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Godzilla: Equestria's King of Monsters - Microsoft_2016

A collection of chapters of the King Of The Monsters defeating fellow villains within the MLP series.

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Chapter 18: Standing in the Storm

In the wonderful land of Equestria, many ponies were traveling up to the capital city of Canterlot. Today was considered a special day. You see, this was considered the very first friendship festival in Equestria's history. Many ponies had traveled from far and wide to come to this event in Canterlot. You had ponies coming as far east as Manehattan and far west as Vanhoover. Spike was traveling through the crowds and many different ponies were chattering various things to themselves. Inside the castle, Twilight was meditating in the hallway and then she started freaking out a little bit. She tried telling herself that everything was fine and it wasn't a big deal, but she was struggling with that. Spike had come in and said to Twilight that he had all of her charts and graphs. Twilight felt relieved that Spike was here and told him that she was very nervous. Spike asked what she was talking about and she sighed. She said that she was about to ask the three most important ponies in all of Equestria a huge favor and wondered what would happen if she got rejected. Spike told her that it would be fine and reminded her to remember the most important thing.

Twilight asked if that was by smiling and she made a really creepy face. Spike said that was not it and said that Twilight was a princess too. Twilight sighed and opened the doors to the throne room. It had gotten a huge upgrade and things looked vastly different than how they were just a few months prior. Twilight greeted the princesses and thanked them for meeting with her this morning. She said that she had an idea that will make the Friendship Festival the most wonderful celebration that Equestria has ever seen and Celestia concurred. Cadence said that ponies from all over Equestria had been arriving this morning and Luna said that she wanted to believe it was to see them, but it was probably for Songbird Serenade. Twilight said that the artist was considered the "main" event and in order to make it extra special, she requested their help. Spike pulled up the white board and Twilight explained her idea. Basically, it was where the Princesses would aim the Sun and the Moon at a certain angle and use Crystal Magic to create an aura above the stage which would make the two celestial bodies shine through it. They stared at her in blank silence for a few seconds and Luna repeated it to herself to make sure she understood what Twilight was saying.

Twilight said that she would do it herself, but she didn't have that magic to move the Sun and the Moon. Celestia told her that all of them use their magic to serve Equestria in their own way and reminded her that because she was the Princess of Friendship, she already had all the magic she needed. Twilight asked if that meant a no and they all nodded in agreement. Outside, the rest of Twilight's friends were all busy preparing for the celebration. Rainbow was busy clearing clouds, Pinkie was making balloons, Fluttershy was conducting the bird choir, Applejack was busy giving out cider, and Rarity was putting up decorations on the stage. Speaking of which, Applejack complimented her on the work and exaggerated that this would take all day. Rarity disregarded that and said that because Twilight had asked her to do this work, it meant it had to be fabulous which takes time. Rainbow disagreed and said that takes forever, but awesomeness can be done in 4 seconds flat. She went to do the sonic rainboom, but Rarity told her not to do that at all. She had a reason to be concerned. You see, if Rainbow were to do a Sonic Rainboom right here, it would destroy everything in the immediate area and cause a lot of destruction. Rarity said that it already looked wretched enough, but Rainbow said it was fine. Rarity retorted that would be the standard if you were raised in a barn and she said no offense to Applejack.

The farm pony didn't take offense to that and explained the situation in a very interesting way. As she was doing that, Rainbow kept drinking Apple Cider left and right and Applejack had to keep refilling it. Rainbow said that Applejack was definitely raised in a barn and Twilight said to herself that there were only 218 things left to do before they were ready. They all greeted Twilight and Rarity said hello to Spike. Spike greeted her nervously and Applejack asked Twilight how it went with the other princesses. She asked if they liked the idea and Pinkie said that they probably loved it. Twilight said that the princesses told her that she could make today perfect without their magic and Rarity said they were right. She mentioned that this was Twilight's friendship festival and that she was up to the task. Twilight started expressing doubts and listed various different things. Pinkie told Twilight to listen to her and said that this will be the biggest celebration that Equestria has ever seen. Pinkie said that because Twilight was the Princess of Friendship, she could not fail and this day would define who she was. She said that the pressure was intense and was almost too much for any civil pony to handle. She just screamed randomly and everypony stared at her. After a few seconds, they went back to their own things and Pinkie told Twilight that she had all of them, so she should stop worrying so much.

So, we have ourselves the first song of the movie, not including the intro song at the beginning. There's gonna be quite a few of them in this film, so just sit back and enjoy the content. Make sure you have that seatbelt on though. Very important safety tool. Anyway, to give you a brief summary, the song just has Twilight's friends reassuring her that they all had things handled and things would be alright. That is the song in a nutshell. After the song was over, Pinkie launched a huge cake from her large cannon and it landed on Twilight. She wasn't very happy and she expressed her annoyance at the party pony. Murmurs started happening amongst the crowds and Twilight saw Songbird Serenade. The pony said that she was looking for the pony in charge so she could do her sound check and did a bunch of poses at the same time for those camera shots. Twilight greeted her and apologized for the mess. She accidentally got some cake on Songbird's shirt and the crowd gasped. The song pony didn't mind and the Secret Service agents communicated to themselves through radio. They cleared it off and everything stopped when they heard thunder and lightning in the background. Everyone gasped in shock and turned their heads towards the clouds. Twilight went after Rainbow, but the pegasus told her that those were not typical storm clouds. A giant Blimp came out of the clouds and everyone just watched in slight fear. Pinkie thought that this was the new clouds that she had ordered, but it was clear that was not your typical Amazon delivery truck dropping off a package. They might poop in your front yard, but they definitely don't destroy private property.

The Blimp descended towards the ground and broke several pillars, which in turn, smashed the party supplies in the corner. Pinkie could now tell this wasn't an Amazon delivery whatsoever, but rather, an invasion of some sorts. The ramp came out and smashed the balloon right there. Everyone gasped in shock and Party Favor expressed sadness over the death of his friend, "Ryan." Things had gotten quiet for a second before a Hedgehog looking creature came down with a very heavy box of some sorts. The other three princesses heard what was going on and looked down from the balcony to see what was going on. The Hedgehog finally set the box down and it turned into some sort of loudspeaker. He addressed the ponies of Equestria and said that they came on behalf of the Storm King. That drew some eyebrows and everyone was murmuring to themselves in confusion. The Hedgehog continued and introduced Commander Tempest to deliver the evil message they had. Tempest had appeared and Twilight was confused because it looked like Tempest was a unicorn, but her horn was missing, so it threw her and Spike off a bit. The other three princesses flew down and Celestia asked Tempest how they could be of service. Tempest said that was a great thing to ask and suggested that the first order of business was their complete and total surrender. Twilight introduced herself to Tempest and said to the unicorn that she had no idea what was going on, but she was willing to talk things out.

Tempest liked the idea of all four princesses there at once and she began to lay out her plan. She said that she would need their magic and asked them to give it up nicely or else, she'll make things difficult for everyone. Luna asked why they should all cower before her because there was only one of her and hundreds of them. Tempest simply laughed at that remark and said that she was hoping they chose difficulty. Suddenly, more airships started appearing and a bunch of Storm Creatures started invading the city. Ponies were screaming and running away in fear and the princesses could only watch in horror as their citizens were being terrorized and their city being invaded. Tempest jumped up and threw some sort of magical orb right at Celestia. Celestia gasped at it and Cadence threw up her shield to stop it in its path. However, it was difficult and the shield finally broke, which caused Cadence to be turned to stone. Both Twilight and Celestia expressed horror and Tempest moved on to the next princess. Celestia looked at Luna and told her to go south past the Badlands to get help. She was about to say the Queen of the Hippogriffs, but she got cut off as the orb turned her to stone as well. Luna gasped in horror and flew out of there. She used her magic to get the Storm creatures out of her way, but Tempest came prepared and shot another orb into the sky.

It hit Luna right on the mark and as she was being turned to stone, she fell down towards the ground. But Twilight did manage to catch her with her magic. Tempest laughed again and shot the final orb right at Twilight. The alicorn saw it coming, and Rainbow flew right through there in order to get Twilight out. Tempest thought it was easy as Pie and the Hedgehog said that he loved pie. After a few seconds, Tempest saw that she didn't get Twilight, but rather, Derpy. She grew angry and told Grubber to get Twilight now. Grubber went into panic mode and let the Storm creatures know that they had a fugitive on the loose. Applejack told them to get over to where they were and they all weaved in and out of the Storm creatures. They ran towards the gate to get out of the city, but two Storm creatures blocked the exit. Twilight blasted them with some of her magic, but the beam bounced off the shield and broke the bridge. They all fell through it and landed in the waterfall. They tried gasping for air, but they made it to the end and seemed to have disappeared. Grubber looked down to see where they had went, but he didn't want to go down there to fetch them. So, he just walked away with the two Storm creatures and moved along.

At the bottom of the river, Applejack picked up her hat and threw it on her head. She asked if everyone was alright and Rarity said that she believed her bottom was on blackwood. Pinkie said that they got their cupcakes handed to them by the worst party crasher ever and Rainbow said that they had to go back there and fight. Spike expressed doubt about that and Applejack said that they had to do something since they couldn't just stay here, living on a farm Thanos style. As they were all talking, Twilight was thinking to herself about what she could do. She had sent a call for help to Godzilla, but she didn't know if he heard it or not. She could only hope that he did and that he was on his way. Twilight started speculating about the Queen of the Hippogriffs and Pinkie was confused. Twilight said that Celestia told Luna to find the Queen of the Hippogriffs, but since she got turned to stone, only the word Hippos came out. Twilight said that because Luna couldn't go, she had to herself and the rest of the group expressed confusion. Twilight said that these creatures were somewhere south past the Badlands, but Fluttershy expressed worry at the thought of having to leave Equestria. Rarity said that she wasn't even packed and Twilight said no one else had to go, but she needed to find this Queen before Tempest conquered all of Equestria. She started walking away and the rest of them realized that they should go as well. Couldn't have the remaining princess of Equestria trek on a long journey by herself.

Pinkie started to bounce away, but Spike told her that they needed to head south which was to his left. To be completely honest though, that wasn't exactly accurate. Canterlot was behind then, which would be heading north, and the direction that Spike was pointing at was east. Therefore, Pinkie was technically going in the right direction, but Hasbro doesn't know anything about directions, so there you go. Moving on. Pinkie asked the group if they were up for I Spy and they all just groaned at that. Pinkie went ahead and said that she spotted something orange. After a few seconds of silence, she said that it was Applejack. Everyone rolled their eyes and knew in their minds that this was gonna be a long journey ahead. Back in Canterlot, the Storm forces pretty much had everyone under their control and kept them in line if they dare try something. Tempest watched the floating balloons go by and commented how all of this power was being wasted on parties. She went back inside the throne room and just stared at the statues of the princesses. The Storm creatures came inside with some sort of orb which had a ringtone playing. It was basically the Storm King calling in to see what was going on, but these creatures had no idea how to operate modern communication technology in any way at all. Tempest told them to answer it and they poured the liquid into the cauldron.

The Storm King asked himself where he was supposed to look and said that he never knew how this spell was supposed to work. He yelled out Tempest's name and the unicorn told him that she was in front of him. He tried looking, but Tempest had to keep redirecting him before he finally got it. He said that he was currently in the middle of a rebrand right now and while the title of the Storm King was definitely intimidating, he needed something to back it up with. He said that Tempest promised him magic that could control the Elements and currently right now, he was holding some sort of stick. Tempest said that was the Staff of Sacanas and with it, he could channel the magic of the four princesses of this land which could give him the power greater than a thousand armies. The Storm King said that sounded like a yes and asked if she had locked in the four princesses. Tempest said to give her three days and she'll have everything ready for his arrival. The Storm King reminded her that only he had the power to make her whole again. Make the Staff work and she'll get her reward. Fail him and her horn wouldn't be the only thing that would be broken. Tempest said that would not be a problem and he said that was great. The connection started to break up before finally cutting off entirely. Grubber said that it was bad cell service and asked Tempest if she wanted him to call the Storm King back.

Tempest asked if he had Twilight and Grubber had to explain nervously that the alicorn somehow got away. He said that he knew she was disappointed, but the only word he had was sponge cake. Tempest blasted him with her magic and said that she needed all four for the staff to work. Grubber said that he wanted the Storm King to fix Tempest's horn as well and Tempest said with anger that Twilight was not gonna keep her from getting her horn back. She ordered Grubber to prepare her ship and the Hedgehog ran as fast as he could in fear. Tempest realized her outburst and simply calmed herself slightly. She asked herself how far one little pony could get on her own, but she was unaware that her friends were with her as well. Speaking of which, they were walking through the desert and they were exhausted. They were dehydrated, they were sweating profusely, and they had bags under their eyes. Heck, even all that intense heat had Pinkie on the brink of a mental breakdown or aka going insane. Spike mentioned how there was nothing but sand, rocks, cacti, and a road for miles, and that last part seemed to have caught Twilight's attention. She connected the dots and saw that there was a city straight ahead. The rest of them saw it and Rarity fathomed at the idea of going to a spa. Applejack reminded her that they were on a mission to save Equestria, but Rarity said that they could multi task.

Unfortunately for them though, this place was not very nice at all. In fact, they were worse than the Griffons when it came to greed. Instead of demanding bits for services, they wanted to trade a bunch of valuable items in exchange for their form of currency. That also included things that you would not sell under normal circumstances such as your hair or your child. Yeah, that's how cruel these creatures are. Speaking of cruelty, they would constantly have wild animals, particularly birds, in cages and basically be really mean to them before they would sell them to the highest bidder, Dan Snyder style. The Mane Six tried moving along through this town, but they stuck out like a bunch of red umbrellas in a sea of black ones, so it made it difficult for them to blend in. Twilight tried talking to some of these citizens, but they were mostly unresponsive. One of them had some barrels fall and Twilight offered to help them. However, the creature did not take too kindly to outside magic and attempted to hit them. There was a cat that was observing the situation and he decided to go take a closer look at these ponies. Clearly, they were not from around here and there had to have been a reason why. It probably wasn't for tourism, but rather, they needed help with something.

Twilight told the group that they had to stick together and had to be careful who they talked to since they were major outliers. She said for them to blend in, but Pinkie began shouting in front of the town square and Twilight groaned since Pinkie was blowing their cover. Pinkie was asking if anyone could take them to the Queen of the Hippogriffs and one of them said that if she wanted something, she had to give something. Pinkie suggested a nice warm hug, but the creature looked at her in disgust and dropped her to the ground. Pinkie gave other suggestions, but that didn't help whatsoever. Twilight finally made it over to Pinkie and told the party pony that she couldn't just run off wherever she wanted. Pinkie told her that she had everything under control, but then, they got cornered by some of these creatures. One of them asked how much Spike was and the dragon was offended at being called a giant Gecko. Twilight said that Spike was not for sale and another said that she wanted Rarity's hair. She said that she'll give two starbucks for it and Rarity said that her hair was worth far more than that. The creatures began making demands and the cat continued to watch the Mane Six as they started to back up against the wall in fear. He finally jumped in and told everyone to back up. He said that they were in serious danger and asked if they didn't touch any of them.

He told them all to look at the various different colors and asked them if that was natural. He said that they had Pastellis Coloritis and the crowd gasped in horror. Applejack tried speaking her mind, but she got silenced by the cat's tail and he continued. He told them not to worry as long as they didn't have purple spots on their skin and he put some purple paint on one of the creatures. The creature freaked out and asked the cat what he should do. The cat told him that he should enjoy his last moments and not touch anybody, because parts will fall off. The creature covered his lower half as if his privates were exposed or something and they all dashed out of there as quickly as possible. After a few moments of silence, the cat began to walk out and Rainbow said that he was awesome. Rarity said he was quite charming as well and Spike didn't take too kindly to that as we all know he had a crush on Rarity. Anyway, the cat introduced himself as Capper and said that charming was his game. He asked rhetorically if they were looking for the Hippos and Pinkie started following him. Twilight stopped her and said that she doesn't know if they could trust him. Pinkie said that they could use a friend out here and Capper said she was right.

Alright, we got ourselves another song here. So, to give you a quick summary, it's just Capper saying how much Klugetown sucks and how he is the friend they needed while leading them straight to his house. Once they made it inside, they were pretty surprised to see it. Rarity described it as some sort of place that a hobo would live at and Capper apologized for the mess inside of his litterbox because he normally doesn't have guests over. They went to admire the décor and talk while Twilight began looking for a book in the library. She found something and began reading through it. Back outside, the Storm creatures were searching through everything so that they could find Twilight. The citizens were terrified of these creatures and Grubber asked Tempest if she believed that the Mane Six got this far. Tempest stopped and saw a pink hair in the wood. They were here, no doubt at all. She gathered the attention of the citizens and said that a little purple pony had passed through here. She asked them to tell her where Twilight was and Grubber said that something really bad was gonna happen if they didn't. He cowered in fear when he saw the fish creature march towards them and hid behind Tempest. The fish creature asked rhetorically if Tempest believed they were all gonna fall for this again and said that he didn't know what kind of scam she was working with Capper and the Mane Six. Tempest seemed confused by that and the fish creature said that poison or no poison, she was gonna pay. He attempted to attack her, but Tempest dodged it and kicked him in the stomach.

She then knocked him over and then body slammed him to the ground while being airborne. Grubber said that the fishman just got dropped and Tempest seemed interested by this Capper fellow. She lit up her horn and the creature looked at her in fear. Inside Capper's place, the cat was having a hard time believing that Rainbow could do a Sonic Rainboom. He said that wasn't a real thing and then asked if that was a real thing. Rainbow said that she'll show him, but Capper said he did not want her performing that inside of his place. Rarity fixed up his jacket and the unicorn apologized for the lack of stuff. Capper seemed confused by this generosity and asked her what the catch was. Rarity said that there wasn't any and said to him to just consider it a thank you after everything he had done for them. Capper said not to thank him and Twilight announced to all of them that they were looking for the wrong queen. It wasn't the Hippos, but rather, the Queen of the Hippogriffs, a species that were part pony, part eagle. Capper seemed to get nervous and said that the thing was that no one knew where the Hippogriffs were. Twilight didn't take the bait and said that they were on top of Mount Aris while glaring at him. Clearly, this pony did not like him whatsoever and she wasn't playing any games with anybody.

Pinkie asked if that was the mountain right outside the window and Capper said that objects in windows may be less mountainous than they appear. Twilight had enough and told everyone to move out. Capper gasped in worry and blocked the way out. Capper said that they couldn't make it by themselves and they needed an airship to get over there. He said that he could get them a ride somewhere, but Twilight insisted that they would be fine. When she opened the door, some random pig appeared and announced his name in the same style that matches The Shining. The pig told Capper that these ponies better shoot rainbow lasers out of their eyes if he was gonna settle his debt and said that he brought the big cage. He said that it was time to load them up and the Mane Six were in complete horror. Rarity didn't like the idea of being sold to someone else and Twilight said they had to get out of here. They heard evil laughter and stopped in their tracks. Tempest gave an evil grin and said that trusting strangers was a big mistake. The pig looked interested at Tempest and asked what special abilities she had. Tempest lit up her horn and electrocuted the pig in anger. That was used as time for the Mane Six to get away and Twilight flew out.

Tempest ordered the Storm creatures to get the Mane Six and they ran towards the window. The Mane Six were on the windmill and tried to escape, but one of the Storm creatures had stopped it from moving and Twilight and Rainbow had to push it forward. Eventually, it broke and they all started spinning around. Applejack said that she was gonna be sick and they finally made it onto a platform. But it got smashed at the same time and they had to keep running so they wouldn't fall. Twilight saw an airship above and told the group they had to get up there to the docks. They all raced up there and most of them got on. Pinkie fell and Twilight had to fly down in order to rescue her. They made it on and Pinkie said that was the best escape plan ever. Twilight didn't like that and Applejack roped them over to where they were at. One of the creatures asked another one if they heard something and they got a bird call noise in response. The dude said that it was probably just the rats, but if they find them, they were gonna eat them. Back on the dock, the Storm creatures successfully captured Capper and pushed him down onto the ground. Tempest asked him where they were going and lit up her horn as a form of intimidation. Capper said that there was no need for violence and was about to say where they were headed off to, but then he saw the pendant on his jacket and felt bad for betraying the trust of the Mane Six.

So he lied and said that they headed east towards Black Skull Island. Tempest and Grubber were confused by that and Capper said that it was a pleasure to serve to the Storm King, but he had to head home now. However, the Storm creatures blocked him from leaving. Tempest would not let him off that easy. She told him that until she got her princess, his fate was still up in the air. Grubber made some comments as well and the Storm Creatures forced him to move along. Back on the ship, Rainbow and Applejack watched the crew move around boxes and check inventory. They had the terrible sight of hearing someone burp and then scratch their butt as well which was quite disgusting. Applejack asked Twilight if they should just ask these birds to take them to Mount Aris, but the alicorn said that the last creature that they trusted, they tried to sell them all. One of the boxes got pulled and they were all exposed in the open air. One of them said to the rest of the crew to check this out and two more came over. One of them said that it looked like a pack of stowaways and another one asked what they should do with them. They threw out different suggestions, but then they asked the captain what the book said.

The captain pulled out the rulebook and said that the Storm King rulebook states that anyone found on the ship that is not supposed to be there is to be thrown overboard. The Mane Six gasped in horror and one of the birds pulled out the plank. They all went in for the Mane Six, but then, the clock went off and the captain said it was lunchtime now. Twilight seemed confused at the sequence of events and so did Rainbow. She asked them if they were seriously about to throw them overboard and then they stopped for a lunch break. Twilight clearly did not like that question and she glared at Rainbow for asking such a "stupid" question. One of them explained that the Storm King only allows one meal a day and then it was back to hauling goods. Spike asked if they were delivery guys and Captain Celaeno said it was gals as well. She said that these uniforms were not doing them any favors and Twilight asked if they could take them to Mount Aris. Captain Celaeno said that they had to do what the Storm King orders or else they face his wrath. Twilight didn't like the idea of being tossed overboard and one of them mentioned that it was nothing personal. They offered pudding and Rarity got excited at that. But, it was just more of the same thing. Rainbow asked the captain if they were always delivery creatures and asked to think back before the Storm King.

Celaeno said that they used to be more adventurous and pulled back the Storm King poster to reveal the cross bones and death flag behind it. Pinkie said that she met that guy in the desert and Rainbow asked if they used to be pirates. One of them said that they preferred to be called swashbuckling treasure hunters, but Rainbow saw it as the same thing. She said that these birds had a choice to make. They could either have some cloven hoofed Storm King tell them how to live their lives or they could be awesome again. She ripped off the Storm King poster and pointed towards the cross bones and death flag right there. Twilight told Rainbow not to break out into a musical number, but Rainbow ignored that. She had to get these birds their mojo back and the only way to convince them was through a song. It might be slightly unconventional, but as long as it gets the message across, then it really doesn't matter. For Twilight, she really didn't want to have to put up with this, but there was no stopping Rainbow. The pegasus was known for being pretty stubborn, so anytime she said she was gonna do something, she meant it. She was not playing around. Just look at the different episodes throughout the series showcasing that in case you don't believe me. I don't know why anyone wouldn't, but I might as well put that out there just in case there is. Always want to be prepared.

So, another song yet again. This one will be quick. Basically, this song had Rainbow encouraging the birds to embrace their pirate nature and they got their mojo back. At the end, Rainbow decided to add the finishing touch. She flew up into the sky and Pinkie started cheering. Twilight saw what Rainbow was doing and started to panic. If Rainbow did a Sonic Rainboom, that could easily send out a signal to Tempest of where their location was. It could be seen from many miles away. Rainbow flew back down and broke the sound barrier to perform her Sonic Rainboom. She circled around the ship a few times and Twilight was very worried now. Someone would see them for sure. On the other airship, Grubber was about to eat his sponge cake, but then he heard a loud sonic boom to the left of him and stopped what he was doing. He saw the rainbow and so did Tempest. Grubber said that rainbow looked so cool and Tempest said that it was a way to alert them of the location of the Mane Six. This was perfect for Tempest. Not only did she now know where they were at, but also, she could finally capture Twilight and finish her plans before the Storm King's arrival in Canterlot. She said to Capper that it didn't look like the Mane Six was headed towards Black Skull Island and Capper tried to act like he didn't know what she was talking about.

Tempest knocked Grubber aside and drove the ship in the direction of the rainbow. On the ship, there was fun happening, but Captain Celaeno stopped when she heard one of her crew members point out something was coming ahead. She looked and saw a giant blimp headed towards them. She said that they must have been storm guards and that they found the Mane Six. She ordered the crew to lock down the cargo and one of the crew members had the Mane Six go down below. Rainbow asked if Tempest saw her Sonic Rainboom and Twilight was very angry at her for doing that. Tempest fired off some sort of hook to grab onto the ship and then pulled the ship towards the other one. They got off and Tempest asked where Twilight was. Celaeno seemed confused by that and checked the list for princesses. She said she couldn't find anything and they were only hauling Storm King merchandise. Tempest told them that if they were hiding fugitives, the Storm King would be quite explosive. Twilight said that they had to get off this ship before the pirates tell Tempest where they were at and Rainbow said that they wouldn't give them up since they got their mojo back. Twilight looked around the room and simply sighed in annoyance.

She looked around and realized an escape plan. Tempest stared at the pirates and said she was gonna count from three. If they didn't tell her where the Mane Six were at, their ship was going down. Tempest counted down, but the pirates stood their ground and Grubber commented on how intense this was getting. She heard some sort of loud scream and growled in anger. Celaeno breathed a sigh of relief and the Mane Six were sent tumbling. Twilight gathered them all together and put together a balloon with different things. They barely missed the trees and Applejack told Twilight she had quick thinking. Pinkie asked if they could do it again and Rainbow pushed the balloon forwards. Twilight said that they were home free and the rest of them celebrated that. The Storm creatures looked everywhere for the ponies and Grubber said that there were none whatsoever. He said that he found a cupcake and some sort of map that had a line pointing straight to Mount Aris. Tempest found this interesting and Capper tried to play dumb with the unicorn, but she was not falling for it whatsoever. She said that because of that betrayal, she lit up her horn and blasted the entire ship which was being sent down towards the Southern Celestial Ocean.

They made it to Mount Aris, but Rarity was not too thrilled at having to walk up the entire mountain. She collapsed and said that she couldn't take it anymore. Rainbow said that they were almost there and Rarity told her to stop saying that. Rainbow said that it was true and they all made it to the top of the mountain. However, when they went inside, it was basically a ghost town in here and was completely abandoned. They tried looking for them, but they were nowhere to be found. Twilight said she didn't understand and now, it felt like she had failed entirely. They started to hear singing and they went to investigate. They found some sort of cool cave and Pinkie accidentally broke one of the steps. This alerted the creature inside of the flower and they jumped into the water. Pinkie told them to wait up and began looking for them. The rest of them went down and Pinkie said that the creature was gone. However, the flower disappeared and it turned into some sort of drain. Rarity said that she hated epic adventures and they got submerged underwater. Twilight saw her friends try to hold their breath and then Twilight's eyes closed as she couldn't really breath either. They were all submerged underwater and now it looked like they would simply drown to death.

Meanwhile, deep within the North Celestial Ocean, Godzilla was taking a nap and resting his body. It had been several months since he defeated the Pony of Shadows and things have been peaceful since then. However, his scales lit up and he growled with anger. He began to swim up to the surface and he took a look around at the city of Manehattan. He blasted his atomic breath into the sky to show that he was back once again and then lowered his head back down. He heard Twilight's call for help via echolocation and he began racing towards Canterlot. He already detected some sort of threat, but now, Twilight was calling for help which meant something was definitely wrong. It looks like that this threat was trying to be the Alpha of the World just like Tirek did a few years ago. Godzilla growled with anger and he marched west towards Canterlot. This threat had to be taken out before it achieves world domination and attempts to control the Titans. It has challenged Godzilla's authority and the King Of The Monsters will not stand for that whatsoever. He will make this threat pay for daring to challenge his authority and he will make sure they bow to him in submission or else face death if they refuse.

Back underneath the ocean, Twilight gasped for air and noticed that her other friends did the same. They had bubbles on their heads and Pinkie said sarcastically that it took until the last minute to do something. Twilight said she didn't create these bubbles and Fluttershy asked who did. They saw a creature move around and Twilight asked it that they were looking for the Hippogriffs. The creature shined a bright yellow light and asked how she could know that she could trust them. Twilight said that the Storm King invaded their land and they need the help of the Hippogriffs. The creature seemed surprised at that and then revealed herself as some sort of seapony. She said that she was so glad she found them and said that she was definitely taking them to her mother. Twilight asked if the creature's mother know where the Hippogriffs were at and the creature said that she might have an idea. They traveled through the sea and they all saw the kingdom here. Some of the citizens saw these newcomers and watched very carefully as they had no idea who these foreign creatures were. They made it to the top and the creature told her mother that she found something. The mother groaned and asked if it was another seashell. She looked and saw ponies down below. She grew angry and called out her daughter by name. She said that foreigners were not allowed here and called for the guards.

The guards pointed spears at the ponies and Skystar explained to her mother that the Storm King was trying to invade the home of the ponies as well. Twilight said they needed to know what happened to the Hippogriffs and asked if she knew what happened to them. Skystar's mother said that she know since she was the Queen. Skystar said that it was such a good story and her mother told her not to tell that story. Skystar said that the Hippogriffs did live on Mount Aris at one point and the Mane Six were intrigued by the graphic. Her mother said that she remembers telling her daughter not to mention that, but she was just the Queen, so don't mind her. Skystar relented and told the Mane Six that she couldn't tell them, but if she could, she would say that the Storm King did show up to steal their magic. The Queen was not exactly thrilled and Skystar just continued. She explained that the ruler, Queen Novo, hid them deep underwater where the Storm King could never go and they were essentially the Hippogriffs. The Queen just gave up and introduced herself as Queen Novo. Applejack expressed doubt and basically repeated everything she just heard so she could understand what was going on.

Skystar said that they didn't flee, they swam in order to flee. Twilight asked how that was possible and Skystar asked Novo if they could show them how that happened. Novo swam up and said that as long as it still works, it should be able to show them how. The pearl came down and the Queen used the power to send it out to the Mane Six. They all began to transform into seaponies and somehow, Spike got turned into a pufferfish which was a little odd. Twilight said that they could use the pearl to transform everypony back home into something powerful enough to defeat the Storm King's army, but Queen Novo disagreed with that idea. She said it could end up in his greedy claws and Twilight tried to argue that, but Novo shut her down on that. She said that she was truly sorry for the Storm King invading their home, but it was her responsibility to protect her subjects and the pearl was not going anywhere. Twilight said that they came all this way and they couldn't just stay down here forever, but Novo said that they were all perfectly fine with that. A squid went up to the Queen and Novo asked what it was he wanted. He told her that her seaweed wrap was ready and it was time for a deep tissue message. Applejack asked if they left home for nothing and Skystar said that they could stay with them forever. She began speculating of all the different things they could do, but Rarity told her that they simply couldn't stay.

Applejack said that they had to return to their families and Skystar felt crushed by that. She said it was fine and she'll get her mother to change them back so they could go home. Pinkie felt sad for Skystar and told the group that she knows that they had to go home, but Princess Skystar was really sad. She asked if they could stay a little longer and Applejack said that they simply didn't have time. Twilight, for once, actually thought that was a good idea and the rest of them seemed confused. Twilight said that they still needed a plan in order to get back and they could spare a few minutes to do so. She told Pinkie to show Skystar the best time of her life and the rest of them took off. Twilight stared at the pearl and knew that she had a big task ahead of her. Skystar sighed in sadness and said to herself that it was probably for the best. She tried so hard not to cry, but it was very difficult not to do so.

Alright, fifth song of the movie here. To give you an executive summary, the ponies have a bit of fun with Skystar and they do it in the span of a few minutes. Queen Novo caught what was going on and after a little bit, she joined in on the action as well. After the song was over, Queen Novo said that there was one small thing they could do and everyone was excited. However, an alarm went off and Novo glared at her daughter. They went to take a look at the throne room and there was Twilight trying to grab the pearl, but the stingers prevented her from reaching it. Novo growled with anger and swiped the pearl away. Twilight tried to get it back and Novo seemed upset with the idea of all of this happening so that Twilight could sneak in to steal the pearl. She grabbed Skystar and told her that this was the reason why they don't let strangers into their home. Novo glared slightly at Twilight and thought of the perfect punishment for this behavior. She said that they didn't deserve to be one of them and she transformed the group back into ponies. They made it back to the surface and they all had to dry their coats and manes. Applejack laid into Twilight for trying to steal the pearl, but Twilight insisted that it was the only way to save Equestria. Pinkie disagreed and said that Novo was going to say yes.

She said that they did what Twilight asked and that's what made Novo realize that they were ponies worth saving. Pinkie gasped in horror and then threw out the accusation that Twilight only did it not because she wanted them to have a good time, but rather, use it as a distraction. The others gasped at that accusation and Twilight said that she would not have done it, but this wasn't Equestria. She said they couldn't just go around dancing with con artists, performing sonic rainbooms in the sky, and expect everything to work out. She said that them alone wasn't enough, but Pinkie retorted that they stuck together and were gonna get the help they needed. She said that the only thing stopping them was Twilight, but the alicorn didn't like that remark. She said that she was doing the best that she could and it was on her since she was the last princess alive that Tempest was chasing after. Pinkie said she was also the only one who didn't trust her friends and at that point, Twilight grew furious. She had enough. She turned around and said that maybe she would have been better off without friends like Pinkie. Pinkie gasped with horror and she looked down with horror. Twilight realized what she had just said and the others stood there in shock.

Twilight tried to apologize to Pinkie, but the party pony said that she couldn't talk to her right now. The others soon followed and they sent glares at Twilight. Twilight walked away and went in a separate direction. She had messed up this time and she just stared out into the sea. Spike said that it was okay and they'll figure it out, but Twilight didn't really believe that. She hadn't felt this alone since the Canterlot Wedding five years ago after no one believed her when she said Cadence was evil. They all walked out on her again for a second time, something that she wished would never happen again. She hit rock bottom. Clearly, after making that mistake, there was no way out. Maybe if she listened more and wasn't so busy trying to hide from Tempest, this wouldn't have happened. She failed her friends, the princesses, Godzilla, and most importantly, herself. Considering what she just did, she shouldn't deserve the title of Princess of Friendship because she abused that power. She began crying and said to herself that it was all her fault and everything was ruined. She said that there was no chance to save Equestria now and let the tears fall. Godzilla would definitely be very disappointed in her and so would Celestia. Neither of them would approve of that kind of behavior at all. They would just shame her and tell her how much of a disgrace she was, acting like that. She noticed that Spike had gone quiet and turned around to see where he was at.

She saw that Spike was being captured by one of the Storm creatures and had his mouth covered so he couldn't scream. Twilight was about to blast that creature to pieces, but she got trapped into a cage and it started rising in the sky. She tried calling out to Spike and the dragon called out to her after he got free from the Storm creature by burning him. Inside the airship, it looked like the Nether from Minecraft and Twilight tried breaking free. She threw her body against it and tried blasting magic at the cage, but nothing happened. Eventually, Tempest showed up and Twilight gasped in shock. Tempest taunted her by saying that the Princess of Friendship had no friends around and no way out. Twilight asked Tempest why she was doing this and said that she was a pony just like her. Tempest looked at her with rage and lit up her horn as intimidation. She said that she was nothing like Twilight and more than she'll ever be. She stopped the magic flow and turned around to face away from Twilight. She was gonna prove to this pony that her way of life was far greater than anything Twilight could imagine. For so long, the Magic of Friendship seemed to prevail, but now, it abandoned her and now she is stuck back at square one. Because of that, Tempest can show her that doing it all alone was much better than relying on friends to complete missions.

Alright, two songs left to go. This song just goes over how much better it was to tackle life alone and how friendship is for the weak, not for the strong and mighty. She also revealed her past which showed Twilight why Tempest is the pony she is today. Once the song ended, Tempest pulled the lever which made the cage go up onto the dock of the ship and Twilight had to shield her eyes from the bright light. She looked in front of her and she was horrified at what she saw. There was Canterlot under a giant storm cloud and tons of airships flying around to make sure no one tries any funny business. She also saw Godzilla headed right for Canterlot as he's marching through the farmlands. He had heard her call and he was now responding to it. This could be Equestria's last hope if all else fails. Twilight said that she was sorry Tempest felt so alone, but the unicorn said that she saw the truth and her friends abandoned her during her time of need. She said that it looked like she wasn't the only one and she told Twilight that friendship has failed her as well. Twilight said friendship didn't fail her, she failed friendship.

Back on the base of Mount Aris, the group was remaining silent and didn't say a word to one another. Fluttershy said that this whole trip was a mistake and all they asked for was for someone to help them. After a few moments, Applejack sighed and asked the group if it was a good time to talk to Twilight now. Spike yelled out really loud that Twilight had been taken and Rainbow was surprised at that. Spike said that Tempest had captured Twilight and took the alicorn on her ship. The group gasped in horror and Rainbow said that they had to get her back. Fluttershy asked how they could do that and said that they'll never catch up. Applejack said that they had no way to defeat those monsters and they all sighed in defeat. Capper appeared and said that it was a good thing that he knew of a group of mighty heroes that could handle this easily. Rarity wasn't too thrilled at his appearance and Capper explained how much they all endured so far and still managed to remain in one piece. They were excited at that, but Applejack told them that he was just talking about them and they groaned. Capper added that they even managed to get away from the clutches of Commander Tempest. Rainbow realized he was right and the Pirates showed up as well. Celaeno said that was awesome and another one said that they figured they could use a claw.

Celaeno said that they were on board fighting the Storm King, just not on their actual ship, and another one of them said to Rainbow that it was thanks to her that they got pirate nature back. He said that they were ready to kick some booty and there was a bright light that came out of the ocean. Princess Skystar transformed into a Hippogriff and they were all amazed. She said that she was gonna get grounded, but after talking with her shells, she realized that they were just trying to help their friends. She said that she wanted to help too because one small thing can make a big difference. Spike asked if that was it and no one answered. Capper said that their course was clear and asked if they were ready to do this thing. Pinkie said that they were coming for Twilight and they all cheered before Pinkie said they would do so once they made up a plan. In Canterlot, it looked like Communism had swept the city and now everyone was under the rule of an iron fist. Even Songbird Serenade was captured, but she still was singing despite the trial she was facing. However, the Storm creatures didn't like that and one of them told her to shut up. She just sighed and watched as Twilight was being transported to the throne room in the castle. Twilight could only look with shame and turned away. They all made it in and Twilight was horrified at what she saw.

The cage got set down and the cart rolled out of the throne room. Grubber shut the doors and laughed evilly. Twilight tried to tell Tempest not to steal the alicorn magic, but Tempest shut her down on that. She asked rhetorically if Twilight really thought that she would keep her magic to herself and said that it was time to share. Tempest said that she would love for everyone out there to do see what she could really do and that intrigued the Storm King. He walked in and asked Tempest what she could really do. Grubber said his bidding and after darting his eyes around nervously, he ran out and closed the doors. Tempest rolled her eyes and the Storm King said he liked bidding. He looked at Twilight and asked what she was supposed to be. Twilight said that she was the Princess of Friendship and he just laughed at that. He glared at Tempest and asked why Twilight was still moving. Tempest explained that Twilight and her friends put up a fight, but she was alone now, so it would be no problem. The Storm King said that since they were speaking of problems, he said that things were a little too cute in here. He said that he never liked cute and it doesn't go with his theme that he was looking for. He said this had to be a joke and he slammed the staff into the ground in anger. However, he gasped in shock and magic started to get taken from each of the four princesses.

The Storm King laughed evilly and said to everyone to check out the light show. It sucked out all of the magic in the area and brought it to the staff. Godzilla could see it from afar and growled with anger. This threat had begun to steal magic and they were probably going to use that magic to try to fight him. So, he picked up the pace and started running towards Canterlot. He had to get there before it was too late. After a few seconds, the light show stopped and the Storm King was amazed. He said it was time to get this storm started and he said that he should trademark that. He looked at the cage and blasted Twilight away towards the balcony. Twilight got thrown out and fell on the platform. The Storm King said that wasn't bad and asked what else it could do. Tempest tried telling him that he promised to restore her horn, but the Storm King told her to hold on one second. He saw the Sun moving and he was amazed by that. He stepped over Twilight and the alicorn looked at Tempest. The unicorn expressed doubt, but continued to move along. The Storm King was busy playing around with the Sun and the Moon and Twilight could only look behind her in worry.

At the front gates of Canterlot, the Storm creatures saw a giant cake come by with some sort of cat with a chef's outfit on, looking at a paper. The Storm creatures blocked the entrance and Capper said that he had a delivery for the Storm King. He said he was given explicit instructions to bring it to this location and the Storm creatures looked at the sight before them. They didn't believe Capper and pointed their spears at Capper. Capper asked if one of them could go to their boss and tell him that he had a victory cake for him waiting. He said he didn't want to be the one responsible for their boss missing out on his cake. The Storm creatures finally believed him and they moved out of the way so he could pass. Capper thanked them and said that he'll put in a good word for them both to their boss. Applejack told Pinkie to stop looking so happy and Pinkie made the saddest face possible. They marched through the city and Grubber liked the idea of cake. He went over to it and took a bite. He saw a giant eyeball and asked himself who would put eyeballs in cake. When he saw it move, he started to scream, but the bird pulled him inside so he couldn't alert anyone. The guards heard their names called and Capper said it was time for plan B. Rainbow smacked the cart and out came the pirates from the cake. It was like a trojan horse the entire time. The one that the Greeks used back in the day, not the computer virus.

They fought the Storm creatures and they were able to get past every one of them. They made it to the top and there were more Storm creatures. Capper asked if Spike could breathe fire and Spike was on board. Capper used Spike as a flamethrower and the Storm creatures ran away in pain. Tempest saw this happening from below and asked herself how that was possible. Twilight attempted to say that it was the magic of friendship, but the Storm King expressed his disgust for it. He said that he was over the whole cute pony thing and this ends now. He blasted magic from his staff into the sky and it created not only a thunderstorm, but a tornado as well. The group moved out, but the Storm creatures got flown away in the air. Rainbow said that they would have to fly faster than a speeding pegasus in order to get through that wind and Pinkie had an idea. The Storm King declared that he was now truly the Storm King and the world will bow to him. Tempest said that he was great and all, but she asked him to restore her horn, and she will promise to serve him. The Storm King just laughed at that and asked rhetorically who could possibly care about her unicorn horn. Tempest didn't like the sound of that and said that they had an agreement. The Storm King told her that he had used her and it was kinda what he does. He blasted magic at her and she had to dodge it. She fired magic back at him, and when the beams collided, it sent them both to the ground.

The Storm King groaned in pain while Tempest was about to be swept away by the storm. Twilight saw this and just before Tempest lost her grip, Twilight grabbed onto her and told her to hang on. Tempest asked her why she was saving her and Twilight said that this was what friends do. Tempest thought about for a second and then smiled. Twilight pulled her in and brought her to the ground. The Storm King mocked them for being like that and point the staff right at them to give them their death sentence. However, they heard a faint roar in the distance and they stopped what they were doing. Twilight knew that roar all too well, but both Tempest and the Storm King were confused. They would soon get their answer. Godzilla grabbed onto the mountain and then jumped across the castle before landing on the balcony. He growled at the Storm King and let out a loud ear shattering roar at the Storm King. The Storm King just laughed at that roar and asked with sarcasm if this creature was supposed to defeat him or something. Godzilla did not like that and simply grabbed the Storm King with his left hand. He tightened his grip on the creature and slammed him against the wall. The Storm King was mad and attempted to blast Godzilla, but Godzilla threw him across the throne room and landed right at the front doors.

Godzilla charged towards the Storm King, but the Storm King sent out magic from the staff. Godzilla roared in pain, but he kept moving. Godzilla slammed his tail down and his scales began to light up. The Storm King was confused at this sort of power and so was Tempest. Neither of them had seen something like this before. Godzilla built up his atomic breath and unleashed it upon the Storm King. He roared in pain and it left many burn marks on his skin. The Storm King blasted electricity at Godzilla, and he got the Kaiju to fall. But Godzilla got right back up and blasted his atomic breath at the Storm King. The Storm King used the staff to absorb the atomic breath, but it pushed him back a bit. Eventually, the flow stopped and Godzilla rammed right into the Storm King. The Storm King tried to swing the staff at Godzilla, but Godzilla knocked him away even further and threw the staff away from him, landing right on the window. The Storm King tried to attack him from above, but Godzilla body slammed him to the ground and yeeted him to the other side of the room. He attempted to bite the Storm King, but the Storm King got away just in time. However, Godzilla inched closer and was on all fours. The Storm King tried to punch him away with his legs, but that only angered Godzilla. Godzilla pounced on the Storm King and began ripping away at the creature's skin using his claws.

The Storm King screamed in pain and Godzilla put his foot down on the creature's chest after being backed into a corner. The Storm King attempted to punch Godzilla in the side of the face, but Godzilla smacked his hand away with his tail. Godzilla put his foot down even harder and the Storm King tried to break free. But Godzilla's grip was too strong and he simply stared at Godzilla. Godzilla bent his head down to look at his enemy and he snorted in anger. The Storm King snorted back in defiance and Godzilla roared at him very loudly. He demanded that the Storm King bow down to him, but the creature said he would not do that. Godzilla seemed impressed by him standing up for himself and let up. He removed his foot from his chest and simply walked away in anger. Down below, one of the pirates asked Pinkie if she was sure about this, and the party pony told him to just do it. They pushed the lever and they all got launched into the air. They made it through the storm and landed right on the balcony. The Storm King was trying to walk outside to confront Godzilla, but he got tackled back by the force of those ponies. Pinkie said to herself that it was bulls eye and Twilight expressed joy that they came back. Twilight apologized for her behavior and Pinkie said she was sorry too.

She attempted to finish her sentence, but Rainbow said that they could make up later because this was still not over. The staff sent out lightning bolts and parts of the castle started getting destroyed. Tempest tried to get out, but a bunch of rocks blocked her from getting out. Twilight said that she had to get control of it and Pinkie told her to go because she had this. Twilight said that they had it and they activated their plan. Applejack put her rope down on a rock and all of them held hooves so they could reach it. The Storm King got out of the rubble and said that the staff belonged to him. Godzilla saw him coming and ran over to stop him from reaching Twilight. Twilight tried reaching it, but the Storm King was closing in. Godzilla threw him back and smacked him with his tail, but the Storm King got back up again and again. Eventually, the Storm King ran fast enough to get past Godzilla and attempted to get the staff, but Twilight had gotten it as well and they both disappeared into the sky. Everyone was in total shock and there was dead silence. Even Godzilla was in complete shock of what happened. To him, it looked like Twilight had sacrificed herself in order to cease the storm. Pinkie started to silently cry, but they began to see a bright light. They saw Twilight descending down from the sky like an angel and all of their friends were happy. She had calmed the storm.

Tempest smiled at the group hug, but she knew she could never have that, not after what she did. She turned away and started walking when she suddenly heard a grunt. She turned around to see the Storm King there and she saw he was carrying an orb. After what happened, it could not end like this. She started running towards the Storm King and she shielded the Mane Six from getting hit. However, she started turning to stone along with the Storm King since that threw him off a bit. The Storm King fell towards the ground and smashed into pieces. However, Tempest was still floating in the air because the Mane Six managed to catch her on time. Rainbow said that she couldn't believe Tempest did that, but Twilight said she could. The staff blasted magic at Tempest and she was set free from stone. Fluttershy asked what happens now and Tempest said that they fix everything. Tempest set down the staff and the magic inside got released. It returned to their rightful owners and the princesses were set free from stone. Twilight hugged them all and Canterlot got restored back to the way it was supposed to be.

Last song here. Later that night, Spike announced to the crowd that it was time for Songbird Serenade. The crowds cheered and the artist said that in celebration that they were all still in one piece, they were to give it up to Twilight and her friends. The princesses bowed in respect and Twilight did the same. All four of them then did it to Godzilla since he was the King Of The Monsters and once again helped stop a great evil from achieving world domination. The song just had the performance and Twilight saw Tempest in the back. She went over to her and the unicorn said that the one thing that never changes here was the parties. Twilight said that she hoped that Tempest would stay and the more friends, the merrier. Tempest tried to say she wouldn't fit in with her broken horn, but Twilight told her that Tempest's horn was pretty powerful just like the pony it belonged to. Tempest said that she did say that she wanted to show everyone what she could do and she went over to her right. She lit up her horn and blasted magic in the sky. It created fireworks and it added to the performance. Pinkie told Tempest that was a nice touch and Tempest said that was not her real name. Pinkie asked what it was and Tempest said it was Fizzlepop Berry Twist. Pinkie lit up at that name and told Tempest that was the coolest name she had ever heard. When the performance wrapped up, Godzilla saw it as his opportunity to go ahead and leave.

He let out a massive roar in victory and began to head out. Before he fully left, he bent his head down to Twilight and snorted some smoke out at her. She petted his snout and saw his amber eyes staring right at her. He looked at Tempest and the unicorn turned away in shame. Godzilla gave a small grin and huffed out some smoke. Tempest smiled a bit and Godzilla retracted his head back. He jumped down from the city and the citizens watched their King leave east towards Manehattan. This was definitely interesting for him. It was relatively short, but it was still worthwhile. He couldn't believe the amount of overconfidence that the Storm King had and downplayed the Kaiju's power. He had never really faced a real threat to him before and he got his life handed to him. He will never be seen again by anyone. Clearly, the Storm King didn't know what he signed up for and Godzilla showed him what a real King was. As for now, he could go back to the ocean and return to his slumber until he called upon once more. Once again, the King Of The Monsters defeats another threat. Beating it wasn't hard, and neither was standing in the storm.

Author's Note:

AN: Whew! I sincerely apologize for this chapter coming out much later than intended, but so much has happened within the last two weeks that I haven't been able to work on it. Changing my bedroom, going to school events, finishing up the school year, and trying to get a new job have kept me from this chapter. But, it's finally done now, so now, you have something new to read. Thanks to those who waited very patiently for this chapter to come out and I'll try to be more consistent in the coming weeks. We're near the end here of this story, so I have to get the ball rolling here. Hope you guys enjoyed the chapter!

Next Chapter: The Withdrawal of Magic! When the Mane Six notice that magic is starting to disappear across all of Equestria, they take a trip to Canterlot to figure out what's causing this. They believe that Tirek could be behind this, so they go to Tartarus to figure out what he is up to. They learn that Cozy Glow was behind this the whole time and he was simply enjoying it. Godzilla senses this lack of magic and awakens to respond to it. Will he able to stop Cozy Glow from stripping all magic from Equestria, or will Cozy Glow find a way to outlast him somehow?

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