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So Squirrel was just doing a Lethal Company recording with his friends: Delirious, Cartoonz, and Kyle. It was just a simple recording until a weird event made him disappear from his room. He's now in a weird place that makes him question: "How did he get here?"

Well, now he's gotta find out and meet some weird Horses and Horse town. What could possibly happen? Who knows, but Squirrel wasn't expecting this, neither were the Horses.

Also yes, I made the cover art and yes, it's on Flipaclip, don't judge.

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Damn, I never seen a crossover with the H20 crew. Ok, consider my interested piqued

Thanks for the comment. I really like Squirrel, Cartoonz, Delirious, and Kyle's content, so I thought I would make this in appreciation and for people who want to kill time.

Squirrel took another bite of his PB&J sandwich as he swallowed the previous bite. "Spike, was it?" He muffled to the young Dragon with a piece of a sandwich in his thick cheeks (not those kinds of cheeks.)

Yeah, cause my initial thought was he had a sandwich in his ass

Yeah, I wanted to specify just in case someone would actually think that. Lol. But yeah.

No, this is how you do it.


Woohoo ngl been enjoying this story when it came out and it's been awhile since I watch delirious, squirrel, n others, this story is giving me the drive to watch their vids again so I'll say thank you n keep up the story.

Thanks, glad you're enjoying the story.

If I had a dollar for every time I read an MLP-Related fanfic that involved Youtubers, I'd have two bucks. Which isn't a lot, but it genuinely makes me wonder how fun and hilarious it is that it's happened twice.

First Filthy Frank, now Squirrel and the rest of the H2O Crew. Dope!

Two of the four have reunited, now how're the other two handling things?

Wait, there's a Filty Frank one? I didn't even know. Lol

Let's just say that their welcoming is going to be a handful and yeah... it's going to be chaotic.

Yup. It's hilarious, I recommend looking it up when you have the time.

Zecora was thrown off by this and was confused. "Uhh... by any chance, why can't we, might I ask?"

She didn’t rhyme

Zecora now knew that she was hiding something, so she started to become a little skeptical. "I sense that what you are saying were lies. Tell me, what secrets are you trying to hide?"

Lies and Hide don’t rhyme

Yeah, Zecoras rhymes are not good in this story and really ruins the immersion

Yeah, I can't do a good Zecora and I don't think I'll ever right a good Zecora in a MLP story, but I'll try and improve in the later chapters.

Why would we think making something on Flipaclip is a bad thing?

Well, mostly because 1. The Flipaclip logo is in the image and I thought it kind of ruins the image. 2. The pixels are easy to see, I know this happens when you use other drawing apps. 3. There's barely any shading, sorry about that because I don't know how to do that. 4. Finally, I know Flipaclip is somewhat free and I don't know if any other drawing apps use money. So yeah.

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