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Just someone looking to entertain and learn. And write about pones. Mostly that last part.


What can you do when you wake up in the arms of a half-naked friend but scream and panic? Everyone tries to assure Sunset Shimmer that she's freaking out over nothing, that it's normal that her boyfriend was in her bed this morning. However, Sunset knows better. She knows Flash isn't her boyfriend, and she knows the mysterious force that keeps her from breaking up with him is nothing but trouble.

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We stormed Area 51 looking to clap dem aliens' cheeks. I never could have expected what we found.

...because of course 300 000 people would be enough to storm a highly defended military base, and of course the portal to Equestria would be inside (whoops spoilers (like this was really a spoiler in the first place and not the logical conclusion to a story featuring humans needing an excuse to go to Equestria.)).

You saw the cover art, you saw the short description. You know what to expect.

Cover art by the astounding Axxuy.

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The wind rushing in your mane. Your wings carrying you up into the clouds. The freedom of a blue sky. Those are the birthright of the Pegasi.

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In a land fractured by strife and and discord, two brave unicorn mares stood for the hope of a new era. Luna, a careful diplomat, and Celestia, a fearsome warrior, sisters united by the wish of seeing the world at peace.

But what's a mare to do when her sister, the greatest warrior in the land, is taken away by mysterious forces and dragged to a cursed land from which no one ever came back from?

Take up a sword she can barely use, and give them chase, that's what.

This story was written for the May 2019 class of the School For New Writers.

Huge thanks to ChudoJogurt for helping me with this story.

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No one can make you change but yourself.

Before Nightmare Moon, before Equestria, before the Alicorn sisters moved the Sun and the Moon in the sky, there was Luna.

Luna, and Celestia. Two ponies left alone by a twist of fate that came too soon.

In order to survive, the sisters leaned on each other. They became close, closer than any sisters could ever be.

Closer than any sisters should ever be.

For the April 2019 incest contest
Special thanks to ChudoJogurt for helping me make this story readable.

Cover by Akeahi

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After the disaster that happened at her brother's wedding, Twilight swore herself to find as much as she could about the Changelings to prevent anything like it from happening ever again.

A few weeks before the Running of the Leaves, she receives the elusive book Concerning Changelings and Other Matters, a forbidden tome said to make anyone who gazes upon it insane, but also the only treaty on Changelings to ever exist.

However, the sudden disappearance of her number one assistant becomes a more pressing matter.

This fic was written for the October promp of the School For New Writers group.

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Mountain Pass couldn't believe his eyes when he read that Princess Luna herself was going to preside over the Elements of Harmony tournament herself. As lead designer of the game, undefeated competitive player, AND ruler of the land and undeniably best princess, her visit stirred his little EoH club into action. He and his club leader, Scootaloo, devise a plan to win first place and go up against the Alicorn princess herself.

However, the pressure piles up as problems arise, and as the tournament reveals itself not to be the grand exciting event he thought it would be.

This story was written for the August 2018 class of the School for New Writers.

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River Breeze and Sun Strider of Viridian have been friends since they were fillies. However, they got separated by their different lifestyles, preferring their personal preferences to the presence of each other. When Sun Strider finally comes back to Viridian to rekindle their friendship, the two mares start to realize they aren't satisfied by their own lives. In fact, the other's life looks so much more inviting than their own.

This is a story for the July 2018 class of the School For New Writers.

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