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  • 1 week
    Random Thought

    I should totally do something with Octavia one of these days.

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  • 1 week
    Testing the Waters

    What're you guys more interested in seeing:

    1. M-Rated sequel to Just the Two of Us.

    2. Shortstack dragon ass-worship fic with Barb.

    3. More Great Days.

    42 comments · 226 views
  • 9 weeks
    Regarding Great Days Again

    I know I left this up to a public vote several months ago, but I've since changed my mind and decided to throw around creative overrides. Great Days will be featuring M/M sex scenes in the future due to both my own interest and due to wanting to expand my writing repertoire to break new ground. For those not interested in seeing them, know that these chapters will be clearly marked as M/M in the title, and the M/M content will be kept to a minimum during threesomes featuring a female, i.e

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  • 10 weeks
    Regarding Great Days

    The most recent chapter has received a new ending completely different from the original. This is due to a change in direction the story is taking to focus heavier on impregnation and breeding. I'm attempting to work on new chapters recently, but time has not been kind to me, so don't expect much. That being said, expect the fic to become much more fetishy and debaucherous as it continues. Apologies for the lack of updates.

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  • 14 weeks
    Commission Update

    As much as it sucks, I'm going to have to freeze the commission queue right now due to a mix of no time in my life and no energy in my soul to work on anything. So for those in the current commission queue and those wanting one, I'm very sorry to say I won't be available for the time being, and I will let you know when I'm available to take commissions again.

    Sorry for the inconvenience, yet again.

    4 comments · 113 views

Random Thought · 1:56am January 14th

I should totally do something with Octavia one of these days.

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I'll keep that in mind. (I've got a few potential ideas but I'll just send one at a time)


It's easier for me to hear the suggestion and say I will or won't take it, as I tend to forget certain things exist when writing out the dos and don'ts.

Anything you outright wouldn't write about, both in terms of fetishes and pairings?


I'm willing to take suggestions, but I don't promise to do them.

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