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Rainbow Dash tells the pegasi to make it snow. But its the middle of summer! Why would she ask us this? :rainbowhuh:

Ty No Name 13 for editing this story.

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This story is a sequel to Fluttershy helps a girl out

There is a test that Ava has to study for. But, she has stuff going on right now and she just can't focus.

Thank you Queen Chrysalis 13 or Sonata Dusk 29 for helping me edit and think of ideas for this sequel. (They are both the same person btw.)

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Ava have always been a doormat and a really quiet person. But one day, one of her favorite characters from her favorite show: My Little Pony, came into her world. She tells fluttershy how she needs help standing up for herself. Fluttershy knows just what to do to stand up for herself.

Thank you:Pinkiepartypie29 helping me edit this story!

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Twilight need to study a lot. But everything is a mess! Everything is out of order, a lot of stuff are on the floor. She doesn’t have a lot of time to clean it all up. So she called her friends to help her. But her friends basically messes up everything.

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The Main 6 are in twilight’s castle. They have nothing else to do and they are so bored.

What will they do, well whatever they want but they don’t know what to do.

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