his might. The Serpents shrieked in fear and Godzilla blasted them again. Everyone was shocked and at this point, Sunset knew she needed to step up or never be allowed to shine ever again. Sunset walked over and began singing which drew the Serpents' attention away from Godzilla. But they shoved him down to the ground and went after Sunset. At this point, Godzilla had to pull out the big guns. So he began walking in his burning form and roared at the Serpents. The Serpents roared back at him and Godzilla lit up his scales and sent out the first shockwave. It knocked back the Serpents, set everyone free of the spell, and made the Sirens' eyes turn back to their regular colors.

Adagio was starting to become worried and she called on the Serpents to try and stop Godzilla. All of the Serpents blasted their red magic at Godzilla, but it left him unaffected. He kept marching towards them and lit up his scales again. He released the second shockwave and used his atomic breath to destroy the Serpents and the necklaces on their respective owners' necks. When all of them saw Godzilla's burning form, they were terrified because they had literally witnessed him use that power before on Sunset a year ago and now, they were getting the same punishment. Everyone was singing the song and the Sirens were jealous at this revelation, but then feared for their life when they saw burning Godzilla that close to them, ready to strike them down for challenging his authority. After the necklaces were destroyed, the Sirens rubbed their heads in pain and they saw the jewels shattered. Thinking they still had a chance, they tried singing, but their voices were so awful that even they themselves realized they were done for.

The crowds didn't like the terrible singing either, so they started booing them and then threw stuff at them. They ran off the stage and took off in fear. The Rainbooms went up to the stage and Sunset picked up the pendant. She said that would explain why these pendants were so special to the Sirens and Twilight said that without the pendants and the magic that was brought here from Equestria, they were simply three harmless teenage girls. Flash yelled out that the Rainbooms rule and he proceeded to hug Twilight. He said that was amazing and Twilight blushed a bit at the compliment. Her friends were snickering a little bit and the both of them stared at each other for a few moments before looking away in embarrassment. Godzilla snorted a bit in anger and he gave a glare at Flash that said "You better be careful with her or else you'll pay the consequences. She might not be my daughter, but I care very much about her and don't want her suffering the same fate I went through in my millions of years lifespan." Flash just chuckled nervously and Twilight gave Godzilla a look that was almost something like "Dad, was that really necessary? I understand you don't like him, but you're scaring the poor man. Cut him some slack. I promise I'll be careful."

Godzilla hardened his gaze for a second, but then lightened up when he realized Twilight was right. Suddenly, Trixie showed up and said that the Rainbooms may have vanquished the Dazzlings, but they could never have the same power with her. She disappeared in some smoke and everyone started coughing. When the dust settled, Pinkie yelled that she was gone, but then she saw Trixie sitting on top of the wall and pointed it out. Trixie lost her balance and then fell off the wall, but she told everyone that she was fine. Godzilla simply growled at her, but didn't pursue her and simply turned his head away. Rainbow said that since Twilight was going back to Equestria soon, the Rainbooms could really use someone to help Fluttershy on backup vocals. Sunset got an idea and she played a tune with the electric guitar. She said that she also played guitar and the rest of them got concerned. After a few moments, Rainbow said that they'll see how things turned out and the group gave Sunset a hug. The next day, all of them stood at the portal because Twilight had to leave. Godzilla already headed back home to Manehattan, but Twilight stayed overnight in the human world so she could get some more friendship time in before she headed back home to Equestria.

Applejack said that she wished Twilight stayed longer and Twilight concurred, but the princess said that she had responsibilities that she had to get back to because her citizens needed her. Pinkie devised an idea and poked her head through the portal, but she was in a bit of disarray after coming out of it. I guess it must have blown her mind or something. Anyway, Twilight said that she can go through the portal at any time, so this wasn't considered goodbye, but goodbye until next time. She asked Spike if he was ready and he told her that he was. They waved goodbye and they disappeared through the portal. A few weeks later, they went back to the Amphitheater and Sunset was busy writing to Twilight. She said that she hoped the Princess would come back soon and things were looking up for her at CHS. She also said that she still had a lot to learn, but she said that she hoped Twilight didn't mind that Sunset wrote to her for advice. After she was done writing, she closed the book and came over to the band to play a song. When Godzilla arrived back in Equestria, he looked around Manehattan and saw that it was the same as he had left it.

He began heading out of the city and went towards the ocean. He roared as loud as he could with victory and descended down into the ocean. The ponies watched him disappear into the ocean depths and Godzilla felt satisfied. Once again, there were some threats made against him and he had to stop it. While they never claimed they wanted Equestria, he knew that's where they would head next after conquering the human world. While they did look like teenage girls, they were in fact ancient villains who had caused havoc to this nation before. But he put a quick stop to their plan before they could get even farther in their agenda. They simply just had too much power and it needed to be destroyed since it had corrupted them. Now that they were gone, they could just have normal lives and move on with life. For him, he could go back to slumber until he needed to be called upon once again. Another monster, another victory for the King Of The Monsters.

Author's Note:

AN: Well, we've reached the end of another chapter. This took longer than what I expected, but once again, I was tacking a full length film here, so it slowed me down a bit. But now this is finally out. One quick thing though: I've decided to skip the Season 5 premiere and go straight to the finale. The reason why is because there is no underlying threat in Our Town. It's just simply a cult which I believe is not enough to attract Godzilla's attention. However, the finale on the other hand, that's a different story. Time travel is being messed with here and that presents a much bigger threat than a town filled with cult members. But, it's not what you think. It will be something great, but something that probably a lot of you have been waiting for quite some time now. So, that should be out soon. Hope you enjoyed the chapter!

Next chapter: Time Travel! After Starlight Glimmer has her village ripped away from her, she decides to get revenge on the Mane Six and goes back in time to stop them from ever meeting. As a result, it presents a bunch of different timelines where villains were victorious. However, one of them is far different from the others. When Twilight is teleported there, she is shell-shocked at what she saw. Will she be able to discover the truth about the guardian of Equestria, or will the information be too much for her mind to handle?

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