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Silvertail has always has been the black sheep out of the entire empire. She was never the crystal color like purple or gold no she was black blacker then the night sky it's self, now she wants to find out were shes from and why her cutie mark was a red diamond heart.

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Should I read it and bash it? :trixieshiftright:

Unlike the two before me I actually read it, I like the idea....But it seemed a little jumpy to me and was all over the place, It also doesn't make any sense. King Sombra was banished for 1000 years, the entire time he was back he was shadow and the 9 seconds of film that he was actually solid again he was flying through the air, where did he get married and have a child? Wouldn't his daughter be dead or A LOT older by now over the course of 1000 years? It doesn't make much sense to me but I do like Sombra so overall it wasn't that bad but it needs a lot of work.


2046252 I agree what you have said, maybe a alternative universe tag works?

2191812 It was alot worse than it is now.
And yes.
I have offered suggestions to the author on how they could fix the issues.
It has alot of good potential I believe

so i have to ask how can i make this better since a lot have been saying this hasn't been working out

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