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Godzilla: Equestria's King of Monsters - Microsoft_2016

A collection of chapters of the King Of The Monsters defeating fellow villains within the MLP series.

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Chapter 15: Titanus Ghidorah vs. Titanus Gojira

It was chaotic in Baltimare. Burning buildings. Destruction of property. Flying planes and helicopters. It was pretty crazy to say the least. The aftermath of the MUTO attacks left many families distressed as they searched for their missing loved ones. For Montaza, he was doing just that. You see, he was looking for his son, Akeil, who had gone missing in all of the pileup surrounding the city. Montaza called out Akeil's name several times in hopes to find him, but he had heard nothing. His wife and daughter Adiya and Aesha were also looking for him as well, but they couldn't get anything of it. They heard a loud roar and turned around to see Godzilla marching through the city. He growled a little bit and let out another roar. Now, things had changed and Adiya was sitting on the bed, just staring out the window to think about those events. She looked at the picture of her family all together and turned on the TV to watch the news. The news reporter said that the bay area last night, thousands had gathered to honor the victims of the MUTO attacks five years ago and was part of a wave of memorials and protests demanding that the secretive monster-hunting coalition known as Monarch be held accountable. Of course, to be clear, this is the pony version of Monarch, not the one that we saw in the 2019 film "Godzilla: King Of The Monsters."

Adiya stared at the TV and saw different ponies that were protesting in the capital city of Canterlot and were holding up signs that said "Kill The Titans." She changed it to another news channel and the reporter on this one said that the recent spike in mass die-offs in the world's oceans could be caused by efforts to locate and track Godzilla, who hasn't been seen in the city for over two years. Adiya changed the channel again and this news outlet said that the top brass at the mysterious Monarch organization will face another intense grilling as the government continues to push for extermination of the Titans. The news reporter also said that rumors persisted that Monarch may still be hiding even more creatures discovered since the MUTO attacks five years ago. She described it as a historic tragedy that changed the world as they knew it forever which was the day the world discovered that monsters were real. Adiya had been staring at some sort of device and closed it up so she could begin her work soon. In the kitchen, Aesha was busy looking at her email on her computer and had music playing in the background so she could concentrate. She saw an email from her father and she clicked on it to view it. Basically, it was him checking in and attaching photos of wolves and himself.

She smiled at the photos and began typing away a little bit. Suddenly, the smoke alarm went off and she stopped what she was doing. She had been cooking breakfast and she left the pan unattended, so as a result, it eventually caused the smoke alarm to go off and effectively burned the bacon. Adiya had heard the noise and came out to see what was going on. Aesha put stuff on the plate and greeted her mother as if there was nothing wrong. She told her mother that she had make breakfast and described to her what it was. Adiya had to clear away the smoke with a towel and turn off the stove before turning off the alarm. She asked her daughter what she recommended and Aesha said it would be the toast and eggs. Adiya thanked her daughter for the breakfast and Aesha closed up her laptop. She asked her mother for coffee and Adiya asked what she was working on. Aesha said that she was looking up recipes and her mother was confused by that. So, she sighed and told her mother that her father had been emailing her. She said that he had been looking good and he was healthy. Adiya asked if she had responded yet and Aesha said that she didn't. Adiya told her daughter that she didn't want to see her get hurt and there was a lot going on right now. Aesha dismissed that and kept eating her breakfast. After a few moments of silence, Adiya told her daughter that she knew things had not been easy for Aesha, but she said that they were gonna get through this.

Aesha asked if her father was gonna be okay and her mother told her that he was in the safest place that he could be right now. Adiya asked her if she wanted to hear good news and told her that it was finally done. Aesha saw the device and asked if it was gonna work. Adiya said that she believed it was gonna work and looked at it some more. Suddenly, the ground began to shake and things started moving around a little bit. Adiya turned to face the window and she heard a creature screeching. She went to take a closer look and heard the creature making noises. Aesha followed her mother to the window and observed as well. She said that it was gonna be okay and there was chatter on the radio asking Adiya's assistance in the containment center. Their house was right outside of Monarch Outpost 61 which was located in the Galloping Gorge right next to the Unicorn Mountain Range in Northwestern Equestria. Adiya asked one of the doctors what the heck happened and he said he had no idea. He said that the creature was sleeping like a baby until an hour ago when her radiation levels went through the roof. Adiya said she could take it from here and told him he should probably get some rest, but the doctor said that he was not missing this with sleep or no sleep. Aesha looked to her left and saw a cave painting of what appeared to be a giant butterfly. She was amazed by it and went up the stairs to catch up to the rest of them. She stopped to see what appeared to be a giant egg and saw blue light coming out of it.

Adiya said it was the creature's time to be released and the pulsing began to intensify. The creature made some noises and appeared in front of all of them in a cocoon. One of the doctors said to meet Titanus Mosura or what they know it as Mothra. Both Adiya and Aesha were amazed and an automated voice said it was activating the containment grid. Mothra was confused by the laser beams going up around her and then got angry. The system powered down and she attacked in retaliation. The doctor said that was something was going wrong here and that the containment systems were failing. He explained that the perimeter alarms were going off and the whole network was going insane. Adiya asked him how that was possible and he said that he believed that somepony else was doing this. They both heard the roaring of Mothra and Adiya told the containment team on the radio to stand down because they were scaring her. Mothra got more angry and the containment team fired off their weapons after one of them got hit by Mothra. She got electrocuted by the taser and roared in pain. She roared in anger and blasted webs at the containment team which left them trapped. Some of them began to run and Mothra picked one up and yeeted him across the room, smack dab on the wall.

The doctor lifted up the case to press the terminate button, but Adiya didn't want that happening. The doctor told her that she knew protocol and they had to terminate now. Adiya said that she'll handle this and grabbed the device as we know as the ORCA. Aesha saw this and told her mother not to do that. Adiya told her daughter to stay here while she went outside. She reassured her that the device was gonna work and she went through the door where Mothra was at. Mothra saw Adiya come outside and roared at her. Adiya moved slowly to show she was not a threat, but Mothra was not buying it and used her body weight to move the platform up and down. Adiya set the ORCA down slowly and Mothra watched very carefully. She became confused for a second but when she started hearing pulse sounds, she grew angry and blasted a web at Adiya. Adiya dodged the web and Aesha was shouting in panic. Adiya tried again, but Mothra was still angry and blasted a web on the other side. Adiya dodged that one as well and at that point, Aesha couldn't take it anymore. She grabbed the hangtag and put it up to the authenticator to get through the door. The doctor tried to stop her from doing that, but Aesha was too quick for him.

She came running out towards her mother and Adiya told her to go back because of how dangerous it was out here. Mothra roared once again and Aesha told her mother to get out of here. Adiya kept working to find some way to calm down, but it wasn't looking too good. Finally, the ORCA found an alpha frequency and pressed the button to activate it. Mothra roared at the two ponies, but after a few seconds, the wind stopped and Mothra's colors had changed back to blue instead of the red and orange she had ordained when attacking the containment team. She had calmed down and started making calm chirping noises. Mothra stared at the two ponies with curiosity and bent her head down to meet them. Aesha stepped forward a little bit and was able to touch her snout. Suddenly, there was a loud explosion and ponies began falling left and right. Then, a bunch of gunfire started coming through and the top doctor there saw an old stallion walking through with a grin on his face. He surrendered and the old stallion fired a gun through the glass, which caused it to shatter. Both Aesha and Adiya whimpered in worry and the old stallion stared at both Mothra and the ORCA. It was clear what he wanted. Meanwhile in Ponyville, Starlight was trying to find her way through Twilight's castle. It had not been long since she was defeated at the hooves of the Princess of Friendship and being brought under Twilight's wing to learn about friendship.

She was told to go to the library, but this castle was a lot harder to navigate than you would have originally thought. She went through a door to find the library, but it was just another hallway with more doors. She sighed to herself and said that this castle looked a lot smaller on the outside. She went up to some doors and opened it with her magic. Of course, it was a bathroom where Spike was busy brushing his teeth. He turned around and said good morning to her. Starlight felt embarrassed and closed the doors. She apologized for opening the door on him and said that she was still trying to find her way around this place. She asked him if he had any idea where the library was and he told her it was the next door to her left. Starlight turned around and saw that the library was literally right next to her. She was literally that close to it, but she went to the first door that was in front of her. She opened that door and Twilight told her to come in after saying good morning. Starlight apologized for being late and said she got turned around in this place. She said that she still couldn't believe that Twilight was letting her stay here in the castle after everything she did, but Twilight told her that she was not one to dwell on the past and told Starlight she shouldn't either.

Twilight said that the castle was Starlight's home now and as far as being her pupil, she was just trying to figure out what Starlight's first lesson should be. Starlight commented that it seemed like Twilight had really narrowed it down, but the alicorn said that it was only the A's and after that, she would move on to the B's. Twilight gave a nice smile at all of that and Starlight just smiled nervously. After a few seconds, she said that while she was new to friendship, she had no idea that there were that many lessons from anything and asked how they were gonna choose. Twilight said that maybe she should pair things down a bit before they went through it and suggested to Starlight that she would meet up with the rest of the group in the throne room since they were planning a trip to the Crystal Empire when Princess Cadence and Shining Armor have their baby. Starlight ran out the door to find the throne room, but she asked Twilight where it was again. The rest of the Mane Six were sitting in the throne room and were debating on when to go. Rainbow said that they should leave ASAP because she didn't want to miss the Crystalling, but Fluttershy asked if they should wait for the invitation. Applejack said she had no idea about customs of the Crystal Empire at all, especially with a Crystalling and Starlight asked what a Crystalling was.

Rarity told her that was just it and said that Cadence and Shining Armor's baby was due any day now and they still had no idea when it would come. She said that the Crystal Empire was gone for 1,000 years and because of that, their customs were left very unclear to the rest of Equestria and many ponies have no idea about their history. Applejack said that she knew it had something to do with a baby and Fluttershy said it had to do with the Crystal Heart as well. Rainbow said that it had something to do with some cool energy and the whole time, Pinkie had been saying there was a party, which was very annoying and most of the group got annoyed because of it. Pinkie stood on her hind legs and said there was a party and had confetti go off. Spike came in and said it wasn't hard to understand. He said that most of the things in the Crystal Empire were not, like how he was a big hero there. He brought out a piece of paper and it had him holding up the Crystal Heart in front of the whole Empire. He had a really cringey smile on his face and all of them just stared. After a few moments of awkward silence, Spike moved on and said that he had to help Twilight do a ton of research on Crystallings. He brought out some vase and it showed the story of how a Crystalling works through hieroglyphics.

He said that whenever a baby is born in the Crystal Empire, the parents bring it in front of the Crystal Heart and get the purest crystal they can find. They then pick a crystaller to present the baby to everypony who comes and they all share the light and love within them, feeding it into the crystal which joins the heart and increases its power. He said that because this was gonna be a royal Crystalling, the whole Empire was gonna show up which hasn't happened in a millennia and he put the vase away. Starlight asked what he meant by the Crystal Heart increasing its power and Spike guessed that it was the energy it needed to protect the Empire. Starlight then asked what it was supposed to protect it from, and Spike said he didn't know that part. Starlight left the throne room and went to find Twilight. She saw the library doors still open and she asked Twilight if she could ask something about the Crystal Empire. Twilight said that was funny her mentioning that and told Starlight that she had narrowed her first friendship lesson down to three options, one of which was in the Crystal Empire. Starlight seemed excited about that and Twilight explained that she found out that was where the first pony Starlight had ever cared about lived. Starlight was surprised at that and she hadn't thought about Sunburst in so long. She began speculating on what he could have been doing, but she remembers the dark past that she had endured for most of her life.

She couldn't tell that to Sunburst. He was probably really successful now and she was trying to learn the basics of friendship. She was already afraid enough that she wouldn't be able to make any friends, but the thought of reuniting with her first friend was even worse. So much has happened in so long, she had no idea to pick up where they left off and how would she even begin? Starlight tried to shut these thoughts out, but they kept nagging her severely. Finally, Twilight asked if she was alright and Starlight lied by saying those all sounded like great ideas. Twilight bought it and said that perhaps Starlight was right and it would be hard to choose one. Starlight laughed nervously a little bit before feeling nervous. Starlight wondered around the castle with guilt and when she tried to open the door, a bunch of cleaning supplies toppled on top of her. Starlight put it back in the closet and tried another door. This time, she found Spike doing some weird pose in front of the mirror and she expressed embarrassment. Spike waved at her and she just groaned in frustration. She said that she was never gonna find her way around this place and Spike asked her what was wrong. Starlight told him that Twilight was trying to figure out what her first friendship lesson should be and she wasn't exactly thrilled with the options or rather just one of them.

Spike asked which one that was and Starlight said it was the one where she would reunite with Sunburst in the Crystal Empire. Spike asked what was so bad about that and Starlight sighed. She looked up and told Spike that ever since she was a foal, Sunburst knew everything there was when it came to magic. She also said that he knew exactly what to do and he was always there to help her. She said that it probably wasn't surprising that Sunburst got his cutie mark in magic and went off to Princess Celestia's school. But when he left, it created a tear in her heart. Spike basically filled in the rest of her life in one sentence and Starlight said that wasn't stuff that she was super eager to tell Sunburst about. She said that he was probably some big important wizard now and she couldn't find her way around Twilight's castle. Spike speculated that if Sunburst was that good at magic, Starlight could share with him about her exploits. He suggested that she talk to Twilight about this and let her know how she felt. Starlight acknowledged that, but she said that she didn't want it to make it seem like she wasn't ready to learn or how appreciative of everything Twilight has done for her. Before Spike could say anything, Twilight yelled for Spike to come quickly and the two of them went outside on the balcony. Twilight extended one of her wings out and a snowflake landed on it.

It opened on its own and Spike said that it was a Crystalling invitation. Twilight said that Shining Armor was now a father and she was an aunt. She turned to Starlight and told her that this has been settled. Because all of them were headed off to the Crystal Empire, Starlight's first lesson would be reuniting with Sunburst. Starlight said it was great, but she was more or less lying about that. Elsewhere in Canterlot, there was a video playing of Godzilla attacking the MUTO and Kong attacking Skullcrawlers. It turns out that Monarch had been at a hearing in the Senate in Canterlot to testify in front of them why their organization should not fall under military jurisdiction or why these Titans should not be exterminated. Akeem Aziz told the Senators that what they were witnessing was the return of an ancient and forgotten super species known as the Titans. Examples would be Godzilla, the MUTOs, and Kong. He said that the organization believes that these Titans provide an essential balance to their world and while some may pose a threat to pony society, Monarch was uniquely prepared to determine which Titans are here to threaten ponykind and which of them are here to protect ponykind. The chairpony of the Senate committee thanked Mr. Aziz for the fifth grade history lesson and stated that the committee hasn't heard one good reason why Monarch should not fall under military jurisdiction or why these creatures should not be exterminated.

She stated that Monarch was tasked with finding and destroying these radioactive monsters, but the organization couldn't or wouldn't tell them how many of these Titans existed or why they are showing up. She said that because of that, maybe it was time for the military to put them down. Saratoga said that killing them would be a mistake and stated that they returned because of all of them. He explained that the atomic testing awoke Godzilla and the other creatures such as the MUTOS appeared from strip mining and seismic surveys. He clarified that these creatures were not monsters, but rather, animals rising to reclaim a world that was once theirs. The chairpony told Saratoga that it almost sounded like that he was protecting them as if he admired them and Saratoga retorted that he admired all forms of life. He told the Senators that if they all hoped to survive, they must learn to coexist with Titans and the King Of The Monsters himself, Godzilla. Ink said that it would be like some sort of symbiotic relationship like the lion and the mouse and the chairpony responded in kind with the scorpion and the frog. She asked Saratoga if he wanted to make Godzilla their pet and Saratoga said that ponykind would be Godzilla's pet. The Senators all laughed at that statement and the military leaders could only stare in embarrassment and annoyance.

Akeem walked that back and said that was not what Saratoga was trying to say. Ink had pulled out some sort of device and saw a text message on it. She showed it to Saratoga and both of them agreed they needed to attend to this. Both of them headed out the door and the chairpony said that this hearing was not adjourned. She then told Saratoga that she hoped he understood the consequences of walking out that door and Akeem said that while he confers with his colleagues, he would set them up with a very interesting documentary about Titan reproduction and said that he believed this was the one where they blurred out the anatomy, but if not, just leave a comment to his assistant. In another part of Equestria, Montaza was out in the mountains just south of the Whitetail Woods and 15 miles north of Las Pegasus. He was capturing the footage of wolves eating some prey and listened to the growls through his headphones just so he could capture the sound of them. Suddenly, he heard some other sounds and saw the wolves running away. He looked up in the sky and saw a giant Osprey descend from the sky. It landed on the ground and he saw Akeem, Ink, and Saratoga all come out to find him. Montaza knew something was up and he took them to his cabin nearby. Ink told him that the feed cuts out right there and explained that the survivors haven't been able to give them much more than what the footage allows. The only thing they did say was that Adiya and Aesha were the only ones taken.

Saratoga apologized to Montaza for letting this happen and Montaza said to himself that he should have been there for his daughter. He asked them who these ponies were and Ink said that they believed these ponies were after a certain device. She zoomed in on the image and Montaza couldn't believe what he was seeing. He said that they didn't and Akeem said that it was the ORCA and explained that's why they needed Adiya. He attempted to explain what she was trying to accomplish here, but Montaza cut him off and said that he knew what it was since he built the prototype. He asked who the heck this dude was and Akeem introduced himself by saying he was the head of technology and joined Monarch soon after Montaza left. He said that he admired his wife's work and him, but he said that came out weird and apologized for saying it like that. Montaza said that him and Adiya destroyed the prototype and Ink said that Adiya decided to rebuild it. She explained that after Baltimare, she went home to Manehattan and spent years developing it. She said that Adiya thought it could help before Montaza asked with anger if it was to play God and Ink said it was to prevent another attack. Montaza was angry and said that the ORCA was a grad school science project. He explained that it was meant to keep whales away from the shoreline, not to control and talk to the Titans.

He told them that the Titans will think it is one of them when they hear that signal and if they used the wrong frequency on them, they could be responsible for causing 1,000 Baltimares. Saratoga said that was the reason they needed to get it back and told him that Adiya always said no one had known the ORCA better than Montaza did. Montaza was having none of it and told Saratoga that it shouldn't even exist. Akeem told Montaza that may be the case, but it has now fallen into the wrong hooves and right now, the OCRA was the only thing keeping Adiya and Aesha alive. Ink said that they knew Montaza was hurting, but if they found the OCRA, they would find his family. She told him that she promised that and Montaza turned around with hope. They all went on the Osprey and Ink asked Montaza when the last time he spoke with Adiya was. Montaza told her it had been nine months ago and explained that after Baltimare, they all went back home to Manehattan and tried to put the pieces back together. He said that Adiya dealt with it by doubling down on saving the world while he started drinking. He looked at Ink with pain in his eyes and said that he couldn't tell her how much he hated himself for letting his daughter see him that way. Akeem asked if they could cut in here and explained that Montaza might want to see this.

Montaza took the tablet and Akeem explained that Adiya had combined the bioacoustics of different Titans to create the OCRA's signal. He said it was some sort of baseline frequency that all of the creatures respond to, which some examples were attracting them, repelling them, and even at times, calming them down. Ink explained that the problem was that they didn't know which Titans Adiya had combined, but if Montaza could identify those frequencies, they would be able to track the ORCA and find Adiya and Aesha. Montaza kept scrolling through the different Titans on the screen and asked how many of these things were there. Saratoga told him that it was seventeen and counting after Godzilla and Montaza questioned that. Ink said that most of them were discovered in deep hibernation while others were contained at top secret sites around Equestria. Montaza asked why they haven't killed them and Saratoga said that the government wants to do that, but himself and Adiya believed that some of them are benevolent. Montaza didn't exactly agree and told Saratoga not to kid himself on this issue. Akeem pointed out that they were here and Montaza went to take a look at where they were. They had arrived at Castle Bravo or Monarch Outpost 54 in the middle of the Celestial Sea and they descended downwards. Montaza said that this was new and Akeem said that they call it Castle Bravo which was their new flagship facility that was built to track and study Godzilla on his own turf.

Montaza said that he thought Godzilla was missing and Akeem told him that was only if you had no idea where to look. The Osprey landed down on the pad and all of them got out. They were in a meeting room and Ink said that at 7:00 AM this morning, the containment site in the Galloping Gorge right next to the Unicorn mountain range in Northwestern Equestria was raided. The specimen that resided there, Mothra, had escaped only to cocoon itself later under a nearby waterfall while Doctor Adiya Asghar and her daughter Aesha were taken hostage. She said that this was the pony responsible, FredBoat, who was a former Grittish army colonel who had turned into an ecoterrorist and was obsessed with restoring natural order. She said that in order to fund his operations, FredBoat began trafficking in a new and dangerous market which was Titan DNA. One of the soldiers asked what the heck someone was gonna do with a giant worm and Nasir told him what somepony couldn't do with that. He began listing off different examples such as pharmaceuticals, bioweapons, and food and said that there probably wasn't a company or country in the world that didn't want to get their hands or whatever they had on one of these bad boys. He said that this was just a larva, so it meant that it was a baby and after it cocoons, something else was gonna crawl out which could have been something bigger and meaner. Akilah told him that none of them knew that and Nasir retorted for her to just wait.

Colonel Asma told the group that their intel indicates that FredBoat wants to capture this specimen alive which meant that himself and his mercs would not be far behind. She began to list off her plan, but Montaza said to not even bother. Colonel Asma stopped what she was doing and asked Montaza what he just said. Montaza said that it sounded like a duck hunt to him and Akeem suggested to Montaza that maybe he should let Colonel Asma finish. Montaza ignored that and kept going. He said this was like a decoy or a diversion and said that they already have Adiya and the ORCA. He asked why they would want just this one when they've got the keys to their entire magic kingdom of horrors back here and said that he thinks they want them to go after Mothra so they could go after a real prize. Something bigger. Colonel Asma barely acknowledged that and Saratoga told Montaza that this was not the first specimen that had been captured. He said that these ponies knew what they were doing and Montaza retorted that it wasn't just a specimen and he's got an ex-wife and daughter out there, in case they forgot. Akeem told him that none of them forgot and reminded him that he was brought on here to help track the ORCA and to advise them. Montaza cut him off and said that he advised them to kill all of the Titans, especially Godzilla. He said that if they wanted to make sure these things don't fall into the wrong hands, they needed to kill them all and the ORCA's useless.

Akilah told Montaza that Adiya would not have wanted that, even if it meant to save her life, and Montaza retorted that this wasn't the first time Adiya put all of this before herself or her family. He sighed angrily and just walked out. Another soldier named Mahdi commented that Montaza really hated Titans, and Akeem said that Mahdi would hate them too if he was in Montaza's position. Somewhere else in Equestria, an Osprey was flying in the Bug Bear Territory, north of Griffonstone and east of the Crystal Mountains, and Adiya and Aesha were on board. The chopper landed at Monarch Outpost 32 in the Bug Bear Territory and FredBoat told his soldiers to go. Suddenly, there was loud gunfire and Adiya and Aesha had to hear the screams of these poor ponies having to get blown up by some dude who was an ecoterrorist and hell bent on restoring natural order in the world. Aesha told her mother that she was scared and Adiya told her she was scared as well. There were hoofsteps that approached them and the soldier stood behind them to make sure they didn't try anything. FredBoat sniffed a little bit and told them to go. They all walked out and Aesha told her daughter to keep her eyes straight ahead and not look at the dead bodies. They all went on the elevator and it went down below ground. They made it to the bottom and the doors opened. All of them were shocked and FredBoat said that the "mother of God" had nothing to do with this.

Low and behold, there was Monster Zero trapped inside the ice and Aesha expressed it as such. FredBoat smiled some more and felt proud at what he had done. As we know, Monster Zero or Ghidorah as we know it, was destroyed by burning Godzilla's nuclear pulses and eradicated by his massive foot in Boston. However, FredBoat was somehow able to get the video files showing this and decided to revive Ghidorah from the dead. It took some work, but he eventually found a way to bring him back, but it resulted in the creature being trapped in the ice just like it was at the beginning of the 2019 film "Godzilla: King Of The Monsters." Think of it as a reset and it would basically repeat the events of King Of The Monsters, but within Equestrian borders, instead of various continents back on Earth that we as humans call home. All of them moved to a different place of the Outpost and Adiya put her hoof up close to feel the ice. FredBoat asked one of the soldiers if there were any survivors, and they told him no. They said that these ponies tried to launch an emergency beacon, but they got cut off just in time. FredBoat said that they'll figure it out and ordered the soldier to fire up the drills. FredBoat asked if Adiya had everything she needed and she nodded. FredBoat smiled and said that it was time to get started. The drills got put into the ice and Aesha touched the ice with her hoof as well.

Adiya fired up the ORCA and it began to collect bioacoustics data to analyze this creature. Adiya saw her daughter touching the ice and simply sighed. Meanwhile, back in Castle Bravo, Montaza was watching a video from a couple of years ago and he smiled a bit at the bonding moment. He wished that it could still have been like that, but there was too much damage done and he could never go back after what he did nine months prior. Suddenly, there was loud rumbling noises and there was an alert that went off that came from Colonel Asma ordering all personnel to report to battle stations because it was a code red situation. Montaza went to the command center and asked Akilah what was going on. She said that something was wrong and this creature has never been this close before. Montaza asked who she was referencing and Akilah asked rhetorically who he thought she was talking about. Ink said that the creature was taking out their observation drones and Saratoga asked for the trajectory. Nasir said that it was headed straight at them and it was at 1,200 meters and closing. Colonel Asma ordered the G-Team to get on those CROWS now and they all went to their respective battle stations. The shields closed up and the turrets turned around to face the creature.

Saratoga asked Doctor Nasir if he had the creature's bioacoustics and Nasir brought them up. He said that the creature was closing in at 800 meters and Ink said that its movements were erratic and its heart and breathing were elevated. Akeem said the creature was probably not happy about something and Montaza asked how the team was getting all of this. Akilah told him that Adiya had isolated Godzilla's bioacoustics which allows them to track him and was even used to get his vitals. There was more rumbling and Nasir said that Godzilla was closing in at 200 meters. Saratoga looked at the Colonel and Asma ordered for all the teams to be in position with the weapons loaded and to engage on her command. Saratoga told them to hold their fire because they don't know if Godzilla will attack and Montaza said that he will if they kept the guns on him. He clarified that he wanted Godzilla dead more than anybody, but unless this was a fight that they knew they could win, stand down. Godzilla got closer and more rumbling occurred. At this point, Godzilla was already awake and he was very annoyed when he saw this giant underwater base just sitting in the ocean. So, he began coming towards it and hopefully, teach these ponies a lesson. Saratoga told them to stand down and Colonel Asma said that he couldn't be serious. Saratoga said that he was and told them to stand down. Asma reluctantly gave in and told the teams to stand down and to not engage.

Akilah told them to listen and she said that Godzilla's heart rate has slowed down. There was a faint growl outside and Montaza told them to open the shields. They all stared at him like he was nuts and Nasir said rhetorically that they should bring Godzilla in for a beer before asking him if he was out of his mind. Montaza looked at Saratoga and told him this would be to let Godzilla know they were not a threat. After a few seconds, Saratoga looked at Nasir and told him to do it. Nasir buried his head in the desk and opened the shields. The shields retracted and they saw a bright blue light. Godzilla had seen the ponies and decided to use his scales to show them who they were messing with. It made faint growls and inched closer to the facility. One of the soldiers asked what was with the light show and Ink said it was an intimidation display like a Gorilla pounding his chest. Akeem said to consider them all very intimidated and Akilah said that it probably wasn't for them. Montaza inched closer towards the glass and Nasir asked him what the heck he was doing. Montaza went right up against the glass and was face to face with the King Of The Monsters himself, Godzilla. The Kaiju glared a bit at the pony and then backed away when he realized they weren't gonna attack him. The light disappeared and all of them breathed a sigh of relief.

Suddenly, there was a loud noise and Godzilla roared with anger as he turned around and headed in the other direction. It shook the place and everypony had to hold onto something. Nasir asked if they could close the shield now and Montaza asked him to show him Godzilla's territorial routes. Nasir asked why and Montaza said with sarcasm that he wanted to start a boat tour and told him to just show him the routes. Nasir brought it up and Colonel Asma asked if Montaza cared to tell them what he was looking for. Montaza explained that whenever an animal leaves its hunting ground, its usually because its threatened by something. Ink asked for a course projection and Montaza told Saratoga that they had to go after Godzilla because he is looking for something out there which could be the ORCA. Saratoga asked Nasir what his projection was and Nasir informed him that all of the paths have Godzilla landing in the same place which was the Bug Bear Territory. Montaza said it was time to go then and go find him. But after seeing the look on everypony's face, he asked what was in the Bug Bear Territory. Instead of telling him, Colonel Asma told Mahdi to contact the Argo and Mahdi said yes ma'am. Montaza looked back at the map and wondered what could possibly be in the Bug Bear Territory.

They all went on the ENS Argo, which was Monarch's command ship, and they headed towards the Bug Bear Territory in Northeastern Equestria. Ink said that the specimen at this site has been kept entirely off-book and since it was a more recent discovery, their data was limited, but it did seem like it was another apex predator. Saratoga said that Adiya called it Monster Zero and Ink said that it may have been a rival alpha to Godzilla who was battling for dominance over the other Titans. Saratoga looked at Akilah for information and Akilah said that she had been scouring through thousands of years of myths and legends. But it appeared as if ponies were scared to write about it and Saratoga made the assumption it was meant to be forgotten. Nasir appeared and said that he hated to crash the party, but he had bad news. Mahdi told him to just say news since it was always bad and Nasir said that they lost Godzilla because he had dropped off the scan near Griffonstone. Montaza questioned that and Nasir said that Doctor Brooks was right about the Hollow Earth. He said that was how Godzilla moves around so fast because he uses these underwater tunnels like wormholes and just zips around in there.

Colonel Asma told everypony to look sharp because they were now here at the base. Inside of the base, there were a bunch of detonators being put inside the holes and there was an alert on the tablet. One of the soldiers picked it up and let FredBoat know that backup had arrived. FredBoat told him to keep the backup busy and the soldier said on the radio to launch the reaction force. They all took off and FredBoat stared at his revived creation. The Argo doors opened up and two Ospreys came flying down and went closer to the base. Ink said that if FredBoat was looking to extract genetic samples, it would be in the biolabs and Mehdi told the soldiers to check their equipment and stand by the door because they would be landing in two minutes. After two minutes, the chopper landed and the soldiers moved out towards the base. Inside, FredBoat told one of his top soldiers to make it snappy and after a few seconds, the detonators were ready and FredBoat told them all to move out. They all were on the move and the soldiers went through the different tunnels to find these ponies who were trying to collect DNA samples from Monster Zero. Inside the Osprey, Nasir, Ink, Saratoga, Montaza, and Akilah were watching the bodycam footage on the computers and observed what was going on.

The soldiers kept moving through the tunnels and Asma reminded them to keep their eyes wide because there were friendlies in here. They kept moving and they all stopped when they saw someone on the other side. They all raised their left hoof up and they attempted to count down, but there was an explosion that went off before they could do anything. Mehdi said there was an ambush and they were taking heavy losses here. They kept moving, but they stopped when Adiya and Aesha appeared. Montaza saw it show up on the computer screen and he ran out of there to go get them. He picked up a gun and ran down to find them. Akilah heard noises and pointed out that she was getting EKG readings. Montaza kept going through there and Asma had eyes on the target. Montaza got to the top and told the soldiers to let his ex-wife and daughter go. The soldier tried to shoot him, but he got sniped down by Asma from above. Montaza had fear in his eyes and told Adiya and Aesha to come on already. He did not want to be here any longer than he had to and he wanted to get out of there alive before things got even more ugly. Aesha began to walk a bit towards her father and Montaza told her to continue walking towards him. However, Adiya called to her and stopped dead in her tracks. Things got quiet for a moment and Aesha had to choose between her mother and her father.

Aesha eventually made up her mind and walked backwards towards her mother. Adiya picked up the remote control and Asma asked herself what the heck that even was. They all stared next to them and they could hear a creature moving around inside of that ice. Adiya apologized to her ex-husband and told him to run. She pressed the button and the ice got destroyed. It caused everything to crumble and the creature began roaring in anger. Montaza went up the elevator, but after seeing he couldn't catch up to his daughter, he pressed the button to go down and told the soldiers to get inside. The group that had released the creature got back on their chopper and Aesha asked her mother what the heck her father was doing here. Adiya said she had no idea and FredBoat told the pilots to get out of here and at a safe distance. Aesha told her mother that they couldn't leave her father here and FredBoat asked Adiya what she was waiting for. He said to go wake the dang creature up and Adiya went over to the hatch door. Down below, the soldiers were still running and they tried to escape, but the entire facility was collapsing. There was a large explosion and Montaza looked up in the sky to see his ex-wife standing up there with the ORCA. Adiya powered up the ORCA and began sending out pulse signals. They all took a look down below and they heard soft growling. They saw a giant tail with spikes on it and then they saw a head appear. Then, a second head appeared followed by a third and another tail.

Mehdi said to himself that he has gonna be kidding and Ghidorah roared at all of them. He smashed one of his tails on the ground and the ponies started retreating. Ghidorah roared again and there was yellow lightning that appeared behind him. Ghidorah broke out his wings and roared at the ponies some more. The soldiers yelled to open fire and they shot their machine guns at Ghidorah. Granted, that did nothing to the three headed dragon and it was just annoying to him. He stared at the ponies as they all failed miserably at trying to bring him down and grinned a bit. He remembers exactly how the humans in Antarctica had acted in 2019, and now he has a second chance at claiming the throne once more. The rest of the group got on the helicopter and powered up. Ghidorah finally had enough and he built up his gravity beams. One of the soldiers cursed as he knew his fate and Ghidorah unleashed his gravity beams which completely disintegrated the humans in a matter of seconds and caused electrical problems to occur with the chopper. Because of that, the propellers stopped moving and they couldn't take off. Adiya was surprised at what had happened and Aesha became increasingly worried about this. Ghidorah growled at the deceased soldiers and charged over towards the chopper. After a few moments, Aesha couldn't take it anymore and ripped the ORCA away from her mother.

She changed the pulses and Ghidorah got thrown back a bit and roared in anger. Both her mother and FredBoat tried to get her away from it, but she kept fighting them off. Eventually, FredBoat pulled her back and Adiya was able to retake possession of the ORCA. However, when she saw Ghidorah about to unleash his gravity beams, Adiya was horrified and changed the pulse to stop Ghidorah from using them. Ghidorah became confused and the middle head asked the other two heads if they had any idea what was happening. Neither of them had a clue and all of them just decided to inch closer to the chopper. The chopper door closed and Aesha was heartbroken about this and Adiya wore a guilty look on her face. Down below, there was rumbling everywhere and the group saw that Ghidorah was trying to smash the chopper to pieces, but kept hitting the glass which only shattered it. Suddenly, there was some movement and Ghidorah stopped what he was doing. He growled in anger and looked to his left to see what was coming. Montaza took a look on the radar and saw something coming. There was blue light that appeared and Godzilla emerged from the ocean. He stepped on the surface and looked to see where his opponent was. Ghidorah growled in anger and he wanted revenge for what had happened in Boston back in 2019. He roared in anger and Godzilla took a closer look at his opponent.

Godzilla snarled with anger and glared at Ghidorah with a deep hatred. He thought that he had beaten Ghidorah once and for all in Boston, but it was clear that somehow, Ghidorah came back from the dead and wanted revenge for being defeated at the hands of the King Of The Monsters. Ghidorah spread out his wings as an intimidation display to show how much bigger he was than Godzilla, but the Kaiju was undeterred by that. He gave an ear shattering roar at Ghidorah and the three headed dragon responded with a loud roar as well. Both of them charged towards one another and Colonel Asma told the crew to hold on because they were probably gonna get thrown around a lot. The two creatures collided with one another and began to fight. Godzilla bit down on one of Ghidorah's heads and slammed it into the ground, which caused a shockwave to occur. Everypony on that chopper got thrown around and Asma told everypony to clear out. Ink went over to Montaza and Montaza said he was stuck. Ghidorah roared again and blasted Godzilla with his gravity beams to the ground. Ghidorah snarled at the King Of The Monsters and backed up a little bit. Godzilla got back up and roared at Ghidorah once again. Montaza told Ink that he got it and told her to go. She went out and Montaza was able to set himself free.

He got out of the chopper and Montaza looked up at the current fight going on. Ghidorah blasted some more gravity beams at Godzilla, but the Kaiju blocked the attack with his hands and roared in pain. He slammed his tail to the ground and his scales lit up. He built up his atomic breath and Montaza watched as it traveled up Godzilla's body. Godzilla unleashed his atomic breath at Ghidorah, but the three headed dragon dodged the attack using his heads to move out of the way and blasted gravity beams at Godzilla. This caused Godzilla to fall down towards the ground and his atomic breath destroyed the rest of the outpost. Godzilla hit the ground and disappeared underneath the ocean. Montaza and Ink were running as fast as they could, but Ink screamed in horror when Ghidorah touched the ground and ate her. Saratoga couldn't believe his eyes and just stood in shock. Ghidorah looked down at the ponies again, but it roared in pain when it got hit by missile strikes to the face. The Argo had arrived and kept shooting missiles at Ghidorah. Montaza stopped to see that and one of them flew down to the ground. It caused an explosion and caused Montaza to get yeeted and crash against a crate. He fell to the ground and watched the last of the fight.

Ghidorah heard footsteps and turned to see Godzilla behind him. Godzilla roared at him, but Ghidorah saw this as the perfect opportunity to head out and he took off. Godzilla roared in anger and Montaza fell unconscious. Meanwhile, the Mane Six were all on the train and the Crystal Empire was within the distance. Starlight had a worried expression on her face and looked to see what the others were doing. Rainbow stretched a little bit and asked Applejack what the thing next to her was. Applejack said that it was just a little something for the young one and pulled off the cover. She said it was made from genuine apple family apple trees and it was made for all of the apple family. She said that anypony related to Twilight was practically family and the alicorn smiled at that. Rainbow thought she could do better and said that it was okay, but it wasn't no Cloudsdale Mobile. She presented the object out in the open and Pinkie said it was pretty. Applejack smirked at the competition and said that a mobile was real nice as long as they had something to sleep on to look at it. Rarity pitched in and said it would also need a fetching blanket to keep you warm. Twilight said that she was sure her brother and Cadence would enjoy all of their gifts, but they'll probably be more happy that they were attending the Crystalling.

Pinkie said that she couldn't wait to see all of that light and love make the Crystal Heart more sparkly and shiny, but Twilight told her that the Crystal Heart was an ancient and powerful relic. She explained that without its magic, the Crystal Empire would be lost to the Frozen North. Starlight jumped in and said nervously that it sounded like this Crystalling was pretty important and she would understand if Twilight wanted to wait to do a different friendship lesson when they got back. Twilight had a different opinion and expressed her excitement. She said that not only did she get to see the baby and take part in the ceremony to keeps the Crystal Empire running, but she was also starting off her new pupil with the best friendship lesson ever. Starlight moved away from Twilight a little bit and said nervously that she couldn't wait either. Spike motioned for her to speak up and Starlight told her teacher that she was worried about meeting Sunburst again. Twilight downplayed it and said that she knew what it was like to see old friends, but she'll be there to help her right along. She said that she broke it down into a few easy steps, but it was more or less a very long list as per usual. The train had stopped at the station and everypony got off. While that was happening, Twilight went down the list one by one and Starlight was bored out of her mind.

Twilight stopped when she crashed into her brother and she acknowledged him with a smile. Shining did the same and both of them hugged for a few seconds. Twilight said to her brother that she had no idea that he was gonna meet them here and Shining said of course he was. The thing was though, he was clearly disoriented and obviously very tired as most parents would be after going through labor. Twilight asked if he was alright, and Shining said he was never better. He did say the word amazing a lot and after finishing his sentence, he stared very creepily into Twilight's eyes. She just stared at him and Shining apologized for acting so weird. He said that he hadn't really slept much since Cadence had the baby and now that he was thinking about it, she hadn't either. He said it would be great to get a break and Twilight understood. She said to him that she had no idea what she was thinking and said that both of them probably needed tons of help with this. She turned to Starlight and told her that maybe it wasn't a good idea to combine the lesson with this trip after all. Starlight saw that as a good thing and said to Twilight that the alicorn was an aunt now which was way more important than some friendship lesson. Twilight said that she wished she could do both and Spike got an idea. He explained that Twilight had already done the hard work with writing the list, all they had to do was follow it. Twilight said that was a great idea while Starlight facehoofed in frustration.

She would not get out of this so easily. Twilight said it was settled and said that her and Shining will head to the castle while the two of them headed off to Sunburst's house. Spike saluted and Starlight followed him in that direction. Twilight turned back around to her brother and asked him to show them this amazing baby pony, but she caught him sleeping. On the other side of the Empire, Spike and Starlight were walking down the street and looked for Sunburst's house. Spike said to Starlight that he knew she was a little worried about this reunion, but he was sure Twilight's got everything covered. Starlight said it was everything except she'd rather do absolutely anything else and Spike said that Twilight probably put that into account as well. It was all part of the lesson and she needed to trust the lesson. Starlight rolled her eyes at that, but then, she got an idea. She asked Spike if that statue was him, and Spike barely acknowledged it. Starlight got worried and asked why the heck there was a statue of him right next to the one of Godzilla. One of the crystal ponies said that Godzilla had saved them all from King Sombra and then another crystal pony said that Spike "The Brave and Glorious" saved them again during the Equestria games. Starlight asked if that was true and a third crystal pony said it was a true and was a big fan. Starlight got an idea and asked Spike when he was gonna tell her about this. Spike said it was no big deal, but all of the crystal ponies said it most certainly was.

With all of that being said, Starlight said that they were not going anywhere until they get the whole story. Inside the castle, Shining Armor said that before they all go in, he warned them that seeing the baby might be a bit of a shock. Twilight passed that off and told her brother that she has seen babies before, so this one shouldn't be any different. Cadence was already inside and both Celestia and Luna were there as well. Twilight looked at the baby with a smile, but gasped when she saw wings pop out. Twilight said she could be wrong and all of them just stared in complete shock. Twilight looked at Cadence and asked if the baby was considered an alicorn. Cadence said that it appeared that way and Rarity said that she thought that alicorn wings had to be earned by accomplishing some great princess worthy deed. Applejack asked how a pony could just be born with them and Celestia said that the birth of an alicorn is something Equestria has never seen. Luna said it was beyond their understanding and Fluttershy whispered to Rarity that it wasn't very reassuring. Pinkie was excited about that and said it was a unicorn and a pegasus. She said that not only could this baby be a super strong flyer, but she could also have crazy baby magic. Rainbow said that she knew all about strong flying and Twilight said she could help the baby keep tabs on her magic.

The baby started to fidget around, but when she let out a sneeze, it sent a giant blast of magic right through the ceiling and everypony's eyes were as wide as dinner plates. After a few seconds, they looked up and saw a pony with a burnt mane and they all looked down with their eyes shrunk down to pinpricks. Clearly, this baby was a lot more powerful than what they were originally expecting, but if she kept doing that, she could cause serious destruction. The baby that we know as Flurry Heart scratched her muzzle a bit and yawned a little bit. Celestia said that it appears Flurry's magic is more powerful than that of a newborn unicorn and Luna said that the crowds have already started to gather. Pinkie said that this Crystalling was going to be some party and Cadence asked if they should call it off. Rainbow downplayed it and said that they have all faced a lot worse than baby magic. Rarity concurred and said that she couldn't imagine cancelling such a beautiful and important ceremony over something so adorable. Celestia said that in light of the little one's abilities, this Crystalling might be more important than ever. She looked at Cadence and suggested to her niece that maybe she should address that to her subjects as a reminder. Cadence nodded and she walked out the door with Celestia and Luna behind her. Twilight asked her brother if he had everything he needed for the ceremony, and Shining Armor started to panic.

He said that he still had to interview the honor guards, choose a purity crystal, and pick a crystaller. He sat on the ground in worry and Twilight told him to relax. She said that she could stay here with Pinkie to watch over Flurry Heart and Applejack said that the rest of them could help him out with what needs to be done. However, he fell asleep again and Rarity said that could only done if he stayed awake long enough to tell them how to do it. Back outside, Spike wrapped up the story about how Godzilla had marched into the city and took out King Sombra and allowed Spike to give the Crystal Heart to Cadence. The young fillies expressed joy with the story and told him to tell them all about the Equestria Games. Spike said that as much as he likes to relive his and Godzilla's heroic deeds, Starlight and himself were on a mission by order of the Princess of Friendship. The fillies were saddened by that and Starlight said that she wanted to hear about the Equestria Games as well. However, Spike doubled down and said he knew Starlight was nervous, but he read out step three which said "Deal with your fears by facing them, not by putting it off." Starlight glared at that remark and threw the popcorn away. She said to go get this over with and walked in the direction of Sunburst's house. They made it there and Starlight was about to knock on the door, but Spike told her to stop.

He said that knocking on the door was not the next thing on the list and Starlight was annoyed by that. Spike said that he knew Twilight could be very nitpicky, but this was Starlight's first lesson as her pupil, so it was important they do it right. Starlight rolled her eyes and asked what was the next thing on the list. Spike looked at it and said that before any two ponies see each other, it is important to highlight the importance of the meeting. Starlight thought that was absolutely ridiculous and said they could probably skip that. Spike said that if they skip it, the whole lesson could go south and Starlight might take a giant step backwards instead of forwards and maybe she'll never be able to learn anything about friendship at all. That frightened Starlight and Spike said that it was almost like Starlight's whole future depended on this moment. He checked that item off the list and said that he couldn't believe Starlight wanted to skip that. Starlight ignored it and knocked very softly on the door. At first, nothing happened, but the door slowly opened and Starlight asked if it was Sunburst. Sunburst came to the door and asked what he could do for her. Starlight said it was her and said that they used to be friends. Sunburst thought about it for a second, but then he remembered those days. He said that it has been so long and asked what Starlight had been up to for all of this time.

Starlight said it was a bunch of random things and right now, she was Twilight's pupil. Sunburst asked if that was true and Starlight said that was why she was here. She acknowledged that he was probably very busy and Sunburst asked what she meant. Starlight explained that after magic school, he would go on to do important wizard work and Sunburst said no at first, but then bought into the lie by saying he was. After a few moments, he said it was good to see her and he closed the door. Spike said that maybe they should have skipped the highlighting the importance of the meeting and Starlight said that was over. She walked down the stairs, but Spike told her that they had to at least explain what Twilight wants. Starlight groaned and knocked on the door again. Sunburst came to the door again and Starlight smiled nervously. Elsewhere in Equestria, Montaza had woken up on some sort of hospital bed and saw all the different monitors. He had somehow made it back on the Argo and in the command room, Asma asked Nasir if there was anything on the satellites. Nasir said that the subs have Godzilla moving quickly off Griffonstone and they lost Ghidorah in a tropical storm over the Hollow Shades. He said that was scanning the entire Southern Hemisphere and there was nothing, so Asma told him to search the Northern Hemisphere.

Saratoga was grieving quite a bit over the death of Ink, who was his personal assistant and friend to him. She was also family to him and for her to go out like that was devastating for him. Asma told Akeem that she knew what she saw and she was saying that Adiya pulled that trigger. Akeem disagreed with that and told the Colonel that she saw wrong. He said that Adiya practically recruited everypony in this room and Nasir suggested that maybe FredBoat forced her to do that. He could have used Aesha as leverage and Akeem said it had to be someone else. Montaza said it was Adiya and the Colonel saw it right. He said it was her and no one forced her to do it. Saratoga asked if he was sure and Montaza nodded. Asma got annoyed and said that Adiya releases Mothra first, and now, she's released Monster Zero. She asked if anypony else was sensing a pattern here and Akilah said she could, but it wasn't a very good one and it seemed like Adiya was trying to start a mass awakening. Montaza decided to get smart and said with sarcasm that it was just too bad that no tried to tell her that was going to happen. Akeem jumped in and asked why Adiya wanted to release these creatures or why she would team up with FredBoat to do it. Saratoga said that they'll ask her when they find her and said they had to keep looking. Asma looked on the map and said that Godzilla is following the same path as Adiya's Osprey, heading south over Griffonstone right to this location: the Dragonlands. It was where Monarch Outpost 56 resided and was on top of the volcano in the Dragon's Lair in the Dragonlands.

She said that they will touch down there in ten minutes and Montaza asked about the Dragons down there. Asma was confused and Montaza clarified he was talking about the Dragons down there in that area that don't realize they were gonna be the special of the day. Saratoga said that they've already sent out a G-Team to begin an evacuation and one of the tech ponies alerted him that there was a call on the emergency channel from the Dragonlands. Saratoga told her to answer it and on the screen was none other than Adiya herself. All of them were slightly surprised by that and moved closer to the screen. Adiya said that she should probably go first and the first question out of Montaza's mouth was the whereabouts of his daughter. Adiya said she was right here and Aesha asked if her father was okay. Montaza asked if she was alright and Aesha apologized to her father. Montaza told her she had nothing to be sorry for and Adiya said that her daughter was fine. Asma was not buying that and said that trust was a little hard to come by after what stunt she pulled in the Bug Bear Territory. Adiya acknowledged that and said that she can only imagine what all of them were thinking right now. Basically, the mood in the room is we're very angry at you and we want answers as to why you decided to pull that PR move. Adiya said that if there any other way to do this, she would have and Montaza asked what that would be.

Adiya said that she was saving the world and Montaza said that makes no sense whatsoever. Adiya disagreed and said that as impossible as it seems, it does make sense. She asked him to hear her out and he waited for an explanation. Adiya said that after they lost Akeil, she swore his death would not be in vain and she would find an answer. A solution to why the Titans were rising. She said that as she dug deeper, she realized that they were here for a reason and despite all the years that they've spent trying to stop them, they never dared to confront the truth. Montaza was skeptical about that and asked which truth that was. She said that ponies have been the dominant species for thousands of years and look what has happened. Overpopulation, pollution, and war. The mass extinction that they feared has already begun and they were the cause of it. They were in the infection. She said that like all living organisms, the Earth unleashed a fever to fight this infection which were the original and rightful rulers known as the Titans who were part of the Earth's natural defense system and were a way to protect the planet in order to maintain its balance. She said that if governments are allowed to contain them, destroy them, or use them for war, the pony infection will only continue to spread and within their lifetime, the planet will perish and so will they unless they restore balance.

Nasir asked her what was gonna be left if she did this which was probably a dead and charred world overrun by monsters and Adiya said it would be the exact opposite. She said that just like how a forest fire replenishes the soil or how a volcano creates new land, they have seen signs that these creatures will do the same. Baltimare, Las Pegasus, wherever the Titans go, life will follow that is triggered by their radiation. She said that the Titans are the only thing that can reverse the destruction that ponykind started and the only guarantee that life will carry on, but in order for that to happen, they must set them free. Akilah said that Adiya was murdering the world, but Adiya said that as difficult as this will be, she promised that ponykind will not go extinct. She said that using the ORCA, they will all return to a natural order and forgotten order, where ponies coexisted in balance with Titans. Saratoga told her that this is a dangerous path and was meddling with forces beyond their comprehension which could endanger the lives of billions. Adiya fired back by asking what he was gambling with and told him that Monarch was broken and was about to be shut down by a government whose only objective is to eradicate these creatures. She asked if that happens, then what will their chances be and Montaza told her that she was out of her gosh darn mind. He said that first, she put their daughter's life in danger, and now she got to decide the fate of the world.

Adiya disregarded that and said that she couldn't be more sane and Aesha couldn't be any more stronger. She said that after they lost Akeil, she trained Aesha to survive and at least now, she would have a fighting chance. Montaza told her that she should listen to herself and told her it was not math and there were some things no one could control. Adiya fired back by saying there were something things that no one could run from and Montaza said this would bring Akeil back to them. After a few seconds of silence, Adiya told them all they she could only urge them to take refuge and for the last 60 years, Monarch has built bunkers around the world to save and restart civilization, so she could only encourage them to do the same. The screen cut off and Akilah called her the word that means female dog. Montaza asked how long it would be until this thing lands, and Asma said it would be in three minutes. Nasir told her she might want to rethink that and Asma asked why that was the case. Nasir said that something was not right and told her to check this out. He pulled up a map and said that Adiya is not in the Dragonlands because the signal is too weak to be local. He said that she was probably bouncing it off of their satellites, and they were most likely hiding in one of the old bunkers. He was in fact right, because they were all cooped up in a bunker inside the Crystal Mountains in Northern Equestria, so that was miles from where they were currently at.

Montaza heard a beeping noise and asked what the heck that was. Akeem said that she had shut down the containment system and Saratoga asked how much time they had. Inside the Crystal Mountains bunker, the tech team was successfully able to hack through the containment system and shut it down. FredBoat smiled at that, but he noticed something was off with Adiya. He addressed her and she stared at the ORCA. She went up to it and Aesha told her not to do it. FredBoat didn't like that and asked rhetorically if a child was telling Adiya what to do. Aesha ignored that and said that maybe her father was right and maybe this wasn't the way. FredBoat took that as a challenge and told Adiya that maybe they should reconsider their whole plan after she told her friends about it. Adiya told her daughter that they had talked about this, but Aesha disagreed with that. She told her mother that she said she was gonna help ponies and they would let them find shelter. FredBoat slammed his hoof on the table and yelled that they didn't have time for this. He looked at Adiya and asked if she really thought this was going to be easy and painless. Adiya told him to leave her daughter out of this and FredBoat retorted that she was the one that pulled her daughter into it. He turned towards Aesha and asked her what exactly her mother sold her on. He asked if that was some grand utopia or pony and monster living together in blissful harmony. The alarm went off and the tech pony said that they were about to locked out, so it was now or never.

FredBoat looked at Adiya and said that she came to him and this was her plan. He said that both of them want to save the planet, but everything is going to die if they didn't see it through. Aesha begged her mother to at least let them get to safety, but the tech pony said that their window is closing, so they had to act now. Aesha pleaded with her mother not to do it, but Adiya apologized for it and said that this was way bigger than just herself and her daughter. In the Dragonlands, dragons were on the move and trying toe evacuate as quickly as they could because there was an outpost at the top of that volcano and a dangerous creature laid inside of there. Far more dangerous than any of them and all it took was one quick swing before they were dead. So, they had to get out of there now before they all perished. There was very few things that dragons were afraid of, but this creature was one of them. Just even daring to speak his name in vain would get them in massive trouble, so they had to keep it hush-hush and get rid of any dragons who spoke of that name so that it would not come destroy their land. Suddenly, there was a loud screeching noise and everyone stopped. They all turned around to hear pulses coming out of that speaker and the door started to crack. Eventually, there was a loud explosion and everyone screamed in horror. He had returned and they were gonna get punished by him. The ponies working at the Outpost had retreated and the creature gave a loud roar.

It secured its claws on the platform and lifted its head to look into the outside world. Rodan had resurfaced and he was finally back as the King of the Skies. He roared very loudly to signify he was back and the dragons ran away in fear. He saw them running away and growled a bit at them. He loved it when they got terrified of him. They had been so full of themselves trying to act like the tough guy, but yet, when he was around, they all trembled in fear and begged for mercy. Meanwhile, on the Argo, Montaza asked Akilah if there was a catchy name for this Titan and Akilah said that this Titan was called Rodan, the fire demon. Montaza said with sarcasm that was comforting and he heard Rodan roar once more. Akeem asked if all of them remembered the tropical storm where they had lost Monster Zero and said that it was changing direction, headed right towards where they were at. Nasir said that was not possible because no storm moves that fast and Akilah suggested that it might not be a storm. The map identified Ghidorah as the one in the eye of the storm and Saratoga said that they needed to time to finish the evacuation. Nasir told him that they better hurry because it was closing in fast and Montaza had an idea. He told Saratoga that it was not a coincidence that Ghidorah was headed right for the Dragonlands because he was responding to Rodan's cries and that meant he was coming for food, a fight, or something more intimate. Saratoga asked him what he suggested and Montaza told him to get Rodan angry enough to get his attention on them.

Fighter Jets were flying towards the volcano and they shot missiles at Rodan. Rodan was confused for a second at the missiles, but then he roared in anger when he got hit by them. He roared even louder when he got hit by more and he glared at the fighter jets as they flew by. He saw the Argo come towards him and he was very angry at it. Montaza said that he believed that they got his attention and Asma told everypony to fasten in and for the aircraft to follow their lead. Rodan watched as the aircraft flew away and growled at it. He was already annoyed as it was, he was not gonna let them get away from him and escape. Not on his watch. He was so much faster than all of these aircraft, so they had no idea what was coming. He began to take off and started flying. He roared at them and chased after them. It brought an entire shockwave over the territory and basically leveled everything. Some dragons saw Rodan fly right over them and they were terrified at seeing him once again. There was a large dust storm and soldiers tackled them inside a shelter to protect them. The Argo was flying very fast, but Rodan surfaced from the clouds and roared at them. Nasir told the gold squadron that it was time to lure Rodan away from the mainland straight to Ghidorah's storm in the middle of the Celestial Sea and the ETA was two minutes. Asma told the squadron to engage on their six and the pilot followed the orders and said to start the clock. The fighter jets turned around and shot more missiles at Rodan.

Rodan roared at them and then clapped his wings together to create a sonic boom and took out some fighter jets in the process. Rodan flew high up in the sky and flew right past the fighter jets. He picked up the fighter jets with his claws and picked at them a bit before tossing them into the ocean. Rodan touched the water a bit and flew back up towards the rest of the squadron. Asma told one of them to get out of there because Rodan was right on his tail and they shot bullets at the winged Titan. The pilot pulled the ejector seat and flew out, but he landed right in Rodan's mouth and the Titan ate him. Nasir said that Cobra's Raptor is off the team and they were only sixty seconds away from Ghidorah. The Argo flew faster towards the storm, but Rodan was close behind. One of the pilots saw Rodan on his six and flew away to avoid him. Rodan saw that and knew that the fighter jets were retreating. So, he spun his body around and did a barrel roll to effectively destroy the rest of the fighter jets. Nasir said that they lost the squadron and they were only 30 seconds away from Ghidorah. Rodan flew higher up in the sky and chased the Argo as fast as he could. The airship was barely outpacing Rodan, but even the winged Titan was gaining closer to them and it was only a matter of seconds before he did. They entered the storm and Rodan reached out for the airship with his claws.

Rodan realized what was going on and he backed away. He roared in anger and flew up higher in the sky. Ghidorah was right there in the eye of the storm and he roared right at them. All of the crew widened their eyes in horror at his massive size and Asma told the pilot to dive. The pilot flew right past Ghidorah and the three headed dragon went out to meet Rodan. Both of them roared at each other and they collided. The Argo flew back up and Rodan almost flew away, but came back on Ghidorah. Nasir said that they were killing each other and one of the soldiers was calling a mayday to the Argo. Asma told them to go ahead and asked them what their status was. Mehdi said that they were screwed and they were gonna need immediate mid-air retrieval. Plus, they had kids on board, so that was gonna make things worse. Asma said to lock onto their position and prepare for an emergency landing. Nasir said that the hangar doors were unresponsive and Asma asked about manual override. He said that they were stuck and Montaza got up to ask where the hangar was. Akeem said that he could show him, but Montaza didn't want to deal with this guy. He asked if anyone else knew, but no one responded, so Akeem said that he would show him regardless. They ran towards the hangar and Nasir said that he hoped they had a big wrench.

Both of them made it to the hangar and Akeem asked the dude there was the problem was. The guy said that the hydraulics systems were jammed and he was trying to jump start power, but it wasn't looking good. Outside, Ghidorah spread out Rodan's wings and blasted his gravity beams at the winged Titan which sent him right into the ocean. There was a call coming in and Nasir said that it was Admiral Zaccaria. Saratoga seemed surprised by that and the Admiral addressed him and Colonel Asma. He told them that they needed to immediately disengage their forces and withdraw to a safe distance. Asma said she didn't understand and Zaccaria said that the military had been developing a prototype for a new weapon: an oxygen destroyer. He explained that it was designed to exterminate all life forms within a two mile radius and with any luck, it will kill these things and this nightmare will finally be over. Saratoga told him that they must keep faith in Godzilla, but the Admiral said that he had his chance and the weapon was already on its way. The screen cut away and Asma said he was not lying because the map was showing the weapon coming in hot. There was still trouble in the hangar and Montaza looked everywhere for a solution. He saw one of the buttons and pressed it. The tech dude yelled at him for pressing buttons and the Osprey flew right out into the ocean.

The Osprey struggled to get up into the Argo, but it was able to make it inside and it spun around a little bit. After a few moments, small explosions went off and the chopper finally stopped. All of the fire crews rushed towards the aircraft and Mehdi thanked Montaza for the lift. However, they heard a loud roar and turned to see Ghidorah flying right towards them. They all braced for impact, but Godzilla came out of nowhere and tackled Ghidorah right back into the ocean. Ghidorah tried breaking free, but Godzilla submerged him and threw him back into the water. This was Godzilla's home turf and he was gonna make sure that Ghidorah died down here. One of Ghidorah's heads almost hit the Argo, but Godzilla shoved it back down into the ocean and allowed the Argo to get away. Nasir said they were getting the heck out of there because the military had launched a weapon and it was gonna kill them both. Montaza said that wasn't the worst idea and Godzilla continued to fight Ghidorah. Clearly, the three headed dragon was a massive disadvantage here and really couldn't fight down there because he needed oxygen to breath. But Godzilla had gills on his body, so it allowed him to swim through the ocean and make him much more effective underwater. Godzilla bit down on one of Ghidorah's heads and tore it apart. It brought it up to the surface and roared in slight victory. Nasir was already beginning the countdown and all of them watched the weapon travel across the map.

The weapon hit the ocean and created a mushroom cloud in the sky. Godzilla roared with pain and everything went white. After a few seconds, Ghidorah flew out of the water and back into the sky. All of them were shocked to see this and Saratoga asked if Nasir could locate Godzilla. Nasir said he got something and explained that his vitals were fading and his radiation levels were plummeting as well. After a few moments, it all flatlined and Nasir said that Godzilla was gone. Saratoga told Montaza that it looked like he got his wish and he walked away. Ghidorah flew back to the volcano in the Dragonlands and the third head began regenerating itself. After that was done, Ghidorah let out a high pitched screech and made the alpha call to all of the Titans. At Monarch Outpost 55 in the Badlands, one of the Titans reemerged and broke free. At Monarch Outpost 67 in Foal Mountain, Behemoth let out a roar and started breaking out of the Earth. All around Equestria, Titans were breaking free and they were causing havoc everywhere. FredBoat said that he thought they were going to release them gradually one at a time and not all at once. Adiya was in shock and said that she wasn't the one doing this. She looked on the screen and saw Rodan bowing to Ghidorah at the bottom of the volcano in the Dragonlands. FredBoat said long live the King and Adiya looked at her daughter. Aesha was in disbelief at what was happening and said her mother was a monster.

At the containment sight in Neighagra Falls, the ponies there were trying to make contact with Monarch, but they were having no luck. Doctor Brooks asked if there was anything and one of the ponies told him that they lost contact with all of the Monarch containment sites. The doctor looked on the screen and said that Ghidorah was doing all of this. The Titans were responding to his call. Suddenly, the ground began shaking and Brooks asked where Doctor Ling was. The pony told him that she was outside and Brooks tried calling out to her, but she didn't respond. He went outside and saw blue light coming out of the waterfall. The rain cleared away and there was soft chittering noises being made. The cocoon started to break and Mothra began to step out of it. All of them were amazed and Mothra spread out her wings which had Godzilla's eyes on it. She roared at them and they looked with amazement. Back at the base, Adiya tried talking with her daughter, But Aesha told her mother to get away from her. Adiya said to her daughter that she knew things haven't exactly gone according to plan, but she could fix this. Aesha questioned that and said that her mother told her that she was gonna be careful, and release the Titans one at a time to restore balance. Adiya said that they were gonna shut down Monarch and she didn't have any other choice. Aesha wasn't buying that and told her mother that she said they were doing this for Akeil. She asked her mother if this was what he wanted and Adiya shook her head no.

Aesha said it was her point exactly and she shut the door on her mother. Adiya banged on the door and called out her daughter's name, but she didn't respond. On the Argo, Montaza tried listening to the sounds of the ORCA and Akilah asked him if he had any luck. Montaza said he did not and said that whatever Adiya used to create the ORCA signal, she had never heard it. He asked how she was doing and Akilah spoke in some sort of language that he couldn't understand. He asked what she was saying and she said it meant "Myth is our compass," which was something her mother used to say a lot. She said that her mother believed their stories about monsters and dragons could help them find the Titans and restore their connection to nature. Montaza asked if she was second-generation Monarch and Akilah said that she was third. She said it runs in the family and Montaza said that her family probably doesn't have any tips on slaying dragons. Akilah said that slaying dragons was a Western concept, but in the East, they were sacred and were divine creatures who brought wisdom, strength, and even redemption. Asma walked in and asked why this oxygen destroyer didn't affect Ghidorah. Mehdi said that he was no scientist, but he believed it had something to do with Ghidorah being able to grow his dang head back.

Nasir said that he has never seen anything like it and it violates everything they know about the natural order. Akilah suggested that perhaps Ghidorah was not part of the natural order and Saratoga asked what she meant. Akilah said she was able to piece this together and Akeem said with sarcasm that the creature on screen was vaguely familiar. Akilah explained that it tells of a great dragon who fell from the stars and was a hydra whose storms swallowed both ponies and gods alike. Montaza asked if that was an alien and Akilah said that Ghidorah was not part of the natural order and he was not meant to be here. Saratoga saw that as him being a false king and Nasir described it as an invasive species. He said that it could explain why Ghidorah was creating these massive storms and the effects he had on the other Titans. He described it as Ghidorah reshaping the planet by terraforming it to his own liking and Saratoga asked Akilah what the legends called the creature. Akilah said it called him Ghidorah which meant "The One who is many." One of the soldiers told Saratoga that they were approaching Castle Bravo, but told him he might want to take a look outside. He stared out the window and saw a bunch of aircraft carriers surrounding Castle Bravo. They all went down and met up with Admiral Zaccaria. He told them that places like Fillydelphia, Appleloosa, and Canterlot were all under attack and on every single continent, the Titans were triggering every kind of natural disaster that ponykind has known. He said that like before, the military has been trying to lure the creatures with nuclear materials, but they were not taking the bait this time.

He said that their behavior has become random and erratic and with their forces spread desperately thin and the Titans roaming the globe unimpeded, they were running out of options and time. He saw Akilah whisper something to Montaza and asked her if she would like to add something. She said that he was wrong and their behavior was not random or erratic. Montaza spoke up and said that as amazing as this sounds, they were moving like a pack and were hunting. He said that all packs, from wolves to killer whales, they all directly respond to an Alpha and Ghidorah was considered that new Alpha. They were just simply doing his bidding which was to wake up and go start destroying things that are in your direct line of path. He said if they stop him, they would stop all of them and Asma asked if there was another creature that could stand a chance against him. Saratoga said that there wasn't and Godzilla's rivalry with Ghidorah was ancient and unique. One of the soldiers asked if they basically killed the best chance they had at beating this guy and Montaza stared at the map. Back at the bunker, Adiya was arguing with FredBoat about this and they went back and forth. She told him that she didn't get it and this changes everything. She explained that with Godzilla gone, Ghidorah is not using the Titans to restore balance, but rather, destroy the planet. This wasn't coexistence, it was extinction.

FredBoat told her that while she was sitting comfortably in some laboratory, they've been fighting for decades in one dirty war after another. He said that he has seen pony nature firsthoof, and he was here to tell her that it only gets worse from here and not better. He said that he was sorry that Monster Zero wasn't exactly what they were expecting, but he told her that they have opened Pandora's Box and there's no closing it now. Adiya stared at the ORCA and said that maybe there was a way. FredBoat told her not to be stupid and told her that if she broadcasted again, she would expose them all. Adiya said that these creatures communicated like whales and they could hear sonar for thousands of miles. She suggested that they go send a team, and they broadcast the OCRA from Funway which was only a few miles from where they were at. Aesha had been hearing this the entire time and got an idea. Adiya said that she could use the stadium in the Crystal Empire to amplify a signal that might stop these attacks. FredBoat asked what she would do next and Adiya said that she'll figure out what the heck Ghidorah really is and try to stop it. FredBoat asked if that could be done before Monarch arrived and said with sarcasm that he was sure all of Adiya's friends would want to see her again. Aesha looked at the tablet and knew what she had to do.

Adiya told FredBoat that they couldn't just sit here because this was not the world that they wanted and FredBoat said that he remembers her telling him that the world always belonged to the Titans, so he suggested that maybe it was time to give it back to them. Back in the Crystal Empire, Cadence had addressed her subjects and told them that she was very excited for this event just as much as the rest of the city was. The crowd cheered loudly and Shining armor kept freaking out. He said he wasn't ready and Rainbow told him to relax. She said all he had to do was determine which one looked like honor guard material and he reassured himself. He put them on the wrong way and all of them backed up in worry. Shining sighed and apologized for acting this way. He said that fatherhood was far more difficult than he could ever have thought and Fluttershy said she could only imagine how that felt. Rarity said that she knew that choosing the right crystal was a very important decision, so she rearranged them from incredibly pure to outrageously pure. Fluttershy asked if they all looked the same and Rarity said that was only to the untrained eye. She asked Shining what he thought and he yelled "I DON'T KNOW!" Rarity looked at Fluttershy and whispered that she hoped Twilight and Pinkie were having better luck with Flurry Heart.

In the nursery, Pinkie was being flown around by Flurry and Twilight had to cancel out all the magic beams that Flurry was shooting out. It wasn't easy and very stressful for all parties. Twilight told Pinkie to hold Flurry still, but Pinkie couldn't get a grip on her and the alicorn had to duck another magic beam. In Sunburst's house, both him and Starlight were sitting down at the table having tea and not really saying a word for a few minutes. After a bit, Sunburst asked if Twilight wanted the two of them to be friends again and Starlight said it probably did sound weird. Sunburst said he didn't understand and asked Starlight if something happened to her after he had left for magic school. Starlight had to dodge that one and asked him why he would even suggest that. The teacup was overflowing with tea, so Starlight asked Sunburst if something happened to him after magic school. Sunburst said nothing happened and like she said, he was an important wizard of some sorts. Spike started to get worried and said to himself that there had to be something on this list that could help. Back at Castle Bravo, Montaza was headed out of the base, but Akeem tried to stop him. He asked Montaza what he was doing and Montaza said he couldn't just sit down there. He had to do something. Akeem asked him what that would be like and Montaza said that would be finding his daughter. Akeem asked him where he was gonna go and Montaza said she was the only thing he had left. He said that he wasn't there for her and he was not going to let that happen again.

Akeem told him good luck and Montaza ran over to the Osprey. He set his stuff down and sat on the seat. He heard some chittering noises and saw a bright light outside, so he went out and took a look. The clouds expanded quite a bit and Mothra roared with a great power by flapping her wings. She used her god ray abilities to bring out the Sun and take away the rain. Saratoga said it was beautiful and Akilah addressed the creature as Mothra: Queen Of The Monsters. Montaza asked Nasir if he was recording this and Nasir said he records everything now. Akilah described it like a song and Nasir said that there could be only one thing that could understand that. Saratoga realized that it was Godzilla and Nasir tried bringing up the Kaiju's vitals again to see if he could get a response. Nasir was able to get it and pulled it up. It was put on loudspeaker mode and everypony could hear the faint roars of Godzilla. He was still alive and Mehdi asked if Godzilla and Mothra had a thing going on between each other which seemed kind messed up to him. Akeem said that symbiotic relationships between two different species was not that uncommon and Saratoga asked Nasir if he could track Godzilla. Nasir said that he couldn't, but maybe Mothra could.

Montaza got an idea and asked how many nukes were on hand. Saratoga asked why and Montaza said that they could help Godzilla. Asma said this category six hurricane over Canterlot was where Ghidorah was currently nesting at and with working with the other four branches of the military, this will be a joint operation to lure it away from the mainland, so they could continue evacuations long enough for their submersible team to complete its mission. Nasir asked if this plan was what you called a long shot and everyone just stared at the submarine. One of the soldiers named Mace asked what those nerds think they were gonna do with a bunch of nukes down there and Mehdi said that they were gonna try to bring back Godzilla from the dead. One of the fighter jets took off into the skies and Asma told the submarine crew that they will be out of range when they are down there, but a squadron will stay behind to keep an eye on them. Montaza said he appreciated it and Commander Inspiron told Bowshot to take them down. Akeem told them good luck and Montaza said that they'll need it. The submarine dived into the Celestial Sea and they followed Mothra's cries in order to find Godzilla. Montaza asked Saratoga what time it was and Saratoga said it was time to get a new watch. Montaza said that was Akeil's favorite joke and Saratoga never took it out of his pocket without Akeil asking that question.

Saratoga said nothing, so Montaza took that as a sign to continue. He said that Saratoga told him five years ago, he would be trying to save the one thing that took his son and to be the only way to save the family he had left. Saratoga told him that sometimes, the only way to heal our wounds was to make peace with the demons who created them and Montaza asked if he really believed that. Saratoga asked rhetorically if that was why Montaza was here and said that some things were beyond our understanding. He said that they must accept them and learn from them because these moments of crisis are also potential moments of faith. A time when we either come together or fall apart. He said that nature always had a way of balancing itself, but the question was what role would ponies play. Montaza asked if he made that up and Saratoga said he read it in a fortune cookie once. A very long one to be exact. There was rumbling going on and Commander Inspiron asked for a status of the ship. Bowshot said that it was some sort of vortex dragging them in and they had 1,600 feet until impact. They counted down and the Commander told everypony to brace for impact. At the bunker, Aesha went through the supply room to find something and opened the lock. She got some emergency water and grabbed the binoculars. She went to the ORCA room and waited until the coast was clear. Once the men were all gone, she went inside and grabbed it.

She was crawling through the vent and she saw her mother sitting by herself in the cafeteria with a depressed look on her face. Aesha wanted to feel bad for her mother, but she had to keep moving and carry out this mission. She made it out the front gates and kept walking up the hills. There were helicopters and fighter jets flying overhead and she headed towards Funway Field in the Crystal Empire a few miles down the road. In Canterlot, it was completely ransacked and there was floodwaters everywhere. It had gotten so bad that because it was on a mountain, the water ran down the city and flooded Ponyville nearby. There were a bunch of aircraft carriers in the city as well and they were moving through trying to evacuate ponies as quickly as they could. One of the soldiers on the radio said to the Argo that this was ENS Brody en route to the evacuation perimeter and the weapons were ready to go. He said they were hot and were ready to engage the Titans on their command. Akeem couldn't believe what he was seeing in the capital city and said it was like the whole sky was alive. Asma said it was that way and heard the roars of Ghidorah inside the storm. She took a deep breath and said it was time to move forward. Underwater, the submarine finally came to a stop and Commander Inspiron asked for a status report. Bowshot said that they couldn't fix their position because the GPS was down and the inertial said they were 600 miles from departure.

Inspiron said that couldn't be right and Nasir said that he knew it. He said that the vortex was the tunnel into the Hollow Earth which was a subterranean tunnel system that connects the entire planet and told Akilah that he was right. Akilah didn't want to hear it and told him to shut up. The ship moved forward a little bit and Saratoga said for probes to be launched. They all looked at the various different images and they were a bit terrified when they saw a human face looking right at them. Montaza said that this stuff looked like it was Egyptian or Roman, but Nasir said this was much older. They saw the cave paintings on the wall and Akilah said that all of the legends appeared to be true. Nasir said that if only the Earth and stones could speak, they could tell all of the stories that happened here. Saratoga asked if there was any sign of Godzilla and Nasir said that the probe was picking up a radioactive blob which was just past that ridge. Saratoga said to set a course and they moved ahead. At Funway Field in the Crystal Empire, Aesha was walking past the vast amount of military soldiers and headed up towards the press boxes upstairs. She had heard that this entire area was now under control of the Equestrian military, but she kept on moving. She made it up to the press boxes and set the backpack down. She connected the ORCA through all of the cables and put it up loud enough so it could be heard by the Titans across the country.

While she was saying that, the reporter on TV said that massive storms and other disasters triggered by the Titans have forced millions to flee major cities and with Canterlot hit hard by a category six hurricane that has left the capital city completely flooded, this was the single greatest disaster in pony history. She said that the grim search continues as ponies and other creatures around the world sift through the debris of fallen homes in hopes to find their missing loved ones and though this sight was heartbreaking, it was unfortunately nothing unique. She said that cities around the globe had fallen under the wake of what many are calling "The Rise of the Titans" and Aesha stared at the screen for a few seconds. Underneath the Hollow Earth, Nasir said that they should stop and Saratoga asked why. Nasir said it was because he still wanted to have kids one day and pointed to the red warning sign that they were approaching high radiation levels. Commander Inspiron said to hover the ship and the probes went on. Two of them died on the way there and a third one kept going. Nasir said that there was oxygen, carbon dioxide, and methane down here and it looked like there was some sort of air pocket down there.

The probe was able to make it above the surface and all of them were able to get a clear look at this area. The screen eventually died out and Saratoga told Nasir to pull up the last frame. Nasir did so and said that the spike thing on top was the source of the radiation. Akilah said that was why Godzilla returned here so he could feed and regenerate. Saratoga said that this was his home and he looked through his notes. Montaza said that must have been why Godzilla has been able to survive for so long because he was always adapting and evolving. Nasir said that he probably just needed a nap, but Akilah said that this could take hundreds if not thousands of years for him to go through this process. Saratoga said that they had to proceed as planned and Nasir said that this wasn't gonna be like jump starting a car. Commander Inspiron said there was another complication and explained that during the crash, their weapons systems got damaged which meant they couldn't launch the nuke on Godzilla. Montaza asked if it could be repaired, but Inspiron said it couldn't. Akilah suggested that maybe they could go inside and set a timer and blow up the nuclear warhead manually, but Nasir said that if the heat didn't fry them, the radiation will. Saratoga realized what he needed to do and said he would go. Montaza asked what that was supposed to mean and Akilah said that there had to be another way. Saratoga said that there was no time to debate and said that he will go.

Back in the Crystal Empire, Rarity was combing Shining Armor's mane and the stallion was taking deep breaths. After he heard hoofsteps coming in, he went over to his wife and said that he was able to get everything done on the list. He was still trying to wonder what else he was missing and Cadence said that would be Flurry Heart. Shining panicked for a second, but calmed down when he heard Twilight's voice. Pinkie said that Flurry was a really strong flyer and Cadence lit up her magic to take her daughter back. Flurry didn't like being separated from Pinkie and after a few seconds, she let out a really loud cry which sent out a shockwave and stopped the Crystal Heart from moving. The Heart started to crack and broke into a million pieces. Everypony gasped in horror and Flurry flew back down in her mother's arms. Applejack said that she guessed this was going to make it harder to do the Crystalling, but Twilight said it was gonna be worse than that. She said that without the Crystal Heart, the Crystal Empire was gonna be covered in a blanket of ice and snow. She opened the curtain and they could see the dark storm clouds of the Frozen North starting to invade the city. In Canterlot, Ghidorah was busy enjoying the destruction around him and he screeched in victory. However, he heard Flurry's cries from miles away and became interested. He roared with anger and took off north towards the Crystal Empire. He didn't know he only heard the cries of a baby, but thought he was hearing the call of another apex predator. So, he had find out as quickly as possible.

In the Crystal Empire, everypony was still trying to assess the damage of the Crystal Heart and trying to grasp the fate that was awaiting them from farther north. Rarity said that not only could they not take part in a ancient ceremony, but all of them were gonna be frozen solid. Twilight said that without the Crystal Heart's protection, the city was about to become a winter wasteland and Applejack asked about the time King Sombra was ruling the Crystal Empire. She said the heart was missing and the city wasn't in danger then, but Twilight said that the Heart was always here and Sombra had just hidden it. Celestia said that Twilight was correct and all of the storm clouds were forming. Rainbow said that she could go out there and bust those bad boys, but Celestia advised her not to. She said that those are not the clouds that Rainbow was familiar with and Luna said that this far north, the winter has a will of its own and will only grow stronger, enveloping everything in its path. Cadence said that would include the Crystal Empire and Twilight said it would be them as well. In Sunburst's house, Spike was still trying to find something on that list and kept digging for it. Sunburst said that he knew Twilight wanted himself and Starlight to reconnect, but he said it had been so long and he had no idea where to begin. Starlight said that it wasn't like there was some spell on that list that could magically compel them from where they left off and Sunburst said there were actually several.

But after one bored look from Starlight, he said that probably wasn't something Twilight wanted them doing and Starlight concurred. Spike said he got it and read the last item on the list that said "and if all else fails, ask them to share an embarrassing moment from their past, maybe even something they regret." Neither Starlight or Sunburst liked the sound of that idea and the latter said he didn't see how that would help. Starlight said that they should probably just get out of his mane and it was very clear that this wasn't working how Twilight wanted it to. She said that Sunburst probably had plenty of important work to do and Sunburst got confused for a second. He then lied again and said that there was no rest for the wizardly. Starlight dragged Spike out and closed the door. In the castle, the cold winds were blowing inside and Twilight said that there had to be something to restore the Crystal Heart. Celestia said that there could be and Luna said that it wasn't something that both of them knew. Cadence said that the library here is just as extensive as the one in Canterlot and if there was any answers, they could find it in there. Twilight asked if they could hold off the storm, but Luna said that they could only do it for a short time before their magic would succumb to the power of the Frozen North. Celestia said that they would do what they could, but they all had to hurry and the two of them flew out. Twilight watched them leave and told her friends that she had no idea how long it would take to find the spell, but they should tell the citizens to get somewhere warm.

Cadence also said for them not to mention the Crystal Heart because they did not want to start a panic and they went out. Twilight looked at the rest of them and said she was gonna need all of their help with finding this spell in the library. Shining said that they could count on themselves and Flurry decided to teleport on Pinkie's eyes. She freaked out and Flurry got flung. Both of her parents freaked out and tried to catch her, but she teleported again. Shining asked where she went and they tried listening to her sounds. Cadence moved backwards and said that it was coming from behind them. In Canterlot, helicopters and fighter jets were shooting at the Titans, but it wasn't doing too hot. Mehdi kept shooting at Rodan, but that was doing nothing and Mace told Asma that they were red on ammo and they couldn't do it much longer. Asma told them to hold off the Titans for a little longer and Akeem told her to take a look at this. He said that all of the Titans had stopped and the map showed them all of the Titans ceasing their attacks. Asma asked what the heck has gotten into them now and in the Crystal Empire, there was a loud pulse signal being broadcast at Funway Field's speakers. The reporter said on the TV that the attacks appeared to have ceased for the time being and they were unsure on how or why, but this was happening simultaneously around the world. In the bunker, there was an alarm going off and Adiya asked what was going on. FredBoat said that the ORCA was missing and Adiya was in disbelief. FredBoat said sarcastically who could have done this and Adiya began searching for her daughter.

She couldn't find her anywhere, but she saw the picture of her family altogether and felt guilty for what she had done. In the submarine, Nasir told Saratoga that the first thing that was gonna happen was him losing his long range vision, and when he surfaces, his motor skills were gonna fade. He said that he put in a helioxed mixture in the tank, which should help Saratoga stay stable a little longer and said it was an honor to work with him. Akilah hugged him because she was sad to see him go, but she knew this had to be done or else the world may be doomed for good. Saratoga handed Montaza his notes and Montaza asked if he was sure on doing this. Saratoga said that Godzilla had fought for ponykind and died for them, so it was the least he could do to give back to his King. He said that Godzilla proves that coexistence is possible, but he is also the key to it. Saratoga told Montaza to take care of them and he stepped on the small submarine. The submarine went under the water and Akilah sobbed softly. Saratoga moved forward towards Godzilla's home and the large submarine headed out in the other direction. Saratoga was able to get to the surface and he carried the warhead up the stairs. He was struggling, but he was determined to get his king back to life in order to defend the world once again. Saratoga took the missile out of the box and set it down. He set the timer and looked over behind him.

Some of the dust cleared and there was Godzilla laying on the ground. Saratoga went up to him and Godzilla opened his eyes to see the pony walking towards him. Saratoga took off his helmet and slowly put his hoof on Godzilla's snout. Godzilla growled a bit, but could only stare with pained eyes. However, Saratoga smiled at the Kaiju and said "goodbye, old friend" in a foreign language. The timer hit zero and Godzilla looked with curiosity. The place exploded and a giant mushroom cloud formed under the sea. It was so powerful that it sent the submarine flying back up the ocean and right onto the surface. It made it back up and Commander Inspiron told Bowshot to send a message to the Argo. Montaza went on top of the submarine and pulled out his binoculars to see if he could find Godzilla. Akilah asked if he had seen anything and after a few seconds, Montaza lowered his binoculars in shock and realized something was coming. Akilah did the same and some blue light started to appear. Godzilla had resurfaced from the ocean and his scales lit up. He blasted his atomic breath into the sky and roared as loud as he could saying that he has returned. He stopped the flow and looked at the submarine right at him. He lowered his head down to meet them and he growled a little bit. Montaza told everypony not to move and Godzilla took a hard look at him. Montaza stared at him and Godzilla was able to recognize Montaza as the one who sent down Saratoga to revive him.

He saw that maybe certain ponies couldn't be that bad after all and raised his head back up. He turned around and went back down into the ocean. He slammed his tail down like a whale and a bunch of water came on top of the submarine. Montaza watched a bit and saw the king head off north towards the Crystal Empire to respond to the pulse being made at Funway Field. Akilah asked if Montaza was okay and Montaza said he knew how to find the rest of the Titans. The Argo had arrived and they all went on board. He handed Akeem the notebook and told him to make Saratoga proud and not screw this up. Akeem was confused a bit and Akilah told him that Saratoga sacrificed himself in order to bring back Godzilla. Montaza asked Akeem what they had going on and Akeem said that they thought Adiya had activated the ORCA somewhere near the Crystal Empire. He said that was why both Ghidorah and Godzilla are on their way there now, but they were unable to pinpoint the exact location without the missing piece of the ORCA signal. Montaza said he had the missing piece and brought up the ORCA signal. But he noticed something strange. Ghidorah had left earlier than the other Titans in order to respond to this call. So he asked Nasir to bring up the sound files of when Ghidorah had taken off. Montaza listened to the sound carefully and he could tell that was not the ORCA signal.

Asma asked what the heck that was and Montaza said that was the cries of a baby. He said that because it was coming from the Crystal Empire, the baby was able to project sonar for thousands of miles and Ghidorah was able to hear it. He thought about it a little bit and realized that the Crystalling was happening today. He said that the baby must have been an alicorn because the only way for a pony's magic to act like sonar was if they had alicorn magic, which would have boosted their soundwave range and could go for far longer. He connected the pieces together and said that Ghidorah was headed to the Crystal Empire because he thought there was another apex predator, but he was only responding to the sounds of a baby's cries. He went back to the ORCA signal and analyzed it some more. Akeem asked if that was Godzilla, but Montaza said that was all of them. Asma was confused by that and Montaza explained that Adiya had combined the bioacoustics of Godzilla with a pony and that was how she was able to make the signal for the ORCA. He said that the creatures are thinking it's just another apex predator and Nasir said it made sense since all of them were just a bunch of horny murderous herbivores. Asma didn't find humor in that and asked Montaza what they would do next. Montaza said that they would track it, find it, and get his daughter back. Nasir asked what they were gonna do about Ghidorah and Akilah said that Godzilla will bring balance. Nasir said that there was gonna be some Saratoga let them fight action going on here and said that he loved it when the doctor said that.

In the bunker, Adiya had packed all of her things and FredBoat asked her what she was doing. Adiya said that she did not have time to argue and that she was gonna get her daughter back. FredBoat said she wasn't doing that without his comrades and told her that she had said that this was for the greater good. That the planet deserved a clean slate. But now, she had prepared to put all of their lives in danger just because her little girl was missing. Adiya attempted to say that the ORCA was with Aesha, but FredBoat interrupted by saying that the ORCA no longer mattered because ponykind does not control the laws of nature and neither did her. She stared at the other ponies and pointed a gun at FredBoat. She was clearly outnumbered, but that wasn't gonna stop her from trying. FredBoat seemed a bit surprised by this reaction and Adiya said that she already lost one child and she would not lose another. She said she had to fix this, and after a few seconds, FredBoat told his crew to let her go because they already had everything they needed. Adiya got in the car and started driving towards the stadium in the downtown part of the city. Out on the streets, Starlight was walking with Spike and the unicorn felt defeated. She said to Spike that it looked like her biggest fears had come true and she wouldn't be surprised if Twilight gave up on her entirely. Spike said it wasn't her fault and insisted that he was the one that should follow the list.

Starlight said that it wasn't the list, or him, or Twilight. It was her that Sunburst didn't want to be friends with. Spike said he didn't remember Sunburst ever saying that, but Starlight told him that Sunburst didn't have to say it because it was implied that was the case. Spike said that Twilight obviously seemed she still wanted to be friends with Twilight and he did as well. Starlight thanked him and said that at least she had two friends even if one of them has dragon breath. Spike breathed out some air and noticed it was cold outside. He said that was not dragon breath and it was freezing outside. Starlight agreed and said that she thought the Crystal Heart was meant to keep the weather out. Spike said it does which meant something was wrong with the Crystal Heart and the two of them took off towards the castle. In the front of the castle, Rainbow was telling the crowd it may not have been the best idea to stay outside and one of them yelled that they camped out all night for this spot and she wasn't about to just give it up. Fluttershy said that if they thought about it, the view was just as good a little farther back which implied being inside their house. The crowd started to mutter amongst themselves but one of them said that the Crystalling was one of their most sacred traditions and when that baby gets lifted into the air, he wanted to be as close to the action as possible.

Applejack said that she wasn't sure if there was even going to be a Crystalling at all and the truth was that the baby is an alicorn which meant that her magic was very freaky, so they might not want to get too close if they wanted to keep their head. That only made the crowd more excited and Rainbow said that she was certain the Crystalling was not happening. Suddenly, there was a bunch of yellow beams breaking through the castle and fireworks started going off. The crowd began to question if there was no Crystalling, then how would they explain the fireworks show and Rainbow just facehoofed in frustration. Inside the library, Flurry was flying around and Shining was trying to get to her. Pinkie was also trying to get her and Twilight was continuing to cycle through a bunch of books. She asked Cadence if there was anything up there and Cadence said she had no idea how these books were organized. Flurry appeared inside the bookshelf and Cadence tried to reach for her daughter, but Flurry sneezed and broke part of the shelf before teleporting away. Cadence saw her daughter flying around and noticed Shining chasing after her. She said to her husband that she thought he was taking care of Flurry and Shining said he was trying, but his daughter was moving way too fast for him. Flurry teleported again and was flying around a bit, but she slowed down when she saw Rarity standing in front of her.

She simply teleported past it and kept on moving. Starlight and Spike walked into the library and saw it was total chaos inside. Pinkie was chasing Flurry, but the baby alicorn turned around and burned Shining's mane a little bit, Cadence was dumping books on the table, and Twilight was trying to read them as fast as she could. After having to duck another blast, Starlight asked what was going on and Pinkie asked if she wanted the long or the short version. Starlight asked for the short version and Pinkie said that Flurry had destroyed the Heart which made Twilight and Cadence look for a spell to fix it so the Crystal Empire doesn't become a giant winter wasteland of ice and snow. Flurry made Pinkie and Shining collide and Cadence found something. She showed it to Twilight and Twilight read through the book. Twilight said this was probably it and Cadence said that it contained the Spell of Relic Reconstitution in there. She said that she couldn't believe they found it and Twilight said she had no idea what they would do without it. Flurry teleported onto the table and Pinkie jumped to grab her. Pinkie secured Flurry, but the baby alicorn sneezed again and blasted a beam all over the place. It darted everywhere and it eventually went right through the book. Twilight took it in for a few seconds and said that was the only book in the whole library that came close to what they were looking for. Starlight apologized for letting that happen and Twilight said it wasn't her fault because none of them knew this was gonna happen.

Cadence asked if she remembered the spell and Twilight said that she only read it through once. Rarity told her that if anypony could remember a spell that was read through once, it was Twilight and the alicorn said that she'll try her best, but she had no idea how long it will take. Some snow started coming in and Pinkie asked if doing it quickly was an option. Cadence said that she'll help if she could, but she told her husband that it would be best to evacuate the city and get everyone to the train station before the tracks freeze over. Shining said that he would, but he told his wife that between her and Twilight, he was sure that they would remember the spell. Him, Pinkie, and Rarity all bolted out the door and Twilight said to herself that she hoped this was the spell they needed. Starlight asked if there was anything she could do and Twilight said there really wasn't. She apologized that Starlight's lesson didn't go according to plan and Starlight said that wasn't important right now. She said that her and Sunburst have nothing in common now because Sunburst was some important wizard and she was relearning everything she thought she knew. Cadence said that she didn't recognize the name, but if he was an important wizard, Starlight should bring him here because maybe he would know what to do if the spell were to fail. Starlight realized that was a great idea and took off. Twilight told Spike to go with Starlight and he raced out the door as well.

Cadence and Twilight heard and saw lightning and thunder outside as Celestia and Luna were still trying to battle the Frozen North, but they disappeared in the clouds and they would face a much bigger threat very soon. Starlight and Spike came inside and shut the door. Starlight asked Sunburst if he had looked outside and Sunburst was confused about the snow. Starlight said that the Crystal Heart was destroyed and said that Flurry was an alicorn. Sunburst was slightly amazed by that and Starlight said that Flurry had destroyed it and Cadence thought Sunburst could help. Sunburst was surprised by that and Starlight said that it all made sense. Sunburst felt worried because he knew that he couldn't do something like that and the truth was right on the doorstep of him. Sunburst reorganized his books and said that he would like to help, but he had a lot of important wizard work around here. He knew that wasn't true, but he thought it would serve as a distraction or an excuse as to why he couldn't do it. Both Starlight and Spike were confused about that and they drew blanks. Outside in front of the castle, Applejack yelled to the crowd that they couldn't stay here, but they refused to move. One of them said that this was a royal Crystalling which meant when the Crystal holds the young one in the air, the city will share the joy and light and the Crystal Heart will beat stronger than ever before.

Another one said that it really was a moving ceremony and Fluttershy said that she really didn't think it was happening. Rainbow said that it was freezing out here, but one of the ponies said that this was the Crystal Empire and they have seen snow before. Suddenly, they all heard a loud screeching noise and they looked up in the sky to see rain starting to fall. Ghidorah had arrived to the Crystal Empire and he was gonna take everything down with it. Shining Armor came up to the platform and said that they didn't have time to argue and told the crowd that Cadence has ordered them all to evacuate the city. The crowd gasped in shock and one of them asked what they were gonna do about the Crystalling. Shining said he had no idea if they were gonna have another Crystalling again and told them that the Crystal Heart was shattered. All of them gasped in horror and they said it wasn't safe here. Applejack groaned in frustration and said that was what they had been trying to tell them all the whole time. Meanwhile, at Funway Field, Aesha was looking for Ghidorah on her binoculars and saw nothing. She saw the Equestrian flag stop blowing for a second before it suddenly picked up a lot of speed and she saw the storm coming in. She got inside and shut the door. She gasped for air and looked around to see if Ghidorah had arrived yet. Rain started to appear on the window and suddenly, Ghidorah dropped to the ground and Aesha gasped for air as she fell to the ground. Ghidorah started marching through the stadium a bit and destroyed some of it with one of his tails.

He let out a loud screeching noise and he heard the ORCA signal. He snarled at it and destroyed the signal with one of its heads. Aesha grew angry and unplugged the ORCA so Ghidorah couldn't hear it. Ghidorah looked inside to see if anyone was in there and Aesha saw him stare right at her. She knew she was screwed and she cursed in fear. Ghidorah blasted the press booth and Aesha took off running. On the rest of the streets, the citizens of the Empire began moving very quickly and they ran as fast as they could when they saw Ghidorah destroying the city. Aesha made it outside and she got hit by one of the beams. The entire Empire was watching and they all stood in horror as they saw Ghidorah staring right at them. Aesha threw the ORCA away from her and she stood up to face Ghidorah. Ghidorah roared at her and was about to blast her. She and the rest of the Empire screamed in horror, but Ghidorah got hit with a blue beam and was sent tumbling to the ground. All of them were shocked to see this and they suddenly felt the Earth shake. They turned around and heard Godzilla roar in fury as he reappeared in the Empire. They all smiled and Godzilla roared again bringing the microburst with him. He was marching through water and he glared at Ghidorah as this was the final battle. Celestia and Luna heard the helicopter noises and faint growls of Godzilla and took that as a sign to get the heck out of there.

They knew that a monster fight was about to happen and they did not want to get caught up in the middle of that. The Argo moved towards the city and Akeem said that they have zeroed in on the last ping from the ORCA and Funway Field was straight ahead. He also said that they'll lay cover fire to keep Ghidorah distracted and the Argo began shooting missiles right at Ghidorah to keep him distracted. Ghidorah roared in pain and used his wings to cover himself from getting hit. Aesha saw Godzilla coming and took that as a signal to get out of there before she dies in a monster battle. Godzilla roared at Ghidorah and the three headed dragon snarled at Godzilla. He remembered what had happened in Boston in 2019, and he would not suffer the same fate again. Godzilla roared at Ghidorah once more and Ghidorah roared back at him. They charged towards one another and then collided to fight each other once again, sending out a shockwave in the process. Akeem asked if Godzilla had been working out and Nasir said that Saratoga had that creature juiced. An alarm went off and Nasir said that Godzilla's radiation levels are through the roof and in about 12 minutes, the Kaiju is gonna go thermonuclear. Asma asked what he meant by that and Nasir said that in about 12 minutes, it's gonna be a bad day to be a Red Socks fan. Akeem said that they had to find the ORCA, get Aesha, and get the heck out of there. He explained to them that whatever Saratoga did to Godzilla worked a little too well and the Titan was about to explode like an atom bomb.

Mehdi said he understood and told the crew on board the Osprey that they were preparing for landing. Inside Sunburst's house, Starlight told him that she knew he was busy, but asked if he heard what she had said. Sunburst said that he heard her, but doubled down on the excuse that he was very busy with wizard work. Starlight had enough and yelled out his name. Sunburst said that he really wanted to help, but he couldn't. Starlight asked why he couldn't and he said he couldn't even come close to fixing an ancient relic. Starlight said that she thought he was an important wizard and Sunburst knew he had to tell the truth. He said that she was wrong and he wasn't even a wizard at all. He ran off to the other room and both Starlight and Spike were shocked to hear that. Both of them poked their head inside and Sunburst told Starlight that he knew it was hard for her to understand, but not of them end up achieving greatness. Starlight felt confused by that and asked why she wouldn't understand that. Sunburst said that Starlight was the protégé of the Princess of Friendship and he believed that Twilight didn't just pick anybody for that. Spike said that Starlight was more of a student than a protégé, but Starlight raised a brow at him. He ducked his head and Sunburst said in annoyance that he was sorry that he was not the important wizard that Starlight was expecting.

Starlight said that she didn't care if Sunburst was a wizard or not, she was just surprised because he knew so much about magic. Sunburst said that she had no idea what it was like at magic school and Starlight couldn't hold back anymore. She had to tell Sunburst the truth now or else it was never gonna come out. She told him that he had no idea what it was like to be left behind and proceeded to tell her whole life story after that point. She wiped away some tears and Sunburst seemed surprised by it. He asked if she really traveled through time and Spike said that he knew Sunburst would be impressed with that. Sunburst apologized for losing touch and said maybe he reached out, she could help him with magic school and he could have helped her from becoming totally evil. Starlight sighed and said that she knew what it was like to have something you are not exactly proud of. Sunburst said that she had showed up thinking that he was some big wizard and apologized once again and said that he should have told her the truth from the start. Starlight said it was fine and at least they worked it all out. Starlight said that Twilight would probably be proud of them and they all stopped in their tracks when they heard loud roars from outside. Spike took a look and saw Godzilla and Ghidorah still fighting. He told them both that if they ever wanted to tell Twilight about it, they should leave now.

He also said that there was a giant monster fight outside, so they would probably not want to stick around because it could get ugly. Starlight said that she forgot to tell Sunburst that they were evacuating the city and proceeded to push him out the door. She told him that he had to get to the train station now unless there was a book in here that could drive back the Frozen North and restore the Crystal Heart so that Flurry could have her Crystalling. Sunburst thought about that word and knew he had something. He began searching through the books and Starlight and Spike were confused. Outside, Celestia and Luna were still trying to fight the Frozen North, but it was difficult to do so, plus, they had to dodge the swings and hits of Godzilla and Ghidorah fighting each other and blasting each other with their nuclear beams. Celestia told Luna to continue pushing the clouds back and the clouds enveloped them again. Down below, the crowds were still trying to get out of there, but there were a bunch of missiles being thrown over them and two giant monsters fighting each other behind them, so it made it even more difficult to navigate. Plus, there was a bunch of snow, ice, rain, thunder, and lightning everywhere which didn't help either. Rainbow tried taking out some of the clouds, but her wings froze a bit and she ran on the ground.

Applejack told the crowds that the train station was just a little bit further and saw two ponies and a dragon in the distance. Starlight said that they had to go back and Sunburst said that he knew how to stop this. The crowds heard the roars in the distance and saw Ghidorah being thrown to the ground by Godzilla right next to them. Shining told them they could do this later because this monster fight was way too dangerous for them to be in and they needed to get the heck out of there. He then realized that his wife and sister were still inside the castle and if this monster fight continued the way it did, they were not gonna make it out of there in time. He told the rest of the group to keep going and he was gonna go back to retrieve his wife and sister. Inside the castle, Cadence was pacing back and forth while Twilight was trying to write the spell exactly how she remembered. She finished it up and said that she believed that was everything. Cadence took a look and said that it looked right to her, but there was only one way to find out. Twilight blasted the Heart with her magic and Cadence did the same. The heart looked like it was back together, but then it shattered once more, leaving them completely hopeless. Twilight said that the spell failed and she had no idea what else she could do. She heard roars outside and Cadence asked what that was. Twilight took a look through the curtains and she gasped in horror. It was Godzilla out there fighting Ghidorah in a very heated battle.

She told Cadence that Godzilla was fighting Ghidorah outside and Cadence asked who Ghidorah was. Before Twilight could answer, Shining came running in and both of them were surprised. He told them to get out of here now before they all died and Twilight knew they couldn't just leave the shattered heart here. She got out some sort of Ziploc bag and put the broken pieces inside before closing it. Shining asked why she did that and Twilight explained that she has seen this kind of fight before and she knew what was gonna happen. If they left it here, it was gonna get destroyed in one way or another. They both understood and ran outside as fast as they could. Meanwhile. one of the Ospreys landed and the military went outside. Mehdi told them all to go and spread out and Montaza saw Godzilla hit Ghidorah with his tail. Montaza began shouting for his daughter and one of the soldiers told him to come over here because he found something. Both of them fell to the ground because of the lightning and the soldier asked Montaza if he was alright. He said that he found the ORCA, which was banged up, but there was no sign of Aesha anywhere. Godzilla pushed some of Ghidorah's heads out of the way and was about to scratch the three headed Titan, but Ghidorah bit into Godzilla and picked him up a bit. That destroyed the Osprey and Ghidorah dragged Godzilla across the ground.

Godzilla built up his atomic breath and blasted Ghidorah away from him. Ghidorah ended up behind the castle and the entire city was watching from a safe distance. They saw the sky change colors a bit and then saw Mothra appear from the sky. She roared at Ghidorah and slammed him into the castle. Kevin got out and saw Mothra roaring at him, so he went back to the other two heads to help them get out. But he saw Godzilla's reflection and roared right at him. Godzilla roared right back at him and pushed him through the castle, effectively destroying it. Ghidorah hit the ground and groaned in pain. Godzilla growled at Ghidorah and Ghidorah cried for help. Mothra was about to scratch Ghidorah, but Rodan came flying in out of nowhere and tackled her in mid-air. The two of them began to battle it out and a vehicle approached Montaza and the rest of the soldiers. It was Adiya and she told them all to get in quickly. Montaza looked up and Mehdi shouted for an incoming missile right towards them. Adiya yelled even louder for them to get in and Montaza didn't need to be told twice. He got in and the soldiers went inside as well. Adiya sped off and went on the roads. They all had to dodge the explosions into the buildings and weave in and out of these things. Montaza asked Adiya where Aesha was, but Adiya said she had no idea and thought she was here.

Montaza said that she wasn't here and Mehdi told them both to take it easy. They had to continue dodging giant explosions from Mothra and Rodan flying in the air and Montaza said to Adiya that he hoped she was as good at finding their daughter as she was losing her. Adiya said she didn't lose Aesha, she simply ran away. Montaza said sarcastically that he wondered why and Mehdi said he couldn't blame that kid. He said if he had those two for parents, he would run away from home too. Adiya slammed on the brakes and asked him what he had just said. Mehdi said with clarity that if he had the two of them for parents, he would run away from home too. They realized their daughter was probably at one of the houses that they owned and drove over there. Aesha was running as fast as she could from Ghidorah, but she was screaming as loud as she could when she was sprinting across the street. She made it to her old house, but she screamed very loudly when Rodan and Mothra came crashing towards the ground and sending a car flying. She went inside and closed the door. She heard more rumbling and she screamed very loudly. Godzilla grabbed onto Ghidorah and swung him around into one of the buildings. It caused fire to break out and Ghidorah roared in pain. Godzilla continued to grab at him and Ghidorah roared at him. He saw a power source and chomped down on it. Godzilla's eyes went wide because he knew this happened in Boston as well and Ghidorah began supercharging himself. Eventually, yellow lightning flew out of his wings and lit up the whole sky.

Everyone shielded their eyes from the bright lights and it even caused some electrical damage to the aircraft up in the sky. Godzilla roared with pain and backed up into one of the buildings to get a grip of himself. He had severe burns on his skin and Nasir said on the Argo that Godzilla's radiation is reaching critical mass and there was six minutes until he blows. Asma ordered all remaining aircraft to retreat and Godzilla was trying to recover from that blast. Ghidorah felt great to be supercharged once again and he went after Godzilla. Mothra got thrown into one of the buildings and Rodan slammed up against her. He tried biting at her, but she scratched him in the chest which made him circle back into the air. Mothra backed up a little bit and watched Rodan fly right towards her. He collided with her again and he tried biting at her. However, as he tried going in for the kill shot, Mothra stuck her stinger right through Rodan's skin and the winged Titan whimpered in agony. She dropped him to the ground and he hit the ground, letting out a pained roar. The Hummer was able to get to the house and both Montaza and Adiya saw the destruction. They both called out their daughter's name, but there was no response. Montaza looked around and then saw a hoof sticking out of some sort of tub. He told Adiya that he found something and they used their strength to push the giant piece of boulder out of the way.

Adiya was in tears at the supposed death of her daughter and suddenly, Aesha started coughing after holding in her breath for so long. She hugged both her mom and dad and all of them turned around to hear roars in the distance. Twilight heard it too and she knew what this meant. Ghidorah flew up into the air and grabbed onto Godzilla with his legs. Godzilla tried to block the attack, but Ghidorah was able to lift him up. Godzilla tried to use his atomic breath, but Ghidorah strangled him in a foothold by choking him so he wouldn't be able to use his atomic breath on Ghidorah. Twilight screamed out in horror and she flew up into the sky as fast as she could. She couldn't let the savior of Equestria suffer this fate again after seeing it multiple times. Ghidorah went up high in the sky and then dropped Godzilla. Twilight saw him falling and flew as fast as she could towards the ground to save her King. She couldn't let him die again. He was that important to Equestria and if she couldn't save him, then all of Equestria would be doomed. She didn't care if there was a giant three headed dragon behind her. She didn't care if she got hurt or killed in the process. She didn't care about any of that. She wanted her King to live and be able to restore balance. If she had to sacrifice herself in order to let Godzilla live, then that was a price she was willing to pay. However, as fast as she was flying, she simply couldn't catch up with Godzilla. Tears were already freefalling from her face and she tried as hard as she could to reach him.

But then, she saw him burning up and flew even faster to catch up to him. Down below, everyone could see a giant meteor falling from the sky with a bright light chasing after it. Godzilla groaned in pain and when he hit the ground, a small explosion went off and a shockwave went out. Twilight got thrown up in the air a little bit, but she was able to rebalance herself and she saw Ghidorah land on the ground. Ghidorah snarled at Godzilla a little bit and Godzilla groaned weakly. He heard Mothra come up behind him and she roared in worry. She glared at Ghidorah and flapped her wings, charging right at him. Ghidorah was prepared for that and was ready to launch his gravity beams at her. She roared again and Ghidorah unleashed his beams right at Mothra which effectively killed her. Everyone was in complete horror and they started crying a little bit. Mothra gave her essence to Godzilla and some of her power to Twilight. Godzilla roared weakly and Ghidorah closed in on his enemy. Twilight had just about enough and she lit up her horn. She teleported up in the sky and blasted a very large beam right at Ghidorah. Ghidorah roared in pain and turned around to see who fired a beam at him. He saw the furious Princess of Friendship with an angry glare and tears falling from her face and he roared very loudly at her. He knew that this pony had a close connection with his arch rival and she was willing to kill him because of her alliance with his enemy.

Ghidorah flew up into the air and proceeded to charge right at Twilight. Twilight teleported behind him and blasted him again. Ghidorah roared and hit her in the side with his massive tails. Twilight started tumbling towards the ground, but she teleported again and stuck Mothra's stinger right through Ghidorah's skin. Ghidorah roared in pain and he unleashed his gravity beams at her. She dodged them fairly easily and blasted right back at him. Down below, one of the soldiers said that an Osprey was coming in two minutes and Montaza said they had to work fast. Adiya asked what that was and he presented the ORCA. Adiya asked if he was sure about this and Montaza said that this was the only way to save Godzilla and buy him time to get back on his feet. They messed around with the wires and Ghidorah blasted Twilight right in the chest. She fell right towards the ground and Ghidorah flew straight down to start taking radiation from Godzilla. Adiya told Montaza that he has seen what Ghidorah can do and Montaza said that they had to take that chance. Ghidorah got to the ground and started sucking the radiation out of Godzilla. Godzilla roared in pain and agony and Ghidorah kept going. The ORCA was good to go and Aesha pressed the button to activate it. It turned back on and the Osprey came right back down.

Montaza told Adiya to come on with them, but Adiya told him to take Aesha with him because she still had to activate it. Montaza was confused about that and Adiya told them that she was right behind them. Adiya cycled through the different frequencies and activated a pulse. Ghidorah roared in anger and dropped Godzilla to respond to that ORCA signal. He'll take care of Godzilla later. Right now, he had to eliminate this ORCA once and for all. He was sick and tired of ponies trying to control him with technology and it was time for him to put an end to that for good. Aesha called out to her mother, but Akilah grabbed onto her and brought her on the helicopter. Ghidorah marched closer and Asma said they had to lift off now. Montaza told her to wait and Adiya came running towards the Osprey. She suddenly stopped and Montaza told her to get on here now. Adiya saw Ghidorah marching closer and she had to do this herself. She looked at her daughter and said "I love you." Aesha didn't want her to go and Adiya took off towards the Hummer. They were devastated and the helicopter took off. Adiya got inside the Hummer and raced away. Ghidorah saw the vehicle moving away and went in the other direction to pursue it. Adiya was going as fast as she could, but she could barely outrun Ghidorah. On the helicopter, Aesha was trying to still take it in and she watched Ghidorah ravage through the city.

Ghidorah took to the skies and was able to hit the Hummer with his gravity beams. The car flipped over and she fell out on the sidewalk. Twilight had seen her laying on the ground and saw Ghidorah growling at both of them. She heard Adiya say Long Live The King and she smelled burning smells in the distance. She knew that Godzilla was coming and she teleported out of there just in time. Ghidorah was confused and Godzilla began marching through the Crystal Empire in his burning form, causing everything to melt instantly because of the heat temperatures. Godzilla roared very loudly at Ghidorah and the three headed dragon roared back at him. He knew this was exactly happened in Boston and he would not die again this way, Godzilla's scales lit up and sent out the first shockwave of a nuclear pulse which disintegrated Ghidorah's wings. Ghidorah roared in pain and he blasted Godzilla with his gravity beams in a last ditch attempt to stop Godzilla from destroying him. The gravity beams did nothing to Godzilla and the Kaiju simply moved closer to him. Godzilla's scales lit up again and he sent out the second shockwave of a nuclear pulse which disintegrated Ni and Kevin and left the center head remaining. It roared at Godzilla and Godzilla roared back at him. He put his massive foot on Ghidorah and destroyed him with a bunch of electricity. It all came out and a giant orange shockwave engulfed the city which made everyone cover their eyes because of how bright it was.

Ghidorah roared in pain and after a few seconds, it dissipated. Everyone looked to see what had become of the city and they saw a bunch of destruction everywhere. They saw movement in the Earth and they were shocked to see Ghidorah's head still there. They couldn't believe he was still alive and they were quite angry. They noticed that Godzilla flung around the head and it groaned in dying pain. Godzilla built up his atomic breath the whole time and threw the head up into the air. He unleashed his atomic breath and destroyed the last head which meant Ghidorah was finally dead. Godzilla ate that last little bit of electricity and Nasir said that it was a good thing that Godzilla was on their side. Akilah said that was only like that for now and Aesha told all of them to look. The entire city saw the rest of the Titans show up to the scene and Godzilla watched them appear to him. He saw Behemoth, Scylla, Methuselah, and the MUTO Queen all show up around him, leading the charge. Rodan landed on the ground and roared at Godzilla. Godzilla gave a cold and unforgiving gaze at Rodan and huffed out some smoke in anger. Seeing that he had made a mistake, Rodan bowed before Godzilla as an apology and Godzilla watched the other Titans follow Rodan's example. Even the entire Crystal Empire, plus the Mane Six, Starlight, Spike, the two princesses, Cadence, Shining Armor, Sunburst, and Flurry Heart all bowed before their King. Godzilla looked around him and noticed that he truly was the King of the Monsters. Aesha smiled at Godzilla as the helicopter flew away and Twilight felt happy that Godzilla once again established his authority with the other Titans.

Godzilla realized that he was the King Of The Monsters once again and he let out a loud ear shattering roar signifying his victory over Ghidorah and being the Alpha Titan once again. It felt good to be back as the King and the rebuilding process began. The Crystal Empire eventually got rebuilt and Flurry Heart was able to have her Crystalling. All of the Titans returned to their natural environments and after 60 years of secrecy, Monarch finally released its Titan studies to the public. Several news stories covered that there was an ancient rivalry between Godzilla and King Kong and Monarch was studying the Hollow Earth more. As a result of this radiation, rainforests appeared in areas previously unimagined, the fish populations got restored, certain species got taken off the endangered species list, and Godzilla defended cities from monster attacks. He kept them in check and made sure balance was maintained in the world. Monarch began discovering the Hollow Earth more and found a cave painting of Kong fighting Godzilla. Whatever this meant, these two had a rivalry and wanted to be the Alpha of the Titans. This would be an interesting discovery to say the least. The King Of The Monsters had another fight coming and this one would test who was the better fighter at combat.

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