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Godzilla: Equestria's King of Monsters - Microsoft_2016

A collection of chapters of the King Of The Monsters defeating fellow villains within the MLP series.

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Chapter 19: Power Restoration vs. Power Drainage

The city of Ponyville... IS UNDER ATTACK! Lol just kidding. Stole that from Powderpuff Girls because I was bored and I needed some new material. Anyway, let's move on. On the side of one of the mountains next to the Castle of Friendship, there lied the School of Friendship. You see, about a year ago, Twilight realized that all of the creatures she and her friends met along the way to defeat the Storm King, most of them had no idea about friendship. So, Twilight determined that all of them should have a place to learn about friendship so that it could better Equestria. She still believed that Godzilla plays a vital role in the world and she doesn't want to take that away, but she figured that it would be a good idea to enhance Equestria with knowledge about friendship and applying it to their lives so they can avoid conflict and not have to call upon Godzilla to put an end to it. The last thing any of them want is some kind of war or attempt at world domination caused by a simple misunderstanding. Twilight wanted to make Godzilla's job easier, not harder. So, after talking to Celestia about it, she was able to get it up and running.

However, the head of the EEA or Equestrian Education Association, Chancellor Neighsay, was not too thrilled at the idea of having other creatures attend this school and learn about friendship. He believed that they would use it as a weapon against ponykind and it should only be taught to ponies. Of course, as you would expect, that ticked off the other kingdoms and they took off back to their homes. After having Starlight talk some sense into her, Twilight realized that she could make up her own rules for this school since it wasn't teaching ponies how to live their respective lifestyles. Of course, a group of six students had gone missing and the other kingdoms complained to Celestia in Canterlot. It got so bad that they threatened war with each other if none of them fessed up. That would have been very bad and Godzilla would have to be awoken for that mess since all balance on the planet was being destroyed. He would have to go in there and stop all of them from destroying the Earth and nature itself. But thankfully, the students got found and no wars were waged. Long story short, Twilight convinced them all to come back.

When Twilight tried to open the school once again, she got met with Neighsay. He listed all of the failures of the school, and Twilight stood her ground. The other kingdoms wanted to give Neighsay a piece of their mind, but Celestia stopped them and told them that Twilight probably had an explanation for everything. Twilight explained how it was different and Neighsay told her because it was uncredited, it was not a school. But Twilight said it wasn't an EEA school, it was a friendship school and because of it, it had its own set of rules that she wrote herself. The Chancellor didn't like the idea of changing the entire rulebook for other creatures, but Celestia reminded him that something similar happened with the different pony species at Equestria's founding. Twilight said that she promised her school would help Equestria, but the Chancellor refused to believe that and said it would destroy it. He then disappeared through his portal and he wasn't seen since. After that, the school had been running pretty well over the last year almost. Today in particular though, was very interesting. The postal service was delivering some mail and Cozy Glow, a small pegasus filly, saw them go by and picked up the mail when it fell on the ground. She thanked Derpy for the mail and she went inside. She saw an apple juice box on the ground and rolled her eyes playfully. She picked it up and threw it away.

She noticed that a student seemed lost and stopped to help her. She asked if the pony was new here and they nodded their head. Cozy Glow introduced herself as Twilight's Friendship Assistant and took a look at the map. She said that the first class was right down the hall and the pony went down in that direction. Cozy went inside the library and noticed that Silverstream was struggling with a crossword puzzle. She thought about the question out loud and asked Silverstream if she tried the word Synergy. Yeah, the word that you see at the Exxon Gas Station down the street from wherever you may live here in the United States. I'm not sure if that exists in other countries, but I know it does here in America, so if you live in another country, I got nothing for ya. Anyway, moving on. Silverstream wrote down the word and told Cozy that was the word. Strange how that word meant teamwork, but whatever. Cozy went inside of Twilight's office and said good morning to her. Twilight was shocked at the mail being here already and asked what time it was. She said that she was late for her class trip to Cloudsdale and began packing. Cozy told her not to worry and said that she asked Rainbow to cover for her. Twilight seemed a little surprised at that and Cozy said that she made sure to tell Rainbow that how busy Twilight was and how much her loyalty meant to the alicorn. She mentioned that she also color-coded Twilight's teaching schedule by friendship element and she cataloged all of the magical artifacts in the school.

She said that she hoped Twilight was okay with that and Twilight said that was amazing. She said that Cozy was like her right hoof pony and she would have no idea what she would do without the small pegasus. Cozy said that it was just like Twilight taught her which was helping was what friendship was all about. Twilight reaffirmed that and said that she hoped that her class was learning that right now. Cozy said that she heard they might do some sightseeing first and Twilight stared out the window with a smile. Up in Cloudsdale, Rainbow showed the students the Pegasus Weather Factory and explained that every single kind of precipitation here in the city came right out of that building. She noticed that most of them were staring down below and told them that the cool stuff was over here. Ocellus was amazed at the concept of standing on clouds and Starlight said that you normally can't if you're not a pegasus or alicorn. She said for this trip though, she cast a spell that would allow them to walk on clouds no problem. Gallus looked down from below and felt the wind current flow past him. He told Yona to come check out this view and taunted her a bit by saying that was unless she was too scared. Yona took that as a challenge and said that she wasn't scared at all. But suddenly, she fell through the cloud and started falling towards the ground.

All of them gasped with horror and Starlight tried to catch her, but when she tried to activate her magic, it faltered and then failed. She gasped with horror and soon , the rest of them started falling through the clouds. The ones with wings stood up in the sky and Rainbow told them that they had to catch them all before they fell to the ground. They catched them all and Ocellus told Yona it was fine now. She said that she remembered Yona liked flying, but the Yak said that she liked flying, not falling. Starlight said that she didn't understand and it seemed like to her that her spell just failed. She said that never happened before and they all looked at her with worry. They raced back to the school and Starlight said that they had an emergency. Rainbow said that the students fell out of the sky and Twilight asked what happened. Starlight explained that she had cast a spell for the trip to Cloudsdale, but then, it just failed. Rainbow said that they barely caught everypony in time and Twilight said that she was glad everyone was okay, but there was nothing to worry about. She suggested the idea that Starlight did her spell wrong and she went to take a look in the book. She attempted to bring the book over to her, but then, the magic aura stopped and the book fell on the floor. Twilight seemed surprised at that and said that she didn't drop that book. Starlight said with sarcasm that it was perhaps Twilight doing her spell wrong and there was a bang on the door.

Rarity said ow and Fluttershy said that the unicorn had ran into the door. Rarity had cried that her magic was gone and even said that she had to use her hooves to comb her tail. She opened the other door to demonstrate and Rainbow asked Twilight if the alicorn thought it wasn't a problem yet. Twilight said that this doesn't make any sense because magic can't just disappear and something had to be causing this. Cozy Glow asked if they learnt about a creature that eats magic and attempted to pronounce the creatures name. Fluttershy recognized it as Tirek and Rainbow suggested that Godzilla probably destroyed him in their battle four years ago. The door opened again and Spike was gagging. Twilight asked Spike what was wrong and Rarity gave him a punch in the back which released the letter from his mouth. He thanked Rarity and said that he never had a letter get stuck before. He picked up the letter and began to read it. He said that it was from Princess Celestia and they were all called to an emergency meeting in Canterlot. He showed the letter to Twilight, but she couldn't pick it up with her magic. She said that she probably knew what this was about and they all headed off to Canterlot to discuss this important issue.

Celestia told the group that throughout the city, they were getting reports from ponies of their magic failing. Spells going wrong and potions not working. Luna said that even raising the Sun and the Moon have become difficult and asked if there were similar troubles in Ponyville. Twilight said that they saw it first hoof and Cadence said it was the same in the Crystal Empire. She said that the Crystal Heart seems safe for now, but she is worried if this continues. The doors opened and a mail pony came flying in. He said that it was for the princesses and it was a letter from Starswirl the Bearded. Spike picked up the letter and extended it out for Celestia so she could read it properly. She said that it was even worse than they feared and announced that magic was disappearing all across Equestria. The group gasped with horror and Celestia continued to read it. She said that Starswirl believes that the power will be drained from their land in three days. First, unicorn magic and spells will fail which was what is happening now. On the second day, creatures will lose their magical abilities. On the final day, magical artifacts will stop working and by the time the Sun sets on the third day, magic in Equestria will be gone forever. They all gasped in horror and Cadence asked why all of this was happening now. Luna said that the worse part about it was that they had no idea and Twilight asked if anypony had checked on Tirek. Pinkie asked why they would do that and then she finally got it.

Celestia said that if the Centaur has found a way to escape his prison or work from within it, he could be responsible for this. Luna said that was the best explanation they had so far and somepony should go investigate. Twilight said that they'll go and Rarity attempted to correct her, but got confused when Twilight embraced the "we" part of it. Twilight said that she finally learned that it was okay to ask for help and asked if they wanted to come just to make sure. Celestia thanked them and said that they'll look for ways to protect Equestria in their absence. Luna warned them that Tartarus has now become very dangerous and if things were to go wrong, not even the Titans could get them out of that situation. She said that was gonna be Equestria's fate if this issue isn't resolved within the next three days. They would all have to rely on the Titans in order to get them through their daily lives and it would eventually come to the point where they are the only creatures who can inhabit this area since they thrive off of radiation, not magic. Applejack said that with Twilight's friends by her side, Twilight won't have to worry about anything. They all returned to the school and Twilight told Starlight that she already laid out lesson plans, student files, and annotated syllabus notes. She told Starlight that if anything were to go wrong, contact Celestia and Starlight said she got that.

Twilight said that maybe she should close the school and send her students home, but Starlight was having none of that. She told Twilight to go save Equestria already and all of them met up again. Spike said that Cozy Glow had them all packed up for Tartarus and Cozy said to not forget the sandwiches. She said that she marked them all and made a note that Starlight doesn't like mustard. Starlight told Cozy that while it was sweet of her to do that, Twilight has asked her to run the school. Cozy felt disheartened by that and said she only assumed that after what happened last time. Basically, long story short, Discord sent the Mane Six on a fake mission and caused a bunch of chaos in the school, driving Starlight and Spike to the point where Starlight had to apologize to the Draconequus for making him feel like he wasn't welcome. Spike told Cozy that once you survive Discord, everything else is a piece of a cake. Cozy frowned at that and Twilight said that Starlight had Cozy as her personal assistant. Cozy's eyes lit up at that and she said that she'll be the best Friendship assistant ever. She said to Starlight that they can begin working on Substitute Headmare right now if she liked and Starlight said okay with some shock in her voice. Twilight told Spike that there was nothing to worry about and then asked him in a panic to tell her there was nothing to worry about.

She put him down and smiled nervously. She dusted him off and he glared at her with an annoyed look because that was absolutely ridiculous. He even facepalmed as well because of how dumb it sounded to him. Later on, everypony started to gather and Cozy addressed them all. She said that she knew all of them were sad that Twilight was gone, but she told them not to worry since Twilight left her in charge and do things the way she would. Gallus said that he thought Starlight was temporary headmare and Cozy told him that Starlight was gonna do that, but she left Cozy this note. Cozy read it aloud and asked if that was sweet. She asked them all if they wouldn't let Starlight down and the crowd began chattering amongst themselves. Smolder expressed doubt about it and Cozy said she had no idea what the dragon was talking about. Smolder clarified that it seemed weird for Starlight to just write a note instead of saying goodbye in person which didn't make any sense. The crowds seemed to agree and Cozy downplayed it. She told Smolder that they were not scheming dragons, but rather, ponies and also told the dragon that someone had to do a little extra friendship homework. The crowd laughed a bit and Smolder growled in anger while letting out some black smoke in frustration. Yona said that if Smolder got homework, then she would as well. The rest of them pitched in and they looked at Gallus. He grunted in irritation and reluctantly agreed.

Cozy said that they all seemed like good friends and Rainbow would definitely be proud by the expression of loyalty. She then directed that to the crowd and said that it will be awfully hard running an entire school by herself. She asked them if they were willing to help and they all cheered. Cozy thanked them and said that it was just like their professors had taught them which was that they could get through anything together. Speaking of which, the Mane Six were traveling through Equestria on their quest to Tartarus and things weren't exactly going well for them. There were a bunch of flies around them and Rarity tried to shoo them away. One landed on her muzzle and she attempted to squash it, but the fly flew away and Rarity ended up hurting herself which brought tears to her eyes because of the pain she felt. She said that she has had it with these flies and said that she missed her magic. Twilight asked her if she tried using her tail to shoo them away and Rarity couldn't believe it. She thought that was complete blasphemy and told Twilight to bite her tongue. She said that her tail was for decorative purposes only and Pinkie said that she didn't knew they packed green cupcakes. Fluttershy said that they didn't and assumed that they must have gone bad without magic to keep them cold which would explain why there were flies everywhere.

Pinkie attempted to eat it, but her face turned green and she spat that right back out. Rainbow complained that they relied too much on magic and they didn't need it just to go on a little hike. As if that was on cue, lightning and thunder went off and it started to rain. They all ran towards a tree and Rarity asked for her to continue in an annoyed voice. Applejack told them that had to think more like Earth Ponies and pulled out fly repellent. They put on themselves and Pinkie took a whiff of it. She said that smelled just like it looked and she put some on her face. Fluttershy said that even though their food was spoiled, these blueberries still looked very edible to eat and Spike said that it was too bad they couldn't do anything about the thunderstorm. Rainbow said that she might not be able to stop it herself, but she could still help. She raced up into the sky and brought a cloud as a type of umbrella to shield them all from the rain. Twilight said that she believed that they had all the magic they needed right here and then said it would be good to get their magic back quickly though. She told them to get moving and they continued on their journey. Later that night, things were going great at the School of Friendship. Some ponies were chattering amongst themselves and they were saying how wonderful Cozy Glow was. Sandbar asked if they meant temporary headmare and they said that they did mean that, but if Twilight wasn't going to be back for a little bit, she can take her time because this was great for them.

Sandbar rolled his eyes and left. He went inside the library and Silverstream said that she started to believe that he had forgotten about study club. Sandbar apologized for being late and said that Cozy Glow had given his class tickets to a Sapphire Shores concert here in Ponyville tonight. Gallus asked if they all had the feeling that Cozy was trying too hard to get them to like her and Ocellus suggested that maybe she was trying to keep their minds off of how scary it is that magic was disappearing from Equestria. Smolder said that she didn't trust that filly and asked what the heck she was hiding. There was a loud noise and Yona asked why Cozy was coming out of the catacombs so late at night. They all peeked through the bookshelves and saw Cozy climb out of the vent with a night light in her hoof. They watched her leave and Gallus said that they should go ask her. The Mane Six finally made it to Tartarus and it looked quite terrifying. Twilight said that this was the only door to Tartarus and said that the good news was that the seal was not broken which meant Tirek had not escaped. Applejack said that Twilight probably had bad news and the alicorn said that the last time she was here, she had to use magic to get inside. She said that according to Starswirl, all unicorn magic was gone by yesterday's sunset and Rainbow said that maybe he was wrong.

Twilight tried to use her magic, but one single spark came out as a result of her trying really hard. Pinkie told Twilight not to worry and said that she got this. She went up to the door in a pizza costume and banged on it really loudly. She said that it was a free pizza delivery and offered a pizza to it. But, after realizing nothing happened, she said that it usually worked and took off the outfit. Applejack asked them if they packed something that actually helped and they all began searching for something to help them out. Rarity said that all of these items do magic, but not the kind that they were looking for. Spike pulled out a giant gem and asked Twilight if this could help. Twilight recognized it as the Key of Unfettered Entrance and asked Spike how he found it. Spike said that Cozy must have packed it in Twilight's bag and the alicorn said that Cozy really did think of everything. Fluttershy asked what it was supposed to do and Twilight explained that it could magically open any door. She said that because it was an artifact and they hadn't lost their power yet, it must still work. She put it through the keyhole and it opened the giant doors. Twilight touched the gem and it vaporized out of existence. She said that it must only work once and they all walked in. The doors slammed shut and it was dark inside. A Cockatrice hissed at all of them and its glowing red eyes scared the crap out of them.

They covered their eyes and Rarity told Fluttershy to do something. Rainbow said to not look at it since it can turn anyone to stone and Pinkie said that she didn't feel like stone. They all uncovered their eyes and the Cockatrice hid in the corner. Fluttershy said that she believed that the creature lost its magic too and probably all of them lost it as well. Twilight said that Starswirl said that would happen on the second day and Spike said that he knew this was supposed to make him feel safer, but it just makes him sad. He told Twilight that they had to fix this and they continued walking through Tartarus. Back at the school, the Young Six followed her very closely and watched her go through various doors and hallways. They saw her go through a door and peeked their heads through the peephole so they could get a closer look. The chair turned around and it revealed Chancellor Neighsay. He demanded to know where Twilight was and Cozy told him that she was away on a quest while she was watching the school for the princess. Neighsay said that magic was failing all across Equestria and Twilight thought it was a good idea to leave a foal in charge of this facility. Cozy affirmed that and asked him if there was anything she could do to help him. Neighsay said that wouldn't be necessary and Twilight's folly would stop here. He declared that as of now, he was Headstallion and he had quite a few changes to make.

Cozy Glow gave him a glare and the Student Six were worried outside. Back in Tartarus, the Mane Six were continuing to walk and Pinkie said that if all of these monsters had lost their magic, then getting past Cerberus should be very easy. Rainbow told them all to look out and they had to dodge Cerberus running around like crazy. Fluttershy said that she'll talk to him and addressed them very calmly. She said that they were a very good guard dog and asked him if they could get by to check on Tirek. He stared at her for a second and then began to lick her like a dog would when its excited. Applejack said that it sounded like a yes and they had to dodge a giant puddle of dog spit since it was infested with germs. Rarity said that she would get a towel for Fluttershy and soon, Cerberus stepped to the side to allow them to visit Tirek. Speaking of which, Tirek said that the Princess of Friendship was here for a visit and asked what he had done to honor the value of her company. Twilight went straight to the point and said that they wanted answers since magic was disappearing across all of Equestria. Tirek said that he knew that and it was such a shame that all of that "delicious" power was going to waste. Rainbow assumed that it was him that was behind this and Tirek told her that she was being silly. He asked them if he had all that magic, would he really still be in here and all of them began to doubt their earlier assumption. Tirek then told them that he might know something about it and smiled at them.

Back at the school, Neighsay tossed the Student Six files into the trash can and Cozy asked him with anger what he was doing. She said that those were Twilight's student files and Neighsay said that they were not anymore. He said that with Equestria under attack, ponies must stand together and Twilight had endangered them all by skipping off to these friendship trips while these creatures run loose. Cozy asked him if he didn't think the Student Six were the ones responsible for this and he said that he believed that they were. He said that he came to warn Twilight, but since she was gone, if falls to him to protect foals from these monsters. The student six expressed outrage over this and Neighsay asked Cozy if she heard that noise. Cozy said that it sounded like it was coming from behind the door and both of them opened it. The Student Six fell on the ground and Neighsay addressed them again as foes of his. He lit up his medallion and locked up them up in magical chains. He said that from now on, this school remains pony-only as nature intended it to be and threw them into some sort of dorm room. He said that since they refused to explain their plot against Equestria and return the magic that they stole, they shall all stay here while he summoned their guardians to take them home. Sandbar told him to wait and said that he was right about them from the beginning.

He said that he saw that now and all of them expressed confusion and outrage at their friend's supposed betrayal. He said that he didn't want anything to do with creatures that could threaten Equestria and Neighsay told him that it was wisely put. He let him go free and told the rest of them that all ponies will eventually come to their senses. Sandbar shut the door and left. At Sweet Apple Acres, Sandbar threw an apple at the window, then he threw another, followed by a couple, and then a watering can. Apple Bloom had to duck for that one and she was confused why that was the case. Sandbar said that he ran out of apples and said that he needed the Cutie Mark Crusaders because his friends were in trouble. He said that Chancellor Neighsay locked them up and Apple Bloom said that she thought Cozy Glow was in charge. Sandbar said that wasn't the case anymore, but they were good buddies with Cozy, and if he could get them to have Cozy distract Neighsay, he could get his friends out. He asked Apple Bloom if she would help him and she asked rhetorically if mulberries had seeds which was a long way of saying yes. Back in Tartarus, Twilight kept questioning Tirek and asked him where Equestria's magic was going. She asked him what was making it disappear and Tirek said that if they let him out, he was sure that it would jog his memory.

He offered to have them scratch his back while he scratched theirs and Rainbow told him that he should just tell them what he knows or else be stuck here forever so that they could get out since no pony has any keys to open the door. Rarity said that she didn't think about that and Spike asked Twilight if they were just as trapped as Tirek was. Twilight attempted to comfort him and Tirek just laughed. He said that it was such a pity for them, but it was sweet revenge for him. Twilight glared at him with hatred and Tirek said that his little protégé's plan was working out after all. All of them gasped in horror and Applejack asked which protégé that was. Tirek said that they hadn't met because they were pen pals and each letter had so many questions about draining magic. Pinkie yelled at him for answering them, but Tirek said that he was bored, so he simply pointed his pen pal in the right direction. Fluttershy asked him if he could just tell them who his pen pal was since they were stuck here anyway and Tirek just chuckled a little bit. He said that he might as well because the irony was too perfect and he said who her name was. Back at the school, Sandbar told the CMC's that it was Cozy Glow and he saw her go down here. They went down to the caves and they took a look. When they got there, they were horrified at what they saw. There was Starlight trapped in some sort of magical orb with six artifacts powering it which showed that was where all the magic was going off to.

Cozy asked Starlight if she was enjoying herself in there and apologized for having to push her in there. She said that she really had nothing else to because she would ruin all of her plans and Starlight might get some company soon if she couldn't get Neighsay to back off. She took a deep breath and calmed herself. She said that all of this magic needed time to drain from Equestria before her vortex sucked it into another realm and asked if three days sounded like a lot. She said that ponykind has gone it all wrong because friendship wasn't magic, friendship was power. She declared that with Twilight and her friends out her way, all of Equestria will bow to her as the future Empress of Friendship. She put on a crown and began to laugh evilly. Starlight felt worried and so did the CMC's and Sandbar up above. This entire time, Cozy had been planning to take over Equestria by draining all of the magic in it so she could level out the playing field and become the next monarch over the country. She would rule with an iron hoof and strike fear into the hearts of ponies if they dared to disobey her orders. Clearly, nothing would stop her at all. The princesses were rendered useless and the Mane Six were trapped in Tartarus. They would have no way to access the Elements of Harmony which were Equestria's most powerful weapons and not even any large animals could put a stop to her. Not even a certain Kaiju could step in and end her reign of terror. That clearly wasn't possible. He might have shown up in the past, but he wouldn't show up for this one since she wasn't causing mass destruction.

Meanwhile, deep in the North Celestial Ocean, Godzilla was busy taking a nap and recharging his nuclear radiation. It had been about a year since the Storm King invasion and nothing seemed to have happened since then. His scales lit up and he growled with a deep anger. He swam to the surface and blasted his atomic breath in the air to let everyone know the King Of The Monsters was back once again. He looked around the city of Manehattan and noticed that the city life was dead. Something didn't feel right. He didn't see anyone using magic at all which meant it was being extracted somehow. He destroyed Tirek, so that couldn't be it. He felt the threat in Ponyville and now understood where they were at. He began marching through the city and headed west towards Ponyville. Whatever this threat was, they are trying to destroy the very way of life in the world and threaten nature's balance which was Godzilla's job to protect. He needed to show this threat that they can't go around destroying the dedicate balance of nature without answering to him first. It appears that they are misguided and they need to be shown some discipline. However, if they are insistent on their ways, he will have to punish them more severely in order to have them submit to him or else, they shall face death. It might not have to come to that, but he will be prepared for it in case he does have to enact death upon this threat.

Back in Tartarus, the Mane Six were still trying to take in the fact that Cozy Glow had enacted this plot against Equestria and fooled everyone about it. Twilight had taken it the hardest because she considered Cozy a close friend of hers. The small pegasus was basically her right hoof pony. She had trusted her and now she was betrayed. Worst of all, Cozy had blamed Tirek for this mess and sent them all to Tartarus in order to trap them so she could get away with sending all of Equestrian magic to another realm. Tirek said to the group that he wasn't usually a fan of ponies, but having Cozy Glow drain their precious world of magic so she could trap the Mane Six was considered inspiring and he laughed at how brilliant it sounded. He started coughing from the laughing and he stopped doing it so he could catch his breath. Spike said that there were seven of them and Twilight started running down the stairs. She said that she knew that they should have never came here and Applejack said that Starlight was supposed to be in charge of the school, so if anypony could handle Cozy, it would be her. However, they were completely ignorant to the fact that Cozy Glow had pushed Starlight into the magical orb and trapped her in there so she couldn't stop Cozy's plans.

Tirek said that Cozy Glow had outsmarted the six of them and he doubted that Starlight stood a chance at all. Twilight said that they had to get out of here since the students couldn't handle Cozy on their own and Rainbow said that they'll have to bust their way out of there. Rainbow tried to kick the doors open, but she slammed up against it and fell to the ground with a loud thud. Rainbow told herself that was a bad idea and Rarity said that not everything can be solved with brute force. She mentioned that they needed magic to escape and Pinkie suggested that maybe they could get out without magic. She gave out a bunch of different suggestions, but Twilight said that the most powerful villains and monsters of all time are trapped inside and without their magic, so were they. The rest of them gave worried looks and Twilight got an idea after looking at Cerberus. She said that these creatures might be losing their magical powers, but they still have a magic that makes up what they are and suggested that they could borrow some of that. The Cockatrice hissed at Twilight and the group gave her suspicious looks. Back at the School of Friendship, Cozy Glow knocked on the door and addressed Chancellor Neighsay. The Chancellor told her that she might as well get used to calling him Headstallion Neighsay since he planned on being here for quite some time. Cozy said that it was such a relief to have somepony in charge in the midst of the magic crisis and they were all so grateful for him taking care of the non-ponies.

She asked him if the EEA needed him, but Neighsay told her that what the EEA needs is somepony to protect this school from threats at Equestria's borders instead of galloping off on adventures beyond them. Cozy said that Twilight didn't just go off willy nilly and left her in charge since she was Twilight's right hoof mare. Neighsay said that was another item in the long list of errors that the Princess of Friendship has made and assured Cozy Glow that from now on, this school shall be run according to strict EEA guidelines as it always should have been. Cozy didn't exactly like that and Neighsay showed her the door. Cozy said that sounded just peachy and walked off with a very fierce glare on her face that could potentially rival Godzilla's. Down below, Sweetie Belle began asking questions about why Cozy Glow did all of this and Apple Bloom said that they needed to get Starlight out of there before Cozy Glow came back. Sandbar told them to wait, but they were already running towards the orb. A bunch of claws sprung out and grabbed Cozy Glow towards the orb. The others tried to stop it and they pulled to get Sweetie Belle out. She got free and they got thrown back a little bit. Apple Bloom said that had to have been what was sucking up all of the magic in Equestria and Sandbar said that if that was true, then the Mane Six went to Tartarus for nothing. He mentioned that if all of the magic was getting sucked up in there, there was no way for them to get back and Scootaloo said that they needed to get help.

Sweetie Belle argued that Starlight was trapped here and there was no way to get word to Celestia or anypony else. Apple Bloom said that she guessed they were on their own and Sandbar thought of something. Gallus tried to open the door, but it wouldn't budge and he fell to the ground. Smolder asked with boredom if it was still locked and Gallus said that they had to at least try to get out. Ocellus asked why and said that if Sandbar turned his back on them, every other pony has probably done the same, but Yona said that Sandbar did not turn his back on them because he was their friend. Smolder asked if Yona missed the part where Sandbar said he didn't want anything to do with us, but Silverstream suggested that maybe he only said that so one of them could be free to snoop around and figure out what was going on. The window opened and Sandbar said that sounded a little too clever for a pony like him. Yona tackled Sandbar and said that she knew he was still their friend. Sweetie Belle said that they all were and Scootaloo said that Cozy Glow was the exception because that pony was not the one they thought she was. Apple Bloom said that Cozy was the one stealing magic from Equestria and the group was shocked to hear that. Sandbar said that they'll explain on the way, but they had to get to Chancellor Neighsay right away and the group drew confused looks.

Sandbar said that he knew that the Chancellor did not like non pony species, but once they explained things to him, he will help them out. The next morning, Chancellor Neighsay told the crowd that he was sure that they were all concerned about the magic situation, but he wanted to assure them that this institution was safe despite the absence of their headmare. He declared that as their new Headstallion, let him be the first to say that the reign of Princess Twilight was over and vowed that from now on, this school will adhere to EEA doctrine as it should have from the start. The crowd began whispering to themselves and Cozy Glow clapped her hooves slowly in applause. Neighsay heard that and threw a confused expression down at the filly. She thanked Neighsay for the rousing speech and said that she knew that Neighsay was a stallion who truly believes what he said. She said that when Neighsay said that the school has been run according to EEA doctrine, she knew he meant that and when he said that there will not be any more lessons from the Princess of Friendship at the School of Friendship, she guessed he meant that as well. The crowd starting whispering things to themselves in agreement and Cozy had an evil smirk on her face. She knew that if she twisted Neighsay's words to fit her goals, she would be able to reign Equestria unimpeded and no one could ever stop her.

Neighsay started to get nervous and attempted to say that was not what he meant, but Cozy cut him off and continued on with her speech. She brought up that Twilight decided to run her school outside of the EEA guidelines and even though Neighsay tried to stop her from doing so, Celestia and Luna trusted her enough to support her. The crowds agreed to that and Neighsay attempted to say that he didn't mean that, but Cozy kept pressing forward. She said that since she knew that Neighsay meant what he said, her question was really directed towards the students. Neighsay started to sweat very nervously and he began to fear what was going to happen next. It was very rare for anyone to scare him, much less a filly. Yet, she seemed to do it so well. Cozy asked the crowd if they were gonna let the one pony who tried to wreck Twilight's school once another chance to do it again and the crowd began to shout angrily. Cozy shot Neighsay an evil grin and the Chancellor got even more nervous. This small filly had been stirring up the crowd by twisting his words to fit her purposes and now, she was about to unleash a riot upon him and get him either stoned, jailed, or executed. Cozy turned around and said that she guessed things will have to stay the way Twilight wanted them which meant leaving her in charge. She stuck a hoof out at Neighsay with an evil grin on her face and the crowd of ponies charged towards Neighsay.

He got nervous and the ponies picked him up to take him somewhere else. One of the doors opened and Sandbar told the group that they might need a new plan. The Chancellor got thrown into the chair and two ponies chained him up. Cozy told them to not strap it too tight because she didn't want to hurt the Chancellor and said that she was sure Twilight will know what to do with him once she gets back. She patted him on the head and told everyone to get back to class because the EEA had disturbed their learning long enough. They all sent the Chancellor glares and Cozy shut the door. Neighsay tried to get free, but he couldn't move and Cozy looked at him with an evil grin on her face. Neighsay asked Cozy why she was doing this and said that he thought Cozy wanted somepony in charge of the school. Cozy set down a box and said that she did, but Neighsay was not the pony she had in mind. She took off his medallion and threw it into the trash. She said that she couldn't have the EEA running the school if she wanted to run it herself and that was just the beginning. She said that the one thing that she learned here was that friendship was the most powerful thing there was and as Headmare of the School of Friendship, nopony will have more friends than her which will make her the most powerful pony in all of Equestria. Cozy gave out an evil laugh and Neighsay gulped nervously as he was terrified for his life.

She went out the door and giggled slightly to herself. Scootaloo asked Cozy what was so funny and Sweetie Belle asked if Cozy was happy to finally be running the school. Cozy smiled nervously and said that she was keeping Twilight's seat warm. Apple Bloom said that even still, it was pretty impressive and Sweetie Belle asked if there was anything they can do to help. Scootaloo said that they could hang out with Cozy all day if she wanted and Cozy said that there was actually something she needed help with. The Student Six poked their eyes out of the door and went out when the coast was clear. They opened the door to the office and they saw Neighsay bouncing around in the chair so he could get his medallion back. Of course, since he was chained up, it made it much more difficult trying to retrieve it and it just looked embarrassing to any spectator watching. He saw them all and said that he guessed they were all here to gloat. Silverstream told him that they actually came here to undo all of these chains to set him free and the Chancellor was confused at the kindness. Not half an hour ago, he tossed them all into a room because he believed that they were plotting against Equestria, and now, they wanted to free him from this chains bound chair? This concept felt very foreign to him and he didn't exactly understand it at all.

He asked why they were doing this and Yona explained that because he met Cozy Glow, who was the bigger enemy here, maybe Neighsay wasn't as bad after all. She charged towards the chair and stopped in front of him. She used one of her horns to unlock the lockmaster lock placed on there and pushed him down, effectively breaking the chair and setting him free. Sandbar said that they would also like to stop Cozy Glow before she drained all of the magic from Equestria and Neighsay was shocked to hear that. He said that he must warn the princesses at once and Sandbar asked how that would be possible. Neighsay said that while it was true that unicorns couldn't perform spells at the current moment, the most potent magic in Equestria was housed in their artifacts. He looked through the papers and found his medallion sitting right there. He explained that the EEA medallion allows him to travel throughout Equestria and since it worked when he chained the student six up, maybe it would be enough to get him to the princesses in Canterlot. He tapped it a little bit and it sent some magic to his horn which allowed him to blast it in the open air, creating a portal in front of him. He had a nervous look on his face and went through it. The portal disappeared and Ocellus said that she hoped he makes it. Smolder said that she hoped he didn't came back and tie them all up again and Gallus said that was only if he came back.

Silverstream said that everything was going to be fine and the Mane Six were probably on their way back now. Unfortunately, that was not true whatsoever because they were still trapped in Tartarus. Speaking of which, Rainbow and Applejack were playing catch with Cerberus and Fluttershy was discussing things with Twilight. She asked the alicorn if there was magic in Cerberus and mentioned that one of the creatures had a lovely singing voice, but probably was not magic. Twilight said that they had to try everything if they wanted to get out of here and Pinkie said that Tartarus isn't so bad. She said she could out here for a while, but after the Chimera blasted the marshmallow with flames and then chopped it off with its mouth, Pinkie said that she might not want to be here forever. Tirek said that it was what it would be and if his protégé followed his instructions, all magic will disappear into the ether after sunset forever. Twilight asked Tirek if he even thought about what losing Equestrian magic would mean and the Centaur said that it would mean they would be trapped here forever like him. Spike corrected him again and Twilight told him that it would mean he would be trapped here forever with all of them. Tirek didn't like the sound of that and said that he hadn't thought about it like that.

Spike asked Twilight what they were gonna do and Twilight said that Rainbow and Applejack had Cerberus nearly tired out. She said that if Rarity pitched in, she thought that they would be able to get him to sit still long enough to try what she had in mind and Fluttershy said that she was sure she could get the other monsters to help. She whispered to Spike that she would never call them monsters and Spike asked Twilight about Tirek. He said that the Centaur probably has some magic as well and Pinkie said to leave him to her. Rarity held out a bone to get Cerberus to cooperate, Fluttershy told the creatures inside the cages to show Equestria that they were not monsters, and Pinkie sung some sort of birthday song to Tirek. She did the whole tea party thing and said in his ear that she could do this all eternity. That got him to break and he said that he'll help them leave, but just please stop with these antics. Pinkie yelled that Tirek was in and the Centaur held his head in worry. Back at the School of Friendship, the CMC's were still following Cozy Glow and talking to her. Apple Bloom said that it was so exciting to have a foal their age running things and suggested that they should have an ice cream social every day. Cozy said that was a wonderful idea, but she said that she could really use help with cleaning. Sweetie Belle said that Cozy would take them around the school to show them what needed to be cleaned and they would be happy to do it.

Cozy said that they could start right in this closet and Scootaloo said that it looked pretty clean inside. Cozy glared at them and slammed the door shut. She asked them rhetorically if they thought they could fool her and she said that she knew a diversion when she saw one. Yona asked Sandbar why he led them back down here and Sandbar explained that they obviously could not handle Cozy on their own. They couldn't just sit around waiting for help either, so there was one more pony that he believed they should set free. Silverstream asked if it was Starlight and Sandbar noticed Yona walking down towards the orb. Yona ran up to it and said to Starlight that they needed help defeating Cozy Glow. Starlight signaled for her not to come any closer and Sandbar stopped her from going any further. He said that Starlight could not talk to them from in there and they'll have to find a way to get her out. Gallus mentioned that he remembers seeing these from one of Twilight's classes and they all looked at him in confusion. He said that he's been studying because finals were coming up and Ocellus said that she remembers it as well. She pulled out a book and said that Cozy Glow must have used these artifacts as a mystical magnet and suck magic from Equestria like a giant vacuum. Smolder asked if they could shut it down by yanking one of them out, but Ocellus warned that it could cause a magical feedback loop and destroy the entire school.

Cozy had started talking and they all saw a bunch of ponies behind her with Cozy leading the charge. The small pegasus said that Chancellor Neighsay was wrong about a lot of things, but he was right about all of them and the crowd began inching closer to them. Back in Tartarus, Twilight asked if everypony was ready and Fluttershy nodded. Rarity threw the bone and said that she wasn't sure how much longer she could keep this up. Pinkie was yelling out all eternity in a monkey costume with symbols clashing against each other and Tirek said for Twilight to get on with it already since this was considered torture for him. Twilight cleared her throat and Pinkie told Tirek that was his cue. Tirek sent out his beam that he normally uses to steal magic from others and it connected with Twilight's horn. The other creatures did the same and it all eventually turned it into a magical beam. Twilight said that she believed it was working and she blasted the doors open with her magic. However, she was struggling to keep it open and told them to get moving since she had no idea how long she could hold it. They all ran out and the magic beam stopped. Twilight got worried she wouldn't make it out in time and flew out just before the door shut. She hit the ground and Pinkie said that she did it. Twilight smiled and said that she couldn't have done it without her friends.

Rarity said that she wasn't sure that they did and they saw the Sun setting. Applejack said that Tirek mentioned all Equestrian magic would be gone at Sunset and Twilight said that there would be no way they would be able to get back to the school in time. Fluttershy asked what that meant and Twilight said that it meant they had failed. She mentioned that they would now have to rely on the Titans to maintain their way of life and even that wasn't considered very useful. If every Titan came back onto the Earth's surface, the radiation levels would have to be so high that it would make it inhabitable for any other creature. While they may have ruled this planet millions of years ago, they simply couldn't have other life forms go extinct from the large amount of radiation levels in order to be sustained. Back at the school, Cozy asked the Student Six that after everything Twilight had done for them, why would they want to destroy her school and Gallus said that they didn't at all. He accused her of trying to steal the magic from Equestria and Cozy said that all of them saw their claws all over the artifacts. The Student Six glared at her and Cozy said that it all made sense. She said that these creatures want magic gone from Equestria because it was the only thing that ponies have that they don't, but Ocellus said that there was a magical element involved when her and Silverstream transformed.

Yona said that friendship was magic because Twilight said so and Cozy said that they decided to repay her by sending her off on a wild goose chase to Tartarus so that they could destroy everything she built. She even said that they trapped Starlight in that orb and the unicorn rolled her eyes at that because she knew that was not true whatsoever. Cozy said that they had to defend this school and the crowds began charging towards the student six. Sandbar tried to tell the crowds not to listen to her, but there were so many ponies that they just steamrolled right by him. They started attacking the other creatures and Gallus somehow ended up in the orb. After the other students saw that, they went after him to try and save him and the claws grabbed them all inside. The ponies stood back and watched with glares on their faces. The vortex cracked and the orb began to travel down towards it. One of the ponies said that the student six just sacrificed themselves to try to save their friend and asked Cozy if they should try to save them. Cozy said that they brought this upon themselves and there was nothing they could do. Another pony said that didn't sound very generous or kind. Cozy said that she knew the Elements were very important, but they were not applicable in every circumstance. She said with magic now gone from Equestria, she was sure that the Tree of Harmony would be as helpful as it once was.

The Elements of Harmony glowed and it sent out a beam to stop the magical orb from being sent down to another realm. Cozy got nervous and watched as each of the Student Six got set free and glowed just like the Elements. One of the ponies mentioned that they were glowing like the Elements and she believed that the Tree of Harmony saved them all. Cozy went to take a closer look and Gallus said that it looked like their friendship was pretty magical after all. Ocellus told them to grab the artifacts and they went down to retrieve them. Silverstream asked if this would destroy the school, but Ocellus said that if they don't try, they could lose magic forever. They all nodded in agreement and Sandbar told the crowd to get clear. They all screamed in fear and Cozy yelled for them to stop. The Student Six grabbed the artifacts and pointed it towards the ceiling which sent out a giant shockwave throughout all of Equestria. Everypony got their magic back and Twilight teleported her friends back to the school. The students were still running in fear and Starlight teleported herself and the Student Six out of the caves down below. Yona tried to embrace Starlight, but Starlight stopped her with her magic and said that it was good to see her as well. Ocellus said that she guessed magic was back in Equestria and Cozy Glow said that they ruined everything.

She said that now, Twilight and her friends could escape from Tartarus and she marched towards them in anger. However, the Mane Six appeared and they all had angry glares on their faces. Cozy quickly shifted her tone and said that she was glad all of her friends were safe. Applejack said that she could drop the act and mentioned how they found out from her pen pal Tirek that it was her that sucked up all that magic. Twilight said that she still didn't understand why and Cozy Glow growled with anger. Cozy said that friendship was power and Twilight might be the Princess of Friendship, but as Headmare of this school, she could make even more friends than Twilight. All of them were confused by that statement and Twilight said to Cozy that the small pegasus wasn't the one who gets it. The alicorn explained that friendship was powerful, but power was not why you make friends and said that she was sorry she couldn't teach Cozy that. Gallus said that Twilight taught them that and Silverstream mentioned that Twilight couldn't let one bad apple think that she failed. Sandbar said that they never could have defeated Cozy if they hadn't learned what Twilight taught them about friendship and Cozy went off on some rant about how irrelevant those things were. She said that she didn't need to use any of them and if she couldn't do it here, she'll do it somewhere else. Before she could leave though, there was a faint roar in the distance and she stopped in her tracks.

In fact, everyone stopped in their tracks and looked around to see where that sound was coming from. They would soon get their answer as they heard the Earth shake and giant footsteps inching closer. Godzilla growled at Cozy Glow and let out an ear shattering roar in anger. Cozy looked around frantically for anything to fight this large creature with and she found her crown and necklace unharmed somehow. She threw that on and had a staredown with the G-Man. Godzilla was not intimidated by the glare Cozy sent him and he growled again at her. He began to charge right at her, but somehow, Cozy had a large red beam come out of her necklace that sent Godzilla right to the ground and he roared with immense pain. It almost felt like the fight he had with MechaGodzilla in Hong Kong in 2021 after defeating Kong the night before. Godzilla quickly got back up and sent a beam right at Cozy which smacked her right into the ground. She got back up, but she found Twilight pitching in this time and used Mothra's God Rays to blind the small pegasus temporarily. After a few seconds, Twilight flew back around and shot out a web that wrapped around Cozy. Cozy fell to the ground and tried to break free. The magic stored within her necklace broke her free, but she saw Godzilla slam his tail into the ground. His scales lit up and she began to get nervous. Godzilla built up his atomic breath and then unleashed it upon Cozy Glow. She screamed in pain and she fell to the ground once more, leaving a ton of burn marks on her skin.

Cozy got really angry and decided to throw Godzilla high up into the air. Godzilla tried to stop it, but he got thrown down from several hundred feet and he groaned in pain. Cozy laughed evilly some more, but Godzilla got back up and blasted his atomic breath right at Cozy. Cozy sent out a red beam from her necklace and then the two beams collided with each other. It remained at a stalemate for a few seconds and then Godzilla pushed his body forward to overpower Cozy's beam and send her flying towards the ground. He picked her up and threw her into one of the nearby mountains. He then proceeded to scratch her quite a bit and then roar at her to get her to submit to him. Cozy threw out a punch using one of the beams to get him to stop and Godzilla did so. He backed off slightly and threw back towards school property. She was about to fight Godzilla again, but Twilight came in at the last second and shot another web to trap Cozy inside of it. Godzilla returned to the school and he built up his atomic breath again. He raised his head in the sky and then unleashed his atomic breath towards the ground which launched Cozy into the sky and right into the hooves of the royal guard. Godzilla growled with satisfaction and he roared in victory.

He determined that his duty was done and headed back east towards Manehattan. However, he got stopped when he felt a tug at his leg. He saw Twilight down below and he lowered his head to meet her at her eye level. She petted him on the snout and he huffed out some smoke from his snout. He turned towards Chancellor Neighsay and gave him a slight glare. The Chancellor grew nervous and Godzilla gave him a look that said "I know that you believe that other creatures might use friendship as a weapon against your kind, but that is simply ridiculous. With me as the Alpha Titan, I can assure you that no such thing can happen because they'll have to answer to me. It's my job to protect the dedicate balance of nature and any threat to that is a direct challenge to my authority. I protect all forms of life, but I beat down or destroy those who fail to submit to me as the King Of The Monsters. There may be certain creatures that have been bad in the past, but these six creatures that I see in front of me have a great friendship and have Equestria's best interest at heart. All you have to do is believe." The Chancellor understood and Godzilla began moving out as all of the ponies watched their King leave once more. For Godzilla, this was definitely an interesting battle. It was probably one of his shortest ones ever, but no less important.

This small pegasus thought it would be a good idea to drain all of the magic from Equestria just so she could level out the playing field and rule with an iron hoof. She may be a young child, but she had to be demonstrated discipline as a way to show her that kind of behavior was not okay. Magic is how the citizens of this nation lived their lives and to take that away from them would effectively be a way of extinction in some way. They would eventually have to rely on the Titans and even Godzilla knew that was not really a good idea. It would be nice to rule the Earth with his fellow Titans once again, but he doesn't want the other species going extinct because of it since they could never handle the high radiation levels that currently resides below the Earth's surface. It was his job to protect the balance of nature and to take away magic from ponies in Equestria would threaten that dedicate balance that he vowed to protect. It seems that this pony had previous knowledge about his existence, but believed that he wouldn't show up in this situation which she was proven very wrong about that. She might not have caused mass destruction like Chrysalis or Tirek, but she was destroying the way of life with the dominant species here on this planet which would affect the rest of nature as well. However, it doesn't matter now. While the Student Six may have set the magic free from the orb in the caves, he had to make sure she didn't try this somewhere else. Now, he can go back to the ocean and return to his slumber once more until he called upon once again.

Author's Note:

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