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Alula, a pegasus prodigy, moves to Ponyville after her wings are mangled in an accident. Foisted off on an earth pony aunt and uncle, Alula struggles to cope with losing her chance at greatness. What is there left for her to do in a world that only valued her for her wings? Constantly haunted by the ghost of what she could have been; Alula tries to find friends, make connections with her family, and even has a chance to work with her idol, Rainbow Dash. As Alula walks a fine line between genius and insanity, will her connections be enough to calm her rage, or are her nightmares just a premonition of horrors to come?

Horror Story Submission for the 2012 EQD Nightmare Night Fanfic Contest.

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Well....I suppose this is what I get for reading a story with so many negative tags.


There were a lot of bits that made me roll my eyes, but overall I didn't mind this.

Mr. Flying_Whimsy, tear down this text wall!

Tear it down!



1496806 for some reason it reads better in the HTML version than through the standard fimfiction viewer. Less wall-of-text. Still I do agree it could use some cleaning up to read better in the standard viewer.


1497016 My avatar is all the approving smiles you'll need. Take it with care, as I don't hand out Smiling Kurt to just anyone...

While I was asleep last night reagan came in and smashed a bunch of carriage returns into my story. Oh no!

Sorry if it gave you folks trouble; first time posting here. :derpytongue2:

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