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Well judging by what Twilight has experienced and suffered from, I can't really blame her for acting the way she did when exciting the portal, nor do I blame or hostility. I also don't blame her not trusting anyone no matter what world she is in.

I just hope she can survive the aftermath of what she went through, she doesn't only have physical scars but mental scars, really bad mental scars that should have ended up killing her ages ago, atleast in my opinion.

Not even any immortals from her world can comprehend what she went through, and there thousands of years old.

Although her power clearly is incredible and dangerous, she is able to destroy planets without even thinking? And she willingly surrendered?

Anyways story is amazing, I can't wait to read the future chapters, I just hope Twilight is able to atleast go back to being somewhat normal. Also something funny, alot of the things that Twilight has described she witnessed and experienced sounds like things that I have read Twilight experienced in other stories.

Also a small tip, I recommend adding more appropriate tags like gore, violence, death? I think? It does talk about drugs as well so probably add narcotics, it also talked about raped so probably add Non-consentual just to be safe.

Okay, WHAT kind of F**KED UP MLP DARK worlds did she go too!?

MLP/Equis/Equestria versions of frickin Warhammer 40K/Fantasy/Age of Sigmar? SCP Foundation? Fallout, Mad Max, Last of Us? Dead Space, Resident Evil? Iconic Horror movie killers/monsters? Mascot Horror worlds like FNAF, Bendy, Poppy Playtime, Garten of Banban!?

Which is it!!??


Also a small tip, I recommend adding more appropriate tags like gore, violence, death? I think? It does talk about drugs as well so probably add narcotics, it also talked about raped so probably add Non-consentual just to be safe.

Oh, you have got to me kidding me. :twilightoops:

I do accept that there will be violence, gore, death, and some mess up drugs/narcotics.

But non-consent/rape?


Thanks for the advice, this is my first time on this site and it’s still hard to get used to the English text formatting and local tags. :3


A little patience, this is only the first chapter of twenty-three. There are still seven hundred pages on this fic) Thanks for the review)

wow this is verry interesting, please continue


thank you very much for your feedback) There are still 700 pages of untranslated text)

It might be best if Twilight wasn't asleep, in fact I'm pretty sure if she wanted to she could wake herself up, shes probably the most powerful being across the entire multiverse, or atleast top 1%.

If she wanted to destroy the entire planet by now, she would have.
If she doesn't believe she is home maybe she would need some evidence? Earlier in the story it said something about a statue honoring Twilight? Maybe bring Twilight there, maybe spike should explain what happened after Twilight left, once she is caught up with things, Twilight will be less broken, or atleast be able to believe she is home.

Everything will be in the future) History has already gone very far) 200 thousand words have already been written) and one million is still on the way)

"She's dangerous..." Celestia warned, explaining that she shouldn't do that.

The f**k is wrong with you, Celestia!? This is Twilight you're talking about! The one that you all were grieving over these "three months".

You can't harshly blame Twilight like that, when she literally went to very messed-up and very dark alternate MLP Equestria's for over 300 years. Didn't you and Luna watched a glimpse of what she went through? And the both of you pathetically throw up from only just that!?

Give Twilight a frickin break here!? She went through freaking worse like that, but times over 300 years back to back.

And "dangerous"she is? You may not be as ridiculously OP as Twilight is now. But you still control your sun/star, and can just as easily destroy your entire planet as well. Or even the entire solar system if you want to go supernova.

☀️ 🔥 Equis/Equestria AND Solar System.

You're a damn hypocrite, Daybreaker!!!! :ajbemused:

"Wow, single-handedly destroyed the griffins. She really is a good strategist, but the others are pathetic... Why can't I help them... Why couldn't I help Twilight."

So rude, what is she referring to as "pathetic"?

Celestia really isn't very good yet) thanks for the feedback)


She needs to realize her folly and hypocrisy.

Otherwise, she'll be no better than her own evil cournterpart; Daybreaker, or even the many other evil Celestia's that Twilight has to face from her 300 years of Hell!

The doctor led a yellow pegasus with a soft pink mane and tail into the room. She walked quietly behind the doctor. She saw a not very pleasant sight. Twilight was lying on the couch, her eyes bandaged with a tight white bandage for safety, her wings taped at the base to restrain her flapping reflexes. A ring was placed on her horn to restrain magic. She was lying on her back, tied tightly to the couch with wide ribbons that would make her look like an incurable mental patient. Behind her there were two racks and various devices with a huge number of buttons. The first device, with a small screen, showed a heartbeat that was surprisingly low by normal standards. The beats were about thirty per minute. The second rack of instruments was responsible for monitoring the brain. The neurons were now excited. Twilight seemed to be thinking very hard about something. And there were abnormalities here, too.

I doubt any of that could stop her, I don't even know why there even trying. Actually nevermind, I do know why there trying, but it's kinda useless, probably. Guessing how powerful Twilight currently is, I'm gonna guess she could destroy an entire planet in a blink of an eye even with several suppressor rings on her horn.

"A crown? Who? What? How did it get here? I don't remember wearing it..." looking over the crown again, she saw the star in the center glowing with the color of her harmony. - Thank you," she said softly and with a smile, hugging the crown like a friend.

Ok I think I'm beginning to understand, in every world Twilight travels to, she has a quest she has to complete, every world she travels to her crown disappears and she has to complete some quest to save the planet or fix what's left of it and than after her quest is complete her crown appears on her head or is found which than she travels to a new world in a never ending cycle.

"Twilight is so smart and brave, I didn't realize she could be so cool!" Starlight looked at the stallion in amazement, she smiled and was very proud of her teacher.

Hmmmmm, I'm sensing some.... romantic feelings perhaps...? Maybe I'm wrong but I don't think friends say those words in that exact order, this is more than just complimenting someone. Unless she has a thing with sunburst? That's if she is in any romantic relationship. Actually maybe that could get Twilight to come back to her senses, Starlight has been reformed and Starlight and Twilight knows each other personally, if Twilight doesn't believe she is at home than Starlight or Spike are probably the only ones who could make her believe she is home.

Also I forgot to mention, I recommend adding a sex tag because in the previous story it talked about, uhmm, sperm, and in the chapter before that it talked about raped which is similar to, y'know. Might also want to add a profanity tag.

I have trouble talking about this kind of thing, don't quastion my wording with this.

Comment posted by Callie Protector deleted March 1st

I agree, Celestia and Luna are completely illogical creatures for me) It seems to me that their strength is too overrated)

Nice I enjoy reading this. I love seeing others people tacks of alternative universities. Also love dark to.


I love too dark and drama and alternate universe)

Will any of the chapters be called Agoraphobia, Nyctophobia, Arachnophobia, Anopheliphobia, Pantophobia or Arachibutyrophobia?

"How is my child doing? Is she still protecting this forest, or has she died trying to do so... I may never know..."

Is this Twilight talking about the wooden golem she created?

This chapter was very interesting, so this shows that Twilight is recovering, I wonder who will be next? Already gone through Celestia, Luna, Fluttershy, Applejack, was there another one? Not sure. Maybe next one will be Pinkie Pie, although might be a bad idea, I would recommend sending Rainbow Dash in next, Or Starlight Glimmer, Spike, maybe Celestia (alone).

Wouldn't be surprised, I am curious if there will be trypophobia, the fear of holes and bumps, that would be interesting, although I do wonder what a world like that would look like, maybe just a planet with endless holes all over the place.

One thing that I currently love about this story is I'm learning so many new fears that I didn't even know existed! It's pretty fascinating.


the next chapter is my favorite) and it was written under the influence of this music)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M05Fq7U9x8Y&ab_channel=DjGestap. Speed x1.25)

thank you all for your patience) I had health problems, so I couldn’t translate quickly) enjoy reading)

"My poor student," Celestia whispered, wiping her wet eyes. "Sometimes going against the system and the nation is the best way to save lives. And sometimes, sacrificing some ponies can save others..."

When are you going to finally stop being an paranoid ass to Twilight, and actually remove those stupid "restraints"!?


Those two need to get their act together.

Because what they're doing is kind of OOC, when they were literally grieving for Twilight for 3 months, and when she has finally returned to them, those two did this crap to her!? BS!

"You only worked for your family, Applejack... You were willing to go over and above your morals. Family was all that mattered to you, not friends, and I can partially understand that."

Really? I'll never be able to understand that.

Who kills foals just for family? As far as I'm aware, AppleJack in this world was a piece of shit.

If these are the kinds of worlds Twilight has to go through, I'm surprised she even had the will to live past 20 years, let alone 300.

I thought this story was actually dead, haven't seen a new chapter in a while, hope to read more.

Sorry, I was just sick) In fact, the fanfic was written up to chapter 24) 760 pages.

Comment posted by GoliaF3 deleted April 21st

will there be a translation of alternative history?

Well, looks interesting, I wonder if they are going to discuss the diary entries with Twilight in the future

P.S. Sorry for mistakes, I'm translated DeepL. Thanks for understand =3. Warning there is a rape scene

Maybe you should create a marking where the "Rape Scene" start and end so people won't missout this chapter

Did Twilight write her rape experience in the dairy? I wonder how Celestia will react to that.

I love Celestia acting like that overprotective mother figure for Twilight, and I'm very curious what her reaction would be to something like this happening to Twilight.

There's also Starlight Glimmer who is the one figuring out the words in the diary? She also cares for Twilight so it would be interesting seeing her reaction to.

Also do we know how much time has passed for Twilight since she left her world? It kinda feels like less than a month.

Also I think you should add the sex tag, since the obvious.

What I was thinking.

I don't like that kind of thing at all but it does make for some good drama, and I love drama.

Also this is chapter 6.1? How long is chapter 6? 50,000 words? That's more than double the amount of words that chapter 1-5 has.

Oh by the way, I just remembered but I actually know the guy who make the cover art for the story.

I also found this:

I actually chatted to the guy once on Reddit, I'm using one of his works as a cover for a story I'm making.

Still haven't finished chapter 1 and I'm still trying to figure out what I'm doing with the story as I still haven't made a description either.

Actually yes) More than 750 pages of book text or about 400 thousand words have already been written in the original language)

I would be happy to add a lot of tags here, but alas, you can put very few of them here. Otherwise I would have added 30-40 tags)

Actually not the red tags, you can add as many red and black tags as you want, you can only add a maximum of 3 blue tags, 3 purple tags, and 5 green tags, but there is no limit for how many Red or black tags you want to add to a story.

Are you planning on translating other mlp fanfics that isn’t written in english besides this one?

In the good part, cliffhanger-kun appear again

"Entry 27. Dear Princess Celestia. It's been almost a month since I left my home and never saw it again. Pros: I'm sort of alive. Cons: I'm morally dead, and I'm also... In short, I won't mince words. I'm a prisoner. Forced to marry an alternate version of Fancy Pants. If I ever come home, keep him away from me or I'll come and rip his throat out with my own hooves. It's not his fault, though. I just can't see his face. Oh, yeah. Today I learnt about sex. Rape, to be exact. Warmed, fed and then dressed up and taken to bed like a trophy. It was unbearably painful at first. Coitus lasted about an hour. Then I fell asleep... I shouldn't get pregnant, it's not my heat period. And apparently my so-called spouse knows that. Speaking of which, this nutcase keeps severed pony heads as hunting trophies. You're probably asking yourself, how did I let this happen? No bloody magic! I can't get the amulet! And no access to the library! I can barely hold back the tears. But right now, it's more of a rage."

Yay, finally a date! And I was apparently correct in it being a month.

"Let me go! I want to strangle him myself!"

Well I'm glad we got to see Starlight's reaction, we do get to see Celestia's reaction to it right? Probably not, they would probably hide the entry from Celestia or just not tell her about it.

"She killed a pony so calmly?" Celestia whispered softly.

"I think it was in a fit of rage, anger and self-defence, Princess."

Can you blame her? I mean what would you do if you were raped, your virginity taken, and being used like a doll?

Personally I would kill the bastard, thankfully I'm a male so I don't have to worry about my first time being taken, well kinda, but I'm pretty sure it's more special for a female and they would only want the person they love most be their first time.

"Attention! The patient is awake! Attention! Close all doors, put up an antimagic dome! Patient, stay down and don't get up!"

Ah, it's not to surprising she could wake up at any time she wanted, kinda pointed that out a couple chapters ago, but she could seriously escape if she really wanted to, the only way to stop her at this point would be to ask nicely.

"Princess! You're interested in the fact of how many ponies she's killed! Don't you want to ask how many lives she's saved in her entire journey?!" Rarity stepped between the two of them, bravely defending Twilight.

This is going to get interesting.

To be honest I'm not scared for Twilight, I'm more scared for Rarity, Celestia, and Luna. I already know Twilight can handle herself.

New title unlocked: Multiversal Savior, protector, guardian, and hero.

Anyways, next chapter will be exciting, is there 1 world where nobody is slaves and such?

Also 10 million lives? I am wondering when she lost count, was it 10 years after she went through the portal? 100 years?

Also do you really think Twilight kept track of how many lives she saved? People don't look for the good, they look for the bad, it's easier to keep track of how many bad things someone has done because it's harder to do bad then to do good, nobody ever looks for the good.

You could save 200 people and kill 2 other's and still go to jail.

Also didn't they want Twilight back? This is there chance and so far there blowing it. Also Celestia is being a hypocrite, let's all be honest, if Celestia was in Twilight's situation, she would have killed just as many lives, maybe less, maybe more.

If less then she would probably be dead or a slave. If more then she would probably be a psychopath.

If I ever come home, keep him away from me or I'll come and rip his throat out with my own hooves. It's not his fault, though. I just can't see his face.

with this line, I start worrying Twilight could kill some innocent version of Fancys, or anyone that looks and acts like him in her Travel after this world. She get a phobia just by looking at him


Thank you for your feedback, I’m very glad that the part was a success)

I’m very glad that this part evoked such pleasant emotions)

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