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Godzilla: Equestria's King of Monsters - Microsoft_2016

A collection of chapters of the King Of The Monsters defeating fellow villains within the MLP series.

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Chapter 4: Balance vs. Greed

It was another beautiful sunny day in the wonderful land of Equestria and oh brother, who am I kidding? This sounds like I'm telling some sort of children's story. Well, it is intended for kids, but we have adults reading here. Anyways, enough of that mess. Moving on! Fluttershy was feeding the animals food she had collected and made sure they had their sufficient supply. She went down to Angel to tell him not to eat too much, and the bunny did as commanded. He looked away and began hopping in the other direction. Fluttershy didn't want him to stop eating altogether, but the bunny did not care. She told him that it wasn't playtime yet and flew after him. She stopped in front of him and begged him to eat it.

He refused, so she begged him as much as she could, but Angel would not budge and instead kicked the carrot away in the other direction. She sighed, but Angel started coughing. That alerted Fluttershy and she asked if he was coughing over a carrot. He didn't agree, so she asked if he needed water. Angel got frustrated and coughed as loud as he could before pointing up into the sky. Fluttershy gasped in horror and asked if was because of the black cloud of smoke in the sky. Angel threw the carrot at her and gave her a glare. Fluttershy got the memo and ran towards town. She tried to get everyone's attention, but no one listened to her. Rainbow came over and she screamed.

Rainbow rolled her eyes and told her to stop being so scared. She was bouncing a ball because she was trying to break a new record and become the first pony to reach a certain number. Pinkie came over and said that it called for a celebration, but Fluttershy disagreed. She tried telling the both of them, but neither of them listened to her. Finally, Twilight was able to get everypony's attention and she said "Listen up!" The crowd gasped and stopped what they were doing so they could listen to what Twilight had to say. She continued and said "Smoke is spreading over all of Equestria." The crowd chattered amongst themselves and saw the smoke moving through the sky.

She said "But don't worry. I've just received a letter from Princess Celestia informing me it is not coming from a fire." Everypony was relieved to hear that, including Fluttershy. Twilight spoke up once more and said "It's coming from a dragon." Everypony gasped and Fluttershy couldn't believe her eyes. A dragon?! Those things were really terrifying and could eat up a pony at any moment. She trembled at the thought of that and hid in fear. The Mane Six met up in the library and Twilight began to read up on the information she received. Applejack asked why a dragon would be here in Equestria and Twilight said that he was sleeping. She mentioned that Celestia said that he was taking a nap and his loud snoring is what's causing the smoke to form in the sky.

Pinkie commented on how the dragon should see a doctor since it doesn't sound very healthy while Rarity said that at least the dragon wasn't breathing fire. She then asked what all of them were supposed to do about it, and Rainbow gave her typical answer: March up there and kick its ass. Twilight didn't exactly like that idea and said that they should just encourage him to move somewhere else. She gave the whole motivation speech and told everypony to grab their things and meet back at the library in an hour. The groups moved out and went to go their stuff. An hour later, they met back up and Twilight said she was going to map out the fastest route to the mountain.

She wanted to keep a steady pace so they could reach the top before nightfall, but that thought terrified Fluttershy. It already scared her enough that Equestria would be covered in black smoke for the next century if this issue wasn't resolved, but this information terrified her even more. She knew that mountains were very high up in the sky and the thought of being up that high scared the crap out of her. Twilight pointed to the top of the mountain and Applejack said it looked pretty cold up there. Rainbow commented on that saying that the higher you go up in elevation, the colder it gets. Rarity mentioned that's why she brought her scarf, but Rainbow mocked her for that. Fluttershy looked at the top of the mountain where the smoke came from, and she gulped nervously.

Twilight pulled out the map and Fluttershy went up to her. She asked Twilight if she could listen for one second, but Twilight wasn't really paying attention. So, Fluttershy continued and asked if it was okay if she stayed in Ponyville. Twilight didn't really listen to that and murmured "uh-huh." Fluttershy thought she was in the clear and walked away. But Twilight finally realized what Fluttershy was saying and told her that she had to come because how she could deal with wild animals was quite vital to this mission. Fluttershy hesitated at that and tried to mention an excuse, but Twilight told her not to worry about her animal friends since Spike's got that covered. Spike reassured her that it would be fine, but Angel got mischievous and stomped on Spike's head, which made the animals run away.

He ran after them and Fluttershy told Twilight that she didn't believe he is up to the task, but Twilight didn't listen and just walked away. Fluttershy tried coming up with an excuse, but she just simply squeaked in fear instead. Rainbow asked Twilight if she thought it would be a good idea to bring Fluttershy along since it might slow them down. She mentioned that this is a pony who is afraid of her own shadow, but Twilight was confident that once they got going, then she'll be fine. They heard Fluttershy gasp and she ran into the bushes so she wouldn't have to look at her own shadow. Rainbow gave a glare at Twilight that basically said "My case in point" and walked away. Twilight didn't pay mind to that and looked at the group. She told them to move out and they all ran towards Fluttershy like a herd of Buffalo. Fluttershy tried protesting, but she got picked up and carried along right down the path, screaming in fear as she didn't want to leave town.

Meanwhile, Godzilla was sleeping deep into the North Celestial Ocean. Things have been quiet for a few weeks since the Ursa Minor incident in Ponyville. He would wake up every now and then to get some food, but that was about it. However, he started coughing underwater. He opened his eyes and started sniffing around to see what was making him cough. He looked up and swam to the surface to see if there was anything up there. Sure enough, there was something there. He looked up in the sky and saw the black smoke traveling across Manehattan and past the ocean reaching all the way to the border of Griffonstone. He knew what kind of smoke that was and his scales lit up. He moved forward and began walking through Manehattan in order to get to this threat he felt.

Back in Ponyville, the Mane Six made it to the base of the mountain and heard the ground shake as the dragon blew out more smoke. Rainbow was surprised and asked what that was. Twilight mentioned that was how it sounds whenever a dragon is snoring. Fluttershy trembled and said it was so high. Rainbow stared at her and said it was a mountain. She said she was going to fly up there to check it out, but Applejack pulled her tail back down to Earth and looked at her. Rainbow obviously didn't like that and Applejack explained why she did it. She said that it would be important that they all went up together for safety reasons. Rainbow wasn't too happy about it, but gave in. The other girls climbed up the mountain while Rainbow had a the Grinch look on her face, clearly not happy about it.

Rarity mentioned that she heard that the only thing more shiny than a dragon's scales were his jewels and if she played her cards right, she might be able to convince him to part ways with a few. Pinkie did an imitation of a dragon and most of the group laughed. However, Twilight was not amused. She rebuked the group for laughing about a matter like this and asked Fluttershy about what she thought the dragon would look like. Of course, she got no response and turned around to see where she was. The rest of the group did the same and Rainbow yelled at Fluttershy to get up here and stop wasting time. She asked if she was waiting for an invitation or something, and Pinkie pulled something out of her bag which caused confetti to go off. That scared the crap out of Rainbow and Rarity and Fluttershy didn't move. She mentioned how steep it was and Rainbow told her that it was a cliff.

Rainbow suggested to Fluttershy that she could just fly up here and Pinkie gave encouragement to her. Fluttershy attempted to do it and got into the air, but one look up and loud snoring caused her to panic and she locked up her wings before falling back down into the bush. Rainbow groaned and Fluttershy tried to get up into the air, but her wings refused to move since she was in full on panic mode. Twilight groaned and said that they didn't have for this. Applejack had an idea and took the map from Twilight's bag. Twilight asked her what she was doing and Applejack said she was going to need the map if she was going to take Fluttershy around the mountain another way. Rainbow groaned at that thought and said it would take forever, but Applejack didn't care.

They had to get her moving or else it will be pitch black by the time they get to the entrance. They can't risk having Equestria being covered in black smoke for the next 100 years, so they had to get moving or else that might become a reality. Applejack reassured Twilight that they would get there in no time and Twilight looked towards Canterlot. The rest of the group waited for them for a long time and Pinkie celebrated winning tic-tac-toe over Rarity, even though it was for the 35th consecutive time. Rarity asked Pinkie if she wanted to do best out of seventy-one, and Twilight finally saw Applejack and Fluttershy arrive. Applejack was tired out as she had to pull Fluttershy up the mountain since she was stuck in the same position when she was at the bottom of the mountain.

Rainbow looked at Twilight upside down and said that she told her that it would take them forever. They continued moving up the mountain and they all stopped at a gap. Rainbow sprinted ahead and jumped over with ease. The rest of the group did the same which only left Fluttershy standing there. Twilight told Fluttershy that it was her turn, but Fluttershy didn't want to move. Twilight told her that they had to get moving and they should have been much farther along now. Applejack suggested that she could just leap over, but Fluttershy retracted back after she heard the dragon make another noise and told the group that she just didn't know.

Pinkie tried encouraging Fluttershy by singing some sort of song and bounced back and forth with no problem. Twilight said they didn't have time for this, but it actually encouraged Fluttershy and she said she was going to do it. She began to leap over, but Twilight said just don't look down. Unfortunately, she did look down and panicked. She thought she would fall, but she actually managed to still be up there and had her legs in between the edges. She now knew it wasn't that wide. Rainbow groaned and pushed her across while Pinkie and Rarity pulled her in. Fluttershy looked at the group and said she must have forgotten to jump. They moved along and Twilight mentioned to the group that they were now entering an avalanche zone and the smallest noise could cause a whole bunch of rocks to come tumbling down the mountain.

Fluttershy trembled at that, but Twilight told her to be quiet. They all moved very quietly, but Rainbow went through a tree which caused two leaves to fall off. Fluttershy was crawling, but as soon as she felt the leaves on her back, she panicked and yelled as loud as she could. Applejack threw her hoof into Fluttershy's mouth, but ultimately did nothing to stop the oncoming avalanche. They all thought they were safe, but then, the ground started shaking and they saw small pebbles of rocks falling down and they knew what was coming. They all yelled avalanche and began running away from the rocks.

Godzilla was marching through Equestria and he suddenly felt the ground shake. He looked straight ahead and saw that really far away, there was an avalanche happening on that mountain. His scales lit up once more and he began to pick up the pace. Back on the mountain, Twilight kept running, but she knew she was about to get crushed. Before that happened, Applejack tackled her out of the way and they made it behind the rockslide. The avalanche eventually did stop and Applejack asked if everypony was alright. Twilight said that thanks to her, she was. Fluttershy popped out and saw the mess. She apologized for causing this, but Applejack said it was no big deal. Twilight agreed and said that they would have to simply climb over it. Rarity tried looking for the tiara in her bag, but Rainbow was having none of it.

They went across, but Fluttershy was so slow that she fell and sent her along with Rarity and Applejack tumbling down. Rarity apologized to Rainbow, but Rainbow said it was not her fault and glared at Fluttershy. Fluttershy whimpered and watched Rainbow fly away. Rainbow flew up to Twilight and asked if it was still a good idea to bring Fluttershy along. Twilight told her that they were about to find out since they were here at the top of the mountain. Twilight turned to face the group and gave them their tasks. Twilight went inside the cave and began talking to herself. She thought Fluttershy was with her, but she turned around and noticed she wasn't there, she groaned and went back outside. She found her sitting on the ground with her head buried inside the dirt.

She tried pushing her out, but she wouldn't move. The others tried pushing her, but she wouldn't budge. Fluttershy said she just couldn't go inside the cave and the rest of the group groaned. Rainbow complained that Fluttershy was scared of caves now, but Fluttershy told her that was not true. She tired saying she was scared of dragons, but she was too quiet. She finally said it loud enough, but then, the ground shook again, and some more smoke came out. The group coughed and Fluttershy hid behind Applejack in fear. Twilight said that Fluttershy had an incredible talent for animals, but Fluttershy told her that they weren't dragons. Rainbow mentioned that she went up to a Manticore and calmed it down like it was nothing, but once again, Fluttershy said that happened because it wasn't a dragon.

Pinkie mentioned that Spike was a dragon and she talks to him. Fluttershy said that he might be a dragon, but he wasn't a big, scary, pony-eating, sharp-claws type, full grown up dragon. Speaking of which, more smoke came out and Fluttershy was trembling on the ground. Twilight asked Fluttershy if she was so scared of dragons all this time, then why didn't she say anything? The answer she got was because Fluttershy was afraid to say anything. Rainbow groaned in frustration and Applejack pushed Fluttershy towards the cave, or at least attempted to. Applejack told her that the group was scared of that dragon. Rainbow got cocky and said she didn't.

Applejack stared at her for a second before telling Fluttershy that they had an important job to do and she needed to go into the cave with Twilight and do her job. Fluttershy looked at the group and said she simply couldn't before walking away. Twilight persisted and went inside the cave. She asked the group if the dragon simply had no idea of what he was doing and they responded with nods nervously. Twilight went to look for the dragon, but smacked right up against his scout and her eyes went as wide as dinner plates. There he was in all his glory. A full grown dragon. Twilight tried again, and the dragon scratched his stomach before he opened his eyes.

Twilight took a step back and tried introducing herself, but the dragon opened his mouth and his bad breath came out blowing Twilight back a little bit. Twilight was disgusted at that and continued her introduction. The dragon narrowed his eyes and he listened to Twilight's explanation. He stretched out his body before holding his stomach together. Twilight asked him if he would be willing to move, but the dragon simply fell down and went back to sleep. He also sent out some more smoke as a gesture on her way out. Twilight went out of the cave and the group was unsure on where to go next. Rarity said that she would try pony charm and she went inside the cave.

She talked to the dragon and mentioned how nice his scales looked and basically tried charming him into leaving while maybe stealing some of those jewels. The dragon smiled a bit and looked at Rarity with a grin. He stood up and showed off his scales, but as soon as Rarity mentioned that she would watch over his stuff for him, he got angry and moved his stuff away from her. Rarity ran out of the cave and pouted on a rock. She whined about how she was that close to getting some jewels and Twilight asked her if she meant getting rid of the dragon. Rarity saw what game Twilight was playing here and said yeah. Applejack was confused on the outfit Pinkie was wearing and the group was surprised as well. Rarity told Pinkie that she looked ridiculous in that outfit, but Pinkie said that was the whole point.

She went inside the cave and said hi to the dragon, but he was in no mood for laughter and popped out all of those balloons. Pinkie came back out and she said that apparently he doesn't like laughter or sharing. Rainbow finally had enough and said it was time to get down to business. She told the group she was going in and raced inside. Twilight told her not to do that, but Rainbow didn't listen. She yelled at the dragon to get out and she kicked him right in the snout. The dragon sneezed a little bit before glaring at Rainbow and roaring as loud as he could. Rainbow regretted doing that, but the dragon didn't care. She got thrown back and knocked the group down like bowling pins. They all got up before they screamed in fear.

The dragon stepped out of the cave and roared at them. He opened his mouth and blew smoke out at them which caused them to be thrown up against the rock. The dragon roared again and he got met with a roar by a different creature. Godzilla grabbed onto the mountain and climbed his way up before he reached the top a few seconds later. The dragon looked surprised at this creature and Godzilla roared as loud as he could as this creature. The dragon roared in response and the two went at each other. They collided and began fighting one another. Godzilla picked up the dragon's head and slammed it into the ground causing the group down below to be blown back even further. They were all shocked at how easily Godzilla was handling the dragon, and they watched in shock.

The dragon opened his mouth and launched fire breath at Godzilla which caused him to fall down. The group watched in disbelief and tried moving to get a better look. However, Godzilla sat up and roared back at him. The dragon tried breathing fire again, but this time, Godzilla simply swatted it away. His tail smashed onto the ground and his scales began to light up. The group widened their eyes and they knew what came next. Godzilla built up his atomic breath and then launched it right back at the dragon. The dragon fell to the ground roaring in pain and Godzilla roared at him. The dragon got back up and launched his fire breath back at Godzilla which caused him to be knocked down and parts of the mountain got destroyed by his atomic breath.

Godzilla fell right down the mountain and roared in pain. The group tried running away, but the dragon chased after them. Godzilla got back up the mountain and slapped the dragon across the face, knocking him down. Godzilla picked up the dragon and thrown him across the mountain, falling right back down to the bottom. Godzilla jumped off the mountain to attack him and he wrestled with the dragon. Godzilla tried scratching the dragon, but the dragon got smart and bit him in the chest. He picked up Godzilla in the air and dragged him across the ground before slamming him into the base of the mountain. Before he could do anything else, Godzilla opened his mouth and launched his atomic breath at the dragon's chest which caused him to be flown back. Rainbow took the opportunity to slam the dragon into the mountain and he got his head stuck.

The dragon was able to get his head out after a few seconds, but saw Godzilla coming and roared at him. Godzilla roared right back at him and pushed him right through the mountain causing it to collapse. The dragon fell to the ground and Godzilla growled at him. The dragon roared at him and Godzilla picked him up once more. He dragged him across the tall amounts of rubble that had formed and it caught fire. It burned the dragon and he roared at him. Godzilla cracked his neck a little and kept moving. The dragon saw some sparks shooting out from the debris and he had an idea. He slammed his mouth into the sparks and began chewing at it. Godzilla looked at him with confusion and started to get concerned.

It supercharged the dragon and after a few seconds, yellow lightning bolts came shooting out of his wings and into the sky which blinded everyone since it was so bright. Godzilla moved back and yelled out in horror as he was blinded by the light. He tried grabbing onto something, but instead he smashed glass which broke quite easily. He looked down as he tried recovering from that. Godzilla's scales lit up a bit as he tried scheming for his next attack. The dragon flew up and grabbed Godzilla with his feet. He flew up very high in the sky and Godzilla was trying to fire his atomic breath at the dragon, but he couldn't as he was being choked to death by the dragon's grip.

The dragon finally made it up high enough and then dropped Godzilla. Godzilla fell from the sky and he began burning up as he was moving pretty fast because that's what happens in Earth's atmosphere. That's why reentry into Earth is so critical on a space flight. You never know when that spacecraft could blow up because of how hot it gets going back onto the Earth. Ponies watched as they witnessed Godzilla falling from the sky, looking like a meteor getting ready to crash into the Earth. Godzilla finally made it to the ground and caused a large explosion which sent debris flying everywhere at hurricane speeds. Once the dust settled, everypony was standing there in silence.

Even all of Ponyville came after to witness this event since they felt the mountain getting destroyed and hearing loud monster noises coming from outside. The Mane Six was a different story. No one dared to move. Twilight was literally devastated. She had tears falling from her eyes and she moved closer to Godzilla as he laid there on the ground. The dragon flew back onto the ground and looked at Godzilla. Godzilla roared a little bit before falling back onto the ground. The dragon went over to him and began sucking out his nuclear energy which made Godzilla roar in pain. Fluttershy knew she had to step up at this point and flew right up to the dragon. She glared at him and said "HOW DARE YOU!" The dragon stopped what he was doing and growled at Fluttershy.

Fluttershy was not phased by that at all and said "Listen here, mister! Just because you're big, doesn't mean you get to be a bully! You may have huge teeth and sharp scales and snore smoke and breath fire, but you DO NOT, I repeat, YOU DO NOT HURT MY FRIENDS! OR GODZILLA! You got that?!" The dragon looked at Fluttershy and whimpered a bit. Fluttershy glared at him some more and said "He's the savior of this world and that's how you want to treat him?! Well?!" The dragon looked at her and explained that Rainbow kicked him and then Godzilla basically came to fight him. Fluttershy said "And I'm very sorry for that. But you're bigger than she is and you should know better than to resort to violence. You should also know better than to take a nap where your snoring can become a health hazard to other creatures."

The dragon did understand what she was saying, but he didn't exactly want to give up his spot. So, he tried coming up with an excuse to justify his actions, but Fluttershy shut him down on that. The nuclear power finally got to his head and now he wanted her gone. So, he glared at her again and roared as loud as he could at her causing her to fall back a little. The dragon went back to sucking out Godzilla's nuclear energy, but something stopped him. He was being controlled by something and he was determined to find out what that was. He ran over to the source of it and found that the pony version of Monarch was preventing him from reaching Godzilla. He chased after the pony and basically near killed them before he nailed them right in the chest. The pony laid there on the ground and the dragon simply growled at the pony.

The pony smiled and said "Long live... the King." The dragon was confused and began looking around. Godzilla had gone full nuclear and was basically burning red and orange. It almost looked like he was made of fire. Speaking of which, everything he passed melted to the ground because of the heat levels and he got to the dragon. Godzilla looked at the dragon and roared mightily at the dragon. The dragon turned around and roared right back at him. Godzilla bent his head down and began charging up his scales. This dragon had defied him long enough. It was time to put him to an end and restore the worldly balance. A few seconds later, he let out a huge explosion of orange and it burned everything in sight. The dragon's wings got burned mightily and eventually disappeared from sight. The dragon tried breathing fire at Godzilla again, but it did no damage to him.

Godzilla marched forward and lit up his scales again. The dragon backed away in fear and Godzilla unleashed a second wave of a fireball which burned off most of the dragon's arms and legs. The dragon roared at Godzilla and the Kaiju responded with a roar of his own and put his foot on the dragon's chest. The nuclear energy came out of the dragon and he was basically engulfed. It caused an entire mushroom cloud explosion to go off and everypony had to shield their eyes because of how bright it was. The Earth shook greatly and everypony was moving all over the place. The cloud finally disappeared and everypony looked at the sight. It looked like an atom bomb went off. There was a lot of destruction everywhere. Even Princess Celestia had come over as she saw the whole event happening from her castle window.

Plus, all the nobles and elites making a fuss outside about it. It was quiet for a little bit, but then something moved which shook the ground. Godzilla still had the dragon's head in his mouth and he dragged it across the ground before swinging it around in the air. The dragon made a bunch of dying noises as Godzilla built up his atomic breath once more. He eventually threw up into the air before he destroyed the head with his atomic breath completely getting rid of him for good. He closed up his mouth and shook his head a little to get that last piece of nuclear energy from him. Somepony commented about how crazy that was and it was a good thing that he was on their side. Somepony else said for now, at least. Then, somepony said look.

Godzilla took a look around and saw all the ponies bowing down before him. He looked at Celestia and even she bowed before him as well. Godzilla felt satisfied and he lifted his head up in the air to let out a mighty roar into the sky. He was able to defeat another threat and ponykind respected him in a way he never even imagined. He might have caused a lot of destruction, but at least the threat was taken out. Besides, the environment will grow back. That's at least what happened back on Earth after he defeated King Ghidorah. So, this should be the same. One thing's for sure is that he knows that the world is safe once more and he can return to slumber. This was another job well done.

Author's Note:

AN: Well, we have reached the end of another chapter! I know quite a bit of this was stolen from the movie Godzilla: King Of The Monsters, but it sort of made sense to format it like this. There will be several scenarios where the type of action you saw here will happen there. So, hope that doesn't make anyone too upset. In other news, I thought that Tom Brady officially announced his retirement today, but it turns out that was fake news. At least it didn't come from fake news CNN. Anyway, I got played so hard with that. I'm sure a lot of football fans did too, but it makes me triggered that happened, but oh well. Can't really do nothing about it. Anyways, hope you enjoyed the chapter!

Next Chapter: The dreaded Hydra! When Twilight tries to figure out Pinkie Sense, she is met with frustration and irritation as she can't figure out how this is possible. Eventually, it sends them all to Froggy Bottom Bog as they get concerned about Fluttershy. They run into the Hydra and Godzilla makes his appearance known to this creature. Will Godzilla defeat this monster once more, or can the Hydra find a way to defeat him using his own strategy?

Until then, my fellow readers