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First comment! You're doing great ^.^

I have been booped... I don't know how I'll ever recover now. :facehoof:

Anything in particular you'd want to see expanded on? :twilightsheepish:

Just please dont abandon it like so many others writers do

its cool, I got like 2 more chapters already written, and an ending planned ^^. Just gotta fill in the rest.

the mines need laborers in the desperate search for ore.

I'm a little confused by this. Why would a Stable need ore? Why does it have a refinery? I know almost every Stable in the Fallout: Equestria world is suppose to double as some kind of science experiment, but I just can't comprehend what that could possibly be here.

While the experiment does revolve around the stable having a mine I can't really say more as to WHY that's the experiment without spoiling later chapters. o3o;

Top notch work so far
Cant wait for more

Mmmm yes~ moar! *rolls around in the sweet ambrosia of praise!*
(thank yee)

Not sure whether to feel bad for Calamity or laugh.

Maybe both? Probably both.

Sketchy is quickly working her way up into one of my favorite FOE protagonist. This entire chapter was pure gold.

Also, rest in power Brad

Eeee!! *rolls around in the praise*

On a side les squealy note: Whats makes her stand out the most for you? I desire to build upon character strengths rather than covering literally every base possible...if that makes sense.

'orse 'orse 'orse 'orse 'orse 'orse 'orse 'orse 'orse 'orse !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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