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Spell Bound


Discord was the true ruler of Equestria. The real Equestria. The ambitious Celestia didn't see Discord perfect reign of chaotic happiness, so she overthrew him in an apocalyptic event. This, was the true end of Equestria, when the king was imprisoned into stone. Today's Equestria is merely a mask, a post apocalyptic scene under the guise of Celestia's tyranny and need for control and constants. Now everypony has to control everything, the weather, the animals, the light. The "Equestria" we see in the present, is in fact, not the true Equestria. The true Equestria was destroyed many years ago.

This story is based of the song The Beginning of Order by StormWolf. I have his permission to write and i hope it does him justice

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Le sigh. I wish I could help, but alas I shan't be able to till I return in nine days or so.

1793811 Don't worry Mon Ami. Work will be started again after i start work on a story for Grass Marks

and i say hayayayay hayayay I SAY HAY whats go'in on

:derpyderp2:Is this Lunacord, or Dislestia?

2962774 Once I start writing again, it's going to be Lunacord.

2962821 :moustache: Ah. I personally ship Dislestia, but Lunacord is great too.

2962825 Normally I ship them to. But this is based of a song where Celestia usurps the throne from Discord, so I'm shipping Luna with Discord.

2962828 Of course, let's not forget Chrysacord. It seems there is usually some kind of magic wall between the regular ships and the immortal-to-immortal ships.
It was :trollestia:

Dear Spell Bound, your letting lose secrets that had been better off forgotten.
How terrible of you.
Come, regale us with your retelling of the true story of Equestria's founding

4723757 Oh dear. I have been lazy haven't I. It's been difficult with school and nonsense but i will try to continue this.

3015803 XD I will do soon.

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