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.................I'm Fryguy, and I like writing and stuff, I love making friends.

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The amount of times Ponyville being the center of the bad guys has grown since Twilight moved there. But Twilight defeats them with her friends with ease. But this pony walking into the town seems like no friend or no foe. But can ponies decide which one he is before he does something that may lead to disaster?

Sometimes when you see someone as a friend who really isn't, they can manipulate you into their evil hands, and when they do so, the chess board is set, and you won't be able to stop your master from using you as a simple pawn. Will Ponyville share the same fate?

Or can they discover the true identity and goal he hides?

Chapters (5)

Onestar receives a prophecy from Starclan that kept giving him a headache. "You will be wiped out unless you and the other clans can find the creature of colors..." When he brings it up at a gathering, everyone is shocked and start panicking.

Unless one of the warriors can find this creature, none shall survive.

Meanwhile, Twilight is busy in her castle, with her friends, doing some potions when Pinkie accidentely drops one, when it hit the ground, a portal forms and sucks Twilight in, and then vanishes. Her friends stare in dismay until they panic. While Twilight finds herself in a forest by a lake, and there are these strange cats that talk.....

(Takes place after the Final book of Omen Of The Stars. Before the book Bramblestar's Storm.

Chapters (3)

For her birthday Fluffle Puff got a doll of Chrysalis from the changeling herself. But when somepony steals it, Fluffle Puff starts crying over it, but things get worse after an accident happens, and nopony is happy about it.

Third Placer in the Fluffle Puff Writing Contest. WOOHOO!

Takes place after the Murry Burthmis video by Fluffymixer.

Chapters (1)

The Diamond Dogs make life very hard and oppressing for the Crystal Ponies, until Rarity strolls into the empire.....

Chapters (1)

When the Ross family somehow end up in a field near Ponyville, it seems like Ravi had somehow had a gift from India be turned into a curse. When the mane six and CMC find them, it seems to be that Twilight has to spend time again finding a way to send something back from where they're from.

And where's Mrs. Kipling?

Chapters (2)

Everypony was invited to a party in a mansion on a full moon one night, Luna's stars gleamed in the night sky. The lights in the mansion were as bright as Celestia's sun. Until, the sound of a loud crash was heard from the other side of the mansion and the lights went out. When they came back on, the ponies were shocked at the sight that they found on the staircase leading to the upper floor.

How could somepony be killed in a mere minute? How could the victim suffer from multiple stab wounds without making a sound? How could the pony be found on the staircase when everypony was dining in the dining room around the huge dining table? The answers may become clearer when a ghost comes out of nowhere and claims to have seen the killer in action and says the killer was one of the party guests that night.

But the ghost had other bad news for the party guests.....

{On Hiatus until my train of thought on this story returns.}

Chapters (1)

What happens in Ponyville everyday? It seems Twilight is the only pony who is civilized in this town.

Takes place after season 1 premiere

Chapters (1)

When the evil young alicorn king named Neffison successfully sends raiding parties to capture riches, food, even ponies for slaves, Equestria goes to war against the powerful country. But what was behind the raids? Is something bigger being planned?

Chapters (14)

Ponyville never have seen these type of dragons before, one that shoots blue fire, on that has itself set on fire, one that shoots lighting, or can redirect lighting. But when something called dragon root somehow falls from the sky, the dragons go crazy, using deadly attacks, Twilight runs to Fluttershy, who she thinks has the braves and ability to tame the dragons. Can she tame them in time? Or is Ponyville going to be burnt to the ground?

Chapters (1)

After attacking everything in sight with Bowser Jr.'s Airship Armada, Bowser now controls Equestria, enslaving the earth ponies, pegasi, and unicorns. Mario, Luigi, and Peach are currently on vacation, and the alicorns are being kept in Bowser's castle, just west of Equestria. Nothing is wanting to face the Koopa king, or his giant airship armada is son leads, is there any hope for Equestria?

Chapters (11)
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