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I'm a brony. I do most of my Fanfiction on Fanfiction.net but since i started a story called Fallout: New Pegasus, I thought that I would upload some of that story here.


When a new planet suddenly appears out of nowhere, it draws the attention of the UNSC and Covenant. It's up to a lone Spartan to save the day, at first. When the natives of the planet decide to join him in the fight against the Covenant, the war gets that much more complicated.
Not best description. It's Halo so foul language possible.

Chapters (2)
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My Little Fanfiction: Unoriginal Titles Suck

1732805 :moustache:

1732805>>1732813 Newton's third law: for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

I'll let you two figure that out.

Think what you may, i dont really care if its negative


Be original, That's what I Think they mean, If you can't take constructive criticism then don't write this.

I don't see how they could just come from nowhere, It's kind of a major event if a whole planet was randomly moved.

I can take the criticism just fine.

All will be explained, trust me. I am the kind of author who plans the begining and end before writing the story.

this is cool but the grammar could use work

how do the non magic ponies use guns

as in how do the pull the trigger

Its a trick with the armor. Ill explain in a later chap

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