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It's say, do, or both in this world. It's either hate or love daily things. It's either be a follower, a contributor, or a leader. It's either do, or die. So, what are you gonna do?

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A janitor introspects on his job.

Inspired by me cleaning my classroom in Middle School and High School, and a recent seminar held by a janitor in my University.

Thanks to Stinium Ruide for proofreading.

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Rijtsfaal is a member of the Feathisian Organization for the Liberation of the Fatherland, an underground organization doing all they could do to try and chase the Imperials away from their homeland and give them home rule.

But this isn't about that idealistic image of a ragtag group of revolutionaries storming the palace and overthrowing a corrupt dictator. It's a story about an individual, realizing the radical turn the resistance is taking in order to liberate its fatherland. It's about a resistance movement turning radical and crossing the thin line between Resistance and Terrorism, and an individual's effort to stop it.

Another hat is thrown into EaW's Writing Competition, this time with Resistance! And this time, a bit of subverting this Competition's theme! Possibly?

As usual, leave your constructive criticism at the comments below.

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A pony hired by the Royals runs through the rooms of the Equestrian Bureau of Anomalous Investigation, collecting as much data as he could to help them piece together what caused radio silence from the Bureau.

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Family Disclosure Protocol: Revision 90

Jeremiah Cimmerian, Phillip Foster, Jeffery Jacobs, Green Spoon, Moondancer

Abstract: Humans and Ponies, by our very nature, are social creatures. We gather, we find partners, and we form families. This is no less true for members of the Foundation than it is for any other group. Unfortunately, due to the nature of our work, such relationships create the potentials for massive breaches of security, and in several cases, have required the use of amnestics. By granting the loved ones of specific Foundation personnel a special class of Level 0 clearance, not only does one decrease what could be considered a potential security breach, but also reduces amnestic use, and in many cases, helps alleviate the stress and physical/mental strain constant deception of loved ones has upon Foundation personnel…

Twilight has been working for the Foundation for several years now, ever since she rose to become Celestia's personal student and turned 18, she has been working with the Foundation.
But now, after all the adventures she and her friends and family and gone through, all the tears and laughs, they still do not know of her affliction with the Foundation, or that the Foundation even existed.

After witnessing how Dr. Deep Study's daughter denounced her father as a workaholic who never pays attention to her and loves working more than her, even though he died preventing a ZK-End-of-Reality Scenario, Twilight has decided it was time to activate FD90, and reveal to her freinds and family...what she does in the dark.

Crossover with the SCP Foundation.
Inspired by this Tale

Second Story, tell me how it is, constructive criticism is encouraged and needed.

Rated Teen for mention of Death, mentions of things that are deadly and disgusting.
Basically everything the Foundation does that's not 18+ and I'm gonna mention it in this story.

(The Sequel Prequel to A Cold Day!)

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This story is a sequel to Family Disclosure Protocol

Twilight trots through the snow. Heading to a destination. A Citadel to be precise. On a Cold Day.
Now don't hang my head. This is my first story, so feedback is welcome and needed Becuase I want to know how well I did on this story, it was a idea a just came up with and couldn't shake away.
So here you go, tell me how it is.
Crossover with NationStates and the SCP Foundation.

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