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Godzilla: Equestria's King of Monsters - Microsoft_2016

A collection of chapters of the King Of The Monsters defeating fellow villains within the MLP series.

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Chapter 7: Kaiju vs. Shapeshifting Queen

It was another beautiful day in the wonderful land of Equestria and... why do I keep doing this? I seriously need to stop. This is starting to get irritating. Whatever. The Mane Six were out in the fields of Ponyville, having a nice quiet picnic and enjoying the scenery. Spike was running as fast as he could to the group because he had a message to deliver from Celestia. Twilight was about to eat her apple when she noticed Spike running towards her. He finally got there and stopped to catch his breath. Before he could say anything, he burped out a letter and Twilight picked it up with her magic. She read the letter aloud and was intrigued about the idea of a wedding.

She told everypony their roles and they were all quite excited. When Twilight got to the end of the letter, she was wondering who was getting married. The letter never mentioned who was getting married, so she asked the group who was about to get married. Spike realized his mistake and told Twilight he should have given her the other one first. He handed her another letter and she picked it up with her magic. She read the invitation and it mentioned a princess by the name of Princess Mi Amore Cadenza or Cadence as most would call her. But what got Twilight's attention was the groom. Shining Armor. For those that don't know, that would be her brother. She was shocked to hear that and Applejack was the first one to congratulate her on that.

Twilight got annoyed very quickly and went off on a rant about how she should have gotten that news right from her brother and not from a piece of paper. She even imitated his voice with a sandwich and asked with anger who the heck Princess Mi Amore Cadenza even was. Fluttershy was concerned for Twilight and asked her if she was alright. Twilight's expression softened and she explained to the group that her and Shining Armor were always so close. She told them that he was her BBBFF and the rest of the group was confused. She made an annoyed expression and told them it stood for Big Brother Best Friend Forever. They understood what that meant and she told them that before she came to Ponyville and understood the value of friendship, her brother was the only pony that she ever really considered a friend, well, besides Spike of course.

She then sang a song that talked about how close they were and how much she really missed him. Her friends even pitched in a little. It made her both sad and angry that he was so far away. She was sad because she missed him and she was angry because she was just now learning about something very major in life through a piece of paper. Applejack came up to her and told her that her brother seemed like a really good guy. Twilight said he really was and mentioned how they don't just let anypony be the Captain of the Royal Guard. That caught Rarity's attention and she got excited at that revelation. She wanted to clear things up and asked Twilight that they were going to be involved in a wedding in Canterlot to not just a princess, but also a Captain of the Royal Guard.

Twilight reluctantly answered yes to that question and Rarity fainted to the ground again in excitement. Twilight gave her a pillow and Rarity rested on it while having a huge grin on her face. The rest of the group was so excited to be part of this, but Twilight was very unhappy with this entirely. They all got on the train to Canterlot and the group were talking about their roles in the wedding. Spike was gloating that he was the one that was gonna host the bachelor party, but then he asked what a bachelor party was. The group laughed at him and he backed away. In the corner, Twilight had a sad expression and stared out the window. Applejack noticed this and went over to check on her. She asked what was bothering Twilight and the purple Unicorn said she was thinking about her brother.

It made her very angry that all of this was happening. Ever since she moved to Ponyville, she spent less time with her brother which definitely bothered her. It felt like he was moving on without her and was starting a new life without telling her. She had to find it out through a letter instead of him directly. She believed that since he was going to be married now, he'll never have time for her which just wasn't true in the slightest. Applejack reminded her that she was his sister, but she didn't want to hear it. The train arrived to Canterlot and there were guards standing right at the gates. There was a giant force field that surrounded Canterlot and the guards moved their spears to allow the train to pass. Everypony felt weird passing through that and after the train passed through, the guards lowered their spears back to their previous positions.

The train finally came to a stop and there were guards everywhere. Rainbow was surprised by the heavy amount of guards all over the place and she asked the group why there were so many of them. Rarity commented that because this was a royal wedding, there needed to be increased security just so no one can try any funny business and try to assassinate the bride or groom. Pinkie sneezed out some confetti and Rarity told the group to get moving since they all had work to do. Applejack told Twilight that she had a brother to go congratulate and it made the purple Unicorn even more angry. The guards let her through, but even they were confused at her attitude. On the castle balconies, Shining Armor was giving duties to the guards and they flew off to do their jobs.

Twilight marched right over and told her brother that she had something to say to him. The guards standing on the balcony took that as a threat and pointed their spears right at her. Shining looked to see who it was and it was his own sister. He was excited to see her and went down to meet her. He attempted to ask her about the train ride, but Twilight just ripped into him for how he could do this to her and why she had to hear about this from a piece of paper and not him and how she was his sister, so he should be ashamed of himself. You know, that kind of thing. Shining explained that it wasn't his fault and Celestia told him to increase security for this event. Twilight presumed the extra security was for the wedding, but Shining told her that it was because of a looming threat made against Canterlot.

He told her that no one knows who is responsible and that Celestia specifically asked him to provide an extra layer of protection besides all the guards. He showed her the force field and he reapplied magic to the shield so it would still hold up. He felt a migraine and told his little sister that the responsibility of keeping Canterlot safe rests on his shoulders and has been his top priority. Twilight felt a little guilty about going at him like that and she understood the importance of protection against threats. She still asked him how he could not tell her about as something as big as his wedding, one of the biggest moments in life, and if she wasn't considered important to him anymore. He told her that she was his little sister and that she would always be important to him. He smiled a little bit and told Twilight that he would understand if she didn't want to be his best mare.

Twilight lit up at that idea and asked if he really wanted her to be his best mare. Shining said he did and Twilight told him that she felt honored by that. They had a brief hug and Twilight said in a stern voice how she still felt upset that her brother was marrying somepony she didn't know. She asked him who the heck Princess Mi Amore Cadenza was and how they met. Shining smiled and told her that Princess Mi Amore Cadenza was Princess Cadence, her former foalsitter. Twilight was extremely happy at that and began talking about how great Cadence was and stuff like that. She bounced around a little bit and stopped to see the Princess herself in her adult form or at least supposed to be. We all know it really is underneath, but we'll get to that later.

'Cadence' said in a rude voice that she hoped she wasn't interrupting anything and Twilight came up to her to greet her. Twilight did the dance that the both of them did as young kids, but 'Cadence' just stood there watching her embarrass herself. Finally, 'Cadence' asked Twilight what she was doing and Twilight told her that it was her. 'Cadence' didn't pay attention to that and walked past her. Twilight was a little confused on why 'Cadence' didn't acknowledge her, but she didn't focus on it too much. Shining Armor told his little sister that he had to return to his station and that his fiancee will be checking in with the Mane Six later on. He said that on the basis on both of them, they were really glad for Twilight to be here. 'Cadence' agreed, but she had an evil grin on her face and that confused Twilight. The both of them left and Twilight was left saddened by that meeting.

After that, she was left very disgruntled by 'Cadence's' attitude and the expression on her face in the kitchen proved it. She held out her checklist and she checked off everything Applejack did as the farm pony ran around completing task after task. Applejack even went as far as to shoving a bite size apple fritter into Twilight's mouth and the purple Unicorn enjoyed it very much. Spike was playing around with the figures that go on the cake and Twilight took them away from him. She was still very bitter about that fact and she didn't want to really deal with it at the moment. 'Cadence' walked into the kitchen and Applejack greeted her. 'Cadence' told everyone in the kitchen to call her Princess Mi Amore Cadenza and Applejack did just that. She asked 'Cadence' if she wanted to see the menu for her big day, and Cadence said she would love to while maintaining a fake smile on her face.

After Applejack turned around, 'Cadence' had an annoyed look on her face and Twilight glared at her watching her every move. She did not like this new version of her old foalsitter and she would make sure that she let 'Cadence' know how she felt about her behavior. Applejack offered those fritters to 'Cadence' and the princess ate it. She told Applejack that they were "delicious" and that she "love, love, loved them." But Twilight could clearly tell that she was faking it and rolled her eyes. Applejack offered 'Cadence' to take some of them to go and 'Cadence' hesitated, but agreed to take them anyway. Before she left, she stopped and threw the fritters away. Twilight gasped a little and 'Cadence' slammed the door shut with her magic. Twilight tried to tell Applejack what 'Cadence' did, but she thought it would be a better idea to follow her instead.

She went on a rant to Rarity about how awful Cadence has become and basically mocked her for wanting to be called her official name. She got nervous when 'Cadence' walked in the room and said if someone called her name, but Rarity took care of that issue real quickly before anything could happen. She went up to 'Cadence' and thanked her for being given the opportunity to make her wedding dress. 'Cadence' shook that off and asked if her dress was ready. Rarity told her that it was and told her how hard she was working on it since she was given the assignment. She also mentioned that 'Cadence' should be pleased with the results, but 'Cadence' seemed to disagree. She made suggestions to her own dress and to the bridesmaids dresses as well.

Minuette, Twinkleshine, and Lyra mentioned that they loved it how it was, but 'Cadence' didn't want to hear it. She sent them a nasty glare right at them and they looked away in shame. 'Cadence' turned her attention back to Rarity and demanded that she would continue forward to make the changes. Twilight told Rarity that maybe 'Cadence' should be called Princess Demandy Pants and walked off. She hid behind one of the pillars in the hallway where the reception party would be and spied on the conversation between Pinkie and 'Cadence." Pinkie told 'Cadence' about everything that was done already and asked her if she thought it was going to be the best party ever. 'Cadence' told her it was, but only if it was for a six year old's birthday party. Pinkie took that as a compliment, but Twilight knew 'Cadence' meant that as an insult.

At the end of the day, Twilight met up with the rest of the Mane Six for a drink and she told them that they were probably all thinking the same thing: 'Cadence' had a really bad attitude and was abusing her royal power to get what she wants at any point. They all looked at her like she was bluffing and Spike pulled out the Cadence figure. Applejack told him that is supposed to go on the cake and the dragon laughed nervously. Twilight sipped away at her drink and Rarity told her that 'Cadence' was an absolute gem. Twilight didn't like that and told Rarity that 'Cadence' was so demanding. Rarity downplayed it as stress and told her that it happens all the time with weddings. She looked at Applejack and told her that after 'Cadence' said how much she loved them, she threw them in the trash.

Applejack downplayed that as well and said she was probably just trying to spare Applejack's feelings. Twilight disagreed and said it was because she was being fake and insincere. Fluttershy spoke up and mentioned that 'Cadence' raised her voice at one of her birds. Twilight cited that as a reason why Cadence was so terrible, but Fluttershy mentioned that the bird's voice was really off-key and presented her case in point. Twilight covered her ears and attempted to talk to Pinkie, but she was too busy playing around with the dolls with Spike to even pay attention. She didn't bother and asked Rainbow if she supported her. Rainbow told her that she was too busy preparing for this Sonic Rainboom to be noticing any "bad attitude." Twilight was getting really frustrated at this point and just had about enough.

She knew that 'Cadence' was acting really rudely towards others, but when she tried sharing that concern with her friends, they either downplayed it as stress or they said they weren't paying that much attention to her attitude. Rarity tried to get her to calm down, but Twilight was having none of it. She slammed her hoof on the table and told her friends that 'Cadence's' bad attitude was because she was an awful pony who shouldn't even be with Shining Armor in the first place, let alone marry him. Applejack asked Twilight if she was maybe just being a little possessive of her brother. The rest of the group seemed to agree and Twilight had enough of this. She was trying to tell her friends that 'Cadence' shouldn't even bother marrying her brother and they tell her that she's being possessive of him. The very nerve! She's trying to do what's best for him and this is the response she gets from her closest friends? How inconsiderate.

Twilight told her friends that she was not being possessive of her brother and they were all too busy with their wedding preparations to even notice what's going on. She slammed the table which spilled the drinks and she left, angry and bitter. Later that night, Shining Armor was busy trying to get his outfit on when he heard a knock at the door. He opened the door and saw Twilight standing right there. He let her in and asked her if he looked pretty nice. Twilight looked at him with a pleading expression and he was concerned. Something was up with his little sister and he was determined to know what was bothering her. He asked her what was going on and Twilight told him that they needed to talk. But, before she could get the opportunity to do so, 'Cadence' cleared her throat and came walking down the stairs.

Shining said hello to his fiancee and Twilight grumbled to herself. She commented on how she always seemed to know how to sneak up on ponies and 'Cadence' told Shining Armor that she wanted a word with him. Shining told Twilight that he'll see what she wants and left to go into a private room. Twilight got curious and eavesdropped on the conversation. She watched as 'Cadence' talked crap about Shining Armor's outfit and witnessed him get another migraine. Shining fell to the ground and 'Cadence' blasted her green magic at Shining, causing his selenas and pupils to turn green and make his eyes spin in circles. After a few seconds, 'Cadence' asked Shining if he was alright and he shook his head yes as if he was a servant to her being mind-controlled. Twilight witnessed the whole thing and she knew that this version of Cadence was downright evil. She bolted out the door and sprinted towards one of the towers.

She opened the door and tried to tell her friends about what happened to Shining Armor, but stopped when she saw them in dresses. It left her very confused and Fluttershy told her that they were 'Cadence's' new bridesmaids. She was confused on what happened to her old bridesmaids and demanded an answer out of her friends. Applejack said there wasn't a reason why, but they all felt honored that they would be 'Cadence's' bridesmaids. She even took a shot at Twilight for doubting Cadence, and Rainbow complained that the dress was not "aerodynamic." Rarity went into the other room to see what she could do and Twilight just left. Clearly, her friends didn't see what was happening around them, so she would be on her own for this one. It made her feel sad, but she was going to do what she had to do in order to stop this disaster from occurring no matter how many other ponies disagreed with her.

The next morning, Celestia went over the wedding rehearsal and the Mane Five showed up on time with smiles on their faces. Of course, they did chuckle silently at this because they knew what would happen next. The door opened to reveal 'Cadence,' and she walked in to the altar. Celestia told Shining Armor that she would say a few words and then begin with the vows. She also told him that he would get his ring from his best mare, but when he went to look, he noticed that Twilight was missing. They saw Spike playing with the dolls AGAIN and Shining asked the group if they had seen Twilight at all. As if it were on cue, the doors slammed open and it revealed Twilight with an angry expression. Even the guards were scared of her. She announced to the group that she would not stand next to 'Cadence' and neither should any of them.

Shining felt embarrassed and apologized to his fiancée for his sister's strange behavior. 'Cadence' suggested that they should all ignore her and Twilight told them all that they needed to listen to her. Fluttershy asked Twilight if she was okay and the purple Unicorn insisted that she was fine. Applejack asked if she was sure, but Twilight simply lit up her horn and pulled Applejack's hat over her head. She marched forward and made her grand announcement that 'Cadence' was evil. Shining Armor stood in front of 'Cadence' with an angry glare and the rest of them were all confused. Even the guards were whispering amongst themselves. She presented her case but did so through fear and intimidation. The group looked at her and Twilight had 'Cadence' backed up against a wall. 'Cadence' was going to give an explanation, but Twilight was determined to get her out of there.

So, she tried the crying tactic and ran out of there while Twilight was shouting at her to get out. She told her that if she doesn't stop, then she'll ruin her Shining's life. Everypony in the room was left speechless. They had no idea what to say. They were having a nice, peaceful wedding rehearsal and then it all gets ruined because Twilight barged up in there and makes crazy accusations about the bride. Twilight walked away satisfied, but she hit her head against her brother's chest. But instead of receiving a smile, she received a glare. She smiled nervously and then Shining Armor ripped into her. He told her about how he had terrible migraines, the bridesmaids got replaced because they only wanted to meet Canterlot royalty, and how 'Cadence' had to make all the decisions about the wedding since he was so busy protecting Canterlot against this looming threat.

Twilight tried to interject multiple times, but Shining shut her down on that and kept talking. He ended with how this wedding wasn't considered important to Twilight and he held his hooves against his head for another migraine. Twilight didn't appreciate that comment and gave her brother a glare. Of course she cared about his wedding. This was one of the most important and biggest moments in his life. She just wants what's best for him. She doesn't want him marrying some brat who will mistreat him and use him for the rest of his life. Why can't he see that? Clearly, he's just blind to the truth and he doesn't realize that the 'threat' he's fighting right now has been the pony he was getting ready to marry. Twilight tried to comfort her brother when he had his head throb, but Shining didn't want any at all. Shining excused himself and told his sister that he had to go comfort his bride. He also told her that she could forget about being his best mare and that if he were her, he wouldn't show up to the wedding at all.

She sat down on the floor and looked at her friends. They didn't want to be in here any longer and Applejack told the group that they should go check on the princess. She watched as all of her friends left and tried to speak with Celestia, but she didn't want to do anything with her as well. She had a very angry expression on her face and told her student that she had a lot to think about. The guards left as well and slammed the doors shut. Twilight had officially hit rock bottom. Everyone she knew left her at the altar very upset and angry at her. At least she made 'Cadence' leave, but at what cost? She lost her brother, her friends, and her teacher all at once. Maybe this was too much. Maybe she was being a little too unreasonable. Maybe if she didn't say anything, things would be fine. It was clear to her that no one wanted to be around her right now and she understood that.

Probably not even Godzilla would want to be around her right now. If he saw how she acted just moments ago, he would left Canterlot entirely and head back to Manehattan. She turned around and sat on the steps. She told herself that she could have gained a sister, but instead, she lost a brother. She sang the same song sadly and had tears in her eyes. 'Cadence' showed up and petted her mane. Twilight looked up at her with a pleading expression and she said she was sorry. 'Cadence' gave a very angry glare at Twilight and said that she will be sorry. Twilight's eyes grew wide and 'Cadence's' horn lit up. She surrounded Twilight with a circle of green flames and basically engulfed Twilight down below. 'Cadence' smiled wickedly and left the room to enact the next part of her plan.

Meanwhile, deep in the North Celestial Ocean, Godzilla was sleeping at the ocean floor once more. It had been almost a year since he defeated Discord and things have been peaceful since that point. Godzilla's scales suddenly lit up and he growled with anger. He swam up to the surface and lifted his head up to blast his atomic breath into the sky. He then lowered his head back down and looked around Manehattan. This threat was something he was not expecting, but he knew he had to take out anyways. He still had to head west, but he was going to a new town this time. He marched right through Manehattan and headed west towards Canterlot. The King Of The Monsters had returned once again for another monster battle.

Back in Canterlot, there was darkness. Twilight could not see a thing. She lit up her horn so she could see around her. All she saw was a bunch of spikes and crystals around her surrounded by more darkness. She tried calling out to someone, but no one was there to respond. She walked around and smacked her head against a wall. She heard some evil laughter in the background and she wore a nervous expression. She asked herself where she was and suddenly, the crystals changed behind her to reveal 'Cadence.' 'Cadence' explained that this was the Canterlot Caves and that it was once home to greedy unicorns who wanted to steal gems found inside the caverns. Twilight was quite scared and yelled for help. 'Cadence' laughed wickedly at her and told her that no one could hear her. She also mentioned that most ponies forgot that this place even existed and that it was the perfect place to trap anypony who stood in her way.

Twilight looked up at the reflection and asked what plans she was talking about. 'Cadence' smiled and said it was the plans that she had for her brother. Twilight quickly turned angry at that statement. She was cast out and shunned by her friends and family for believing that the bride was evil, and here she witnesses 'Cadence' talking about the plans she had for her brother. The thought made Twilight's blood boil with anger and fury. She was going to teach this pony a lesson for making her look stupid and have her locked away while she goes off to marry her brother and use him for her own selfish schemes. Twilight's horn lit up and said that she better not dare try anything with her brother, but 'Cadence' didn't care. She smiled and said the only way to stop her was to catch her. She laughed evilly again and taunted her which Twilight responded with by attempting to blast her with her magic.

Twilight almost hurt herself a few times with the magic lasers, but she was determined to get this pony. After a few seconds, she turned around and blasted the wall, causing it to disappear. Suddenly, sitting right there, was the real Cadence. Cadence was a bit confused and looked around. At this point, Twilight looked like she was about ready to kill someone. The rage in her eyes said it all. Just a few seconds ago, she was being mocked at by 'Cadence' and now she sits right there about ready to collapse. Twilight knew this was the moment she could go for the kill shot. After everything that happened to her within the span of 10 minutes, she was about ready to blow. Cadence saw the rage in Twilight's eyes and told her to wait so she could explain.

She thought she was about to die and she backed up a bit. Twilight was not wasting any time and tackled Cadence to the ground. She was in for it now. She would teach this pony a lesson for ever double crossing her like that. Cadence put her hooves in front of her face and told Twilight not to hurt her. She looked up slowly and noticed that it was Twilight. She told her that it was the real one and Twilight didn't believe her one bit. She thought she was capping and she had good reason to. After everything that had transpired, this simply couldn't make any sense. Not two seconds ago, she had 'Cadence' mock and taunt her and now she watches her lay on the ground pleading for mercy? That didn't sound right. Cadence looked at Twilight and told her that she was also imprisoned and that the one that sent her down here was an imposter. Twilight knew she was still bluffing and decided to give her a piece of her mind.

There was no way that the pony that had mocked and insulted Twilight was the same one that would be laying on the ground telling her that she was sent down by an imposter and that she was the real one. Twilight told Cadence that was a "likely story," but she also had a scowl on her face. Cadence decided to do the thing that Twilight did with her when she was younger, and Twilight instantly remembered that this was from her childhood. Cadence smiled at her pleadingly and Twilight had a huge grin on her face. She hugged Cadence and said that she was still remembered. Cadence told her that of course she still remembered Twilight and asked how she could ever forget the filly she loved sitting for the most. Cadence stared further into the cave and heard the imposter's evil laugh. She knew she had to get out of there. Twilight realized that though and she told Cadence that they had to get out of there and stop the fake Cadence from marrying Shining Armor.

We'll let the song speak for itself. I don't need to provide commentary on this. We all know the story. One says that there is no room for the groom in her heart, but still wants to control him while the other wants to actually love him and care for him day in and day out. Cadence could hear Celestia already performing the vows and she felt saddened. She was only moments away from having her fiancée marry a fake imposter who will only want to use him instead of love and cherish him each day. She told Twilight that they were never going to save Shining Armor and Twilight reassured her that they would be able to get out. She tried looking for a way out and looked up to see one. She teleported them up to the opening and they were suddenly stopped by the old bridesmaids that the fake Cadence threw aside. They had green pupils and it was easy to tell that they were being controlled.

Back above ground, Celestia was just about to pronounce 'Cadence' and Shining Armor husband and wife when Twilight stepped in and told them to stop. Everyone looked at her and whispered amongst themselves on why she was still here. 'Cadence' had enough and growled to herself. She already disposed of Twilight and yet the purple unicorn still found a way to get back up here? The very nerve. She was about ready to give it to this pony and she voiced how Twilight could still be so possessive of her brother. Celestia looked at her strangely and 'Cadence' knew she fricked up. So, she tried the crying tactic again and asked to herself why Twilight had to ruin her special day. She soon got the answer to that question and the real Cadence was revealed. She said that it wasn't the fake Cadence's special day, it was hers. The crowd gasped in horror and 'Cadence' was shocked.

Not only did that unicorn brat find her way up here, but she also brought the real bride back up here as well. She disposed of the real Cadence a few days ago and no one seemed to notice except Twilight. Everyone else thought she was ridiculous, but now she was proven right. This was not going to end well for her. She asked the two of them how they escaped her bridesmaids and Cadence told her that all it took was some flowers and it sent them running in the other direction to grab it, leaving the door wide open. 'Cadence' told them both that was very clever, but they were still too late. Applejack was really confused and asked how there could be two of the same pony. Cadence stepped forward and told everyone that the bride standing up there on the altar was a Changeling. She explained that they disguise themselves as somepony you love and then gain power by feeding off of that love. 'Cadence' finally had enough of this and decided to reveal her true self.

She lit up her horn and a green circle of magic blasted into the air. Everyone was shocked and horrified to see who this pony actually was. She had her wings come off and she started turning black. It was clear this looked like a type of insect and after a few seconds, it revealed it to be Queen Chrysalis, Queen of the Changelings. She laughed evilly and told Cadence that she was absolutely right. Godzilla's scales lit up some more and he knew that the threat finally decided to foolishly reveal their true selves. He picked up the pace and began speed walking towards Canterlot. Back in the castle, Chrysalis formally introduced herself and told everyone that as Queen of the Changelings, it was her responsibility to find food for her subjects.

She told them that Equestria has more love than any other land she went through and since they'll be able to devour so much of it, they'll gain more power than they would ever dream of. Cadence glared at Chrysalis and told her that she would never get the chance since Shining Armor's protection spell was still in effect. She also told her that the shield would prevent them from reaching the castle. Chrysalis seemed a little surprised by this. "Oh, if only you knew, ignorant foal." she thought in her head. Cadence had no idea what was coming. Chrysalis laughed a bit and told Cadence that she doubted that and looked at Shining Armor for reassurance. He simply nodded and Cadence knew she had to do something. She would not allow this insect to control her soon-to-be-husband. Chrysalis stepped forward and asked if Cadence wanted to go back to the caves.

Cadence backed up a bit and Chrysalis turned around. The Changeling Queen told Cadence that ever since she took her place, she was feeding off Shining's love for her. She explained that at every moment, Shining Armor's spell grows weaker. She mentioned that even now, her minions are chipping away at it. High above the sky, there were a bunch of Changeling minions slamming their bodies into the shield to try and get it to break and that freaked everyone out. Chrysalis laughed evilly and told Cadence that Shining may not be her husband, but he is under her total control now. She also mentioned that meant he couldn't perform his duties as Captain of the Royal Guard. Cadence couldn't believe it and voiced her worry. Chrysalis told the crowd that her Changeling Army would break through, first taking over Canterlot and then the rest of Equestria.

After she said that, Celestia spoke up and said she would do no such thing. Chrysalis flew down and waited for Celestia to explain. Celestia told Chrysalis that while the Queen was able to make it impossible to have Shining Armor to perform his protection spell, Celestia would protect her subjects from her since she decided to foolishly reveal her true self. Celestia flew in the air and blasted yellow magic right at Chrysalis. Chrysalis lit up her horn and blasted magic right back at Celestia. The two beams collided with each other and fought for dominance. Chrysalis was struggling while Celestia remained confident. However, she would get overtaken by Chrysalis's beam and that sent her to the ground along with her crown. Everypony gasped with horror and the Mane Six came rushing over to her.

Chrysalis smiled wickedly at this new power and told herself that it was stronger than she thought. She mentioned that it was powerful enough to defeat Celestia. Speaking of which, Celestia told Twilight and the others to get to the Elements of Harmony ASAP so they could use its power to defeat the Queen. They all threw the dresses away and Rarity tried catching them. The group told her to come on and she reluctantly threw hers off as well to catch up with the group. Chrysalis just laughed at them and told them they could run, but they had nowhere to hide. Twilight looked up and saw all the minions flying above them just waiting to get in. They slammed the shield some more and they got it to crack. Finally, they all smacked it together and the entire shield fell apart. After a few seconds, the minions starting flying down like flies and blasted their magic at them.

She told the group to go and they all ran for their lives as the Changelings landed around them and hissed at them. The Mane Six had to dodge the oncoming attacks and they even had to step on one since it landed right in front of them. They ran up the stairs, but they had to come to a stop as they saw a whole bunch of Changelings standing right there, ready to attack. Rainbow said that they would have to do this the hard way, but she came across a replica of herself. They both stared at each other for a few seconds, before the fake one pushed the real one to the ground. Rainbow was confused by that and suddenly, all the Changelings started changing into the Mane Six. Twilight reminded her that they were Changelings and told the group to not let this fakes distract them from getting to the Elements of Harmony.

They battled it out and when they took out a large group of them, they saw another huge group coming their way. They ran away from them and made it to Canterlot Tower where the Elements of Harmony were. However, the Changelings beat them to it and they all knew they were surrounded and they were too many of them. Celestia woke up finding herself in a cocoon, completely unable to move and trapped at the top of the ceiling. Cadence told Chrysalis that she wouldn't get away with this and the Mane Six would defeat her, but she spoke a little too soon. The door opened and there were the Mane Six being brought forward by the minions as if they were fugitives and the SWAT team had to go fetch them. Chrysalis smiled at Cadence and asked her to continue. Cadence said nothing, so Chrysalis turned back to the Mane Six and asked them if they realized that the wedding has been canceled.

She looked at her subjects and told them to go feed before slamming the doors with her magic. She laughed a bit and told everyone that it was really funny that only Twilight was suspicious of her behavior all along, and everypony else were too busy in their wedding planning to realize she was right. Applejack apologized for not listening to Twilight and the purple Unicorn told her it wasn't their fault since Chrysalis fooled everypony. Chrysalis smiled at that and sung that same song from earlier, but with might and power in her voice. She was really excited and Twilight snuck over to Cadence. She told her to go to Shining Armor while she still had the chance. Twilight blasted her magic at the goo and Cadence walked over to Shining Armor. She looked at him with a pleading look and gave him a hug while tears were streaming down her face. A heart came out of her horn and it set Shining Armor free of the control spell.

Shining asked what was going on and Cadence was really happy to see him free of that insect's control. Shining asked if the wedding was over, and Chrysalis told him it was all over. Twilight told Shining Armor to perform his spell, but Chrysalis just laughed at that. She asked Shining what good that would do and told him that her Changelings already roam free. Shining couldn't believe his eyes and he lit up his horn. But, he was so weak that he didn't have the strength to repel them with his magic. Cadence hugged him and told him that her love will give him strength. Chrysalis just laughed that off and told the couple that it was a lovely but absolutely ridiculous sediment. She stared down below and she suddenly felt the Earth shake. It got louder and then she heard a loud roar from far out. Godzilla arrived and he was about to fight to the death with this creature.

He grabbed onto the mountain and climbed it as quickly as possible before roaring at Chrysalis as loud as he could, which shook the Earth violently. Chrysalis was terrified at that roar, but she couldn't allow fear to be her downfall. She yelled at her army to get Godzilla and they obeyed her command. Everypony couldn't believe it. The King Of The Monsters was finally back and he made Chrysalis terrified of him. Anyway, the Changelings charged right at him, but he swatted them away and even slammed them to the ground with his tail. He blasted them with his atomic breath and that burned them alive. Chrysalis grew angry at this and began blasting him with magic. She hit him with her magic which sent him to the ground, but he quickly got up and blasted magic right back at her. The two beams met and after a few seconds, Godzilla's overtook Chrysalis's and sent her flying through buildings and eventually end up against a wall.

Godzilla roared at her and went up to the top of the mountain. He shook the mountain with his hands and as a result, an avalanche worth of snow covered Chrysalis. Chrysalis finally had enough and blasted away the snow with her magic while maintaining a furious glare on her face. She changed into an Ursa Major and everyone was horrified. Those things are massive and could easily destroy a city in a matter of seconds. However, Godzilla was not phased by this transformation. The Ursa growled at him and bounced off the mountain before slamming Godzilla to the ground with its claw. The Ursa then tried going for the head, but Godzilla kept fighting it. He blasted atomic breath, but because he couldn't turn, it destroyed parts of Canterlot Castle. Then, the Ursa pushed him back a bit and then kicked him into a building, causing Godzilla to fall down and the building to collapse on top of him.

The Ursa roared in victory and went the other way. Godzilla got up from the rubble and let smoke come out of his snout. His scales lit up and he went another way. He crawled through the city and looked for Chrysalis. He went to a building, but he didn't notice Chrysalis jump from behind him and she slammed him into the castle. Godzilla got himself out of it and Chrysalis tried choking him to death in her Ursa Major form, but Godzilla picked her up and body slammed her to the ground. He then tried stepping on her, but she moved out of the way before he could do that. The both of them wrestled for a few moments and then Godzilla picked her up and flung her across Canterlot, slamming right into the mountain. Godzilla opened his mouth and blasted his atomic breath right at her, causing her to be stripped of her Ursa Major form and reverted back to her original.

Godzilla built up his atomic breath one more time and he blasted it at all of the Changelings in a circle which caused a purple shield to form repelling them all from Canterlot and sending them back to the Changeling Forest. All of them yelled in fear and they disappeared from sight. After a few moments, Godzilla looked around. Everypony was shocked to see what had happened. They watched a Kaiju come up here, take on an Ursa Major, defeated it, and blasted all of the Changelings away with his atomic breath with relative ease. Shining Armor and Cadence were the most shocked as they had never seen this creature before and they just watched him defeat Chrysalis as if it were an everyday thing. Anyway, Twilight ran over to Celestia and her teacher told her everything was fine. Celestia also told Twilight that she had a real wedding to plan now. Twilight felt happy and the second go round of the wedding plan was much better than last time.

After a little bit, it all came together and everyone was standing in the chapter waiting for the bride to come. Godzilla even stuck around and poked his head through the window so he could watch it. Ponies were a little freaked out by him being that close to them, but he posed no threat. He never went to a wedding before and always wondered what one was like. So, he stuck around to find out. Anywho, Twilight noticed that Shining's thing was messed up and she fixed it with her magic. Their parents were quite happy for their son and their mother had happy tears coming down her face. The music finally started and the doors opened to reveal the floor girls, which were the CMC's. Then, Cadence stepped in with her wedding dress on and everypony just watched as she walked down the aisle.

Twilight asked her brother that she understood why Chrysalis wanted to marry him, but she wanted to how he was able to get Cadence to marry him. Shining told her sister that she wouldn't just be gaining a husband, but also be getting a really good sister as well. Twilight smiled at that and looked at Godzilla with a smile on her face. Godzilla grunted a little bit before showing a small grin on his face as well. Twilight turned her attention back to Cadence and Rarity had to pull out the tissue. Applejack pulled out her hat and darted her eyes around like she did in the Season 2 premiere. Discord is still influencing her even when he's sealed away in stone. Cadence finally made it up to the altar and both her and Shining Armor looked at Celestia. Celestia spoke to the crowd and told them that they were here today to celebrate the union between Princess Cadence and Shining Armor. She talked briefly about that before asking Spike for the rings. The rings were placed on both the bride and groom's horns and Celestia announced them as husband and wife.

Both of them walked out through the balcony and waved to the crowds down below. Celestia looked at Twilight and told her that this was her victory as much as it was for Shining Armor and Cadence. She told her that even in the face of doubt, she didn't lose sight of what was important and brought the real Princess Cadence back to them. She mentioned that learning to trust your instincts is a valuable lesson and told Rainbow that it was her cue for the Sonic Rainboom. Rainbow smiled and dashed off to perform a Sonic Rainboom. She flew up in the sky accelerating before a giant shockwave blew through the sky and had a rainbow trail follow Dash. She said that this was the best wedding ever and the party began. Later that night, it moved outdoors and the bride and groom were doing their slow dancing with smiles on their faces.

Luna came flying in and asked the group if she missed anything. Celestia simply pointed her head at Godzilla and Luna's eyes went wide as dinner plates. It had been almost two years since she last saw him and that was after he set her free of Nightmare Moon's control. She seemed tense, but nervously flew up to meet him at eye level. Godzilla let out some smoke and he had a grin on his face that said "Hello Luna. How are you doing tonight?" Luna smiled and hugged him on the snout before flying back down. Pinkie was excited and Twilight gave the nod. Pinkie dashed over to the DJ booth and put in a CD to get a song going. She told everyone that it was time to get this party started and she threw the microphone over to Twilight.

Twilight picked up the microphone and began singing the song Love Is In Bloom. We all know how the song goes, so I'll spare you the details. Everyone was dancing and having a good time. After a little bit, Cadence and Shining Armor walked over to the carriage with Twilight standing right there in front of them. She opened the door and bowed before them. Shining told Twilight that none of this would have been possible without her and he told her that he loved her. Twilight told Shining that she loved him as well and they both hugged. After breaking it, both Cadence and Shining looked at Godzilla and thanked him for stopping Chrysalis. He simply grunted and gave a small smile. Both of them walked into the carriage and closed the door. Shining asked his wife if she was ready to go, but Cadence forgot to do something. She stuck her head out the window and threw the bouquet of flowers towards the crowd.

The bridesmaids tried to get it, but Rarity shoved them out of the way so she could get it. It looked like Discord was still influencing her as well and she laughed nervously when she received nasty glares from the other ponies. The carriage finally took off and Twilight mentioned that this was a great wedding. Spike seemed to disagree and said they should wait to see what he has planned for the bachelor party. All of them laughed and had smiles on their faces. Godzilla decided that he had seen enough and it was time to go back home. He let out a roar into the sky and started walking away. Before he could get too far though, he felt a tug on his leg. He looked down and saw Twilight right there. He bent down his head to look at her and she petted him on the snout. He let out some smoke and grunted a little bit. He retracted his head back and continued walking. The crowds watched him leave and he jumped down the mountain, headed back east to Manehattan.

Once again, another monster defeated. It surprised him a little bit that Changelings could disguise themselves and change into any creature they wanted. Also, he wouldn't usually stay this long, but he got curious about what a wedding was like, so he wanted to stick around to investigate and he liked it. It was definitely something different, but it wasn't considered unpleasant to him. For once, he could actually tolerate something like that and he hoped that Shining Armor and Cadence have a happy life together. For now though, the job was done and he needed to return to his slumber on the floor of the North Celestial Ocean outside of Manehattan. He was no longer needed and he could go back to sleep. Until duty calls, he shall sleep once more and only be awoken when the threat of a monster is made. This one was a little more challenging, but nothing too difficult. It was another job well done.

Author's Note:

AN: Well, we've reached the end of another chapter! This one was definitely interesting to write and I had fun with it. They will meet again and it will be just as entertaining as this one. Now that Season 2 is over, it's time to move on to Season 3 where we are introduced to the next villain: King Sombra. I think this will be fun to write and I can't wait to see how it turns out. Anyways, hope you guys enjoyed the chapter!

Next Chapter: The Return of the Crystal Empire! After 3,000 years of it being gone, the city makes a return to Northern Equestria once more. However, it brought back something else with it. King Sombra was released from his ice prison and set out to reclaim the throne to the Empire. Celestia sends out the Mane Six to assist Shining Armor and Cadence with protecting the Empire. Godzilla feels this threat and marches north towards the Crystal Empire. Will he be able to stop the shadow king, or will Sombra find a weakness in Godzilla in order to defeat him?

Until then, my fellow readers