Daughter of a black king

by Smartypantslover

First published

This is the story Silvertail daughter of Sombar, with no meomory of her past only to find her self in a cave after the death of her father

Silvertail has always has been the black sheep out of the entire empire. She was never the crystal color like purple or gold no she was black blacker then the night sky it's self, now she wants to find out were shes from and why her cutie mark was a red diamond heart.

The Beginning

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I woke up in a small dark cave, it wasn't cold it was warm I had woken to the sound of a dying scream I don't know who I am or were I am. The black crystals around me began to move out of my way as I got up and began to walk towards the direction I was facing. My legs felt sore as I began to stretch them out, it felt like it had been years since I woke up but then again all I know is two things my name is Silvertail and I live in the Crystal Empire.


It was a hot and sunny day, a perfect day for the Summer eve festival. I was one the only black unicorn since the death of King Sombra, and I was shunned amongst many ponies but the few that accepted me knew my sever case of amnesia but no one knew me better them my friend Midnight. He found me wandering the Empire after I had left my cave home, I was sick tired and hungry and I couldn't find my way out of the wastelands. He was a single adult stallion that lived on the out skirts collecting crystal berries, baking them and selling them at the market. We had been living together and eventually we became more then friends. It's been over two years since King Sombra was killed, The Empire was now returned back to its former glory. I sat under a shady tree and began to read a book about Daring Do it was an amazing series that I love to read it made the hard and teasing days go away sometimes. Midnight was pulling a large wagon full of crystal berries that he was going to sell at the festival tonight. He was a tall and big work horse that was a solid light blue and muscular beyond any other pony that I had ever seen in the entire Empire.

" Silvertail," he called out from the road as he found me under my usual spot. I looked up closed my book and trotted over to him my pelt began to feel warm and a cooling spell did little to help me today, it was beyond hot but also a ever so perfect day to read under a tree.

" Hey Midnight," I muzzled his cheek he smelled on the sweet crystal berries. He muzzled me back.

" Hello my love." His warm brown eyes pulled me deeper into him, I stretched up a bit and kissed him it was short and brief, but sweet and gentle. I helped him pull the cart with a spell that made it seem lighter.

" Thanks Silver. So how is that book you're reading it looks like I would have trouble bringing you here with me today" He giggled.

"It's amazing you should read it love you would love it." I chirped. "And why would I ever miss going to the market with you on the Summer eve Festival." The road was long but it allowed us to be together as we ventured into the market. Ponies began to scatter away from us I knew what they were all thinking they thought I was King Sombras daughter but most of the young ponies didn't seem to mind. I always gave a few berries away to the little ones they were so inoccent compared to most of the older ponies who still remember what he had done to us.

"But remember you were stuck in a cave while he was hurting these poines," a nasty voice said to me in the back of my head, I shook my self to get rid of it.
As we neared the market, ponies were trotting along making sure that everything was perfect and ready for the grand festival. I helped set up the booth. Next to us was the rich daughter of Diamond Cutter who was setting up to sell the fine diamonds that was turned into jewelry.

" Who let you into the city you freak!" She sneered at me I was always an out cast never once was I accepted but the empire. " You look like you could be the daughter of Sombra or worse the Changeling's daughter!" She snapped I felt eyes stare at me it was true I was the only black unicorn in all of the empire but was worse was that my cutie mark was a blood red crystal heart.

" LEAVE HER ALONE IF YOU WANT TO PICK A FIGHT WITH SOMEPONY, THAT SOMEPONY IS ME!" Midnight bellowed at her, she shrunk down low as he stood in front of me. Midnight was massive compared to the other crystal ponies, eyes began to look away as a few other colts began to surround Diamond.
"IF ANY PONY SAYS THAT SHES A DAUGHTER OF SOMBRA ONCE MORE I'LL SHOW YOU WHAT A WORK HORSE CAN DO!" the whispering and muttering stopped immediately no pony messed with Midnight because his word was law. Diamond shot me an angry look as the guard colts led her away.

" Thank you Midnight," I whispered he nuzzled me gently.

" Are you O.K. Silver?" I nodded but deep inside me I felt humiliation bust through me it was unfair, unfair that i had to deal with this. I began to help set up the stand and place berries around it. Soon the booth was up and running, in the heart of the market a grand stage was set up for Octavia's performance. And not so far off the Stadium was beginning draw crowds.

"Are you doing the jousting tonight Midnight?" As I neared the bottom of the wagon that contained not only his armor but his trusty lance too.

" Yup same as I do every year." He said proudly as he began to pull out several medallions that he had won over the years.

" I will get you a shield then." I said it was the only thing that was needed to complete his armor.

" I don't need it love." he replied calmly. But I being stubborn didn't allow it so.

" I'll go get you shield and find out who you are jousting tonight love." I began to walk towards the armory unaware of the hooded figure that followed behind me.

The Hour

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I began to make my over to the armory, there I found Hammer hoof, building a new shield. A silver colt was watching him but the moment he saw me he shied away, but Hammer hoof looked up and only smiled. He was an elderly silver earth pony but still worked as the blacksmith.

" Hey Hammer hoof,"

" Hello Silvertail what can I do for you this time?" He asked despite being the only blacksmith in the empire he was a kind and gentle pony that cared for all. Even though we never talked we were good friend.

" I need a shield for Midnight, and I need to know who is jousting him tonight." He pointed a silver hoof to the wall to were a partchment hung and began to work on the shield. I trotted over and gasped when I found out who he was jousting, it was Shining Armor him self!

Shining was unbeatable he once put the strongest workhorse out for weeks. I was beginning to grow worried what would happen to Midnight if got hurt. If he got hurt he he might not be able to work for weeks. Soon the shield was done, it was long and diamond shaped it had no detailed work on it yet but Hammer Hoof told me he'll paint it for free if we win tonight's match. If we win at all.

" Good luck tonight you'll need it." He said kindly I payed him and began to trot down to the arena were the tornament had already begun. I cantered down to see the princess in a both above the crowd

" She maybe the princess of love but I still don't trust her shes hiding something from all of us," I though to myself I crouched down and stuck to the shadows, ponies that saw me flashed me dirty looks, soon I reached Midnight.

"Silvertail there you are I'm next in line!" I passed him the shield and helped him strap it on to his front right hoof.

" You're jousting Shining Armor!" I whispered franticly, his proud eyes shown even brighter.

" Finally a worthy oponet for me," He walked out into the arena were the adorning crowd cheered his name and Shining Armor's name. They both took their places and waited for the flag to drop, when it did they both charged at each other with full force, the first round both of the lances snapped in half the crowed went silent, nopony has ever gone past the first round with Shining but the second round was different.

Midnight grabbed a thicker lance so did Shining but little did Shining know that this was Midnight's most famous trick. They both took their places and charged when Midnight hit him, he knocked Shinning Armor off his feet and he was sent flying. The crowd became silent, Midnight looked back and walked over to the prince and helped him up out of the straw landing zone. Shinning gave him a respectable nod as the crowds cheered Midnight's name, he waved me out of shadows and wrapped him hoof around me. It felt unreal that I was standing in the stadium full of cheering ponies but it felt amazing.

* * *

That night a huge party was thrown at the castle everypony was invited to go to the party. Soon Celstaia will raise the sun and Luna will lower the moon to make way for the longest day ever! A huge clock was counting down the hours that was left. Only two more and me and Midnight were dancing the night away.

" Thank you for the shield Silvertail It did save me other wise Shining would have won." He wrapped his hoof around me and lead me out of the dancing area to get some thinking to drink. Midnight grabbed some crystal wine for the both of us. Soon it will be dawn and we would see the sun again.

" You're welcome my love." The night was almost to an end everything was going smoothly, till a hoof tapped me on my shoulder. I turned around and saw a stunning red unicorn stallion. But I knew this stallion from my early days when I stepped out of the cave.

"May I speak to this beautiful young filly my good sir? He asked. Offering me his hoof but I didn't take it.

" You know her answer Redfire she is with me." Redfire was a rich noble unicorn stallion that always had his eyes on me for a long time even though me and Midnight weren't married yet he still tried to steal me away from him often.

" Oh tonight I'm not intested in that it's what I have to tell her that is making me do this," He said " Silvertail will you follow me I promise I won't do anything to harm you," I nodded it couldn't hurt to hear what he had to say to me and he always kept his word. Or so I thought he did.

"I'll be right back love," I whispered and followed Redfire to the balcony. When we made our way to the top he stood in front of the door leading back to the ballroom.

" So what is it Redfire what do you want now." I asked he was often annoying and never gave up on things he wanted.

" You are the rightful queen of the Crystal Empire, cause you are the daughter of King Sombra." He bowed to me, I thought I was going to feel sick how could I be his daughter! The Dark King's daughter!

" You are a liar! That's not true!" I snapped at him I began to feed magic up to my horn. But before I could another pony tackled me and placed a silver ring around my horn. I tried to get up but the other pony held me down.

" Now, Now we can't have you doing that but since you don't believe me? I'll show you who you are." He placed his horn on my mine I felt a terrible pain shoot through me, I let out a scream before I passed out hopeing that Midnight or somepony will hear it.

* * *

I was beginning to fear what was going on to my Silvertail when a scream came from the top of the balcony. Fear fulled me as I raced to the top only to see in horror of her unconisuse and levateded in the air. Cadence appeared out of no where from behind me with Shining and a whole lot of guards.

Their were two ponies now Redfire and another one wearing armor.

" Unhand her Redfire!" Cadence shouted her horn was glowing But Redfire only smiled at him it wasn't a happy smile but a dark and threathing smile.

" Never you unworthy flea bitten mare, She is the real ruler of the Empire she is the Daughter of Sombra the Black King!" He let out a scream and smashed his hooves into the ground and then he dissapeared along with both Silvertail and the guard I charged at him but it was too late only a circle of fire was left where he stood.

"SILVERTAIL!" I screamed. I could no longer smell her sweet fur in the air just the cinder from the fire.

" Look all over the Empire find her she needs to be found!" Shining ordered.

"Midnight we will find her but please do not do anything rational." Shining said " Look stay here in the palece with us until we find her believe me if we don't find her soon Redfire might do something even worse."

" Like what?"

" He was Sombra's lieutenant and was the reason why Sombra was able to come back. And He may try to use Silvertail's power to take over this empire"

" But Silvertail would never do that"

" He was able to bring Sombra back he can change her heart to evil he has done it before and will do anything to please him former master." I stood there in horror what is going to happen to my black mare now that he has her will he change her or will he not be able to