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The night sky is a thing of beauty, but it is also a prison. Long before Nightmare Moon was sealed, Luna and Celestia waged war upon a hostile and alien race that threatened to destroy all of Equestria. Though the sisters prevailed in the end, the influence of their enemies still conspires to bring about ruin.
Centuries later, Twilight Sparkle is enjoying a clear and beautiful night. What harm could there be in a little stargazing?

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Twilight Sparkle believes she has perfected a process to allow Earth Ponies and Pegasi to teleport. Unfortunately, in the Land of Ooo, a bubblgum-haired princess is about to run a similar experiment. Will even all of the friendship in Equestria be enough to settle Finn down? Will Pinkie Pie ever get her doughnut? Perhaps along the way, everyone will learn that truly, friendship is ALGEBRAIC!

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