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After the disaster that happened at her brother's wedding, Twilight swore herself to find as much as she could about the Changelings to prevent anything like it from happening ever again.

A few weeks before the Running of the Leaves, she receives the elusive book Concerning Changelings and Other Matters, a forbidden tome said to make anyone who gazes upon it insane, but also the only treaty on Changelings to ever exist.

However, the sudden disappearance of her number one assistant becomes a more pressing matter.

This fic was written for the October promp of the School For New Writers group.

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Oh man, this reminds me of classic fanfictions written in the early days of the fandom. The darkly whimsical tone, the vague nature of the story, the detailed descriptions of things that make the world truly feel alive and magical, the mystery and wonder, the clever use of established lore while putting a new spin on it. I love a lot of newer stories, but they tend to treat the source material as either a sitcom or generic fantasy, but this captures the fairy tale like nature of the early seasons perfectly.

Love it!

Wow I'm actually really touched. That feeling wasn't what I was consciously going for, but as someone who dearly loves classic fics, it warms my heart to know my story feels that way. Thank you so much for your comment :pinkiehappy:

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