• Published 19th Nov 2012
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Trapped - Gylden Glor

Without that precious program in this simuation, I find myself trapped.

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I come to after a few minutes. Well, a few minutes to me. In reality, it was actually a few hours.

I immediately open my eyes, determined to know what I had gotten myself into. I find myself in Twilight's library, which is a definite improvement over being unconscious on the floor of some cottage. I can immediately tell I was in the obsessive unicorn's library because of the books I see lining the ceiling, all magically suspended and ready to be accessed at a moment's notice.

I right myself and examine my surroundings. It seems as though I’m in some kind of guest room; as it didn't resemble Twilight's room at all. I find my bag next to the bag, and sling it over my shoulder. Hopefully, I can leave before Twilight comes back, and access one of the several Executive Overrides I installed within the simulation.

However, without the program installed in my nervous system, I know that the simulation will quickly become unstable, and my mind will begin to blur the lines between reality and faux, no matter how sharp I keep my wits.

I try the door, only to find that it's locked. So, I attempt to open the window across from the door. That, too, is locked. So, I have two choices: I can use my iPad and wait until Twilight gets back, or I could break the window and jump out. At the time, the latter seems more appealing, as I could feel my stomach rumbling: my mind was beginning to blur the lines, and I fell asleep less than four hours ago.

So, I immediately find the largest book that I can, and launch it through the window, which, to my surprise, actually breaks. I was expecting some kind of magical protection, but whatever.

I hear a gasp, and the fall of hooves. I take that as my cue to get the fuck out, so I move over to the window sill, and-

Wow. Uh, wow. I'm really high up. Like, I'm on the second story. Oh, God, I fucking hate heights...Or, rather, I hate the inevitable fall that they come with.

I hear the door unlock, and I realize that it's either now or never. So, I swallow my misgivings, and jump.

Only to be caught by a cyan, rainbow-maned, very angry Pegasus.

"I thought you'd try to get out," she growls as she throws me back onto my bed, hovering a few inches above me. "You'd better not be planning anything!"

She leaned close to my face with a menacing glare, and I can't help myself. I give a lustrous smirk, and say, "well, seeing as how you were so eager to get me back into bed, why don't you join me, girl?"

I laugh as her hoof makes contact with my face. "Worth it," I declare. I recoil as Rainbow Dash raises her hoof, as if to hit me again, and she chuckles in derision. "Worth it."

"Uh, thanks, Rainbow, but I'll take over from here," Twilight grumbles. She hops up onto the bed, and leans in to examine me with an interested spark in her eye. "So, what's your name? What are you? Do you have your own culture? Are you an alien? Sorry, that was a dumb question, it's just I've never been able to document a new species before!"

I raise an eyebrow, and smile. Ah, the world of intellectuals...I may never tire of their wonderful intellectual...ness. "My name is Peter, and I'm a human. I have my own culture, and due to the fact that I am not from this planet, there are several human cultures."

Twilight makes a small squee sound as her grin widens, and Rainbow Dash looks at me in awe. "So you are an alien!" Twilight shouts. "That explains the cool technology in your bag!" She begins to prance in place, giggling and dancing in excitement. "So, how'd you get here? Spaceship? Teleportation? Magic? Tell me, tell me, tell me!"

I shrink back as she leans super close to me, and I give a meek smile. Rainbow Dash simply stares at me, as if unable to believe that I'm an extraterrestrial being.

"Well," I pause for a moment, constructing a lie from thin air, "I'm actually projecting my mind into this world. Right now, my true body is strapped into a chair on my home planet, thousands of light years away, and I'm in a comatose state that allows my mind to process everything that this body experiences. Which is why that injection was so important: it would have allowed me to wake up on my home planet when I slept, and without it, if I sleep, I would be stuck in this body until I perform an executive override upon my own brain. Of course, due to your feathered friend breaking my syringe, I was unable to do that, and now, I'm trapped in this body until I find some way to perform an executive override."

Twilight's jaw is hanging open, and Rainbow Dash is scratching her head in confusion. "Wait, what?" The Pegasus asks. "I'm confused. So…You're not really here?"

"Oh, I am," I respond. "But I can't return to my other body yet. See, this body is an exact clone, except the brain has been replaced with a sort of receptacle for my mind, so I can take control of it whenever I come here. I don't know whether there are other humans here or not, but as far as I know, my best friend could be on a world inhabited by giant penises right about now."

Silence. Of course, they can't appreciate the fine humor of my race. As always.

"So, seeing as how I don't plan to spend my time locked in a room, is there anything I can do around PonyVille? And in case you're wondering, I know its name because we were ordered to get intel on each location prior to arrival."

Twilight smiles wide. "You could stay here with me, and we could tell each other all about our cultures! I could learn all about your culture, and you could learn all about mine!"

I smile, and remember something from my training protocol. "So, apparently, this world is actually the most dangerous, due to an entity known as Discord. I need to confirm that intel first and foremost."

"Yes, Discord is here," Twilight responds. "But we can talk about that later! Can you show us your technology? Please?"

Rainbow Dash edges in, and I smile as I pull out the issued iPad. I took the liberty of downloading a few videos and apps onto it, just to give Twilight a taste of our culture. Well, that and to avoid being bored. I turn it on, and they Rainbow Dash pulls back a bit. "What is it?" She asks. I smirk at her, and then I remember what I had set as the home and lock screen. "His name is Slenderman," I tell the both of them. Twilight leans in with interest. "What does he do?" She inquires.

"He follows his targets into the woods, where he stalks them, and then takes them. Or, in layman's terms, kills them."

Twilight raises a hoof to her mouth, and Rainbow Dash's pupils contract. "That's terrible!" The unicorn exclaims. "Is it real!?"

"No, it's a myth created by people on the Internet. Plus, it's not the scariest thing I have on this thing. I also have images of Silent Hill monsters, images of SCPs, images of Rosey O'Donnelle..."

I shrug as I slide to unlock, and boot up Fruit Ninja.

"This is called an iPad," I explain as the game boots up. "It has a shitload of nanotechnology, and a touchscreen. It can hold hundreds of thousands of songs, as well as a bunch of games, such as this one." I start the game, and slice fruit until I hit a bomb, at which point the game ends. "So, yeah. This isn't a very good example of technology, though. Anyway, I don't really feel like explaining every little bit of human technology right now, I mean...I'm still kind of groggy." Twilight nods, and Rainbow Dash gives me a light punch on the shoulder. "Well, I'll let Twilight take over for a bit, I have to go practice for the Wonder Bolts. See ya!" And with that,she flies out of the smashed window, and is gone. I watch in wonder as Twilight repairs the window with magic. I'll never get tired of seeing magic.

Within twenty minutes, all the tiny particles of glass have been returned to their respective locations, and all cracks have been sealed

"So, you asked about Discord," she says, suddenly all business. "It's actually a good thing you asked, because-"

Before she can finish her sentence, a scream permeates the room, and the recently-fixed window explodes inward, showering us in shards of glass. Twilight and I both have the same thought: we jump behind the bed, and wait for the glass to stop falling.

Rainbow Dash slumps against the far wall, evidently unconscious. She's bleeding - not very severely, but bleeding all the same - from several lacerations, and I seriously doubt they're all from the glass. Mostly because three of them are too straight to be from glass pelting her skin.

I scramble over to the cyan Pegasus, and check for a pulse. She's still alive, but her heart is racing. I give her a sharp slap across the face, and she awakes with a gasp.

"No!” She croaks, fear filling her eyes, “no, don’t let it find me!”

Rainbow Dash attempts to flee, but stops short with an evident burst of pain. She collapses with a yelp, and looks at her broken leg with an expression of the utmost helplessness. I notice that her chest seems to be protruding at odd angles, perhaps more than a few broken ribs.

"C'mon, we have to get you to the hospital," I say as I attempt to prop her up.

"No," she protests weakly. "I can still fly...Lemme go..."

I look her straight in the eyes, and say, "fuck you. We're going to the hospital."

With that, I help her hobble out of the room, down the stairs, and out of the library. Twilight offers to teleport us to the hospital, but Rainbow Dash refuses, claiming that “it would find her.” Twilight and I exchange worried glances, and I quicken my pace.

I ignore the stares and glances I get as I walk through town. That's to be expected, what with being the only human in Equestria.

When we finally arrive at the hospital, Twilight opens the door for us, and we hobble in. I simply nod at the receptionist and point at Rainbow Dash's bent leg, and we're immediately assigned a seat in the waiting room.

All this time, two questions plague my mind:

What the hell happened to Rainbow Dash?

And was this a simulation?...Or was I really strapped to a chair in some government project? I just…I just can’t tell anymore.

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