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Friendship is Algebraic! - Gonenowsorry

Two teleportation experiments lead to the worlds of My Little Pony and Adventure Time colliding!

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Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Ice Kings and Owlbears

“Dear Princess Celestia, we...still have a few issues to work out.”

Twilight had no choice but to magically keep the strange creature pinned against the wall.

“I ain't never seen a critter like this before,” observed Applejack, looking at the trapped creature with bewilderment.

“I think it's some kind of gross alien from that teleportation dimension Twilight was talking about,” said Rainbow Dash. “What do you think it did with Pinkie?”

“I don't think it did anything to Pinkie,” answered Twilight. She was now going through the bag the creature had dropped. “But it might know something about where she went.”

“Hey, man!” shouted the creature. “Or horse...whatever. You can't just go through my stuff like that!”

Twilight had been examining a pink sweater from inside the bag, but dropped it out of shock.

“Careful, that's my like-like sweater!” yelled the creature.

“You can speak?” asked Spike in amazement.

The creature struggled against its magical bonds. Then it gave up for a moment and said, “Of course I can speak, lizard-guy! Now will you creeps let me go?”

“Don't do it, Twilight!” warned Rainbow Dash. “For all we know, this guy could be capable of anything!”

“I dunno, Rainbow” said Applejack. “He doesn't really seem that dangerous to me. Poor thing’s probably scared out of his mind.”

Twilight looked the creature in the eyes. There seemed to be at least some glimmer of intelligence in there.

“I'm going to let you go,” she said. “I want you to promise not to hurt my friends.”

“What the- you're the ones that jumped me!”

“Just promise.”


The magical bonds keeping the creature in place lifted, dropping him to the ground.

“Thanks, I guess,” he said as he pulled himself up. He was gangly, and a little taller than most ponies.

“Alright,” said Twilight. “My name is Twilight Sparkle, and I am the personal student of Princess Celestia. What is your name?”

“I'm Finn, the human boy.” Finn anxiously looked around the library. “And I have no idea where the heck I am.”

“Well Finn,” said Twilight. “Can you tell me exactly what you were doing before you found yourself here?”

“I was helping the princess with one of her crazy science experiments...”

“The Princess!” interrupted Rainbow Dash. “You know Princess Celestia?!”

“What? No, what's a Celestia?” asked the human boy, puzzeled.

All three ponies gasped at this.

“He's clearly not from Equestria,” muttered Twilight. “Or any place I've ever heard of. Finn, are there more like you, back where you come from?”

“Well, no,” replied Finn. “Not really. There's lots of people that look kinda like me, hyoomans and mutants and such, but I'm the only human I've ever met. Everyone thinks they all died out in the Great Mushroom War.”

“That's terrible!” said Twilight. “Tell me Finn, how did you get here?”

“Like I said,” answered Finn, “I was helping Princess Bubblegum test her teleportation ankle bracelet, and it must have zapped me here instead.”

“Aha!” exclaimed Twilight. “I knew it!”

“Umm,” said Applejack. “Beg pardon, but what are you excited for?

“My theory was right!” said Twilight gleefully. “I just forgot to account for one thing. Negative space must be shared by more realities than ours alone. I haven't just discovered a means of teleportation, I've found a gateway between dimensions!”

“Yeah,” interrupted Rainbow Dash, “but Pinkie is still out in Celestia-knows-where, and we have no way of finding her!”

“Hmm,” pondered Twilight. “Finn, I think cooperation will be mutually beneficial from here on out. Can I examine that ankle bracelet of yours?”

“Uh, sure,” said Finn. “Wait! I swear I didn't choose the color, Peebles just has this thing for Pink...”

“Finn,” laughed Twilight, “I hardly care what color..,” but she was interrupted by the sound of hooves coming down the stairs.

“Twilight!” shouted Rarity as she reached the landing, followed by Fluttershy. “You've got to come quick!”

“Oh my, um,” stammered Fluttershy. “It's, well...”

“A horrible beast! It's monstrous! From the Everfree Forest!”

“Settle down girls!” said Twilight. “What exactly are you talking about?”

“It's, um,” said Fluttershy. “It's an owlbear.”

“A what?” asked Rainbow Dash.

“An owlbear,” replied Fluttershy. “They, well, they've got the body of a bear and the head of an owl. And really bad tempers.”

“Owlbear!” shouted Finn from behind the ponies. “That sounds flippin' awesome!”

For the first time, Rarity and Fluttershy noticed the human standing in the back of Twilight's laboratory.

“Twilight!” exclaimed Rarity. “What ever is that hideous thing that just talked?”

“Hideous?” scoffed Finn indignantly. “What's with your mane? It looks like someone tried to glue a mess of purple ribbon to a horse.”

Rarity gasped at the insult, but Applejack and Rainbow Dash couldn't help but giggle a little bit at the human's bravado. Fluttershy, however, had gone completely silent upon seeing the stranger.

“Settle down, everypony!” shouted Twilight. “This is Finn, it's kind of my fault he's here. It's a long story we'll figure out later. But for now, we need to move out. Where did you last see the owlbear?”

“Um...” peeped Fluttershy.

“Come on, girl,” demanded Applejack. “Spit it out!

“It...was going towards Sweet Apple Acres...” finished Fluttershy.

“Applebloom!” said Applejack. “Big Macintosh and Granny Smith! We gotta hurry!”

“Okay girls, let's go!” said Twilight. “Finn, when we get back, we'll get this figured out. Just stay here for now, and don't leave! I've got plenty of books upstairs, although now that I think about it, it's remarkable you even speak our language...”

“Pfff,” responded Finn. “Stay here with books? Stuff that noise, Imma go fight the owlbear!”

“You can't come with us!” said Twilight incredulously. “All the ponies will freak out if they see you! Besides...” Twilight examined Finn from head to toe for a second and continued “No offense, but you don't look strong enough to be fighting creatures from the Everfree Forest!”

“Not that strong? I'm an adventurer! Fighting evil is what I'm all about!”

“I don't think...”

Finn cut her off, simply saying “I'm following you whether you like it or not.”

“Come on, Twilight,” said Applejack. “That critter could be tearing up half the farm by now!”

“Fine!” said Twilight. “But I'm at least casting a spell to make him invisible! It will at least last until we're out of Ponyville.”

“Whoah,” said Finn, starting to feel excited. “I get to fight an owlbear AND be invisible. Math!”

Twilight's horn glowed and shot a magical beam towards Finn. Within seconds, the human began to vanish.

“Algebraic! What time is it?!?”

“Um, about a quarter till five,” said Rainbow Dash as they began to run upstairs.

Finn sighed.

“I miss Jake...”

“Catch that pony!”

The Banana Guards ran as fast as they could after the pink pony, but were no match for her speed.

“Ohmygosh, oh my gosh, OH MY GOSH!” squeed the pony. “It's an ENITRE KINGDOM MADE OUT OF CANDY! This is the greatest thing ever!”

Jake and Princess Bubblegum ran down the hallway behind the guards, but they weren't getting any closer to the pony.

“Come on, Princess!” said Jake, getting on all fours and stretching himself to a larger size. “Hop on!”

Jake and the Princess now stormed past the guards, but the pink pony was no longer in sight.

“Oh my!” came a voice from one of the rooms.

“That sounded like Peppermint Butler!” said the princess.

“Hold on, man!” yelled Jake.

Jake burst through the door to find the pony licking Peppermint Butler with a joyful look on her face. Peppermint Butler seemed petrified with fear.

“The horror...” he whispered. “It's the Deer all over again!”

“Hey, man,” said Jake, resuming his normal size. “You can't run around eating the Candy People. They got aspirations!”

“Huh?” said the pony, her tongue still on the traumatized candied servant.

“Please stop...” gasped Peppermint Butler.

“'Ou can thalk?” said the pony, finishing one last lick. “Is that even vegetarian anymore? Great! I find a place made entirely out of candy, and I can't even eat anything!”

“Wait!” said Princess Bubblegum. “It's just the one's with faces that you have to avoid.”

She pulled a piece of candy out of her dress. “Here, have this!” she said, throwing the piece to the pony. Quick as a flash, the pony caught the candy with her tongue and pulled it back into her mouth. “Mmmm, Juicy!”

“Milady?” asked Peppermint Butler.

“Oh, I'm sorry, of course you're excused Peppermint Butler.” said the princess.

“But this is my room...”

“I said you're excused.”

The dapper peppermint grumbled a bit, and walked out of the room.

“Tell me, miss...” began Princess Bubblegum.

“Pinkie!” said the pony, chomping down the last bit of the candy. “Pinkie Pie! Want to be friends, candy lady?”

“Of course!” said Princess Bubblegum, forcing a smile. “But first you have to tell me, have you seen a boy with blue clothes, a green backpack, and a white bear hat?”

“What? No, what a silly thing for a pony to wear! Though you guys definitely aren't ponies, so maybe it looks good on him!”

“Ooookay,” said Jake. “I just wanna know where my bro is. Where'd you come from, anyway?”

“I'm from Ponyville!” said Pinkie, jumping up and down. “Everypony back there is a pony like me! Well, not exactly like me, there's unicorns and pegasuses... Pegases? Anyway, I was going to be the first Earth Pony to be teleported to Canterlot, but I guess I got lost along the way somehow.”

“Teleport!” exclaimed the princess. “Pinkie, I think I know what happened! You must have been in non-space the same time as our friend. It must have confused the quantum zanoids and sent them back to where you came from, while bringing you here!”

Pinkie's tale began twitching.

“Uh, guys?”

“So does that mean you know how to get Finn back?” asked Jake.

“Yes, I believe so. It would be a simple matter of taking the zanoids left in the chamber and distressing them to bring us to where Finn is. We just have to make a new set of entangled bracelets for the return trip!”

Pinkie began to shake all over. “Uh oh, this one's going to be a doozey!”

“Oh,” said Jake. “Sounds easy enough. Well, let's get started then.”

Princess Bubblegum was about to reply, but a loud explosion erupted, blowing away the wall to Peppermint Butler's room. When the dust cleared, Princess Bubblegum gasped. Flying by the power of his beard was the Ice King.

“Ice King!” shouted the princess. “What the heck!”

“Oooh, sorry,” said the old wizard, a surprised look on his face. “You know what? That was my bad. Guess I'm just clumsy today.”

“You destroyed half my castle!” fumed the princess.

“That's an over-exageration!” reasoned the Ice King. “It's like one wall! Oh, I guess it goes down a few floors. Probably better that you don't look, Princess.”

“Just get outta here!” yelled Jake. “We don't have time for this, we gotta go rescue Finn!”

“Yeesh, okay, okay,” said the Ice King starting to fly away. Then he turned around. “Wait, rescue Finn? As in he's not here right now?”

“No! He's off in some crazy pony world and we've got find him!”

“Oh,” said the Ice King. “Why didn't you say so?”

The Ice King swept down and grabbed Princess Bubblegum, creating ice restraints for her arms and legs.

“What? NO!” shouted Jake. “You're a real jerk, Ice King!”

“I think you mean 'real manly man'” giggled the Ice King. “I'll send you and Finn invitations to the wedding!”

“Finn's missing, you butt!” said Princess Bubblegum.

“Oh yeah, that's why I can get away with this in the first place!”

“Noooo!” screamed the Princess, as the Ice King began flying away.

Jake tried to stretch after them, but the Ice King had already gone too far.

“Oh man,” said Jake, resuming his normal shape.

“WHOA!” said Pinkie Pie. “That guy's a real meanie! What are we gonna do now?”

“The only thing we can do, Pinkie,” said Jake. “You're going to have to help me rescue the princess if you ever want to go home again.”

“Oh, wow,” said Pinkie Pie. “It's like it's quest hour!”

“Um,” said Jake. “Let's call it adventure time.”

“Fine, I'll come up with something catchier later.”


First off, you guys are awesome, I can't believe how many of you left me such great feedback! It got me motivated enough to try and get this chapter out as fast as I could. No promises the next one will come out as soon, but as you can see from above, some interesting stuff's about to go down, and I'm just as anxious to get to it as you are! If anyone has found some good MLP Adventure Time Crossover art, I'd be super grateful if you linked it to me for future chapters!

Until next time!

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