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It's say, do, or both in this world. It's either hate or love daily things. It's either be a follower, a contributor, or a leader. It's either do, or die. So, what are you gonna do?


Why FD90'd not having new chapters? · 4:07pm Jan 25th, 2019

1) I'm not dead, quite the opposite actually
2) FD90 has been hit by the hardest of all things, writers block.
3) School is throwing a lot of tests at me, writing time reduced drastically
4) Will try to update the story more often
5) When all the tests are done. Including the National Tests, I'll start writing more

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A Cold Day: News! · 2:39pm Dec 21st, 2018

Judging from all the replies to my generic "thanks for the fav may I ask your opinion" comments on those who have added "A Cold Day" to your favorites (thx once more), you want me to continue it... Well, here's the news.

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