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After the battle against Ragyo Kiryuin, Senketsu did not truly perish.

Traveling across the universe as a Primordial Life Fiber, he falls to a new planet in pursuit of a dangerous enemy and must now fight to protect this world from destruction. His only hope rests in mysterious boy who takes him to a school full of talented youths in search of one who can wear Senketsu and unleash his power. They will fight with everything they have to prevent the scourge of Life Fibers from claiming another planet.

A Kill la Kill crossover.

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This story is a sequel to From Your Most Grateful Admirer

Tirek and Discord's past has been entwined since before the two met on the streets of Manehattan. In fact, Tirek once knew Discord as the pony he hated most, the one that he believed to be the cause of his fall. That isn't the only connection they have though; something is coming to Equestria which both Discord and Tirek know all too well, and in preparation for its arrival, Discord has decided to make some special provisions, and have some fun along the way.

Revenge is sweetest when you can get it without feeling the slightest bit bad about it, and what better way to get his revenge on Tirek than this? Some forced existential alteration will cause some wonderful chaos and help him prepare for the coming danger.

He just hopes it isn't too late to save Equestria.

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He didn't deserve another chance after what he did, but he got one. He got the forgiveness he never expected, from the last pony he ever expected to get it from. In gratitude to her, he writes her a letter, thanking her and her friends for everything.

His mind and heart laid bare both to himself and those who read it. He has the freedom he truly wanted.

But you know what? Just a letter isn't enough. No, he must tell her himself.

Equestria Daily Featured, and proud of it, baby!

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Flash Sentry hasn't had it easy. He's been a blank flank much longer than any of the other fillies and colts. His time in flight school hasn't been easy either. Not only does he crash in pretty much any race that isn't a straight shot, he's been tormented by a bully that has been assigned as his year-long racing opponent.

Thankfully, his home life is fairly ordinary, but with a widowed unicorn father, learning how to live and grow as a pegasus hasn't been easy.

However, when his scientist father has a sudden kickstart in his research, Flash's life starts to take a turn. He'll discover more about himself and his nature than he ever knew, and learn just how much like his mother he really is.

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A normal day for two worlds.

In one, Twilight is researching magic at her home in Canterlot, trying to find information on the fabled Elements of Harmony.

In another, a young man, a childhood survivor of the infamous death game Sword Art Online, is about to enter the virtual world for the first time in seven years. The name he chose for himself, the one he hasn't used since that time, Animus.

In mere moments, their lives take a sudden and unexpected turn as the land of Equestria is transformed. The laws of reality are altered, following the rules of a game, and humans are pulled across the bounds of worlds. Now, Twilight and Animus must choose their path. Will they work together to understand the game they've been forced to play? They'll have to choose fast, because war is coming, and the only way to beat the game and wish everything back to normal is to fight against forces that would kill to have their wish granted.

Cover art by the amazing 2135D, also known as EZ The Pony. Authors, I implore you to enter his end of the month raffles or commission art from him. He is an awesome dude who is flexible to your spending limit, and will work with you to make sure that it is absolutely perfect. Just be sure to give him artistic license too.

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Emerald Mist, an illusionist unicorn born and raised in Manehattan, has been on a journey for several months. Searching for a certain pony, he ends up passing through the quaint town of Ponyville. What he didn't expect, however, was how much this town would change things for him. Namely, the rediscovery of an old friend he hadn't seen in years, Applejack. Seeing her again relindles old feelings in him, and he finds himself unwilling to leave.

The biggest change to his life, however, comes soon after. One awakening triggers others, and later that very same day Jade Mist emerges within him. Now having to share a mind with Jade, who claims to be a part of Emerald and vice versa, life is about to get a lot more complicated for him.

It won't be long before Emerald and Jade will have to come to face with things they've been running from. Things that could potentially ruin whatever happiness they can achieve. Their past, both remembered and forgotten, is catching up with them.

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A Legend of Dragoon Crossover Fic.

Dragoons, magical knights that harness the magic of ancient dragons. When the power of these dragons is set loose on the world once more, Spike experiences a startling transformation. With the power of the other ancient dragons being harnessed by enemies of Equestria, Princess Twilight decides to put her life on the line and become a Dragoon herself. Realizing that goal will not be easy though, and if she succeeds, she will have to find the other Dragoons and bring them over to her side in order to end the threat to their peaceful way of life. But the path won't be easy at all. Words don't sway every mind, and with war ready to erupt, it will become kill or be killed when the powers of the Dragoons clash. Innocence and purity aren't easy to hold onto in the face of war and death. Twilight, with Spike at her side, will need to bring herself to make the hard choices needed to save those she cares about, and she'll need the support of her friends, old and new, if she's to succeed.

(A very much appreciated fan, Dirty Bit has saw fit to include youtube links to pieces of Legend of Dragoon soundtrack that he thinks fits the scenes or chapters best. He is a totally awesome dude for doing this, and if you want a little extra feeling to the scenes, by all means, click on one as you're reading or re-reading.)

Just a few things to keep in mind when reading this fic:
- This is not a direct crossover fic. Characters from the game Legend of Dragoon will not have main storyline significance, at least as far as I have planned. If they do appear, it will be more in a cameo sense through history that shaped this world.
- While this holds Alternate Universe tags, all the events of the show have happened up to the end of Season 3. What changes have been made will affect only the history of the world and future events.
- The current title image is just a placeholder. Currently seeking special title art for the story.
-While this is a crossover fic, I intend to make it very friendly to people not familiar with the game Legend of Dragoon. So those not familiar with it should not feel alienated coming in.

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Three years have passed since Princess Twilight's coronation, and unseen by anypony, changes have started to take hold. Visitors have worked their way into Equestria, humans pulled from their world, each thinking they're alone or not remembering their humanity at all. They have taken places in the daily life of Equestria, and have gone largely unnoticed. Not only that, but a new princess becomes the talk of Equestria, a Princess of Death which strikes terror into any who see her, her malevolent presence shaking them to their core.

This is the tale of the princess, the humans, and the one who changes everything. Come read along and see where their entwining destinies lead, and how Equestria is changed forever.

A Vixin Mccloud and Draconia Crystalis joint work.

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