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Sunset's nonchalant attitude about all the insane antics she gets up to with her friends has pushed her boyfriend to the breaking point.

Set just after the sing-off during Rainbow Rocks.


My entry into Oroboro's Sunset Shipping Contest: Endings.

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One Day I was left to die as a child.

Then the ponies found me.

I had a new life there, and I was happy. Nice parents, a cool brother and an adorable little sister.

But how do you deal with being the middle child between the two most successful unicorns in recent history?


On hiatus again because I'm struggling to write anything for this.

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I woke up to a burning building coming down on top of me.

Oh yeah, that isn't even the half of it. There's these freaky Technicolor horses everywhere too and a few of them were dressed in golden armour.

They bound me, dragged me to the castle and hooked me up to some chains. Currently I'm being interrogated by a white unicorn... guard. Whatever it's called.

Well, it's not like it could get much worse, right?

Rated teen for suggestive situations and bad language


Found some cover art.

Sorry to whomever made this, but the source website was taken down or something, so I'm really not sure who to credit.

Finally found the name of the artist: Blaz Portenta

I got featured a couple times. Yeah, I'm surprised too.

Chapters (22)
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