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Attention to my followers. · 5:37am Jan 2nd, 2014

A hello to my seven followers of all two of my stories. I would like to take this time to tell you that I have actually been working on a new story for a while now. But this is a bit different from the other things I have written. This is actually a collaboration between myself and my friend GallantNavy. We met in a RP group a while back and got along pretty well with each other. Using the concepts established in the RP we did, we

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No problem. I'm surprised that I wasn't watching you before.

Thanks for the watch :twilightsmile:

Thank you for the favorite over Humans Assemble: Equestrian Boys. Awesomeness comes few and far between, but when it does I hope to deliver. But High School, is sometimes not awesome.

Why thank you. I wasn't sure how well it would hold up to the other entries.

Just read your short for the writers group challenge for August, Pinkie Bets Twilight. I enjoyed it and felt like letting you know it.:twilightsmile:

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