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Nice start. And Welcome back. I look forward to seeing more.

This is a very interesting start, it at least does a good effort in making it feel more then just a fetish story, I wonder when the ABDL stuff will come into play. Looking forward to seeing more of this in the future.

This looks interesting, might keep an eye on it.

Producing off-spring was indeed something that was a big deal and there was a lot of pressure put on royal couples for that.

11794225 Yeah, just ask Henry VIII. He kept beheading his wives because they wouldn't produce a son (he obviously didn't know that was his fault).

With Lioux 16th he was also famous for being a nerd and not being very 'fertile'. His interest is lockmaking made many joke that he didn't know the key to his wife's hole.

Really looking forward to more of this! Not just because of a fic that has Cadance getting diapered up, she’s my fav pony to see diapered and I’ve commissioned art of it several times, but Cadance dealing with Imposter Syndrome and royal expectations. I’m here for the clop and the plot!

11794298 Cadence has been severly underrepresented as the foal in padded pony fics. I think she's had even fewer stories featuring her as the foal than Flurry Heart.

Why isn’t there an alternate universe tag?

Not what I was expecting this from Luna but I do like this sort of cuckoo alicorn that is so sure of herself! I guess we'll have to thank Luna for all the padded fun we'll see in the future.
Looking forward to more!

Interesting so far, keep it up.

Interesting to see Luna be the trickster instead of Celestia for a change. I'm sure she knew full well what she was doing setting up that huge nursery and getting those adult sized diapers. :raritywink:

Ah. You can always count on luna to add in some mischief. Not sure I believe her to be perfectly honest. I suspect she has other plans and rationales for her actions.
Looking forward to what comes next.

11797606 Well, she is the princess of the night. She would probably know from visiting ponies' dreams what their secret kinks might be, even if they would never admit to them publicly or privately. :duck:


You could be onto something there :twilightblush:

Diaper play is a kink that I will never understand, however, I found this chapter to be amazingly cute.

Unlike the palace in Canterlot which operated as the main seat of the diarchy and a diplomatic hub around the clock

It's also the main seat of government and so would do a lot of government things like maintaining infrastructure, security, trade routes, civil law, government owned enterprises and so on.

Really liking this so far. The conflicting feelings and emotions are very natural for first time AB/DLs, and I have to wonder how many have ever confided in close friends or companions about it.

Looking forward to more! I'm guessing we'll get a bit of a back story if Cadance was indulging in diapers as a teen.
I'm loving how easily she's slipping into a filly when she's talking with Shining. I don't see there any problem with him putting her back in diapers.

She started giggling uncontrollably, squirming. Despite herself she could feel her arousal, her pyjama bottoms looking worse for wear as they wicked away her excitement.

And this is why Cadance needs to be in diapers right now!

From description:

With encouragement from her Aunt Luna, Cadance bares her sole to Shining

Um, sole? Is it an anthro fic? I don't see the Anthro tag on it... Also, if she bared her sole, why foot fetish is not mentioned?

So, now that Cadence has confessed, how long before she agrees to let Shining put her back into diapers? :duck:

Loving this story so far. Can’t wait for the next chapter! <3

Looks like we're getting into the kinkier side of things now. Guess that means next chapter is gonna be when Cadence gets put into diapers. :rainbowkiss:

On the edge of my seat for the next chapter!

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