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Hello there! My name is SuperCyclone, but you can call me SC. Welcome to my cozy library of stories where you can sit down, relax, and read to your heart's content.


When Rainbow Dash is in need of studying for a big test in order to stay in the Wonderbolts, Twilight offers to help her without hesitation. Until they find themselves sleeping on each other the next morning. How will they react to this?

Inspired by an episode from the famous sitcom Friends. Sex tag for innuendos.

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A new face appears in Ponyville, and he is a dog as well as a famous radio show host. The residents of the village welcome him, even the Princess of Friendship. But Twilight and the other ponies start to notice strange things with the new resident's broadcasts. They're coming true, from reality to fantasy, flying cats, Street Cleaning Day, hooded figures, angels, unfathomable monsters, Hay and Hay By Products, and the "weather". Welcome to Ponyville Vale.

(Inspired by the famous podcast by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor, Welcome to Night Vale.

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"Throughout my entire life I have faced many great enemies, but I never would have imagined that my greatest enemies were my closest friends. I mean, I invite them to my kingdom after ten years for what?! So they could bring me down?! No! It's them. It's their fault. It's their fault she's d...What am I supposed to do, Spike? We lost our closest friend because of those stupid ponies! They're all idiots! Princess Celestia and Princess Luna thought they knew how to rule their kingdom, well they forgot one very important thing: power! I need more." "Listen to yourself, Twili-" "Be still! It's Hysteria. Queen Hysteria. Princess Twilight was weak. With this power I will renew Equestria! Yes. I will build a better world!!!" The Queen then started singing to herself, "Feel that donation. Annihilation. The power of my words, kills any nation. Sweet degradation. Politics invasion. Give me the power, to save generation!"

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Rainbow Dash is the owner of a huge company. The Cloudsdale Weather Corporation. She is happy with her friends and Scootaloo. But what happens when her life is at stake. Will her friends help her? Or will they fall from their greatest enemy yet? Spectrum.

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