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Life is to short


Normal girl who lived on earth, things changed for for me I was another place in Equestria met new friends, scared and lonely also homesick. Learned their culture and having fun.

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I think you did an outstanding for the first chapter, keep up the awesome work. I am looking forward to when she finds out what had caused her to be brought to Equestria.

Also what series this crossing over with?

Nice to see a HIE story with a female protagonist for once.

Why thank you. I hard time with it, but I’ll write another chapter eventually.

You're very welcome. Excellent, don't overwork yourself take all the time that you need as your mental health is much more important.

Even i can recognize how good you are writing, good luck with this story!

I wonder how Princess Celestia and Princess Luna will react to meeting Chloe? Keep up the excellent work.

Discord so deserved getting his tail whipped by Chloe for not heeding her warning to stop touching her.

I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next for Chloe, keep up the good work.

Imagine if she was turned into a bat pony filly, I can already imagine her being super adorable with those cute bat ears that I just wanna give her a big hug and never let go. :heart:

I can also see her freaking out thinking that she's vampire pony who drinks blood but would calm down when she's told that they only eat fruits and absolutely LOVE mangos! :rainbowlaugh:

Just the tiniest smell of a mango would cause her to go all crazy like this:

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