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Hello there! My name is SuperCyclone, but you can call me SC. Welcome to my cozy library of stories where you can sit down, relax, and read to your heart's content.


When Rainbow Dash is in need of studying for a big test in order to stay in the Wonderbolts, Twilight offers to help her without hesitation. Until they find themselves sleeping on each other the next morning. How will they react to this?

Inspired by an episode from the famous sitcom Friends. Sex tag for innuendos.

Chapter 1 now has a dramatic reading! Thank you to StraightToThePointStudio for reading my story! Check it out here: Napping Buddies

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Comments ( 15 )
Comment posted by Sparky Brony deleted Sep 26th, 2019

OOO GOOD FIC am watching

Why the narcotics tag tho?

Oops, I didn’t see that! Thanks for letting me know.

Inspired by an episode from the famous sitcom Friends.

Really? Which episode?

The episode is called “The One with the Nap Partners.”

This was good, but it needs more explanations in certain areas, like why was the nap the best they had ever had? It leaves you scratching your head a little. Plus, the story has a bit of a rushed feeling, with the scenes only lasting for a short time. There could've been a better understanding of what happened to them, but altogether, I enjoyed this. 7/10 for me. I recommend rewriting certain parts, and maybe then my rating will go higher.

Thanks for the advice, I really want to go back and rewrite certain parts. And yeah it is rushed because I was in the middle of writing a paper for class. Thanks again.

Comment posted by livinthelife deleted Apr 6th, 2019

No way! Thanks for doing a reading of my story! I really do want to finish because it does has more chapters in it.

Not me (not sure why he Dosnt >.>) but you’re welcome!

Yeah, hopefully I’ll be able to submit the next chapter this following week, I just had writer’s block for quite some time.

When are you continuing this fic?

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