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Moonlight Grimoire

Love dark stories in general, love MLP:FiM more than any fandom I have been in before, dabble in Battletech, Warhammer 40k, background in Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Psychology and a Philosophy.

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Yoink! I hereby claim the first comment!


I just wanted to drop a comment here and say this is a really engaging story so far. I'm enjoying the different pace and tone vs a lot of other FO:E stories. Looking forward to reading more

I'm glad you're enjoying it so far, and I hope the chapters to come are enjoyable as we.

Why'd you drop the previous story in the first place?

Due to the quality wasn't what I wanted and I felt myself spinning my wheels trying to figure out what to do with the story itself. I had a few keypoints figured out and liked but it overall was a bit of a mess where a good chunk of the story was more just me getting comfortable with writing in of itself.

I had my first taste of poutine in Vancouver, WA. So this was amusing to read. Riptides description of the town was really unsettling. I'm happy you're still working on this. I'm really enjoying the story and characters.

Oh geeze that went south quick. Poor moony. Too bad she didn't have clipboard armor like the carriage.



Glad you're enjoying the story, and yeah that part I wrote around the first time I had proper poutine in Portland, OR.

As for not having clipboard armor, yeah that would have helped, but she has friends with her which does a lot of good. Hoping to get another chapter out in the next month, life has been a bit of a bear during May.

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