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Twilight Sparkle believes she has perfected a process to allow Earth Ponies and Pegasi to teleport. Unfortunately, in the Land of Ooo, a bubblgum-haired princess is about to run a similar experiment. Will even all of the friendship in Equestria be enough to settle Finn down? Will Pinkie Pie ever get her doughnut? Perhaps along the way, everyone will learn that truly, friendship is ALGEBRAIC!

Chapters (4)
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:pinkiegasp:This is possibly one of the greatest things ever to be created. :pinkiehappy:

Haha nice! (Btw have pinkie say she can't eat candy that talks) "WAAY TO CREEPY, plus it would give those "cupcake" fan ammunition." Pinkie huffed (With jake twirling his finger around his head that say she crazy)

Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

Oh my glob, greatest crossover ever!

What time is it?

Holy flip! What the zip? This story is mathematical!:pinkiehappy:

Finn's perspective: WTFOMGLOLWUT!

this is amazing! :twilightsmile:

This is the embodiment of all I could ever hope for.:pinkiehappy:

Adventure Time + FiM? Well that = Awesomeness, of course :)

:derpyderp1: I want at least another chapter or two of this before i will be happy agian i enjoyed how you made this one look forward to more.

What is this, could it be? An Adventure Time crossover? :pinkiehappy:
Oh you have no idea how long I've been waiting for one to show up:rainbowkiss:

Liking it so far, although, Gob help us all if Pinkie comes into contact with the Party God :pinkiecrazy:

Considering that Finn lives and goes on adventures with a magical talking dog, meets up and party with candy people, knows a princess who is a human/bubblegum hybrid, heard trees and sandwiches talk, and especially fought alongside a talking horse who is said dog's girlfriend and is arguably weirder than the MLP ponies, I highly doubt that meeting up with some random talking ponies would freak Finn out that much. If you were intending for him to freak out because he's in a different place, that can easily be made clear.
Other than that, it's a great fanfic. I'm not sure why these two awesome shows aren't crossed over more often.


pinkie pie approves:pinkiehappy:

We may perish, but it would be a glorious way to die :trollestia:

160087 True..........


Whoa Nelly!
You guys are awesome, I can't believe how much you're liking it so far!
159090 Oh don't worry, sentient candy will definitely be addressed
159573 I take it you liked it then :yay:
159781 Oh man, that may be too great of an opportunity to pass up... :pinkiehappy:
159789 Yeah, Finn was being a little over the top in his reaction, he'll have settled down a little by the next chapter. Of course, the adorableness may be a little too much for him...

Wow, this looks like the beginning of something totally epic. Keep it coming! :twilightsmile:

160605 Oh please tell me the Ice King is going to pursue the Alicorn Princesses if it gets that far. :heart:

Also I'm curious how the ponies are going to react to Finn should anything dangerous come along, since his main method of solving problems is with violence. Then again, I suppose it depends on whether the ponies are as innocent in this fic as they are in the show. :trixieshiftright:

:ajbemused:This.... :applejackunsure:is...... :pinkiesmile:totally...... :pinkiehappy:MATH!!!!

I hereby nominate Gunter for best pony.

160605 Liked it?!
This is better than White-bread bacon sandwiches with ketchup and BBQ sauce!
And I REALLY like White-bread bacon sandwiches with ketchup and BBQ sauce.

♫♥I look forward to reading what happens next in your story♥♪

I love FiM and I love Adventure Time! Fun and funny story, good job. :raritywink:

Was laughing the entire time now mind you my knowledge of MLP > AT (it comes on at a bad time for me) but from what I have seen of AT it seems like you got their personalities down Finn's phrases are the only thing I'm not sure of.

It's hard for me to read this without a big, stupid grin on my face :pinkiehappy:
Another great chapter, everyone seemed in character, and now I can't wait for the next installment :rainbowkiss:

:yay: My two favorite shows in one! :rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss:

coolio! btw here some images to consider
ht tp://jesulinblablabla.deviantart com/art/Marceline-s-dad-279237458

That was awsome!!!!!
Write more chapters and a sequel!!!!:pinkiegasp:

Dude, you have the best interpretations of the characters, you might as well be writing for either show themselves!

By the emperors light I have found his holy book


- Midnight Specter

Mlp = amazing, adventure time = awesome, mlp + adventure time = epic

Adventure Time x MLP? Oh boy, HERE WE GO.

About time some competent person made one of these!

Damn it, I was going to write a fanfic just like this, making me the first pony to write an adventure Tim/ mlp crossover! Oh well, I applaud you sir with your imagination (and possible mind reading powers) and your quick thinking. Good fanfic!

Yep the land of unicorns and rainbows. Finn called it.:pinkiehappy:

Not familiar with Adventure Time. Is the Great Mushroom War what I think it is?

A nuclear war? Yep, the land of Ooo is the result of the return of magic, combined with mutation from the radiation.

163690 That's awesome to hear, especially since Daylight Burning is what brought me to the site in the first place!
166306 lolwut
166571 I can assure you I have no mind reading powers... :scootangel: *whispers* They're on to us...run! :twilightoops:
166914 Yeah, they haven't exactly spelled it out in the show, but there's clues to the nature of the war hidden throughout the episodes, such as abandoned underwater cities, missiles, fallout shelters, and a giant hole blown into the side of the Earth.

:fluttercry: The show is surprisingly dark then.

167831 For a kids show yeah it's somewhat dark i guess but i like it to me FiM and adventure time are about equal id guess adventure time actually makes more jokes that are funny to me.

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