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Princess Luna Lovegood

Demigod, Potterhead (Hufflepuff), Brony, Grammar freak, Army. Looking to become a Greek demigod. Ready to help the world. Preferably by becoming an animator. On YouTube.


Some Random Pics That I Like

“Never Tickle A Sleeping Dragon”

More About Me

My bio is nothing. Nothing, I tell you.

I’m a night owl. The max I’ve stayed awake is until 4 am, but...I can probably push it if I lived alone. As you already know from my bio, I’m a Demi-god, a Potterhead, A Brony, and...not exactly an Army. The only BTS song I like is Blood, Sweat & Tears. I’m a person who knows karate, so don’t get any big ideas. Then, my Hogwarts house is Hufflepuff, which u would know if u saw Some Random Pics That I Like. My favourite Harry Potter characters are Harry Potter and Luna Lovegood. As for who I ship? Canon ships only. I mean, why mess with a perfectly good relationship? I’m really quite fine with Harry/Ginny (Harinny) and Ron/Hermione (Romione). I also have a Harry Potter group called Potterheads ONLY!. Now, for Percy Jackson. Once again, I ship canon ships like Percy/Annabeth (Percabeth), Will/Nico (Solangelo), Calypso/Leo (Caleo), Jason/Piper (Jasper), Frank/Hazel (Frazel), etc. My favourite characters are Perseus ‘Percy’ Jackson (Seaweed Brain), Nico Di Angelo (The Ghost King), Leo Valdez (Repair Boy) and Annabeth Chase (Wise Girl). I also have a group called Demi-gods ONLY!, and another called Nico Di Angelo & Leo Valdez. Now, from Mlp, my fave characters are Princess Luna and Fluttershy. I have a group: Luna & Nightmare! And from BTS, I like V the best (he’s the blond guy, right?). My hobbies include: chess, swimming, reading, writing stories on Fimfiction, singing, drawing, collecting shells; feathers and ice-cream sticks, and being an ambivert.

Whew, that was long. Bye, guys!

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The Exams Hath Begun. Yay. · 11:47am September 26th

Groan. The idiot who invented exams: Henry Mishel

The idiot who invented homework: Roberto Nevilis

Here’s my exam schedule:-

Today: Moral Education Programme (M.E.P.)
30th: Computer

The REAL exams:-

4th: Science

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