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Godzilla: Equestria's King of Monsters - Microsoft_2016

A collection of chapters of the King Of The Monsters defeating fellow villains within the MLP series.

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Chapter 12: Kaiju vs. Centaur

It was a sunny day in the Crystal Empire and life was going pretty well. The Mane Six were here once again because well, Twilight's royal presence was needed here and her friends decided to come with her because why not? Also, Spike was feeling pretty good about himself. He told the group that it only felt like yesterday that he saved this place from being totally destroyed and asked them if they remembered that. He stood next to the Crystal Statue of himself which held out the Crystal Heart and stood out in the open for all to see. However, there was one small detail that Spike missed. Right next to him, was the giant Crystal Statue of Godzilla. They wanted to honor the King Of The Monsters in some way, so they made a statue of him made out of Crystal which had him standing over Sombra which was pretty cool. It symbolized the miraculous defeat of King Sombra's tyranny at the hands of the King Of The Monsters.

The only reason Spike had a statue there was because he saved the Crystal Empire during the Equestria Games. Supposedly, one of the ice archers lost his balance and shot an arrow up into the sky, right into a cloud. But these weren't your typical arrows you use in a crossbow. These were ice arrows which meant any object they touched, it would automatically freeze. Since it was a cloud in this case, it expanded and caused the entire cloud to turn to a giant ice cloud with spikes poking out of it. Because it was like that, it created a lot of weight and it descended down towards the stands. The pegasi tried to steer it towards the field and away from the crowds, but it was very difficult since it was so heavy. So, Spike raced up there and used his fire breath to stop the cloud from hitting the ground. Since fire melts ice, it created a whole bunch of steam and that caused some rain to fall as a result. Thankfully, Spike came prepared with an umbrella. After it was done, he was hailed as a hero and that was after he embarrassed himself twice in one day. So, after being unable to light the torch in the opening ceremony and singing the wrong anthem, this was considered redemption for him.

Of course, Spike still doubted himself afterwards, but it took Twilight telling him the truth of the situation that he finally got it. After that, he let it go and moved on with life. So, that's the whole story on how his statue appeared. Of course, Rainbow was absolutely annoyed with Spike mentioning how great he was and told him that he only mentioned it 15 times on the train here. Rarity clapped back and said with sarcasm that they never hear anything from Rainbow about her exploits. Rainbow saw that Rarity had a good point and mentioned so. Twilight also didn't exactly appreciate the bragging either. She felt like Spike shouldn't be talking about it so openly with Godzilla's statue standing right there. Compared to him, Spike only played a small part in saving the Empire. She still felt like none of them, not even herself, was worthy of being on the same level that Godzilla was. Even though that might sound ridiculous, it does make sense if you look at it from her point of view.

She has massive respect for Godzilla and she doesn't want to place herself on a higher pedestal than him. That's really all it is. He has done all the hard work in protecting this world, so she keeps her position at a minimum and she expects the rest of her friends and Spike to do the same. She told her friends that she was glad that they all wanted to come, but she said it probably wasn't going to be that exciting since it was just her smiling and waving as the dignitary ponies arrive. Rarity told her though that she got to smile and wave as a princess and Applejack asked Rarity how that is any different from smiling and waving as a normal pony. Twilight said that it wasn't and held a sad expression on her face. Fluttershy noticed the sadness coming from Twilight and asked what was wrong. Pinkie then asked why she had the long face and just had to pull Twilight's face for emphasis. After she let go, Twilight explained to the group that she has felt unsure about things lately and how her new role in Equestria doesn't equate to much.

Applejack told her that was silly and that she did have an important role in Equestria. Fluttershy also mentioned that Celestia probably wouldn't want her to show up today if she didn't think Twilight's role was important and Twilight knew she was right. Rarity told her that they were and told her to hurry along because the last thing she wants is to have that important role eliminated because she was late to the royal meet and greet. The trumpets went off and Flash introduced the Duke and Duchess of Maretonia. The dignitary ponies walked up and the Royal Sisters and Cadence went up to meet them. Up on the balcony, Twilight lit up her horn and used her magic to unfurl the banner. They did their respective bows and the dignitaries followed the princesses inside. Twilight waved for a few seconds and that's when Spike asked if that was all. He complained about how Celestia made her come all the way to the Crystal Empire just to do that and Twilight lowered her head in sadness.

Spike saw the effects and tried to reassure her that it was important, but that did nothing to solve the issue. Applejack hit him in the back of the head and he saw glares on all of their faces. He just smiled nervously and they stared him down. After a little bit, Twilight was walking around in the hallways to reflect on how things went. Suddenly, the doors opened and she bowed before the Dignitary Ponies. The stallion thanked Twilight for keeping the crowds to a minimum and she told them it was no issue. They took off to their quarters and Twilight simply smiled and waved nervously before they closed the doors. She saw the rest of the princesses come in and asked if there was anything else she could do to assist with their visit. Cadence told her that their visit was already over and Twilight said oh in shame. Luna asked if something was wrong and Twilight said that she doesn't really understand why she is here. She asked if one of the guards could have unfurled the banner and Celestia told her that having all four of them in the Empire lets the dignitary ponies know that their visit is an important one.

Cadence mentioned that it also gave her an opportunity to see her favorite sister-in-law and Twilight said that she was happy to see all of them. They could see the sadness in Twilight's eyes and Twilight explained that Luna raises the Moon, Celestia raises the Sun, Cadence protects the Crystal Empire, and Godzilla is the King Of The Monsters while all she seems to do is smile and wave. She simply turned around and walked away in sadness. She never really felt more worthless than right now. All of the other princesses had some of sort of role in Equestria while she had nothing. Heck, Godzilla wasn't even from this world and he had a role unlike her. She's been here her entire life and ever since she became a princess, there was nothing special about it. She felt like if she had no role in Equestria, then what's the point in being a princess at all? It would serve no purpose if she had no role, so it would be better to not be one at all than to rather be used as a side tool that hardly ever gets used.

We got ourselves another song here. Been a little bit since we had one, so we're gonna make this quick. To give you an executive summary, it's just Twilight expressing her sadness about how her role meant nothing to Equestria and then having the rest of the princesses reassure her that her time will come and she will be given a role. Twilight looked up at the Northern Lights and sighed. What she would give right now to have Godzilla tell her how to fix this issue. She wondered where he was right now and wished that he would come over here, but she assumed that he was far too busy right now to help her with her insignificant issues. She didn't really want to bother him with them. She felt alone in this, but she assumed that Godzilla would tell her to stay strong in this and keep her head straight and not worry about this right now. In some remote location, a pony was walking around nervously with a crate of oranges and he looked around.

He heard something suspicious, so he turned around to see what it was. When he saw it was just a can, he breathed a sigh of relief and kept walking. But he suddenly stopped when he saw a cloaked figure in front of him. He apologized for getting in his way and the cloaked figure asked the question if he was considered a friend or a foe by ponies. He said that he was no friend and introduced himself as Lord Tirek. He said that he will take what should have been his long ago and drained the unicorn's magic. His cutie mark disappeared and his eyes turned faded. The pony fell to the ground and he was terrified when he saw Tirek grow bigger in size. Tirek simply laughed evilly and his gold eyes faded into the background. Celestia woke up with a gasp and she tried to collect herself. Luna came bursting in and asked her sister if she was alright. Celestia said that she just had the most terrible dream and Luna asked why does Celestia think she was here. Luna told her that this wasn't a dream, but a vision.

Celestia got up and told Luna that they don't have much time because the stronger Tirek becomes, the more they are all in danger. They both looked outside and just hoped that Godzilla could hear them out there as someone who could stop this threat. The next morning, the four princesses were in a meeting room and Celestia pulled out the history book of Tirek's backstory. She explained that Tirek and his brother Scorpan originally came to Equestria from a distant land to steal Equestrian magic, but then Scorpan came to appreciate the ways of Equestria, and even went as far to befriending Starswirl. Luna said that Scorpan urged his brother to abandon their plans, but after Tirek refused to do so, Scorpan alerted both rulers of his brother's intentions. Celestia said that Scorpan returned to his homeland while Tirek was sent to Tartarus for his crimes. She then explained that it appeared Tirek found a way to escape and Luna said that they believe it happened when Cerberus left his post at the gates.

Obviously, that happened back in Season 2 and that meant Twilight was actually right that a disaster was going to occur. It just took a lot longer than expected. Twilight mentioned that was a long time ago and asked why Tirek was now stealing magic. Celestia explained that his time in Tartarus left him very weak and he now has enough strength to use his dark powers. Luna said that with each passing moment, he grows stronger. Cadence said she knew just the princess who could stop him and Twilight took that as being aimed towards her. She said that she would do it, but she got cut off by Celestia and the white alicorn told her that she would have to send someone else to stop Tirek: Discord. All of them were shocked and Twilight reported what happened to her friends in Ponyville. They were just as shocked. Applejack asked if it was the Discord they had dealt with for over the past year and Twilight said that it was.

Fluttershy said that she didn't believe it was that big of a surprise and told the group that he can be very helpful. The rest of the group didn't believe that and Twilight said that he can sense a magical imbalance. So, the next time that Tirek steals magic, Discord would be able to track him down. Rainbow asked Twilight what she was supposed to do now and Twilight said nothing really unless they needed her to smile and wave. She began to walk off and Spike asked where she was going. She said that she was headed to the Castle of the Two Sisters since she wasn't really needed anywhere else and she might as well catch up on some of her reading. Rainbow asked her if she wanted some company and Applejack mentioned that it has been awhile since they were last there and it could be fun. Twilight relented at first, but then told them that it wouldn't be such a bad idea if she had some company.

Once they made it to the other side of the forest, they all saw the Tree of Harmony down there and Rainbow sighed. She said that she wished that they didn't have to give up the Elements and Rarity told her that it had to be done or else the Tree wouldn't have been able to survive. Fluttershy mentioned that Twilight was right and that even without the Elements, our friendship is as strong as ever. Applejack was still a little annoyed about that and said that she hopes that another "friend" of theirs never makes them sorry that they had to give them up. But, that wasn't really the point. Even if those seeds weren't planted, something else would have made the Tree die which is why they gave up the Elements in the first place. It renewed that powerful magic and kept the protection going. Basically, if the seeds didn't do it, something else would have. Anyway, Discord obviously heard that and made his introduction.

He had a bag in his left hand along with a scarf and hat and descended down from the sky with an umbrella in his right hand as if he was gliding. Basically, he looked like Mary Poppins. He told them he assumed they were talking about him and Applejack asked how he was able to guess that. Discord told her that his ears were burning and Rainbow asked why Discord was even here. He pulled out the Friendship journal and said he was doing some light reading before he headed off on his extremely important mission. He walked around in a military outfit and pulled down the Equestrian flag while informing them that he was tasked on capturing a certain escapee. Spike said it was a big deal with sarcasm and Discord told him he was right, but he stuck out his corn cob pipe in front of him and blew out a big enough bubble to trap Spike inside.

The bubble eventually burst and Spike fell towards the ground, but Rainbow caught him just in time. Discord then bragged to the group that it appeared like he had such an important role in Equestria and that they should make him an alicorn princess. He then appeared in an alicorn outfit of some sort and gave out kisses to no one. Twilight didn't appreciate that as it didn't really help her problem and she also felt like that was disrespecting Godzilla in some way as well. As we all know, when you disrespect Godzilla, you pay the consequences for it, so if he kept this up, Godzilla just might give it to him. Rainbow told him that would only happen in his dreams and knocked off the fake crown. Discord said that he never dreams of such things and to ask Luna if they didn't believe him. Applejack asked with annoyance if he was supposed to go after a creepy magic stealing villain, but Discord brushed it off. He teleported them all to the Tree of Harmony and told them that he couldn't help but notice that Twilight hasn't opened up the chest yet.

No one said anything, so Discord continued. He said that it got him wondering about what was inside and then asked if what was locked inside could help Twilight prove her royal worth. He said that he only brought up because Twilight had said that she feels her role in Equestria don't equate to much. Pinkie got suspicious and asked Discord how he would know how Twilight was feeling. Discord then played the victim and asked if eavesdropping was not the proper way to know what your best pals are up to and then begged the question if he'll ever learn the way of being a good friend. None of them were amused and all of them, with the exception of Fluttershy, gave him glares. That basically told him that he needed to get lost and to just head out on his mission. He cleared his throat and said that he should probably head out now. He got on his motorcycle and disappeared. Applejack said good riddance, but Discord reappeared right over her head. He said that he almost left with the journal that they've all been keeping and went on to say how much the Mane Six has learned over the last year.

He then told Twilight that he bookmarked a few more passages that she should read and asked Fluttershy if they were still on for tea later on. Fluttershy told him that she wouldn't miss it and Discord grinned with excitement. He said that he would bring the cucumber sandwiches and then walked out the invisible door before slamming it. Applejack said that she believed that the reformed Discord is more obnoxious than the non-reformed Discord and Rarity agreed. Fluttershy then raised the question that he could be right and asked if there was something in that chest. Twilight then thought about it and told the group there was only one way to find out. They all headed up to the library in the castle and began searching. Twilight asked the group if they found anything yet, and they all told her no. Twilight told herself that there had to be a book somewhere in this library that would tell her how to open the chest and she believed the answers was in one of these books. She looked around for a few seconds before laying her eyes on the Friendship journal.

Even though Discord was being really annoying about it, he did present a good point. But, she didn't really want to admit that right now. However, there was no better option for her, so she might as well entertain the idea. She rolled her eyes and began reading. In the same remote location as earlier, Tirek stole the magic of another unicorn and he gained power from it as well. He saw another pony down the street and he went over to steal his magic as well. But before he could do so, the pony turned around and Discord was now the head of that pony. He addressed Tirek and the Centaur was confused for a second. He asked Discord if he was free and the Draconequus told him he was as free as a bird. Tirek said that he commended him on his escape and Discord said that the feeling wasn't mutual. He snapped his talons and Tirek now had chains on his arms. Tirek blasted his magic at Discord, but the Draconequus split his head in two to avoid the attack. It went right through him and he put his head back together.

Tirek said in slight anger that he should have known Discord would have wanted to have Equestria all to himself, but the Draconequus said that he wasn't doing it for himself, but his friends. He whispered to Tirek that between the two of them, it was mostly for Fluttershy. Tirek was confused by that and asked with suspicion if that meant Discord was friends with ponies and Discord jumped out of a cake and said surprise. Tirek put his hands in front of him and said that he was surprised that someone of his stature was unable to see this friendship thing as another form of imprisonment. He said that Discord had to abandon his true nature in order to stay in the ponies' good graces. Discord was playing the harp and had the halo on his head, but then he stopped and realized what he was doing. He said that he was doing nothing of the sort, but Tirek told him that he had seen this kind of thing before.

He said that Discord was legendary and he couldn't fall into the same trap that claimed his brother Scorpan. He urged Discord to help him grow strong and in return, he would be rewarded with something far greater than friendship: freedom. Discord was thrown off by that and Tirek explained that once he stripped the ponies of their magic, nothing would make him happier than to see the world turned upside down. He then said who better to do that than the Lord of Chaos himself. Tirek then pressed on and told him that he could either join him and reclaim his greatness or be stuck playing pony errand boy as his role of this world. Discord thought about it for a little bit and then after a few moments, he agreed to help him. Back in the castle, Twilight smiled and told the group she may have found something. She told them that she had been reading the journal and there was something interesting about the sections Discord bookmarked.

Twilight asked Applejack if she remembered the time she had to tell everypony that the tonic Granny brought from the Flim Flam brothers was a fake, and Applejack asked how she could forget. She said it was the hardest thing she ever had to do, but in that moment, she knew she had to tell the truth. But then she asked what that had to do with opening the chest, and Twilight said that all of them had to face a tough situation where living up to the Element that they represented wasn't easy. Twilight reminded Fluttershy about the time she had to kick out the Breezies so that they could get home and Fluttershy mentioned the poor looks they had on their faces. She said that even though it was really difficult, pushing them away was the kindest thing she could have done. Twilight turned the page and reminded Rarity that after Suri took advantage of her generosity at Fashion Week in Manehattan, she didn't abandon her generous spirit.

Rarity said that she wouldn't be able to live with herself if she didn't do something special for the friends who have always been so generous to her. Twilight turned the page and reminded Rainbow that she had the chance to fly with the Wonderbolts at the Equestria Games, but instead, she chose to compete with her friends. Rainbow said that being loyal to her friends was more important, but she got cut off by Pinkie who wanted to have a turn. Twilight turned the page again and reminded Pinkie that seeing her friend laugh was more important than proving she was a better party planner than Cheese Sandwich. Rainbow said that was the best party she ever had, and Rarity said that while they all had their moments to shine, she was with Applejack and asked what this all had to do with opening the chest. Twilight said that all of them had tough choices to make, but when they made the right one and embraced their element, it helped somepony else make the right choice as well. She said that all of them were given objects from the ponies whose lives they helped change and that while it did sound crazy, there was the potential that there was something special about those objects that could help direct them to the keys.

She said that the chest is connected to the Tree of Harmony, the Tree was connected to the Elements, and the Elements were connected to all of them which meant that there must have been a connection somewhere. She said that she hated to admit it, but maybe Discord was actually trying to be a good friend after all. All of them brought their objects to the cave and Twilight said that she didn't see anything on them that would give them a clue on where the keys were. Pinkie shook the rubber chicken and demanded that it give her the key. Twilight said that probably wasn't going to work, but she had to duck her head when it got thrown past her. The chicken touched the chest and suddenly, it changed into a key. It went into the lock and that gave a hint on what the answer was. The rest of them put their objects on and it turned into keys as well. That only left one key remaining: The Element of Magic. Twilight's Element. Twilight mentioned that and Fluttershy said that if the rest of them got their key, then she would have one as well.

Rarity asked Twilight if she ever got an object from somepony after facing a tough situation and Twilight told her that she hadn't. She explained that if she did, she would have wrote it in the journal. Spike reassured her that she would find her key, but then, he suddenly burped out a letter. Twilight picked up the letter and read it. Spike asked what the letter said and Twilight told him that she was needed in Canterlot immediately. Twilight flew as fast as she could to Canterlot and burst open the doors to the throne room. She told the princesses that she came as quickly as she could and began to ask questions on why she was needed here. Celestia said that she put too much trust in Discord and the effect friendship would have upon him. Luna said that Discord has betrayed the ponies of Equestria and joined forces with Tirek. Twilight was in horror upon hearing this news. She had just given him credit for being a good friend, and now she hears about him working with the enemy. That made her blood boil as it looked like Discord had committed treason against Equestria which was a highly illegal crime.

She asked how he could do this and she thought that their friendship meant something to him and thought that he had changed. Celestia went on to explain that Tirek is strong enough now to able to steal flight magic and without Pegasi to control the weather, there will be no rain in Equestria. She also said that there has been word that he has gone after Earth Ponies as well and without their strength, they will not able to tend the land. Luna said that meant ponies would no longer be in control of their world and the power would belong solely to Tirek. Celestia said that there was no doubt that Tirek is after Alicorn magic and with Discord by his side, they would not be able to stop him from taking it. Luna said that once that power is in Tirek's possession, his power will know no bounds and all hope will be lost. She also mentioned that they thought about putting Godzilla in to stop Tirek, but they have no idea about his whereabouts and they simply do not have the time to figure out where he might be. That's why they came up with a backup plan.

Celestia said that there was one solution and all of them flew down in front of Twilight. She said that it was only by making this sacrifice, Equestria and the lands beyond it might be saved. She said that they must rid themselves of their magic before Tirek has the chance to steal it from them. Twilight gasped with horror and her eyes went as wide as dinner plates.

Meanwhile, deep in the North Celestial Ocean, Godzilla was taking a nap. He had spent most of his time down there recovering from that MUTO attack in Baltimare almost a year ago and regaining his strength before going back out to the surface. Godzilla's scales lit up and he growled with a deep anger. Something was off balance and this threat was trying to end his rule as King Of The Monsters. He swam up the surface very quickly and looked around Manehattan. He saw that the ponies were simply lying there on the ground and that told him that the threat had moved through here. He blasted his atomic breath into the sky and lowered his head down to begin walking. It was clear to him that whoever this creature was, they were gonna pay the price at the hands of the King Of The Monsters. They wanted to be the Alpha of the world which was a direct challenge to Godzilla's authority. So, he was going to find this threat and beat them into submission or else, he'll destroy them.

Back in Canterlot, Luna said that Tirek is set on possessing Alicorn magic and when he comes here, they cannot have what he is looking for. Twilight didn't exactly want to do that, but if that meant keeping Equestria safe, then she will do so. She told them that she would be willing to give up her magic, but Luna told her that she misunderstood. She explained that magic does not simply vanish into thin air and somepony had to keep it safe. Cadence said that was Twilight who had to keep it safe and Twilight asked why they wanted her to do that.

Celestia explained that they do not believe Tirek is aware that a fourth alicorn princess exists in Equestria and if they transferred their power to her, Tirek will have no idea where it went. Cadence asked Twilight if she understood what they were asking of her and Twilight said she did. She did mention though that she was now learning how to control her own alicorn magic and to take on even more would be crazy. But Cadence told her that she was the Element of Magic and that if anypony could do this, it was her. Twilight said that it would be one of the most difficult things she has ever had to do, but with her friends to help her out, it should be easier. Celestia cut her off though and told her that she couldn't do that and had to keep this a secret. She said that she feared if Twilight's friends knew about this new ability, it could put them at great risk and she asked Twilight if she still wanted to take on this responsibility.

Twilight didn't want it to be that way, but she didn't want to disobey Celestia. So, Twilight said that this was the role she was meant to play in Equestria and that she will not fail to do her part. Celestia said that they must begin at once and the rest of them lit up their magic to try to get rid of it. Eventually, all of their eyes turned white and the magic shot up in the air, forming a large ball at the top of the ceiling. Twilight was nervous about it, and after a few seconds, the magic came rushing down and Twilight braced for impact. Outside, Discord felt the imbalance and his body shook. He told himself that couldn't be right and Tirek asked what couldn't be right. Not wanting to give anything away, Discord said it was nothing and told him to carry on. Tirek walked away and Discord got worried. Elsewhere, Godzilla was walking through Equestria and he saw the destruction that Tirek left behind. His scales lit up again and knew something was off. He then found out that magic was being transferred to Twilight and he picked up the pace. This could be highly dangerous and something could easily go wrong.

Back inside the throne room, the princesses lied on the ground and they saw Twilight in the air slightly with her mane flowing. After a few seconds, the magic flow stopped and Twilight looked at them with sadness. She ran to Celestia and shed a tear, but then noticed that Celestia's cutie mark was gone. The rest of them saw theirs gone as well and felt sad. Celestia sighed and said it was done. Later on, Twilight was walking very slowly and tried to keep quiet as Spike was sleeping. Spike woke up and said that Twilight wasn't gone very long. He asked if that meant everything was okay, and Twilight said it was. Spike stretched a little bit and said that he was going back to bed. If the Sun wasn't up, then neither was he. Twilight said that was strange and the Sun should have been up by now. But then she realized that the Sun should be up now and she raced over to her window.

She told herself that she could do it, and she lit up her horn to move the Moon. She began floating a little bit and then all of a sudden, the Moon started moving around like crazy and the Sun did as well before it finally settled in the sky. The guards in Canterlot seemed a little confused by that and Shining Armor just stared at it. The guards behind him started floating away and Shining's helmet disappeared. Discord appeared and asked Shining what he was doing here. Shining got angry and told him to back off since he was a traitor. Tirek appeared and said that the only one Discord betrayed was himself by abandoning his true nature and making friends with weak minded equines who offered him nothing. Shining didn't like that insult and blasted magic right at Tirek. The Centaur caught it with his hand and turned it into a ball. He ate the thing and then drained the magic out of Shining. He fell and then asked weakly to Discord how he could do this. Discord then started to cast doubt about his decision and Tirek told Discord that he should a little fun and that he wouldn't stand in his way.

Discord laughed evilly and Tirek walked away with a mischievous smile as he headed to the throne room. Inside the throne room, all three princesses were lying there just waiting for something to happen and then they felt the ground shake. Tirek was here, so all of them put on hard faces so that they didn't look weak against Tirek. Tirek smashed the doors and came up the throne to drain the magic out of them. He picked up Celestia and attempted to drain the magic, but nothing happened. Tirek grew angry at this discovery and yelled at Celestia about where it disappeared. Celestia gave a confident smile, so Tirek tried Luna next. He got nothing out of it. He tried Cadence, but again, he got nothing. Eventually, he got fed up and demanded that they tell him where the magic was. Back in Ponyville, Twilight attempted to open the door, but she instead blew it up and it got destroyed as a result of it. Twilight got nervous and told herself that she had to gain better control of this magic, but she couldn't do it here.

She ran out and Spike followed after her in curiosity. He asked Twilight where they were going and Twilight said that she had to go somewhere else. She went to fly up in the air, but she skyrocketed towards the sky and created a shockwave which sent Spike flying backwards. Twilight did a full 360 loop in a vertical direction and flew right past Rainbow who was on a cloud. Apparently, Twilight was flying so fast that it sent a shockwave behind her and spun Rainbow around. Rainbow was confused and literally watched Twilight's trail disappear. It looked like she was going Mach 1 speeds which was insane if you think about it. Rainbow chased after her and the rest of her friends did the same. Eventually, Twilight went to the ground and suddenly stopped. Fluttershy asked if she was alright and Applejack asked how Twilight was able to fly that fast. She really wanted to tell them, but she had to keep Celestia's orders.

Twilight said with nervousness that she must have caught a particularly strong breeze or something. Rainbow said it must have been something else because there was no breeze up there. Twilight said she had no idea what happened, but she didn't have time to figure it out right now. Rarity asked if Twilight was headed off to the Castle of the Two Sisters and told her that they would all be glad to accompany her. Twilight said that wasn't gonna happen and informed them that she needed them all to stay in Ponyville and tell everypony to remain inside. She was about to take off to the sky, but then she remembered how crazy that last segment was, so she decided against it and kept walking. Back in the throne room in Canterlot, Tirek kicked the princesses off of the throne and he sat on it himself. They told him their plan and he simply smiled at how dumb it sounded. He asked them if they got rid of their magic so he couldn't steal it from them as their plan and they said nothing. Tirek then decided to taunt them and asked them how it felt knowing that soon, every Pegasus, Unicorn, and Earth Pony would bow to his will and that there was nothing that they could do to stop it.

Celestia said that he would not prevail, but Tirek told her to give his regards to Cerberus. He opened a portal to Tartarus and sent the three princesses through there before closing it. Discord asked if he meant their will and Tirek said that was what he meant. Tirek then offered him his medallion and explained that it came from someone who was very close to him. He also said that he gave it to him as a sign of gratitude and loyalty. Discord mentioned how fascinating it was and told himself that it would definitely be Rarity's influence. Both of them stared at the stained glass window of the two of them conquering the world and Tirek cutting a sandwich with his sword. Tirek found it amusing, but he said that they have more important things to do right now. He walked away and went on to explain what he was going to do with the princesses out of the way. He suddenly stopped in his tracks and noticed the stained glass window of Twilight right there. He looked at Discord with a glare and asked if this was meant to be humorous.

Discord laughed a bit and told Tirek he hadn't touched her yet. Tirek stared a little bit more at the window and then went off on Discord. He mentioned how there was a fourth and Discord apparently didn't tell him this. He looked behind him and saw the stained glass window of Godzilla defeating King Sombra right next to it. He also asked Discord what this window meant and asked why there was a window of a giant lizard. Discord told him that he needed some assurance that Tirek truly considered this a team effort and now he has it. Tirek then asked Discord where they could find this fourth princess and where her castle was. Discord laughed at that and said that Twilight lives above a library in Ponyville. Tirek also asked who the heck this giant lizard was and where they could find him and Discord told him that his name was Godzilla and no one knows where he is right now, but most likely he would be trying to eliminate any threats to Equestria. Tirek released Discord from his chokehold and simply growled. He said it wouldn't be like that for much longer and used his magic to tear at the stained glass window.

Back in Ponyville, everything was quiet and the rest of the Mane Six had done their jobs in telling everypony to stay inside. Applejack said that she believed they have told everypony to stay inside and Fluttershy said she believed that Discord would catch Tirek soon and all of this would be over. Rainbow said that he was probably taking his sweet time, but Discord showed up and said that perhaps these things take time. Fluttershy was happy to see him and asked if he brought the cucumber sandwiches. Discord said that he did and said in a somber tone that it would be her last decent meal for quite some time. A cage then appeared with all of them trapped inside and they all yelled in anger and confusion. Discord said ta-da and Tirek asked if he gathered up all of them. Discord said that he even got Spike as well and the dragon attempted to bit him. Fluttershy asked why he did this and said that she thought they were friends. Discord said that they were, but Tirek offered something much more than just tea parties.

Discord said that he assumed that Fluttershy saw this coming, but the pegasus told him that she didn't see it coming at all. Tirek had enough and lifted the entire cage into the air with his magic. He drained it from all of them and Discord looked away in sadness. The cage fell down on the floor and Tirek grew bigger as a result of it. Tirek asked Discord if Twilight would really do anything for her friends and the Draconequus said that if Twilight had magic to give, it would be Tirek's. He said that soon, there wouldn't be a single Unicorn, Earth Pony, or Pegasus to stand up against the both of them. Tirek had different ideas and asked him who said anything about the two of them together. Discord said that he did and he got picked up in the air by Tirek. The Centaur explained to Discord that he helped him grow strong and provided the means by how he could obtain Twilight's magic which meant he was no longer of any use to Tirek and he needed to be disposed of.

Tirek forcefully ripped out Discord's chaos magic and grew a bit bigger. Discord fell to the ground and watched as Tirek walked away. Discord said that Tirek told him that the medallion was a sign of gratitude and loyalty and a gift from someone close to him. Tirek disregarded that and said that the medallion came from his brother who betrayed him. He mentioned that it was as worthless as he was and walked away. Applejack told him that he probably saw this coming, but Discord said that he didn't honestly. Now he can only hope that Godzilla will be able to put a stop to him and his reign of terror for good. Meanwhile, Godzilla was walking through Equestria and saw Tirek moving around in Ponyville. He grunted in anger and watched the Centaur closely. He saw him go into the Everfree Forest and knew that's where he was going to strike next. On the other side of the Forest, Twilight simply stared down into the ravine and told herself that she could do it.

Twilight lit up her magic and attempted to teleport. She was successful and made a short distance. She then did it some more and she got teleported all over the place. From the window of Canterlot Castle, to Neigharga Falls, to riding on Buffalo in Appleloosa, to in between a giant rock out in the middle of the fields. Twilight growled with frustration and then heard Tirek call out her name loudly. She lit up her magic and Tirek yelled that she had something that belongs to him. Instead of teleporting away, Twilight burst the rock and flew as fast as she could. Tirek was surprised by that and Twilight looked back to see where Tirek was. She tried flying around, but she went to the ground. She tried stopping herself, but she had Tirek's massive leg stop her instead. She looked up and was a little bit nervous when she saw how big he truly was. Tirek told Twilight that she was going to give him what he wanted and lit up his magic. But Twilight teleported away before he could suck it out.

Twilight teleported to her library and looked through the telescope to see where he was. Tirek noticed this foul play by Twilight and proceeded to blast a beam straight at her. Twilight saw it coming and teleported out of the way before she could get hit with it. It destroyed the library and Twilight crashed to the ground with her Owl in her hooves. Twilight looked to see what the damage was and gasped in horror when she saw the library completely destroyed. Her pet Owl flew away and Twilight stood up. She was furious at this point and she was going to let Tirek know how she felt. Twilight teleported away and proceeded to blast a large beam of magic right at Tirek. Tirek blocked it with his own magic and created a shield. Twilight's beam expanded and it pushed Tirek back a bit. Tirek broke the blast and looked at Twilight with a glare. Twilight gave one right back at him and the Centaur smiled. He said that he now understood what the princesses had done. Twilight lit up her magic again and she raced off to the skies.

Tirek blasted her with his magic, but Twilight teleported out of it and blasted Tirek in the face with her magic. He moved it away and grabbed Twilight with his magic, lifting her in the air. Twilight tried getting out of it, but Tirek spun her around and threw her to the back of the nearest mountain. Twilight glared at him, but that turned to shock as Tirek charged at her and went through the mountain. Twilight teleported out of that and blasted him right to the ground. Tirek yelled in pain and Twilight blasted even more magic at him. Twilight landed on the ground, but panicked when she saw Tirek's magic make a circle around her. Tirek picked it up and threw it away from him. Twilight was able to fly out of it and Tirek smashed the ground to set up roadblocks for Twilight. But she was able to blast her way through each and every one of them. She went for the final blast and Tirek fired off his beam at the same time Twilight did. Both of them collided and effectively created Dragonball Z.

Tirek got out of some rubble and Twilight stared him down with a glare on her face. Tirek said that it appears that they are at an impasse and offered her a trade. All of her friends, plus Spike and Discord, go free in exchange for all of the Alicorn magic in Equestria. Twilight gasped in horror and all of her friends yelled at her not to do it. Tirek asked Twilight what it was going to be and she simply stood there in shock. Rainbow told her not to do it and Fluttershy said that they weren't worth it. Discord said that she was because she was the pony that taught him friendship is magic. He had magic and friendship, but now, he didn't have either. Tirek was getting fed up and slammed his legs on the ground. He yelled that he wanted an answer and he wants it now. Twilight looked at all of them and realized that they were more important than keeping all of the alicorn magic in Equestria. After a few seconds, she told Tirek that she would give him her magic in exchange for her friends.

All of them gasped in horror and Tirek said that he will grant that. He dropped the bubbles and all of them fell to the ground. Well, except for one. They saw Discord was still up there and Twilight said that she wanted all of her friends released. Tirek asked Twilight that after the way Discord has betrayed her, she still calls him a friend, but Twilight didn't back down. She ordered that he release Discord and Tirek reluctantly agreed. Discord thanked Twilight and said to Fluttershy that he was sorry. Fluttershy had tears in her eyes and she told him she knew. Tirek smiled and said that it was Twilight's turn. Just as Tirek lit up his magic, he got hit in the chest by a blue beam and fell to the ground. All of them were shocked and they felt footsteps. They turned around and saw Godzilla give out a loud roar. They all smiled in relief and Godzilla marched towards Tirek with a glare on his face. Tirek got up and growled in anger. He looked to see who attacked him, and he saw the same lizard that he saw in the stained glass window in Canterlot.

He growled even more and yelled at him how he could be here. Godzilla snorted and then gave an ear shattering roar in response. Tirek said it doesn't matter and proceeded to charge at him. Godzilla took that as a challenge and ran towards Tirek as well. They both collided and began to fight. Godzilla pushed Tirek back and struck him in the chest with his atomic breath. Tirek growls in anger and proceeds to fire off a beam right at Godzilla, but the Kaiju simply ducks and then smacks Tirek upside the head with his tail. Tirek threw a punch at Godzilla which hit him pretty hard, but Godzilla retaliated by picking up Tirek and yeeting him right out of the forest. Tirek becomes even more enraged and goes up high in the mountains. Godzilla looked around to see where he was and then, Tirek pounced right on top of him. He punched Godzilla on the stomach and used his body weight to push Godzilla to the ground.

Godzilla attempted to get up, but Tirek slammed him through another mountain and Godzilla fell on his back. Godzilla got back up and blasted Tirek in the face which knocked him down. Tirek yelled really loud in anger and he fired off a beam. Godzilla responded with his own and the two collided. It held each other back, but after a few seconds, Godzilla's overpowered Tirek's and sent the Centaur flying. It caused an explosion to occur and Tirek was shocked. He yelled that he had a bunch of magic and he shouldn't be this weak against Godzilla. Tirek came running back towards him, but he got struck down again by the atomic breath. Tirek finally had enough and blasted a huge beam right at Godzilla. Godzilla fired off his atomic breath as well and the two beams met again. However, something was different. Godzilla's scales began to absorb the attack coming from Tirek and then half of them begin to change to the various different colors of Tirek's beam.

Godzilla let out another angry roar and retaliated by blasting the same magic right into Tirek's body. As a result, Tirek begins to decrease in size and then after a little bit, Godzilla's scales and beam return to its normal blue. This threw Tirek off balance and he landed in the mountainside trying to recover from that. He gets angry and blasts another beam at Godzilla, but Godzilla cuts off his beam and puts him into a chokehold. He grabs the Centaur with his hands and then proceeds to bite down on his neck, which caused a bunch of blood to start gushing out and Tirek screamed in pain. He gets Godzilla off of him and tries to blast him again. But it falters and then disappears. He then yelled at Godzilla what he had done to him and declared that was the final straw. He punched Godzilla with his fist so hard that the Kaiju fell and went unconscious. Tirek breathed out heavily for a few seconds and then laughed in victory.

The rest of the group was horrified and they were genuinely scared about what was going to happen next since Godzilla was their last hope in saving Equestria. Tirek bragged about how he finally defeated the King Of The Monsters and he can finally be the greatest Overlord in all of Equestria. That also meant he could finally be the alpha of the titan system and command all the titans to do what he wanted. Tirek smiled at this revelation and then looked at Twilight. She backed away in fear and Tirek said that now with Godzilla out of the way, it was time to get what he needed to. However, before he could do anything, the Earth started moving a little bit and there was a loud noise. Tirek looked to see where it was coming from and he couldn't believe it. Godzilla was still alive after all of that. Godzilla built up his atomic breath and then after a few seconds, he blasted Tirek with his atomic breath and it left many third degree burn marks on his body. Tirek screamed with pain and fell to the ground.

As Godzilla was fighting Tirek, Discord went over to the group and told them that Tirek had tricked him into believing that there was something more valuable than friendship. But there was nothing worth more and Discord had finally seen it. He said that Tirek lied to him when the Centaur said that this medallion was given as a sign of gratitude and loyalty, but when he says that it is a sign of their true friendship, he was telling the truth. He gave it to Twilight and that's when she realized that this was the item she was looking for. Applejack asked if that was the last one they needed and Twilight said they had to get to the chest. All of them ran over there and Twilight brought the item up to the chest. It changed into a key and went inside the lock. They heard the loud stomping outside and they went to see what was going on.

Godzilla charged at Tirek and proceeded to break every single bone in his body until he could physically no longer move. Tirek tried to stop it by throwing punches at Godzilla, but with all those burn marks on his body and it going numb, it was impossible to do so. He couldn't even use his magic because Godzilla cut it off and stopped it entirely. He even had his own magic used against him. Eventually, Tirek just groaned in pain and Godzilla blasted him one final time, burning off his horns and the rest of his entire body. It freed the stolen magic from Tirek and launched up the air as a giant ball of magic. After seeing this, the Mane Six turn the keys into the locks and it proceeds to connect its magic with the large sphere outside. It expanded and returned all of the magic to Equestria. Ponies were able to get their magic back and the princesses broke free of their chains in Tartarus. They flew out and headed back to Equestria. Godzilla let out a mighty roar in victory and then headed off towards Ponyville.

After the chest was opened, the group waited for something to happen. Then all of a sudden, the Tree grew really bright and blasted a Rainbow beam into the sky. It picked up the chest and got sent through the rainbow right over to the back of Ponyville. Godzilla saw the Rainbow in the sky and ran a bit faster in order to see where it led to. The chest got put in the ground and something started coming out of the ground. When it was all said and done, a castle stood there and the Tree teleported them all to the front steps. They couldn't believe their eyes and Rarity asked the group if they all saw what they were seeing. Twilight asked who it belonged to and Celestia told her that it belonged to Twilight. All of them walked into the castle and Celestia said that Twilight always wondered what she was meant to do as a princess. She then asked if she knew what it was now and Twilight said that as princess, she has the power to spread the magic of friendship across Equestria.

She said that was the role she was meant to have in this world, the one she chose to have. She mentioned that she didn't defeat Tirek alone and it took all of them to unlock the chest. Celestia said that it was then unlikely that Twilight was meant to take on this task alone and opened the doors. All of them saw the throne room and Celestia told Twilight that she was now the Princess of Friendship. All of them checked out the thrones and Celestia asked what the Princess of Friendship would be without her friends. Discord hid in the corner in sadness and Twilight brought him over to the group. He hugged them all and then Discord asked where his throne was. Fluttershy told him that he wasn't quite there yet and Discord said he suppose that wasn't the case.

Well, we got ourselves the final song of the season, so we better make it good here. To give you a quick summary, everypony outside came to see the new castle and the Mane Six sung about how they were all connected in some way. Discord even offered Celestia flowers as an apology and Celestia accepted it. After the song was over, Twilight went outside to see where Godzilla was and he was standing right in front of the balcony. He bent his head down and gave her a look that said "I'm glad that you finally found your role in Equestria and don't doubt yourself so much. Trust me, it will hurt you more than you think. Also, don't hesitate to alert me when you have trouble. I will always have time for you no matter what." Twilight smiled and petted him on the snout. Discord felt something going on outside and went to see what was happening. He saw Godzilla and he got nervous. Godzilla laid eyes on the Draconequus and gave him a cold, unforgiving gaze. He huffed out smoke in anger and Discord bowed before him as an apology.

Godzilla felt satisfied with that and gave Discord a look that said "Don't you ever do that again. You obey your King and your King only. You either submit to my authority or you get destroyed." Discord quickly understood and nodded his head. Godzilla let off another roar and began to head back east towards Manehattan. The rest of Ponyville watched him leave and were amazed at him. This was another interesting battle for Godzilla. After he saw what Tirek had done to Equestria, he determined that he was beyond simple discipline. He had to get Tirek to submit to him. Of course, he did not do that, so Godzilla had to destroy him as a result. It was clear to him that he was trying to establish himself as the Alpha of the Titans and wanted to rule over them, but he wasn't going to let that happen. Anytime a creature tried to become the Alpha, it was considered a challenge to Godzilla's authority and they would have to pay the consequences.

Clearly, Tirek did not know what he signed up for and he got his life handed to him, literally. He refused to submit to the King of The Monsters and as a result, he got destroyed by his King. Godzilla didn't feel too happy that Discord had worked with the enemy, but Godzilla had bigger fish to fry. But that didn't stop him from letting Discord know how he felt. To be fair, he did turn him back into stone, but he must have been reformed since he seemed different from the last time. Godzilla did let him off on a warning, but told him that he is to never do that again or else he will pay the consequences. But despite that, Godzilla didn't go after Discord. Tirek was clearly the bigger threat and he had to be taken out first before he dealt with Discord. But once again, Tirek put up one heck of a fight and it ultimately failed in the end. Godzilla was able to defeat another monster and it reestablished his authority over the world. It was another job well done.

Author's Note:

AN: Well, we've reached the end of another chapter. This one was much shorter than the last chapter, but it was no less entertaining. You would think that these villains would be careful about Godzilla, but they let their own pride get in the way. Discord should have heeded Godzilla's warning since he was already turned to stone by him, but he clearly forgot about that, but was quickly reminded when the King Of The Monsters fought Tirek. While Discord wasn't the main threat, Godzilla didn't exactly let him off the hook. He let him know how he felt and Discord understood that. But he'll probably forget that again in the Season 9 finale. We'll see. Hope you enjoyed the chapter!

Next Chapter: The Sirens! When three girls emerge onto the Equestria girls world, they see Sunset get defeated by Godzilla nearby and determined that there was Equestrian magic at play. They begin to try to take over this world, but a certain group of humans try to stop them from doing so. Godzilla feels this threat and he travels to the other world to fight these three ancient villains. Will the King Of The Monsters be able to defeat these three creatures, or will the charm of their singing voices get to him?

Until then, my fellow readers