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Godzilla: Equestria's King of Monsters - Microsoft_2016

A collection of chapters of the King Of The Monsters defeating fellow villains within the MLP series.

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Chapter 17: Dominion vs. Anarchy

Life in Equestria was very different 9,000 years ago. You see, there were six ponies that resembled different elements in order to spread light and virtue throughout the world. Strength, bravery, healing, beauty, hope, and sorcery. These six ponies were known as the Pillars of Equestria and maintained balance in the world so they could keep these ideals alive. However, it was soon discovered that the pony that brought them all together wanted the power for himself. The Pillars had no choice but to banish him from the group. The pony was cast out and alone and soon, he turned to darkness to satisfy his thirst and transformed into the Pony of Shadows. With that, he returned to Equestria to seek revenge on his fellow peers for casting him out and vowed to extinguish and destroy the light and hope of the world. Because of the looming threat, they had to stop him, but they would have to make a grave sacrifice. But before they left, they would leave behind a seed that will eventually grow to stand against the darkness one day. They now had to face the fiend with the only plan they had and wished that it would be enough. All of this was recorded in Starswirl's journal and Sunburst had been reading it. You see, he stumbled upon it after purchasing a blind buy barrel from Ponyville's antique shop when he was visiting Starlight, and after he made that discovery, he set off to Canterlot to tell the Royal Sisters of his findings and brought along the Mane Six, Starlight, and Spike.

After reading the last line, Sunburst told the Royal Sisters that was Starswirl's last entry and suggested that it may have been his last words before he vanished. Celestia was fascinated by this discovery and said that she always wondered what had happened to Starswirl. Twilight got excited and asked Celestia if she could verify that this was in fact Starswirl's journal. Luna said that it was and said that from what she saw in the book, it was the last thing he wrote before facing the Pony of Shadows. Rainbow got nervous at that and asked if the Pony of Shadows was a real pony. To give you some context, the Mane Six, with the exception of Twilight, were all involved in some debacle three years ago at the Castle of the Two Sisters and they were all freaking out about the existence of the Pony of Shadows because they had heard about it as foals. Long story short, it got passed off as some irrational fear that was simply an old mare's tale, but this journal proves that the Pony of Shadows was in fact very real and did cause serious havoc upon Equestria. Celestia confirmed that was true and Luna said that they didn't met the other Pillars because they were still in school at the time and were far too young to understand the danger that they all faced. Applejack asked if all of those other legendary ponies were real and if they went with Starswirl to face the Pony of Shadows before never being heard from again.

Pinkie reaffirmed that and Fluttershy asked what had happened to them all. Rarity said that obviously, the villain was defeated since Equestria still has a bunch of light and hope and Starlight asked both how the villain was defeated and where they all went. Celestia said that her Old Ponish was a bit rusty, but she did wonder if the answers were in the pages of this journal and Twilight bragged to everyone in the room that she knows everything about Old Ponish because she practically studied every ancient text that was related to Starswirl. Spike reaffirmed that and Luna said that herself and Celestia had fond memories of their old teacher. She said that if all of them down below could figure out what happened to Starswirl, they would greatly appreciate it and Twilight grabbed the book from them. Sunburst said that solving a thousands year old mystery could take forever and basically fawned over the idea of rereading a lot of books. Celestia said that they might need help and Applejack said that Twilight had a whole group of helpers right here. Rainbow reaffirmed that and asked how long this might take. Twilight said that they should get the book back to the library first and she said that they'll probably be able to figure this out in no time.

Three days had past and not much progress had been made. In fact, so much time had past that Spike had to keep changing out the candles because they burnt out after a little while. He asked Twilight if she figured it out yet and the alicorn shook her head. Spike threw the old candle towards the trash can and that seemed to have woke up Sunburst. He asked if something was figured out and that woke up the rest of the group. Fluttershy asked that question and Twilight said it was nothing. She said that while Starswirl was a genius in a lot of areas, his hornwriting was so crappy, it was like reading a whole different language instead of Old Ponish. Applejack said that they had been doing this for three straight days and Rainbow said that she hadn't spent this much time reading since the new Daring Do book came out. Rarity suggested that maybe they could all take a break since this was a nine thousand year old mystery and they could wait another day or two, but Twilight did not like that suggestion at all. She said she did not want to waste two seconds and said that she was close to an answer somehow. Starlight read the script and asked what that was. Twilight was surprised that Starlight could read it so well and knew the text meant the Temple of Ponhenge. Starlight said that Starswirl's hornwriting was pretty sloppy, but it was nowhere near as bad as hers.

She continued reading and they were finally able to put the pieces together somehow. Spike said that sounded like a clue to him and just fell asleep on the pillow. They pulled out a book of the location and they headed off. When they got there, Twilight was amazed at the location. Fortunately, it was far enough away from Ghidorah's storm to not be affected when he invaded the Hollow Shades, but this place definitely did show its age. Sunburst was amazed at the runes and asked if Twilight had seen these before. The alicorn shook her head and Rainbow said that nopony has probably seen this for a long time. She tried pulling one of the vines out, but it sent her flying backwards, right into the bush. Applejack pulled her out and said that it would take a whole time of ponies to clean up this mess. Fluttershy said that despite that, none of them were sure that they would be able to figure out what had happened over 9,000 years ago. Twilight sighed and said that maybe Fluttershy was right. She said that it might have been a long shot and Spike said that finding a whole set of ancient ruins was pretty impressive. He even suggested that maybe she could write a paper on it and Twilight said that she just wished that the mystery would magically be explained. As if she just said the magic words, the book began to light up and Spike got nervous. Twilight was shocked as well and backed up. The book opened and it revealed Starswirl the Bearded himself.

Twilight couldn't believe her eyes and began talking to him as if he was actually there. Sunburst put his hoof through Starswirl and saw that it was hollow, which suggested that it was just an illusion. He said that he believed Starswirl wasn't actually here and the rest of them probably wasn't either. The rest of the pillars showed up and everyone was confused on why they appeared. Suddenly, Starswirl blasted magic towards the center and a black sphere appeared. Two hooves came out and the Pony of Shadows was revealed. He began laughing evilly and saw that he had been summoned here. He said that once he defeated all the Pillars, Equestria would embrace the darkness as he did so long ago. He spread out his wings and made a loud noise. He caught the Pillars in black webs and he continued to laugh evilly as he drew power from being there. He looked at Starswirl struggling and said that summoning him will only make him stronger and that they will never defeat him. Starswirl said that they did not come here to defeat him and he lifted the book into the air, which connected with the other artifacts and set them all free. The Pony of Shadows was confused and asked in fear what they were doing. Starswirl said that they came to contain him and they all went into the air. They eventually disappeared and the artifacts went back to the ground. The book slammed shut and everyone was in shock. Pinkie told Twilight that she did want a magical explanation and Twilight just got worried at that statement.

Twilight picked up the book and Rainbow asked what the heck just happened. Starlight said that it looked like Starswirl cast a spell to banish the Pony of Shadows and Sunburst said that powerful magic would leave an impression on this place. He explained that bringing the book back here would tell them all what happened and Applejack asked what that was. Twilight said with a heavy heart that the Pillars sacrificed themselves to save Equestria and they all headed back to Ponyville. The next morning, Starlight was telling Sunburst how crazy it was to have the greatest mystery in Equestrian history be solved with a dusty old book from an antique shop and Sunburst said that the mystery wasn't necessarily solved quite yet. He said that Starswirl's spell was one of the most powerful feats of magic in all of Equestrian history and it would probably take years until they fully understood it. They opened the door and Twilight exclaimed that she thinks she figured out Starswirl's spell. Both of them drew confused looks and they all gathered in the throne room once more. She told the group that while she had finished one of Starswirl's spells before, this was on a whole new level. She expressed a bunch of excitement, but Rarity said that they didn't understand a thing she was saying. Rainbow asked what was so amazing and Twilight said it was because the Pillars had sent the Pony of Shadows to Limbo.

Applejack was confused about that and Twilight pulled out a diorama to demonstrate what she was talking about. She explained that the Pillars had opened a portal between worlds and used it to drag the Pony of Shadows inside. The diorama disappeared and Rarity expressed concern. Twilight said that she made more and said that Starswirl believed that the only way to trap the Pony of Shadows in Limbo was to take him there. Applejack connected the dots and Fluttershy said that the Pony of Shadows must have been really awful for the Pillars to do that to him. Pinkie said that for them to be trapped in Limbo with the Pony of Shadows for 9,000 years would be okay if they were doing the limbo, but even then, it was still pushing it. Twilight declared that she believed she could get them out and Sunburst asked if Twilight could really save the most legendary ponies of all time. Starlight expressed doubt and asked if this was safe since opening portals between worlds didn't work out too much for her. Twilight said that she had traveled through time and she had used the spell Starswirl wrote in order to do it, so if he were still here, he could have stopped that. Twilight said firmly that Equestria would be safer with Starswirl in it and they had to save him. Applejack asked if she would release the other pillars as well because they disappeared ages ago and Twilight said that was the thing about Limbo.

She explained that the dimension was not one place or another, but rather, in between, which meant time stood still and it would mean it would be like the Pillars never left if they got pulled out. She was about to demonstrate again, but Rainbow groaned in frustration out of boredom. Spike asked what they could all do to help and Twilight said that if she was correct, they would all have to find artifacts that were connected to the Pillars in some form. Rainbow asked if she meant finding stuff that belonged to the Pillars and Fluttershy asked how they would be able to find them. Those items disappeared 9,000 years ago and they could be anywhere by now. Twilight said that Starswirl had wrote a lot of notes and began reading from the book. As she was doing that, it was as if she was activating a spell that would show the location of these items. Starlight noticed this and pointed it out to Twilight. Twilight couldn't believe it and the items showed their locations on the map. Twilight said that it shouldn't be too hard to figure out who needs to get what and they all dispersed to the different locations. Out in Rockhoof's village, ponies were digging up artifacts to see what was left behind and two children had stumbled upon one of the helmets from the Mighty Helm. The filly had suggested that maybe the headpiece came from Rockhoof himself, but the professor said that legends don't war helmets and this was worn by a real pony. Applejack came up and said that she could guarantee that Rockhoof was as real as anypony else.

The professor laughed that off and suggested if the story about Rockhoof using his shovel to divert the lava from an active volcano to save his village was true. Applejack said that was probably the case, but the professor said that while she loves old legends, but a pony strong enough to stop rushing lava with a shovel seemed prosperous. Suddenly, one of the miners cracked a rock and a giant boulder came rushing right towards them. Applejack stopped the rock from moving and pushed back in the other direction, away from the ponies. She stretched her legs a bit and everypony was in amazement. The professor said that she couldn't believe what just happened and exclaimed that Applejack had saved them all. Applejack told her that if she were to tell it to another pony, it might sound prosperous, which was effectively playing her own game. One of the ponies tapped Applejack on the shoulder and pointed towards an entrance. The professor said that some stories might be true and Applejack picked up the shovel, which caused it to glow. Rarity opened the gate to Mistmane's village and was surprised to see it in this condition. She saw the flower and attempted to grab it, but her hoof got smacked away by a plant tool. Rarity yelped in pain and an elderly mare told her to keep her hooves to herself. She explained that this place has been in her family for generations and she wasn't about to let some young whippersnapper take the last good piece of it.

She said that ponies used to come from far and wide to see these gardens, but this flower was the only thing left that was worth seeing. Rarity got an idea and changed things up a bit. After doing some work, she effectively restored the whole garden and it looked like the same gardens it was over 9,500 years ago. Rarity told the mare that it might have seemed like that the gardens were worthless, but some pruning can work wonders and even suggested that the mare would have a lot more flowers to look after now. The mare was filled with happy tears and said that Rarity had given her back her family's legacy, which meant that the flower that the designer pony desired was worth a fair trade. It glowed and Rarity smiled. Rainbow was flying through and she said that she couldn't believe that Flash Magnus' shield ended up in the Dragonlands. She had Spike with him and the dragon said that it was a good thing that she brought him along since he was the official Equestrian Friendship Ambassador to the Dragons to help her navigate this place. He pointed out the one of their customs was gorge surfing and they saw dragons with boards racing down pools of lava. Rainbow said that was awesome and the dragons were alerted of the newcomer. They turned around and one of them said with anger that Dragon Lord Ember had commanded them all to be nice to ponies, but she never said that ponies could be in their spot. Rainbow was about to say something, but Spike intervened and said that as the Ambassador to the Dragons, that was not very nice.

However, a new voice spoke up and bullied him a bit. This was Garble. To give you some backstory, Spike had seen the Great Dragon Migration five years ago and determined that he needed to head to the Dragonlands to find out who he really was. He had stumbled upon Garble and his friends, and after a shaky start, things were going pretty smoothly. However, after they tried forcing him to steal a Phoenix egg, he knew that was not what it meant to be a true dragon. He stood up to them, but they soon turned on him after he did that. Fortunately, his friends were with him the entire time and defended Spike as much as they could. The dragons chased them all and they were eventually able to get out. After that falling out, Spike and Garble have had a rivalry with each other. In this particular instance though, he had the shield of Flash Magnus in his hands and Rainbow expressed her anger at the dragon. She tried getting it, but he shoved her back and told her to keep her hooves off of his gorge board. He said that he found it in the desert, and that meant finders keepers. Rainbow said that it wasn't his and Garble said that it sure looked like his, but he was willing to race them for it. Rainbow said that was no problem, but Garble said he wanted to race Spike instead. Spike gulped nervously and Garble stuck his tongue out at him.

One of the dragons began the countdown and told them to go. They both went off and Rainbow watched nervously. Spike had hit the rocks and just tumbled down the mountain, which happened to be faster than Garble. He tried to speed up, but Spike was able to cross the finish line before he did. He realized that he won and told Garble to give up the shield. The dragon was very unwilling to do that and said that while Dragon Lord Ember had commanded them all to be nice to ponies, she had never said anything about pony-loving dragons. He crept towards Spike and Spike's eyes shrunk down to pinpricks in fear. Spike said nervously that if Ember had commanded them all to make peace with ponies, that surely meant they couldn't attack of their friends and Garble told him that they'll find out. He threw the rock at Spike, but Rainbow picked it up and threw it back at him. He tried running away, but the rock got his tail stuck and he fell. Garble asked why Spike was hiding behind ponies and Spike retorted that he wasn't when he beat him down the mountain. Garble said with a deadpan expression that Spike fell and Rainbow said that Garble must have been pretty slow if Spike only had to fall down in order to win the race. Garble took that as a challenge and told Rainbow that he was faster than her. Rainbow said that she doubted that and Garble said that he'll race her back to the top.

He said that if she won, she can have her pony junk, but if he wins, she'll leave and he'll be able to give it to Spike. Rainbow said that she could probably beat him anyway, but she told him that shield might slow him down a bit. Garble dropped it and thanked her for the tip. He moved towards the top and called Rainbow a loser. He got to the top and was a bit confused. One of the dragons tapped him on the shoulder and told him to look up in the sky. He realized that the shield was taken from him and he yelled that was his. Spike reminded him that he said it was finders keepers, so it was fair game and the shield lit up. Garble was angry and he shoved the other dragon away from him when he was being told that was what he said to the pony and dragon above. In Hayseed Swamp, Fluttershy told Cattail not to turn his head away from the Flash Bees because they can get pretty aggressive and said that would make sense why the other animals could not get to the water. Cattail asked if it would be better if Fluttershy did this, but the pegasus said that it would be if only she didn't have to fly up in order to move the hive. She put it up higher in the tree and Cattail hid in the bushes once the coast was clear. The Bees flew back up to their hive and Fluttershy said that the other animals could now get to the water without the Bees feeling threatened.

Cattail said that she didn't have to help with his and that he was gonna give her the mask anyway. Fluttershy said that she knew, but she couldn't leave without helping. The mask glowed and both of them were shocked to see it do that. In Somnambula, Pinkie was looking around for Somnambula's blindfold and was able to find it in the drain somehow. Daring Do asked if she was looking for a blindfold and Pinkie remembered that. Back in Ponhenge, Twilight told Sunburst that she couldn't believe she was about to meet Starswirl the Bearded, outside of her dreams of course. Starlight said that she couldn't believe that Twilight was actually going through with this and Twilight asked for clarification. Starlight said that she was all for pushing the envelope, but she said this was pretty out there for Twilight. Sunburst asked what was out there about saving the most legendary ponies in Equestrian history from a thousands year old prison and Starlight said it was nothing. She suggested though that it was because maybe these ponies knew what they were doing at the time and should not be messing with it. Sunburst said that he was sure that the Pillars did the best they could back then, but magic had come a long way, mostly because of the work they did. Starlight said that was true and said that was a reason why Twilight got her wings.

Twilight concurred and Starlight said that she messed with one and nearly destroyed the universe. Twilight told Starlight win firmness that Starswirl was the greatest wizard to ever live and the chance to have him back in Equestria was worth the risk. Spike said that was good and Rainbow said or else it would have been for nothing. The rest of them showed up and Twilight told them they did a good job. She set the book down and told them all to do it. Sunburst fired a beam at the book, followed by Starlight, and then Twilight. The artifacts connected and spun around for a few seconds. The Pillars appeared and the Mane Six had to get them away so they wouldn't hit the rocks. Starswirl was confused and asked what had happened. Twilight expressed joy and exclaimed that they brought them back. Starswirl asked where that was and Twilight explained that all of them were trapped in Limbo for 9,000 years and she was able to bring them back to Equestria. Starswirl expressed panic and told Twilight she must undo what she did. Twilight asked him why and said that she couldn't really do that. Starswirl said that she couldn't bring them back, but Twilight said that she did and Starswirl said that she could not only bring the Pillars back. Lightning and thunder went off and the Pony of Shadows had made a return. Twilight was worried and they were all terrified.

Meanwhile, deep in the North Celestial Ocean, Godzilla was busy taking a nap and resting. It had been a year since his last adventure where it was round two with Chrysalis and even had Twilight help him in battle. Suddenly, his scales lit up and he growled with anger. At first, it seemed confusing because he had never recognized this threat before, but he knew that this one was out to destroy the world, and he couldn't have that. He quickly swam up to the surface and looked around a little bit at the city of Manehattan. He blasted his atomic breath into the sky and roared very loudly to let everyone know that he was back once again. He lowered his head and began marching west towards Ponhenge near Foal Mountain. Whatever this threat was, they had no idea that they had to face the King Of The Monsters in order to take over Equestria and the rest of the world. This was a very old threat, but no weakling by any means. Something had gone wrong and now they were hell bent on taking over the world, which was not going to happen under his watch. He was the keeper of this world and established authority over everything to make sure they obeyed him and him only. Whether or not this threat would do that, he would soon find out. But for now, he had to go fight it. He suddenly heard the cries coming from Ponhenge and knew that Twilight was in trouble. He growled with anger and picked up the pace.

Back in Ponhenge, the Pony of Shadows kept laughing evilly as if he just won the battle or something and he told Starswirl that his attempt to imprison him has failed. He failed to realize that he has actually been locked away for over 9,000 years at this point, but since he was in Limbo, it all passed by in the blink of an eye because time stands still in that dimension. Starswirl tried blasting magic at him, but nothing occurred. He told Twilight that she had to send the Pillars back to Limbo as the way to stop the Pony of Shadows, but Twilight said that she only figured out how to bring them back here, not send them back to where they came from. Sunburst said he was looking, but there were no table of contents anywhere. The Pony of Shadows said to be allowed assistance and he sent out large black sticks across the runes. After putting some effort into it, he destroyed them and also effectively destroyed Starswirl's journal. He declared that without Ponhenge, their banishing spell was useless and Starswirl told Twilight that because she had studied his writings, she had some sort of plan. Twilight tried to clarify that she only wanted to save him, but the Pony of Shadows interrupted and said that when he extinguished the light and hope of this world, none of them would remember any of it. He blasted magic at Starswirl, but Twilight intervened and shot a beam right back at him. The Pony of Shadows winced in pain and said to Starswirl that Twilight was nearly as strong as the wizard himself, but even in the Pony of Shadows' weakened state, Twilight could not withstand the might of shadows.

He attempted to blast another beam at Twilight, but Twilight decided to try a different tactic. She spread out her wings and they suddenly got bigger and changed into Mothra's wings with Godzilla's eyes on it. Then, she went into the air and unleashed the God Rays on the Pony of Shadows, which temporarily blinded him. In fact, it blinded everyone because it was really bright. As Twilight was doing that, she was also making loud cries and roars as if she was Mothra herself. She pulled back after a few seconds and while the Pony of Shadows was trying to recover, Twilight flew over and stuck her stinger through the Pony of Shadows' flesh. He cried out in pain and growled with anger. Twilight returned to the ground and Starswirl told the Pony of Shadows to listen up. He said that none of them will rest until they found a way to return him to Limbo and the Pony of Shadows growled with anger. He said that would never happen and told Starswirl that the wizard's days of glory were through. He declared that his dark power will reign and all of the Pillars would bow to him. He made another noise and disappeared, which made the skies fully clear again. Rainbow asked where the villain went and Somnambula said that was a mystery they must unravel quickly. Mage Meadowbrook asked Fluttershy how long they were gone for and the pegasus told her that they had been gone for over 9,000 years. All of the Pillars were shocked at that for a second and Starswirl said that his spell worked before it was meddled with. He glared at Twilight and the alicorn turned away in embarrassment.

He said that the realm had been at peace for nine millennias and Pinkie had to remind him that they had to still face Nightmare Moon, Discord, Queen Chrysalis, King Sombra, MUTOs, Tirek, Starlight, and King Ghidorah. She said that was all in the past now and Flash Magnus said that if the Mane Six were truly this accomplished, they would be able to defeat the Pony of Shadows twice as fast together. However, Starswirl was very skeptical and expressed his doubts. He said it was easy to claim that you have saved the world, it was another to actually do it. Rainbow told him that they have done it before and they would be able to do it again. Starswirl stood his ground and said that the problem was locating the Pony of Shadows, which was not going to be easy since Equestria is a vast land. Rarity told him that it sounded like he needed a map and said that they had just the thing. They all returned to the Castle of Friendship and Starswirl said that something about this magic seemed familiar. He blasted the map with his magic and it revealed the Tree of Harmony. All of them gasped with amazement and Rarity asked Twilight if she knew he could do that. Twilight told her that he was Starswirl and that he could practically do anything. Starswirl declared that it this map and even this castle came exactly from the seed that they had planted over 9,000 years ago. Rockhoof said that it did work and Sunburst asked what he meant by that.

Somnambula said that each of them infused a crystal seed with their magic in hopes that it would grow into a force for good and Mistmane said that they wanted to leave something to protect the realm in their absence, but they never dreamed that their gift would become so powerful. Applejack asked her if that meant the Elements came from the Pillars and the six of them were very confused by that statement. Pinkie described it as the crystal things that grew from the Tree of Harmony to represent each of the Mane Six. She went through each of them and Somnambula told her that those were a reflection of their own elements during their time period. Meadowbrook said that none of them had any idea their seed would bloom into the living spirit of the land and that they were glad their mantle had passed on to such capable ponies. Starswirl said that they no longer had to use Ponhenge to send the Pony of Shadows back to Limbo and they could use the stored magic in the Tree of Harmony. Twilight raised the question about banishing spells taking up a lot of power and suggesting that they would have to sacrifice the Elements for that. Starswirl nodded and Fluttershy asked if they would be gone forever. Twilight said that she believed that the Tree could not survive without the Elements, and if it dies, Equestria will suffer.

However, Starswirl did not want to hear that argument at all and told her that if the Pony of Shadows had his way, their land would not exist. He said that unless if she had a better way, don't bother him with anything. Starswirl returned the map back to its original state and black shadows started to appear all over it. The wizard explained that the Pony of Shadows will seek dark places to draw power and said that he would prepare his spell, so that they might strike as soon as they found him. Rainbow said what they were waiting for and Flash Magnus said that he liked her spirit. Twilight walked out in sadness and Starlight noticed her former teacher walking out of the throne room. Twilight began looking through books in the library and Spike was helping her find something in there. He held out a certain book and Twilight said that Sea Pony Etiquette was not gonna help right now. Starlight opened the door and asked Twilight if she was alright. Twilight said that she had just unleashed ultimate evil and doomed Equestria because she was obsessed with meeting her idol and asked rhetorically why she wouldn't be okay. She banged her head against the table and Starlight told her that the alicorn didn't know that was gonna happen. Twilight said that she should have listened to Starlight and left things alone. Now the Elements of Harmony will be lost forever to fix her mistake.

Starlight said that there could be another way and Spike said that if there was, Twilight would be able to find it. Speaking of which, Twilight grabbed one of the books and opened it. After cycling through some pages, she was able to find what she was looking for and said that if the Pillars hold open a portal to Limbo, a powerful pony can do the banishing spell themselves. She asked Starlight what that meant and Spike suggested if it meant he could stop carrying books. Twilight said that the Pillars didn't have to leave Equestria, and while they would lose the Elements, they would still have the ponies who created them and the Pony of Shadows would be banished for good. Starlight said that was great, but mentioned that she thought of another way that didn't involve banishment at all. Twilight said that Starswirl knew what he was doing when he cast that spell, and if she could make it better, then maybe Starswirl would see that she takes magic just as seriously as he does. In Manehattan, life was pretty busy as normal. Even though Godzilla had been walking through here just a day or two ago, the ponies seemed to have moved on fairly quickly as if nothing happened. It was good in one way because it didn't raise suspicion from the Pillars about the existence of a giant monster that reigned over nature and kept balance in the world. But, they would find out soon enough. Rockhoof said that it seemed like the dark places that Starswirl indicated on the map has changed and Applejack told him that the Pony of Shadows would have loved the Ghastly Caverns before a thousand years of erosion turned it into the Ghastly Gorge.

Fluttershy said that the Appleloosan Wastes sounded dark and desolate, but then Rarity said that no one really knew that it became such a popular square dancing destination. Pinkie said that here in Manehattan, it was cast in eternal night while the Pony of Shadows drew power and wrecked havoc when ponies were powerless to stop him. She said that it did make a comeback and everypony glared at her when she shined a bright light at them on the billboards next to the skyscraper. It was clear this was the Times Square of Equestria right here which is much better than where it once was 9,000 years ago. They crossed that area off the list and they returned to the castle. Manehattan disappeared as a dark place on the map and Starswirl commented on how there seemed to be fewer dark places in Equestria these days. Rainbow asked if that was a good thing and Flash Magnus said that it would make it harder for the Pony of Shadows to get back to full power. He declared that when he rears his head, they'll be ready and the two of them clinked their glasses of apple cider. Fluttershy asked if there was a way to banish the Pony of Shadows without losing the Pillars, but Meadowbrook told her that it would be nice, but they would be willing to leave their home in order to save it. The throne room doors opened and Twilight declared that maybe they didn't have to at all.

She said that her spell wasn't finished yet, but she believes that they could send the Pony of Shadows back to Limbo without having the Pillars going with him as well. Starswirl was unimpressed by that and told Twilight that while he appreciated her enthusiasm, this was not the time to take risks on half-baked spells. Twilight whimpered in sadness and her friends defended her. Meadowbrook told Starswirl that while it was an unconventional approach, she believed that it could work and Starswirl took a look at it. He examined it very carefully and said that there was a chance. Sunburst said that they still had no idea on where to find the villain and suddenly, the Mane Sixes' cutie marks began to glow. They went over to the map and they hovered over the Hollow Shades. Spike said that maybe they should try there and the Mane Six were completely confused by that. After a few seconds of silence, Applejack said that she believed a branch of the Apple Family lived there and Sunburst said they would have to be pretty distant. He explained that the place was abandoned eons ago and Rarity mentioned how odd that was. She said that the only time it called all of them to one place at the same time was Starlight's village and Rainbow said that it must be a super villain tracker. She said no offense to Starlight and the unicorn simply raised a brow. Twilight asked Starswirl if the map was trying to tell them where the Pony of Shadows was and Starswirl thought about it for a moment. He realized that made sense and told Twilight that was a good thought.

Twilight smiled as if that was the greatest day of her life and Starswirl said that he would make his notes on this spell, which meant to ready themselves for battle. Starlight said that she wasn't as experienced as all of them, but asked if banishment was really the only option. She said that it had been a long time and suggested that maybe the Pony of Shadows was ready to talk. The only problem was that argument wasn't exactly very valid since time stood still in Limbo, so for the Pillars, it only felt like one second for them while it was really 9,000 years in the outside world. Anyway, Starswirl did not like that suggestion at all and told her that he doubted that they could save their homeland with a conversation. Starlight said they could try, but Twilight said that the Pillars probably did try at some point. Starswirl said that the Pony of Shadows was not interested in reconciliation and said that once they were a villain, they were always a villain. Starlight did not like that statement and Starswirl asked for Twilight and Sunburst to accompany him. He said that he wished to refine this spell for their use and Rockhoof told them all that they must prepare for the struggle ahead. Starlight sighed and told Spike that she did know Starswirl was a great wizard, but this entire plan seemed wrong. She explained that the map only sent them to solve friendship problems and Spike argued that the Pony of Shadows didn't exactly seem like the friendship type.

Starlight said that they knew nothing about him and Spike said that nopony does. But Starlight said that was not entirely true and came up with an idea. Out in the foyer, some of the Mane Six were patching up and polishing the artifacts that the Pillars possessed to make them look good as new. Starlight came down the stairs and said to them that they knew the Pony of Shadows before he turned into what he is now. She said that they must have been friends and asked what happened. Rockhoof said that the tale of their rift was a sad one and explained that Stygian was a pony like the rest of them, but more like scholar than hero. He said that Stygian recognized that a young Equestria would need champions to defend it and it was shown how Starswirl was able to banish the Sirens to the Equestria Girls world. Flash Magnus said that Stygian may have gathered them all together, but he was just an ordinary unicorn who soon grew jealous of their abilities. Mistmane explained that he stole artifacts from each of them for a spell and Meadowbrook said that they cast him out as a result of it. Somnambula said that they hoped Stygian would return and seek forgiveness, but when they saw him again, his heart was bent on revenge and dashed even her hopes of saving him. Starlight asked why Stygian would steal the artifacts from them and Meadowbrook said that in their minds, it was an enchantment to take their powers for himself.

Starlight thought about it and went to the library. She saw Twilight and Sunburst cycling through books and she commented how it sounded like a lot of work. Starswirl said that was what had to be done and said that it was best if they were not interrupted. Starlight took offense to that, but Twilight told her that none of them could stop to talk. Starlight said that they had to banish Stygian to Limbo and Sunburst asked who that was. Starswirl said that Stygian was the name the Pony of Shadows gave up when he turned to darkness and Starlight said that she was trying to figure out why. Starswirl said it was envy which meant he wanted more power than he had and that desire led him down a path to which there is no return. Starlight stood her ground and said that she knew from experience that was not always true. She told Twilight that when the map called the Mane Six to her village, it was for a friendship problem and then asked the alicorn if this was different. Before Twilight could give an answer, Starswirl butted in and said that Stygian wanted to destroy all that was good in this world, which meant there was no way they could ever befriend a pony like that. Starlight said that she was lucky Twilight's idol wasn't around when the alicorn decided to become her friend or else she might have been banished to Limbo as well. She walked past Twilight and slammed the doors shut. They were all able to regroup at the Tree of Harmony and Somnambula said that she was grateful that they had the chance to see what had grown from their efforts so long ago.

Mistmane said that it seemed like a shame to harm it, but Starswirl said it was a necessary sacrifice in the most annoyed voice possible. He said that with the Elements of Harmony, they would bind the Pony of Shadows to Limbo and thanks to Twilight, they will remain to watch over the realm themselves. Starswirl blasted his magic at the Tree and all of the Elements came down to connect with their bearers. Meanwhile, Godzilla's scales lit up and he felt the power transfer happening at the Tree of Harmony. He believed that something was going on and sensed they were headed to the Hollow Shades. Back inside the cave, Rockhoof asked how they were supposed to use them. Rarity tried to explain that, but couldn't find a good reason and just said that they simply worked for them. Starswirl said that the Elements were attuned to the Mane Six and they must work in pairs. Rainbow said that wasn't a problem and that they were used to banishing evil before breakfast. Applejack said that it would be an honor to save Equestria with the Pillars and Starlight told Spike that she hoped Twilight knew what she was doing. Godzilla saw the Mane Six and the Pillars walk out and head in the direction towards the Hollow Shades. He remembers Ghidorah's storm wiping out that place when he was chasing Ghidorah across the country and following his footsteps. He growled slightly and headed in that direction. The group had arrived to the Hollow Shades and all of them were in shock.

Sunburst said that he doesn't remember reading anything about the Hollow Shades looking like this, but Mistmane said that the Pony of Shadows must have twisted it to his purposes. It was actually them walking through the destruction of Ghidorah's storm that rampaged through this area after he reemerged in the Bug Bear Territory. This place literally looked like a category five hurricane ran through this place and left nothing except rubble. They could all hear the laugh of the Pony of Shadows and Starswirl told the group to prepare themselves since he was here. He called out to Stygian and dared him to show himself and face them all. The Pony of Shadows simply laughed at that and created a sinkhole, straight into the ground. They all fell through it and they all tried getting back up. Sunburst said he would have definitely remembered reading about this and they just heard more evil laughter. Starswirl cast a shield over them and the Pony of Shadows introduced them to the Well of Shade. He said that when the Pillars turned their backs on him, he had discovered this place and the darkness spoke to him behind any power that he could imagine at the time and he listened. He said that the shadow and him became one and soon all of the realm will be the same. He said that all ponies would feel the despair he did when they cast him out and they all glared at him. Starswirl said they did what they had to do and told the villain that he tried to take their powers for himself.

The Pony of Shadows disagreed with that and said that it was them who were selfish. He said that they would pay for what they did and he blasted the shield with his dark magic. The shield began to crack and Starlight asked Twilight if she was still sure if this wasn't a friendship problem. Twilight gave a nervous look and Starswirl told them to be ready to open the portal. The Pony of Shadows blasted the shield again and destroyed it. Starswirl ordered for it to be done now and they began the banishing spell. However, everything ceased when they heard a faint roar in the distance. They all stopped what they were doing and were confused for a second. Even the Pony of Shadows was confused. The Earth began to shake a little bit and Godzilla jumped down below. He stared at the Pony of Shadows with anger and gave a loud ear shattering roar at the villain. The Pony of Shadows grew angry and roared right back at him. They began charging towards one another and they soon collided with each other, which sent out a shockwave. The Pony of Shadows roared at the giant Kaiju, but Godzilla slammed his head into the ground as that first attack. The Pony of Shadows roared in pain and blasted dark magic at Godzilla. Godzilla fell on the ground, but quickly got back up. The Pony of Shadows tried blasting magic at him again, but Godzilla simply swatted it away. His tail slammed on the ground and his scales began to light up. All of the Pillars and the Pony of Shadows were confused by this, but then Godzilla unleashed his atomic breath right at the Pony of Shadows' head and the villain roared in pain as he fell to the ground.

The Pony of Shadows attempted to blast magic at him again, but Godzilla slammed his tail against the Pony of Shadows' head and then used it to send him back to the ground. The Pony of Shadows used his horn to cut into Godzilla's skin and the Kaiju roared in pain. But he body slammed the Pony of Shadows to the ground and roared at him. The Pony of Shadows got up and pushed Godzilla to the ground, but Godzilla got back up and blasted his atomic breath right at the Pony of Shadows. The Pony of Shadows tried using his dark magic to keep the atomic breath away from him, but it kept pushing him back and eventually overtook him. He roared in pain and fell to the ground once more. Godzilla put his massive foot on the Pony of Shadows' chest and the villain trying breaking free, but had no success. He then punched Godzilla on the side of the face and the Kaiju roared in pain. He stamped his foot down even harder and just glared at his foe in front of him. The Pony of Shadows huffed at him and Godzilla roared right at him, demanding that he submit to him or else face death. The Pony of Shadows roared back at him saying he would do no such thing and Godzilla stopped roaring. He seemed slightly impressed and simply just huffed away. The Pony of Shadows tried to ambush him, but the portal to Limbo opened up and the Elements of Harmony were attempting to push him in. He said that they would not trap him again and Starswirl told Twilight to push him in.

Twilight was about to activate her element, but saw a pony's head stick out in there. She said that there was a pony in there and raced inside to find him. Godzilla seemed shocked at this revelation and waited for Twilight's echolocation sounds to hear what was going on. Twilight looked around and asked if the pony was Stygian. He said that he was once until his friends betrayed him. Twilight argued that Starswirl said that Stygian had betrayed them and wanted their magic. Stygian said that he wanted their respect and brought them all together. He said that he brought strategy and read all he could about the beasts they had faced, but he didn't have magic or strength, so nopony had noticed him. He explained that he went to Ponhenge to make his own copies of the artifacts so that he could be a Pillar too and stand by their side in battle. He said that he never wanted to steal their power and Starswirl's eyes went wide at that revelation. The rest of the Pillars felt bad for him and Starswirl seemed surprised at hearing this. This was something he never comprehended and neither did Godzilla. In his millions of years of existence, never once did he experience something where someone turned evil because of a misunderstanding. Usually, it was because they were seeking power and desired to take Godzilla's place as the ruling authority over the Titans. But this was happening because of a simple misunderstanding.

Stygian said that instead of sharing and letting him help, his friends threw him out and he became stronger than any of them. He said that the darkness welcomed him when nopony would and he will do what he must to protect it. Twilight said that this was all a misunderstanding and explained that if the Pillars knew how they really felt, they would have not turned their backs on him. She said that the shadow was who he really was and asked to help him become Stygian again. Stygian disagreed and asked the question that even if his friends did still care, what made her think she had the power to help him. Starlight said it was because that was what Twilight does and said that she was not different from him. The alicorn helped her change and she said that if anypony knows how to save a friendship, it was Twilight. Stygian said that he wanted to believe that, but he growled in anger and said that the darkness will not be stopped. It sent both of them flying back and Twilight attempted to grab him with her magic to get him out. Godzilla saw Twilight fall out and growled with anger. This threat needed to be taken out now and if he doesn't, this place will cease to exist along with everything else in this world. He built up his atomic breath and began marching towards the Pony of Shadows. Twilight told Stygian to fight the darkness and that he didn't need it anymore.

She said that revenge was not what he wanted, but rather, friendship. The shadow refused to let go and Starlight attempted to help Twilight. Both of them pulled as hard as they could, but the shadow refused to budge. Twilight told Starswirl that the shadow won't let go of Stygian and that he wants to stop, but he couldn't do it alone. Starswirl said that it was time to help him and they all sent out beams to try and get him out. The shadow tried to fight and resist, but eventually, they got Stygian out just in time where Godzilla blasted his atomic breath right at the Pony of Shadows and sending him straight to Limbo. The portal closed and a giant blue beam of atomic breath went through the sky as a symbol that the work was done. The moonlight shined down on the place and everyone got up out of the hole. Rainbow said that it felt so good to do that again and Pinkie said it was friendship power rush. Rarity said that the Elements did not disappear and Fluttershy said that maybe it was because they used it for healing magic instead of banishment. Applejack told them all to look and they saw Starswirl pulling Stygian right out of the sinkhole. Starswirl said to Stygian that long ago, he needed their help, but instead of listening, they had turned their backs on him. Pride had clouded his judgement. He told Stygian that he owed him an apology and thanked Twilight for helping them all see the errors of their ways.

He said that he never seemed to account for the Magic of Friendship and Twilight thanked him while saying his name backwards. She corrected herself and their cutie marks glowed again, signifying a job well done. Starlight cleared her throat and said to Starswirl that apparently, they could save their homeland with a conversation. Starswirl chuckled a little bit and he said that he guessed he would be making a lot of apologies today. Godzilla snorted at all of them and looked very carefully at the Pillars. He never seen them before, but they were clearly part of Equestria's history. Starswirl asked Twilight what exactly Godzilla was, and Twilight said that they really had no idea how he showed up here, but it all started almost eight years ago. She explained that Godzilla was the King Of The Monsters and maintained balance in the world by defeating monsters who dare challenge and threaten his rule. She said that anytime he felt a threat, it was a direct challenge to his authority and he would have to go beat them down in order to submit to him or else face death if they refuse. Starswirl gave a look at Godzilla to see if that was true, but the Kaiju simply huffed out smoke from his snout and gave him a look that said "everything that she is saying is true. Plus, don't be so prideful because I don't tolerate that kind of behavior from anyone, regardless of their status. You're lucky your friend forgave you. If you ever try to attack me, you'll be done for. I am your king and you only serve me and no one else."

Starswirl sweated a little nervously and Godzilla continued with his glare that said "Also, don't treat Twilight like dirt. I care about her very much and I didn't appreciate your slander towards her. I do understand that there was a threat out there, but she didn't know that was gonna happen. So, next time, don't do that or else I'm gonna give it to you." Starswirl gulped nervously and Twilight gave a deadpan stare at Godzilla. It said "Really? I know you care about me Godzilla, but you're scaring the poor pony. He didn't understand friendship for a very long time and he is now just trying to learn it. So, cut him some slack, will you?" Godzilla huffed a little bit in anger, but after seeing Twilight's face remain the same, he let up and retracted his head back. He looked up into the sky and let out a massive roar in victory. His time here was done and now he can return to the North Celestial Ocean. As he headed back east towards Manehattan, the entire group watched their King leave the area and simply stare in amazement. For Godzilla, this was an interesting threat this time. Not once did he think he would end up with a misunderstanding happening, but he has faced worse, so it wasn't too bad for him. He believes that the Pillars will set Stygian in the right direction and he will be able to live a normal live once again. As for the Kaiju, he can return to the ocean and slumber down there until he is called upon once again. The King Of The Monsters is victorious once again!

Author's Note:

AN: I apologize for this chapter coming out later than I expected it to, but things have been busy. I have had shoulder blade pain for the last few days, and it has been hard trying to write anything with that pain. Plus, it is now May and the final homestretch before I am done for the year. So, hopefully, things will speed up a little bit, but we'll see. It's quite interesting how all of this went down, but it was what you would expect from this. So, once again, I apologize for the lateness and I'll try to do better. Hope you enjoyed the chapter!

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