• Published 24th Jan 2022
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Godzilla: Equestria's King of Monsters - Microsoft_2016

A collection of chapters of the King Of The Monsters defeating fellow villains within the MLP series.

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Chapter 10: Control vs. Power

It was another beautiful evening the wonderful city known as the Crystal Empire. The Moon was high in the sky at this point, but the Sun was still going down as you went further to ground level. The train chugged along and left the Crystal Empire. The Mane Six were back here once again for a very specific reason. You see, now that Twilight is a princess, that meant she had to attend Princess Summits which are usually held every year in the fall and spring seasons. Since it was late September, there was one being held. This also meant that this would be Twilight's first Princess Summit ever. Anywho, the Mane Six walked towards the castle and Applejack told Twilight that the new alicorn must be excited for this event coming up tomorrow.

Twilight didn't exactly feel the same way. In fact, she did feel excited about it, but she also expressed nervousness as well. Pinkie suddenly jumped in and explained to Twilight the concept of being "nervouscited." It basically meant being excited and nervous at the same time. She also made a Transformers sound which was the number 2 show on the network in ratings right behind MLP:FiM. Anyway, Fluttershy said that basically happens to her everyday and Applejack told her that it would be fine. However, before she could finish, Rarity interrupted and mentioned to Twilight in a panic that she noticed that the purple alicorn wasn't wearing her crown. She asked if Twilight didn't forget it in Ponyville, and the purple alicorn told her it was in her bag. She explained to Rarity that she felt self-conscious about wearing it and she still hadn't gotten used to the alicorn wings yet.

Rarity told her that she was a princess now and she must embrace it. She also said that if she ever had a crown that looked like that, she would always wear it, even in the bed! I would never do that. That would be WAY too uncomfortable for me and it's just ridiculous to do such a thing anyways. But that's my own opinion. No one cares about that, so I'll move on. Twilight shook her head and all of them headed to the throne room. They opened the doors and all of a sudden, a bunch of trumpets with banners that had Celestia's cutie mark on it were playing and all the other three princesses were standing right there. Twilight was taking it all in and then, she hit a guard accidentally and looked up at him. He stared back at her and then announced her name to the royal authorities.

Cadence walked over and greeted Twilight. She mentioned how she hasn't seen her since the coronation. The other two princesses walked over as well and Celestia said that the topics can wait until tomorrow since the group look tired from their journey. She then sent them all off to bed and the group walked away towards their assigned bedrooms. Twilight was putting her books in the drawers and then she pulled out her crown. She put it on her head and stared at herself in the mirror. She was still trying to grasp that concept. She sighed and Spike asked her what was wrong. She said "I don't know Spike. I'm just worried, I guess. Princess Cadence was given the Crystal Empire to rule over. What if now that I'm a princess, Celestia expects me to lead a kingdom of my own?!" Spike told her that would be so awesome, but she disagreed.

She said "No, it would not! Just because I have this crown and these wings, it doesn't mean I'll be a good leader! Also, what exactly will my role be? Cadence already rules the Crystal Empire and Godzilla keeps the world in balance. He's the King Of The Monsters for Celestia's sake! I can't compete with that! I know he gave me honor with my new position, but I could never fill his shoes. He's just on another level." Spike told her that she would be a good leader and she shouldn't worry about how her role might affect Godzilla. He told her that the Kaiju would not want her to worry about it and just focus on what's important to her instead of worrying about her role potentially competing with his. Twilight felt better at that and Spike told her it was time to get some shut eye since she had a big day tomorrow. He turned off the lamp and went under the covers.

He was about to fall asleep, but he kept hearing grunting noises from Twilight, so he turned his body over to her to see her struggling to get her wings to stay in place. For some reason, they wanted to keep popping out and it frustrated Twilight. She was trying to get comfortable in the bed, and she just couldn't do that because these wings kept popping out of their place. She then tried to fall asleep, but then her wings popped out again and sent the bed sheet above her head before landing back down on her. She let out a loud groan of frustration and the blanket pretty much covered her entire body. But, she was eventually able to get it after a little bit.

Later that night, everything was quiet and one of Celestia's guards was walking through the hallways looking for any potential invaders that might try to seize the castle. Behind some closed doors, there was a white light that shined for a second before disappearing. The door opened and a pony with a cloak walked out. They walked very carefully through the hallways, but as soon as they saw the guard, they stopped and hid behind one of the crystal pillars. Once the coast was clear, they ran behind him and ran down the hallway as fast as they could. The pony stopped at the door and opened it. It was Twilight's room and this pony was looking for something valuable. They marched very carefully and they saw the crown sitting right there on the nightstand.

The pony lit up their horn and levitated it towards them, but they knocked the lamp over. They caught it just in time, and they made sure that neither Spike nor Twilight heard the noise. Once the pony realized that both of them didn't hear it, they proceeded and hid the crown away in her cloak. She pulled out a fake one and set it down on the nightstand. She turned away to walk out, but they tripped over Spike's tail and crashed to the ground. That made a loud enough noise and Spike woke up to see what that noise was. It also woke up Twilight and after looking around for a few seconds, she saw the jewel sticking out in the open. She then knew that someone was trying to steal her crown, and they almost got away with it! Time to teach this pony a lesson. The pony bolted out the door and Twilight ran after her. She yelled out for the pony to stop, but they kept running.

This woke up the rest of the Mane Six and they stuck out their heads to see what was going on. Twilight told them all that her crown was stolen and they all chased after this pony as well. Twilight teleported in front of the pony and told this pony to stop, but this pony was clever. They lit up their horn and teleported away as well. The cloak smacked against Twilight's face and the pony made it out on the other side, revealing to be Sunset Shimmer. Sunset smiled wickedly for a second before bolting out of the hallway. Twilight was furious at this point. This unicorn had dared to come up in here to steal a royal crown, which was a federal crime by the way, and just outdueled her like it was nothing. Anyway, Twilight turned around to see Sunset taking off and she chased after her.

Sunset thought she would get away, but after she turned around, she was shocked to see the Mane Six charging right after her. Twilight came up close to her to try and snatch it away, but she was still a little too far away. Both of them exchanged angry glares and after a few seconds, Twilight tackled Sunset to the ground and both of them rolled inside the room. The crown fell out and bounced all over the walls before disappearing inside of a mirror. All of them gasped in shock and Sunset smiled wickedly. Her plan had ultimately worked. Sure, she might have been chased by six ponies and a dragon, but at least she was able to get the crown through the mirror which was the main goal. If she couldn't have it, then nobody could. Twilight demanded that Sunset would tell her where the crown went, but all she got from the unicorn was nasty response before disappearing through the mirror.

They all gasped again in horror and Fluttershy asked who the heck that was. The next morning, the group told the Princesses about what had happened and for Celestia, this was all too familiar for her. She used to know this pony. Celestia told the group that this pony was known as Sunset Shimmer, a former student of hers. She said that Sunset started her studies not long before Twilight, but when she pursued selfishness and power, it led her down to the path of destruction. Celestia told the group that she tried to help Sunset, but she eventually abandoned her studies and pursued her own path. For Celestia, this was the second major failure that happened under her administration. First, it was Luna, then it was Sunset. So, this is just another painful memory for Celestia.

Spike said that Sunset replaced Twilight's crown with a fake one. Celestia examined the crown and then said that she probably thought that Sunset believed that Twilight would not notice the difference right away and by the time she did, it would have been too late. Twilight asked Celestia where Sunset went and where she took the crown, but Celestia told her that her former student would soon know about this place more than she would. They all went to the mirror room and Luna explained to the group that this was no ordinary mirror. It was in fact a gateway to another world that opens once every 30 years. Pinkie wanted to touch the mirror, but Luna activated her magic and sent Pinkie's hoof away from the mirror. Luna then went on to explain that this mirror was always kept in the throne room back in Canterlot, but when Cadence took over the Crystal Empire, they sent the mirror over here for her to watch over.

Celestia sighed and said that she always wished that Sunset would come back one day to return to seek her guidance, but that was clearly not what happened. Cadence told Twilight that she must use that mirror to go into the other world and retrieve her crown. She explained to Twilight that without her crown, the other Elements of Harmony won't work and Equestria would have lost one of it's major defense systems. Twilight simply nodded and the rest of her friends seemed worried at that. Luna told Twilight that her crown does not belong in the realm that Sunset now calls home and with it in her possession, she will undoubtedly use it to bring harm to the inhabitants of this other realm where they would have the power of self-defense.

Luna brought Twilight's bag over to her and Celestia asked Twilight if she understood the importance of her task. Twilight said she did and Celestia told Twilight to go at once. Twilight took a deep breath and walked towards the mirror. However, Rainbow flew right in front of her and stopped the whole operation. She said that if Twilight is going, then the rest of them were as well. Twilight smiled at that, but Celestia informed them that they could not go. Rainbow didn't like that answer and demanded an explanation. Celestia explained to Rainbow that sending all of them could upset the balance of this alternate realm, creating the havoc necessary that would prevent Twilight from getting her crown back. They were all shocked at that answer, but didn't say anything.

Celestia told them that this was something that Twilight must do alone and Luna told Twilight that time was of the essence. She said that when the Moon reaches its peak on the night of the third day, the gateway will close and Twilight will have to wait another 30 years before she can return to Equestria. Basically, time was her biggest enemy here and she had to do everything she could to get that crown back in order to beat the clock. All of Twilight's friends reassured her and the purple alicorn walked up to the mirror. She seemed a little nervous about it, but after getting a nod from Celestia, she dealt with it and went through the mirror. Spike just couldn't take it and he bolted towards the mirror. The rest of the Mane Six tried to stop him, but he was simply too fast for them. He raced through the mirror and both of them started to undergo body changes. It was really freaky to look at to say the least.

When they made it to the other side, they were unconscious for a second. Twilight groaned in pain and she opened her eyes to see where Spike was. She thought he was a ladybug for a second, but then, she saw him as a dog. She asked if he had turned into a dog, and he said that he thought so. But he also said that he had no idea what Twilight turned into. Twilight put up something and saw that she had hands now. She was so confused that she screamed in horror. She then covered her mouth and examined her hands and fingers. She tried getting them off, but that was no use. They were basically connected to her body. Spike scratched his ear and darted his eyes around nervously to make sure no one was looking. Twilight continued to freak out as she discovered arms and legs and she started hyperventilating. Spike told her to calm down and Twilight asked him what the rest of her looked like.

Spike had a hard time answering that and said that she looked like herself, but it wasn't her and her muzzle was really small. She went to feel it and it turned into a nose. She was about to scream again, but Spike covered her mouth before she could. He asked her if she was going to scream again, and Twilight shook her head no. Spike let go and then both of them really examined their surroundings. He asked Twilight where the heck they were and the alicorn-turned-human said that she had no idea, but she believed this statue behind her was the gateway back to Equestria. She put her hand through it and saw her hoof waving around in there. She took it out and stared at it with anxiety. She shook her head and said that she would have to get her crown ASAP and get the heck of dodge. She then said that the both of them should start looking in the castle first. Only it wasn't a castle, it was a high school.

Spike hopped on Twilight's back and she was moving along on all fours. However, Spike had to stop her for a second as there was someone walking their dog and they just stared at her. Now that she was a human, she was supposed to walk on two legs, not four. So, it looked incredibly weird to strangers and it was just embarrassing. Twilight then stood up and smiled nervously. The dog looked at his owner with a smile on his face, but the human didn't care and told him to keep walking. The dog scowled and kept walking. Twilight was having a hard time keeping her balance because she was not used to this and she grabbed onto the railing to prevent herself from falling. She pulled herself up the stairs and said to Spike that she did not want to be like this for longer than she had to. Spike told her though that on the plus side, she didn't have to worry about those pesky wings. Twilight did not find that amusing and simply glared at him. He smiled nervously and Twilight tried to open the door.

She banged her head against it though and she winced in pain. She thought that was strange and tried opening the door with her magic. But, nothing happened. She told herself that her magic wasn't working, but Spike said that would explain why she didn't have a horn on her head and Twilight was about to have a complete breakdown. Spike told her that they should really find a mirror and he opened the door. Both of them peeked inside and saw a display case in the northeastern part of the foyer. Twilight asked Spike if he saw anything that might have come from Equestria and then, she saw her reflection. She asked herself what she turned into and suddenly, the bell rang and a whole bunch of students were walking through the hallways trying to get to their next class. She got caught up in all of that and she tried breaking herself out of it. She got stuck and then tumbled over to one of the lockers. A student saw what happened and asked if she was okay. He offered his hand to her and she picked herself up with it. She simply nodded and then he walked away to his next class. Spike then told Twilight that this probably wasn't a castle and then walked around to take it all in.

Well, we have our first song in the movie and thankfully, there aren't too many of these, so we're good. Basically, this song is basically Twilight trying to take in her new surroundings and how much different things are compared to back home in Equestria. However, she did make a brutal mistake. She accidentally went into the men's bathroom. Now, truth be told, she genuinely didn't know because she's never seen anything like it before, but it was really embarrassing for her. Of course, society now wants this to become a normal thing, but scared men slamming the stall door after seeing a woman in the bathroom suggests otherwise. I'll skip the political debate for now, but I think it's clear why gender neutral bathrooms should not be a thing. One thing's for sure is that all these people look like the ponies Twilight has seen in Equestria.

Anyway, Twilight heard some whispering and she went to go investigate. There, standing at the end of the hallway, was a human version of Fluttershy, and what appeared to be Sunset Shimmer. It looked like Sunset was angry about something and went to confront Fluttershy about it. Sunset told Fluttershy that she shouldn't pick up things that don't belong to her, but Fluttershy responded with saying it didn't belong to Sunset either, which by the way, that was an absolutely perfect roast. A smack right to the face on that one. However, Sunset didn't like that and she slammed her hands against the lockers and said "EXCUSE ME?!" Fluttershy slid down in fear and said nothing. Sunset smiled and said that's what she thought. Both Twilight and Spike were growling at this point and were about ready to pounce on their prey.

Sunset then insulted Fluttershy some more and that's when Twilight had enough. She stood out in front of the hallway and said that Sunset had no right to speak to Fluttershy like that. Sunset was confused for a second before turning to see who would dare speak out against her. She was basically the dictator of this school and for someone to challenge her like that was a threat to her power. Sunset asked Twilight to repeat what she just said and Twilight repeated what she said earlier. The both of them marched towards one another and glared at each other. After a few seconds, Sunset smiled wickedly and thought of an idea. She knew that Twilight had followed her through the mirror, but she didn't want to reveal her plan yet, so she decided to play dumb and told Twilight that she must have been new here.

Sunset then said she could speak to anyone any way she wanted to and just to prove her case in point, she glared at a student and he slammed the locker shut in fear. She smiled and then walked away. Fluttershy stood up and said to Twilight that she couldn't believe that Twilight stood up to Sunset. Twilight told her that she couldn't just stand there, but Fluttershy explained that no one ever really does that since Sunset "rules" the school. Twilight heard that name and looked to see Sunset disappear. Fluttershy asked if she knew who Sunset was, and Twilight told her that she kind of did. She only got a small bit of a backstory from Celestia and that was about it. Fluttershy said that she had never seen Twilight around before and asked if she transferred to CHS (Canterlot High School) from another school.

Twilight had to be very careful on this and not expose what was really going on. So, she lied and said that she did. She introduced herself and Fluttershy said her name very quietly, but you couldn't hear it. It was basically the Season 1 premiere all over again. After about 30 seconds, Fluttershy saw Spike and quickly ran over to him in excitement. She asked who he was and Twilight said that was her pet dog. Fluttershy was basically fawning over him and gave him a dog treat. He hesitated for a second before trying it. He gave it a taste and he loved it. So, he consumed the whole thing and ate it as quickly as possible. Fluttershy said it would be wonderful to know what they were really thinking, but Twilight said that Spike usually tells her what he needs. Fluttershy seemed confused by that and asked what she meant.

Spike motioned for Twilight to not say anything about that since it might blow their cover and Spike just did some barking to throw Fluttershy off. That gave Twilight enough time to say that she said nothing and it wasn't important. Now, it was time to start asking questions. She told Fluttershy that she overheard Sunset mention that Fluttershy took something that supposedly belonged to her and Twilight asked if that item was a crown. Fluttershy asked Twilight how she know about that and Twilight just said it was a lucky guess. Twilight also asked if Fluttershy still had the crown, but Fluttershy said no. However, she did know what happened to it. This intrigued Twilight and she was curious about what happened to it. Fluttershy explained that it happened this morning when she was passing out animal shelter fliers like she does every Wednesday. Of course, no one was listening to her as if she didn't exist and they just continued on with their conversations.

She was just about to cry when she felt something hit her in the back of the head. She saw that it was a crown and picked it up to observe what it was. She explained that she had no idea how it got there and because she didn't want anything bad to happen to it, she gave it to Principal Celestia. Twilight was confused on that and asked if she was the ruler here. Fluttershy responded by saying that she could say that, and that both her and Vice Principal Luna make up all the rules. Twilight then asked where she was and Fluttershy said that she was probably in her office. Both Twilight and Spike took off in separate directions, but they quickly came back as soon as they realized that they had no idea where that was. Fluttershy said that it was the third door on the left and Twilight said thank you. Fluttershy told her to wait and mentioned that pets were not allowed on school grounds.

She advised her that it would be a good idea to keep Spike in her backpack so that the school administration wouldn't see him out in the open. She told her that's what she does and explained that her animals get so lonely with her being at school all day. The bell suddenly went off and Fluttershy said she was late for class, so she collected all her animals and went off to her next class. Twilight went up to the door and knocked on it. Principal Celestia told her to come in and Twilight made an entrance with her head bent forward which was really weird. I believe it was an attempt at bowing, but I'm not sure what it was exactly. Anyway, Principal Celestia didn't pay that much attention to it and asked how she may help Twilight. Twilight tried to introduce herself, but she was having a hard time doing so. She was confused on Twilight's smile and waited for an answer.

Twilight pulled herself together and introduced herself to the principal. She said that she heard from Fluttershy that she saw a crown this morning and gave it to Principal Celestia. Principal Celestia stood up and said that she had Vice Principal Luna store it away for safekeeping. She said she had no idea how the crown ended up in the front lawn and asked if Twilight wanted to run for Princess of the Fall Formal this year. Twilight tried to explain what the truth was, but she really couldn't come up with a good answer. She then asked about what the Princess of the Fall Formal was and the principal explained that the Fall Formal was CHS's big fall dance every year. Twilight asked if it was like the Grand Galloping Gala and that seemed to make Principal Celestia confused.

Twilight knew she was about to say something stupid, so she caught herself and told the principal that it was a thing back at her old school. Principal Celestia then asked if there was a princess there as well and Twilight said that there was, but they weren't a student. Principal Celestia explained that here at CHS, the students select one of their peers to represent them and the crown is given to that person at the big dance. That got Twilight thinking and she asked if anyone could run. Principal Celestia told her that she could, but she would have to let the planning committee know that she wants to be on the ballot. The Principal asked if there was anything else, and Twilight said there wasn't. Principal Celestia said that if there was anything else, her door was always open, but she slammed it which sort of suggested otherwise.

Spike asked Twilight why she didn't just tell Principal Celestia that the crown was hers and ask for it back. Twilight said that she was going to, but told him to imagine if one of them showed up from Equestria looking like this, they would think they were crazy. She failed to notice that a student was standing right there hearing the whole conversation and he just walked away. He knew if he said anything, someone would be out to get him. Spike said that she made a good point and Twilight told him it was time for plan B. If she couldn't just get the crown, then she would run as Princess of the Fall Formal. She put her hands up in the air and had a huge poop-eating grin on her face. Spike asked her how she was going to do that and Twilight told him that she had no idea.

The bell rang once again and all of the students came filing out of their classrooms to head off to lunch. In the cafeteria, Twilight saw Fluttershy and told her that she needed her help with something. Fluttershy agreed to it and Twilight said that she decided to run as Princess of the Fall Formal. Fluttershy gasped in horror and accidentally made a mess. She grabbed a bunch of napkins and wiped the stuff off of Twilight's skirt. She apologized for the mess but she told Twilight that running was a really bad idea. Twilight asked why that was such a bad idea and Fluttershy said that Sunset Shimmer wants to be Fall Formal princess. She explained that whenever Sunset wants something, she gets it. She also said that Sunset will make life miserable for anyone who stands in her way and for reference, she told her to ask the girl who ran against her in the Spring Fling.

Twilight was undeterred and said that she had to try. Fluttershy said that she probably doesn't understand and explained that she had to get the whole school to vote for her instead of Sunset. The truth was, they didn't really want to vote for her, but they did it out of fear so that they wouldn't have to deal with her tyranny. She went down the categories which were the athletes, the fashionistas, the dramas, the eco kids, the techies, and the rockers. Twilight asked why everyone was separated like this and Fluttershy said that it might be different in her old school, everyone here sticks to their own kind. However, they can all agree that Sunset Shimmer was going to rule over them until they graduate. Twilight wasn't going to let that happen and bit into the apple using her mouth and not picking it up with her fingers. Fluttershy just looked at her weirdly and Twilight took the apple out of her mouth.

She asked where the head of the planning committee was and Fluttershy told her it was probably in the gym. She walked inside and she heard a voice that told her to watch out for something. Twilight ducked and was completely covered in party streamers. She introduced herself to that person and then she noticed it was Pinkie Pie. Pinkie stopped blowing balloons and the air came out which blew Pinkie's face back a bit. Pinkie then asked Twilight if she was psychic and Twilight said that she didn't believe she was unless that was something that Pinkie could do here. Pinkie said that wasn't usually the case and Twilight told her that she was told by Fluttershy that this is where the planning committee was at. Pinkie didn't like the mention of that name and basically told Twilight to not trust Fluttershy at all. Twilight was surprised that they weren't friends, but Pinkie ignored that and said that she heard that Twilight needed to get on the ballot to run.

She said that the dance was the day after tomorrow and Twilight said she was new here. Pinkie thought was interesting and then said she knew that something about Twilight didn't look familiar. She said that now that she was looking at her, she recognized something about her. She then asked Twilight if she had a twin who lived in the city and had a dog just like Spike. Twilight said maybe and Pinkie said that she thought so. She moved on and said that all Twilight needed to do was sign the paper and she was officially on the ballot. Twilight used her mouth to pick the pen and she was quite nervous about it, She then realized she couldn't do that and instead picked up the pen with her hand. She attempted to write her signature on the paper, but it didn't come out that great.

Pinkie noticed this and mentioned that Twilight had really bad handwriting and that it looked like she had never held a pen before. Twilight tried dodging it, but suddenly the door opened and a voice asked if there was someone who ordered a dozen cases of fizzy apple cider. Pinkie said that she did and ran over to the person carrying it. Twilight recognized her as Applejack and was surprised to see her there. Applejack asked if someone else could bring in the rest and that someone was Big Mac. This surprised Twilight as well and she simply gawked at all of them as if she just discovered the cure to cancer. Applejack noticed this and told Twilight that she knew who she was. Twilight seemed a little nervous about that and asked if that was the case. Applejack said it was and that she knew her because she was the girl that stood up to Sunset Shimmer today.

Applejack began chugging on the cider and Pinkie told her that Twilight was gonna run as Princess of the Fall Formal. Applejack was surprised by that and spat out the cider in shock. She looked at Twilight and said that she must want to think twice about that. She explained that Sunset will approach you in a friendly way and say that she looks forward to the competition, but then she'll turn around and give you a backstabbing. She used the balloons as a case in point. She told Twilight that the only person that could trust less at this school was Rainbow Dash. Twilight was surprised about that as well and Pinkie told her that Rainbow was basically the captain of every major sports team here at the school. Applejack said that Rainbow was also the captain who says that they were going to do something for you, but then never bother to show up. Twilight told Applejack that while she appreciates the advice, she really has to do this and Applejack told her to suit herself.

She then caught on to what was happening and asked Twilight how she knew Applejack's name. Twilight got nervous and asked if it was because she said what her name was, but Big Mac said nope and Twilight knew she had to bolt out of there before they start asking questions. She told them that it was nice seeing them both and she took off along with Spike. Pinkie came over and said to Applejack that she knows that Twilight is hiding something, but she's on to her. However, she believes that the secret was her being psychic when that was clearly far from the truth. There was something much bigger going on. Almost like murder mystery type of level of secret. Applejack didn't really believe that, but let Pinkie imagine that in her head anyway. Suddenly, the doors opened and in came walking Sunset Shimmer, along with her two minions, Snips and Snails.

She walked in and was disgusted at what she saw. She said it looked extremely terrible and immediately began criticizing everything in the room. First, she complained that there needed to be more streamers and less balloons, and then, she complained that fizzy apple cider was being served. Applejack was fed up with the bad attitude and told Sunset that it wasn't going to be her coronation this time. Sunset didn't like that and got up in Applejack's face. She insulted Applejack in a derogatory way and the farm person was really offended by that remark. She then said that this was obviously going to be her coronation and that she is running unopposed. Pinkie said that wasn't happening this time and showed Sunset that someone else was running. Sunset was shocked by this and looked at the paper. She knew who this was and she growled with anger.

That darn alicorn princess had to follow her here and now she wants to run against her in order to get her crown back? Sunset could not let that happen. She had already made it this far. She would NOT let some girl who was a princess take back her crown in order to appease Celestia. She asked where Twilight was in a mean voice, but since there was company around, she put on the nice act and said the same old line "I'm looking forward to meeting the competition." All that's next is the backstabbing. Outside in the hallway, Twilight was walking around through the school and noticed an empty hallway that was abandoned and the lights were flickering on and off. Sunset then showed up and said that she couldn't believe that she didn't recognize her earlier.

She said she should have known that Celestia would send Twilight after Sunset in order to retrieve the crown. Twilight disagreed and said that it was HER crown, not Sunset's. Sunset didn't care and she said this was just a minor setback for her. She said that Twilight didn't know the first thing about this school and that she already rules it. Twilight decided to question Sunset and asked if that was true, why did she need her crown? She told her that Sunset obviously put an awful lot of effort to switch it with the one that belongs here. Sunset decided to get smart and threw a pop quiz at Twilight. She asked what happens when you bring an Element of Harmony into an alternate dimension. Twilight didn't exactly know the answer and Sunset just laughed at that. She mocked Twilight for being Celestia's star student and basically took jabs at Celestia for having Twilight replace her after she decided to abandon her own studies.

Spike didn't like Sunset talking smack about Twilight and he growled at her. Sunset found it amusing and told Twilight to keep an eye on her "mut." which was definitely a derogatory insult for a pet. She said that it would be a shame if he were to be taken away from her. Spike didn't like that and asked if that was a threat. Sunset said it wasn't, but Spike didn't buy that and barked at her. That didn't phase Sunset and she simply continued to taunt the both of them. She told hem that they had no idea about fitting in and she walked away. She then told her minions to watch Twilight's every move and record it so she could use it as leverage against her. Twilight walked up to the vending machine and noticed the snacks sitting there. She obviously wanted one, but she couldn't seem to figure out how to get one. She tried pushing the machine, but nothing happened.

So, she did the one thing that you're not supposed to and attempted to kick it. However, a person stood right there and excused themselves to get past her. She said that The Great And Powerful Trixie needed some peanut butter crackers. She inserted a coin into the machine and the crackers got pushed down to the bottom of the machine. She picked it up and took off with them. Twilight then wore a downcast expression and told Spike that Sunset was right. She didn't know the first thing about this place. She said that if she was gonna fit in and be able to cast votes, then she needs to do some research. Spike seemed confused by that and Twilight said that because this is a school, there had to have been a library somewhere. In fact, as soon as she said that, she saw the doors wide open and she went inside. Snips asked Snails if he had his phone, and he showed him his. Snails asked Snips the same question and he got the same response. Both of them giggled and snuck inside the library.

Twilight went over to the computer and simply stared at it in disbelief. She said to herself that she is probably supposed to type the words on the keyboard, and then the words and moving pictures will appear on the screen. The librarian was quite annoyed by that revelation and simply calmed herself so she wouldn't get mad. The librarian said that was correct and Twilight pressed a letter on the keyboard which made something appear on the screen. Twilight seemed fascinated by it and said to herself that maybe this place does have magic. The librarian carried her rack of books along and both Snips and Snails panicked. They were about to get spotted and they had to hide before they were found. Suddenly, there was some music playing and the librarian was even more annoyed than she was before.

It turned out that the human versions of the Cutie Mark Crusaders were playing their new music video and they wanted to see how the ratings were. The librarian turned off the speaker and asked them what they were doing. Sweetie Belle said that they were seeing how many new hits their song had gotten. Apple Bloom turned the speakers back on and they continued dancing to the music. Cheerilee simply couldn't stand it and took the speakers away, claiming that the school computers are purely for research purposes only. Apple Bloom told her friends that some of the comments were really awful and she read off some of them. After one particular comment, they got an idea and took off running. Twilight tried to tell them that they had the wrong idea, but they didn't really listen to her. So, she continued on with her research and kept messing around with the computer in order to get it to work.

Suffice to say, she was unaware that Snails was recording it on his phone and both him and Snips were laughing about it. Twilight tried grabbing as many books as possible, but she couldn't carry them all and she fell to the ground. She made some noise and the librarian had to shush her. Twilight had picked up one of the books with her mouth and Spike had to remind her that she wasn't a dog. she spat it out and took the books with her hands. Twilight went over to the copier machine and Snips took out his phone to hit the record button. Twilight tried figuring out how to work the copier machine, but she accidentally pressed a button and that shined a bright light in her face, which caused her to fall backwards onto the ground. Both Snips and Snails high-fived and got all the footage they needed. Later on, the loudspeaker announced that the library will be closing in five minutes.

Twilight looked at Spike and told him that she completely forgot about where she was going to sleep tonight. Spike already had something in motion and he presented the sleeping arrangement upstairs in the back of the library where no one would typically go. Spike said that it was a little dusty, but it didn't appear that anyone would come up here. Twilight told him that it was perfect and she petted him. He asked her how her research went and Twilight said that she found this book which was called a yearbook. She said that they probably used this to keep records of things that happened at the school and one particular photo stuck out to her. That photo were all of her friends that she's known for almost four years now, but in human forms. Spike got excited that there was a Rarity in this dimension, but he realized he was getting ahead of himself and he chuckled nervously. Twilight said that it was interesting because it looked like they were friends and Spike said that they did look like their friends back home.

Twilight told him what she meant was that they looked like they were friends with each other, but they clearly weren't now. She said that she believed that Sunset had something to do with it and Spike said that he wouldn't put it past her. He also said that Sunset wants her crown because she plans on doing something even worse than what's happening right now. He told her that if she was going to stop Sunset, she was gonna have to focus on making friends here and not worry about why they weren't friends anymore even if they did look like their Ponyville friends. Spike then yawned and fell asleep. She hugged him and told him that he was right. The next morning, Twilight told Spike that Fluttershy told her that she needed to win over all those different groups of people in order to become Princess of the Fall Formal, so she compiled a list of talking she needed to do in order to win votes. Spike merely laughed at the concept, but Twilight didn't find that amusing, so she commanded him to get into the backpack.

He laughed nervously and told her to continue. She explained to him how she was gonna go about it and stood at the door. She hoped that things would be alright and opened the doors. But as she was walking down the halls, the students started laughing at her and it left Twilight very confused. She asked Spike why everyone was looking at her funny and she was suddenly dragged into a room. Twilight demanded an explanation, but then she saw a human version of Rarity shut the door and look at her with suspicion. Rarity did some measurements for a few seconds before turning to her bag and searching through it to find a disguise. She threw on Twilight and said how this will definitely do. She also said that no one would recognize Twilight in this outfit. Twilight attempted to ask her why she wouldn't want to be recognized, but Rarity ignored her and continued talking about disguises.

She said that it was a shame that she couldn't really disguise Spike, but maybe she should do so by disguising him as a rabbit. Twilight seemed confused by that and Applejack came in through the door. Applejack expressed joy when she saw Twilight, and Rarity was disgruntled when her disguise obviously didn't work. Applejack said that she was looking all over for Twilight and Fluttershy said she was too. Pinkie said she was as well and the both of them walked in. Pinkie examined the disguise and said that she liked Twilight's new look. Rarity got cocky and said that she has an eye for this sort of thing, but Pinkie wouldn't care anyway. Pinkie took offense to that and Twilight asked why she wouldn't care. Applejack told Twilight that was a bad idea and it was better not to know. Twilight dropped it and asked why they were all looking for her. She asked what was going on and the room got tense. Fluttershy said that she probably hasn't seen the video yet, and Twilight was confused.

What video were they talking about? Pinkie pulled out her laptop and showed her the YouTube video. Basically, it was a campaign ad attacking Sunset's opponent in an effort to make her look bad and the videos that Snips and Snails took in the library yesterday showed it pretty clearly. Pinkie said it wasn't that bad, but after about 30 seconds, she took that back and said it was pretty bad. Twilight said that this all happened yesterday and then she asked if that was the reason why everyone was laughing at her. The group said that was the case and Twilight felt hopeless. If the whole school knew, then she would never be able to win the title. Fluttershy told Twilight that even though it wouldn't make any different, she would still vote for her because she was the only one that stood up to Sunset.

Pinkie told Twilight that if she still wanted to run, then maybe there was something she could do to help. Fluttershy didn't buy that and told Twilight that she shouldn't trust Pinkie because she never takes anything seriously. Pinkie took offense to that and asked why she was always so mean to her. Rarity seemed to disagree and told Pinkie not to play innocent because she was no better than Fluttershy. Pinkie yelled in Rarity's face on what that meant and after Rarity's hair got blown back a bit, Rarity said that she would give her assistance as well to someone who would actually appreciate what she had to offer. All of them were arguing, and Spike didn't want to be around for this, so he hopped in the backpack and zipped it up. Applejack was sitting on the desk and came after them for fighting with one another. She told them to get over it and move on. Rarity didn't like that and asked if that's the result that happened with Rainbow Dash. Applejack took that as a challenge and explained that she was made a liar and that was different.

The rest of them disagreed and Applejack doubled down on that. They all continued to argue and it was pretty clear to Twilight that they were extremely distrustful with each other. They must have had some sort of beef and that caused their friendship to get derailed. But first, she had to get all of them to shut up because this yelling was making her mad. She told all of them to stop and told them that she wants to show them something. Spike handed her the yearbook and Twilight opened it up to the page where the group photo was. She said that they were friends once and all of them knew what that photo was. She closed the book and said that something happened to their friendship and Sunset was probably the cause of it. Rarity told her that it was a nice theory, but it wasn't Sunset who did it. Fluttershy agreed and they all continued to deny that they did anything wrong.

However, they started putting the pieces together and realized that it was probably Sunset trolling them this entire time to get them to separate so she could have unlimited power. Twilight asked Applejack if she ever asked Rainbow why she never showed up for the bake sale, but Applejack told her that she didn't speak to Rainbow after that. She was embarrassed about it though and Twilight encouraged her that now was a good time to make amends with Rainbow. Outside at the soccer field, Rainbow was kicking some soccer balls and Applejack approached her. The group watched them talk and then they saw them hug which meant they reconciled. Applejack told the group that Sunset had sent Rainbow a note saying that the bake sale had been moved to a different day, so when she showed up with the softball team, it made it look like Applejack cancelled on her. Rainbow went up to Twilight and asked if she was trying to dethrone Sunset and become Princess of the Fall Formal.

Twilight simply nodded and Rainbow told her that she would love to see that happen. She also said that she would help her out, but there was a catch to it. She had to beat Rainbow in a game of 1-on-1 soccer. Twilight didn't like the sound of that and Rainbow explained that the first one to five goals wins. She kicked the ball behind her and already scored the first goal. Twilight gulped nervously and desperately tried to beat Rainbow, but she failed miserably and she couldn't even score a single goal. By the time it was over, Twilight was exhausted and she was out of breath. Rarity said that she thought that Twilight would pull it off in the end and Rainbow asked Twilight what the plan was. Twilight seemed confused at that and told Rainbow that she lost. Rainbow said it was because she was that awesome and she wasn't just gonna help anyone beat Sunset Shimmer. She explained that the Fall Formal Princess should be someone with heart and determination and Twilight proved she had those qualities.

They all went into town and Twilight ordered a latte as a snack. She asked for extra oats and the person at the desk was confused. Twilight told her to scratch that and she would be okay with however she normally made it. She went to take it with her, but she ran into Flash and spilled her drink on his shirt. Twilight felt absolutely terrible about it and Flash simply stared at her in shock. He said that they have got to stop bumping into each other like this and he picked up the spilled drink off of the floor. Twilight didn't know how to explain herself, but she did find him really charming. She said she was going over to the other side of the shop and sat on the arm of the couch. Twilight showed some faint red on her face and Rarity told her not to even think about it. She said that it was already bad enough that she was trying to take her crown, it would be even more terrifying to know what could happen if Sunset found out that her opponent hooked up with her ex boyfriend.

Twilight tried to explain what happened, but she seemed confused on the term ex boyfriend. Fluttershy explained that Flash broke up with Sunset a few weeks ago and she couldn't even believe that Sunset hadn't done something horrible to him yet. Flash simply smiled at Twilight and walked away with his drink. Twilight thought about it and speculated that maybe Sunset was waiting until she had enough power to do something really awful. Applejack brought the group together and told them that the dance was tomorrow night and they needed to come up with some way to get Twilight enough votes to be named Princess. She said that people only know her right now because of the video that was posted online by Sunset and that they needed to get them to see the other side of her. The group began thinking about it before she shouted out that she had an idea.

Everyone in the restaurant gasped and Rarity had pink on her face in embarrassment. She sat back down and said that she had a solution. She pulled out cat ears and a tail and said that they should wear this as a sign of school spirit. She said that these were very popular freshman year, but she hasn't been able to sell any since. She handed them out to the rest of the group and said that Sunset was the one to divide them while Twilight was the one to unite them. She asked them what they thought and they were all on board with it. Later on in the day, they all sat at different types of tables and they began to clap and stomp their feet.

We got another song here, but to give you an executive summary, they all sang how they might have their differences, but they were all Canterlot Wondercolts at the end of the day. They basically said how they were able to get back together in an effort to get the school to vote for Twilight and most of them were pretty much sold on it. Sunset saw what was happening and was angry. She saw her two goons doing the same thing and commanded them to take those things off. She looked at them and told them that she had a task for them. The school bell rang and there was new life in the school. There were people of different groups socializing with one another and they spoke positively of Twilight. Twilight thought this was a great idea, but Applejack saw Sunset walking through with a devilish smile on her face. She told the group she had no idea what Sunset was smiling about as it was clear that Twilight would get more votes than she would, but something was up.

The school saw Sunset walking through and they all cowered in fear. Sunset simply smiled at this revelation as she basically was the ruler of this school and everyone got out of her way when she was walking through. Anyway, Sunset went over to the door and knocked on it. Vice Principal Luna came out and Sunset told her that something really terrible has happened. She showed Vice Principal Luna the mess that occurred in the gym and she basically tried to accuse Twilight of doing this. Vice Principal Luna seemed surprised by this and asked why Twilight would do it. Sunset said she had proof and Flash saw what was happening. He knew what she was doing and went to work to prove Twilight's innocence. Twilight was called into Vice Principal Luna's office and she was interrogated by Luna as to why she did this. Twilight said that she didn't understand what was happening and Vice Principal Luna showed her the photos which clearly showed Twilight destroying the gym.

Twilight was terrified at this prospect and she couldn't exactly provide a defense or counterargument against it. Twilight tried to explain, but Vice Principal Luna told her that it was very obvious that the school cannot allow someone to compete for the crown after doing something like that in the gym. Twilight didn't know what to say, but thankfully Flash came to the rescue. He knocked on the door and walked in with photos in his hands. He told Vice Principal Luna that he found these photos in the trash can at the library and that someone was trying to frame Twilight for causing destruction of school property. Vice Principal Luna told Flash that she appreciated him bringing this to her attention and sat down at her desk. She told Twilight in light of this new evidence, she may continue in her race for Princess of the Fall Formal. Twilight ran over and hugged Flash. She thanked him for helping her and told him he didn't know how important this was to her.

Flash then asked rhetorically what he would do, which was not proving his innocence. He said that he wouldn't be much of a Canterlot Wondercolt if he did that. Vice Principal Luna informed them both that because there was enough damage done in the gym, the dance would have to be postponed until tomorrow night. She then told them that she had to go tell her sister about this latest development and walked out. Flash then asked the million dollar question and asked if Twilight wanted to go with him to the dance tomorrow night. Twilight was about to say yes, but then she realized she couldn't wait until tomorrow night. She ran out the door and bolted down the hallway. Flash was saddened and walked away. Twilight ran all the way across town and went inside the dressing room in Rarity's home. They were all confused and Rarity asked if Twilight was okay.

Twilight said she was, but she knew inside that wasn't fine at all. She was worried that if she didn't get that crown tonight, she would be stuck here and wouldn't be able to return to Equestria for another 30 years. She sat on the ground and asked herself what she was going to do. Spike thought about it for a second and then suggested to Twilight that they tell them the truth. He said she should let them know what was at stake here and he believed that they would figure something out. Twilight didn't exactly believe that and asked herself what they would do if they found out how different they really were. She looked in the mirror and she saw her pony reflection in the mirror. She really wished Godzilla would help her right now, but she believed that he was probably too busy right now to help her with this problem. Spike told her that these girls rallied around her because they saw what was truly in her heart and they wouldn't think any differently of her just because she was a pony princess from Equestria.

Twilight felt much better with that advice and she told Spike that she was glad that he came with her. He said that he was too, even though he might feel the same if he is stuck here for 30 years. Twilight opened the curtain and the girls knew something was up. Applejack asked if everything was alright and Twilight told them that the Fall Formal wasn't happening tonight. Pinkie yelled "WHAT?!" in frustration and Twilight explained that it had to be postponed because Sunset thought it would be a good idea to have Snips and Snails destroy Pinkie's decorations. Pinkie yelled "WHAT?!" again and Twilight said that the Fall Formal has to happen tonight. Pinkie attempted to yell "WHAT?!" again, but Applejack put her hand over her mouth to get her to shut up. Twilight took a deep breath and was about to explain what the deal was. Pinkie opened her mouth and pretty much explained the whole thing in just one sentence. Twilight and Spike's jaw dropped. She wasn't even around them when this first occurred and she pretty much guessed it correctly as if she were there the entire time.

Rainbow didn't seem to believe that and said that probably wasn't the case. Spike spoke up and said that Pinkie was pretty much spot on. Rarity was surprised at this and yelled in confusion that he could talk. Spike got confident and said that where he was from, he wasn't even a dog, but instead a fire breathing dragon. Spike felt so proud of himself for saying that and Fluttershy got excited. She asked him what he was thinking right now and Spike just gave a confused look because Fluttershy was making a really weird smile. Rarity was left speechless and Spike asked if he could get a scratching behind the ears. Rarity said nothing and Spike said that maybe it could be done later. Twilight asked Pinkie how she knew all that and Pinkie told her that it was just a hunch. Applejack stopped it all and asked if what Pinkie was saying was true. All of them asked their questions as well and Twilight nodded nervously. Rainbow said that was awesome and they all began asking her questions.

So, we got ourselves another song here. To give you an executive summary, Twilight suggested that they should clean up the gym and all of them did so. Soon, everyone else joined in and they got the place cleaned up to the point where everything was restored back to the way it was. But there was a moment where Twilight bumped into Flash and she just smiled nervously as she thought he looked so charming. Anyway, after the song, Pinkie commented on how good everything looked and everyone turned to hear clapping. Principal Celestia announced that the Fall Formal was back on for tonight and everyone cheered. But she told them all to get out so they could get ready and she reminded them to cast their votes for the Fall Formal Princess on the way out. It was clear at this point that Twilight was going to win this race and people casted their vote as they headed out the door. Sunset was watching this go down in the closet and she rebuked her two minions for showing a lack of restraint in destroying the gym.

She told them that this event had to go on tonight and she shut the door with a devilish grin on her face. The group went back to Rarity's place and Fluttershy commented on how she couldn't believe that they were able to clean up that entire mess in the gym in such a short amount of time. It was pretty crazy, but when you had the entire school help you, things can get done a lot quicker than just six people doing it. Rainbow's reason was because they were all awesome and Rarity stopped all of them. She said that chit-chatting was over and it was time to get down to business. It was time to pick out outfits for the big dance and they only had a few hours to do so before sundown.

Yeah, we got another song in here, but I'll make it quick. Basically, all that occurs in the song is the group trying out and putting on different outfits. By the time Twilight was set, the group was ready to go and they all headed out in the fancy limo. It was finally nighttime and the students began filing in at the school. The limo pulled up and the Human Six stepped out of the car and walked towards the front entrance of the school. Flash pulled up in his Camaro and got out to catch up to Twilight. Twilight stopped and waited for him to come up to the steps. Flash said that he knew that Twilight told him she didn't want to go to the dance with him, but he asked her if she would reconsider and have at least one dance with him. Twilight attempted to say that she didn't mean that, but it was more or less a long way of saying yes. Both of them walked in together, but Flash smacked himself against the door. Twilight was concerned, but Flash was okay. He allowed her to enter first and then ran inside nervously.

Meanwhile, back in Equestria, deep in the North Celestial Ocean, Godzilla was taking a nap. It had been about a month since he attended Twilight's coronation and things were quiet since then. Godzilla felt his stomach growl and he felt like he had to get some food. He opened his eyes and looked around to see if there were any immediate food sources in the area, but he found none. So, he swam up to the surface and began looking around for some food. He would do this on occasion, but only if he had to. This was one of those circumstances where he had no choice. He simply couldn't sit this one out. He had to eat. Now if only he could find something. He looked around for a few more seconds before he sniffed something. Something odd. He knew something wasn't right, but he couldn't tell what it was. Maybe it was coming from the city. He marched over there to see if that was where it was coming from. Something was off and Godzilla was determined to find out what it was.

Back in the human world, the party was going strong and everyone was having a good time. People were dancing to the music and the band was rocking it out like they were having the time of their lives. Twilight asked Rainbow if she had seen Sunset and Rainbow told her that Sunset was probably too embarrassed to show her face since she knew she had lost. Twilight thought it was a possibility, but she also knew that Sunset was probably up to something and whatever it was definitely wasn't good. The song wrapped up and Principal Celestia showed up on stage. She announced to the crowd that she appreciated all of them working so quickly to get this event back on the road after the events that occurred earlier and she said that she would like to announce the winner of the Fall Formal Crown. Vice Principal Luna opened the box and Twilight could see her Element of Harmony glistening under the showlights.

Vice Principal Luna handed Principal Celestia the card and she opened it. After a moment of silence, she announced that the winner of the Fall Formal Princess was indeed Twilight Sparkle. The Human Six all cheered and Twilight stepped up to the stage to receive her crown. In the back, Snips and Snails snuck in to enact Sunset's secret plan. Principal Celestia put the crown on Twilight's head and the crown shined some white light as it was finally back with its rightful owner. Before Twilight could give a speech, she heard Spike's cry for help and searched around to see where he was. She saw him being taken away by Snips and Snails and she chased after them. She slammed into the locker as she tried to turn the corner, but she saw the rest of the group appear with her. That made her much more confident and all of them chased Snips and Snails through the school and out into the front lawn. Just as they were turning the corner, Sunset was right there and stood right in front of the statue that was the gateway back to Equestria.

She told them that was close enough and all of them came to a screeching halt. Spike tried to call out Twilight's name, but Snips and Snails shut his mouth so he couldn't talk. Twilight angrily told Sunset not to hurt him and Sunset said she wouldn't dream of it since she wasn't a "monster." She told her minions to let Spike go and they obeyed her. Spike ran back to Twilight and Sunset told her that she didn't belong here. So, she gave her the choice of giving Sunset the crown and heading back to Equestria tonight, or keep it and never go home. Just to empathize her point, she threw the sledgehammer back and was about to destroy it, but stopped herself to give Twilight time for an answer. Sunset told Twilight that they hadn't got all night and the portal to Equestria will close in less than an hour. She asked Twilight what her answer was and the alicorn-turned-human thought about it hard.

If she gave Sunset the crown, she could go back home to her friends, family, and even Godzilla. But that would give Sunset the victory and what she would do next would be unfathomable. On the other hand, if she kept the crown, she could at least stay here with her human friends and Spike, but it would come at the cost of never being able to go home again. She would be missed by her friends, family, and subjects. If Equestria lost her, then the rest of the Elements wouldn't work and villains would overrun the country and seize power. It would lose it's most important defense system against foreign threats. And who knows what could happen to Godzilla? Godzilla might be powerful, but he might not be able to take on all those villains at once. He could get seriously hurt or even die which would plummet the country even further. It was a lose-lose situation for Twilight. No matter what she chose, Sunset would still get the victory in the end. So instead of trying to figure out a proper solution, she was going to stand her ground and tell off Sunset so much that she wouldn't even consider destroying the portal.

So, Twilight gave Sunset her answer and Sunset was shocked by this. She reminded Twilight that Equestria had lost an alicorn princess forever and what she was going to do to the portal, but Twilight fired back that she was able to witness how much Sunset had already done without magic and told her that Equestria will find a way to survive without the Element of Magic. She also told her that this world might have the same fate if Twilight allowed it to fall into Sunset's hands and dared her to destroy the portal. She also made it very clear that she would not get the crown no matter how hard she tried. Sunset had no counterargument for that, so she decided to give Twilight the victory and dropped the sledgehammer to the ground. Snips and Snails avoided it because they didn't want to get hit by it and those things hurt you real bad if it lands on your foot.

Rainbow told Twilight that she was so awesome and Applejack said that she couldn't believe Twilight would do that for all of them. Rarity also commented that it was no wonder that Twilight was an alicorn princess and Sunset growled with anger. She simply couldn't stand all this praise that Twilight had gotten and she was about ready to blow. She was envious and her heart raged with jealousy and hatred towards Twilight. If she couldn't get the crown willingly, she would have to take it by force. So, Sunset finally snapped and attacked Twilight, tackling the alicorn-turned-human to the ground. The crown fell off of Twilight's head and rolled around on the ground. Spike saw it and ran to pick it up. Sunset tried grabbing it, but Twilight would not allow that to happen, so she grabbed Sunset's boot and held her back just to give Spike enough time to take the crown away. Sunset got angry and told her minions to get the crown. Both of them ran as fast as they could and Sunset pushed them out of the way so she could get the crown.

Spike ran to the front door, but he was too small to open it, so he simply whimpered and kept trying. He saw Sunset standing right there and Rainbow called out to him. So, he threw the crown over to her and she grabbed it with her hands. She fended off Snips and Snails and threw the crown over to Fluttershy. She picked up the crown and Sunset and her minions chased after her to get it. She panicked, so Applejack threw her rope and lassoed her away from the group. Snips was able to get the crown in his possession and the group looked stunned for a second. Pinkie simply took the crown away from Snips and the group played keep away with both him and Snails. When the both of them got to Twilight, she simply threw it back in the air and Sunset caught it with her hands. She laughed evilly and she smiled wickedly at the crown. She had it in her hands now and she could the power that she desired for years.

She put it on her head and smiled, waiting for something to happen. The crown glowed and blasted magic right to the ground. It was clear that this crown did not belong to Sunset and the Tree of Harmony was going to teach her a lesson about taking something that did not belong to her. Anywho, a magic pillar formed in the sky and Sunset was lifted into the air. Some of the students came out to see what was happening and they gasped in horror at what they saw. Finally, the crown transformed Sunset into a demon and when she saw what had happened, she was happy with her transformation. She blasted her two minions with magic and both of them turned into vampires, ready to attack their prey. The group backed up and Twilight growled with anger.

Back in Equestria, Godzilla's scales lit up and he knew exactly what that thing was that he was feeling earlier. Sunset was trying to take over Equestria and was using a corrupted Element of Harmony to do so. He felt it coming from somewhere far, but he didn't have to go far in order to access it. Godzilla built up his atomic breath and blasted a hole in the city of Manehattan. His atomic breath went through the Earth and eventually created an opening to the other world. He looked down and roared with anger as loud as he could. He jumped down through the hole and climbed through it as fast as he could. Once he made it to the other side, he got up and smashed his tail against the ground letting his enemy know he was here. Sunset turned around to see Godzilla standing right there and she simply smiled at him. She already knew of his existence, but the only reason he had defeated those previous villains was out of pure luck. He couldn't beat her. She had the most powerful Element of Harmony on her head and all he had was size and strength.

Godzilla roared at her again and Sunset threw a ball of magic at him. She did several times before blasting a beam at him which caused him to fall in front of the school. Snips and Snails closed in on the giant Kaiju, but Godzilla was smart. He simply got back up and blasted them with his atomic breath which caused serious injuries to both of them. Sunset growled with anger that Godzilla seriously hurt her two minions, but Godzilla reared his head and blasted his atomic breath right at her. She grabbed that beam of atomic breath with her hands and seized control of it. She then blasted it right back at him and Godzilla fell into the school, causing some serious property damage. The students started running away in fear and Sunset turned around to face them. She looked at them and told them that she had to go through all this effort to get her hands on the crown and how she should have had it all along. She growled at all of them for a few seconds, but then she told them that they should let bygones be bygones and bow to them since she was their princess now. She lit up her magic and crushed part of the school away so she could get inside.

Godzilla already did some of that work unintentionally, so Sunset was just adding on to it. The students ran away in fear and screamed as loud as they could. Sunset used a hypnotizing spell and sent it out to all of the students. All of them got caught in it and they began walking towards her mindlessly as they were being controlled by her. She simply smiled at this and told her two minions to round them up and bring them to the portal. She stepped out and saw Twilight confront her. Sunset smiled and said that she was simply bluffing when she wanted to destroy the portal. She didn't want to rule this pathetic little high school and instead wanted Equestria. She told Twilight that while her teenage army behind her, she was going to get it. After Twilight saw Flash being controlled, she couldn't take it and told Sunset she shall do no such thing. Sunset thought that was ridiculous and asked Twilight what she was going to do about it. Sunset had magic, while Twilight had nothing.

Plus, she said that with Godzilla out of the way, nothing could stop her from ruling Equestria. After she said that, Godzilla simply got himself out of the rubble and snorted angrily at Sunset. Twilight just smiled nervously and Sunset growled at him. She demanded why he didn't just die already and she tried to mind control him. But Godzilla simply swatted the beams away and roared right back at her. So, she tried a different tactic and threw a large ball of magic at Godzilla. It blasted him right back and it knocked him back. Sunset looked at Twilight again with a devilish smile and Rainbow said that Twilight still had all of them. Sunset growled at that and then simply laughed at the revelation. She joked how the gang was really back together again and then got down to business. She lit up her magic once more and told them all to step aside. This alicorn princess had interfered with her plans far too many times now and she was going to pay the penalty for it. She had to be dealt with and taken out before she causes any more problems.

She threw the magic ball right at Twilight and her friends covered her up so she wouldn't get hit. Sunset simply laughed at this, but became shocked when nothing happened. The group saw they were encased by a magical aura and Twilight smiled in glee. She told Sunset that the magic contained in Twilight's Element of Harmony was able to unite those with the ones who created it, which were Starswirl the Bearded and the rest of the Pillars of Equestria. The crown sent out a beam to Twilight and Sunset was confused. All of them underwent the pony transformations and got the pony ears and tails along with it. Twilight told Sunset that she could not wield this power because she couldn't control it. She said that while Sunset may the crown on her head, she did not possess the most powerful magic of all, the Magic of Friendship. Godzilla looked up weakly at the bright lights and watched as it unfolded. Sunset was squealing in pain and she knew she had to do something. So, she threw another ball of magic at them and it knocked them unconscious.

Godzilla got angry at that and he knew it was time to teach this creature a lesson. It was time for him to put Sunset back in her place. Sunset turned back to the school and told all of them to bow before her. However, she heard very loud marching from behind her, so she turned around and saw Godzilla in burning red and orange. He marched closer to the school and things were being disintegrated because of how hot the nuclear radiation was. Godzilla stopped for a second and made an Earth shattering roar at Sunset before continuing to step along. Sunset just laughed at him and told him to try to use his powers, but it wouldn't work since he was weak against her anyway. Godzilla took that as a challenge and his scales began to light up. He sent out the first shockwave of fire, which stripped Sunset of her magical power. Sunset tried to do something, but nothing happened. She saw him inching closer and she became scared. Godzilla lit up his scales again and sent out the second shockwave of fire which caused a rainbow to come raining down on her. It surrounded her and changed her back to her human self. It also set everyone free of the spell and Snips and Snails were transformed back as well.

After a few seconds, a large blinding orange light went off and everything stopped. The students looked to see what had happened and they saw the Human Six laying on the ground. Twilight felt something lick her and she looked up to see Godzilla standing right there with concern on his face. Once he saw that she was okay, he simply snorted a bit. Twilight stood up and gave him a hug which made Godzilla give off a small grin on his face. The rest of the group saw the two having a bonding moment and felt happy for them. Twilight then turned to the giant crater in the ground that was created by Godzilla's fire shockwaves and saw Sunset sitting down at the bottom. She walked towards Sunset and told her that she will never rule Equestria. She said that any power Sunset may have had was gone and she showed everyone tonight what was truly in her heart. At this point, Sunset was crushed. She had lost everything. Godzilla put her in her place, Twilight told her the harsh truth, and everyone watched her in silence.

She would now be known as the person who wanted to rule Equestria and got defeated at the hands of the King Of The Monsters. Celestia was right the whole time. Celestia specifically told her to make some friends and just be patient. But that didn't happen. She never should have pursued this path. Look where it led to. Maybe if she had listened to Celestia, none of this would have ever happened. But instead, she let her selfishness and stubbornness get the better of her and it costed her dearly. She had tears in her eyes and apologized to everyone. Twilight told her that the Magic of Friendship didn't just exist in Equestria. It was everywhere. She told Sunset that she had the choice of either seeking it out or forever being alone. Sunset pulled herself out of the hole and told Twilight that all she's ever done here was driving everyone apart. She also said she didn't know the first thing about friendship.

Twilight saw this as an opportunity and pulled Sunset out of the hole. She told her that her friends probably could teach her and Spike told them how happy he was. One of the students seemed shocked at Spike being able to talk and they commented on how weird that was. Spike thought that was the stupidest thing he had ever heard and he told the dude that out of all the things that just happened, he found a talking dog to be the weirdest thing out of all of this?! This guy was a flipping joke! There were so many other things that were weird or even terrifying for that matter. Yet, someone thought that a dog being able to talk was more weird than Godzilla walking around like an active volcano or a raging she-demon trying to conquer another realm. Pathetic. Anywho, Rarity came up to Spike and basically commented on how cute he was. Spike was on cloud nine and Twilight smiled at that. Principal Celestia stepped forward and said to Twilight that the crown belongs to her. She told the alicorn-turned-human that the true meaning of a princess was not forcing her subjects to bow before her, but instead, inspiring them to stand with her.

Principal Celestia put the crown on Twilight's head and told her that she hoped the human had seen that she was an inspiration to the rest of them. Twilight had said that she did and the crowd cheered. Flash went up to Twilight and asked her if it was a really awkward time to ask her to dance and Twilight looked back at the Moon. It was almost time, but she could spare a few minutes. She took his hand and he brought her close to him. Godzilla did look at Flash and gave him a look that said "Take good care of her or else I will make you pay." Flash gulped nervously and nodded in understanding. Twilight simply laughed and the rest of the students returned to the dance floor in the gym.

The final song of the movie. We've made it, men. Alright, this is just basically a reprise of the previous song, but some important stuff happens in this repeat version. Everyone is having fun and Twilight was doing a really weird dance. She was attempting to do a pony dance, but since she was a human, it looked weird. Everyone stared at her weirdly, but Flash didn't care and simply smiled. He joined along with her and the both of them danced together. The Human Six all went in for a group photo and they all eventually headed out. They all went in for a hug before separating. Godzilla had already returned to Equestria and the hole he made to get here was already patched up by mysterious forces. Anywho, Twilight asked the group if they would look out for Sunset, and Rarity told her that they would. But she said she wanted an apology for what happened last Spring. Sunset looked down with guilt and Twilight said that Sunset will probably be handing out a lot of apologies.

Vice Principal Luna handed Sunset a tool you use to put cement on and Snips and Snails were carrying a wheelbarrow full of bricks. It appears that the three of them were put on reconstruction duty. Anyway, Spike told Twilight that it was time to leave and Twilight nodded. She looked back at her friends and told them that even though she was friends with her for such a short time, she was going to miss them all so much. Twilight smiled for one last time and turned around to the portal. Both her and Spike began walking and the former told Twilight that she looked good with the crown on her head. Twilight told Spike that she did feel a little more comfortable wearing it. Spike asked if she felt the same about the wings, and she simply laughed it off. They both walked through the portal and a few seconds later, the Moon reached its highest peak and closed the portal. The rest of the group lost their transformations and Pinkie ran right towards the portal. She smacked right up against it and was saddened that she couldn't go with Twilight.

Back in the Crystal Empire, the rest of the Mane Six and the Princesses were waiting for Twilight to return. But they were bored out of their minds. Godzilla had arrived not too long ago to meet up with Twilight, but he seemed a little surprised when she hadn't come out yet now that the Moon was at its highest peak. A few seconds later, Twilight stepped through the mirror, but she was walking on her hind legs. She couldn't maintain her balance and fell to all four hooves. Her friends were so glad to see her once again and Celestia asked her if Sunset was alright. Twilight told her former teacher that Sunset was going to be just fine and she left her in good hands. Rainbow seemed confused by that and asked what the heck hands were. Before Twilight could answer that, Spike appeared on the other side and he was a dragon once again. Twilight smiled and all of them filed out of the mirror room. They began asking her a bunch of questions, but Twilight was exhausted. She told them she was tired from all the dancing and they all were confused.

Twilight crashed into a guard AGAIN and he simply smiled at her which made her blush. He walked away and the rest of the group had curious smiles on their faces. They knew something was up romantically. Twilight asked who that was and Cadence said that he was a new member of the castle guard. She said that his name was Flash Sentry and asked Twilight if she knew him. Twilight told her that wasn't entirely true and she turned the other way. The rest of them teased her and said that Twilight had a crush on the new guy. Twilight denied it, but her friends could tell by the blush on her face. Godzilla simply snorted angrily at that and Twilight saw him standing right outside. She could tell he wasn't happy with her liking Flash Sentry and she looked at him with understanding. It was already straining enough for him to have her be around Flash in the human world, it would set him off if Twilight did a similar thing here.

Twilight told the group that she doesn't even know the guy and before she could explain why, Pinkie pretty much guessed the entire thing as if she was actually there the entire time which she could have been. You never know these days. Alright, enough with the conspiracy theories. I ain't Sawtooth Waves here. Anyway, Twilight asked Pinkie how she knew all of that information and Pinkie told her it was just a hunch. She walked away and she rolled her eyes. She held Spike close to her and she smiled at Godzilla. He simply roared in victory and turned around to head back south towards Manehattan. His duty was done and he could return to slumber. This was definitely one of the more wild things he had endured in his lifetime, but nothing too crazy. There were things that were much worse than this that he's had to endure.

It was definitely clear to him that Sunset was simply misguided and believed that she could conquer Equestria. She had some daddy issues, that's for sure. She clearly had no idea what she was getting into and he had to make sure that she was put in her place before she went off the deep end. Even if she was able to get through the portal and take down the royalty, she would still have to get past him and we all know there is no getting past him. Monsters have tried for thousands of years to get rid of him and he managed to get out on top every time. King Ghidorah might have been his biggest threat, but even he was defeated at the hands of Godzilla. So, this concept was nothing new to him. If he could take out a three headed monster that almost dethroned him, he could take out a raging she-demon with no problem. Godzilla would always be that second line of defense if the Elements failed to take out the threat and so far, he's never failed. He believes though that if she is given the right guidance, she will be a key ally for battling against threats. Once again, the King Of The Monsters was victorious.

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