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Q&A with Pandora

Who are you?

My name is Emmy, but I go by Pandora or Reverie online. I make visual animation, music, and write stories in my free time.

Who is your favorite pony?

Sunset Shimmer. Oh my god, she is amazing.

Favorite ship?


Who is your favorite character you've ever written about?

Favorite character I've ever written about... For an original character I've made up on my own I've have to go with Trance Leap from my story Jumper. He's got a heart of gold, kid does, but sometimes he's conflicted in serious ways about what he really wants and what other people want from him. It makes for an interesting dichotomy between taking orders and giving orders, and he's a very, VERY fun character to write. But if we're saying favorite canon character I've ever written about... I'd have to go with Princess Luna. Being able to play around with her old-Equestrian dialect is one of the most fun things to do, and I try to nudge her into a few more places in my stories.

What is your favorite genre of music? Favorite band? Song?

My favorite genre of music depends really on what mood I'm in. I love progressive metal, complextro, trap, classic rock, alternative, pop, really any kind of music I can appreciate the musical theory behind it and understand the amount of talent that goes into writing lyrics, a catchy rhythm and instrument sections, and producing a song. My favorite band altogether would have to be TesseracT, and my favorite song... oh man. I love Lament, but I have a lot of favorite songs. I can't decide :P

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mindless thoughts from pandora

How are you feeling on a scale from one to ten?


In the era of Covid-19, there's an interesting relationship between isolation and survival. On the one hand—survival means isolation, isolation means health, health means happiness, and happiness means survival. On the other hand... does it?

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Alright, I'm going to make a goal for myself. By the end of my life (I never said it had to be an intense goal) I'm going to AT LEAST finish every story that I started in a way that I'm happy with, no matter how bad the story is in may head.

I don't know how I'm going to do this, or in which order, but I have a feeling after I tackle Making Music I'm going to move on to something easy to wrap up like Gray Day, White Night or develop Jumper a little more. Could be fun!

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