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Applejack encounters a lost soul on the side of the highway one morning, and soon takes it upon herself to help the woman find her way. The secrets that follow her, however, may lead the apple farmer and her friends into an early grave.

Humanized. Cover art by Meh.

Chapters (14)
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With that pic and that synopsis, I would have skipped over this story completely if I wasn't familiar with your previous work. As it is, I'll wait to see what other comments are posted before I read this. (Sure, it's rated teen instead of mature, but so was that story where a background pony gets possessed by a demon from Warhammer 40k.)

Disc: Ohhh Looks amazing..
Pic: Hmm.. Questioning, I feel like reading...
Tags: No Romance Tag? It should most likely need it...
Read Later, I'll review it later.

Good Work mein friend, I'm curious to learn more about Fuyu... and stuff... keep it up

ooo yay! :yay: There's gonna be some ass kicking soon, can't wait!
I also just love how Fuyu is just a natural badass, keep it up!

Can't wait for this to continue, nice story so far.

...now I'm starting to suspect Fuyu of being some kind of anti-Celestian assassin or something. But yeah, this is going to be interesting. I always enjoy Fuyu's takes on everyday things, and her not-morals are fascinating. She's quickly becoming one of my favorite anti- heroes.

Midnight is right, she makes the best antihero :pinkiehappy: Interesting play with Stormy, can't wait to see how that all pans out.

New chapter is excellent as always. Yay!

AWESOME CHAPTER!:pinkiehappy:


Uh oh:twilightoops: This...this is...:twilightsmile::rainbowhuh::derpyderp2::fluttercry::pinkiehappy: nothing more needs to be said. Except...GREAT CHAPTER!

awsome story, cant wait for the sequel:twilightsmile:

I couldn't stop laughing maniacally as I caught up to here. It pleases me deeply

“You're going to kill him! Put him down!” she yelled, finally coming to her senses. He was beginning to choke in Fuyu's iron grasp, but she showed no signs of letting him go.

Actually, assuming the airway is fully constricted, it takes three minutes to black out, and three more before brain death even starts. It takes a full nine minutes of strangulation (assuming the airway is fully constricted) for brain death to complete, and the victim to actually die.


I believe you missed the part where she showed no signs of letting him go, indicating her willingness to hold him for the full nine minutes.

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