• Published 24th Jan 2022
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Godzilla: Equestria's King of Monsters - Microsoft_2016

A collection of chapters of the King Of The Monsters defeating fellow villains within the MLP series.

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Chapter 20: Trial and Triumph

Life at Black Skull Island was not bad by any means. The Sun was shining, the birds were out flying, and the green hills looked better than ever. Kong was busy taking a snooze and he was relaxing against the mountainside. He eventually woke up and shielded his eyes from the Sun because of how bright it was. He yawned a bit and got up to walk around. He stretched his arms and scratched his butt a little bit because it itched. He went to take a shower underneath one of the waterfalls and one of the small ponies who we'll name Jie (similar to Jia in the movie Godzilla vs. Kong) was busy making something. Kong sniffed the air and picked up one of trees from the ground. He sliced off all of the leaves and branches and stared at it slightly. Jie came running through the fields and there was a security camera hiding in the background. She stopped to meet Kong halfway and the giant ape bent down to look at her. She presented a figure of him made out of rock and he understood the sad look on her face. He looked towards the sky and threw the stick towards it. It flew very fast and it eventually collided, destroying part of the sky with it.

Kong roared with anger and Jie was getting worried about him. He finally figured out that he was in a containment site the entire time and none of this was an actual habitat. This was Monarch Outpost #236 on Black Skull Island and it was pouring down rain outside. In the command center, the alarm went off and a automated computer voice said that there had been a breach in the system. They looked on the map and saw where the hole was at on the radar. One of the jeeps rolled up and the pony driving it asked Doctor May if they saw that. May said that this habitat wasn't going to suit Kong for much longer and the other pony who we'll name Corsa said that they have to start figuring out off-site solutions. May said that the island was the one thing that has kept Kong isolated and mentioned that if he left, Godzilla would come for him because there could not be two alpha Titans in the world. She said that the whole theory of an ancient rivalry stemmed from Iwi mythology and Corsa said that Kong has gotten too big overtime. He said that this environment won't sustain the large ape much longer and it was too unstable.

Jie came running out of the forest and May greeted her. Jie said in sign language that Kong was angry and May told her in sign language to go wait for her. Jie complied and May told Corsa that taking Kong off site would be a death sentence. Corsa asked if May believed that the King couldn't take care of himself and May said that there had to be another way. She couldn't just have Kong leave Black Skull Island and risk getting caught by Godzilla. There could be a very real possibility that these two have an ancient rivalry and will do anything it takes in order to take the other down. Neither of them would bow to the other, but rather keep fighting until one of them dies. Both of them are Alpha Titans and neither of them could have the other ruling over all of the Titans without having to respond to the other. If they wanted the title of Alpha Titan, they were simply gonna have to fight to the death with each other in order to secure it. Nothing would let them get in their way of claiming that title. If the other has to die in order to possess that title, then so be it. A war was coming and it was gonna brutal. No one was gonna spared and no one will bow to a knee to the other. There will be victories and losses on both sides. It was time to claim the title. One will fall.

Elsewhere in Canterlot, Twilight and Spike were flying as fast as they could to the city because they had received a message from Celestia about an urgent matter that had to be addressed. The letter didn't say what the matter was, but Twilight knew that it was very important regardless of what it was because Celestia told her to come ASAP. Twilight flew over the gates of Canterlot and met up with the rest of her friends. Fluttershy said that it was good that they were all here and Twilight asked them if they had also received an urgent summons to the castle with no explanation whatsoever. Pinkie said that was the case and mentioned that she loved a good mystery. She began speculating on what it could be and then asked why they were all running. Twilight said that something could be terribly wrong and Applejack asked her if she was being a little overdramatic. Twilight asked why else would the princesses send the scrolls in such a hurry and Rarity said that they know better than to worry. Pinkie said that she loved it so much when you are running so fast that the walls get all blurry and Rainbow said that she'll race Pinkie. She sped right past her and straight into the throne room within a few seconds. The rest of them showed up and Celestia thanked them for coming so quickly.

Twilight asked what was wrong and Luna said that everything was perfectly fine. Applejack asked if the princesses called them all up here just to tell them that and Rarity said that they might want to save urgent summons for matters that are actually urgent. The two princesses snickered to themselves at that and Luna said that there was more to it. She said that Equestria was currently enjoying its longest period of harmony in recent years and Celestia said that it was all thanks to Twilight and her friends. Spike asked rhetorically if Celestia was talking about them and Rainbow said that it was about time they noticed. Twilight wasn't exactly sure that Celestia should be giving them all the credit for keeping Equestria in harmonic balance for the last nine years when it was Godzilla that did all the dirty work. But she wasn't exactly willing to argue with the princess either, so she just thanked her for the compliment. Luna said that because of the Mane Sixes' efforts, there has been less and less for her and Celestia to do. Celestia announced that after much consideration, it was time for them to retire. They all gasped and Discord appeared in a journalist's outfit. He announced the breaking news and began to ask a bunch of questions about what will happen after this. Celestia pointed at Twilight as her successor and Discord said with annoyance to just go with the obvious choice. Twilight wasn't exactly thrilled with that idea and she expressed panic because of it.

Somewhere else in Equestria, a pony named Tyrel was making the latest episode of his podcast inside of his car and welcomed his listeners to episode 245 of the Titan Truth Podcast. He said that today was the day and this could be the last time his audience would hear from him. He acknowledged that he said this a bunch of times already, but the point was that after working in deep cover for Apex Cybernetics for five years, he was finally gonna take his shot. He said that something bad was going on here and he didn't exactly know what it was, but he was about to walk in there to download hard evidence and expose a vast corporate conspiracy theory. He said that he could be called a whistleblower, but this was more than a leak and there was a flood coming. He said that this flood was gonna wash away all of Apex's lives and that was something they could believe. He stepped out of his car and walked towards the Apex Cybernetics building in Las Pegasus. Inside the building, there was a video playing on the TV explaining Apex's mission statement and what they planned to accomplish. Tyrel opened his locker and pulled out a small device he was gonna use to get his evidence. He told one of the guys sitting at the desk not to eat that apple because of all the GMO's it could contain. The guy said that Tyrel was not supposed to be here and Tyrel asked him if he ever wondered what they were really doing here.

The guy asked him what he was doing here because this wasn't the engineering section of the building and Tyrel told him that he had to wait since they were rendering in new specs which would take over an hour and his foreman told him to go take a walk, so he figured he would make some new friends in the other sections of the building. He pulled out something from his bag and said to the guy that this was hand sanitizer that he made from his own garden. He pulled out some other stuff and said that the item being held was radio mesh networking with a voice record subprocessor. He asked the guy to guess where it comes from and the guy said he didn't care. Tyrel said it came from a toaster and the guy said he had to go to the bathroom. Tyrel asked if it was number one or two, because if it was two, it might have been from that apple. He asked the guy if he wanted to use the hand sanitizer that he made and the guy said he was good. Once he saw that the coast was clear, he pulled out his flash drive and stuck it right into the computer. He clicked on the computer and clicked download. He waited for the files to copy over to the flash drive and he took a look at the shipping order. He asked himself what the heck the corporation was shipping off to Manehattan and asked what Sublevel 33 was. He looked at the screen some more and saw a giant dome sitting there on the bottom of the computer screen. Suddenly, an alarm went off and he put his hooves up in surrender.

He heard an automated voice that said there was a Titan Alert and all Apex employees must leave immediately. Tyrel took that as his cue to leave and outside, it was complete panic. A boat saw something moving in the water and they moved out of the way when they started getting lifted up. Blue Dorsal plates started to appear out of the water and a loud roar was made in anger. Godzilla had arrived and he was going to take this place down in a heartbeat. Tyrel talked to himself slightly, and then after seeing some ponies head into the elevator, he headed in that direction and slipped inside before the doors closed. Damián Summons, CEO of Apex Cybernetics, was racing towards the helicopter on the pad, but he noticed Ren Saratoga, son of Ishiro Saratoga, was staring right at Godzilla. He said that it was time and they needed to go now. Ren took that as his cue to leave and followed Damián onto the helicopter. Fighter Jets flew right towards Godzilla and they launched missiles at the giant Kaiju. Godzilla blocked those attacks and smacked them down with his hands. Ponies started running away when they saw him marching through and destroying stuff. Godzilla roared in pain when the missiles hit his skin and it caused his atomic breath to go everywhere as he was attempting to destroy the Apex facility. One of the Fighter Jets created an explosion into the ground and Tyrel was still running to get out of there.

He saw some personnel over there and he turned right back around when he saw them look at him. They asked him where his clearance tag was and Tyrel decided to tell them that they had the audacity to ask for clearance tags in a time of crisis was extremely unprofessional. The personnel pulled out their guns and Tyrel put his hooves up, but they stopped when they heard rumbling. There was a loud roar from Godzilla and there was a giant explosion that occurred right where they were at. Tyrel heard another faint roar from Godzilla and started coughing from all the smoke. He saw something blinking red and he asked himself what the heck that was. Godzilla blasted the rest of the facility to smithereens with his atomic breath and he roared in the sky with furious anger. The next day, there was breaking news from CNN (Canterlot News Network) that there were eight killed while dozens were injured in last night's Apex Cybernetics attack and as a result of it, Godzilla was no longer considered a Titan savior. The anchor said that the Equestrian Navy's Fourth Fleet was deployed off the Southwestern seaboard of Equestria after last night's sudden Godzilla attack and that a time of relative peace was shattered when the massive Titan, who was once thought to be a hero to ponykind, made landfall in Las Pegasus. He said that while the damage was largely contained to the Equestrian headquarters of Apex Cybernetics on the west coast, governments around the world were not taking any chances after the first substantiated Titan sighting in over three years.

CEO Damián Summons gave out a statement that said it was about working together to ensure a safer world and Godzilla was a threat to ponykind, and Apex had a plan to deal with it, once and for all. Aesha stared at the TV in school in disbelief and knew that this guy was wrong about Godzilla. She had seen him protect ponykind before and she was sure that he was doing it again. There was no way that this was random in any way. Godzilla only attacks when he was provoked, so there must have been something out there that angered him enough to attack the city last night. The school bell rang and Aesha listened to the latest Titan Truth Podcast episode on the way home. Tyrel said that he was there last night and saw it all go down. He asked his audience if it was really a coincidence that Godzilla reappeared and just so happens to destroy that specific facility and that got Aesha to start thinking. On the beachfront of Las Pegasus, there was the Monarch Relief Camp providing any sort of aid to ponies who suffered in last night's attack. Aesha told her father, Montaza, that there was something provoking Godzilla that they were not seeing here and asked him why else would he flash an intimidation display if there wasn't another Titan around.

Montaza didn't exactly want to hear that and told his daughter that the podcast she has been listening to was filling her head with garbage. He said that she should be in school and Aesha said that she was only trying to help. Montaza said that he doesn't want her to help and he wants her to stay safe. He said that they needed a plan to keep peace with these things, and the best one they had just went down in flames. He said he didn't have any more and the last thing he needed was to be worrying about his daughter. Aesha argued that Godzilla had saved them and he was there with her mother. She asked him how he could doubt Godzilla and said that there has to be a pattern. Montaza said that there wasn't and Aesha said there had be a reason why Godzilla was provoked. Montaza said that there wasn't and Aesha asked him how he knew that. Montaza said it was because creatures could change just like ponies can and right now, Godzilla was out there hurting ponies and they have no idea why. He asked his daughter to cut him some slack and Aesha told him that she'll see him at home. Inside of her house, she heard Tyrel ask the audience if they wanted to hear his theory and say that they wanted to hear it since that was why they were here. He said that it was all about patterns and variables and he was gonna take them back to sixth grade.

He said that Godzilla attacks when he is provoked because that was the pattern and Las Pegasus was the only coastal Apex Hub with an advanced robotics lab which was the variable. He said that when it is added up, the answer was that Apex was at the heart of the problem. Later that day, it was a quiet night at Denham University of Theoretical Science in Fillydelphia and there wasn't much life happening at all. A guy was staring at an astronaut figure while sitting on his chair and he heard an elevator door close. Ren Saratoga walked in and the guy asked if he could help him. Saratoga didn't respond and the guy said that if Saratoga wanted an appointment, his office hours were from nine to five. Damián spoke up and the guy was confused at the new voice in the room. Damián said that guys like him and Dr. Lind, don't typically do normal hours and he threw a book down. He said that he has been fixed on the Hollow Earth for as long as Lind has and his theory that it was the birthplace of all Titans is fascinating. Saratoga said that Lind's book was very impressive and Lind said that he had about 30 unsold boxes in his apartment if they wanted some. Damián chuckled a bit and he introduced himself. Lind shook hooves with him and said that it was an honor to meet him. Damián said that the honor is his along with the urgency. He said that Godzilla has never attacked them unprovoked before and because of that, these are dangerous times.

He introduced Apex's Chief Technology Officer, Mr. Ren Saratoga, and said that Saratoga had a very interesting thing to show Lind. Saratoga put the device down and pressed some buttons to bring up an image of the Earth. Damián said that this was magnetic imaging from one of their new satellites and asked Lind if he knew what this was. Lind could easily identity that small orb inside the planet as the Hollow Earth and addressed it as such. Damián said that this was an ecosystem as vast as any ocean which was right beneath their hooves and Lind said that this energy signal was enormous. Saratoga said that it was identical to readings from Gojira and Damián said that as the Sun fuels the planet's surface, this energy sustains the Hollow Earth, which enables life as powerful as their aggressive Titan friend. He said that if they could harness this life force, they'll have a weapon that could compete with Godzilla and he needed Lind's help to find it. Lind chuckled a bit and said that he didn't know if he was the right guy for the job. He asked Damián if he had read the reviews and read one that said "A sci-fi quack trading in fringe physics." He said to look where they put his office which was in the basement right across from the flute class and he was not with Monarch anymore. He said that Hollow Earth entry was impossible because they already tried and Damián said that he was sorry about Lind's brother. He said that he was a true pioneer and Lind said thanks.

Damián said that all of their forward scans suggest that there is a habitable environment down there and asked Lind what really went wrong on his brother's mission. Lind stared at the orb that was the Hollow Earth and said that when they tried to enter, they had hit a gravitational inversion. A whole planet's worth of gravity reversed in a split second and they were crushed in an instant. Damián said to him that Apex might have a solution to solve this issue and presented it to him. He said that they have created a phenomenal craft that could sustain such an inversion and called it the Hollow Earth Aerial Vehicle or HEAV. He said that they could make the journey to the Hollow Earth possible, but in order to do it, they needed Lind to lead the mission. He asked Lind to help him and everyone else because finding this needle in a haystack was their best shot against Godzilla. Lind said that he might have an idea, but it sounded crazy. Damián told him that he loved crazy ideas because it made him rich and Lind asked them both if they were familiar with genetic memory. He explained it as a theory that all Titans share a common impulse to return to their evolutionary source and Saratoga gave the example of spawning salmon. Lind said that was the case and gave the example of a homing pigeon. He said that if the Hollow Earth was the Titans' home and this life force sustains them, Saratoga finished by saying that a Titan could show them the way. Lind said he could do that with the help of an old colleague and put down the magazine on the table that had Doctor May on the front of it describing her as the "Kong Whisperer."

Back at Black Skull Island, Kong was walking around and grunting very softly. The dome was still cracked and it was pouring down rain there at the sight. Jie sat on the bed and May was looking for something. Jie handed it to her and the receptionist on the radio said that there was a visitor waiting for May at Security. Jie said in sign language that May was nervous and the doctor said in sign language that everything was fine. Jie said that May could not lie to her because she was not a child anymore and May just chuckled softly. After May heard the idea that Lind suggested, she thought that the idea of a power source to the Hollow Earth was crazy even for him and Lind insisted that it was there. He said that they just needed Kong to bring them to it and May said that the second that he took Kong out of containment, Godzilla was gonna come for him. Lind said that May said that they couldn't keep Kong in here forever and May said that their meddling has already wreaked havoc on Kong's habitat. She said that there was no way she would let him drag Kong halfway across the world to use him as a weapon and Lind said that he wasn't talking about a weapon, but rather, an ally to protect them and lead them the way down there. May asked him what made him believe that Kong would go in there and Lind said that May believed that Black Skull Island was like the Hollow Earth on the surface. He said that was where Kong's ancestors came from and through the entrance in the Bug Bear Territory, they could help him find a new home and save theirs.

He said that the power source may be their only hope and that had to stop Godzilla. This was their only chance and if they didn't do it now, the world would be wiped out by the King Of The Monsters himself. May thought about it a little bit and after sighing a bit, she agreed to it. She said that when it comes to Kong, what she says goes and Lind was excited. He said for her to name the terms and thanked her. He kissed her on the cheek and she just found that awkward. He apologized for that and said that she won't regret this. May said that she already regretted this and Jie said in sign language that this was Kong's home, their home. May said in sign language that their home was together and told her to come along. Kong was taking a nap out on one of the aircraft carriers and he had his hand skimming across the water. He was being transported to the entrance of the Hollow Earth in the Bug Bear Territory across the North Luna Ocean and past the Crystal Mountains. A helicopter flew by and one of the ponies on board noticed Kong lying there on the ship. Inside the command center, Lind said that he could smell Kong from up here and May said that the giant Titan could smell him too. Kong sat up a bit an May asked if Lind was still not a fan. Jie said in sign language that he was a coward and May smiled at that. Lind asked what Jie was saying and May said that it was an Iwi expression which meant he was very brave, Lind bought it and told them to use a light touch on the sedatives. He was their escort and they couldn't have him comatose when they reached the Hollow Earth.

May asked what he would do next if Kong refused to go in and the PA came on telling Lind to come to the forward deck because there was a guest waiting for him. He said that he had to go attend to that and May said in sign language that he was a coward. Lind went down the stairs and saw Kong observing what these chains were. He growled very softly and then quite loudly. Lind said welcome to the pony standing there and they asked who was the idiot who came up with this idea. Lind just chuckled nervously and the pony introduced themselves as Maia Summons. She said that her father sent her and Lind introduced himself as well. They both shook hooves and Maia said that she was just here to babysit. She said that the Hollow Earth Aerial Vehicles were on their way to the Bug Bear Territory as they speak and that she knew that Monarch believed that they were cutting edge, but the prototypes that they were loaning them will make what they've been flying look like used Miatas. Lind said that he liked Miatas and Maia said to forget about the price tag, which was very obscene, because of the technology used in it. She said that the antigravity engines alone would produce enough charge to light up Las Pegasus for a week and she said to feel free to be impressed. Later that night, it was storming outside and Kong was trying to sleep.

Lind said that they would be at the Bug Bear Territory entry in 48 hours and this path would get them into the Hollow Earth. He said that once they were inside, Kong should be able to lead them to the power source and warned them that the gravitational inversion will be quite intense. He said that his best guess is that upon entry, it will feel like bungee jumping with the cord tied to your lower intestine, but if the vehicles were as good as Maia claimed, then they should have minimal issues. Maia said that they'll do their job, Lind just had to do his and gave an arrogant smile at him like any self entitled person would normally do when they are always trying to be right on everything. One of the military officers named Admiral Wilcox informed Doctor May that they have avoided all of Godzilla's known territorial waters according to her guidelines and May said that was good. Wilcox asked if he should be concerned and May said that he should because these two Titans have a way of sensing threats. She believed that they had an ancient rivalry and the myths say that their ancestors fought each other in a great war. Wilcox asked if they meet again, it would be who bows to who and May chuckled at that. She said that she spent 10 years on Black Skull Island studying Kong and one thing she knew for sure was that Kong bows to no one. Jie was busy sleeping in her bedroom, but she heard some faint moaning coming from outside.

She got up and headed out towards the docks to see why Kong was acting that way. She could feel his pulse quickening and there was a loud thud. Maia saw Jie out there and asked if she was supposed to be out there. May saw Jie through the window and raced down to go get her. Jie approached an angry Kong calmly and smiled at him. She stuck her hoof out and Kong stopped what he was doing. He saw his friend smiling at him and he stuck his hand out to meet her hoof. He grunted softly and sat down on the platform. May was utterly horrified at what she saw and she ran over to retrieve Jie. She told her to come on, but the little filly would not move whatsoever. May asked her in sign language what she was doing because it was not safe out here and Jie said in sign language that Kong was sad and angry. May said in sign language that it was because the giant Titan did not understand and they only wanted to help him. Jie said in sign language that Kong doesn't believe that and May asked in sign language how she knew that. Jie said in sign language that Kong told her and May watched Kong do sign language that meant home. May was stunned at what she saw and the rest of the crew in the command center couldn't believe it either. Maia asked if Kong just talked and Lind literally was speechless on what he just saw.

Back in Las Pegasus, Tyrel was telling his audience to listen up and Aesha put him on loudspeaker so she could hear his podcast in clear context. Tyrel said that in the midst of Godzilla's attack on Apex Las Pegasus, he had found some crazy tech with no official classification and Aesha was typing away on the computer while she listened to Tyrel's voice. Tyrel said that what he saw didn't match any of the engineering specs that he has ever seen and asked what they were working on in such blackout secrecy. He said that this could be the thread that finally unravels the Apex sweater of conspiracy and his audience better believe that he was gonna keep tugging. He said that for now, he was secure. Anonymous and hiding in plain sight as he continued his mission. Aesha heard a loud car engine and looked outside to see a van approaching towards her house. She went outside and the guy driving it stepped out of it. He told Aesha that his brother could never know that they took his van and Aesha told him, who we'll call Hakeem, that even if they got into an accident, she didn't think he could tell. Hakeem said that his brother would never let Aesha drive either and Aesha said that it was her mission, her wheel. Hakeem said he just didn't believe it was a good idea to go looking for some secret weirdo off the Internet and they just had an assembly on this very issue. Aesha said that Tyrel was not a weirdo, he was a covert investigator and he was the only one looking for the truth about Godzilla and Apex.

Hakeem said to just let him look and asked why they had to help him. Aesha said that if they don't, nopony else will and went to turn the van on. She asked Hakeem if he was coming or not and he said that he would come. He tried opening the door, but it refused to move whatsoever. He said that it was stuck and Aesha turned on the van. She was about to drive off, but he told her to wait and he jumped off into the back before she could get very far. They went down the road and Aesha continued to listen to Tyrel's podcast. Hakeem said that they had been listening to this guy for hours and attempted to take control of the wheel. The van started to slip and slide and Aesha told him to knock it off. She said that this was the part she had mentioned to him about and Tyrel mentioned something about bleach. Aesha said that was how they could find him and Hakeem seemed skeptical about that. Aesha said that Tyrel consumed a ton of bleach and Hakeem asked if this guy drank bleach. Aesha said that he showers with it and Hakeem basically mocked that idea. Aesha said that it was prevention against organic tracking technology and said that it was tradecraft. Hakeem said that it would have made more sense if Tyrel just drank it and Aesha slightly hit him in the arm in a way that told him to just go back sitting on the floor.

Back in Canterlot, Twilight asked Celestia if she was serious and Spike asked if Princesses could retire. Luna said that they could at any time and that she was looking forward to a little R&R in Silver Shoals perhaps. Twilight asked if they wanted her to take their place and both princesses nodded. Luna said that would include the help of Twilight's friends and they all supported her. Celestia said that they couldn't think of anypony more worthy and flew down to the floor. She said that over the years, they have watched her grow and have faced task after task. Luna chimed in and said challenge after challenge. Discord flew around and said with annoyance in his voice that Twilight had faced countless adversities. Celestia said that Twilight had always prevailed and Twilight still wasn't sure. She said that didn't mean that she was ready to do what they do and asked what would become of Godzilla. Celestia said that Twilight was definitely ready and as for Godzilla, his position wouldn't change. He had a special place in the world and he would continue to reign on the throne as King Of The Monsters even if there was a shift in power in Equestria. She said that this was probably a lot to take in, but Rainbow said that it made perfect sense. Rainbow asked if that meant they would get all of their powers and called dibs on showing up in everypony's dreams.

Twilight said that there was no way they could step into the princesses' horseshoes just like that and Applejack said that if they believed it was time to retire, then all of them were not a bad choice. She said that they always had Equestria's best interest at heart, and Twilight said that was true which should definitely be considered when they discuss this in a round table discussion. Before she could finish, Rarity interrupted her and said that all of them needed an entire wardrobe update. She said that she would love to discuss mane maintenance when Twilight had a moment and Fluttershy said that as long as they had each other, she was sure they could do it. Pinkie brought them all together for a promise to protect Equestria and they waited for Twilight's answer. She stared at it and believed that Celestia should really be having this conversation with Godzilla since he has done all the hard work in protecting this planet, but he wasn't exactly a pony, so that might make things strange. Only Fluttershy would be able to understand what he was saying and that could become difficult for the rest of the nation since they can't speak monster talk. Twilight sighed and said that if the rest of her friends were on board, then she guessed she would be as well. They did their chant and Twilight said that it would definitely be an adjustment, but she believed that the transfer of power will be a lengthy process. Celestia cut her off and said that they only needed a few days to prepare a little ceremony.

Discord seemed surprised at that remark and Twilight chuckled nervously. She expressed discontent with that and the rest of the group groaned in frustration. She said that was so soon and asked them if there was some sort of training program that lasts a very long time. Celestia said that everything Twilight has gone through over the last nine years has been a training program and Twilight said that there had to be a guide somewhere. She said that even Godzilla would be better at ruling Equestria because he did all of the dirty work and Discord presented some sort of book that he made up himself. Luna said that the Friendship Journal that the Mane Six wrote themselves was a better guide than anything they could provide and Twilight started hyperventilating. Celestia said that they had the utmost confidence in Twilight and Luna said that she hoped the purple alicorn had the same in herself. Twilight grabbed a brown paper bag and Discord said with snark that he believed she did. At the Castle of Friendship, Twilight said that she was not confident about this at all, and Discord said that was what he said over there in Canterlot, but he was being sarcastic. He pulled out some hair spray and applied it to his goatee hanging down from his chin. Applejack glared at him and he didn't take too kindly to that.

He said that all of this was so predictable and now was the part where they told Twilight that everything was gonna be fine, but she won't believe them. He said that he didn't need to be here for this and he snapped his talons to disappear. Twilight said that she knew she said yes, but then the princesses threw in "a few days," and there was still so much to figure out. It was all happening so fast and she continued to hyperventilate inside of the brown paper bag. Twilight said that she needed some water, but Rarity gave it to her as if she knew that already. Twilight said that she'll feel much better before Rarity said once she made a plan and Twilight was amazed. She said that it seemed like they knew she would act like this, and Spike said that was the case. Pinkie said that it was classic Twilighting and Twilight asked if Pinkie made her a verb. Applejack said that it wasn't a bad thing, but they knew she just had a process and Rainbow laid it out. Fluttershy said that Twilight could do that and they'll be right here. Twilight said that they were all acting so calm about this, but this was a big deal and asked what would happen if something big occurred and the princesses were not there to help. Rainbow said that if she thought about it, they literally never helped and it was always Godzilla that was coming in to save the day so he could save their flanks from getting destroyed.

Applejack seemed surprised at that and Pinkie said that they still always win. Pinkie listed off various different times of villains getting defeated and asked if she missed any. They all said their bits and Applejack asked if Flim and Flam count. Rainbow said that they had done almost everything without the princesses' help which made sense now since this was all just training for Twilight to take over. Spike said that strategy has worked and there hasn't been a single villain that they have not defeated yet. Twilight smiled a bit and sighed in relief. Out in the Everfree Forest, Chrysalis was talking to herself and she was going mentally insane. She said that she will defeat the Mane Six and they would pay for stealing her kingdom. After nothing happened, she created another image on a tree stump and suddenly disappeared in a whisk of black smoke. In Tartarus, Tirek was busy tallying in his cage and Cozy whispered his name. Tirek said that his name was Lord Tirek and asked what the filly wanted now. Cozy said that she wanted to make sure that the Centaur saw her best friends rock sculpture from where he was at. He rolled his eyes and went back to what he was doing. He was so bored and he sighed in defeat. He disappeared along with Cozy Glow and the sculpture crumbled to pieces. Down in some cave, a stick drew some sort of symbol and a dark crystal came out of it. A black shadow came out of it and green eyes with purple mist and a red curved horn popped out of it.

Tirek and Cozy were brought to some remote location and Chrysalis appeared on the other side. She turned around and addressed Tirek. The Centaur seemed surprised at the sighting of a Changeling and told Cozy that Chrysalis seemed to get it. Cozy rolled her eyes and Chrysalis addressed herself as the Queen of the Changelings or soon will be when she was restored to her rightful place. She asked Tirek why she was summoned and asked Cozy in a very angry tone what she wanted. Cozy hid behind Tirek's leg and said that she thought Chrysalis freed her and Tirek from Tartarus. Chrysalis seemed surprised at that and said that whoever did that must have been someone very powerful. After she said that, evil laughter was heard and the three of them looked above them to see a black shadow forming into the body of King Sombra. The King was back and he wanted revenge on those who had wronged him before. Chrysalis asked Sombra if he had truly returned and asked with anger why he brought them here. A new voice said that he didn't and they stopped what they were doing. They saw a blue Ram walking by and the Ram said that it was him. He told them that they could call him Grogar and all of them gasped in surprise. Chrysalis asked if he was the real Grogar and Tirek said that he thought the Ram was a legend. Sombra said that he had heard of Grogar and Cozy asked who that was. Grogar assured them that he was in fact very real and all of them had been summoned here as part of his plan to rid Equestria of the Mane Six and Godzilla once and for all.

He smiled wickedly at them and gave evil laughter. Cozy was absolutely confused at who Grogar was and she said that the name didn't ring any bells. Grogar corrected her and said that he has been away too long that his name no longer strikes fear into the heart of one so tiny. He suggested that a demonstration of power was in order and he blew an orb over to the group of villains. Tirek devoured it and he grew slightly stronger into one of his more stronger forms. He kissed his new muscles and he said that Grogar was ancient and extremely powerful. He said that the land that would become Equestria was a mere collection of farms and pastures until Grogar declared himself emperor of all he saw. He said that he remembered hearing tales of Grogar's tyranny when he was young and Sombra said that he had also heard of the first Emperor of Equestria or more known as the Father of Monsters. Grogar said proudly that he gave life to the foulest of creatures and allowed them to run wild, taking what they wanted and destroying the rest. He said that his reign was a glorious fear soaked epoch of darkness in Equestria and the orb turned black. Chrysalis just laughed at that and Grogar stared at her in confusion. Chrysalis said that lasted until Gusty the Great rose up and banished him and Grogar was angry at that remark.

He said that fool believed that taking his bell would defeat him, but she only weakened him temporarily. Cozy said that Tirek was really old and said that he looked great when he sent her a dirty look. She said that if Tirek knew about Grogar when he was really young, they had very different ideas about what temporarily means and Grogar ordered for her silence. He said that he has spent over 10,000 years bidding his time and waiting for the perfect opportunity to seize control of Equestria. He said that he has watched all of them and seen each of their humiliating defeats at the hands of Godzilla. They didn't take too kindly to that and Grogar asked them why the King Of The Monsters has always bested them. Sombra was about to say something, but Chrysalis interjected and said it was because he cheated. Tirek said that he was annoyingly lucky and Cozy said she was just a kid, so she had no idea whatsoever. Grogar said it was because he worked together with the Mane Six and said when one was weak, another is strong and thus unified, they create a formidable force. He said that they should use their own strategy to defeat them and gave the villains an evil smile. Chrysalis asked what he was suggesting and Grogar said that he suggested nothing. He demanded that they join him and together, Equestria could be theirs for the taking. Sombra spoke up and said that he didn't do ours, he only did mine.

Sombra said that he will take back the Crystal Empire on his own and he will destroy anypony that gets in his way. Grogar commented on the amount of the confidence Sombra had and told him to go in order to try to take back his kingdom. He would even send the dark unicorn there himself. Grogar said that if Sombra succeeded, he may keep it, but when he failed, he would submit to him. Sombra asked what would happen if he refused this deal and Grogar said that the unicorn shall be return to the darkness from which he was summoned. Sombra said fine, but said this was a waste of time. He began bragging and it got so bad that Grogar just used some of his power to get him out of there and to shut up. Grogar said that he advised the rest of them to prepare to work together and walked away. Cozy said that working together sounded an awful lot like making friends, but the two of them were in luck, because she knew all about that. Tirek didn't want to deal with it and kicked Cozy away with his pointer finger. Back in Las Pegasus, Aesha and Hakeem stopped at one more place and the latter didn't exactly want to go in here. Aesha asked the guy at the counter if he sold bleach and the guy just groaned. He asked if this was another internet challenge because when he sold some kids detergent pods, he didn't think they were actually gonna eat them and he was still dealing with the lawsuits on that.

Aesha said that they were looking for a guy who works at Apex Cybernetics and buys a ton of bleach here. Hakeem described the guy a bit and Aesha side armed him a bit. The guy at the counter asked if they wanted some candy because he could help them in that department and Aesha said to look at her in the eye. She said that she needed information and Hakeem said that they wanted lots of candy. He slapped down a ton of bits and Aesha asked what he was doing. The guy understood who they were referring to and said he knew that guy. He said that the guy buys a ton of bleach here and he knew where he lived as well. He said that if they bought a live fish, he would give them the guy's address. They went down below and Aesha was banging on the door to see if he would answer. Tyrel said that he was not here and Hakeem said with sarcasm that it was definitely not him. Aesha stared at the camera and said that they were here to talk about Apex and Godzilla. Tyrel was not on board with that idea and he got their faces. He said he would contact the authorities and Hakeem asked if that would be for knocking on a door. Tyrel said no and Aesha said that he didn't trust the authorities. She introduced herself and said that her father worked for Monarch. She attempted to say who her mother was, but Tyrel opened the door and guessed who she was. The three of them went to a local restaurant and Tyrel said that before they began, he asked Aesha if she drank tap or no tap. Aesha said no tap and Hakeem asked what tap was.

Tyrel said that tap was water and they put fluoride in it. He said he learned it from the Nazis and Aesha said that the theory was that made you docile or easy to manipulate. Hakeem said that he drank tap water and Tyrel said that he kind of figured that. He said that she did the thinking for both of them, so they should be alright and he asked what they got. Aesha said that she believed Godzilla's most recent attacks haven't just been random and thought that he targeted the Apex facility. Tyrel said that he had the same opinion and Aesha asked why Godzilla was doing this and what Apex was up to that is provoking the G-Man. Tyrel said that for five years, he embedded himself inside the company, trying to figure out what their game was, and then last week, he saw this. He pulled out his flash drive and said that it was a manifest of huge cargo being sent from here to Apex headquarters in Manehattan, which made no sense because they were not equipped for heavy shipping. Hakeem asked what happened next and Tyrel said that Godzilla showed up. He said that the large Titan caved in half of the facility, but he got a sneak peek at some suspicious tech which was hidden in a secret bunker. Hakeem asked what that was inside of his shirt and he pulled out a flask that you put liquor in. Tyrel said that it was Katzunari single malt whiskey and Hakeem said that it was in a gun holster.

Tyrel said that it was a gift from his Eiza and Hakeem asked if he had an Eiza. Tyrel said that was his wife and she had passed on. He pulled out a photo of her and said that she was his rock. His truth. He said that the day that the flask goes empty is the day he finally gave up and Aesha said that she thought they could help each other. Hakeem said that he guessed they were a team now, they should come up with a plan and Aesha said that they were breaking into Apex. Hakeem did not like the sound of that idea and Tyrel said that he heard her. He called him tap water and Hakeem cursed at himself. Back at the School of Friendship, Starlight knocked on the door and asked if Twilight was in there. She said that with the school closed for the summer, she didn't believe she would be here and she got a scroll thrown in her face. Twilight was in full panic mode and Spike said that this was the point where they needed a backup plan. Starlight got the memo on that and went to enact her plan. Starlight tried talking to Twilight in a casual tone, but Twilight asked aloud if she wrote redundant lists on her school list or personal to do list. Starlight got annoyed at that and shouted Twilight's name. The purple alicorn got scared by that, but she was glad Starlight was here. She said she needed to talk to her and she said she had that written down somewhere. She started to look for it so she could cross it off and Starlight said that Twilight was Twilighting hard.

Twilight seemed surprised by that and then got offended by it as well. She said that this was the first time she was asked to run a whole kingdom and Starlight said that she was right. She asked what Twilight wanted to talk to her about and Twilight said that she found it. She read off the entire speech in a very quick fashion and asked Starlight what she thought. Starlight seemed surprised by that and repeated everything to herself in shock. Twilight said yes in confusion and Starlight said that she couldn't do that. She wasn't ready and asked Twilight if she remembered the last time she was put in charge. She asked if she wanted to have her do it permanently and asked what would happen if she didn't do the right things. Twilight told Starlight to get ahold of herself and told the unicorn that she has risen to every challenge she had ever faced. She could do anything she put her mind to and she got this. Starlight smiled wickedly and said that Twilight did as well. Starlight asked if Twilight saw what she did there and said that Twilight said everything she needed to hear. However, Twilight tried to deny that and said nice try. She said that running a school and running a country are totally two different things and told her that if she didn't mind, she had 7,432 more things to do before she became the new ruler of Equestria. Twilight started hyperventilating again and Spike gave her the brown paper bag. He said that it was a valent effort and Starlight just facehoofed in defeat.

Out in the North Luna Ocean behind Mount Everhoof, Kong picked up a bunch of fish and ate it. Jie was busy inside drawing and Doctor May tried calling her attention. She asked Jie in sign language why she didn't tell her because she has been trying to communicate with Kong for a long time so she could understand what he was saying and Jie said in sign language that Kong didn't want May to know because he was afraid. May said in sign language that everypony knows now and Jie just felt awful because of it. Lind stared at a photo of his brother and May brought him some coffee. He thanked her for it and asked her how Jie was doing. May said that she was calm, but so much that it seemed scary and Lind said that was extraordinary. May said that she had been signing the alphabet using basic commands and she thought that Kong showed recognition, but he never did anything. Lind asked if May knew how long Jie and Kong have been communicating for and she said no. She said that she knew that they had a bond and Kong trusted her. She said that without Jie, Kong would be tearing the ship apart and mentioned that Jie's parents were killed on Black Skull Island. She said that when the storm took over the island, it had wiped out the native people, but Kong had saved her and she had nowhere to go. So, May made a promise to protect her and she thought in some way, Kong did the same.

Lind asked if Kong could take directions from Jie and May said no. Lind attempted to say that if they have someone who can keep the reins on Kong, but May said that no one could keep the reins on Kong and Jie was just a child. Speaking of which, she felt muffled pulsing and put her hand to the wall. She could hear the sounds of Godzilla outside and she ran out of the room to alert Kong. Lind said that she knew that Jie was only a child, but she was the only one that Kong will communicate with and they needed him to find that power source. The world needed him and May just nodded. The alarm went off and they went to investigate what was going on. They met up with Jie and Lind asked what she was saying. May looked at him and said that Godzilla was here. Outside, Kong gave out an angry roar and slammed the chains down on the ground. There was a lot of anxious chatter going on inside the cockpit and May asked Admiral Wilcox if they changed course. Wilcox said that they were nowhere near the areas that May flagged and Lind said that it looked like Godzilla was coming for them anyway. May said that they weren't coming for him and then demanded that they dumped Kong. May didn't like her attitude and suggested that maybe she should be thrown in the ocean. Kong lifted the chains again and the ship moved again. May said that they had to release Kong and Lind said that if they lose him, the mission was over.

May said that Kong was a sitting duck out there and they had to let him protect himself and them if they didn't want to die instantly from Godzilla. The ships began to fire off a bunch of missiles and Kong roared in anger because of how loud they were. They hit Godzilla's general area, but the Kaiju was unharmed by the attacks. He swam through the ocean and his dorsal plates came up to the surface. They smashed one of the ships in half and caused a major explosion in the ocean. Kong tried breaking free, but he was still stuck and watched fighter jets go by. They launched missiles at Godzilla's dorsal plates and the Kaiju roared in anger. He threw his tail up in the air and destroyed one of the fighter jets with it. That caused another explosion and Godzilla used his tail to pull the destroyed ships with him. Kong roared in anger and tried to break free, but still, nothing happened. Kong roared at Godzilla and Godzilla roared back at him in kind. Jie ran to the safe area inside of the cockpit and May locked the door to secure them inside. Kong saw the ship disappear and roared at Godzilla to show himself. Godzilla launched himself in the air and the ship started to turn over because of the massive weight of his body. It went back up for a second before tumbling back down. The other ships fired missiles at Godzilla and he roared in anger. He dove right into the ocean and Lind went over to release Kong from his hold. Godzilla was inching closer and Lind released Kong with a lot of force.

Godzilla collided with Kong's chest and the two went at it with one another. Godzilla tried to bite Kong, but Kong held his arms away from him so he couldn't bite him. Kong kicked Godzilla in the chest and swam back up to the surface. The ship was able to be turned back over and he got back on it. Kong took off the collar and roared. He beat his chest and Lind was able to set May and Jie free. Kong saw Godzilla moving through the water and noticed two aircraft carriers sitting in front of him. He ran over to the first one and jumped right over it in order to get to the second one. He landed on it and it caused a small explosion. He saw fighter jets taking off and Kong lifted the ship up slightly to have them take off as a launch pad. Godzilla saw where Kong was at and he swam over to where he was. Kong roared at him in anger and Godzilla did the same in kind. Kong picked up one of the fighter jets and threw it at Godzilla as a projectile. The pilot was able to pull the ejector seat and the jet hit Godzilla's dorsal plates. Godzilla went up to the surface and clamped his hands down on the ship to lift himself up onto it. He roared at Kong and the giant ape threw a punch at the Kaiju. Godzilla tumbled a bit, but he grew angry and smacked Kong upside the head. He had dealt with this before in the Tasman Sea back in 2021, and he would have to fight him again to show him who was boss. Kong fell the ground and Godzilla built up his atomic breath. He inched closer to him, but he got hit in the back of his neck with missiles.

He roared in pain and Kong took that as his opportunity to punch Godzilla. Godzilla tried to get him again, but Kong used his body to send Godzilla right back into the ocean. Godzilla built up his atomic breath once again and once Kong saw what that was, he got nervous and started running. Godzilla blasted his atomic breath into the sky and Kong jumped into the ocean so that he could avoid it. All of them were in complete shock and were worried that Kong might have died somehow at the hands of Godzilla. But Kong was not out quite yet. Godzilla attacked him from behind and roared at him. Kong tried to strangle him, but it was quite difficult to do so. Kong kicked Godzilla in the face and attempted to swim back up to the surface. However, Godzilla would not let him get away that easily and strangled him back down below the ocean depths. May said that Kong needed their help and there must have been some way to disorient Godzilla. She said it would be depth charges and Admiral Wilcox pressed some buttons to activate them. They got launched into the air and fell down towards the battle between Godzilla and Kong. Kong could barely breathe at this point and he was trying to get out of there, but Godzilla held a tight grip on him and dragged him to the bottom of the ocean. Kong yelled with anger and there was a sudden explosion at the top of the ocean. Kong was able to get free and everypony was in silence as they waited to see what happened.

Kong set his hand on the ship and pulled himself up to it. He emptied out all of the water that had collected in his mouth and laid down on his back on the deck. Godzilla was swimming through the ocean again and Lind said that the Kaiju was circling back. May said that this wouldn't end until one of them submits and Lind ordered for everything to be shut down. May seemed confused by that and Lind said all of it. Admiral Wilcox said that if they do that, then they were dead, but Lind said that they were playing dead. May added that they were making Godzilla think that he has won and Wilcox ordered for everything to shut off. Wilcox said that this better work and Lind stared out the window. Godzilla came up to the surface and looked around to see what damage has been done. He saw that everything was dead, and after a few seconds, he seemed satisfied and swam away. May breathed a sigh of relief and Jie waved to Kong. The ape saw her and she thanked him in sign language. May said that as soon as they moved again, Godzilla would be back and asked how they were supposed to get the rest of the way. Lind thought about it and then asked how Kong was with heights. He had an idea, and if this didn't sound too crazy, he could get this to work and have Kong lead them through the Hollow Earth to get this power source so they could stop Godzilla once and for all.

In the Crystal Empire, black shadows started to appear in the city and citizens started running in fear. A bunch of black crystals started to appear and one of the small fillies tripped. Sombra appeared and gave her an evil grin. She was terrified and the parents sent him a glare. He used the fear spell on all of them and their eyes turned green. A spear was thrown in his direction and turned around to see guards charging at him from every direction. He used a bunch of black crystals to throw them back and he summoned the Crystal Helmets that were seen in the Season 5 finale. He put it on their heads and he started marching towards the castle. Shining Armor ran inside the throne room and said that the guards of Sombra had breached the castle. Cadence was busy writing a letter and then sent it out as soon as she could. She asked her husband if he had Flurry Heart and Shining said that he thought she had her. They started to panic and ran towards her room, hoping that she was okay. It was too late though as Sombra had invaded the room and held Flurry by her hind hoof. Cadence wanted to blast Sombra to pieces, but Shining stopped her from doing so. She said that Sombra wouldn't get away with this, but he said that he already had. He touched Flurry's muzzle, but she tried to bite him. She missed and he laughed evilly. The Crystal Heart got placed in a pedestal above the throne held up by two black crystals and it turned slightly black.

He said that with the Crystal Heart in his possession, nothing could stop him from ruling the Crystal Empire and he ordered them to kneel before him. The guards forced them to and they complied. He sat back in the throne and said long live the king. In Ponyville, Twilight was pacing back and forth in her castle as she heard the news of the attack on the Crystal Empire from a letter from Cadence and she alerted her friends about it. She was just waiting on them and she began thinking. She hoped that Godzilla had heard about this, but it appeared that he was dealing with a crisis of his own right now as ponykind is labelling that attack on Apex as random and labeling him as a bad guy. It made her angry that ponies were thinking that way and she wanted to give them a piece of her mind. Godzilla had done so much for Equestria and this was how they repaid him?! Even though there was no obvious rival around, she knew Godzilla would not attack at random. Something would have to provoke him in order for him to get angry which usually meant a rival Titan. It was still unclear what it was, but she knew that Godzilla had a perfectly good reason to be angry. As much as she would like to speculate on this right now, she had to focus on the task at hand here and worry about that later when this is taken care of. The doors opened and Twilight thanked them all for coming so quickly. Discord suddenly appeared and said you're welcome.

He said that if Twilight was gonna be the ruler of Equestria, she might want to work on her penmanship. He summoned the scroll from Cadence and pulled out his reading glasses. He read the letter to see if he understood what it said and Twilight said that it was exactly how it was written. Rarity asked how that was possible since Godzilla had defeated him and the Crystal Heart blasting him into the ether, and Twilight said that she had no idea. She said that he was back and it was up to them to stop him. Fluttershy asked if somepony should tell Celestia and Luna and Discord said that was a good idea. He said that one of us should loop in the "real" rulers of Equestria and Twilight disagreed. She said that if they were going to run Equestria, they will need to handle things like this on their own. Discord asked if this finally meant Twilight had the confidence to ascend to the throne like the princesses believed she could and Twilight said maybe. She asked if he could take care of Sombra for them and they gave him nervous smiles. Discord didn't want to do that and pushed Twilight away. He shook her hoof very rapidly and said that they needed to handle this on their own. He gave her a bunch of stuff and disappeared. Applejack said that handling things on their own sounded good, but the last time they defeated him, they did so with the Crystal Heart and the help of Godzilla. Spike asked what they would do if Sombra had the heart already and said they had no idea where Godzilla was at, so they couldn't rely on him.

Twilight put the stuff down and saw the Tree of Harmony on the map. She said that they could defeat him with the Elements of Harmony and with those, they could defeat anyone including Sombra. Discord pulled back the fake curtain and expressed his disdain for that idea. He said that they didn't need the Elements the last time they defeated Sombra and he wasn't sure that counted as handling things on their own. Twilight said that her family was in danger and Godzilla was not available at the moment because he was dealing with another crisis, so she couldn't take any chances. Rainbow said that she had a point and Discord just complained. He pulled the curtain back and Pinkie asked what his problem was. Twilight asked Starlight if she could stay here and take care of the school, and Starlight said that she had Twilight covered. They went to the Tree of Harmony and Twilight extracted them from the Tree. It connected to all of them and they teleported away to face Sombra in the Crystal Empire. Speaking of which, Sombra was busy eating grapes and he saw Flurry trying to break her family out of there. Sombra just grinned and they sent him a glare. He said that it was cute that they thought that it would do anything and Cadence said that it might not, but they will. She pointed towards the Mane Six and Pinkie yelled that Calvary was here. They charged at Sombra and he just laughed at them. He asked himself how he could be surprised when he waiting here to show them all their greatest fear.

He used the fear spell on them and they all struggled through it as they got blasted by it. Twilight saw everyone she knew have helmets on their heads and she got worried. She stared at the glaring green eyes and they shifted towards Celestia and Luna. Celestia said that it was so disappointing and Luna said that Equestria was in Twilight's care and she let be destroyed. They turned into Daybreaker and Nightmare Moon and she saw the entire country get destroyed by all of the Titans with Godzilla leading the way. He roared at her and then proceeded to blast her with his atomic breath. Sombra said that all of them should just surrender and nothing could defeat their own fears. Twilight's crown suddenly lit up and freed her from Sombra's control. The crown connected to the other elements and they did the same. Sombra was stunned by that and Twilight said that they didn't need to defeat their own fears, they had to face them long enough to distract him. Sombra saw Spike blow fire at the black crystal and watched Cadence fly out of there at super sonic speed. She picked up the Crystal Heart and flew out the castle. Sombra tried to stop her, but Flurry blasted him and he growled at her. Shining said that he thought that it was cute to think that would do anything and Cadence put the Crystal Heart back in its proper place. It restored the Empire back to the way it was and Sombra growled with anger. He said that they may have won the battle, but he shall win the war.

Twilight blasted the Elements right at him and he shielded himself for cover. He simply disappeared into shadow and left some smoke behind. Rainbow said that they totally wiped the castle with Sombra and Twilight hugged her niece. Cadence was still in a defensive position, but once she saw Sombra was gone, she went back into a normal stance and smiled. Shining thanked her sister for saving them and they all hugged. Pinkie said that was fun and Applejack said it was surprisingly easy. Rarity said that as magical battles go, that was a cake walk and Pinkie liked the sound of that idea. She walked on cake with her hind legs and they laughed at the antics. Twilight said that they did handle this pretty well on their own and Spike asked if this was what he thought it meant. Twilight said that she still didn't feel like she was one hundred percent ready, but she asked if she would ever be. Applejack said that knowing her, nope and Twilight said that she had all of them. They had the Elements and together, they have never failed and they will be okay. Twilight returned the Elements back to the Tree and said that once again, Equestria was safe. Fluttershy asked what they should do to celebrate and Pinkie said that she voted for a cake walk. Some dark crystals appeared and a black shadow came out of it. Some green eyes with purple mist and a red curved horn appeared and it started to shake the place up. The Mane Six stopped in their tracks and Applejack asked what was going on. Twilight said she had no idea and took a look behind her.

More dark crystals punctured parts of the Tree and then one big one crushed it from underneath, sending all of the crystals flying and shattering upon impact to the ground. All of them gasped with horror and Sombra did some evil laughter as a result of it. He was far from done and he was just getting started. If they thought it was that easy defeating him, they were in for a rude awakening. He would make sure that he would make this as difficult as possible and watch them suffer through it.

Back in Las Pegasus, Aesha, Hakeem, and Tyrel were sneaking into the Apex facility and Aesha asked Tyrel what the game plan was. Tyrel said that they needed to find out what was on sublevel 33 and told Hakeem to keep moving. They continued to move through the destruction and they stopped at some sort of hole into the ground. Tyrel said to Aesha that it was time to go down the rabbit hole and they did some sort of thing that bros do when they meet up. He slid down and Hakeem asked Aesha if they could really trust this guy and Aesha said they could and asked why. Hakeem said it was just because he says crazy crap all of the time and carries a bottle of whiskey from his dead wife like a gun. Aesha said that she thought it was romantic and she slid down the hole. He said that he really didn't understand women and he slid down as well.

Tyrel broke the cover to the entrance and they got the doors to open. They followed him inside and he tried to explain what had happened last week. He said there was some sort of red eye there, but when he looked, it was gone. Hakeem asked what they were looking at and Tyrel said he was sure this was here. Aesha called out to them and pressed the button which revealed an elevator. She asked if they had any idea where this led to and Tyrel asked Hakeem if he believed him because he knows that something was down here. Hakeem said that he was going to get a migraine from that torch and they walked inside the elevator. Hakeem seemed confused at the term sublevel and asked Tyrel how far down this thing goes and Tyrel said that it goes down to Hell. The door opened to sublevel 33 and they were surprised at what they saw. Aesha asked what all of this was and Tyrel said that it was breakaway civilization. He said that this was page one of the Apex playing God handbook and the Illuminati running shadow economies to fund a hidden colony for the elite in case any of these governments and megacorporations accidentally hit the doomsday button. He said that it makes sense if you thought about it and Hakeem was slightly creeped out by that. Aesha said that someone was coming and they all hid in some sort of area where they couldn't be seen whatsoever. Aesha couldn't believe what she just saw and Hakeem commented about how they looked like eggs. Aesha said that they were Skull-crawlers and asked what Apex was doing with those creatures.

Before she could get an answer, the door closed and they tried to get out, but it was useless. Hakeem said that he thinks that they are moving and the capsule got put on the conveyor belt. Hakeem said that it looked like they were heading to Apex headquarters in Manehattan and Aesha couldn't believe it. Tyrel said that meant they were gonna get some answers and the tunnel lit up. The engine started to accelerate and they watched as the speed of the speedometer climbed very rapidly. They were going to get some answers and whatever Apex was hiding in Manehattan, it definitely wasn't good that was for sure. They try to act like Godzilla attacked ponykind without reason all while hiding something from them and been working undercover to build something that will counteract Godzilla more effectively. They might have thought that they would get away with this, but it would not last very long whatsoever. They were on their way to Manehattan right now and when they arrive, they'll finally be to get the last pieces of evidence to figure out why Apex has angered Godzilla so much that he decided to attack their facility in Las Pegasus.

In the Bug Bear Territory, helicopters were able to airlift Kong towards the entrance to the Hollow Earth and avoid Godzilla entirely for the rest of the way. Lind said that they were getting close and May looked at him with skepticism. The helicopters landed Kong onto the ground and the harnessed snapped. Kong opened his eyes and saw them leaving. He sat up and started to observe the snow a bit with fascination. He heard an alarm and he walked over to Jie who was standing right there. She looked back at May and the Doctor nodded in approval to go ahead and do this. Jie said to Kong in sign language that home was down there in the Hollow Earth and the ape stared at it with curiosity. Kong walked away from them and Lind said that it was not working. May told him to wait and Lind asked if Jie could tell Kong that there were others down there like him as well. May said that he didn't know that and Lind said that they lost their entire fleet getting here. There was no way back for him and he couldn't survive here. Kong stared a bit and shivered a bit as he was cold. May told Jie in sign language to tell Kong that there could be more like him in the Hollow Earth and Jie asked in sign language if May meant family. May sighed and said in sign language that she had no idea, but she hoped so. Kong came back over and Jie said to Kong in sign language that his family could be down there in the Hollow Earth.

Kong stared at it again and started running towards it. Lind said that Kong was going and ordered everypony to get to their stations immediately because they had a giant Ape to follow. Kong went inside and all of the HEAV's followed right behind him. Maia asked if Kong was gonna survive this and Lind said that the Titan will be fine, it was them he was worried about. He said that they were about to be launched 1,000 miles in two seconds until gravity inverts itself and spits them into free fall. He said that it will be the most amazing thing that Maia has ever seen and gave her a paper bag for the vomit in case she does do that. Kong continued to hop across, but fell down the hole and the HEAV's followed him down there. They all braced for impact and they got sucked inside. There was a bunch of distorted screaming before they eventually made it to the Hollow Earth. Lind saw Kong staring right at him and he seemed a little creeped out by that. The HEAVs started to fly upwards while Kong continued to fall. They were able to fix everything and they followed Kong through the habitat. They were all amazed by what they saw and May said that it was beautiful. Lind heard some radio chatter and the pilot said that they were getting strange radar activity. He said that they were gonna circle back, but before he could finish his sentence, a creature flew right through him and caused the entire aircraft to explode. They watched as the creature circled around and then they all screamed when they saw the creature heading right for them.

This was known as the Warbat and they were not very nice creatures when they see newcomers. Kong pulled back the Warbat and flung it around. He saw another Warbat coming, so he hit it with the one in his hands and the other one got knocked down. He roared in victory and the Warbat roared in anger. It charged right at Kong and the giant Ape stopped him from getting closer. The Warbat wrapped its body around Kong and covered him with one of its wings. Kong roared in pain and tried to break free. Lind said to prepare to attack and they sent out missiles towards the battle occurring in front of them. The missiles hit the Warbat and it roared in pain. Kong picked it up and then threw it on the ground. He continued to break bones in the Warbat's body and threw his fists down on the creature as a final death blow. He took the head off and drank the substance that was inside. Maia said that was gross and and Kong continued to move after he was done. May said on the radio that Kong was on the move once again and they followed him as he moved through the habitat. Lind said on the radio that Kong seems to know where he was going and May said he can certainly move. Kong climbed up the mountain and then stopped at the cliff. He touched one of the space rocks to test the gravity here and then he decided to try it himself. He began to float through the sky and saw a giant hand right there. The shipping pod was still moving through the tunnel system and Tyrel noticed that it was slowing down.

They had arrived to Manehattan and the door opened. They all stepped out and Tyrel told them all to keep quiet and follow him. The door opened and Tyrel asked if they were going in. Aesha said that they were and they kept moving forward. The door closed and Hakeem tried to get out, but it was effectively useless. He sighed and said that it seemed like every time, the doors would close as if they hated them. They stopped and saw a massive room in front of them. Tyrel decided to yell something really loud to see if it would echo and it worked perfectly. He said that it was so massive, yet so stupid at the same time. Aesha asked what this place even was and Tyrel said that if there was a corporate-friendly term for a sacrifice pit, this would be it. Aesha saw a decapitated head on the floor and said that stinks. There was an alarm that went off and Aesha said that was not good. Tyrel said that he really hated this place and an automated voice said that there would be a demonstration starting in T-minus one minute. It said that all personnel are to stay clear of the area and the three of them saw a bunch of lights turn on. One of the engineers told Damián that the systems were coming online now and the CEO was busy drinking a cup of beer with a smile on his face. The metal doors opened and it revealed some sort of giant robot thing in a circle shape.

Damián asked for the commence uplink and Ren Saratoga said that he was engaging the uplink. He put the cap on his head and the robot started to power up. It eventually roared and Tyrel said that it was robot Godzilla. Hakeem said that was MechaGodzilla and they watched as the robot continued to power itself up. Damián was proud of his creation and ordered for subject number 10 to be released. The group down below heard the gate thudding and they saw a Skullcrawler snarling at them. They screamed in horror and started running away from it. The Skullcrawler broke free and roared at all of them. It almost caught Aesha, but MechaGodzilla picked up the creature and held it in its arms. The Skullcrawler tried spitting at MechaGodzilla as a tactic to get the robot to put it down. Aesha saw the robot open its mouth and she ran towards the rest of the group. A red beam came out of MechaGodzilla's mouth and blasted the Skullcrawler to smithereens. Damián had to shield his eyes because of how bright the light was and Aesha dropped down below with the group. MechaGodzilla powered down and the deceased Skullcrawler fell to the ground. The green stuff splatted against the window and Tyrel expressed disgust. Damián sighed in defeat and Saratoga told him that the system only reached 40% power. Damián said that was expected, but told Saratoga not to worry because once the Hollow Earth sample was uploaded, their power troubles will be over and Saratoga said that was if they could find the source.

Damián said that they'll find it because he had faith in his daughter and he had faith in their creation. He said that when Godzilla is finally ridden of this Earth, ponykind will once again be the Apex species. Aesha said that this was why Godzilla had attacked the Apex facility in Las Pegasus because they were trying to replace him. MechaGodzilla powered up again and the eye made a bunch of warbling noises. Godzilla could hear that calling out in the Southern Luna Ocean and he swam down into the ocean to attack it. Apex was able to get away with MechaGodzilla once, but he would not allow them to do it twice. It was time that they finally paid for their crimes in trying to replace him. Mankind had done the same foolish thing before, so it shall be done to ponykind as well. Montaza checked his messages again to see if Aesha had responded, but there was nothing. There was a signal that went off and someone on the radio informed him that Godzilla had just changed course in direction. He said that Godzilla was moving very fast and was headed towards Manehattan. Montaza looked on the map and saw that Godzilla's projected course of direction now had him going north through the Celestial Sea instead of south towards the Dragonlands. The guy on the radio said that they had transport waiting for him and Montaza sighed. He really hoped that Aesha was okay and if what she was saying before was true, they were all in for a very rude awakening.

Back in the cave beneath the Castle of the Two Sisters, Sombra was still laughing at his latest victory and the Mane Six all just stood there in complete shock. Rainbow asked what had just happened and Fluttershy said that the Tree couldn't really be gone. Twilight said that it couldn't be and Sombra said that it is. He said that they all thought that they defeated him, but they led him right to the source of their power and now that it was destroyed, nothing could stop him. Twilight tried to put the pieces back together, but they did nothing at all, so she gave up trying. She said that Sombra was right and she had no idea to defeat him now that the Elements were gone. Rainbow said that they would just have to beat him the old fashioned way and they charged right towards him. Twilight felt hopeless and still tried to put the pieces back together, but nothing happened. Sombra saw this coming, so he blasted his dark magic towards the ground and summoned dark crystals to trap them inside. Twilight tried to break them, but once again, nothing happened. Sombra laughed and said that they were no match for him. He said that he would finally rule the Crystal Empire, but now that he thought about, he could conquer all of Equestria. Twilight didn't like the sound of that, but Sombra said that he would and knew exactly where he'll start.

Applejack said that he better not dare say it, but he said it anyways. He would start in their hometown known as Ponyville and Rarity told him to leave it alone. He asked what the consequences would be and mentioned that without the Elements, it would be so easy to control them. He summoned shadows to scare them, but he said that there was no point. He said that with Godzilla busy dealing with something else right now, he could rule unimpeded. He said that conquering Ponyville was already their greatest fear and he laughed evilly. They yelled for him not to do it, but he ignored them and took off anyways. Fluttershy asked what they would do and Twilight said that she had no idea. She said that the Tree of Harmony grew the Elements and kept the Everfree Forest under control, but now it was gone. Sombra would take over Equestria and it would be all of her fault. She said that she knew she was not ready to take the princesses' place, but she never thought she would mess up this badly. The rest of them tried to comfort her and looked at Pinkie. Pinkie asked what they were looking at her for and Rainbow said that now was usually the time where Pinkie would say something to lift their spirits. Pinkie said that she had nothing and nothing about this was funny to her. Rarity started to cry a bit and apologized for doing so.

She said that she was trying to remain strong, but she couldn't stand the thought of Sweetie Belle under the spell of Sombra. The rest of them mentioned other notable ponies in their lives and Twilight thought of an idea. Applejack felt dirt on the back of her head, and asked what Twilight was doing. Twilight was busy digging a hole and said that they couldn't just stay here. She said that Godzilla couldn't help them right now as he was dealing with his own crisis at the moment and she had no idea when he would be finished. She said that she didn't have a plan and she didn't know what they would do once they got out, but one thing was for sure, they could not allow Sombra to make slaves of everypony they loved. Rainbow said that she was faster and Pinkie said that she liked digging. She used her mane as a drill and disappeared into the ground. Fluttershy said that she has been known to get her hooves dirty and Applejack told them all to move over because this was her bread and butter right here. Rarity said that she normally wouldn't, but right now, she needed to be shown the money. They all went through the hole and made it out on the other side. They raced over to Ponyville and they saw that Sombra had already been through here with little to no problem. Applejack saw Apple Bloom walking by and tried to call her attention, but nothing happened.

She asked Twilight to free her younger sister and Twilight attempted to do so. She got thrown back and she said that she couldn't. She explained that without the Elements of Harmony, her magic alone wasn't enough to stop Sombra's and she saw Spike and Starlight walking past. She tried to catch up to them, but they continued moving and Starlight said that they must lay siege to Canterlot. She told them both to snap out of it because they were stronger than Sombra's magic, but they didn't listen to her. rarity tried to get Sweetie Belle to stop, but that didn't work either and Twilight said that they couldn't reach them. They heard a loud scream from Pinkie and they ran over to see why she was screaming in the first place. Pinkie tried to get the Cake family to stop, but that did nothing as well. Pinkie explained that Sombra made them bake a Black Licorice Fruit Cake that says "Congratulations to our favorite Supreme Emperor, King Sombra" in green frosting and said that cake was the ugliest thing she had ever seen. She started crying in Rainbow's chest and Rainbow said that this was really bad. She said that even though Godzilla was currently busy at the moment, it would be a perfect time for him to come stop all of this and Twilight said that he could only do one thing at a time. He might be the King Of The Monsters, but he wasn't omnipresent. He couldn't be everywhere all at once, he could only do so much, so asking for his help right now wasn't going to help things at all.

Fluttershy said that she had never been sad her entire life and Twilight said that she had no idea what to do. She had no idea how to free them or how to stop Sombra. Everypony was so sure she would do such a great job, but this was exactly how she feared things would go wrong and asked if anything else could go wrong. Pinkie said that with the Tree of Harmony gone, the Everfree Forest could grow out of control and threaten Ponyville. Rarity said that was oddly specific and Pinkie just dragged her head over to where she was looking. They saw what Pinkie was referring to and they all gasped in shock. Twilight said that even if they figure out a way to stop Sombra and free everypony, they wouldn't be able to come back to Ponyville if it takes over the entire town. Rainbow tried looking for some tools and found some in one of the tents. They all grabbed the tools and shouted a chant. The forest growled at them and they all shouted out their battle cry towards it. The ponies of Ponyville marched towards Canterlot and Sombra went up to the front of the pack to lead the charge. The guards saw them coming and were about to blow horns, but Sombra gave an evil grin at them and blasted the horns away. He ordered Big Mac to break down the gate and the farmpony did just that. Sombra smiled with glee and he marched towards the throne room. He opened the doors and looked around for the princesses. He said to himself that they fled and were too cowardly to even stand against him. He stood on the throne and said that Equestria was now his. He laughed evilly and smiled with glee.

Back in the Hollow Earth, Kong continued to march through it with the HEAVs close behind him and he stopped a large mountain that was up ahead. Lind said that had to be it and Kong stopped at the front door. He saw a handprint on there and decided to try it to see if it did anything. Sure enough, it opened the doors and he walked inside. He roared very loudly and heard it echo back to him. He stepped further down and stopped to find a battle axe on top of a skull. He picked up and beat his chest. Lind said that they were right and May said that Kong was home. He stepped closer and the HEAVs landed on the ground. Kong sat down on the throne and everyone watched in silence. In Manehattan, Tyrel told the group to follow him and that these lizard ponies built the facilities the same way which meant he could find the exit no problem. He said that the exit was this way, but Aesha saw something and walked in a different direction. They opened the door and they were shocked to see what was in front of them. Tyrel was confused and Hakeem said that it was a Titan skull. Tyrel said that was not just any Titan, that was Monster Zero. Aesha recognized that as Ghidorah and Tyrel said that they hardwired its DNA. He explained that the self generating pathways were capable of intuitive learning and Hakeem said that he was smart, but he only went to high school. Tyrel said that it was a living supercomputer and Hakeem told him to shush. Tyrel said that Ghidorah had three heads and it's necks were so long, they had communicated telepathically and there was one here followed by another one inside of MechaGodzilla.

He said that it could be a psionic interface and saw Ren Saratoga messing around in there with the technology. They got scared they would be seen, so they bent down and went quiet. Aesha said that there was a pilot in there and Tyrel said that it looked like the guy was in a trance which was a psionic uplink. That basically translated to following the will of the pilot and he asked himself what Apex has done. In the North Celestial Ocean, Godzilla was swimming through the water and began inching towards Manehattan. Ponies there started to freak out and Godzilla jumped up to the surface while destroying the train bridge right above him. He roared with anger and the train cars started falling towards the water. Ponies started to gather and watched as Godzilla headed right for downtown Manehattan. Godzilla stomped right through the city and ponies were screaming in horror. Montaza had arrived to the Monarch facility here in Manehattan and watched as Godzilla marched through the city. One of the ponies told him that this was the day they feared and he had given the order to evacuate the city. Ponies started running towards the Titan shelters and Montaza got even more worried. Back in the Hollow Earth, Maia said that she didn't understand because Kong led them here and asked where it was. The battle axe suddenly lit up and Kong seemed to take notice of it. He got up from the throne and walked over to a hole in the ground that fit the battle axe. He set it down and the entire ground started to light up. May said that the axe was drawing radiation from the core like it was charging and they all watched in amazement.

Godzilla's scales lit up in Manehattan and he roared with anger. He knew that Kong was drawing radiation from the Earth's core and was probably doing that to fight him in round two. He built up his atomic breath and then blasted it right down into the ground. Damián announced to the team that Godzilla was responding which meant that the energy source was found and Montaza asked himself what the heck was happening. Two of the engineers put down some sort of robot and it ran over to collect the sample. May asked Maia what she was doing and Maia said that she was extracting a sample. May said that this was a power beyond their understanding and Maia couldn't just drill into it. Maia said that they could if they wanted to and she said that her father gets what he wants. She said that was Apex property now and May was confused by that. Ren Saratoga said that the energy signature was incoming and they should be able to recreate it soon. May argued that what just occurred was the discovery of the millennium and they couldn't just strip it for parts. Maia was tired of the disagreement and ordered the security to point guns at them to get them to shut up. Kong was angry now and he roared at Maia in anger. He was not a fan of her trying to harm his friends and stealing stuff and then claim it as their property.

The ground began to shake a bit and Kong was confused. A bunch of vultures started to fly down and Maia told the soldiers to go since they got all that they needed. Once the energy source was finished downloading, Damián was quite happy and told Saratoga to start his engines. Saratoga said that the upgrade was untested and once they get online, Gojira will come straight for them. Damián said that Godzilla had been coming for them since their creation first awoke and they must embrace it. Saratoga disagreed and said that they shouldn't rush this because they had no idea how this power source will affect the Mecha. Damián had enough and ordered him to get in the gosh dang chair. The soldiers started shooting at the birds, but they flew down and started taking them away. Kong was swinging at them and growling at them with anger, but that did very little. Maia got inside and told the pilot to go. The rest of the crew tried to get to their ship, but the Vulture got to the pilot before they could get on. He picked him apart and another creature showed up. The two of them snarled at each other and one of them picked up their prey. The other one squawked and turned its eyes towards May and Jie. They were terrified and the bird inched closer towards them. Lind picked up a rock and threw it at the bird, but that only angered it and it roared in fury. It attempted to snatch them, but a bright blue light threw it back and smacked it against the HEAV.

The group had to shield their eyes and Kong had to do the same. Godzilla continued to drill a hole through the Earth using his atomic breath and he finally stopped when he saw the Hollow Earth. Kong peeked down below and saw a massive hole through it. Godzilla roared at Kong saying for him to get his booty up here and fight him and Kong roared back saying that he beat him once and he'll do it again. He ducked from the falling debris and Maia tried to get out of there. She ordered the pilot to get Kong out of the way and to just shoot him. The pilot complied and Kong roared in anger. They were about to go through the hole, but Kong stopped them and looked inside to see who was trying to escape. He saw that it was the same person that was stealing the energy source, so as punishment for shooting at him, he would simply crush the vehicle which would enact a death sentence. He threw it to the ground and Lind told the group to get a move on. Kong had to dodge the falling items and saw the battle axe in front of him. He needed to defend his home and the only way to do that was to stop Godzilla. He jumped through the hole and the group followed behind him as well. Aesha peeked her head through the trapdoor and saw a bunch of crazy stuff in here. She disabled the door alarms and told the group to stay low.

Tyrel took a bunch of pictures with his phone and said that this was going viral. Aesha said that they had to try and stop this and Hakeem said that he didn't like this idea one bit. Tyrel said that if this wasn't contributing to world destruction, this would be a great DJ booth and he turned around to see an executive staring right at him. He said that he was maintenance and Hakeem told Aesha that they should go right now. The executive walked away and Tyrel said that she didn't buy that. She told Aesha that they needed to go and the mare with the villain hairdo was calling security. Hakeem told Aesha that they had guns and Tyrel told the security guys that he couldn't hear them because it was soundproof. The guy told him to open the door and Tyrel asked them to repeat that. They drew their guns at him and he told the group to get down because they were probably going to shoot the door open. The glass shattered and they pointed guns right at him. Kong made it right to the top and he growled a bit. He roared at Godzilla that he was right here and Gojira turned around to see if that was true. Godzilla stared at him and marched forward a bit. He growled in anger and slammed his tail down and Kong slammed his fists down as well, showing that he was ready for a fight. Godzilla roared at Kong with anger and Kong did the same in response. Kong charged towards Godzilla, but Godzilla moved out of the way and Kong slammed the axe into one of the skyscrapers. Kong tried to get it out, but Godzilla bit him in the back and pushed him around the city.

Kong roared in pain and Godzilla screeched at him. Godzilla built up his atomic breath, but Kong slammed his fist down to prevent the atomic breath from hitting him in the face. Kong swung Godzilla around and tossed back into a building. Kong roared again and jumped a building to slam Godzilla in the face with his fist. He tried to crack Godzilla's head, but the Kaiju moved his head a bit and tried to blast Kong with atomic breath. But, Kong kept misdirecting his aim, so he kept destroying buildings instead of his rival. Kong slammed a piece of a building down on Godzilla and then kicked Gojira right into a building. The building collapsed and Godzilla fell to the ground. Kong roared in victory and picked up his battle axe. Godzilla got back up and attempted to blast Kong with his atomic breath, but Kong shoved the battle axe down Godzilla's throat and tried to disorient him. They both fight over it like little kids and Godzilla slammed Kong into a building. Godzilla blasted his atomic breath at Kong, but Kong threw up his battle axe and it absorbed the energy. It pushed him back a little bit and Kong was fascinated with it when Godzilla stopped his flow. Godzilla attacked him head on and sent him tumbling to the ground. Kong swung the axe into Godzilla's skin and the Kaiju roared in pain. He threw Kong into the Hayson River and threw the battle axe into a building using his mouth.

Kong attempted to get it, but he had to start running so he could avoid Godzilla's atomic breath. He fled throughout the city and Godzilla continued to blast his atomic breath in a circle, destroying more of the city. Godzilla stopped his flow and stared at Kong. Kong jumped up into the air, but Godzilla blasted him with his atomic breath on Kong's back and that sent the giant Ape tumbling towards the ground. He fell towards the ground and Godzilla growled with glee. Kong was still on the run and Godzilla continued to try to finish him off. Kong hopped to the top of a building, but Godzilla's atomic breath could reach that high and the building fell towards the ground as it could not sustain Kong's weight. The final HEAV was able to get back to the other side and they all screamed when they saw Kong's mouth roaring at them. They flew past him and they barely avoided Godzilla's atomic breath. Kong picked up a piece of a building and then jumped across skyscrapers to block the atomic breath. He was able to dodge it and then picked up his battle axe. Godzilla blasted it and Kong charged towards the ground. He roared in anger and then slammed the axe down on Godzilla which caused a big explosion. Kong was thrown back quite a bit and Godzilla fell towards the ground while destroying another skyscraper in the process. Kong shook it off and Lind said that it looked like round two goes to Kong.

The soldiers pushed the group into the command room and Damián was waiting right there. He asked if it was Greenpeace again and Tyrel said that he was Level Two Assistant Engineering. He went on a bit and the guard hit him to get him to shut up. Damián asked where he knew them from and then saw Aesha. He said that she must have been Montaza's daughter and Aesha said that Damián caused all of this. Damián said that if she meant that him, and him alone, counted as "all of this," and given ponykind a chance against the Titans, then he would own that title. Aesha said that Godzilla had left them all in peace and Damián decided to provoke him into war. Damián said that there could only be one alpha and it seems to have been providence. Godzilla got up and shook the debris off of his body. He lit up his scales and growled in anger. He looked to the side of him and decided to go that way. For this entire time, he had been in control of the situation, but after what Kong just pulled there, he was furious now, even more so than when he was in Hong Kong back in 2021. He thought that Kong learned his lesson from that, but apparently not. It was time to show him who the real Alpha Titan was and prove to him why he was called the King Of The Monsters. Playtime was over, it was time to go full kill mode now. Kong will be punished and will pay for his defiance against him.

He crawled through the city and Kong watched him move around the area. He threw a crane at one of the buildings and Godzilla roared in anger. Kong roared in anger as well and Godzilla was slightly confused. Kong then pounced on Godzilla and slammed him into the building. He pulled him out and punched Godzilla in the face. Kong tried to suppress him down into the ground and strangle him, but Godzilla was so ticked off that he had enough. He body slammed Kong to the ground and tried to step on him, but Kong dodged it and got out of the way. The two wrestled each other for a few seconds and then Godzilla threw Kong across the city of Manehattan. Kong slammed up against a building and he roared in pain as he now had a broken arm. Godzilla roared at him and tried to bite him, but Kong got out of the way again and Godzilla got his head stuck in the building. He quickly got it out and flicked the pieces of broken glass away from him. Godzilla kicked Kong in the chest and proceeded to go on all fours to attack him. Kong tried to kick Godzilla in an effort to get the Kaiju to leave him alone, but that only made Godzilla more angry and he roared in anger. He pounced on Kong and started to rip off his skin as a form of punishment. Kong backed up against a wall and Godzilla put his foot down. Kong punched Godzilla in the side of the head and Godzilla roared in anger. This has happened to him for far too many times now and he had just about enough.

He stamped his foot down even harder and Kong groaned in pain. He tried to break free of Godzilla's grip, but it was too strong for him to move. He growled at Godzilla and Godzilla looked down at him with a glare on his face. Kong simply huffed and Godzilla decided to deal the death blow. He roared at Kong as a way to get him to submit to his authority and Kong roared back at him saying he would not do that whatsoever. Godzilla stopped roaring and seemed slightly impressed that Kong stood up for himself. He removed his foot from Kong and huffed out some smoke. He turned away in anger and began walking in the other direction. Kong tried to get up, but he roared in pain and fell back down to the ground. May and Jie saw him lying there and they felt bad for him. Back in Ponyville, the Mane Six were still trying to fight off the Everfree Forest, but the branches just kept growing back at a faster rate than they were destroying them. Applejack said that they've been at this for hours, but they were just growing back too fast and Twilight said that they had to keep trying. They ran towards the forest, but it threw them back and before it could consume them, two beams of magic stopped it and they looked up. They saw Celestia and Luna right up there in the sky and they were amazed. Applejack said that they knew that they were supposed to handle things on their own, but she has never been so happy to see two ponies in her whole life.

Starswirl suddenly appeared and said that nopony was meant to handle this on their own. Twilight tried to tell Starswirl the fate of the Tree of Harmony, but Starswirl said he already knew and alerted the princesses as soon as he could. He said that he felt it when it happened and it felt like part of his essence just died inside. Twilight said that she knew what Starswirl was saying and apologized for this happening. Starswirl told her not to be and said that he had more than enough magic in him to contain the forest. Twilight asked if he could really do that and Starswirl said that he and the Pillars planted the Tree of Harmony. He asked her who she thought kept the forest under control before the Tree did and walked over towards it. He said that it will take time, but with the princesses' help, he could keep it at bay. He levitated himself up in the air and blasted entire pieces apart that basically destroyed the invading branches. The Mane Six cheered him on and the two princesses plus Starswirl destroyed the invading branches in a matter of seconds. Twilight informed Celestia that Sombra was back and he was taking control of all of their friends. Luna realized that they left Canterlot defenseless and Celestia told Twilight that she must go. She said that Twilight must defend Equestria while they keep the forest under control and Pinkie said that at least they were now back down to just one problem.

Twilight teleported them all to Canterlot and when they got there, they were horrified at what they saw. There were ponies guarding the city for miles upon end and they were all under the control of Sombra. Pinkie said that they had to be all evil looking and Fluttershy asked if Sombra was really gonna have to force them to fight through their friends in order to reach him. Rainbow flew right past them up into the sky, but the Wonderbolts came out and blocked her from reaching the city. A bunch of unicorns started firing their magic at her and she had to dodge it so she couldn't get hit. She flew back down to the ground and said to Twilight that they probably needed a different plan. Twilight said that she didn't know and mentioned that she wasn't prepared to fight against the citizens of Equestria. She said that was one more thing that she wasn't ready to do and Applejack said that they better figure out something quick because none of the citizens seem to have a problem with that. They noticed the drawbridge going down and then a bunch of ponies came charging out a like a Buffalo stampede. Rarity saw Fancy Pants coming with a net and she apologized in advance for what she was about to do. She put a blindfold on him and then wrapped them all up in a net. Pinkie and Applejack put the ends on two rocks and the latter said that they'll let them go as soon as they could.

Rainbow and Fluttershy flew away from some of the Crystal guards and got them to follow them. Rainbow was doing it with ease while Fluttershy was struggling a bit. She saw Rainbow give the nod and Fluttershy followed her motion. The two of them flew right towards one another and then flew up at the same time. The guards crashed into one another and fell towards the ground. Twilight felt embarrassed about that and hid them away in a bush. Fluttershy said that she had no idea how long they could hold them off and Applejack said that they needed to get inside. Rarity said that they couldn't just leave them here and Pinkie asked Twilight what they should do. Twilight said that she didn't know, but they couldn't stay here, so she teleported them away from the crowds and inside the castle. Twilight said that she was sorry that they couldn't help their friends, but she had no idea how to save them. Applejack said that at least they were inside and Pinkie said that all they needed to do now was defeat King Sombra which was harder than it looked now that the Elements were gone from Equestria. Twilight tried to say something, but she felt a drop on her head and saw Discord eating a pickle with a fork. He floated down towards them and was surprised. He said that they seemed to be in a pickle and asked if they were in more of a jam. He dipped the pickle in the jam jar and continued to eat it.

Twilight asked Discord what he was doing here and the Draconequus said that he was going to hang up posters all over the castle to celebrate her coronation, but it looked like that was a bit premature. Twilight said that she was so glad to see him and mentioned that they could use some all powerful chaos magic right now since Godzilla was dealing with another crisis. Discord said he couldn't possibly do that and he continued walking. The Mane Six were confused by that and followed after him. They all stopped in front of the throne room doors and the guards glared at them. They tried to step forward, but the guards took that as a challenge and charged towards them. Twilight begged Discord to do something and Discord reluctantly agreed. He said that they should really be doing this on their own, but Rainbow told him to do less talking and more helping. Discord rolled his eyes and snapped his talons to summon things that would stop the guards. Fluttershy thanked him and Twilight said that they would have no idea what they would do without him. Discord cast a doubtful look at that, but he kept moving forward. Inside the throne room, Sombra was busy renovating the throne room and summoning black Crystals everywhere to make it feel more at home. The throne room doors opened and Rainbow said that it was time for Sombra to give up the crown.

Sombra just laughed at them and asked if they had come to fight the good fight with nothing but their wits. He said that was admirable, but foolish and he blasted dark magic at them. Discord stepped forward and blocked the attack with his chaos magic. Sombra took that as a challenge and continued to blast magic at the Lord of Chaos. Discord said that he guessed it was on him to be the MVP today and he was betting on the Mane Six. He hated being wrong, but if they thought about it, he was their friend, so maybe they win because friendship wins. He said that Fluttershy should get most of the credit for that and mentioned that she was his favorite. Sombra saw that as an opportunity and blasted dark magic right at Fluttershy. Discord threw himself in front of her and got hit instead. He got thrown across the room and he landed softly on the ground. Fluttershy was in horror and she called out Discord's name. The rest of them were in shock as well and looked at his body lying on the ground. Back in Manehattan, Damián told Saratoga that it was time to launch and to begin pilot integration. He told the group that his Mecha would not only be Godzilla's equal, but his superior and was the Apex Titan of his own hoof. He laughed a bit and said that it was time to show the world what MechaGodzilla could do. Saratoga attempted to engage pilot mode, but the computer said that there was a failure to connect and the system was unstable.

Damián told the group that this was how them as a species win and Aesha noticed something strange. Damián said that 10 years ago, when Godzilla was first revealed to the world, he had a dream and in that dream, he saw one thing. The entire time he was speaking, MechaGodzilla turned towards the command center and the group had to back away from Damián so they wouldn't get hit. He saw them backing up and he turned around. He cursed at himself at his soon to be fate and MechaGodzilla destroyed the entire command center in one quick swing. The amount of electricity was overflowing and it electrocuted Saratoga, effectively killing him in the process. The group started coughing and Tyrel said that it was unfair because he really wanted to hear the rest of that speech. Back in Canterlot, Sombra just laughed evilly and said that not even the Lord of Chaos could stand against him which truly made him the most powerful creature in all of Equestria. He blasted the ground again and summoned some more dark crystals. Rainbow tried to wake up Discord and Twilight said that they needed him. Fluttershy tried to shake him so he could wake up, and he finally did. Twilight said that she was so glad he was okay and mentioned that they couldn't defeat Sombra without him. Sombra said that they couldn't beat him even if they had Discord with them and he laughed evilly. He sat down on the throne and watched the rest of the scene unfold.

Discord coughed a little bit and said that it would appear that they were on their own. He tried snapping his talons, but nothing happened except some sparks of magic and said that he had nothing left to give. Applejack asked if they were finally doomed and Sombra said that they were. He said that he couldn't believe it's taken them this long to realize it and he began speculating how to remove all of this clutter in his throne room. The Mane Six growled at him and Discord told them to listen to him. He said that they didn't need him, or the Princesses, or the Elements and he began listing off what made each of them special. He said that they lost sight of what was in front of them and they were all here together, willing to give everything they got for Equestria. He said that nothing and nopony could ever take that away from them because that was who they are. Sombra just laughed at that and said that it was going to take more than a sentimental speech to save them. Twilight said that Discord was right and mentioned that time and time again, the real magic was the six of them working together. She glared at Sombra and said with her friends by her side, she wasn't afraid of what Sombra could do or how much power he had. Sombra said that she should be and blasted dark magic at her. Twilight blocked the attack and got pushed back a bit, but she got back up again.

She told him that he could knock them down, but they were gonna get back up again and will never stop trying to defeat him. Sombra had fired dark magic beam after beam at Twilight, but she kept brushing off the attacks as if it were nothing and he started to get more angry at her. He blasted one final beam at her and she did the same. They met and just when it looked like he would prevail, Twilight grabbed hooves with her friends and joined forces. Sombra saw that coming and he disappeared in an instant. They were confused and Rainbow asked where he went. Twilight felt Godzilla's calls throughout the country and put the pieces together. She said that Sombra must have been doing something and is going to face off against Godzilla. She said that they had to head to Manehattan now and they ran towards Northeastern Equestria. In Manehattan, a giant red beam went off and it was a way to start off the morning there in the city. Godzilla marched towards it and he growled with anger. He saw MechaGodzilla come out of the building and the giant robot roared at him. It opened its mouth and blasted a giant red beam at everything which destroyed a lot of stuff in a matter of seconds. Montaza asked what the heck that was and Aesha could only stare in shock as this Mech was tearing through the city of Manehattan. MechaGodzilla stopped what he was doing and he roared at Godzilla. Gojira could see Ghidorah's essence and King Sombra working together in the command center to lead the way and he was angry. He roared at MechaGodzilla and started running towards him.

MechaGodzilla did the same and started blasting missiles at Godzilla. Godzilla roared in pain and continued to push through. The two finally collided and MechaGodzilla used his jet proportion engines to launch himself at Godzilla. He smacked Godzilla and he fell towards the ground. Aesha said that MechaGodzilla was thinking for itself now and they had to warn Monarch immediately. Hakeem suggested that they could try to stop it themselves and explained that the robot was still linked to Apex's satellite. He said that if he could figure out the password, maybe they could shut it down and he started working on it. The last HEAV landed and both Lind and May were shocked to see what was going on. Lind asked what the heck that was and Jie ran towards Kong. MechaGodzilla hit Godzilla on the side of the head with his robot hand and then dragged Godzilla into a building. He did this over and over again and Godzilla roared in pain as he was getting dragged around like a ragdoll. The Mane Six had finally arrived and they couldn't believe what they saw here in the city. Most of it had already been destroyed the night before from Godzilla's fight with Kong and now, even more destruction was occurring as MechaGodzilla was throwing Godzilla around like a ragdoll. Twilight knew that they had to help Godzilla in some sort of way, but she was unsure how. Jie went up to Kong and put her hoof on the ground to see if she could hear Kong's heartbeat.

She could hear it, but it was starting to slow down which meant he was dying and May saw why she was sad. Jie said in sign language that Kong's heart was slowing down and Lind asked what was happening. May said that Jie could feel Kong's heartbeat and he was dying. She said that there was no way to restart his heart and the only way to do that was to get a charge big enough. Lind remembered the words of Maia when she described the HEAVs and he looked at it. Godzilla charged at MechaGodzilla again, but the robot used his jets again to grab Godzilla by the mouth and throw him around the city. Hakeem tried to password guess into the system, but it kept denying him and it didn't help that Tyrel was berating him for trying such stupid passwords. Aesha tried to contact her dad and attempted to mention where she was at, but the reception was terrible and her voice started to break up. Lind figured it out and told the two ladies that they might want to get some distance. He told Jie that she was a very brave girl and he said that maybe both of them were. They watched him take it over to Kong and he flew away. Godzilla got back up and blasted his atomic breath at MechaGodzilla. MechaGodzilla responded with a beam of his own and after a few seconds, he pushed himself forward and it overtook Godzilla's no problem. Godzilla was sent tumbling down towards the ground and he roared in pain.

Lind landed the HEAV on Kong's chest and he powered up everything he could that would wake up the Titan. He said good luck to him and pressed the button to activate the device. He ran out as fast as he could and jumped out before the thing could explode. There was a large explosion and Lind got yeeted across the street. He landed on the ground and Kong was able to wake up. He growled a bit and tried to catch his breath. MechaGodzilla threw Godzilla as hard as he could and Godzilla crashed into another skyscraper. Jie went up to Kong and the Ape greeted her with a smile. She said in sign language to Kong that Godzilla was not the enemy and he roared in anger. He remembered how last night went and he wasn't exactly very happy with that. He remembers how things were in Hong Kong in 2021, so things might be the same here. He looked over at Godzilla and saw him getting crushed by MechaGodzilla's massive foot which was a direct insult to Gojira since he loved to crush opponents with his massive foot. Kong knew in his mind that probably hurt and he roared in anger a bit. Jie told Kong in sign language that MechaGodzilla was the real enemy here and the Ape smiled a bit. Jie told him to please be careful and Kong nodded. He growled at MechaGodzilla and he got up. He hit his arm against the building and roared in pain. He rotated his shoulder and growled in anger. He was ready to fight this bigger threat even if he still had beef with Godzilla.

Their species might have fought each other in a war for many years, but right now, Godzilla needs Kong's help and it was time to join forces with him. Tyrel yelled at Hakeem for saying that he was a hacker and Hakeem said that he only took an HTML course at summer camp. Tyrel couldn't believe it and asked if it was a 90's camp. He told Hakeem to use QWERTY and the computer said there was an error. It activated the security lock and now they were all screwed. MechaGodzilla dragged Godzilla across the ground and used its jet proportion engines to increase the pain. Sombra was enjoying throwing around Godzilla like a ragdoll and effectively make him look useless. Sombra had to deal with the torture of the King Of The Monsters when he tried to take over the Crystal Empire six years ago and now it was his turn to make Godzilla suffer under his wrath. Ghidorah was having fun as well because he had to suffer defeats in humiliating fashion twice. Once in Boston and the other in the Crystal Empire. But now, with this new power, he could compete with Godzilla so much more effectively and pretty much take him out at any second. Twilight was utterly horrified at what she was seeing and she yelled at MechaGodzilla not to hurt Godzilla. MechaGodzilla rolled Godzilla on his back and Godzilla glared at MechaGodzilla with anger. He was losing badly right now, but there was no way he was gonna die this way. Equestria still needed him and if he died, the entire planet would be in jeopardy.

MechaGodzilla opened Godzilla's mouth and was about to blast the Kaiju with a beam down his throat, but Kong came up from behind and dragged his head upward. MechaGodzilla still blasted a beam into the sky, but it was where no one could get hurt. Kong roared in anger and Godzilla looked up with curiosity. He had just defeated Kong last night and when all hope looked lost for Godzilla, Kong came in at the last second and saved him. This surprised him slightly and then he remembered the events of Hong Kong. Kong did the same thing then and he was doing it now. Kong tried to break off MechaGodzilla's head, but the robot knocked him off and Kong fell to the ground. Sombra stopped what he was doing and said that an ape would be easy to kill. He ordered the robot to take him out and Ghidorah concurred. MechaGodzilla was about to throw a punch at Kong, but Godzilla came in at the last moment and restrained it from doing so. He roared in anger and Kong decided to grab the other arm as well. At this point, the Mane Six decided to join the fight and they helped out Godzilla and Kong. The two titans pushed the robot through the building and it fell on the ground. Kong tried to punch MechaGodzilla in the face, but the robot blasted Godzilla with missiles and threw Kong to the ground. Twilight snarled with anger and blasted MechaGodzilla in the face while the others continued to kick and punch it all over its body. Sombra had enough of this rebellion and MechaGodzilla blasted them all with missiles as well. They fell to the ground and MechaGodzilla punched Godzilla in the face.

Kong saw the battle axe lying on the ground and he ran over to get it. MechaGodzilla did an uppercut on Godzilla and then slammed him into a building. It used its tail to cut into Godzilla's skin, but Kong blocked the attack and started swinging at the robot. The Mane Six got back up and did the same thing as before in an effort to help Kong out. Kong attempted to go for the knockout swing, but MechaGodzilla pushed him down and then got back up. It kicked Kong in the chest and used its tail as a drill to cut into Kong's skin. Kong held it back and roared in anger. Aesha told Hakeem that they had to do something and Tyrel said that they tried to take down those Apex bastards, but he thinks as far as they could go, so the bottom was up. He said that he was hoping to die with adults, but whatever and Hakeem stared at the computer screen. MechaGodzilla inched closer to Kong and the Ape was having a hard time trying to keep the drill on the tail back so it wouldn't cut him. Hakeem saw Tyrel with the whiskey and then came up with an idea. He poured whiskey all over the electronics and it caused it to glitch. Tyrel asked with anger if that was Hakeem's solution and yelled that he now had to die here with him and sober. There was an electrical explosion and the whirring stopped. Kong seemed confused for a second and the robot seemed to malfunction slightly. Sombra didn't like that and neither did Ghidorah. But fortunately for them, MechaGodzilla was able to get back up and running and the robot continued to advance towards Kong.

Godzilla saw that Kong was struggling to destroy MechaGodzilla with the axe, so he decided to help him out a little bit. Twilight saw Godzilla build up his atomic breath and she knew that they had to get out of the way or else, they will be in his range and die instantly. She told the group to get back because Godzilla was about to unleash his atomic breath and they all complied. Godzilla unleashed his atomic breath onto the battle axe and Kong gathered renewed strength from the axe. Godzilla stopped the flow and Kong roared with anger at MechaGodzilla. He began to swing the battle axe once more, and this time, it did much more damage and parts even started falling off. Everyone was cheering and Sombra was growling in anger. He did not want to die this way and Ghidorah did not want to die for a third time. Kong sliced off MechaGodzilla's arms and legs and the robot fell on the ground. Kong raised up the axe and roared in anger. MechaGodzilla roared in anger and Kong slammed the axe down on the robot. Sombra yelled no in defeat and he was disintegrated as a result of the powered up battle axe. It cleared the skies and set everypony in Canterlot free from Sombra's control. Kong grabbed the head and picked it up. He held it up in the air and roared in victory.

He threw the head and neck down and went to go sit on the ground because he was tired. May asked if Lind was okay and her and Jie picked him up. Montaza was searching through crowds to find his daughter and Aesha was looking for her father. She saw him and ran up to him. The two of them reunited in a hug and Hakeem said awkwardly that this was Aesha's idea. Montaza told him to shut up and Aesha told her father that Tyrel was the stallion who had saved their lives. They did the awkward handshake and asked Montaza if he could invite him onto his podcast to talk about the Monarch facility and he went on a small rant. They all stopped when they heard Godzilla roar and the entire city was watching him come up to them. Kong heard it as well and grabbed his battle axe. Jie started running towards Kong and May and Lind chased after her. Kong roared at Godzilla in anger and growled at him. Godzilla walked up to Kong and simply huffed. He stared at him in silence and Kong realized that they didn't need to fight. So he looked at the battle axe and dropped it to the ground. Godzilla roared in victory and he thanked Kong for putting the axe down. He called for a truce and now they shall leave each other in peace. He turned around to leave and everypony watched in silence. Godzilla went back down in the ocean and disappeared into it.

Things started to turn back to normal for Equestria. Celestia and Luna told Twilight that it was unfair to thrust that abrupt announcement upon her and that she'll be ready when the time comes by giving her time to prepare. Manehattan was able to get rebuilt fairly quickly and as for Kong, well, he had a new home now. The Monarch Monitoring Station in the Hollow Earth. Lind told the ponies on the radio that Kong was coming around for his morning walk and Kong turned around to face Jie. Jie smiled at him and he said to her in sign language that this was home now. He swung on a branch and landed on top of one of the mountains. He beat his chest and roared proudly as this was his home now, back where his ancestors were. Godzilla was still King Of The Monsters, but he kept watch over the Earth's surface and Kong would become King over the Hollow Earth. That way, they'll never get in each other's way and have to fight for the title of Alpha Titan. As for now, the both of them can remain in peace and never have to worry about fighting each other again in the near future. Meanwhile, inside Grogar's lair, Cozy told the other two villains that she'll say something nice about Centaurs, Tirek will say something nice about Changelings, and Chrysalis would say something nice about ponies. Both Chrysalis and Tirek were fed up at this point and they wanted to give it to Cozy for trying to act like this was a friendship lesson.

Chrysalis said that she'll never do that and glared in her face. However, they stopped when they saw Grogar appear and got quiet very quickly. Grogar said that he hoped that the three remaining villains will be enough for his plans and Chrysalis asked what the fate was of King Sombra. Tirek asked if he succeeded and Grogar just huffed in disgust. He powered up the orb and it showed Sombra getting disintegrated by Kong's battle axe when the ape destroyed MechaGodzilla in Manehattan. Grogar said that he believed Sombra gambled and lost, but he could serve as a warning to those who continue to doubt Grogar's plans. The Ram asked if they had any doubts and they said they didn't at all in fear. Grogar declared that they shall now join forces and work together to bring Equestria to its knees. He started laughing evilly and the rest of them did it nervously because they weren't sure about it, but they didn't want to suffer instant death from Grogar. He could finally act out his plans and finally bring Equestria down for good. It's clear that he couldn't reach Kong in the Hollow Earth because he would get crushed instantly from the gravity inversion, but Godzilla remains on the Earth's surface, so that will make it much easier to attack him. For so long, Equestria has been protected by the forces of good and has kept the nation in perfect balance. Evil has tried to take it down, but time and time again, villains would get defeated at the hands of Godzilla and suffered his wrath.

He seen though that Godzilla can be defeated if given too big of an opponent and left isolated. Grogar was sick and tired of the good guys always winning and having evil annihilated by Godzilla. It was time to let evil have a turn at winning and put the forces of good away forever. Godzilla might have been able to escape this time with the help of Kong and the Mane Six, but not for much longer. Grogar has been around for over 10,000 years and what he learned in that time is that the best way to beat an opponent is to counter their style. If they do one thing, respond in the same way. Even though it was dissolved, Apex was onto something. They could have had MechaGodzilla destroy Godzilla in a heartbeat had Kong and the Mane Six not intervene at the last minute. True, their goal was to make ponykind the apex species once again, but they had the right idea on how to get rid of Godzilla. If Grogar could replicate that and take it to the next step, then he would effectively bring Equestria to its knees and destroy Godzilla for good. He'll never have to worry about that creature again and he could rule Equestria once more with an iron hoof. Godzilla may be the King Of The Monsters, but it was time for Grogar to show him why he was called the Father of Monsters. Godzilla will fall and so will Equestria. It was time to get rid of him once and for all. Godzilla may have won this time, but he won't be ready for what's next because he'll have to defeat the most cunning creature of all time. Playtime was over, and now, it's time for a real battle. Time for the final war against Kaiju vs. Ram.

Author's Note:

AN: I apologize for this chapter coming out later than expected, but this was longer than I originally thought and took me longer than planned. But here it is now. There is a lot of stuff that happens in this chapter and I think you guys will enjoy it. Most of you have probably seen Godzilla vs. Kong already, so you could just follow along with it, but for those that haven't yet, this chapter will give you that movie in full detail. I am now finally done with school and out for the summer. I'm trying to get a new job right now, so that could delay things if I'm accepted. As for now though, I have much more free time and will try to finish up this story here real soon. Hope you enjoyed the chapter!

Next Chapter: The emergence of the Legion of Doom! When Twilight's coronation day finally comes, the Mane Six notice that strange behavior is starting to occur. Eventually, they found out that Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy Glow or known as the Legion of Doom has taken out Grogar and spread distrust amongst the pony species. Godzilla senses this threat and he heads to Canterlot to fight them all off. But it won't be easy as they seemed to have thought of everything here. Will Godzilla be able to defeat the Legion of Doom and save Equestria, or will the threat of taking on three villains at once be too much for him to handle?

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